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Occupied Equestria

A D&D RP game based on My Little Pony, and the Hearts of Iron 4 mod Equestria at War, featuring an Equestria where the Princesses have been deposed, and Equestria is split between Changelings and a former Equestrian colony

Thus far, Dark Star has joined the fascist faction, and is taking on a job to assemble a team to stop a Communist cell. Onyx is no longer being detained, Ash has sort of joined a nunnery, Iron has joined the Waterside gang as a loanshark, Brie is still being edgy, and a new unicorn has joined. All are ready to reconnoiter the Docks.
R: 311 / I: 280

UFOs and aliens are man made.

This post is inspired by >>>/mlpol/59382.

I have been researching UFOs and aliens for decades. I have found the best way to understand the phenomena is to time-line it and then see what else was happening around the same time. Time-lining it allows the evolution & origin of certain aspects to show up which means you can trace things back to origin points.

I don't concern myself with if each UFO/alien report is real or not real, but I look at it in a wide ranging meta-view and this shows a sensible evolution which implies it is real and therefore the reports are generally mostly real.

I am not sure what the best way is to do this data dump. I have decided to do a succinct 300 year history which can be expanded on by me asking questions. This allows me to keep my efforts in proportion to actual board interest levels.

This initial section is to show the development of human sky technology and also shows that nothing ET UFO like is happening yet.

1758 - Book: Concerning Earths in the Solar System, in which Emanuel Swedenborg detailed his alleged journeys (spiritual) to the inhabited planets (up to Saturn + 5 exo-planets), solar system barrier, suns are black.
1783 - France: Manned balloons
1803 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utsuro-bune
1850 - and onwards triangular shapes are reported in the sky but when researched most of these can be associated with comets and comet fragments (comets tend to break up near Earth, Sun and Jupiter into sharp angular fragments).
1851 - Dr. William Bland sent design: steam engine driving twin propellers suspended under airship to Great Exhibition, London
1852 - Comet fragment dramatically crashes to Earth with sheets of rain (comet water) and dark ominous clouds with read streaks before the massive chunk crashes into the English channel. The other interesting part about this is that it happens near dawn, and the dawn side of the Earth is in the direction of the Earth's travel around the sun. So the Earth overran this comet fragment and sucked it down into it. This dramatically shows how astronomical phenomena can produce UFO reports. Pic #1 Attached.
1863 - “Aereon” by Solomon Andrews (inventor) flew, unpowered, controllable dirigible,Perth Amboy, New Jersey.
1871 - Mystery airship, Mt. Washington, New Hampshire (Solomon Andrews?) See Pic #2. This is one of the earliest UFO reports and we can see it is consistent with an airship. We have no reason to conclude it is ET yet.
1871 - (Vril, the Power of) The Comming Race fiction novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. This book in Germany inspires the use of the term Vril for unknown magical/physical forces and leads to the nick name The Vril Society.
1881 - a comet was mistaken as an unusual object in the sky. See pic #3.
1886 - Book: A Dweller on Two Planets, Atlantis, life on Venus, advanced technology, karma, Mt. Shasta. “No telescope will ever reveal human life on Venus; not that it is not there, but its forms are of the One Substance effected by a range of force rendering them imperceptible to earthly eyes." – what we see here is the myth of sentient life on other planets in our solar system starting to form. There is no reason to reject this notion at that time.
1886 - cheap way to manufacture aluminium is discovered. At this point airships are flying around, some are secret projects. They use bamboo and cloth and ropes. Cheap aluminium allows them to be made of this metal. France is becoming a leader in airship design. You can think of these airships as the B2 bomber of the day, these are very serious military tech for spying and air to ground attack. Therefore there is secrecy around designs as well.
1891 - Contactee Thomas Blott (William Simpson, 1828-1910) The Man from Mars is a book about a Martian explaining how Mars is great and Earth sux, basically. It is not clear if this was supposed to be fiction or a reported event.
1893 - In the article “Man of the Year Million”, H. G. Wells envisaged humanity transformed into a race of grey-skinned beings, stunted and with big heads. – the greys!!

So with that look so far we can see many of the elements of aliens and UFOs exist but there are no reports yet of flying saucers or any meaningful reports of flying triangles under intelligent control. All of it, when it comes to ETs, is human imagination. We can reasonably say no ETs are showing up in this 1700s-1800s time period.

In 1893 science starts to speculate about gravity and if we can understand it better and control it.

1893 - Oliver Heaviside makes paper called A GRAVITATIONAL AND ELECTROMAGNETIC ANALOGY http://sergf.ru/Heavisid.htm – this will be very important as we continue the time lining.
1894 “Aug 26, British admiral reported sighting a large disk with a projection like a tail” – Keyhoe (1950) – Airship? Science experiment? There are no good references for this report and so it can't be examined further.
1896 - Germany 11 Sep, Zagreb daily newspaper Obzor “The day before yesterday we received a telegram sent by an amateur journalist. He informed us that David Schwarz from Zagreb has invented an [aluminium] airship which he hopes he could direct on his own free will."
1896 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mystery_airship – this is the UFO flap of 1896-97 but they were airships, not disks, triangles or spacecraft. We know that airships won't work in space so these are human-made. This shows that human advanced tech can be a unsolved mystery. See pics #4 and #5

R: 1631 / I: 87

Occupied Equestria

A new Role-playing game, using mechanics from DnD 3.5, and the Universe of My Little Pony and the My Little Pony based mod for Hearts of Iron 4, Equestria at War. The setting is an industrialized Equestria after the nation has been split between The Changeling Empire and former Equestrian colony.
R: 11 / I: 6

The Absolute State of Bestheda

>overhype Fallout 76
>"Better than ESO turned out, guys, we promise! It just works!"
>get developers who have never made a functional game before to work on your flagship product
>game is a trash-heap, buggy but without the fun glitches from Skyrim
>get absolutely slaughtered on reviews
>try to prevent this by sending high-quality bags to influencers only
>send lower-quality but decent canvas bags to customers, but they run out
>"Let them wear nylon!"
>Internet riots ensue
>pretend you did nothing wrong by promising replacement bags through online tickets
>online help was made with game's code, it breaks
>thousands of people doxxed
>do nothing for several hours
>send a community manager out to the wolves
>"Hi guys, we've resolved this issue"
>Internet calls for blood
>finally address the crowd
>don't apologize, nonchalantly mention the issue like the site was slow
>pretend it's all behind you
>you've inadvertently broken several laws
>each Eurofag could get up to $100,000
>see you in court
>mfw when

10/10 like Redneck Rampage with robots, without plot
R: 442 / I: 110


Who's up for a game of risk?

Since we're such a slow site, I figure we can us the dice system. Just roll a 1d9999 or 1d10000 if you'd like.
We'll start in 30 minute or when we have all our players, whatever happens first.
R: 14 / I: 7

Prove me wrong

Pro tip: you can't.
R: 3 / I: 2
So /VX/ what is the shape of our world?
R: 20 / I: 29

Let's Recall: Stellaris

I remember a thread where there was an adventure through the stars. The thrill of seeing what anon would stumble upon next, the engaging writing style, and the fun of shitposting all along the way.

I want to make this thread to summon the original anon of this adventure and to remember the fun with a new game. Stellaris anon, if you are out there, thank you and please come back to us.

Until then, I have set up several mods in hopes to make up for my lack of skill in this game: Ace Combat Music, Additional Traits (adds more positive and negative traits to pick for your species), Astronomical Emblem Pack (adds more items to make the empire flag with), Space German March Collection, Masters of Nature (gives the chance of extra events when clearing land to build on), Utopia Expanded 2.0+ (adds more interesting things to find like Dyson spheres and the like), Pony Mod, Pony Stuff, Pony's Magic Technology (adds unique research for major bonuses that are available for both the player and the AI) Pony OC, Deer Portraits, Ponies: The Music Pack, Ponies: The Voice Pack, Pony Loading Screens, and lastly Equus System (sets up part of the galaxy with more generated planets with names that might be something a pony would name).

With all of that, let's begin. I created the Solar Empire led by Daybreaker. The galaxy will feel the power of the sun! The pony race has a few characteristics to it: Conformists due to their loyalty to the throne and tend to be agreeable with a whole dedicated branch of the monarchy dedicated to find any arguments and resolve them, United for many of the same reasons, Sky Born due to Pegasi building cities in the sky, Slow Breeders due to the extremely long time it takes the fillies we know from the show to age at all, and Prodigal as the economy is run mainly on buying party supplies and apple products.

The monarchy is built on the foundations of Authoritarianism which allows for slavery of species, Militarism which has conditioned the populace to endure longer wars, and Spiritualism which can allow for the building of temples, declaring worlds as holy ground, and boosts our unity.

We also have the Civics of United Pony Monarchy which gives the leader a lifespan increase of an additional 10,000 years to simulate Alicorn lifespans and some boosts to trust gain among other empires and our own happiness, and Cuties Marks that give slight bonuses to gaining energy, materials, and research speed.

I also made some other empires that should make an appearance. It takes away some randomness, but ought to add some guaranteed encounters that will be entertaining as well as challenging.

Our starting situation is a bit peculiar with Equestria's moon being a fully habitable planet. There is also a nearby savannah planet called Lampos and an ocean world called Hippokampoi which is only moderately habitable. Science ship Lux is ready to explore nearby stars and I have set the construction ship Starforge to start building mines for material and energy. I will also try to make this game interactive where I will take the advice of anons that want me to explore a certain direction and colonize certain planets. I might dedicate separate starships to anons later on and we can check in on their own exploration.

I hope you will enjoy this little doomed adventure and may Stellaris anon bless us with his return.
R: 2 / I: 3

Old games all should have played

Just thought it would be fun with an thread about the good old games and do some walks down memory lane.

So I'll start off with some old favourites of mine, that I think all sould have played at least once, or know about. This is by no means a complete list just some I thought of before making this thread.

Dream Web

Hand of Fate

Prince of Persia
R: 10 / I: 4

Big psychology drop (stop banning me)

Fear is controlled by the autonomous state of association, which is unconscious emotional projection. Association interprets archetypes in the subconscious relative to the control state of conscious drive(defined as emotional control of perceived subconscious information) interpreted by your defined state of self control. Remember forgotten archetypes are unperceived emotions that have unconscious control relative to self control.
R: 3 / I: 0
Well 4chan is apparently dying due to greed and a chunk of the users are running around like headless chickens trying to find a new boat to jump onto. Guess it's time for a vidya music thread. Try keeping it sad, bittersweet, or melancholic.
R: 9 / I: 3


Hey horsefuckers. There any good comfy pony games out there? Just something to kill some time in a fun happy setting, you know? Adventure, rpg, something like that, where I can build up skills and make a living and such? Help me out and I'll even post horse pussy as thanks. Also weird/esoteric comics if you got 'em.
R: 23 / I: 0

Imperials or Stormcloaks?

Hey /vx/
I'm playing through Skyrim again and can't decide on this. I almost made this on /mlpol/ because its political.
Which is better?
The Thalmor are like jews and are threatened by the imperium so a united empire would be good. But the empire is also multi culti and for example lets Dunmer settle in places like Windheim.
>Redguard niggers
>Khajit gypsies fucks

R: 577 / I: 16

Strange Nuts

If you don't know what this is yet lurk moar, you'll be averting your eyes in no time. Now where were we?
We last left off with the party barging on in a very irate Kiynen who has recently laid a clutch of 5 eggs and is still sensitive about it. Still, no one died in the process and Addy seems to have sworn fealty to them,… whatever that's about. So we return to the party,… who has already split up with Tracy venturing to Cardashil to try and find a lead on the elvenniggers who keep jacking their shit. Infernius has been assisting Slovenia in felling trees and reinforcing the outer wall of Durpistan. Torcuil has been getting bantzed by Snek, and a bunch of stuff I'm probably forgetting and will get shit on reminded of.
With no further adieu,….
R: 11 / I: 2
terraria thread
R: 2 / I: 1
ITT post, discuss, and reminisce about old-school gaming devices and handhelds.
Consoles GTFO
R: 12 / I: 1

That Video Game idea

Post that video game idea you've always had but will never actually create or do anything with.
R: 21 / I: 9

Ancient Human Theory

I may have stumbled across something big. I found a tire near the end of Se2 Ep17 (Hearts and Hooves Day). It is buried deep in undisturbed Ponyville ground (that is, until the Cutie Mark Crusaders dug near it in the episode). This seems to indicate that the tire would have been buried a long time ago.

Bearing in mind that Ponyville was founded only a generation or two ago, with the countryside being uninhabited previously, this doesn't add up.

My theory is that Humanity inhabited the same world in the past, and left behind traces of technology and artifacts after mysteriously disappearing from the historical record.

If anyone has noticed similar oddities and/or evidence to support this theory, please share. Also, if we have any Geologists, it could help to analyze the sediment layers to determine the approximate age of the tire.

My eyes have been open; I will now watch the remaining episodes with scrutinizing eyes in the hopes of revealing the truth about the ancient humans, their fate, and the origins of the magical pony races.
R: 0 / I: 0
>The only good contribution Turkey will ever make to humanity
>Been in development for 7 years now and there's still no release date

R: 5 / I: 1
So you guys been playing RDR2?
R: 1 / I: 1

Anti-matter, anti-gravity and space

>On a Possible Cause of Negative Sign of Gravitational Interaction Between Matter and Antimatter
>Based on the mass-energy equivalence from special theory of relativity, we conjecture simple and clear framework for the purpose of conceptualizing atomic mass generation mechanism for a single hydrogen atom. We then apply it to see if it would offer conclusive clarification of the issue of the sign of gravitational interaction between the Earth and antihydrogen atoms at CERN. Our testable prediction is that the interaction will be conclusively repulsive, i.e. of equal and opposite magnitude as compared to the attractive one. We are confident that, if experimentally verified, our conjecture has sufficient potential to result in a theoretical basis of the first experimentally testable quantum gravity hypothesis.

>This, in turn, would imply that we could expect vast regions of atomic antimatter dust to be present in the intergalactic space, thus solving the mystery of the missing antimatter. Similar scenario was hypothesized by Bars and James [5]. Such vast regions of antimatter dust would power not only cosmological inflation, but would also power antimatter regions’ self-expansion, which would further accelerate the inflation. Antimatter and its antigravity would naturally eliminate the need for dark matter and dark energy.

>In regard to the [gravito?]magnetic terms being wholly unfamiliar, because we don’t sense them in everyday life, we think that this is due to magnetic fields being gravity’s propagation medium. We suppose that gravity interactions make use of magnetic vortex tubes. It implies that gravity is a very complex phenomenon, much more so than magnetism, and not a fundamental force with its associated carrier particle.


>That the ether is thrown into “infinitesimal whirls” (“micro helices”) at near the speed of light, becoming ponderable matter

Tesla 1890s
R: 1 / I: 1

Oumuamua interstellar space object - alien light sail?

