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Let's Play: Stellaris
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Hello /mlpol/. Is anyone out there in /vx/ to read this?

I'm starting up a new game of Stellaris using a custom civilization where I'm trying to capture a representation of /mlpol/. As the game progresses, I'm going to provide updates to the state of the game.

My apologies for the lack of ponies in the civ. I had contemplated modding in a custom race where the males used the human portraits and females used pony portraits, but it was a bit beyond what I could cobble together in an evening.

I chose the following as the race's positive traits:
*Traditional, representing a strong sense of pride in one's history and culture. In game this grants a bonus to the generation of the "Unity" resource.
*Natural Engineers, representing good old fashioned german engineering and nazi wunderwaffe. It applies a bonus to engineering research.
*The adaptive trait represents a history of preparedness born from preparing to survive the harsh winters of Europe. It provides +10% habitability to all world types.

The following negative traits were chosen:
*Sedentary, which slows down the rate of migration away from the homeland and increases the cost to forcibly resettling a citizen. This represents a strong attachment to one's homeland and a reluctance to abandon her.
*Slow breeders, because why no nazi pony gf? As the name implies, this slows down the population growth rate.

For the government type, I went with a monarchy as a nod to the monarchy in mlp. Since there is a lack of a queen within Equestria, I followed suit and defined "Princess" as the title for a female ruler. Princess is also the title for a female heir. Likewise, the title of Prince was chosen for the male counterparts.

The governing ethics were chosen as authoritarianism, xenophobia, and militarism.

For government civic traits, I first selected "post-Apocalyptic" to represent humanity surviving the HAPPENING. This trait transforms Earth into a tombworld and grants our species the "survivor" trait which in turn grants +70% habitability to tomb worlds and +10 years to lifespan.

Cutthroat politics is the second civic trait. It reduces the activation cost of edicts. In game, edicts are powerful empire wide buffs. These buffs are our meme magic and we have achieved a mastery of invoking it.

The kingdom's capital is Neuschwabenland, Nazi Germany's old claim within Antarctica and alledged site of a secret submarine base.

An arctic preference has been defined since humanity has left behind the temperate days of Earth's past and the cold embrace of winter has been home for generations.

The galaxy is being defined as a large spiral galaxy with 4 arms and stock settings. Normally I would increase the difficulty, but truth be told I'm a little apprehensive about getting the ball rolling with this civilization. Slow population growth rate, slow migration rate, and a tomb world start will have us on unstable footing for awhile.

With the exception of an unofficial strike craft buff mod that increases the speed of strike craft, the only mods that I'm using are cosmetic mods such as the MLPOL flag and an expanded selection of uniforms, portrait backgrounds, and music tracks.
First things first, there's some administrative tasks to take care of. By default, it seems that our authoritarian ethics placed humanity into a caste system where some pops were working as slaves. That just won't do. Full citizenship rights are granted for the citizens of MLPOL.

Our ruler, Princess Aryanne Hoofler, is supporting the nation with her two ruler traits. "Fertility preacher" which increases food production by 10%, and "Architectural sense" which reduces building costs by 10%. Her agenda, "Secure the borders" provides bonuses to oribtal defense platforms, which regrettably I don't find to be that beneficial of a buff. Her heir, Prince Vladimir Hoofler has been designated as the heir apparent but does not provide any benefit to our nation at this time.

From the galaxy view, we can see that our star nation is located within the southwest corner of our galaxy. It is nestled in the middle of three arms branching out from the core. We are also fairly close to a few hyperlands that bridge the gaps between the arms.

Planetside we can see that we have a bit of a problem. Our population currently doesn't have any surplus food production. If our population grows at all from its current state, then we will be operating in a deficit and will be forced to dip into our meager reserves. To remedy this problem, I have earmarked half of our starting minerals to replace the extra crew quarters of our starbase with a hyrdoponics lab. Of the remaining 100 starting resources, I spend the remaining 90 ordering our construction ship to build a mining station over one of the smaller planets within our home system.

Things look quite a bit better on the research front. Our physics department has been tasked with developing more efficient power plants to power our industry. Our society department is working on planetary unification, which will increase our monthly unity rate by +2 in addition to unlocking some additional edicts. In time, that unity will be used to unlock some potent buffs known as "traditions." Finally, our engineering department is working on developing powered exoskeletons. This will increase our mineral output by 5%. Powered exoskeletons are especially important since they are a stepping stone to the robotic workers that will be a great boon to our economy.

Finally, as the last order of business, our science ship is sent north to start searching for the best route of expansion. To support that effort, 80 of our starting influence was spent to trigger the "map the stars" edict. This edict increases the rate that our science ship can survey star systems and increases the rate that it identifies anomalies. Anomalies are local research opportunities that provide a variety of potential boons like research point rewards, the creation of permanent resource nodes within the system, and the salvaging of alien technologies or even derelict warships. The edict will remain in effect for 11 years.

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This looks cool
I concur this looks fun
I'm glad that you think that it looks neat. I didn't have time to do much more than start the game last night, but tonight I'm going to try and advance us through part of the early game.

Initial goals are to expand our exploration fleet to at least three research vessels, identify and colonize a new world, expand our fledgling navy to maintain order within our territory, and establish first contact with any neighbors.

Over the course of the game, I'll reach out to receive feedback about assorted policies. One major example will stem from that "unity" resource. Eventually we will unlock the ability to purchase powerful "ascension" buffs that symbolize our civilization's advancement. One late game possibility that we can pursue is the ability to construct fantastic feats of engineering like the creation of Ringworlds or Dyson spheres. However there are three special sets of ascension perks that can allow us to change and enhance our people forever on a fundamental level. The rewards are quite potent, but we may want to forego them due to ethical concerns.
Ok. I'm back, but before I start the clock again, let's first take a moment to introduce the other more minor leaders within our civilization and overview the assorted resources at our disposal.

We currently have five minor leaders within our kingdom that rank below our ruler and heir. At present we have one governor and four scientists. The mean lifespan of a leader is 88 years of age, however we can expect our leaders to live until approximately 98 thanks to the extra 10 years of life expectancy granted by our survivor trait.

Governors provide bonuses to almost every aspect of living of the colonies within their domain. Our governor, Ricardo Ortega additionally has a trait that improves the construction rate and reduces the construction cost of new buildings. As the governor of our homeworld, his buffs affect all of our core planets.

Our scientists lead our exploration and research projects. Each scientist has a trait that influences their performance. For example Eva Gomez, the commander of the HMS Diligent, has the "careful" trait which reduces the chance of failure when studying an anomaly by 10%. The rest of our science staff are boosting the speed that our research divisions develop new technologies. Christel Bauer has the "Expertise: Industry" trait, which magnifies her bonuses when researching technologies that fall within the industrial sub-category of engineering research. Furthermore once our current research project is complete, her expertise will bias the proposed selection of further research projects to be technologies that fall within her area of expertise. Likewise, Fanny Renard also has an expertise as her trait. Her expertise is the field of bio-engineering. Lorena Gomez, the head of our physics department, does not have an expertise. Instead her trait boosts her experience rate by 25%.

We do not currently have any admirals or generals within our command staff. I will hire some once we have something to fight.

The top bar depicts our current resource supply. From left to right, the resources are the following.

The yellow lightning bolt is our energy supply. Energy production fulfills the role of currency within this game. It is used predominately for paying upkeep costs on assorted assets, but it is also used as currency when trading with other factions.

The red gemstone represents our mineral supply. It is an abstraction for all types of metals and other materials that we would mine out of the ground. It is used predominately as the upfront cost of building just about everything from structures to starships.

The green apple represents our food supply. If it drops to zero, then starvation spreads throughout our territory with disastrous results. Riots will break out in the streets, production will drop, and potentially we even risk civil war and a splinter state seceding from our kingdom. On the other end of the spectrum, if our food supply fully fills our storage capacity, then our people will receive a population growth rate bonus. Our current food stockpile policy is minimal storage, which is 200 food. Eventually I will opt to increase that to 1000 or 5000 unit reserves, but first I want to hit 200 food and benefit from that population growth rate boost.

The purple icon represents our influence. It is used for triggering edicts, claiming new territory, and contesting enemy claims to territory. At present it is growing at our base flat rate, but we can increase it by interacting with internal and external political rivals.

Cyan clover-looking icon represents our unity. It is generated by assorted buildings within our empire like local capitals or monuments. Overtime we unlock assorted buffs with it. If you've played the Civilization games, it is very analogous to the "culture" resource.

The atom, sphere, and gear represent our physics, society, and engineering research output.

The green globe represents the number of core colonies that we can posses. It is a soft cap, but we suffer dramatically increasing penalties for breaching it. To continue our expansion after hitting the cap, we need to either find ways to increase the cap or redistrict our colonies into sectors.

The Spaceship represents the upper limit of the size of our navy. It is also a soft cap with rapidly increasing penalties for breaching it.

The "cloud-city" icon represents the number of starports that we can support within our nation.

The white diamond represents our supply of special strategic resources. These resources are rare and provide assorted buffs. At present we do not have any.

Finally the date is depicted at the far right. The game started at the year 2200.

The second picture depicts my planned exploration path for the HMS Diligent. Our local neighborhood is blessed with a few special stellar bodies. To our direct east, a neutron star. To the west are two black holes. North of the black holes is a pulsar. These stellar bodies are ideal sites for orbital research stations. However, they generally do not host habitable worlds. With that in mind, I am avoiding those systems for the time being. Eventually a second science ship will be deployed to explore to our south.
*ALARM SOUNDS* Umm, wow. That was fast. RED ALERT.

After completing her maiden hyperspace jump, the HMS Diligent's cursory scan of the star system detected an unknown alien contact orbiting the star. A very rough estimation of the contact's combat strength is approximately "1000." At present the combined might of our navy is a little over 100 combat strength...

Fortunately the Diligent was able to make a return jump back to the homeworld safely. Additionally the contact appears content to remain orbiting the star. A research project has been proposed to remotely study the contact, but at present I don't want to divert our society research away from the planetary unification tech.

Also of note, the cursory scan revealed a planet capable of supporting life. Due to the hostile contact, a comprehensive scan of the planet was not able to be performed. But we do know that it is a size 25 world. Its size makes it a jewel in its own right since 25 is the largest possible size world that we may encounter within the game. However it has an arid climate, which is a mismatch for our people. Eventually we will be able to put that soil to good use, but not until we can overcome both the alien menance and the environmental hurdle.

secondary exploration.jpg
Third time's the charm. The Diligent has identified a colonization candidate at the site of her third star-system.

While the world has an arctic climate, an ideal match for us, the rest of the planet leaves much to be desired. It is relatively small as a size 16 world. Worse still, a full 50% of its tiles are obstructed by tile blockers that we currently do not have the technology to remove. It would allow us the option to nearly double our food output, but hopefully we can find a more appealing world for our first colony.