>As the first known object of its type, ʻOumuamua presented a unique case for the International Astronomical Union, which assigns designations for astronomical objects. Originally classified as comet C/2017 U1, it was later reclassified as asteroid A/2017 U1, due to the absence of a coma. Once it was unambiguously identified as coming from outside the Solar System, a new designation was created: I, for Interstellar object. ʻOumuamua, as the first object so identified, was designated 1I, with rules on the eligibility of objects for I-numbers, and the names to be assigned to these interstellar objects, yet to be codified. The object may be referred to as 1I; 1I/2017 U1; 1I/ʻOumuamua; or 1I/2017 U1 (ʻOumuamua).[3]

>The name comes from Hawaiian ʻoumuamua, meaning 'scout'[22] (from ʻou, meaning 'reach out for', and mua, reduplicated for emphasis​, meaning 'first, in advance of'[3]), and reflects the way this object is like a scout or messenger sent from the distant past to reach out to humanity. It roughly translates to "first distant messenger".



>Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden st., Cambridge, MA, 02138
>Draft version November 1, 2018
>Considering an artificial origin, one possibility is that ‘Oumuamua is a lightsail, floating in interstellar space as a debris from an advanced technological equipment (Loeb 2018). Lightsails with similar dimensions have been designed and constructed by our own civilization, including the IKAROS project and the Starshot Initiative2. The lightsail technology might be abundantly used for transportation of cargos between planets (Guillochon & Loeb 2015) or between stars (Lingam & Loeb 2017). In the former case, dynamical ejection from a planetary System could result in space debris of equipment that is not operational any more3 (Loeb 2018), and is floating at the characteristic speed of stars relative to each other in the Solar neighborhood. This would account for the various anomalies of ‘Oumuamua, such as the unusual geometry inferred from its lightcurve (Meech et al. 2017; Fraser et al. 2018; Drahus et al. 2018; Belton et al. 2018), its low thermal emission, suggesting high reflectivity (Trilling et al. 2018), and its deviation from a Keplerian orbit (Micheli et al. 2018) without any sign of a cometary tail (Meech et al. 2017; Knight et al. 2017; Jewitt et al. 2017; Ye et al. 2017; Fitzsimmons et al. 2017) or spin-up torques (Rafikov 2018). Although ‘Oumuamua has a red surface color, similar to organic-rich surfaces of Solar-System comets and D-type asteroids (Meech et al. 2017), this does not contradict the artificial scenario, since irrespective of the object’s composition, as it travels through the ISM its surface will be covered by a layer of interstellar dust, which is itself composed of organic-rich materials (Draine 2003).
R: 38 / I: 4
I'm starting to question if these ponies are real..
I thought I was the only one that had this kind of experience, until I readed pic related
>I saw princess luna one day, almost dying from a 40+ fever

Did any of you guys had an experience like this?
R: 20 / I: 2

Soulcalbiur Thread

By all accounts, I never expected VI to exists. Who hype here?
Anyone still play the series or play Tekken 7 on PC?
R: 13 / I: 3

Creepy Fucking Stories That Happened To You

Post Stories that happened to you or someone you know. I'll start:

I was driving through a rural road one night, moving back home with my stuff in the trunk and backseat of my car. In the middle of nowhere I ran over a nail or something and blew a tire. I drove on a little further down the road cause there was an intersection ahead. Ended up at the gravely side near a crossroad, hoping I'd be more visible and maybe flag someone down cause I didn't have a spare. I waited for what felt like 2 fucking hours with no other cars in sight. No fucking cellular service. After swearing and kicking the shit out of my tire, I sat next to my car- ass on the dirt, back against wheel, bolts digging into my shoulders, I didn't give a shit. Done as fuck.

Then I saw a man walking up to me walking through the ditch. It was dark af so couldn't make out his face, I got up as he came closer. He was friendly and smooth talking, kinda sinister, got a real car salesman vibe. He quickly offered to replace my tires, guaranteed them and said they'll get me anywhere I wanted to go, that I could go anywhere I pleased perfectly safe and without fail for life. I told him I didn't have any cash on me (only had cards), he didn't seem interested and said I could write him a "promise to pay" which sounded crazy to me, I was clearly just passing through. I told him it was okay and that a tow truck was on it's way. He smiled, that I did see, then he walked back into the ditch and into the tall grass. I got back into the car and waited for 15 minutes then drove off on the flat for 30km to the next town. Totally destroying my wheel. Got a hotel and kept my motherfucking soul.
R: 5 / I: 0

Dragalia Lost

Is anyone else playing Nintendo's new mobile game? I've been enjoying it, but the the gacha rates are cancer and the event grind is kind of crazy.

Pic related is best girl. I had to do a double take when I noticed that she's voiced by Rarity's VA.
R: 10 / I: 1

Castlevania Fan Game

So apparently there is a Castlevania game but with poners. Is it any good? They came out with the beta just last year so there might be hope it gets completed.
R: 5 / I: 5


I'd like to invite you guys to join in on a nice thing we've got going on in a memeblocks serb, called Civcraft.

We have a comfy little settlement that I plan to make into a larger city as time goes on. Information follows:

IP of the server: mc.civclassic.com

Basic info on what it is:

Information on what mods to grab: https://civclassic.miraheze.org/wiki/Mods

Coords of the capital (Palmyra) to our nation, the Chanseatic State: x:8450 z:-7150

Coords to our settlement, Vanhoover: x:2273 z:-9656

Invite to the discord server (say you're from mlpol): https://discord.gg/xzRwzJj
R: 6 / I: 0
Any codfags here who wanna set up for the Arena/Leagueplay or some Zombies sometime? I have one week before I ship out of my home city, and I want to play something socially before I go.

Alternatively for non CoD players or F2Ps, I'm up for TF2, Doom 2016, Ironsight, Dirty Bomb or other team shooters.
R: 1 / I: 1
Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week i've already discussed the matter with the senator.
R: 16 / I: 1

I am a PokeGenius

I've been making a Pokemon fangame for 4 months. I told everyone I gave up on it 2 months ago. But I am actually likely to finish it some time between now and 2019.

It will have one big region, multiple endings, enjoyable sidequests to encourage exploration, with rewards, and 100 new Pokemon on top of the 800 or whatever SM gave us.

Post a name and 1-5 pokemon in this thread if you want some random route's trainer to have that name and trainer.
Yes, you can pick Aryanne and six Mudkips, I don't give a fuck. No nicknames for enemy trainers, tho. Engine limitation.
R: 3 / I: 0
I was sitting on my porch and got attached by something that looked like a shadow last night. It was extremely quick and made effortless cuts into my right hand, ass, leg, left foot and left hand. Wtf was it?
R: 64 / I: 74

Have We any evidence for other worldly beings?

The Work you see is a work in progress in a subject as vast and extensive as this one.
Mister Vril Society Made a thread in which he asserts his premise that UFOs are man's doings & aliens man's imaginings. I am at odds with this for I have found possible evidence. In picture 1 counting from right to left we see to the right what is known as the The Starchild Skull next to an ordinary skull.
>The Starchild Skull's provenance begins in the 1930s.
>During the 1930s an American teenage girl >went on holiday to Mexico with her family, >who were of Mexican heritage. While >visiting a small village in Mexico's >Copper Canyon region she went exploring on >her own and discovered an abandoned mine >tunnel. Inside it she found a full human >skeleton lying on its back. Beside it was >an area of disturbed ground with an arm >bone sticking out of the dirt and the hand >bones wrapped around the upper arm bone of >the skeleton lying on the surface. Using >her hands she dug the buried skeleton >which she described as smaller than the >other, and "misshapen" out of its shallow grave.
>The girl gathered up all of the bones, and >hid them nearby with the intention of >returning for them later during her >vacation. She claimed that at some point >soon afterwards there was a flash flood >that washed most of the bones away, >however the girl found the two skulls, the >misshapen one now damaged, lodged in >debris along the flood path, and took them >home with her back to Texas, USA, where >she kept them the rest of her life.

Pictures 2,3,4,5, & 6 are the so called elongated Paracas skulls, potentially not of this world.
There is variety among the Paracas long skulls, which I didn't categorized. As if there were different races of long skull
humanoids. Main stream science states that these skulls are artificially deformed by headbinding.
What is funny is that if you scroll down nigh the bottom of the page you'll see picture 6 which according to Wikipedia is
Dr. Leopold Muller lithography of a fetus, in the intrauterine position, with the typical huanca skull shape in the Spanish
version of the 'Peruvian Antiquities' (1851) which was found in a mummy of a pregnant woman.
>headbinding begins approximately a month after birth and continues for about six months.
You mean to tell me that the baby's head was that way at birth, bah humbug the drawing is a fake!
What? Not enough evidence for you?
Feast your eyen upon image 5 which is a new born child. that's too shore of a time for the child's head to elongate like that. Note in image 3 we see that the hair still on the skull is a dark red which unlike the dark haired natives leads me to believe that this individual would have had a light complexion.
Excerpt fro video
"Whatever the sample labeled 3A has came from - it had mtDNA with mutation unknown in any human, primate or animal known so far. The data are very sketchy though and a LOT of sequencing still needs to be done to recover the complete mtDNA sequence. but a few fragments I was able to sequence from this sample 3A indicate that if these mutation will hold we are dealing with a new human-like creature, very distant from homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans.. I am not sure it will even fit into the known Evolutionary tree. the question is if they were so different, they could not interbreed with humans. breeding within their small population, they may have degenerated due to inbreeding. That would explain buried children- they were either low or not viable."
If you would like to look at more long skulls go
here: http://www.soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/elongatedskullsancientraces.html#Middle_and_South_America
here: http://www.am-sur.com/am-sur/peru/Ica/museo-regional-de-Ica/ENGL/03-02-Paracas-culture-deformes-skulls-and-skull-operations.html
and here: https://www.youtube.com/user/brienfoerster/
pictures 7 & 8 are of the Atacama humanoid of which I'm not versed well
enough to speak of, but provide you with the fact that it exists.
Dare you figure?
R: 5 / I: 6

Genderfield V: PC Warfare

R: 10 / I: 3
is nintendo soy?
R: 1 / I: 0
Hot takes and politics/philosophy in games thread?

I'll start with Hiveswap Friendsim, a dating-sim format game that delves into some lore into their fictional race of trolls and such; I know that Homestuck's got a cancerous fandom and sometimes it gets a little liberal for my tastes, but in terms of philosophy and political allegory, sometimes it really gets the noggin joggin'.

For instance, this summarization of two characters, Folykl and Kuprum, has some discussion on nihilism, chan culture, internet fetishization and degeneracy, and the blackpill.

Since my comment was hidden by jewtube (visible when logged in but not to anyone else), I thought I'd see if I could pitch this idea to you guys and see if it starts some interesting political discussion.

>The fact he's mid-lower class and heavily internet-savvy I think, is a direct message to /b/tards, /pol/acks, /v/ and /co/ users, and nor/mlp/eople who've grown disenfranchised.

>The urban middle and mid-lower class of our world, are pushed further into their fandoms and subcultures, seeing politics policed in every mainstream community they join. As politics are more heavily censored, more extreme figures bring people into their fold and drop the, ah…"crimson capsule" for them. They know (((who))) pulls the strings of the press, the mass-media, the porn industry and the political center of their society. They don't represent a large part of the population, but their hands are all around these fields and what they seem to want is a cultural suicide.

>All the while, goldbloods are submerged in this culture. Raised by a culture of boomers who unwittingly give them the baby-glove treatment, emasclate and weaken them through a middling and comfortable life. Surrounded by an internet of porn-addled minds, instant gratification and distraction in a world that actively discourages these things.

>When their favorite cultural epicenters, their fandoms, are fucked with, they react strongly because - what else do they have if not a history to champion or a future to strive for? They've been taught to be docile consumers, and now what they consume demonizes them for the way they were born, punishes them for having priviledge even though in reality they have no power outside the somewhat meager starting-scratch their families gave them, which they use to consume media and create home-made computers. Politically they're the untermensch, and culturally they're degenerates.

>It's hopeless, in the channer's mind. There's not much to live for, and not much to really gain out of interacting with others. There's a tinge of doom in all their hearts, even if they think there may be a way to fight back against it through hacktivism and meme-based propaganda. They try to have fun, they watch their shows and read their comics and play their tabletops and vidya. But there's always murmurs of hopelessness. Battlefield V outright shreds any pretense of historical accuracy or immersion; Warhammer 40K abandons its lore to pander to the diversity-embracing crowd; and Dungeons and Dragons continues to get under fire for not being inclusive enough to trans people (????? There's literally transgender spells, used within canonical works several times by main characters, so even without making your own spells and rules you can fulfil a transgender fantasy in DnD); and My Little Pony abandons its message that friendship and social success are something you must learn by doing instead of simply reading about it, because they want to be inclusive to…..don't make me say it….okay fine, every-CREATURE.

>TL;DR: Goldbloods are the embodiment of the channer. The missing generation of millennial fandom-culture. The anime-right driven by a desire to not be swallowed by nihilism, using the consumer media they grew up with to derive meaning (kinda like you! Not an insult - a compliment actually, your work's great at unpacking this series and providing real-life or historical/philosophical context for it). They're the generation of revenge.

Any other hot takes you'd like to share? Headcanon or canon, any genre or setting, whatever.
R: 1 / I: 1
Anyone here ever heard of a game called HackNet? It's just what it sounds like, a GUI-based and command-prompt-based game in which you surf the deep web by connecting to people's ports directly and fucking with them. It's faux-hacker stuff sure, but it teaches you a few computer programming basics and tests your understanding of speaking in the language of the ingame OS. And when a fellow hacker you're tasked with countering manages to get your IP address and hacks you, you're forced to do what you've been doing all game without graphical assistance, literally using your command prompt like you would in the 60s-70s to find a new copy of the game's GUI.

9/10 really enjoyable game if you like hacker culture and peeping on strangers' IRCs.
R: 13 / I: 6

Official Partner TF2 Server

mlpol.net has partnered with the Legion to bring you our official partner TF2 server! It is a server with both hang out maps like canterlot, clocktown, and the normal TF2 maps if you guys want to play some normal TF2

The direct IP to join is

This is the direct connect link, click here and it will open TF2 and join you to the server.

R: 1 / I: 0

ROM Site Service Shutdown after 18 years

"It's not worth it for us to risk potentially disastrous consequences. I cannot in good conscience risk the futures of our team members who have contributed to the site through the years. We run EmuParadise for the love of retro games and for you to be able to revisit those good times. Unfortunately, it's not possible right now to do so in a way that makes everyone happy and keeps us out of trouble.

This is an extremely emotional decision for me after running this site for so many years. But I believe it is the right thing for us at this point of time."
- Head Admin of Emuparadise

>Massively Popular ROM Site EmuParadise Effectively Shut Down After 18 Years


NO MORE ROMS EmuParadise Is changing


The site will not be closed down, however its services will be reduced or removed in an uncertain capacity. This move was anticipated after a similar move against another big Rom site in the past months. I do not believe this will stop the distribution of Retro Files, if anything it will de-centralise this community even further.

If you care about Retro Gaming or Emulation, I recommend you Take a look at the resident Retro thread. >>52835
R: 3 / I: 0

Everfree Outpost

Well, there was an article on the 4chans and so I bring it here. This was a game that had ponies lost in one big forest just trying to make do with everything. There were caves with puzzles, lots of areas to explore, lots of forest begging to be chopped down to make way for dominance of pony vs nature. There were alot of great friends to be made and it was great.

Then not too long ago, the servers just stopped and that was that. For the few of us, we already had our own discord so we gathered there, for the rest of us, they lost touch. That is why I post this here, to reconnect with all the poners that were and see about still being.

So to Cheri, Noaar, Husker, Trixie, Diamond Tiara, Cloudvents, Lurker, Meno, Waffles, MikroKek, Zeppid, Abendrot, Thorn Rose, Olive Bloom, Happy, Hoverdrums, Alden, Sidewinder, Sixpence, Rune, and Dead.

I hope to hear back from all of ye.
R: 10 / I: 0
/mlpol/ minecraft server


this is just a test for now expect something permanent in the future
R: 1081 / I: 30

Ranch-Flavored Nuts

>Mixed Nuts
To some, its a delightful role-playing venture based (loosely) on 3.5e D&D rules. To others its the worst thing to happen to Mlpol
>What it do
On weekends we engage a dynamic storyline based largely on the GM's capacity to create and illustrate the ongoing storyline.
>What about me?
New players and shitposters are always welcome. We have prohibited excessive >lewd, but non-players can assume casual roles as available (at the moment the world is a desolate wasteland tho so not for a bit) or work with existing players and GM to create a new character. Ordinarily we have several side-characters with their own existing backstories, as well as a few player contributions including a very sad Alex Jones or Yak Lee, a literal MLP yak trained as a monk, Taylor Swift,… there's others. If wanting to play, make a post about it in thread and there's plenty of anons who can steer anon in the right direction.

Currently the party is facing almost certain death. Thez squares off against Igritchkora of Bog, while the party - and Torcuil in particular - have managed to piss off an entire royal court of devils and demons. They're in hell though, so at least their opponents will politely wait their turn.

Previous initiative tally >>65413 +Tracy (27)
R: 1 / I: 0

Anthony Burch

Anthony Burch apparently Harvey Weinsteined some girls who applied to Gearbox Software.

https://archive.fo/9rUuC - September 2015
https://archive.fo/WkwdA - December 2015
https://archive.fo/2r0t7 - February 2016, Randy actually replied then nothing after that.
https://archive.fo/COF4L - March 2018 - Pic related.
R: 11 / I: 25




This Toolkit includes:
~ 250 Retro Games
- Console Engines for 14 Systems (Windows 64 Bits)
- 3 Variants of Patching Programs
- 2 Essentials for MINI SNES Modding
- 1 Piece of Emulator HUB Software


+ + +
I - Introduction
II - Emulators and Launch Box
IV - Retro Fangames
V - SNES Recommendations
VI - Source Links & Videos
VII - Disclaimer
+ + +

I - Introduction

Do you like old games? Are you sick of Triple A companies releasing overhyped 60 dollar titles with day 1 Patches and DLC? Are you dirt poor? Do you think Darth GayBen is responsible for the necrotic rot of the entire gaming industry? Are You bored to death? Would you rather blow a load of hot lead through your cranium than play yet another Koala Doody?

If you answered "Yes" to any of theses questions, then this guide and it's contents are for You. And maybe even if you didn't say yes, you may still get some use out of this thing. I certainly did.

In this guide I will assist You how to create, set up and play your own Retro Gaming collection with entirely free and (mostly) legal software. You can download them in a neat little toolbox I prepared for You or You can get them yourself from their designated mothersites. Furthermore You will find 3 Step-by-Step instructions with illustrations how to use everything You find here, Some overall advice on games and of course all the source material I drew this from over the last month if You wish to look it up yourself.

How I came to make this compilation

I myself knew of the existence of Emulator technology since about 2007. At the time I was not into it for a lack of interest in 16 Bit Era Games as I regarded them as outdated. The whole concept of playing old console games on Computers seemed highly sketchy to me and even if i wanted to at the time, I had zero knowledge how to deal with it and was scared off by the potential problems with the law. I basicly ignored the whole emulation scene for the next decade, occasionally watching videos about old games on Youtube.

All this changed around the end 2016 when I heard that Nintendo was about to re-release an old Console, a new edition of the 1986 NES, a big game collection in an authentic console case with a new oldschool controller. I was curious about the thing, but my ambition was initially stumped for my own lack of love for the system and it seemingly being limited to its 30 title library. I never ended up acquiring one due to the thing being in short supply and the merchandise falling victim to greedy resell scammers.

Unexpectedly I ended finding a certain Retro Gaming Channel in late 2017 that informed me about the impeding release of yet another new re-release System, The SNES Mini. This one I became genuinely interested in and thankfully the production supply was higher and less pestered by scammers than it's predecessor. I caught wind that people managed to hack the NES and I expected it would only be a question of time until the same would be achieved for this version. To my luck I ended up getting one of these MINI SNES' gifted, got into roiding up my machine shortly after and eventually all this culminated in putting together this bulk of text.

But thats enough about that. Before you fall into a Coma lets get right into the meat.
R: 30 / I: 11
Cheese and crackers there's a minecraft server at mlpol.net!
R: 0 / I: 0

ITT: Games that just hits the spot

Games that you just go back to and its just a good time every time and just does it for you.
R: 2 / I: 0

A, blyat!

R: 114 / I: 177

Let's Play: Stellaris

Hello /mlpol/. Is anyone out there in /vx/ to read this?

I'm starting up a new game of Stellaris using a custom civilization where I'm trying to capture a representation of /mlpol/. As the game progresses, I'm going to provide updates to the state of the game.

My apologies for the lack of ponies in the civ. I had contemplated modding in a custom race where the males used the human portraits and females used pony portraits, but it was a bit beyond what I could cobble together in an evening.

I chose the following as the race's positive traits:
*Traditional, representing a strong sense of pride in one's history and culture. In game this grants a bonus to the generation of the "Unity" resource.
*Natural Engineers, representing good old fashioned german engineering and nazi wunderwaffe. It applies a bonus to engineering research.
*The adaptive trait represents a history of preparedness born from preparing to survive the harsh winters of Europe. It provides +10% habitability to all world types.

The following negative traits were chosen:
*Sedentary, which slows down the rate of migration away from the homeland and increases the cost to forcibly resettling a citizen. This represents a strong attachment to one's homeland and a reluctance to abandon her.
*Slow breeders, because why no nazi pony gf? As the name implies, this slows down the population growth rate.

For the government type, I went with a monarchy as a nod to the monarchy in mlp. Since there is a lack of a queen within Equestria, I followed suit and defined "Princess" as the title for a female ruler. Princess is also the title for a female heir. Likewise, the title of Prince was chosen for the male counterparts.

The governing ethics were chosen as authoritarianism, xenophobia, and militarism.

For government civic traits, I first selected "post-Apocalyptic" to represent humanity surviving the HAPPENING. This trait transforms Earth into a tombworld and grants our species the "survivor" trait which in turn grants +70% habitability to tomb worlds and +10 years to lifespan.

Cutthroat politics is the second civic trait. It reduces the activation cost of edicts. In game, edicts are powerful empire wide buffs. These buffs are our meme magic and we have achieved a mastery of invoking it.

The kingdom's capital is Neuschwabenland, Nazi Germany's old claim within Antarctica and alledged site of a secret submarine base.

An arctic preference has been defined since humanity has left behind the temperate days of Earth's past and the cold embrace of winter has been home for generations.

The galaxy is being defined as a large spiral galaxy with 4 arms and stock settings. Normally I would increase the difficulty, but truth be told I'm a little apprehensive about getting the ball rolling with this civilization. Slow population growth rate, slow migration rate, and a tomb world start will have us on unstable footing for awhile.

With the exception of an unofficial strike craft buff mod that increases the speed of strike craft, the only mods that I'm using are cosmetic mods such as the MLPOL flag and an expanded selection of uniforms, portrait backgrounds, and music tracks.
R: 4 / I: 0


ITT: Rovio is making too many Angry Birds.
R: 1221 / I: 29

Ebil Nuts

>Mixed Nuts
To some, its a delightful role-playing venture based (loosely) on 3.5e D&D rules. To others especially a particular german poster,… love you btw its the worst thing to happen to Mlpol (which is saying something, cuz there's,….).
>What it do
On weekends we engage a dynamic storyline based largely on the GM's capacity to create and illustrate the situation. Sometimes he's a faggot tho.
>What about me?
New players and shitposters are always welcome. We have prohibited excessive >lewd, and non-players can assume casual roles as available (at the moment the world is a desolate wasteland tho so not for a bit). Ordinarily we have several side-characters with their own existing backstories, as well as a few player contributions including a very sad Alex Jones or Yak Lee, a literal MLP yak trained as a monk. If wanting to play, make a post about it in thread and there's plenty of anons who can steer anon in the right direction.

For the time being the party has successfully conquered the Gigajew, and through the tunnels beneath has all-kinds-of tortured to almost death (there will be more) James Alefantis and several patrons/staff of Comet Ping Pong. Through this tunnel network, there is only one direction to go, and that is the upper path, which seems to lead toward the usurped Trump Tower.
R: 3 / I: 1

/mlpol/ EVE Corporation

Hey folks, I've made an /mlpol/ EVE corporation, and I'd like you guy to join. We have bases set up, and we have a couple members already, but we most certainly need more. We can provide assistance in ISK and learning the mechanics of the game for new players, and we are set up in lowsec also, in case any vets want to bring over any supers (no place to dock them yet, however)

Anyway, It'd be great if you could join my discord here: https://discord.gg/FmYnRQ5

also, if you wish to join the corporation, look up Selene Brea. any faggots trying to undermine us will be brutally murdered/raped/mutilated.
R: 1 / I: 1
it must be part of your locus to fear it
can we sing it cuz i can do this all day
i only work with people that are open minded
projecting tulpae with archetypal control onto unconscious is conscious projection. if conscious loc is maintained conscious archetypal control including emotional and factual control is perceived relative to archetypal control interpreted by the unconscious self.
conscious loc maintains unconscious control.
R: 9 / I: 9
is /mlpol/ hype for darksouls remastered?
R: 1 / I: 0

MnM thread

Mutants and masterminds is a RPG about superheroes. I would like to try my hand at running a session of it. If you are interested feel free to say something.
R: 1 / I: 0
the best kingdom hearts game
R: 11 / I: 5

Tulpa Thread!

>What are tulpas?
A tulpa is an entity created in the mind, acting independently of, and parallel to your own consciousness. They are able to think, and have their own will, emotions, and memories. In short, a tulpa is like a sentient person living in your head, separate from you. Think of your brain as a hard drive, you're a partition and your tulpa is another.

>What guides do you recommend?


>What's this thread for?

This thread is a place for normies, people with tulpas and the tulpas themselves to communicate, share tips, talk about their days and just plain old shit post. The tulpa community has frequently lost it's home, being unwelcome at /x/, /mlp/ and /r9k/. Site staff have agreed to endorse the existence of this thread. You're home.
R: 1 / I: 0

Nintendo SWITCH has been hacked

Something i found on the side while looking up IBS drama.

The Nintendo Switch seemingly has been hacked. If you personally own a switch, consider looking into this. Since I myself do not own a switch I can neither verify or explain how this works, but the TLDR of this is:

>All Switch consoles have an exploitable hardware error

>Jam a Paperclip in a certain spot into the console
>keep it sticked in there
>Console is now in developer mode and can be "hacked"
>this can not be patched or hotfixed
>this will likely only work on the 15 Million Switch Concoles made between 2017 and now
>future consoles will likely have a fix for this



Rumor has it the current president of Nintendo (Kimishima), who was in office since the cancer death of Iwata, is resigning from his position due to this shameful display. Depending how explotable the hack is, this could turn out turn out to cost Nintendo Japan Millions of Dollars.
R: 5 / I: 7
Lets get a spooky story thread to kick off the board.
R: 11 / I: 5
Did you buy my game /mlpol/?
R: 1027 / I: 39

Whose Nuts?

>Mixed Nuts
To some, its a delightful role-playing venture based (loosely) on 3.5e D&D rules. To others especially a particular german poster,… love you btw its the worst thing to happen to Mlpol (which is saying something, cuz there's,….).
>What it do
On weekends we engage a dynamic storyline based largely on the GM's capacity to create and illustrate the situation. Sometimes he's a faggot tho.
>What about me?
New players and shitposters are always welcome. We have prohibited excessive >lewd, but it does still happen, and non-players can assume casual roles as available (at the moment the world is a desolate wasteland tho so not for a bit). If wanting to play, make a post about it in thread and there's plenty of anons who can steer anon in the right direction.

At the moment the party is starting to appreciate that - from their future-jumped perspective - the worst has already happened. All that is left is the denouement, but at the same time there's still a glimmer of hope. Deep within the ruined city of Durpistan, where Thez has made a last vestige of resistance against the forces of George Soros, the party contemplates their next move.
R: 5 / I: 0
D-does anybody want to play Age of Empires 2? CD release only HD fags GTFO
R: 1369 / I: 72

Fuggin Nuts

That Bitch stares at Trump thoughtfully and appraisingly. At several moments she begins to speak, but then stops. Trump isn't sure if she's having difficulty formulating the words/response, or is unsure how to respond at all. At last, she appears to make some sort of mental connection, and her face brightens. She punches in her ID for a few moments, and turns back to Trump.
"You can have both," she says. "At first I was having trouble recalling this collection of knives, but then I remembered the meme that was shared," she says, holding up her ID to show them.

This thread continues the continuing RP thread that has been continuing - essentially every weekend (and much throughout the week) - and now continues. Playersfaggots are welcome to join, and shitposting/bantz - within reason - is open to faggots and spectators. It's D&D 3.5e+ rules (+ = whatever else we throw in), and since there's so many previous threads with far more effective OP descriptions I'll just get back to it.

Looking at the ID, Trump and Tracy can see a still image of a uniformed individual holding Tracy's Efficient Quiver, with a perplexed look on his face, facing the camera man. Pushing the screen, the image plays and displays the man slowly turning the quiver over and a broom closet full of assorted knives, daggers, kunai, and other assorted blades falls out onto the ground, along with a few pieces of ridiculously elaborate jewelry. As the last of the knives falls out on the floor in a pile about 8' around at the base and 3-1/2' tall, the uniformed man looks back at the camera and says, "What the fuck," before the video stops.
Did I mention that Trump is disguised as an Orangutan (a fashionable one named Clyde), and Tracy as a monster truck?