In other news, we've just completed construction of our second science vessel, the HMS Vagabond. We've hired Luciano Costa as a new scientist and have placed him in command of the Vagabond. The Vagabond has been dispatched to survey the planets en-route to the bridge to the outer arm of the galaxy. As a choke point between the two arms, this system is of strategic interest.
habitable worlds survey.jpg
mass extinction.jpg
dead worlds.jpg
By decree of the Princess, we are to undertake two new research initiatives. One to study life, and the other to study death.

The first is the Habitable Worlds Survey. The HMS Diligent's survey of a colonizable world was the first time that we've been able to examine primitive alien life up close. To better understand our galaxy, we have been tasked with surveying 8 new worlds that are capable of supporting life.

The second project concerns the well being of Earth. Our planet is still reeling from the aftermath of the HAPPENING. While we have perservered through the ordeal, other species on the planet are still struggling to survive. Scientists fear that the loss of some species may lead to to cascading damage within the biosphere that may culminate in mass extinction. We have been tasked with studying dead worlds that once supported life. By learning the history of these dead worlds, we may be able to prevent Earth from sharing the same fate.

Five worlds in four star systems have been identified by long range scanners as candidates for the study of mass extinction events. Three of those systems are very close to us and will assuredly be within our expanding sphere of influence. In the coming years, orbital research stations will be constructed over the worlds so that extensive study can be conducted. However the fourth system, which contains two dead worlds, is far to our south and within the outer arm. It will be some time before we can secure that territory.
The Diligent has uncovered alien artifacts that are extraordinarily old. These artifacts came from a machine race that called themselves "The Cybrex." From what little we can glean from the artifacts, the Cybrex once launched a crusade against sapient organic life within the galaxy. We don't know much else, and all science teams are under orders to learn whatever we can about this precursor race.

Meanwhile the Vagabond has made contact with what appears to be an alien exploration vessel of similar capabilities to itself. I do not like seeing this ship so close to Sol. It suggests that another empire is extremely close to us. Our society research division has postponed its Planetary Unification project and has made studying what we know of this alien vessel its top priority. At this moment we are analyzing its communications in an attempt to learn their language and identify the location of its home base.

Conflict with an alien empire that is this close to our borders is inevitable. Rather than pretending to play nice, we're going to do everything in our power to disrupt their exploration efforts. To that end, Strike Force Pegasus has been deployed from the homeworld with orders to repulse the alien vessel.
Strike Force Pegasus was successful in its task of engaging the alien research vessel, however the alien ship managed to make an emergency leap into hyperspace before it was destroyed. There exists a chance that such a hasty jump could have destroyed the ship in-transit, but odds are good that it survived.

With the xeno repulsed, the Vagabond was able to complete its survey of the system. It contains a size 15 arctic world with only 5 tile blockers. It is also home to a strategic resource known as Betharian Stone. These stones have impressive energy density that we will eventually be able to tap into with some future research.

A few months later, our analysts were able to decipher the alien language. With this linguistic advantage, we hailed the aliens. They call themselves the Jubaran Alliance. They are a Science Directorate with a tendency towards fanatic militarism. Their homeworld is a tundra world. While not a perfect match, it is close enough for our people to thrive on if we were to liberate the world from their control.

At present they have more territorial claims than us since they have built an outpost over a nearby star. However, in that regard, we are not far behind them. In preparation for establishing a colony in the Usksion system, our construction ship is nearing completion of a border outpost of our own.

Now that the location of the alien civilization is known, it is time to begin taking actions to stifle their expansion. The Vagabond is being recalled from its initial mission to survey the bridge to the outer rim. Its new task is to study the worlds nearest to the alien empire. Once surveyed, our construction ships will construct a chain of outposts to claim the territory along their likely routes of expansion. Our initial goals are circled in red. If we can claim those systems, then we will restrict their routes of potential expansion in all directions except the south. Celestia willing, we may be able to tighten our stranglehold further along their eastern flank.

As an aside, successfully researching the alien language and establishing first contact ourselves was a feat that rewarded us with 40 influence. This boon will be invaluable when choking them off since each system that we claim costs us 60*X influence where X is how many jumps the system is from out existing borders.

As for the state of our remaining resource reserves, the completed hydroponics lab has resolved the impending food shortage for now. Over time it has filled up our small food reserves to our current maximum. As I stated earlier, I want to leave our max food reserves where they are so that our people can benefit from a bolstered population growth rate.

Our energy income is a bit spartan. At present we are operating on +8 surplus. I want to hire a another scientist to command a third research ship, but that costs 200 energy. Another concern is that each border outpost has a monthly upkeep cost of 1 energy. That means that the proposed chain of border outposts would cost us -5 energy a month. Finally, a colony ship and a fledgling colony will place a drain of -8 energy per month for many months until it finishes becoming self sufficient. If luck is on our side, then the systems along the outpost chain will be rich in energy nodes that our construction ship can harvest as it expands our reach.
This game looks like fun.



REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my pc is broken.
Looking forward to the continued saga.

Sorry to hear.
What's your music mod?
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"Ace Combat Music." As the name implies, it adds some music from the Ace Combat games to the background music rotation.

The other mods that I have active are:
*Astronomical Emblem pack
*Diverse Rooms
*European Phenotypes
*Human Imperial Uniforms
*The "Strike craft fix" authored by "Dampfnudel"
*A modified copy of the "Anime robot species" mod to replace one of the robot portrait sets with waifubots.
*A custom flag mod that I made that adds the MLPOL flag to the game.

Now, before I begin the game again, I'd like to share some of the current policy settings of our government to see if anyone has any objections to how we handle our society. This is not an exhaustive list, but it includes what I think are some of the more important policies.

Government policies
*Our policy on "War Philosophy" is currently set to "unrestricted warfare." This policy allows us to contest territory and wage wars of conquest. Alternative settings are to restrict ourselves to "Wars of Liberation" or "Defensive Wars only."

*Our stance on Orbital Bombardment is a policy of "indiscriminate bombardment." Under this policy we do not deliberately target civilian infrastructure, but we will not pull our punches for fear of collateral damage. The other alternative stance available to us is "selective bombardment" where we will only bombard verified military targets and will do everything in our power to mitigate civilian casualties.

*Land appropriation: Currently, when we conquer a world, if there is not enough room for 5 tiles worth of our citizens, then we will evict up to 5 tiles worth of aliens. The alternative option is to not do this.

*Core world population: Currently we allow humans and enslaved xenos within the core systems. Alternative options are humans only, or all species.

*Refugees: We currently will accept human refugees. Technically we're accepting refugees of any species that has been granted citizenship rights within our society. In order for human refugees to even exist, a subset of humanity will somehow need to break away from us. This could be possible by the occupation of one of our worlds and the subsequent eviction of that world's citizens, the abduction of citizens from our worlds, or a rogue sect seceding from our territory. The alternative stance that we can take is "FUCK OFF, WE'RE FULL!"

*Slavery: We currently allow the enslavement of aliens. The alternative is banning slavery.

*Purging: We currently allow the purging of species from our empire. The alternative is banning purging.

Alien rights (can be individual defined on a per-species basis)
Citizenship status: Any aliens within our territory will be slaves. Alternative options are to grant them full citizenship, limited citizenship, or purge them as undesirables.

*Population controls: Alien species within our empire will be placed under population controls so that their population remains at a static level. This reduces their happiness. The alternative is to remove population controls.

*Military service: Aliens may currently be conscripted as footsoldiers. They may not serve in an officer position. Alternatives are to forbid the use of alien soldiers of any kind.

*Slavery type: Chattel slavery. Stereotypical "work in the fields and mines" slaves. Alternative options are domestic servitude, battle thralls, and livestock.

*Purging methods: We are not currently purging anyone, but the following options are available if we choose to do so. Extermination (GAS!), Neutering, Displacement, Forced Labor (Worked to death), and Processing (Soylent Green)

Ethical Research questions
As we progress in the game, the following options will become available.

*Bio-engineering: Overtime, we will gain access to assorted bio-engineering upgrades. The most mundane are simple improvements to life quality like the extension of the average lifespan or bolstering our immune systems to better deal with more challenging environments. However the potential exists for radical changes to our species at a genetic level. Changes so drastic that we could transform anything from a subset or the entirety of our civilization to what essentially amounts to another species. Forced evolution. Do we dare evolve ourselves or do we remain as we are? Do we restrict our forced evolution to alien subjects, or should we avoid the technology that would allow us to create such monsters?

*Synthetic evolution: As our skills with robotics grows, we can gain the ability to augment our people with cybernetic implants that will increase strength, habitability range, and life expectancy of our people. This change will be global and will affect the entirety of our population from that day forward. If we choose to continue down this path, it may be possible to abandon our bodies entirely by uploading our minds to robotic constructs. Should we pursue digital immortality or retain our mortal humanity? Will cybernetic augmentation enhance humanity or corrupt it?

AI: We are currently working towards developing rudimentary AI. Basic drones that are capable of carrying out simple instructions but aren't capable of higher though. Eventually we may have an opportunity to develop sapient AI. Should we pursue such a goal? If we achieve it, will we continue to treat our robots as our servants or should they be granted citizenship?

new design.jpg
second xeno.jpg
The good news is that we've collected enough unity to purchase our first "Tradition" buff. For that buff, I opted to take the opening tradition of the "Discovery" tree. This tradition increases our odds of finding anomalies by 15% and decreases the chance of failure when studying anomalies by 10%. The hope is that finding more anomalies now will provide us with a mix of some immediate boons in addition to permanently enriching star systems by identifying hidden resource pockets.

Now for the bad news. The HMS Vagabond arrived in the first target system of our planned containment chain. The aliens were already constructing a border outpost over the star. Worse still, the system contains a size 16 tundra world that the aliens were likely planning to colonize.

With our people's lower population growth rate and our less resource rich homeworld, I don't think that we can risk allowing them to take this world and gain strength. So desperate times call for desperate measures. We've used some of our influence to make a claim on the alien controlled "Jabbah" system and have used that claim as our casus belli for a war of conquest.

Strike Force Pegasus was in range to repulse the construction ship. They arrived without a minute to spare. The xeno ship was approximately 80% done with its task when they chased it off.

Meanwhile, back at the homeworld, we've modified the design of our corvettes to be better at fighting off other corvettes. We're doing this by replacing two of the weapon turrets with a missile battery. We do not have time to refit our existing ships with this design, but a few new ships will be constructed and reinforce our fleet. We've also exhausted our energy reserves to hire an admiral for the fleet. Admiral Angeline Renard has the "Adaptable" trait, which boosts her experience rate by 25%. She was also the youngest candidate at 34. The alternatives were approximately 50, so by hiring her we will get approximately two more decades worth of service out of our admiral.

We do not have the firepower to contest the Jabbah system. Their navy is approximately equal to our own, and the border outpost in the system has a missile defense turret that would provide enough firepower to tip the scales in their favor. My goal is simply to maintain control of the Raltry system with the hope that my reinforcements and admiral are enough to tip the scales if they come to me. The fleet is to stall until we can build an outpost of our own over the star, at which point they likely won't have enough firepower to defeat both our fleet and the outposts defense battery. Once the outpost is in place, we will continue with the original plan of extending our territory towards the second target system. Eventually we will forfeit the claim on the Jabbah system and try to negotiate a cessation of hostilities. The hope is that by denying that colony to the enemy, we can build up a resource advantage and eventually conquer them fully.