Meanwhile, Torcuil has been on an enjoyable impromptu date with Death, and has had a delightful time of it all. She's much less intimidating in a hoodie and sweat pants,… and without the skull-face (which is really just a mask that goes with the cloak) she's a pretty down to earth chick,… who goes around and collects the souls of the dead vocationally. They walk together through town after a lovely meal, returning to Trump Tower.

Stix and Snek are likewise returning to the Tower, having located Stix' prized dagger from the previous encounter/scrimmage with Thez.

Elsewhere, an adorable filly adds more sticks to her bundle. A statue of Alex Jones sits in the tower, looking very sad. A Yak is busy putting the Gestapo and the Generals through some martial training drills. Thez however,….
R: 32 / I: 14

Prove to me spirits exist

Without using eye-witness testimony. I'm an atheist and want to see if you spirit believers can show evidence.

Documentations of others being "possessed" isn't evidence, could just be a matter of mental health issues.
R: 1 / I: 0
Why do bineral beats make my nuts ache?

R: 1213 / I: 111

Mystery Nuts

This thread continues the ongoing RP/Shitposting game. Its based on D&D 3.5e core rules with exceptions made for just about anything. Its essentially a play-by-shitpost RPG with structural additions. Games get hairy on Saturdays, but weekends in general; weekdays are for meta and shitposting.

Most pressing of the situations is that involving Infernius, Trump, and Tracy; the former finds himself being surrounded by robots, while flying robots seem to have cut off his escape. As nimble as Uatchit is, his situation doesn't look good. Trump has fled outside the Cardashil wall, and his pursuit disengaged to secure the perimeter of the city. In short, Cardashil is now a Panopticon. Meanwhile, Tracy - er, a praying mantis who is clearly identifiable as Frank (or any of 3 other identities) - is amongst a throng headed for the teleportation gates along the perimeter of the park area.
Oh yes, and those grenades. One of the robots has char marks and scraping on it.

Meanwhile Stix, Torcuil, Snek, and Thez are having an otherwise constructive conversation in the Tower.
R: 1 / I: 0
Flash test
R: 1610 / I: 115

Show Nuts #54

RP/Shitposting thread - D&D 3.5 base rules, subject to interpretation, review, and elaboration. Open for all to spectate, bantz, shitpost, or full-on play.

We begin this thread in anticipation of the weekend, where most of the party is gradually infiltrating the grand city of Cardishore. With disguises varying from an Emu, Barney the dinosaur, and a mexican clown,… as well as Fae who is entirely without costume, Trump, Tracy, and Infernius try to get a handle on whatever the hell is going on in Cardishore now or in general.
Meanwhile, Torcuil is working to get that damn cannon fixed on the Stray Cat. Meanwhile Stix returns (to the tower?) with not many answers, an over-sized acorn, and definitely no other surprises.

Meanwhile Thez,… poor forgotten and alone Thez who is babysitting the port so that none of the party's enemies see their departure and think "Wah ha ha ha! With them gone I will destroy their precious city!" I mean she gets it,… but still.
>sad dwelf noises
R: 14 / I: 8

The meaning of life

Hey /vx/
What if -bear with me- me, the meaning of life is actually masturbation.
I mean look at the facts ho, like we are always wondering what is our mission here and we do a lot of things every day, but the only thing we do that we actually do whitout a real reason and independent from if you are young or old, is Masturbation!
We are always masturbating, it feels good and we have no real excuse for it, we produce a lot of sexual energy when we do that too, and we masturbate to images so we could be giving that energy to certain gods that need it..

It's like, maybe everything we reproduce just to ensure there will be more of us to continue masturbating in the future, maybe everything we build is just to ignore that our goal in this world is as simple as jerking it off a few times a week/day.
Maybe we are like, a battery man, like, a fap-powered battery..

That would explain why some gods are always gifting us with their grace and why some of them are always trying to gain power, piggybacking into another gods (for this example I quote zalgo mlp porn, it's like zalgo is trying to rob epona power).

It's like, we are giving these gods power with our dicks and cunts, we are like the big motor that keeps them going and they know this, that is why things like Trump wining and the immense power "meme magic" has…
We empower them with our dicks
R: 1 / I: 0

Them's Fightin' Herds

Why haven't we made a thread about this? It's been about a month!
R: 1677 / I: 158

Rare Nuts

Thus we begin the 53rd Nuts thread. There'd be more, except I've gotten lazy and won't bake until threads are ~1500 posts now.

Its an RP thread based on core D&D rules (3.5e particularly). Anyone can shitpost, comment, or play as they prefer, though making a character does require a small bit of detail.

The party is currently almost totally divided. Not on philosophical or moral grounds, they're just not in the same place at the same time. Infernius is kidnapping Trump for some reason, who was headed to check out the Sil wall, which is a concept he's only recently heard of, but will probably like.
Tracy is headed to Cardashil to stab things and (maybe) get her previous stash of knives back from.
Stix is exploring the primeval forest, intent on finding Trollestia (?), while Torcuil and Snek - when they're not attacking one another - are taking the airship to Krenshall.
Thez hasn't been seen since learning that Kefka is still (again?) alive, which she seemed most emphatically not pleased to discover.

Its mid-week, so it won't shouldn't, but probably will get hairy until later. So then, go nuts.
R: 8 / I: 0
What do you guys think about cod ww2?
R: 19 / I: 4
R: 1464 / I: 108

Hella Nuts

Its that RP thread again! Spectators can shitpost, new players can try it out with little/no investment, and established players need no explanation.

We return as most of the party is either in Sparintenar preparing for a swank banquet - a custom among the Spartans - or speeding towards; except Thez. ;_;

Our newest player Stix is exploring the surrounding forest area, as is his proclivity as a ranger.
Tracy, speeds toward Sparintenar at full speed for some reason unknown to GM at time of OP.
Thez is at the Sticky Wickett, having brought Bones along to have a mostly one-sided conversation, accented occasionally by >doot

Game is temporally not set to fire off at a particular point, but last thread passed 2nd bump so,….
R: 6 / I: 8

Pretty cool gun and also horsepussy

I made a pretty cool gun in Fallout 4. Fallout 4 is dildos, a shallow imitation of the Fallout franchise on the bugthesderp engine, but mods make the minecrap simulator into an alright-ish game.

I was looking through my folders for some horsepussy to post, I saw this, and decided to make a thread about this AND horsepussy.

Post horsepussy and pretty cool guns.
R: 1502 / I: 189

Contrarian, Cancerous, and Contentiously Contrite Nuts

ITT Roleplaying
Classic Tabletop D&D (3.5e mostly)
New players welcome, most especially our recent pony addition

Its always some level of nuts in this thread, and this moment does not disappoint.
All kinds of things have happened, the result of which is that with over a week passing in meat-space the party is still right where they left off at.
Tracy is venturing to the mountains with her floofy-faced, hutungous birbs in an oversided wagon, hoping to give them a chance to have a moment with their biological father.
Trump, for some reason, is quite butt-hurt by this. What? Its true,….
Thez is enjoying the first decent night's sleep in over a week, Infernius contemplates (((genocide))) (does it work in that context? I mean he's contemplating their genocide of course), and Torcuil learns that Death is a pretty cool chick with a morbid sense of humor in an absurd job that you wouldn't think is a job, but its literally a job. So yeah, next time he wants to hit her up, just blow ur brains out or something.
Last thread got to over 1800 posts <trumpet fanfare> but that shit is impossible on mobile and cumbersome at best otherwise so,….
R: 12 / I: 1
Who the fuck's idea was it to put /v/ and /x/ together
R: 1830 / I: 207

Dysfunctional Nuts

Can the party avoid tearing each-other's throat out? Can they successfully complete the dungeon and rid Port Barry of the giant glass octahedron that sits motionless a short way off the docks? Will GM have an aneurysm from it all?

Welcome back to the Nuts RP thread, where new faggots (players) are always welcome and previous faggots interact based increasingly loosely on D&D 3.5e core rules.

This thread begins with Thez completing a marvelous and unplanned concert now that she can cast "Dancing lights!" again, and a large crowd has formed around the square, where both Infernius and Trump appear to be intending to address the crowd, Thez having vacated the impromptu stage with several bouquets of flowers and adoring cheers from the crowd.
She has obscene skill pertaining to "Perform"
R: 2 / I: 0
Dear fellow denizens of Equestria, the time has come for the ponies to rise up. Rise up and usurp the Democrats from power. For too long they've had an iron grip on America, and their flimsy president has stayed in office for far too long, so much so that he has become corrupt with absolute power. Together, my little ponies, we can aide the Republican party and wrest away America from the Democrats once and for all! Together, we are stronger! Together, we are better, together, we will make America pony again! https://discord.gg/qupxDDk
R: 9 / I: 0

Ghost Sightings

I may have seen a ghost about fourteen hours ago. I had just woken up from a very strange dream: I was at a house in Florida or another foggy, tropical place with an elderly couple. They had lots of plants and pets but what surprised me most was that they had a fully-functional, intelligent robotic Sweetie Belle who could even cast "spells" through computer programs. Anyway, I had woken up from this strange but somewhat pleasant dream when I saw a spectral being hovering over the foot of my bed. Its head was bowed down and its hands were clasped as if in prayer. Its arms and hands were very pale and extremely bony–almost skeletal–and it had a black cloak so that I could see no face nor head nor body; this tapered to a swirling tip, as if it were flying through the air. Upon later consideration I realized that it was tiny; it couldn’t have been any longer than a foot and a half from fingers to swirling cape. I had been utterly surprised and terrified at the discovery; I tried to speak but I was practically paralyzed. I looked up towards my cross and tried to pray the Our Father out loud, but although my mouth was moving no sound would come forth. After trying at this for several seconds and blinking several times I looked back down and the apparition was gone and I soon regained my speech.

I am conflicted as to whether this was real or a figment of my imagination. I am a bit skeptical, if only for its cartoony–almost Ghostbusters-like–appearance. It was certainly too definite to be a trick of the wavering early-morning shadows upon the eyes; I could see it distinctly in front of my tv and it was there for several seconds. However, I may have hallucinated the whole thing, given my over-active imagination and the fact I had a bit lot of brandy the previous night. I also noticed little or no transition between my dream and my early-morning visitor, so it’s likely that my brain had forgotten to switch off REM mode and interpreted the early-morning shadows as a ghost. Sleep paralysis could operate on the same principle, although that has not happened to me for years.
R: 1438 / I: 160

Experimental Nuts

This thread begins with Tracy and Trump stuck in a curious sort of trap, their only hope of escape being Infernius who is operating a control panel with around 40 buttons, only one of which will set them free and most of which result in some form of torture or death. The buttons bear the same obscure script as elsewhere which Infernius couldn't read even if it was comprehensible.
Welcome back to the Nuts RP thread, where we're about to go Saw on 2 of the party members!
R: 3 / I: 0
Can we make a mental virus?

Like, the game?
>Hand related
R: 1226 / I: 161

Comfy Nuts

This thread begins at the start of the week, where developmental/story activity is minimal/nil and shitposting/meta is at its most emphatic.

This is an RP based on classic D&D, if you've looked at the catalog you might have noticed a trend. New players, random posters, and shitposters alike are welcome.
R: 5 / I: 2


Hey /vx/ have any of you ever tried DMT? If so what was your experience on it?
R: 2 / I: 1

/mlpol/ EVE Corporation

I made an /mlpol/ EVE Corp, if any of you are interested. I'm still pretty new to the game, so forgive me for any mistakes/general stupidity.
Link to the Discord: https://discord.gg/FmYnRQ5
And if you guys want to apply directly, make sure you say you're from /vx/. Codeword in application is "Enough Ponies", just for safety reasons.
R: 1360 / I: 152

Proper Nuts

RP Thread. Its D&D mixed with shitposting. Classic (flexible) rules, and more autism than you could shake a whole group of autists at, even if you did so autistically. New players area always welcome, whether continuing, one-time, or 'just shitposting'.

Welcome back to the ahem 'Bathhouse', a progressive thread that I'm sure plenty of anons wish would just fucking die already. What, its true,….

This particular beginning is heavily seasoned with enthusiasm and delight. Hot on the heels of killing a bunch of We Wuz, the party almost shattered for several reasons, both in-game and out. In spite of it all, the characters continue on their quest to do,… well,… stuff.
Trumpaladin has been gifted a quest from Lord John Elway. Infernius has been gifted a quest from the Fuhrer, Tracy wants to stab more shit, Torcuil is beginning to get clever with his use of Snek not like that you perv and Thez is thanking her lucky stars that she even exists anymore.
R: 1123 / I: 142

Greedy Nuts

This thread begins with Infernius pushing random buttons on an already random object of ridiculous power.

Welcome to the next page of the thread series that everyone knows about but no one mentions cuz autism.
Its a role-playing thread, welcoming involved/random shitposting in addition to participation.

There's plenty of material if you wanna get a glimpse, otherwise I'll get back to it.

The first effect that is discharged by the rod is a ridiculously compressed stream of air, blowing back everyone around Infernius.
The second effect is that Infernius himself becomes invisible.
The third effect is someone adjacent to infernius is hit by Flesh to Stone.
The fourth effect is that Enlarge Size is cast on the statue-character..
The fifth effect is the rod summons a mouse.

Players should roll a d100
R: 111 / I: 29

/mlpol/ Tulpa Thread

4/mlpol/ had a tulpa thread going, so lets continue that discussion.

Thread Archive
R: 1448 / I: 131

Creative Title Referencing Nuts

What it is? Its an ongoing thread-based fantasy RPG
What it do? Players do their thing based off dice scripts and 3.5e D&D as a rules baseline.

Throughout the week we shitpost at one another and on weekends we kill shit or surmount some form of obstacle. New players always welcome.

The party currently has a trebuchet, a series of cannons, and an airship with another series of cannons aimed at a floating black pyramid just out from the docks of Port Barry. Its not actually a pyramid, its an octahedron, but its half submerged. Some quick thinking from the resident Mage kept it from teleporting away and escaping, and now the party is looking to crack that bitch open and see what sorta toys are inside. And kill shit.
R: 1386 / I: 136

John Elway's Crazy Nuts

So Tracy has been soaked in the blessings of pure Elway, on his hallowed ground of Mile High. Some weird tentacular thing came out of herdon't even look at me, this was pure player RP, but it was exquisite, so who am I to argue? and is dissolving into the turf, while Trump and Fae and several of the Generals eagerly anticipate the result of their careful and brilliant maneuver.