The final bit of bad news is that, shortly after the declaration of war, the HMS Diligent detected an alien vessel of an unknown design and origin. This vessel was accompanied within the system by alien space stations. Our linguistics team is currently attempting to decipher their language. The tentative plan going forward is to continue our conflict against the Jabarians and to stall for time by fostering less aggressive relations with the second xeno.
Well so much for getting on peaceful terms with the new aliens. Once again, we were awarded the influence prize for being the ones to establish first contact with them. This new alien nation calls themselves the "Democratic Hahn-Mur Nation." They are fanatic egalitarian xenophiles. As a xenophobic monarchy, friendship was never on the table between us. Of note, their homeworld is a Savannah planet.

They currently have claim over three star systems, and they escorted the HMS Diligent to the borders of their territory after they closed their borders to us. However, before eviction, Science officer Eva Gomez was able to complete the study of the dead world known tat was code named the "Icy planet." Her quick thinking made the report that is before us possible.

News from the war front is that our construction ship is 80% of the way through completing the border outpost that this war was declared over. The HMS Vagabond has scouted the Neutron star to our north so that the hyperlanes are properly charted for use by our warships if necessary*, however a full survey of the system is not being conducted at this time. With the hyperlanes mapped, the Vagabond is continuing with the task of surveying the systems towards the second target of our containment chain.

*I forgot to mention that only research vessels are allowed to blindly jump down hyperlanes to unexplored systems. The rest of our ships may only jump to systems that we have explored or that are controlled by another nation.

We've completed researching level 2 power plants and exoskeletons. Our next research projects are improved compact fusion reactors for our starships and geothermal fracking techniques for our planet based mines.

We've also collected enough unity to collect our second tradition buff. This time I'm taking the opener for the Expansion tree. It reduces the colony development time by 50%. I'm intending to heavily invest in the expansion tree for our next few traditions.

The HMS Vagabond is continuing to explore along the proposed containment chain, and has pushed one world further than the initial target. That one jump beyond contains a size 22 alpine world with the "Wild Storms" modifier. That modifier unfortunately takes the world just outside of our "Goldilocks" zone, but it provides a huge +20% bonus to the planet's physics output. The world is also very rich in mineral deposits and would be a superb colony for our enemy. If we could block it off, that would be ideal. However I don't know if we'll be able to. It would take us approximately 30 months to accumulate enough influence to claim that system.

There are a lot of concerns weighing on my mind and I'm hoping that this gambit pays off. As far as we can tell, the aliens are focusing on building up their navy. Our current estimation of their naval strength is that it is now larger than ours (AI players get a substantial discount on ship upkeep, so it's much easier for them to build up a large standing navy without crippling their economy). However our fleet is supported by the border outpost. Hopefully they are not able to build up enough to overwhelm us and force a surrender. If things go to plan, their military buildup will have only stalled out their expansion even further and the war will end with them holding a pile of ships that they can't utilize until the end of the armistice and us with largely increased territory.

Minerals are very tight right now and there are a lot of things that I want to buy. Namely I really want to get that colony going. The sooner that we can get that snowball rolling, the better. However the colony ship will cost 300 minerals. I want to upgrade the outpost in the center of this war into a fully fledged starport. That will dramatically increase the station's firepower in addition to allowing me to construct additional facilities on the station such as a shipyard that can be used to build reinforcements and refit Strike Force Pegasus with our most current designs. That starbase would also be the perfect location to use as a staging ground for the eventual invasion of the enemy homeworld. However that ALSO costs 300 minerals.

To save on some minerals, I think that I will forego building a complete chain of border outposts to the target world and simply build an outpost directly over the original containment target or the newly identified size 22 world. The advantage is that we will save hundreds of minerals and a few units of monthly energy upkeep, but the disadvantage is that it will be very influence inefficient.

Oh yes, one more thing. The HMS Diligent scouted one of the black holes near us and found these floating energy clouds with a combined fleet power of nearly 8000. We're not going back there for awhile.
So far the war has stayed cold since the opening shots when we scared off the Jubaran construction ship. After a few months of saving, we have enough minerals to begin construction of our first colony ship. I've decided to colonize the arctic world to our immediate south due to its ideal climate.

Let's take a moment to discuss planetary climates and habitability ranges.

Most planets fall within three climate categories. Dry worlds, wet worlds, and frozen worlds. Within each category there are three types of worlds. The types of dry worlds are arid, desert, and savanna. The wet worlds are continental, ocean, and tropical. The frozen worlds are arctic, alpine, and tundra.

The more similar a world is to the species' homeworld, the easier time they will have living on the world. The habitability rating of a world dictates how uncomfortable a member of that species would be living on that planet. If the habitability rating is in the green zone if it is 70% or above. Colonists on green zone planets will live very comfortably. The yellow zone is 40% and above. Colonists on these types of worlds will receive a penalty to population growth rate and happiness that becomes more severe the closer that the rating drops towards 40%. The red zone is 20% and above. Red zone worlds are extremely hostile to our people, and any colonists will suffer extreme penalties to happiness and growth rate. Worlds with a habitability below 20% are too hostile to colonize.

For a species with no habitability modifiers, the homeworld of a species is considered to have 100% habitability. Other worlds that are the exact same type of world are considered to have 80% habitability. EX: an alien arctic world will have 80% habitability for a race whose homeworld is an arctic planet. Other worlds within the same climate type as the homeworld are considered to have 60% habitability. For example, tundra and alpine worlds will have 60% habitability for a species with an arctic homeworld. Planets from mismatched climate types are considered to have 20% habitability.

There are also special cases on both ends of the spectrum. Artifical living spaces such as Ringworlds/Habitats or the extremely rare class of planet known as a "gaia" worlds have 100% habitability for all races simultaneously. Tomb worlds have a habitability of 0%.

Our people have two advantages when it comes to colonization. First, we have the "adaptable" trait that grants a +10% boost to our habitability. This is very useful since it boosts all worlds within our homeworld's climate type up to the 70%+ green zone. Secondly, we have the "survivor" trait which grants +70% habitability to tomb worlds. Survivor stacks with adaptability, so any tomb worlds that we find will have a habitability rating of 80%. This means that there over a third of all habitable systems will look like attractive colonization prospects.

After choosing the origin and species of the citizen used to seed the colony, we need to pick a landing site for the colony ship. There are two considerations to keep in mind when placing a colony ship. First, the colony ship is capable of harvesting any local energy resources within its tile, but other resources will be wasted. Secondly, the colony ship will provide an adjacency bonus to any farm, power plant, or mine that is built next to it. I'm opting to place the colony ship in the tile that is located in column 1, row 3. In this position it will be able to immediately harvest the local energy resource. The tile to its right is free for the construction of a mine, farm, or power plant. To the south is an energy tile with the batharian stone resource, however it is locked behind a tile blocker. Tile blockers are environmental obstacles that can be eventually removed through advancements in world-shaping technologies. Someday we'll clear out that volcano, but not today.

At this very moment we're just starting construction of the colony ship. We're still many months away from the colony becoming self sufficient.
This is interesting. During a cursory survey of a star system, the HMS Diligent discovered an abandoned alien vault. Upon further analysis by Science Officer Eva Gomez, it appears that the vault contains the digitized neural images of a dead alien civilization. She has theorized that some catastrophe befell their world and that this digital backup was their final gambit at surviving past the death of their home.

We have collected the databanks and will archive them in a secure research facility on Earth. They may prove useful to us someday.
We've been in a state of war for approximately seven years now. Our containment efforts are going better than expected. We are currently saving up enough influence to build another outpost in the Owhziea system. If successful, we will succeed in completely encapsulating the Jubaran Alliance. But there is a reason that they haven't been expanding. Our intelligence division estimates that the Jubarans have been throwing the entire weight of their economy into military buildup The strength of the Jubaran navy is currently estimated as "overwhelming" compared to our squadron. While alarming, the border in the Raltry system will soon be further fortified by upgrading its outpost into a full starport. To assess how we are truly performing in this war, let's contemplate the three possible outcomes of the conflict.

The first is total accomplishment of our stated wargoal, which is the conquest of the Jabbah system. We've never had the firepower to do that, and we won't have that firepower for the immediate future. Our casus belli was always just an excuse to block the construction of the alien border outpost in the Raltry system. In that regard, we achieved our true goal in the opening hours of the war.

My desired resolution to the war is to negotiate a peace and cessation of hostilities. While officially a draw, we will be the real winner since we will have dramatically increased our territory over the course of the campaign while the Jubarans will be trapped in their own very homeworld with no room to grow.

The final option would be to surrender and capitulate to their wargoal. Unlike our goal of conquest, their only goal is to humiliate us. Such an outcome would reward them with 100 influence while we would be penalized with having our influence income halved and a -10% happiness penalty will be applied to our entire empire for 10 years. This insult cannot be allowed to come to pass, but even then we will emerge from the war with all of our territory intact while the Jubarans will still be trapped.

All possible outcomes of the war are advantageous to us in the long term. If our final outpost can be erected, I will consider the Jubarans to be living on borrowed time.

In assorted other news:
Our society research teams have completed their planetary unifcation project. Their new project is developing more efficient farming techniques to better support our population in our planned expansion to multiple new worlds.

*Within the same star system as the alien vault, the HMS Diligent discovered an ancient yet well preserved mural. It tells a tale of the extermination of the people that once lived within this system. Apparently their exterminators came to regret their actions and erected this monument to the memory of the slain.

*Our first colony is halfway to becoming self sufficient. Its task will be complete in august of 2211.
Unfortunately we were not able to completely encapsulate the Jubaran Alliance. They established control of the last hyperlane out of their empire a few months before we were able to accumulate enough influence to fully entrap them.

We have succeeded in blocking off several highly valuable worlds from them. The lane that they secured does have a colonization candidate, but it would be an absolutely terrible colony for them. It is an arctic world compared to their Tundra preference, it is a tiny size 12 world with only 4 tiles free of tile blockers, and the entire world is afflicted with "poor quality minerals" that reduce mineral output by 25%.

A new development on Earth was the creation of a new political party. The "Whetstone Initiative" is a pro-imperialism party that is led by our Science Officer Eva Gomez. They have a variety of issues that they want us to fulfill. If we can fulfill their goals, then our influence rate will increase and the citizens that have aligned themselves with the party will receive a happiness bonus. Their goals mostly center on conquering and subjugating foreign nations.

Our exploration ships have made a few discoveries recently. We've discovered another Cybrex artifact and have studied more of the dead worlds. The research logs are posted here.

*In other news, we've completed our improved mining project and have begun research of basic robotic workers.
*We've constructed an Autocthon Monument on Earth to celebrate the achievements of our first explorers. It increases our unity gain by 2.
Traitors have taken up space piracy and have begun disrupting civilian shipping lanes. Task Force Pegasus is being deployed from the front line of the war to extinguish the pirate base.