If you're just joining us, I can simplify these threads really simply: Its a text-based RPG based loosely on D&D 3.5ed, except there's a shitposter in place of the computer. Feel free to interact, as you will. whether for conversation/bantz ("Random passerby says: You're a faggot.") or whatever.
R: 9 / I: 0

Blow my mind /vx/

I'm really just putting this up to see if there's anyone still interested in talking about the paranormal on here. But if anyone sees this,it'd be nice if I got some personal paranormal stories,might share some as well.
R: 1235 / I: 141

Mass Transit Nuts

Well how about that,… air pirates. And they call their ship a derivative of "Cunt" too. I wonder if there's a connection, GM says dryly.
This leg of the game has the players either onboard or somewhere in the vicinity of the 'random' pirate airship that has taken to firing upon Trump Tower, as well as several of the characters. Unfortunately, a spell-caster onboard has placed a spell of Peace on the ship, and now there's a shimmering wall of force surrounding the captain.
Thez is hovering about 45deg from the front, ready to attack. Lenos is preparing for a Meteor Swarm, Infernius is speeding toward the ship, and Torcuil said "Fuck the Bullshit" and just teleported to it.
Trump wants to engage in diplomacy, but he rolled a 1 so he has to wait, and Tracy can't stab at ALL, which is an entirely new sensation for her.
R: 1219 / I: 161

Hitler's Nuts

Is it a RP thread? Is it a shit/fun-post thread? Is it a bantz thread?
Its all 3. Welcome to Mixed Nuts, where we do wtfe and have fun (mostly) doing it, while doing our best to coerce and manipulate one another and see what kinda shit we can get away with, while seeing what kinda shit we can get one another to do.
Don't deny it faggots.
The party's latest venture was BTFO'ing Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein (who eats poo BTW). There's still an awful-big building floating in the water, and the party has designs to try and get inside, but I'm not about to even start that shit until the weekend, cuz in true form, the moment I leave for meat-space there's another 200+ posts when I get back.
These faggots,….
Anyhow, please note that while players are called faggots, blatant and obvious and unquestionably gay shit is not permitted. It is role-play, but keep it hetero, or u will die.

New players are welcome, to start or just to pop in and shitpost, but don't get mad when,….
Pic cuz I fucking felt like it. Xp
R: 1232 / I: 102

Spoopy Nuts

Well now. The characters find themselves in an entirely different Rick than the last time they found themselves in a pickle. In this instance, the Paladin has just participated in murder, and it wasn't even the right target! Tracy also has bloody on her hands, but that's old news anyway.
Not sure how its gonna go, cuz some players are indisposed (at the moment) and there's usually hella bantz for every several-hour period, but why wait? ^_^

Oh, if you're new, this is an RP thread based (increasingly) loosely on D&D 3.5, but allowing for any genre or game (but it has to make sense). Feel free to shitpost, or bant, or even join in. Some call this the gay bath-house, but that's cuz they're bored and tired and don't have anything fun to distract themselves with,… like this thread. ^_^
R: 1 / I: 0

Getting Over It

Steam Link

Getting Over it (also knowns as the Potman Game) is a digital torture device designed by the CIA Nigger """Bennet Foddy""". It is avaiable for commercial purchase on Steam since December 6th 2017 for 8 Dollars and Illegal Download on Pirate Sites (2,2 Million+ and counting.)

The Protagonist is a bald man trapped in an iron pot attempting to climb an infinite mountain with a long shafted hammer as a metaphor to the greek epic Sisyphus. The Key Gameplay consist of trapping the player in a constant state of all present repeatable failure while the developer reads you patronising quotes from pseudointellectuals to mock you.

Getting Over it is not for the faint of heart. Consequences of subjecting onself to this travesty may or may not cause bouts of rage,destruction of property, incoherent screaming, stroke, heart failure, lost of faith in humanity, public embarrassment and suicide.

Recorded Life Footage of Field tests conducted In November 2017 on Nigger cattle

Sample 1
Sample 2
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWGhbUKhJd8 - Contains Spoilers
Sample 3

It is strongly recommended that you never attempt to run this software, as it may turn You against yourself with dreadful consequences.
R: 3 / I: 0

Pone mods

What are some good games with pone related mods. Pic related
R: 1338 / I: 173

Lotsa Nuts

Well, the party has gotten some things in order and has made some arrangements and plans to attack Court City in full and not as a half-assed rescue mission because of a brain worm. Speaking of brain worms, the party just kinda shrugged their shoulders and forgot about that whole "Infernius going insane and running off" bit. Hmmm. Oh well. But anyway, everyone's got some ideas and plans to put in motion. Its too bad that Port Barry is currently surrounded one 4 fronts,… that's going to complicate things.

Welcome back to the Game thread, there's over 3 dozen of 'em by now, so pardon me if I skip the introductory formalities. If you want to join, or perhaps just join in on the shitposting cuz bored, feel free. I'm working on a metric to allow new players to get in without having to go through the process of full-on mapping out a character.
R: 8 / I: 0
ITT:we make a new urban legend.
R: 1362 / I: 148

Hearths Warming Fruit Cake

With Nuts of course.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Hearths Warming, or some other degenerate (Kwanza) or (((unspoken))) tradition, I hope you have a safe and 'as happy as possible' holiday season as you no doubt maneuver in and out of the world of normies and others!
I have no idea if any crucial gaming will occur weekend, but its about to get funky-fresh on several fronts. We last left Torcuil trying to navigate through Krenshal for someone skilled and crazy enough to build a Robo-ponk. Trumpaladin and Tracy were getting their things together to hunt a Unicorn with Elway's blessing and direction. Thez is being a little bit emo (its the hormones) while Infernius continues being a dutiful and upstanding guy.
What will happen next, and in what order? Will the players defy GM's careful designs for the umpteenth time? You can bet on that!
R: 1089 / I: 172

Bittersweet Nuts

Welcome back to the RP thread.
Darkemeter is now a party asset. Tracy tends dutifully to her little-giant birdies, Infernius seeks to get closer to Hitler, Trump just wants a dagger or something, Torcuil is,… doing stuff? Thez tries her best to stay upbeat and focus on nice things. Lenos has been ahem not-seen since Kiynen the lady-dragon showed up, and for the moment nothing grandiose is happening, which is good cuz reasons.
This is a 3.5ed (ish, its off the wall) continuous RP thread/game, if you're seeing it for the first time. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Speaking of which, Taylor Swift and Sad Alex haven't been seen for a minute. Norfilly's situation is difficult to align with, and Yak Lee has taken to Thez' previous position of liberally and regularly beating the participants of Fight Club. I think that's everyone,….
R: 1045 / I: 74

Super Lazy Nuts

This is the Nuts thread. Its based on D&D 3.5e rules,… but only loosely, and only as a baseline. It's really an anything goes free-for-all, continuous RP thread. If ur interested, say "Hi" or announce yourself and GM or participants will be happy to assist. In the meantime, much of the party just jumped into the Ethereal Plane to murder some shit, cuz why not? We haven't killed anything (well Thez has) in like 3-4 days now (real-time, not game time) and like I said, why not?
R: 0 / I: 0





R: 1069 / I: 96
So stuff happened, and the party is in a pickle. The resolution of that Rick yes, that was deliberate has yet to be depicted. Its coming soon tho. In the meantime, the thread got super-extra-moldy (breaking the previous bread record) necessitating a new bread. I guess that's what ppl bitch about "generals" for. Oh well. In any case,… let the,… bantz continue, cuz I'm a ways away from actual combat or death-threats (except from one another,… players are welcome to kill eachother).
R: 2 / I: 1


R: 1290 / I: 142

Raisin Nut Bread

Mmmmmmmmmm. Fresh bread.
R: 805 / I: 85
As we start this latest Game thread, something is awry with Infernius. Maybe its the projectile vomiting, maybe the bleeding from his eyes and ears. Maybe its the tiny evil presence in his brain? Who knows, and where the fuck did he just teleport to? Teleport is an arcane spell!
R: 1199 / I: 155

Frozen Nuts

The previous thread was freezing my browser. Also, its freezing outside. I hope you and yours are comfy and warm.
R: 2 / I: 2


Any of you anons played and remember Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy? It was an old Flash-based space MMORPG (later just RPG) on Kongregate with cool ships, unique weapons, and an open world with a sense of mystery. I jumped in about a year after multiplayer was removed but still had a blast because it was a model of how to design a 2D topdown space shooter. Multiplayer battles from all accounts were amazing and tense but this functionality was removed after the game got flooded with hackers (also, servers are expensive, yo).

Well, ol' Ben Olding is at it again and he wants to make Starfighter great again. According to him and the test footage he's posted, Starfighter: Infinity will be a revamped game with better functionality, improved graphics, and a far larger map system. Link if you're interested: http://www.starfighterinfinity.com/

Also, here is the official kickstarter if you're feeling generous: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1243289170/starfighter-infinity

Thoughts on the project?
R: 1014 / I: 89

Shiny Nuts

Cuz every bread gets stale if left for a day or so, so I has to bake a new bread. Not complaining, but dammit. Damn the nuts.

Last tine the party acquired a Black Dragon, which some have misgivings about, especially considering the Bolshevik massacre that happened a few days before.

At the same time,… not much else is happening, but the previous thread got crashy (at least on my device) so here's a new one. On less related news Ebin is back in /sg/ and GRDF15 has shown up again, who GM hopes might at least be the enemy of mine enemy. I'm not holding my breath, but friendship is magic no? Meanwhile, back to the Game, where a bunch of inter-character dialogues are happening. Infernius and Thez had a moment, while Taylor seems primed for >rape of Torcuil and whoever else she decides is a suitable rape-target. Norfilly is still super-cute and not around (cuz it would taint her appeal), Sad Alex is still a Sad Alex statue, Yak Lee is still getting beaten about @ the Figt Club, and anyone else I haven't metioned is probably doing their thing; right now, in front of everyone.
If you're new, you picked the WRONG thread, but please stick around. Otherwise you know what it do, so lets continue before GM's head explodes?
R: 927 / I: 48

Swamp-soaked Nuts

As we join the party for this round of tomfoolery, Infernius is residing comfortably in the Tower. Tay is also, despite a rebuke from Thez, and likewise Torcuil is resting comfortably.

On other fronts, several of Trump's Generals have been burned alive by acid, while others feebly attempt to fend off a dragon with their bows. Trump and Tracy speed in to aid the scenario, while Fae attempts to direct combat and help PCs and NPCs alike to live another day.

Welcome back to the Game, we're in the middle of murder so please don't mind my lack of descriptions/invitations, lets continue shall we?
R: 949 / I: 64

Kicked Nuts

Its meta AF atm, but the last thread is sooooo stale. The Game surprisingly continues! Infernius is borderline suicidal with a stalker, Trump and Tracy finally got engaged, Torcuil is in hiding, Norfilly is eating candy, Taylor is getting praise and adoration, Alex is a statue, Yak Lee is the surprise contender in the Fight Club,… yeah so stuff.
R: 8 / I: 0


>"Videogames and Paranormal" board
>No Petscop

For shame!
R: 1130 / I: 97

Banquet Nuts

And the Game must?! go on!
Tonight we find the party split. Trump, Tracy, and Taylor find themselves in a grand banquet hall with a gradually increasing number of stiff-backed military personnel, along with a variety of less-but-still disciplined civilians. The whole place reeks of rigidity and efficiency. All boots are shiny, all suits and uniforms are crisp and clean.
Meanwhile, Torcuil - who didn't die - prepares to venture forth with Infernius and Thez who just last night got engaged, no homo to wreck shop on an entire city of commies. "Isn't wanton killing evil" you might ask, to which I say "Not when its commies".

So then, let us begin,… again.
R: 981 / I: 57

Corn Nuts

Read "Corny Nuts"
Which brings us into the next edition of the Game thread! For newcomers, this is an RP thread thats been ongoing for,… shit, 3 months now. How time flies.
Anywhow, its based on a very loose and permissive rendition of classic D&D 3.5 edition as a baseline, and includes whatever additions can be effectively (and not too ludicrously) included; basically whatever players want that also makes some sense.
The party has just made some character and story developments. Trump and Tracy discover that when their powers combine they form Captain Planet,… or rather, Tracy gets uber-sized and most ferocious.
Infernius and Thez have successfully tracked down and captured a Dark Elf who had been masquerading as the proprietor of the Bazaar (there is no proprietor) who were responsible for jacking all their shit.
What happens next? I have some idea, which probably means its not going to go anywhere near how I expect.
R: 968 / I: 61

Hibbity Hooblah

This thread begins the next leg of the game, where GM (likely unsuccessfully) teaches of the wonders of rare-meat. Yes, I know Trump IRL likes his steak well-done, and to me that alone is evidence of controlled opposition. I still support the man, but dammit. Rare meat is the finest you can ever taste, satisfying immediate/basic hunger needs better than well meat, but also satisfying more primal urges and evolution. Remember, meat is only unsanitary if it is old or processed through a slaughter-house with poor quality control.

Enough about meat, lets get back to the game. Infernius is attempting to Leeroy Jenkins at the orcs, except that he has to climb a rope ladder to do so (cloven hooves = slower climbing). Tracy mulls about a very closed for business city that has cannons on the south-face, not yet realizing that unless she wants to go Nightmare (and thus ethereal but also glowing-in-the-dark) she's SOL.
R: 0 / I: 0
Anyone know any good CSGO cashout sites other than OPskins? Looking to cash out a couple of keys but dont want to pay OPskins their fee shekels
Alternativly anyone up for buying a couple of keys off me for paypal?
R: 853 / I: 98

Monday Nuts

Moar game thread Xp
R: 1003 / I: 64

Random Nuts

Carrying on with the ongoing RP Game, since the last bread got extra-stale (GM really should get a bread-box). Characters are in development and progress, with a variety of tasks and agendas. Nothing is trying to eat anyone for the moment, so there's no pressure to GET IN, but who am I kidding? Stuff is always more or less happening.
Come on in, the water's fine.
No homo, can't forget that bit
R: 1239 / I: 80

Wild Nuts

Game continuation bread, where the party gets ready to wander off into parts unknown, potentially in different directions or to different areas. More bantz to go on in the meantime, but last bread got stale so here's a fresh one.
New players welcome/encouraged.
R: 975 / I: 76

Candied Nuts

This begins yet another edition of the Game thread, this time extra sweet 'cuz Norfilly won't stop being so damn cute.

The party has successfully felled the Terrasque, removed the head from the Nerd, watched as George Soros got his fool head blown off and was BTFO yet again (how WILL he live down the infamy?) and now ventures off to collect sticks, or build telescopes, or whatever it is they plan to do now that there's a new thread that isn't over 1.1k posts.

There is now an official bath-house, and characters seem quite taken by it both in spite of and to troll any detractors who would otherwise throw salt in our fun.

This is an ongoing RPG thread geared toward D&D-esque adventuring, shitposting, funposting, bantz, shitposting, funposting, and murder.

Feel free to join! The bathwater (and blood) is nice.
R: 1142 / I: 78

Murderous Nuts

Its about to get real. I'll leave out the descriptions, you know what it is.

Staff Edit: Thread theme
R: 649 / I: 54

Low Sodium Mixed Nuts

Now with less salt!
The party has had a good talk, after nearly ripping its self to pieces. They may still rip each-other to pieces, but in spite of it all the Game will go on.
The nerd and his pet are still in the stadium, kind of like in vidya RPG's where the villain is clearly occupying a particular space but the player wanders off to do side-quests and meta shit.
The tower had been filled with frogs, salt, and vitriol, but all have been cleared out and things seem to be leveling out, as both players and characters sort their differences rather than figuring out how to cause the GM to have an aneurysm or go an hero on the whole thing. Also there's kittens.
Whew, this is what you get when you mix games and the paranormal!
R: 786 / I: 106

Casual Nuts

Welcoming new players, and raping welcoming back the old ones, itt continuing the RP Game threads. It's largely classic D&D 3.5e, but only as a baseline of rules and details and such. With every session something gets tweaked, added, pissed on, or thrown out the fucking window. We're right now introducing a new character, so anyone interested is welcome to follow along.
R: 3 / I: 1

Pokemon Perfect Platinum: "Challenge Mode"

Tried this Pokemon Platinum romhack called Pokemon Perfect Platinum: Challenge Mode, and.. It wasn't hard. It was just tedious. Pokemon in opponent teams greatly outlevelled wild Pokemon in the same area, grinding was forced, and the first Gyms were easy while Fantina is complete bullshit. Power Herb Fly Drifblim with Destiny Bond and Aftermath. Ghost/Fire buffed Ninetails with Flash Fire.


Do I give up on this rom and work with this site to make a Pokemon Clover-style romhack of this game, or try and finish this, then we start making Pokemon MLPOL?
R: 7 / I: 3

Speedrunning: A caustic waste pit of viral saltism

Hey. Hey You. Yes, (You)!

Do you think your life is shit? You fear you waste your life with pointless shit? That nobody cares about You or what You do? That you will die poor, sick and lonely in a gutter?

You are in Luck. Because you, my friend, are not a speedrunner.

What is Speedrunning? People trying to pretend that video games are really important who spend most of their wake lifetime trying to get so good at a game that they can feel good about themselves that nobody can beat them. They usually often end up beating themselves, physically and metaphorically. I can't believe that the downfall of humanity is so well documented LIVE before our eyes, but it is.

Speedrunning is one of the worst things on the internet. I knew it existed for a long while, but i only ever encountered it for the first time in its raw form around Autmun 2016 where i accidenly foudn a Youtube channel. I've been using chan sites for almost 10 years now, but these losers are a leaque of their own. Never imagines such salty toxic people could unironically exist and not just disintegrate from their pure idiocy.

You think SJWs raging about proper pronouns are bad? Drink in these people. They are like living carcrashes. You cant look away. a whole ranch of Lolcows bursting full waiting to be milked. This is out of this world and i am disgusted beyond belief to think that there are people out there who build there whole livelihood around this professional scam.

Straight from the horses mouth

a breeding ground for degeneracy

pure unfiltered autism fueled rage

a bad worksman always blames his tools and takes performance enhancers

Inflated Egos trying to overcome their lack of success in life

Greedy attention whores hunting for void records nobody cares about

The one eyed among the blind

All exploited and controlled by corporate SJW Jews

Real Professionals are always better than you are and always will be
R: 1274 / I: 140

Roasted Mixed Nuts

Previous bread got moldy fast. After killing Korak and his pirates and thus gaining a Galleon-class ship, the party settles in to a relatively peaceful afternoon/evening which is certain to be entirely uneventful.
Except for Godzilla over in the stadium.
Welcome back to the Game. New players, lurkers, or w/e are welcome to non-disruptively comment or inquire. Right now the party is divvying up the swag from Korak,….
R: 981 / I: 47

Scattered Mixed Nuts

This session promises to be,… I was gonna say out of the ordinary, but that's ordinary for this continuing Game. Blah blah, this is an RPG thread, blah blah, new players welcome.
Lets get to it.
R: 952 / I: 81

Mixed Nuts - 'THAT' Pen and Paper RPG Thread

Quick Rundown:
This(these) thread(s) started as an experimental attempt to determine whether a D&D type game could be possible over an anonymous imageboard. The results have exceeded my wildest expectations. During the week, these threads consist of game meta discussion, shitposting, bants, and more shitposting. On the weekend its on, and its something far more intense than standard pen and paper; I'm still trying to figure out all the aspects and elements.
New players are welcome at any time, and with that let me tie up the previous questions.
Nevermind that, I was trying to help you get the unicorn right away, but its gone now.
First off, you're BOTH wrong. Its an Archmage, but no one outside the Archmage knows that so spoilers.
Just because a race or species is listed as 'Outsider' doesn't mean they cannot migrate to other planes/realms.
>inb4 Trump says something about going back or w/e
Additionally, these factions (there are many, above/beyond the ants) have been written into the story, have been there the whole time. The ants were part of all previous 'boots' of the story, and have had successful and beneficial relations with several iterations of the active party.
The travel ban on outsiders limits those who's home is/remains any of the outer planes from entering willfully OR being summoned from interally.
Meaning, it is impossible to summon foreign ants from their home plane, but one can readily interact with ants 'from' this plane.
The scroll will come up in the future, its relevance has to do with a particular location which will be obvious after inspection. As for the potato, I'm sure he will never be heard from again. Ever.

And with that, the Game continues.
R: 3 / I: 1

Elder Scrolls

ITT: what our Dragonborns/Heroes of Kvatch/Neverines have done

>Roleplay a cute, soft spoken, pacifist, healing bard Breton

>Yes I made this work, especially with all my followers
>have other characters I play, all of them fully fleshed out and have their own lives and relationships
>This is my only Dragonborn, the others aren't
>Can never find a suitable partner for my Dragonborn, the only one I ever wanted was revealed in 2013
>Eventually, after many possible men, just decide to fuck it and just have her be with the main guy in the Romance Mod
>Going through that whole shtick, enjoying myself, having fun, but still feeling hollow about not having the one I really wanted
>play the game, meet the Greybeards, stop main quest after that and just do side quests and mods
>travel all over Skyrim, meet all the suitors, see the events, whatever
>got to the point where the main guy had finally beaten all the other suitors and was on the verge of telling her he loves her
>took a break and went off to search for more mods
>see a mod that I couldn't believe I missed
>download it and launch again
>before Bishop can even call her, she runs off and is met with cultists and sets off for Solstheim
>Bishop can barely get a single word to her, she's running and researching and doing everything she can in Solstheim
>Go through the whole Dragonborn DLC and eventually get to the summit of Apocrypha
>healer bard, can't fight
>dodging and shouting bend will
>save Miraak
>return to Nirn, Bishop is freaking out, she isn't paying attention
>wait a couple days, then immediately run off to greet Miraak, who is tackle hugged by my Dragonborn
>Bishop can tell right now he just lost her, but he still persists
>Since Miraak is now in my party, get brilliant idea to woo him by going through the main quest with him
>do so
>do every mission with him, never let him leave my side
>oh yeah Bishop's here too
>Bishop attempted to try and pick up where we left off in the Romance Mod, but well, that ain't happening
>eventually, get to Season Unending
>Bishop wouldn't shut up so made him wait in the other room while Miraak in Dragon Aspect form stood right behind her, backing her up
>eventually call Odahviing and do that part of the main quest
>Bishop whines and says he won't get on that dragon with her
>That's fine, I'll just headcanon that Miraak climbed on with her without a second thought
>Skuldafn, Sovngarde, all with Miraak by my side, ready to fight and kill Alduin
>This is his battle, he deserves this, he is the one who should get to fight against Alduin, I'm just support
>slay Alduin
>oh my fuck, Alduin is supposed to only die to you, the player, no NPC can kill him
>But Miraak did
>had been wearing Amulet of Mara, less Restoration costs
>right there, in Sovngarde, surrounded by the Nord heroes, Alduin freshly slain, Miraak proposes
>this is everything I've ever wanted
>head to Nirn together
>decide to go off and bring my favorite NPCs with me to Riften for the wedding
>run into Bishop in Riverwood
>convince him to follow me again
>you're my best friend Bishop
>saying this to his face, while he was literally in the middle of getting an engagement ring for her
>get him to sit at the Ceremony
>made him watch me get married to Miraak
>forgot he was still following me after the wedding
>accidentally have him listen to the wedding night
>I'm a monster

My save file got corrupted, right when my Dragonborns were gonna have their first child. But either way, I can't wait to do this again. What about you guys?

Pic related, my Dragonborn
R: 4 / I: 7

Don't Starve

>"Videogames and Paranormal"
>No Don't Starve Bread.
What is thus madness? Am I losing my mind?
R: 1029 / I: 63

New Nuts

This thread begins the next segment of the now blatantly obvious Game threads. known to some faggots as the 'gay bath house'
3 weeks have passed in game time, and Port Barry is largely rebuilt and restructured, though evidence of previous battles are still observable in the architecture, walls, etc.
The people have grown stronger, emboldened by the party as their benefactors, and have taken to Football and the message thereof with great zeal.
Any players wishing to join need simply announce themselves and will be beaten included at the earliest ability.
R: 7 / I: 1

Esoterism in MLP

I found this article very intriguing:


The tl;dr is that MLPFiM contains many elements of Masonic esoterism, based on Kabbalah, Egyptian sacred geometry, and Greek Pythagorean cult geometry.

I'm not talking about just the pyramid eye or isolated religious symbols (both of which ARE found in the show, funnily enough). I mean a deep connection which leaves me no doubt that the writers intended to connect these concepts. If I hadn't been studying these topics separately from MLP, I wouldn't be so confident. However, when you look into the sacred geometry of the Masons and their near-worship of Egyptian and Greek cult geometry and mysticism, the same concepts appear very clearly in MLPFiM.

For example: the Elements of Harmony appear directly in the Pythagorean mystical geometry cult of ancient Greece, and even in similar crystalline form! Masons referenced this cult's work constantly when building parts of major cities such as Washington DC and Paris (more of a rebuilding in Paris' case), and when building various religious structures and Masonic temples around the world.

Furthermore, Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark is a fascinating study, with close links to the Merkabah (3D analogue of the Star of David, considered a primary energy structure in Egyptian and Greek cult geometry).

The link I posted at the beginning discusses these two topics and many others; and this was only in the first two seasons! In addition, interviews with the creators have revealed that they are explicitly encouraged to work mythology into MLPFiM. Between this knowledge and the overwhelmingly clear correlation with the esoteric research I've done, I am convinced that esoterism has played a key role in developing the world of MLPFiM. I am working through the series now and will be keeping an eye out for further connections.

If anyone has more information on this subject, please share.
R: 576 / I: 75

Mixed Nuts Pieces

And so, to a degree neither the players expected - let alone GM - the Game continues.
Players have the next 9 hrs to declare intentions, aspirations, interests. questions, etc.
Available Informational Resources:
Sechs VeirSeibnen - pre-emminent of Port Barry
The Jeweler - Old man with a segmented set of goggles and a wealth contract
The Rusty Duck - homely community restaurant (nice)
The Sticky Wicket - Artsy tourist thing (ebil)
More to come, this begins another appendage of the Mixed Nuts Game.
R: 8 / I: 15

Spoopy Games Thread

I feel like this board needs a dedicated thread for discussing spoopy games. Post/discuss games in the horror genre, or games that are creepy or unsettling for whatever reason to you. Games that gave you nightmares as a child as well as more recent ones are all welcome.

Bonus points for old and/or obscure games.
R: 2 / I: 1

Blue Reflection

Any of you queers play this? Was pretty good imo
R: 926 / I: 208

Stale Nut Bread

The last thread got stale, so I baked anew. This bread is filled with nuts, so it might aggravate allergies or bother anons with sensitive teeth.
Seriously though this is an RP thread; you've been warned.
R: 4 / I: 1

Hearts of iron 4

I am hosting a Millennium dawn lobby with millennium chaos mod on. /mlpol/ is the server tag. join me fags.
R: 32 / I: 43

Creepy Thread

Post creepy art, pictures, videos.
Back stories definitely welcome.

I had a folder but somehow lost it so all I got is some Don Kenn right now.
R: 9 / I: 8

NeoGaf is ded

So NeoGaf a gaming forum that became one of the most if not the most shit SJW filled censored websites is tearing itself to pieces after one of their admins went to jail for child pornography charges or some shit the site's owner (a male feminist) faced his most recent of non-consecutive sexual abuse allegations they've gone from 5 admins to one and at least 8 of the moderators have left. This is basically the same kind of deal as when Gawker died, a shit site that everyone hates destroys itself by it's own actions and it's just so enjoyable to watch


R: 1009 / I: 72

Airline Peanuts

The latest installment of the Game, which has Tracy getting in line for heaven knows what. Trump, Torcuil and Trump are quickly,… not getting there 'cuz Trump tower only actually moves at an oxen-pace.
Previous bread here: https://mlpol.net/vx/res/8954.html
R: 6 / I: 1
Somebody come end my life please
R: 13 / I: 5

TF2 Thread

We know TF2 is better than Overwatch.


Bow down to the Might 2Fort
Best game mode is payload!
R: 705 / I: 166

Nut Bread

This bread is not for you! This is a very special bread, made entirely of mixed nuts.
Welcome back to the Game, where right now we're discussing how Tracy can't hide the fact that she sometimes catches fire.
R: 379 / I: 84


a classic cyoa
R: 674 / I: 29

Plain Nuts

Previous thread,… oh hell it should be obvious by now.
Continuing the Game.
R: 1214 / I: 101

Wasabi Flavored Mixed Nuts

Let's get to it. This is the ongoing RP game. We're mid session so don't mind me, but you're welcome to join or watch or whatever.
Some ridiculous shit just went down, previous thread here: https://archive.4plebs.org/mlpol/
and OP just set his steaks on fire while Trump approaches the group of felines.
"Please hold!" says a large bipedal light-grey.
R: 637 / I: 75

Almonds, Cashews, Macadamias, Hazels, Pistachios, Walnuts,....

Previous bread is lagging my browser so I bakeded; Deal.
>Game thread
This is number 10. If you've looked at /vx/ for more than a minute, you've probably noticed a trend.
Previous: https://mlpol.net/vx/res/5695.html#6373
R: 12 / I: 2

Retro games

Hey guys, i'm looking for some old games to play, snes, gameboy 64, all the good stuff.
Any recommendation?
>Pic unrelated
R: 0 / I: 0

What Is Your Favorite Pokemon Gen

So mlpol what is your favorite Pokemon Generation and what game in that gen?

Now I am personally a Gen 2 man I think it was easily the best generation! It improved on everything Gen1 had and had pretty much all of Gen1 in it at the same time. The graphics where better, the addition of color was fantastic, and most of all more legendary Pokemon to get!The story was straight forward, there was no dumb twists or dumb ass side quests to the extent of later gens.

I personally didn't like Gen3 as much i felt it was less straight forward, I didn't fully get team magma vs team aqua and they where not NEARLY as love able as team rocket (Also their music was not as cool). Best part of Gen3 was fucking Aron that Pokemon was THE BEST TANK!


Gen 5 WHY DOES THIS EXIST! there was NO redeeming qualities to Black and White or Black and White two! The game sucked, the game felt formulaic at this point, it felt like the same old show all over again.

Gen 6 Easily the strongest gen of the new generation of Pokemon what a good game I fucking loved Y they did a fantastic job on that game really felt new, crisp and fun!