Also, our "Map the Stars" edict has expired.
pirates destroyed.jpg
third contact.jpg
fourth contact.jpg
We've destroyed the pirate base. We recovered the raw materials that were stored in their base's strongroom and have used them to fund the construction of a second colony ship. Strike Force Pegasus is taking advantage of its presence in the Sol system to refit the rest of the fleet with our latest design.

Elsewhere the HMS Vagabond encountered a drifting starship. The crew was alive but afflicted by a brain parasite. Once saved, the crew sent word of our assistance to their government. Contact has now been established with the Megacorporation "Chinoor Stellar Union" and they are grateful to use for our assistance. They also alerted us to the identity of one of their neighbors, the Martial Dictatorship of the "Adeex Hierarchy"

I love the updates you post as you expand across the galaxy. Hopefully you become friends with the Chinoor, they look to be Hoppean ancaps or at least neo-reactionaries.
60511 60707
I'm glad that you're enjoying the story. I actually am planning to pursue improved relations with the Chinorr. It is beneficial to have some friends in the galaxy. Saving their starship has granted us a temporary bonus to diplomatic relations with them. I'm going to further improve our optics by opening our borders to them. To be clear, "opening our borders" means that we will grant safe passage of their ships through our territory. Something crazy like allowing immigration into our homes is most decidedly not on the table. Also, given the vast gulf of space between us, it should be a rare occasion for them to even take us up on our hospitality.

I'll next try to organize a mutual research agreement with them. That will assist us in developing technologies that the Chinorr know, and they will receive bonuses developing technology that we know.

I am also interested in hearing opinions from the audience for how we should approach some upcoming ethical decisions.

The most pressing is how we should deal with the alien population of conquered worlds. Our current policy is to enslave them. This will provide a near immediate boon to our economy as they are put to work in the mines and work camps.

Alternatively we can purge them from our territory. Genocide is the quickest way to expel them from our territory, but it will inflict extremely severe diplomatic opinion modifiers when we interact with almost everyone else. It will basically torpedo opportunities for friendships and has a decent chance of coercing nations to rally together against us. Genocide via sterilization will also piss people off, but it is viewed as more humane.

An alternative is to exile them from our territory. I don't think that foreign empires care so much about us exiling pops, but we will be granting free warm bodies to whichever nation accepts them as refugees.

I'm game for any approach, but I think that jumping straight to gassing them would lead to the most challenging future for us.

Also, we need to decide how we want to approach the issues of extensive gene modding, cybernetic advancement, or developing true AI.

There is additionally the matter of those alien brain scans that we recovered. As our skill in robotics increases, we may get an opportunity to attempt to try our hand at uploading the xeno minds into robotic shells. Should we pursue that opportunity if it presents itself?
184918 - artist HemmaMann ouch robot Sweetie_Belle Sweetie_Bot.png
/mlpol/ is for humans and ponies only, you should evict pops.

Go for gene modding only if it will give you actual ponies. Otherwise, avoid it and cybernetic enhancement. Develop true AI and let the dead sexnos earn their keep as honorary Aryans.
Uh, I actually meant xenos and misspelled it. I guess we know what their purpose is now, I guess.
We have completed our "Dead Planets" research project. From what we've discovered, life is far more resilient than we had given it credit for. The events that led to the demise of these five worlds were more cataclysmic on a scale that makes the HAPPENING appear benign. We can breath a sigh of relief. It appears as though Earth is most likely not in danger of imminent death, and in fact will most likely heal over time.

For years it has been like a dark cloud was hanging over our people. It was as if every citizen had received notice that a loved one was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Our space program and colonization initiative were driven on in part by a sense that it was our last chance to avoid extinction with a dying world. The news that Earth will live was met with celebration by our people. We still have much work ahead of us to mend the scars of the HAPPENING, but it feels like the dawn of a new day.

*A reward of ~300 unity was granted for completing the dead worlds research project.
*In other news, a third research vessel has been added to our exploration fleet. Science Officer Julieta Garcia was hired to command the HMS Pilgrim.
territory at the time of truce.jpg
The war with the Jubaran Alliance has come to an end. A truce has been signed where we have both agreed to cease hostilities for 10 years.

After 13 years of fighting, the territory of the Jubaran Alliance is nearly unchanged whereas we have grown, succeeded at establishing one colony, and are in the process of establishing a second colony.

To our North, the Democratic Han-Mur Nation has made significant land grabs. Within that territory they only have one colony that is still in the process of being established. One priority of ours is to extend our territory to the bridge to the outer rim so that we can guarantee ourselves a route of passage into that region of space. Aside from that strategic location, I think that it is time to slow the expansion of our territory and invest into tapping the resources within our domain.

We've also completed our habitable worlds research project. A museum of exobiology has been established on Earth,and donations have come pouring in from patrons who want to encourage further research. Those donations have been earmarked for hiring a new science officer once our shipyards can complete construction of a fourth research vessel.
We've finished developing basic robotic drones. We can now build these robots on our worlds in parallel with the growth of our population.

The robotic workers are 10% more efficient than a human at the task of mining minerals, and are a man's equal at the task of harvesting food. They are capable of operating in any environmental condition and they are unaffected by happiness. However their downside is that they are inferior to men at any other task and they are not able to reap the efficiency bonuses of a very happy citizen.
gate site.jpg
The HMS Vagabond has made an interesting discovery within the outer rim. A massive abandoned station is floating in the void. Its technology is far beyond our present comprehension, but our current hypothesis is that this structure once acted as some sort of subspace gateway. Presumably, at one point, this gate would have allowed instantaneous travel to another similar gate elsewhere in the galaxy.

Today the gate is inoperable. Perhaps someday we may be able to repair the gate and put this ancient network to use for our own benefit.
60781 60782
A few perplexing events have taken place. The HMS Pilgrim found an object orbiting unusually close to a star. Upon closer inspection the object was a teapot. Upon even closer inspection the teapot was actually the three dimensional shadow of a four dimensional object. When examined from that perspective, it was found that the "teapot" contained a message. That message was a set of instructions on how to streamline our research efforts across the board. But who was phone?

Two local hazards required Strikeforce Pegasus to scramble to intercept. First, a new pirate base was discovered at the edge of our territory. The pirates had managed to accumulate a larger fleet than before, and this time Strikeforce Pegasus suffered a casualty during the policing effort. Meanwhile, on the other side of our territory, a large asteroid was detected on a collision course with the colony that we established on Unuk III. Unexpectedly, before Strikeforce Pegasus could arrive to intercept the asteroid, the Jabaran fleet made an incursion into our territory and destroyed the asteroid themselves. I don't know what possessed them to take such an action, but we now have a much more accurate idea of the size and composition of their battlegroup. Our shipwrights are now adjusting the specifications of our corvettes to better defend against their weapons, and our physics division is developing a higher power laser weapon to deploy.

The Democratic Hahn-Mur Nation has signed a NAP with the Jubaran Alliance, and they've grown their territory to our doorstep.

Now that more infrastructue is being established to increase our mineral income, we can finally start diverting more assets towards increasing the size of our navy.

Our exploration force has been bolstered by a fourth research vessel. The HMS Paragon and her commanding officer Maria Perez.
60782 60783
A new faction has risen up within our nation. The Terran Ascendancy Party, led by Princess Aryanne Hoofler herself, pursues an agenda of asserting the supremacy of humanity.

We've received contact with a nation that calls themselves the Union of Fara. They learned of us through interaction with the Democratic Hahn-Mur Nation. Their territory lies to the north of the Hahn-Mur.

Our exploration teams have discovered more about the Cybrex precursor race. Luciano Costa and the crew of the HMS Vagabond have reached the necessary level of expertise to fully investigate these leads. While investigating the wrecks of two Cybrex warforms that were in orbit over Segathia II, it became apparent that the warforms were not destroyed by an outside party and that instead they were fighting each other for some unknown reason. On our other frontier, the HMS Paragon and HMS Diligent have identified two more sites of interest. One appears to be the shattered remains of a Cybrex base, and the other is some sort of massive ancient graveyard of preserved corpses. Arrangements are being made to allow for Science Officer Costa to remotely assist the Paragon and Diligent analyze the new Cybrex sites.
Ah, classic Russell's Teapot!

The Jubarans surrounded you, now you've surrounded their ally. I wonder if this on-upmanship will continue.
Fantastic updates. Fantastic Read.
I'd vote for Aryanne, can we "take care of" those who don't vote for her?
>in a monarchy
It’s ok little Norway I know you aren’t a real monarchy any more. :(
That is true. I miss King Olav V
>last good king we had, man of the people
>smoked on an airplane, was told to put it out, said I am the king I do as I like
How did he feel about Jews?
Not sure, he was the high protector of the Church so I guess he saw them as Murders of Christ.
>also image of King Olav V riding the tram during the oil crisis in '73.
What a man of the people...
I wouldn't call us surrounded. We are starting to feel a lot of border friction from the expanse of the Hahn-Mur to our north. To our south, the Jubarans are trying to make up for lost time with their growth, but the whole region of space that they're growing into is severely lacking colonizable worlds that match their climate preference.

We retain access to hyperlanes that allow transit to both the outer and inner arms of our galaxy. We also have room to expand counter-clockwise around our own arm. While we haven't officially claimed the southern transit point, there is a mass of approximately 8k worth of space monsters standing between the Hahn-Mur and the bridge. At present, I'd estimate that their military strength is in the upper hundreds and below 1000.

We've also established a forward starbase that is only a single jump from the Jubaran homeworld. It will be used as a staging ground for our eventual assault. If we can get the first tier of sensor upgrades researched, then that starbase is in a perfect position to provide real time intel on the Jubaran homeworld, their shipyards, and the exact composition of the fleet defending their homeworld.

Our biggest disadvantage right now is that our standing military is weaker than both the Hahn-Mur and the Jubarans. I'm doing my best to grow our navy, but I need to pace myself. Each corvette that I produce has a monthly maintenance fee of 0.74 energy and 1.48 minerals. If I expand our navy too quickly, then I will cripple our monthly income and our ability to invest in growing our economy. The AI opponents receive substantial discounts on all upkeep costs, so it's to be expected that their military has an easier time growing in these early stages of the game

As far as economic prospects are concerned, we have two self-sufficient colonies, the Hahn-Mur have one self-sufficient colony and two new colonies in the process of being developed, and the Jubarans have no colonies. We should be able to outgrow the Jubarans and capture their homeworld. Once they've been dispatched in our little operation Space-Sea Lion, then we can focus our efforts on pushing back the Hahn-Mur.
Keep em coming!
We've now collected enough unity to finish unlocking the remainder of the tradition buffs in the "Expansion" tree. These traditions have granted us the following boons:

*Colony development rate increased by 50%
*The capital building on each world grants +1 additional unity per month
*Colonies are founded with two pops instead of one
*The effect of increased tradition cost due to the number of colonies that we control is lessened by 20%
*The influence cost to build a border outpost is reduced by 10%
*The upkeep of starbases is reduced by 20%
*Our "core worlds" limit has increased by two.
*We have received one ascension point that is redeemable for an ascension perk. This point was spent to unlock the "Executive Vigor" perk. It increases the duration of any edicts that we decree by 50%.

I like to imagine that the buffs from the edicts are meme magic taking hold on reality. The first edict that we're instating after adopting "Executive Vigor" is a "Healthcare Campaign." At the cost of 800 energy, our population will receive a +20% growth rate boost for the next 17 years.


Research teams have completed the study of the identified Cybrex sites. The Cybrex base appears to have been destroyed when someone crashed a starship into it. The aliens in the "graveyard" were all marked by barcodes. The cause of death was universally vacuum exposure.


The HMS Pilgrim identified a massive space station orbiting Qirbus. After a short time, the station hailed us. They've identified themselves as the "Artisan Troupe" and have offered their services in the arts in exchange for a hefty fee. We declined since we have more pressing priorities for our money.

A third political faction has been founded within our nation. The "Strength Through Unity Initiative", led by Science Officer Julieta Garcia, has an agenda centered around the centralization of political and military power. One of their goals is for us to force an alien nation to bend the knee by submitting to us as a vassal state or tributary.


We've received notice that the Hahn-Mur and the Jubarans have entered into a mutual defensive pact.



Our engineering directorate has finished developing the "Machine Template System." We can now design robots that have been specialized for a specific task by assigning them traits. We have one trait point for unlocking a positive trait, but we can budget for more points by adopting negative traits into the design.

Two new robots types have been designed.

The first is the Minerbot. This robot was designed to be mass produced in parallel across our worlds and then shipped in bulk to new worlds. The minerbot has power drills that increase its mineral harvesting output by an additional 10%. Additionally it has efficient power cells that reduce its upkeep cost by 10%. Bulk shipment is facilitated by the incorporation of double-jointed limbs that allows the robot to collapse itself into a compact state that is ideal for shipping. The cost to ship a minerbot between planets is 50% cheaper than shipping a standard robot. It only costs 50 energy to move these minerbots between worlds. These upgrades do not come without cost. The minerbot costs 20% more to produce than a standard robot. 120 minerals to the normal 100.

The second design is the Agribot. It has the a suite of farming equipment that allows it to harvest food 10% more efficiently than a human pop. Like the minerbot, the agribot is equipped with efficient power cells. The downside of these bots is that they are large bulky machines that are intended to be built on site and never moved. If we were to try and move them, it would cost us 150 power to transport one between planets.

From this point forward, we will be building only these specialized models of robots. We can begin an engineering program to retrofit our existing robots into one of the newer designs, but I believe that the efforts of our engineers are better spent developing new technologies than upgrading the few robots already in use within our kingdom.
Well this is unsettling. While surveying the Osmadin system, the HMS Pilgrim located a research outpost. A TERRAN research outpost...

The outpost was manned by a single soul. We have been unable to match this individual to anyone within state records and he refuses to identify himself. All that he will say is that he is "an exile."

This "exile" expressed a great interest in returning to our Star Kingdom, but on the condition that the Pilgrim leave the planet immediately and that no Terran ship ever return.


The Pilgrim was ordered take this "exile" into custody and to conduct an exhaustive search of the research outpost. Ultimately the outpost was mundane and contained nothing of note. Scans of the surrounding area indicated that the mountain that the research outpost was built on was hollow, however the Pilgrim was unable to identify a route into the interior.

Distressingly, the "exile" has vanished from custody. After having done everything in their power to locate the missing fugitive, the HMS Pilgrim was forced to leave this mystery unsolved.
pirate 1.jpg
pirate 2.jpg
pirate 3.jpg
pirate 4.jpg
pirate base.jpg
We've found a Terran message buoy that was relaying an SOS signal. It appears that the crew of a civilian ship was captured by pirates and that they are being held hostage. We've estimated the location of the pirate base and Strike Force Pegasus is preparing to deploy on a rescue mission once the fleet has finished being refit with our latest equipment.

Current intelligence reports indicate that our growing navy has reached approximate parity with the Jubaran's. Continued growth is still underway. The Hahn-Mur/Jubaran defensive pact means that simply securing a minor advantage over the Jubarans isn't enough. We must thoroughly defeat Jubarans in our initial strike so that we can turn the conflict into a one front war.
To further our military buildup, our engineering teams are developing the techniques necessary to build larger starships. Soon destroyer class vessels will join our corvettes.


The Museum of Exobiology is preparing a new exhibit, and they want us to procure a variety of live specimens from various worlds. Our exploration fleet has higher priorities right now, but we'll begin collecting the specimens as the opportunity presents itself.


The HMS Pilgrim completed her most recent jump to find herself surrounded by a force over a dozen times more powerful than our entire navy. This fleet was already quite knowledgeable of our language, knew exactly who we were, and delivered the following message: They are the Knatza Conservers and the Pilgrim had infringed upon their territory. Leave immediately or be destroyed.

The Knatza Conservers are a "Fallen Empire." They are a galactic super power whose society has fallen into lethargy. To say that their technology far exceeds our own would be an extreme understatement. The reception that met the Pilgrim was only a small fragment of their navy. Our best estimate places their standing navy at a strength in excess of 100k while our navy barely breaks 800.

They are a sleeping giant and are content to remain within their borders so long as nothing awakens them and draws their ire. They describe themselves as "Keepers of Knowledge" and view it as their responsibility to forcibly prevent any of the younger races from developing technology they deem to be "too dangerous."

While they still view us as being beneath their notice, our aspirations to develop true AI may eventually draw their attention...
The HMS Diligent has been destroyed. We received a short panicked transmission from Science Officer Eva Gomez before the signal cut out. There were no survivors.

The following image is all that we know about her assailants.

After some effort, we have established contact with Eva Gomez's murderers. They are a clan of marauders known as the Connisthians. These despicable xenos are comprised of many disparate warring tribes, although they've advertised that they're willing to fight as mercenaries if the price is right.

That price seems to be 3000 energy, a bit beyond our reach for now.
What does the map look like now?
local space.jpg
deeper dive.jpg
Sorry, I should have included a map update when I encountered the Fallen Empire and Marauders. It slipped my mind since I haven't really advanced the clock that much tonight.

Our territorial bounds haven't increased that much since the last update. In addition to the influence cost, it costs ~100 minerals and 1 energy per month to claim a star. Since there are obstacles preventing the enemy from cutting off our potential routes of expansion, I don't want to grow our borders until we've finished establishing the infrastructure to tap into the resources within our existing sphere of influence.

The Jubaran's growth looks more impressive than it is. Their blob is pretty big since the stars are far apart, and there aren't many notable resource deposits within that territory. They do presently control that derelict gate, but I highly doubt that they'll retain their sovereignty long enough to do anything about it.

If we zoom the camera in a bit, then we can see the location of various colonies. Our star kingdom has recently started establishing a third colony in the Raltry system.

The Jubarans have established their first colony on Owhziea. That world is utter shit though. It's a size 16 with 8 tile blockers blocking access to half of the territory. On top of that, it has a "poor quality minerals" modifier that hurts the world even further.

The Hahn-Mur are in a much stronger position. They're setting up a fourth colony on our doorstep right now. That said, two of the Hahn-Mur colonies are very suspect. Their species has a savanna preference and they have a negative trait of -5% happiness as baseline. Mesarthim is an Arid world, so it's in the yellow zone for them by default. That problem is compounded by the "wild storms" modifier on the planet that hampers them with an additional -5% habitability and -5% happiness. Productivity on that world is certainly low due to the angry citizens. As for the aforementioned colony on our doorstep, it's an ARCTIC world. That's completely out of their desired climate range. Citizens of their own species will likely openly revolt on that world. However they have just recently signed a joint immigration deal with the Jubarans, so they might be hoping to populate that world with the Alpine preference Jubarans.

Those are the suspect worlds. The Hahn-Mur did luck into a gorgeous size 21 savanna world with the "High Quality Minerals" modifier. Combined with their specie's "Very strong" trait, they're likely getting a lot of minerals thanks to that world.

I've always been more fond of population as an indicator of industrial output, and in that regard we are pulling ahead thanks to the introduction of robots into our workforce. We currently have 33 pops (35 in a month or two once the Raltry colony comes online), the Hahn-Mur have 30 pops, and the Jubarans have 17.

As far as military plans are concerned, our physics department is 13 months away from developing gravitic sensors. Currently our ships can only see contacts within the same system as them. Any ship equipped with Gravitic sensors will be able to see ships within systems that are one jump away. That technology also unlocks a "listening post" starbase upgrade that grants that starbase the ability to peer down an additional +2 jumps away.

The starbase in Unuk is already perfectly positioned to observe the Jubaran colonies. I'm also going to try to sneak a construction ship over to Lambda Serpentis to setup a starbase within observation range of the Hahn-Mur core worlds. That intel will give me an idea of when is the perfect time to strike.

There will be at least two distinct wars. The first one will have the objective of dissolving the Jubaran alliance. I will levy a claim against their colonies and then wage a war of conquest against them. The overall plan is that I want to build up our navy to its fleet cap, marshal a handful of ground armies, and setup some orbital defenses of earth to deter an attack against the Sol system while Strikeforce Pegasus is attacking the Jubarans.

I'm actually not sure how the Hahn-Mur will respond to an attack against the Jubarans. With luck they won't be willing to die for the lives of the Jubarans. But if they do attack me, Earth is the only system that I consider truly irreplaceable in the short term. If necessary, Strikeforce Pegasus can reverse the temporary occupation of our systems once we have occupied the Jubaran worlds.

Once the Jubarans are removed from the equation, I'll declare a second war against the Hahn-Mur as soon as we've finished likcing our wounds from the first war. Taking their worlds will be MUCH tougher though. Their species has the "very strong" trait, which boosts the strength of their ground troops by a whopping 40%. Barring a numerical advantage from our own ground armies, we'll simply need to wait until orbital bombardment has pounded their surface defenses to a pulp before we land our troops. That could take awhile if they've built any fortifications on their worlds.
Do you have space torpedoes yet? They’re a huge damage bomus to corvettes and can really tip the early game.
Torpedoes haven't shown up as a research option yet, and I don't have a rocketry scientist available to bias the odds of it showing up.

The ship upgrades that we do have are blue lasers, level 2 reactors, level 2 shields, and afterburners. We're also using nuclear missiles. They're not as good as torpedoes, but they're still pretty solid against corvettes.

The fleet just completed combat trials rescuing the hostages from the ransomers. Our combat strength is now at ~1k, which is rated as "equivalent" to both the Hahn-Mur and Jubarans.

Gravitic sensors research is complete. While I've established an outpost to spy on the Hahn-Mur, it's going to be about a year and a half before it upgrades to a starport and I can equip it with a listening outpost. Until then it can't quite spy on the Hahn-Mur navy.

Surprisingly, the Jubaran navy is AWOL. I'm sorely tempted to start the war now and knock out their starports while their fleet is absent. The only thing giving me pause is that I don't have ground troops marshaled yet. I was expecting another year to rally the troops and fortify Earth's starport with missile batteries.