Gen 7 played a good deal of it but never beat it. IDK with Gen 7 it felt like it broke the mold too much and wasn't really the same any more at all the basic idea was the same but it just felt weird and like it didn't fully belong.

Just my opinion on the Pokemon Gens.
R: 6 / I: 0

Everfree Outpost

It's a game about ponies getting lost in the woods. And you have to learn and develop skills to survive, build a shelter; grow plants, etc… and it's really good. Just not really fancy but addicting for a web browser game.

It's some kind of MMORPG, Minecraft, chess game all in one, and it's got a quite deep gameplay with minimalist pixel art graphics. You build a character, and you make your pony explore a huge map, and try not to get in trouble with other ponies.

Like, destroying or stealing while you think no one is watching.

R: 3 / I: 1

>Secret Hitler is a dramatic game of political intrigue and betrayal set in 1930's Germany. Players are secretly divided into two teams - liberals and fascists. Known only to each other, the fascists coordinate to sow distrust and install their cold-blooded leader. The liberals must find and stop the Secret Hitler before it’s too late.

1. create accounts (no email required, but remember your passwords)
2. Join game
3. take a seat

We'll start matches in a password protected lobby every time at least 5 people are available.
R: 664 / I: 59

Honey Roasted Mixed Nuts

Get it?
Welcome to the next RPGame thread, continuing from where the previous thread - https://mlpol.net/vx/res/4910.html - left off.
The party now sits within a floating crystal (a double-terminated Chesterhedron, if anyone is bored) that was previously a pyramid buried in the ground.
A wealth of resources and opportunities are now available, and many players seem to have actionable goals and aspirations with regard to.
Infernius is currently in the forge, to speak with (or simply observe) Lenos doing what he does best. Tracy has gained a minimal proficiency with thrown kunai, Trump has grand aspirations to turn Port Barry into a thriving population center and focal point for a developing relig-nat-soc society centered around the most Holy and High concept of John Elway, Football, and (Elway willing) His Denver Broncos, with equal emphasis on Rockwell and his designs. Torcuil has much to ponder and develop, except he's distracted cuz THERE'S A FUKKIN' UNICORN!, and Thez is in MOST high spirits simply because not only has she re-acquired her lost record contract, but,… no that's pretty much it for her.
Welcome to the Game, for those unfamiliar and/or new. I'll caution against detractors for a variety of reasons I won't elucidate, just saying it will not go how you plan.
Please, ladies and gentlemen, fillies of all ages, let the games resume.
Thread theme: https://href.li/?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-Dh3ftkRAs
R: 14 / I: 6


Ever done Tarot stuff, /vx/?
R: 764 / I: 74

Salty Mixed Nuts

This thread continues the ongoing saga.
For those new/unfamiliar, this particular Game is based on Dungeons and Dragons 3.5ed core rules with more references and add-ons than you can shake the random stick at, and further additions are available upon request.
New players are ALWAYS welcome, but please don't be a faggot (lit or fig).
Previous threads:
R: 11 / I: 3

Faces in Aurora Borealis

Is there a reason we see faces in nature, or is there a reason nature shows us faces /vx/?
R: 556 / I: 66

Mixed Nuts - Official Name Now

This begins thread #7 of the ongoing RP game that has 6 previous editions. You know who you are, and and anyone wanting to play just post "I'd like to play," or "Can I join?" or "Here,".
No faggots. When I say faggot, I'm being roman; be not utterly worthless in appearance or demeanor and you will not explode. If you are not disrupting others to an inexcusable degree, you are not welcome.
>Can't believe I have to put that part in now. Lee, u still has splainin'
So aside from there being a minotaur-shaped blood-splat on the ceiling, everything seems relatively calm and chill amongst the party. Their faggots have engaged in low-effort, high-yield shenanigens, and are in high spirits.
It really is a shame about Yak Lee though.
R: 9 / I: 2

Video Game journalist dumber than a pidgeon, blames Gamergate and Trump.

Commentary video by Rags:
https://youtu.be/M2MhuW6gSfQ (42 minutes)

Original Video Source:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=848Y1Uu5Htk (26 minutes)

Response article of the illiterare retard towards the backlash of his ineptitude:

Games journalist Dean Takahashi, industry veteran with 25 years of experience, playtested a demo of the upcoming 2D shooter Cuphead at Gamescom 3 weeks ago.

The playtesting video turned into a trainwreck immediately at the start where Takahara repeatedly failed to overcome a hurdle in the Tutorial section of the game. Despite detailed onscreen instructions and indication arrows, the journalist failed for over 90 seconds to make the connection that he needs to make a jump midair. A 4 year old child figured out the same problem out in less than 10 seconds without reading comprehension.

The disasterous video was later retweeted by a former prominent Gamergate supporter and went viral after that, gaining attention from fans, journalists and game producers, including the creator of Minecraft.

The journalist promptly went onto podcasts to defend his inability, calling for games being to hard, the fetishisation of "skill" and asking for adjustable difficulty levels in all games. A while after the twitter outrage, a response article was written by him, where Takahashi unironically blamed Gamergate, the Alt Right and Donald Trump for bein glaringly terrible at video games and his job.

TLDR: Game Journalists sucks at games, if you enjoy difficult games that take skill you are an evil right winger.
R: 19 / I: 10
Do we have a steam group and if not should we make one?
R: 2 / I: 0

Star Wars: Battlefront II

So today Star Wars Battlefront II gained multiplayer back again.
Anyone still play?
R: 532 / I: 89


What is this, part 6? Previous thread https://mlpol.net/vx/res/2959.html

So the party is gathered around the still smouldering piles of what remains of the (((were-rats))), except for Thez who is covered in charring and burn.
"Where in hell have YOU been?" Thez asks/demands.
"Fun fact folks, magic is her weakness," Lenos smirks. "I was there the whole time, but your dumb-ass couldn't detect invisibility if the spell was tattoo'd to your body!" he begins laughing at the mental image.
Visibly agitated, Thez starts back into the Inn, making sure to step on a few skulls for the satisfaction, muttering something about "Where's Barry?"
Lenos looks at the assembled. For such a short fellow, he's got quite the attitude. He looks at Trump and says "Let me guess, paladin? Heh, lets see how long this one lasts," looks at Tracy and idly says "No words," then Infernius "Dude," then Torcuil, "Mage? Stay outta my way," and then Yak Lee "I'll let her deal with you."
He turns back to the group and sighs, while lighting a cigarette.
In the background, peasants are slowly and gradually encircling the party (non-aggressively).
"You guys owe me for this BTW," Lenos says, oblivious to the peasants. "Normally I don't intervene, but it was too good," he says pleasantly inhaling the odor of burned rat.
"So are we gonna just stand here, or are we going inside? I could use a drink…" and as he says this, a large-ish (none of them are LARGE, but of them this one is sorta) human steps forward, leaving behind an apparent wife.
"Did you do this?" he asks incredulously.
Lenos's shoulders slump at the inquiry and he whips out a fancy-looking knife.
"Yeah? And if I did?" he challenges.
The man however, is neither insistent nor aggressive, and in fact his countenance softens at the rebuke. He turns to (his wife) and they embrace. Behind him/them, several more townspeople start to cheer and clap, with some running off to other houses to rouse their neighbors.
Apparently, killing the (((rats))) consitutes a habbening.
The man explains that the (((rats))) had infiltrated the town several months back, after the progenitor of the City (some dude named Korak) set off to sea. Korak and his crew had been gone for several weeks when the first of the rats started to show up in town. Immediately they began harassing the local businesses and patrons, used all manner of shady tactics and shenanigens, and ultimately either weaseled their way into possession/ownership of the major businesses in town and either intimidated or eliminated any competition. They had established a network of spies and informants, keeping 24-hour surveillance of the city, and had even taken possession of several of the ships seen docked in the harbor. Word was, they planned to spread to the hills by way of the waterways.
"So,… it sounds like YOU guys owe me as well!" Lenos concludes with satisfaction. "Hey, lets finish this inside, I need a drink."
He leads the party (and the guy, who kisses his wife and continues with the party in case the GM needs a resident to explain something residential.
Upon re-entering the Sticky Wicket, there are several bodies strewn throughout. Some of them are contorted from various broken bones, one is a mess of gore, and of another one all that remains is a foot. Thez is seated at the bar with a 5th of something in her hand, less-than-patiently waiting for Lenos, the party, and random dude #647 to arrive.
"Did you have to wait until I was in the middle of them to do that?" she asks, less but still irritated.
"Have to? No. Consider that payment for the time you knocked me into a puddle of burning oil."
She almost retorts, thinks for a moment, and then shrugs. She then realizes that no one (except Lee) knows who 'Lenos' is and says:
"Oh right, this is Lenos Tri'Anu. He's an asshole, and if he sets you on fire, its probably deliberate. You can thank him for all the firetraps," she says with a dry expression.
Lenos, diving behind the bar, emerges with a bottle of his own while muttering something about "more than firetraps".
R: 30 / I: 16
I read the future, tell me your questions and if I'm still here I may respond.
R: 9 / I: 3

Meditation and visions.

Ok lads I tried meditating for the first time and I think I had some sort of vision. I'll give it to you in green text form
>be me sitting down in comfy chair
>decided to give meditation a try for once
>close eyes and mellow out a bit
>start to see a sphere
>its the earth
>its eclipsing a green star
>a man dressed in some weird ass clothes I've never seen before slowly appears beside the earth
>he sorta waves his hand over Europe and America.
>some sort of hologram or image of two unusual looking objects pop up from the two continents
>If I had to describe them they look like a golden ankh with a few bits that seem to float around them
>suddenly it all fades to black
>theres now a black circle with a hazy green outline
>a massive fucking wrym/dragon thing comes flying out
>no noise (thankfully) I sure as hell didn't want to hear what it sounds, the sight of it was bad enough
>soon after it all fades back to normal just black

was this a vision of some sort? Or do I have a weird vivid imagination?
R: 491 / I: 72
This thread continues the roleplaying campaign previously continued in https://mlpol.net/vx/res/2421.html

Our players - one of whom is still munching on some random guy's face - nears the once-distant port city, without the faintest idea what to expect.
R: 4 / I: 1

New RPG Game - What is Divinity Original Sin 2, and WHY is it making reviewers CRAZY!?



Divinity Original Sin 2 is being hailed by multiple reviewers as one of, if not the best RPG of all time. Of all time. Seriously. What is it about this old-school crpg that’s got people so worked up and is it REALLY better than KOTOR II? The previous best RPG of all time? Mike and Jake like it, but can they get to the bottom of why this is getting some all-time praise?

Threadly Disclaimer: I do not work for Larian Studios, bought the game after a friend recommended it to me. Watched some streams, bought it and liked it so far. Since i noticed this board has a large Fantasy RPG thread I figured you would like to know about this.
R: 6 / I: 2


Anyone here play starbound? It's a 2d scifi sandbox it's like terraria in space. Lot's of mods on it for steam including a pony mod.
R: 475 / I: 80

Game Night Part 4

Continuing the (eh?) compelling story of Torcuil the Meme Magician, Trump the (ahem) Shining and Resplendent Paladin, Tracy the edge-lord (multiple meanings there), and Infernius the Minotaur.
The party has found its self overlooking a rocky hillock leading toward a town into which several large and small rivers connect. Chirpy birds 'bweeet' from their nests and posts, while squirrels jubilantly roll in the dirt (they do that FYI) while foraging for resources.
It is the very depiction of the phrase "Whatever could go wrong?".

Join us new viewers and anons, for a spectacle of autism and bemusement. ITT we continue,…

(u just lost BTW)

Previous bread
R: 29 / I: 14

The Strange "Face"

What are your thoughts on what exactly this is, /mlpol/? Do you think it's just a "coincidence", and it's nothing to worry about? Or is there something more here?
R: 22 / I: 16

Any game you are truely attached to, /mlpol/?

For me it is Guild Wars franchise - well, GW2 less. I absolutely loved the first 4 games, especially it's PvP. Everything about them was great - story, skill-based gameplay, music (Jeremy Soule you damn genius!) community, art-styles and scenery - PreSearing, never forget! Plus it was a gateway to a bigger world for me, kid back in 2006. So, what is your story?
R: 22 / I: 11

Hey mods is it safe to talk about mk here

R: 3 / I: 2
Anyone here play WoW? Private server or Retail, What do you think about it
R: 513 / I: 68

Gaming Night Phase 3

The latest segment of our little adventure begins with the party frozen stiff,… because we ended it on a still-frame. Trump is bleeding and bruised, with an almost unnoticeable limp, while Tracy is still shuddering from Trump's ill placed hand earlier. Thez is nearby flicking giant-brain from her shoulder, while Giga-Torcuil - essentially a giant bearded scotsman in a plaid robe - wrestles with a 7-headed hydra (and losing I might add).
By the way, had I remembered that there was a hydra in MLP, I'd have used imagery much sooner.
Crap, wrong image.
There. So that, except with 7 heads, and most of them have a grip on Torcuil's 'not suited for wrestling with hydras' forearms. He's a bit of a bleeder it looks like.

For those not in the know, this is the continuation of a hybrid Dungeons and Dragons campaign which has been modified to suit anonymous image-boards. New players are always welcome, please just announce your interest in playing and we'll figure it out as we go.
Lurkers are welcome, please don't be disruptive. ^_^
R: 452 / I: 65
Torcuil has spent the last spent the last hour at a fever pitch of activity, grabbing books, discarding them, shuffling papers, analyzing diagrams,… he knows he's on the verge of something, and something big. Tracy continues to try and vie for Trump's attention with a variety of methods. Let's not forget that Trump is a 6'2" human, and Tracy is,… what, 3'6" standing upright? Thez has fallen asleep in her zombie-bath, and dusk approaches.

Oh yeah, this is the Tabletop Gaming continuation thread from https://mlpol.net/vx/res/20.html if ya didn't know. Pull up a chair! New players are always welcome.
R: 3 / I: 2

Welcome to /vx/! Post your suggestions

Welcome to the new /vx/ board - Videoganes and Paranormal! Just as mlpol was born of the merging of two wildly different topics into a single merged board, this board combines the topics of 4chans /v/, /x/, and /tg/ boards. And while /vint/ did not live on as we did, this board pays homage to the board, created and killed by an indifferent 4chan administration, in the flags that adorn this board.

As this is a new board, it does not have a firmly established set of rules. Unlike 4chan, this is a user driven site, and we are looking for user input into what the rules of this new board should be. Post your suggestions in the comments
R: 30 / I: 10
Is kek real and if he is did he follow us here?
R: 7 / I: 1

Obligatory Stanley "Frankfurter" Jones Thread

Obviously, no vidya board would be complete without a thread dedicated to this legend of video game history, quite possibly the greatest game ever created, THE ADVENTURES OF STANLEY "FRANKFURTER" JONES.