We've also discovered a new nation. The "Usanace Harmonious Sovereignty." That's them in the lower right of the galaxy. Judging by all of the stuff that they have, I'm fairly confident that they are an advanced start empire.
Screw it. Fortune favors the bold. I'm abandoning the project to establish the Hahn-Mur observation post to free up minerals to begin retrofitting Earth's starport with missile batteries.

We've initiated a war of conquest with both of the Jubaran's worlds as the prize.

The first battle of the war was a flawless victory. With a fleet to supplement it, the Jubaran starport fell to Strikeforce Pegasus without inflicting any casualties. We are now working to repair the starport so that it can be used to repair the wounds inflicted to our fleet, and so that its defensive batteries can be turned against the Jubaran's own fleet. Speaking of their fleet, it has been sighted over their colony and it is en-route to attack Strikeforce Pegasus.

While we control orbit in the Jubaran home system, we have not yet invaded the planet itself.

There has been no sign of the Hahn-Mur navy.

We've established contact with the "Regime of Neboria." They are Evangelizing Zealots whose territory is far to our north.
61227 61230
We've engaged the Jubaran navy, a fleet that they refer to as "Hurricane", over their homeworld's star.

Long range scanners have detected Hahn-Mur naval groups. Two distinct formations have been identified. Intercepted communications suggest that the size 800 force is en-route to reinforce "Hurricane" while the other is maintaining position in their territory.

We've established contact with another enclave. They call themselves the "Curators." They are an ancient order of scientists.

Destroyer technology is complete, and speak of the devil, torpedo technology is available as our next project.


We've identified another Cybrex artifact site. It appears to have been the site of a massive battle between the Cybrex and a coalition of four empires that stood against them. Things did not appear to end well for the coalition.

>torps soon
Niiiiiiiice, keep us posted my man and Godspeed for your war.
So far so good, but we always knew that dealing with the Jubarans would be the easy part of the war.

"Hurricane" was handily repulsed by the combined might of Strikeforce Pegasus and the captured starbase. Only one casualty was sustained during the engagement.

Pegasus took a few days to patch the most egregious holes in their armor plating, but then began their pursuit of Hurricane to the Jubaran shipyard facilities in the Owhziea system. The Jubaran forces were still badly damaged from their first sortie, and the shipyard itself wasn't heavily armed. It was a bloodbath. Once again we only lost a single ship.

With this sortie complete, the Jubaran navy is in tatters and all known Jubaran shipyard facilities are under our control. A small force of Jubaran ships retreated from the battle and returned to their homeworld. This smaller force, known as "White Crush" is too weak to recapture the starbase within the Jubaran home system.

Pegasus is beginning field repairs, while General Priscilla Goodwin is leading the assault against the Jubaran colony at Owhziea. KlendathuDrop.mp3


Two additional armies are being marshaled before we make planetfall on the more heavily defended Jubaran homeworld.

The Hahn-Mur naval groups have moved out of range of our long range sensors. Their present whereabouts are currently unknown, but I suspect that they will attempt to break the siege of the Jubaran homeworld.
The Jubaran colony has fallen, and "White Crush" has been destroyed. We are not aware of any remaining Jubaran fleet elements. Strikeforce Pegasus has repaired her damaged and has begun orbital bombardment of the Jubaran homeworld. Army groups are waiting in orbit to begin their assault once enemy defensive emplacements have been flattened.


The Connisthian Marauders, the spineless cowards that they are, are threatening to pillage our territory if we do not send them tribute. We cannot afford to have our back line ravaged by their forces, so regrettably we parted with 500 energy.

This affront will not be forgotten.


The Hahn-Mur navy is still AWOL.


Our energy coffers were quickly replenished from the result of a failed attempt to extract a "thinking rock" from an asteroid.

I need put the war on pause for tonight, but the invasion of the Jubaran homeworld was successful. Every world in their empire is now under our occupation. With the Jubaran fleet shattered, their shipyards captured, and their worlds under occupation, Strikeforce Pegasus is now free head to the northern front.

So far the Hahn-Mur have made only a few minor incursions into our territory, but they haven't captured anything really important. Just the outposts at Lambda Serpentis and the XT-81 Singularity.

Our influence reserves were getting bloated, so I've raised the stakes a bit by making claims against the Hahn-Mur systems of Tyastedore, Roganoin, and Qastan.

In addition to the ongoing Torpedo research, we're working on developing UV laser weapons. Our research teams have a head start due to some samples recovered from the wreckage of Jubaran starships that were sent to our reverse engineering teams.
Here's the map at the end of the evening.

At some point during the war, we made contact with the "Prossnakan Democratic Commonwealth" to our east.
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is OP ded?
This, I've been wait for updates
I haven't had much time to play last night or tonight. You'll have to bear with me as I give you the quick rundown of recent events from this picture. I didn't want to make a bunch of posts about us kicking the snot out of defenseless starbases, so I planned on making the next update be in response to the first major fleet engagement with the Hahn-Mur navy. However their navy was suspiciously absent. One thing led to another and before I knew it we had made some significant headway into their territory.

After occupying Jubaran territory, the following events happened:

1: Fearing a retaliatory strike from the Hahn-Mur, Strikeforce Pegasus was recalled to Earth. This strike never came.

2: One of the missile batteries on Earth's starbase was converted back into a shipyard so that it could provide a stream of fresh reinforcements to the frontline. A steady stream of new ships was sent to Pegasus from that point forward.

3: Once Strikeforce Pegasus was repaired, I wanted to repeat the same style of conflict that we executed against the Jubarans. Namely capturing an undefended starport and using their defenses against them. To accomplish this, we avoided the enemy fleet stationed at Tyastedore by taking a detour through Edor Vang (slaying the space monster energy cloud thing), plowed right through the occupied outpost at Lambda Serpentis, and then captured the enemy starbase in the Roganoin system. Pegasus conducted repairs at the captured starbase while expecting an attack from the Hahn-Mur navy. That attack never came.

4: Troop transports were deployed to Roganoin. After bombardment slaughtered one of the three defending armies, our troops landed and took the colony with no casualties. Still no sign of enemy fleet movements.

5: I wasn't expecting to get this far without retaliation, but from Roganoin we were able to see that the Hahn-Mur had left their homeworld only lightly defended by a small group of 2-3 corvettes and a defense platform. Strikeforce Pegasus defeated the orbital defenses of the Hahn-Mur homeworld and began bombardment of the planet. By this point, Strikeforce Pegasus had grown to 1.5k combat strength and our ground assault force had grown to 8 armies.

6: Attacking their homeworld prompted the Hahn-Mur battlegroups to finally start to moving in retaliation to us. Strikeforce Pegasus returned to Roganoin to defend against an 770 strength fleet while the troop transports were left to themselves to attack the Hahn-Mur homeworld without the assistance of orbital support. Our invasion force took some casualties but was enough to secure the planet. The defense at Roganoin was a cleansweep, and we struck a massive blow against their navy.

Their war exhaustion level is near the point where they should submit to our war demands after one or two more good sorties.

Unrelated to the war effort, we made contact with the Xuracorp trading enclave. They opened their markets to us. We can exchange energy for minerals or vice versa at a rate of 2:1. This is a pretty garbage exchange rate, but we can adopt or abandon the trade deals at a moment's notice.
Whoops, hit submit too soon. Other minor events that took place were the discover of the Havarigga Protectors, another fallen Empire. They are "Holy Guardians" who watch over their holy worlds. Colonizing those holy worlds would draw their wrath. Their territory is the upper leftmost known nation. The red territory with the blue border.

Also the Union of Fara started insulting us.
Pegasus and our army group were able to defeat the orbital defenses and occupy the colony at Qastan. The enemy is on their last legs as far as their war exhaustion level is concerned.

What's left of their navy is moving to attack the starport in the Roganoin system. Pegasus is en-route to intercept. This should break their backs.
Their war exhaustion has risen to 100%, but they're still hanging on like tenacious bastards. We'll just have to occupy the last of their colonies. With their fleets beaten, this shouldn't take more than a few months.

We've established contact with the "Maweer Shard", a third fallen empire of xenophobic Militant Isolationists. Their territory is on the southern edge of the galactic core.

The war is over. The Jubaran Alliance no longer exists as a state. The Democratic Hahn-Mur nation is a crippled shell of their former self. The main reason that I refrained from extending my claims to eliminate them as well is because I wanted what's left of their state to act as a temporary buffer between our territory and that of Union of Fara.

Speaking of our territory, there is a lot of work left to be done to fully secure it for the benefit of our people. Overnight our territory swelled from four inhabited planets to nine. The conquered worlds are still full of partisans and resistance cells that are causing absolute chaos on the ground. It will take time to establish garrisons on each world to quell the unrest.

The priority is securing the colder worlds such as the two former Jubaran worlds and the former Hahn-Mur colony of Tyastedore. Once the unrest is suppressed, human colonists will be transferred to the fresh territory. The savanna colonies captured from the Hahn-Mur are not suitable for human colonization at this time, so we'll be sending a few robots to oversee control of the planets.
After queuing up a few garrisons on the most tumultuous worlds, the first order of business is to divide my territory up into sectors.

A nation may only have a select few number of worlds under direct control of the crown. In our case, that limit is 5. It is a soft limit, but massive penalties are incurred if we breach it.

Colonies that are within a sector do not directly deposit the fruits of their labor into our coffers. Instead we tax them at rates up to 75%, and the remainder go into their own reserves for building local upgrades. Those reserves may be commandeered by us at the cost of some influence. That influence fee is reduced in the event of a defensive war.

Additionally, planets within sectors do not benefit from the bonuses of our Homeworld's governor. However we have the option of hiring more governors and assigning one to the sector.

Now that we have some breathing space, I want to start tackling the problem of our poor research rates. Within our territory is a size 22 world with the "wild storms" modifier that grants an amazing +20% physics research output at the cost of some habitability and happiness. I'm going to spam research labs on this world in order to turn it into a major research and development center.

To fix the happiness problem, I'm going to start taking a detour down another tradition path. Branching out into so many different trees is slowing down our acquisition of ascension perks, but it is my belief that the early buffs within the trees are well worth the delay.

As a recap of our traditions, the discovery opener grants increased odds at finding anomalies and reduce the chance of failure when studying them. We have been receiving many small boons from assorted anomalies, and approximately 1800 minerals were added to our war chest during the recent war as the result of successful anomalies. The expansion tree dramatically improves our colonization efficiency and decreases the upkeep cost of the many outposts and starbases that we need to maintain to control large swathes of territory. Starting the supremacy tree granted us an increase to the number of starbases that we may control and decreased the hefty cost to upgrade starbases, while the "warrior mindset" trait that we adopted increases the firepower of our ground armies by a substantial 25%.

My next goal is to adopt the harmony tree so that we may better hasten our ability to assume control of alien worlds. Adoption of this tree will result in boons such a +25% increase of pop growth rate, reduced unrest, improved governing ethics attraction, and +15% happiness to our citizens. That happiness is key and will help our people stomach living on xeno worlds whose habitability range falls within the yellow zone.

When we do finally unlock our second ascension perk, I'm leaning heavily towards adopting "Enigmatic Engineering." That perk imbues our technology with the essence of kraut space magic, rendering our equipment impossible to reverse engineer. It will also grant +2 to our sensor range. Since each boost increases the number of jumps away that we can peer ahead, each increases is exponentially more valuable than the last.
Further on the topic of happiness, most of our population is currently very happy. Everyone is receiving a temporary +5% boost to happiness from one of the anomalies that were identified by our exploration fleet. In this case, the fleet discovered a deposit of a rare type of salt that has kicked off a sort of culinary Renaissance within our lands.

The rest of the happiness bonuses are coming from the political parties within our realm. Our approval ratings are extremely high. All three parties approve of our progress, the Strength Through Unity Initiative has a few issues that they are upset on. Princess Aryanne Hoofler's Terran Ascendancy Party is outright ecstatic after the conclusion of our most recent war. Citizens who are members of these parties are all receiving bonuses to their happiness.
I imagine that the next several updates will be rather mundane. I don't expect any major happenings to take place for a few decades. Our navy has been recalled to its base in the Unuk system. The upkeep cost of our ships is be reduced while they rest at ease at port.


We've brought unrest down to manageable levels by using some of our influence to institute martial law on our freshly conquered worlds. Before we could do so, local resistance groups began more overt activity within the Tyastedore system. As a precaution, our ground armies have been stationed in Tyastedore to put down any potential uprisings.


At this time, I do not think that it is viable to begin our final solution of exiling these vile xenos from our territory. They are relatively content working as slaves so long as they can continue living in their homes. Expulsion would raise unrest again and undo what work has been done to bring peace to the colonies.

I also know that if no nation will readily accept the refugees, then the expulsion process can be a very lengthy one that can last decades. I do not wish to begin such a process until we have established a more firm grip on the territory. Furthermore, exiling our Hahn-Mur captives would be counter-productive since the Democratic Hahn-Mur Nation would readily accept the refugees and put them to work as colonists once they claim a few more worlds. By exiling them, we would provide the Democratic Hahn-Mur nation with an influx of manpower that would undo much of the damage that we have inflicted upon them. For that reason I wish to postpone exiling the Hahn-Mur until there is no longer a Hahn-Mur nation for them to return to.

To further the goal of maintaining long term rest until conditions are ripe for exile, we're developing neural implants that will be administered at slave processing facilities. These implants will help pacify our captives.


We have identified and studied a Cybrex research facility that was within the territory that was annexed from the Hahn-Mur. This was our fifth artifact. The Cybrex homeworld, if we can find it, will likely be a treasure trove of new discoveries. Our researchers are attempting to identify the location of the Cybrex homeworld and they think that they might be able to do it if we can locate one more major Cybrex artifact site.


We have a new political party within our nation. The "Committee of Research Efficiency" desires that we improve our research efforts. The main goal that they want us to accomplish right now is to establish mutual research pacts with three nations. Most nations do not like us, so that's not likely to happen for awhile.


Attached is a map of current known stellar borders and our current research projects. The Starhold project in engineering will allow us to further upgrade our starports. The added space will present an opportunity to greatly increase our energy income by allowing us to establish trading ports and interstellar trading companies on our stations. Once fully outfitted, each starhold should produce 24 energy.

The Self-Evolving Logic project will increase the number of research options that we have by one. At present, once we complete a research project, we are offered three random new projects to pursue as our next technology in that field. This technology will greatly improve the odds of us receiving a desirable project choice by increasing our choices to four potential projects.
We are in a relatively quiet period of history. Here are some events that have taken place over the past decade:


The Adeex Hierarchy has declared war on our friends the Chinorr Stellar Union. We have no observers near that edge of the galaxy and have no means to provide direct aid. We can only wish them luck in their conflict.

New contacts:

We've made contact with a handful of new empires within the unknown reaches of the galaxy's northern fringe. Most distressing are the Zuifvan Swarm. Less of an empire and more of a devouring swarm of locusts. They are a hive mind with the sole intent to swallowing everything in their path. They do not pose any threat to our own territory at this time. The swarm's location is just north of the Adeex Hierarchy's territory. If the Adeex cannot contain them, then the swarm may threaten Chinorr space.

Local diplomatic concerns:

The Union of Fara has been sending diplomatic insults at us. If it weren't for the remains of the Hahn-Murr standing between us and them, then I think that immediate conflict would be on the horizon.

The Hahn-Murr have signed a NAP with the Usanace Harmonious Sovereignty (teal empire at that 4 o'clock position of the outer rim. Pyramid emblem). The UHS are stronger than us by most metrics, but their worlds are quite far from our territory. For those familiar with the game's mechanics, I'm fairly confident that the UHS are an "advanced start" empire.


Baring a few unexplored systems mostly concentrated near UHS space, we have explored everything that we can counter-clockwise of our territory. The HMS Pilgrim continues her search through the unknown reaches clockwise and far north of our territory, but it appears that the Union of Fara has expanded their territory sufficiently to block the passage of any further research vessels joining her. For that matter, there is no way for the Pilgrim to return home. She'll need to continue her exploration on her own for now.


We have been heavily investing in expanding our territory and improving our local infrastructure. While we've been expanding in all directions, particular interests have led to us extending tendrils towards the galactic core and to the outer rim. The core contains two worlds of interest for colonization. The first is a size 23 arctic world and the second is a size 21 tomb world. Claiming this territory has fulfilled the secondary goal of encapsulating the remnants of the Hahn-Murr, and has stifled their attempts to make up for the ground that they lost to use in our conflict. The primary goal of the southern expansion is to claim the derelict subspace gateway. While the gate is the main prize, controlling that territory will grant us a monopoly to the hyperlanes within the tip of the southernmost arm of our galaxy. We will be able to claim 100% of those worlds for ourselves, and that region of space is rich in blackholes, neutron stars, and pulsars that are all valuable sites for orbital research facilities.

With the exception of the research and development facility on Jundius II, our core colonies are nearing total development. As these core world projects reach completion, further expenses will be made to improve the territory within our fringe sectors. Additionally we will continue to establish an ever growing array of orbital facilities around points of interest within our territory.

With Starhold technology complete, we are beginning to upgrade all of our starports to starholds. This will improve their defensive capability and expand their energy production capability.


Lorena Gomez, the head of our physics research division, has died of old age. Marcel Lavoie has been hired to take her place as head of the division. Our current physics research project is Lythuric Gas refining. This technology will allow us to identify rich deposits of the resource within the galaxy. If any exist within our territory, and if we're able to secure such deposits, then we'll be able to harvest it. This gas will provide a 20% boost to the effectiveness of our shields. As a secondary boon, strategic resources are highly valued by the other empires. We may be able to use the resource as a bartering tool to negotiate profitable trade deals for us.

Our society division is working on optimizing our army's central command structure. This will expand the local planetary defense militias and unlock the ability to create Military Academies for training elite troops.

Our engineering teams are researching efficient ways to make use of Betharian stone. Once complete, we will be able to produce highly efficient reactors on worlds where betharian stone is present.
Attached are the first contact messages within the past 10 years.

None of them particularly care for us, although the "Photecian Hegemony" is most inclined towards furthering positive diplomatic relations. I haven't been paying much attention to them because they're on the other side of the galaxy.

Also, yes that purple spec at the 6 o'clock position is a tiny single world star nation. They're the disgusting bug people of the "Combine of Itil-Sa-Domb."

In the short term, I'm planning on trying to pursue mutual research programs with the Photecian's to help appease the goals of the "Committee of Research Efficiency." If I can secure a strategic resource site, then I'll start looking for prospective friends if for no other reason than to discourage entire regions of space from unifying against us as we grow in strength.
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I'm going through withdrawals. WHERE ARE MY STELLARIS UPDATES!
this! OP, we don't care if it's nothing interesting; the game itself is interesting!
This, Granted I have some catching up to do with reading, but you write the story of what is happening really good OP. It is a delight to read.
Anyone have any thoughts on how to best do a genuine NatSoc or, alternatively, Folkish (as in if America never imported any Jews) Stellaris?
I'm sorry!

A close friend of mine who joined the navy returned from sea last week, so I spent the weeknights catching up with him instead of advancing the game. Then I spent the weekend out of town visiting family for Easter.

I'm going to get some updates this week in. I should be able to get us into the 2300's, which is the start of the "midgame" portion of the game where most of the important territory will have been claimed and further expansion generally requires war.

It really depends on what kind of traits that you want to focus on to exemplify your race.

I don't know what you think most embodies a NatSoc/Folkish people, but at the very least I would imagine that you would want the "Traditional" trait for your species to boost your unity output. That leaves you with one additional trait point left to purchase additional positive traits to define the capabilities of your people, and four additional choices left if you wanted to adopt some negative traits to increase your budget for more positive traits.

The "nationalistic zeal" civic trait might also be an auto-include as one of your two civic perks for your government. That trait provides you with a 10% reduction in war exhausting accumulation rate, and a 10% reduction in claim costs. That should expedite your ability to enact your Lebensraum. Adopting "nationalistic zeal" requires you to adopt some level of militarist as one of your government's core ethics. That leaves you with two ethics points left to distribute and one additional choice for a civic trait. Note: It is possible to change your civic traits during the game via an expenditure of influence points if you want to represent your nation's goals changing as you transition between a fledgling and mature nation. You'll also be able to adopt a third civic trait late in the game once you've researched the appropriate society techs.
I don't have much time tonight, but I'm going to try to squeeze in an hour or so of gameplay. The write of the session's events probably won't come until tomorrow.

To start things off, here's a picture of the galaxy map with the "opinion" filter set. Each nation is color coded on a spectrum of red to green based on their opinion of us, where red is they HATE us and green is a very positive opinion of us.

As a whole, most people don't like us. However most of the dislike is a mild dislike that can be patched up if we made efforts to butter them up.

The Chinorr Stellar Union is the one exception. They're the only ones with a positive opinion of us. They trust us because we've been true to our word with assisting them with our research programs. Unfortunately it has been a one sided exchange. They're more technologically advanced than us, and they don't like us enough to accept an agreement that would be lopsided in our favor. So for the past few decades we've been gifting them knowledge about the few fields where we are more proficient than them in exchange for nothing more than further goodwill. If we can find a strategic resource, the chinorr may be convinced to open up their archives in exchange for access to our excess resources.

The Phoetician Hegemony, surrounded on all sides by the devouring swarm, are desperate for friends. I'm beginning to open relations with them, but the swarm might eat them before either of us can benefit from a mutual friendship.