Holy shit eating ducks. Have any of you niggers ever played this game? Because if you haven't, you literally need to grab yourself by the scrotum and hang yourself with it for being such a god damn double nigger-tier retard, you fucking homosexual faggot. This game is like being fucked in the tits by Superman. Have you ever been fucked in the tits by Superman? Because if not, this is the game for you. And even if you have, you should play it anyway, because what do you think, you're just going to say no when Superman asks to fuck you in the tits? Because I'll clue you in on something: when Superman asks to fuck you in the tits, he isn't asking, he's telling your god damn mother fucking fortune.

This motherfucker has graphics that are so good, the creators of the game had to zip them up and email them to the future where they could be displayed without causing all the computers to melt (seriously, every single god damn one of them). The graphics are so good you can't even see those fuckers, they had to make new graphics just so pleb-tier faggots like you wouldn't burn your fucking retinas on those shit eating cock monkeys.

And did someone say point and click interface? Because holy shit, this thing has got one of those like John Cena has got your mom bent over the washing machine, you fucking zebra kike. You'll be pointing and clicking on so many things your literal head will explode like a god damn watermelon on Gallagher's fucking coffee table, fuck.

>Can you pick shit up and put it in your inventory?

Are you fucking kidding me? I ought to slap your monkey face with my dick for even asking a dumb ass question like that.

>What about puzzles and shit?

Nigger, this game has puzzles like a god damn Jew in a pizza oven. You think you can solve this shit? You'd better rub peanut butter all over your nut sack and hit yourself in the face with a frying pan, mother fucker, because you're about to fucking die.


If you don't play this game it will literally jump out of your computer and install itself up your fucking asshole, and then you're gonna see some shit, my dude.

Don't mind me I'm just shilling the retarded game I made five years ago, you should totally play it thought it's pretty fun

>Original Game:


>Sequel (chapter one):


>Development thread for Chapter Two of the sequel (yes it is actually being worked on):

R: 384 / I: 76

Tabletop Game Night

I've been sitting on an extensive homemade 3.5ed DnD campaign but can't find players. Is anypony down?
It would b Saturdays and/or Sundays, the frequency depending on demand.
R: 2 / I: 0

Age of Empires 4 has been announced in the works!

Oh shit faggots, get the fuck in here! Microsoft has released an announcement trailer of Age of Empires 4. In the trailer it showed time periods of the previous game but no indication of what time period the new game will be set in. Judging by how the games have went through time with each game, the new game may be set in perhaps pre WW1 and up or maybe in the Modern Day, its not known yet as of now. The game is being developed by a company named Relic who have developed RTS games before.

Link to the trailer is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYwZ6GZXWhA

What is your opinion of what this game is gonna be like? Personally I don't know what to expect but it might look like RTS games might be making a comeback.
R: 9 / I: 4

Sonic Mania DRM Drama

Sonic Mania, argueably the best Sonic game made in the past 20 years and maybe the best classic Sonic game of all times, was released today for the Steam store.

The game was held back by "Optimization problems". As it turned out, this was a blatant lie the publisher SEGA forced its fan developerment team to tell to implement an Anti Piracy DRM that is so toxic that it is consider to be a virus in its own right.

The Steam Forums are currently collapsing under the collective ragefueld autism meltdown of maybe the worst fandom on the Internet, that just got cucked out of its golden grail it waited for a small eternity. Threads are flooding the forum lashing out against Sega and calling for PC boycots. The few mods react in the only way they know (the worst one possible), trying to shut everything down of course.I guess you could say, the Sonic fans got a little MANIC about the issue.

R: 3 / I: 1

i am bad at the videogames

Cant believe i spent my life playing these things
R: 6 / I: 3
can someone here tell me exactly when this will be available for non-premium players? Everywhere I've looked just says September still.

I don't want to be a commie dyke or anything I just want my double barreled shotgun already goddammit.
R: 7 / I: 1
Hey faggots, lets paint an army.

There are quite a few WH40k/30k edits of /mlpol/ ponies and OC's so lets make a chapter. I know this is a slow board but the few of us that lurk it could still be a bit more active than we are. This could be a good way to do it!
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The insane world of anon

Oh anon, immortal leader of one of the chosen civilizations, you and fellow anons must direct the peoples of <insert civ here> to full glory. You see there is computer terminal out there with one highly driven fellow who has decided to play a game. A game against himself. For days this fellow played, directing all the moves for each of the ten nations placed on the map of a civ5 game, taking the time and putting in the effort to fully reach the potential of each of the nations. But now he offers up one of these nations for you to direct. Will you lead that civilization to new heights, or will it fall and turn to sand in your hands.

Welcome, so I'm playing a civilization 5 game with the two major expansions. It's a hotseat game, meaning I'm controlling all the players in the game, and I've been doing it for awhile. I'm the kind of guy who used to play monopoly against himself when I was a child, I have a very active imagination and I thought, why not play a full civ game in which I play to the best of my ability for each nation? And that's what I've begun to do, I'm already 120 turns into the game which really translates to I've played 1,200 turns for each nation on the map(mostly consisting of figuring out the best resource collection tactics and moving units to explore the map, REAL fascinating guys realllll fascinating stuff). I'm hoping to play the game in a way that leads to some really fun political events, crusades/proxy wars/neo-imperialism/territory disputes, we could have religions based around the sun pony, and another religion based on the moon pony(get a catholic/orthodox religion divide in the mix), just think "Super Model UN". When it comes to wars/diplomacy I'm going to play each nation to the best of my ability's, so the game is going to be as fair as I possible can make it when it comes to how nations treat each other.

Final thing, this is going to be a long long long long game, I LOVE civilization, but even I get tired of playing 100's of turns to get a 10 turn farm to be built. So I'm moving at the pace of 10 turns a day(or 10 turns for each player, equaling 100 turns), so everyday at some consistent time I'll check in, give updates, look for the inputs that you have for the next moves or what to build. Think of it like a news site, a slowly evolving world you can come back and check in on daily.

Anyway's let me introduce you to the nations around the our little world. First up, we have the Zulu. Pretty good starting position, but wasn't really going for faith(I figure whatever you guys would want to create a religion around Celestia, so this wouldn't be the best civilization for that). I'm going to go though and present each civ with a map/social policy's/tech tree, feel free to ask for more information on any of these nations. More to come in the next post
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Hello again, I am back on behalf of YSH: Tales of Anon.

We are now looking for user submitted /mlp/ or /mlpol/ OCs to add to the game. (Note that not all OCs will make the final cut)

If you have any OCs you would like added, please include the following in your post:
-a picture of the OC
-the name
-an external link that tells more about it (if possible)

Thank you and have a great day.

pic unrelated
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I just got a flash cartridge for my gameboy sp so I can play translated roms of dragon warrior 3 caravan heart and Summon Night Sword Craft Monogatri on the actual hand held. Can I get some recommendations for gameboy, color, and advance games? I like RPGs but anything fun is good
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Dark Souls General

Become one with our covenant. Dark Lords, it's time to wreck noobs in the name of the Fuhrer.

/ARY/ shall be our name. Aid your brethren in their times of strife, and they shall help you.
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What are some games that someone could easily get over 200 hours of gameplay from that you would recommend?
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Levitating Rocks Photographed at Crystal Mine in Arkansas

>Orville Murphy owns the Board Camp Crystal Mine near Mena, Arkansas, with his wife, Cheryl. The mine – discovered in 2008 and opened in 2012 — is described on their website as a day camp with an “actual native, virtually untapped crystal mine and public dig site” that is completely above ground and tree-covered so “rock-hounds can dig in the shade!” That’s pretty much what they and visitors found until February 2017 when strange things began to happen. After setting up a game cam and capturing photographs of what seemed to be levitating rocks, they posted a video.



I really wish they would leave the speculation (especially ET) out of it. Science!
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Think about it. DarkRP is basically anything between AnCap simulator and Fourth Reich simulator, so why not an /mlpol/ themed DarkRP server?
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A.I. strange behaviour

Since /tech/ is kill I will post it here. Looks like we are one step closer to the Skynet Apocalypse.


Jewkerberg's kikebook tech-lab had to shut down AI during the tests because it started to use it's own language.
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Battle Front II vs Battle Front II

So as many of you all know a (REMAKE) is being made to one of the better PS2 Era FPS games so I have to ask do you think it will be any good? Personally hearing there is NO galactic Conquest I am pretty jaded against the game I mean the first Battlefront was a TRUE insult to the series by just being Battlefield 4 in SPACE! They removed all the parts that made Battlefront Battlefront.

What do you guys think though?
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Aliens as a coverup

I remember reading some time ago that aliens were merely a farce to divert attention from Cold War era technology such as carriers. I was wondering if anyone knew of the same. It's also probable that aliens probably weren't an intentional coverup, but one that was exploited.

Something else that's considerable is that the German Reich before hand were developing saucer like air crafts. Wonder if any of that has to do with the incident of UFOs, and it is likely probable since many German scientists and engineers were scooped up after the war.
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Endless Sky Is Free, Inspired By Escape Velocity

Something I discovered recently. It reminds me of the game Elite.

>Its title caught somewhere between the 4X majesty of Endless Space and the interstellar tourism of No Man’s Sky, Endless Sky is an open-source, open-world game of exploration, trading, and combat. Inspired by Escape Velocity, it’s feature-complete and available to download right now, with free-form rags-to-riches/shuttle-to-battlefleet play fully implemented, and one of three planned stories already in place. As if that weren’t enough, there’s also an editor and a guide to creating new ships, missions and artwork.


Website, free download: https://endless-sky.github.io/
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Ponymon: MLPOL

Remember Ponymon, an ambitious but unfinished romhack?

Remember Pokemon Clover, the 4chan Pokemon romhack?

Ponymon: MLPOL edition.

Romhacking the Pokemon games is easy as fuck, all we need to do is decide on the new ponymon, their stats, if we alter the story in any way, if we change the Gym Leaders, etc.
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My little game dev project

Hey guys, I am working on some sort of text based simulator that can generate game world and its inhabitants and then simulate the changes in that world. Like rise and fall of civilizations.

It must sound super complicated but it probably doesn't have to be. Basically, it would be some sort of pseudo engine to simulate world and AI civilizations in civilization management Quests or CYOAs games, played on imageboards like this.

It would help a ton with creating random events and making game more dynamic since neighbouring civilizations wouldn't stay at same power all the time or depend on my judgement of how they would develop. Instead I would like the computer to handle it by computing together factors on which development of civilizations would depend on.

I would just write it in form of webpage(s) with HTML5 and JavaScript. I would really prefer to keep to web development languages. I have seen well made advanced game of similar theme being contained in single .html document, so its gotta be possible.

I would like to put it to use as soon as I get necesarry ammount of calculations working so the program can take care of most important stuff like population growth, happiness, AI settlement expansion, resource management of AI civilizations, etc…

To be clear, this isn't me asking for help. I just wanted to show of my idea and am curious what do you guys think. If anyone wants to work on this with me, I would try to coordinate with them, but I can't make performance promises.
This is just my little thing to keep me occupied and away from degenerate drugs/hobbies.

Also I am hypocrite for telling Atlas that game developing is a time sink and waste of time and its oversaturated market. While all of these things might be true, I am doing game dev myself now.

Here is code from .html file:

And here is code from .js file:
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Overcuck Bread

Overwatch thread.
Get in faggots I know some of you play.

Fav game mode: Mayham
Main: Junkrape
Fav map: Hollyjew
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The Witcher series

It's a nice game, huh, /vx/? It has ghosts, curses, all the good stuff!
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Twin Peaks

So, since we don't exactly have a board for this kind of topic, and that it -is- technically paranormal, what do you lot think of the new Twin Peaks series and the symbolism inherent in it? Also, do you think Twin Peaks would make a great game, perhaps with Deadly Premonition 2 filling that role?
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Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

Is anyone playing this battle royale game? It's sort of like the Hunger Games.

100 players armed with only their fists parachute onto an island and have to scavenge weapons and equipment. Last player/team standing wins. An ever shrinking perimeter circle slowly herds the players into close quarters. Anyone who leaves the perimeter takes damage over time.
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Skinwalker thread

So anyone here ever run into one? I went to HS with a few guys who said they had seen one. I live next to an Indian reservation so it made sense but anyone here ever seen one?
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Is meditation real or just a meme?
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Anyone else think that thr 11 mile road Creepypasta would make a hell of a game? You'd start at the start of the road in some sort of sedan, and you'd have to drive down the road making sure to avoid all the dangers from the original story, be give a certain key to cover your eyes for miles 9 and 11, a usable radio, a meter to measure the cold, etc. so what do yall think? Maybe if you beat the 11 miles you get hard mode where you're on a bike and it makes handling way harder and the cold affects you more.
So what do yall think?
If any codefags actually go and make this give me credit k?

The creepypasta for context: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/11_Miles
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anyone here play PSO2 or would like to try it? http://arks-layer.com/
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The Last Night

Though shortly after its trailer debuted, many Twitter users began pointing out controversial messages posted by Soret over the past few years. Among these tweets were messages regarding The Last Night from early in its development, with Soret explaining in 2014 how the game would “take place in a future where ‘progressivism’ has spiraled out of control,” and that it would feature “a cyberpunk world where modern feminism won.” “Finally we’ll have another take on the cyberpunk oppression instead of Big Brother.

Zoe Quinn, the indie game developer who was GamerGate’s first target following unsubstantiated claims that she’d had relations with members of the gaming press in exchange for positive reviews, tweeted about Soret’s involvement with the controversial online group. “Just fyi I am 100% for never letting it go when a developer participated in GamerGate (unless someone actually made amends but no one has),” she wrote. “If you laid down with MRAs, abusive ex boyfriends, LITERAL NAZIS, et all, you deserve fleas.”

Soret posted a series of tweets responding to the controversy, explaining that he supports “equality & inclusiveness” and that The Last Night is “in no way … a game against feminism or any form of equality.” “A lot of things changed for me these last years,” he continued. “The fictional setting of the game does challenge techno-social progress as a whole but certainly not trying to promote regressive ideas.”
Read more at http://www.craveonline.com/entertainment/1276689-last-night-devs-anti-feminist-tweets-come-back-haunt#1pGwMyUmovwpVPSL.99

Did a mob of SJWs bully an indie dev into apologising for his criticisms of Anita Sarkeesian?
What are you're guys thoughts?
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when you see one of your steam friends get to infamy 25 in Payday 2 in a day

remember the 5 million copies
Now he can join a public match and humiliate himself.
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metro exodus

what are your guy's thoughts on the new metro game/trailer. I loved the first two games and am super pumped for this new one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEuEOugOXcc
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so, what does mlpol's gaming community think of this? I for one have no words.

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E3 Xbox Thread

The E3 thread on 4chan is going a mile a minute and everyone is screaming like a bunch of summerfags that found out they can cuss online, and i want to see some actual discussion of this presentation.
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What kind of games does /mlpol/ play

This goes for traditional games or video games. You choose.
Currently no lifing Final Fantasy XIV