Also worth mentioning, is the tiny spec of yellow within the Hahn-Mur territory to our north. They're the Hijannarthi Imperium. They're a young race that just achieved interstellar spaceflight a few years ago. They like us enough to have a neutral opinion of us because they're a monarchy like us, but they're also a protectorate of the Hahn-Mur... So that's kind of an awkward political situation. I haven't decided if it's worth attempting to befriend such a minor power or just steamroll over them in our next wave of expansion.
Our scouts have encountered concentrations of autonomous drones in a handful of systems. After some study, it appears that they are part of an automated system of mining drones. We've identified a star system that these drones appear to be phoning home to. Our nearest research ship is only a handful of jumps away from taking a look to see what's there.

We've completed studying Lythuric Gas Refining. With this new technology, we are able to better seek out and identify harvestable deposits of this strategic resource. Unfortunately no deposits that are large enough to profitably harvest exist within our borders.
How can you play this? It's essentially a beta version of a functional game, or at best, nothing more than an engine with a few assets for others to work with. You know, like any game by Paradox that hasn't been out for a minimum of five years.

A private collector has managed to get their hands on a Cybrex artifact. It cost us a king's ransom, but we managed to persuade the collector to part with the treasure.

This artifact was the final piece of the puzzle to discern the location of the Cybrex homeworld. As it turns out, it was right under our noses this entire time. "Cybrex Alpha" resides within our own borders and can be accessed via a previously unknown hyperlane through the Jabbah system.

Since our research vessels are all deployed to the fringes of known space, a new vessel is being christened specifically to explore Cybrex Alpha.
Our fastest courier delivered Luciano Costa, our premier expert on the Cybrex, from the edge of the outer rim to the bridge of our newest research vessel. With her crew complete, the HMS Challenger began her short journey to the hidden system.

Our explorers have become adept at exploring alien planets over the decades. Well practiced orbital surveying techniques combined with firsthand exploration by away teams have allowed us to efficiently map a sizable portion of the galaxy. But, to the Challenger's surprise, those techniques would not be quite so applicable for surveying Cybrex Alpha. Cybrex Alpha is not home to any planets at all; at least not anymore. Instead they found a marvelous feat of engineering on an near unimaginable scale. The only object in the system is a massive ring around the star. A mega-structure known to our theorists as a "Ringworld." The possibility of such a structure had been theorized long before we had achieved interstellar travel, but the immense task of assembling such a structure or even amassing enough raw materials for the job had kept the concept of a ringworld solidly in the realm of fiction. But the structure before us is very real...and now it's ours.

Unfortunately the ringworld lies in ruins and is not in a colonizable state. Dr. Costa was able to access ancient Cybrex archives to learn the history of the ringworld's final days. It seems that, for reasons unknown, the Cybrex abandoned their campaign to extinguish all life in the galaxy. The entirety of their civilization returned here to their hidden home. Eventually, by chance, an explorer found the system. With news that the Cybrex had resurfaced, the nations of the galaxy put aside their differences to mount a massive combined assault on Cybrex Alpha. The combined might of the galaxy bore down on this one system and destroyed the Cybrex utterly. Oddly, it seems that the Cybrex made no attempt to fend off the attack.

A construction ship is en-route to construct a starbase in the system. Even in its ruined state, the ringworld is a priceless wonder. News of the discovery is spreading like wildfire through our territory. Surely this marvel will inspire the young minds of the next generation to accomplish wondrous feats. Perhaps one day we will restore the ringworld to its former glory.

Discovering the ringworld provided us with over a year's worth of engineering research data, a large 2000 unit cache of energy credits, and a massive supply of Unity. That Unity surge was enough to purchase two tradition buffs outright. To better improve the quality of life of our people, two new traditions were adopted from the Harmony tree.

The first is the "Paradise Domes" tradition. Paradise domes are a special variant of our farming structures. In addition to food, they produce unity and apply a planetwide boost to the happiness of our citizens.

The second tradition is "Mind and body." By embracing healthier living habits, the average lifespan of our species has been increased by 20 years.

vurxac league.jpg
Ever since the end of the war, our expansion and economic buildup has mostly been limited by our energy supply. As new facilities are constructed, the demand for energy grows nearly as fast as we can produce new reactors. The energy cache recovered from Cybrex Alpha has provided a windfall that will allow the for a new wave of colonization. There are three candidate worlds that will be colonized in the coming years. These colony sites are circled in blue on the starmap. The first to be colonized is the size 21 tomb world of Suter III. This colony represents a unique situation since the world is host to the artifacts of a dead civilization. Who knows what mysteries await us amidst the ruins?

The second candidate is deep near the galactic core. Schinik III is a size 23 arctic world. This system also contains a second colonizable world, but it's a size 11 desert planet. That sandball is inhospitable to our people at this time. Eventually we may be able to establish an automated mining complex on the planet, but we'd need to make some advances in robotics first. Our current generation of robotic workers are too dependent on maintenance and supervision by human specialists to be able to operate an entire colony by themselves.

The third and final candidate is a located in the reaches of the outer rim. Polystea IIa is a small habitable arctic moon. The moon itself isn't that attractive, but you may recall that the Polystea system is the home of the derelict subspace gateway. Establishing a colony within the system will solidify our grip on the strategic site.

Finally, now that our grip on conquered worlds has solidified, we've begun the process of exiling the Jubarans from our territory so that more space is available for our citizens.

We've received contact from a new empire. The Vurxac League is a Totalitarian Regime of fanatic xenophobes that is located at the far north of the galaxy. Their territory has been marked with green on the starmap and they are located at the 12 o'clock position.
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I apologize for the lack of updates. Work this past month been leaving me feeling mentally drained in the evenings.

I am looking forward to getting a larger play session in this weekend, and I'll start the session with detailing the current state of the galaxy as well as the estimated strength of our closest rivals.

There is one topic for the future that I'd like to bring up now: Super weapons.

I fully intend to build a super weapon at some point in this game. From past experience, I suspect that we are still at least a century away from being able to seriously think about starting a super weapon program. We're probably closer to approximately 150 years from completing construction of a super-weapon, give or take a few decades depending on what happens.

There are two key decisions that we will have to make when designing our super weapon. The first decision is to decide what type of weapon to outfit our battle-station with. The second is to decide on a name for our super weapon.

There are a variety of different doomsday devices that we can equip the super weapon with, and their availability is restricted by a nation's primary species and governing ethics. For example, since we're not a race of assimilating cyborgs, we won't have access to the nano-bot diffuser device that is capable of assimilating an entire planet's population.

Given our nation's governing ethics, I believe that the following three doomsday devices will be available for use:

*Planet Cracker laser: This is a deathstar style laser that completely destroys a target planet. There is a chance that destroying the planet will expose valuable mineral deposits from within the planet's core. That potential to expose minerals grants the weapon some limited peacetime application by allowing it to crack open uninhabited worlds in search of new resource deposits.

*Neutron Sweep: This weapon is embraces the same concept of a neutron bomb but on a planetary scale. It bathes the planet in neutron radiation to kill off all organic life while leaving all of the world's infrastructure intact. The disadvantage is that the weapon is useless against inorganic lifeforms.

*The Global Pacifier: This weapon encapsulates the world in an impregnable bubble shield, permanently isolating it from the rest of the galaxy. The shield is "transparent" enough to allow observation of the world's inhabitants. A research outpost can be built over the captive world to produce society research.

I welcome any suggestions for what to name the super-weapon, but right now I'm kind of leaning towards naming it the Nightmare Moon.
What exactly is the limit of the global pacifier? Is it still possible to get communications through it?
As far as gameplay mechanics are concerned, the encapsulated planet is essentially destroyed and is replaced with a resource node that can be harvested for society research.

Lore-wise, since we can observe the populace and the planet doesn't freeze over from lack of sunlight, I think that it is safe to assume radio communication is possible through the field. The people on the planet are simply forever trapped within a cell that has no key.

Ah. The reason I asked was because I was wondering if encasing Earth would make us pretty much unkillable as a species, even if we would only be occupying one planet at worst.
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Here's how things stand at present:

Our nation solidified itself as a major local power after the conclusion of the last war. While compared to some other nations, we are lacking in military strength or military advancement, we have a measurable advantage of in growth. With 10 worlds under our control, and three more scheudled for colonization, we currently control more habitable worlds than any other known nation. The runner up is the Usanace Harmonious Soverignty (UHS) with a total of 9 worlds. We also are leading the pack in population size, with a total of 101 pops currently within our jurisdiction. Of those pops, a little over 50% of them humans, a bit over 25% are robots, ~14% are Hahn-mur slaves, and ~9% are Jubaran slaves that are in the process of being exiled from our territory. Runner up is again the UHS with 92 pops. The UHS by and large stands out as the most powerful active nation that we're currently aware of. Their technological level, standing military, and potential military size are all listed as "superior" to us and they are overall rated as "overwhelming" to us in terms of relative strength.

To refresh your memory, the UHS's territory is marked in teal with the Pyramid emblem. Their territory is located at approximately the 5 o'clock position of the map. Their region of space was blessed with many rich resource deposits and multiple high quality worlds that matched their climate preferenc. While their pacificstic disposition and the empty expanse of space between us should delay any hostile action against us, ultimately our nations are guranteed to clash.

Our current plan for expansion is to wage a series of wars of conquest to annex territory clockwise around the galaxy. Our immediate neighbor, the remnants of the Democratic Hahn-mur nation, stands no serious threat to us. They control only three worlds and 28 pops. Their continued soverighty is owed to our desire to use them as a buffer against the Union of Fara while we are busy building up our economy. There does exist a risk that the Hahn-mur might be saved by the UHS guranteeing their soverignty, but we'll deal with that if it happens. Once the Hahn-mur fall, our next target will be the Union of Fara (6 worlds, 75 pops).

There are two regretable downsides to the plans to expand through these wars of conquest. The first is that none of those worlds are agreeable with our population's climate preferences, so we'll have to make due with working the land via robots. The second is that our projected territory will be surrouned by four sleeping giants. The most immediately threatening are the Connisthian Marauders (circled in red). Their military far surpasses our own (~50k vs our 1.7k fleet strength), however their forces are too disorganized to perform any offensive acts beyond raids into our territory. The other potential threats are the three fallen empires, circled in yellow, who surround that region of space on all sides. They're currently passive, but I'd prefer some more breathing room.

It just occurred to me that I've never stated the potential victory conditions for the game. There are three victory conditions:

*Domination Victory: Colonize 40% of all colonization sites in the galaxy. This number shifts if sites are created or destroyed over the course of the game, but currently 80 colonies are needed to win.

*Conquest Victory: Conquer or subjugate all other empires.

*Federation Victory: Create a federation whose member states have colonized 60% of all potential colony sites in the galaxy.
Wonderful. Remember how I said that the UHS's pacifist tendencies would stand in the way of them being overtly aggressive against us? Apparently there has been a shift of power within their government. They seem to be abandoning pacifism for militarism.
Why are you ignoring that vast swath of space counter-clockwise on the Galaxy, which has not been colonized? I know there are modifiers that make colonization slower than normal, but if this were a civilization game taking up that land would be the first thing I'd do
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Please circle the location that you're referring too and I'll try to explain and provide some zoomed in pictures to depict the resource nodes at the section of space in question. But it

Extending our borders to encapsulate a new star system has the following costs:
* 52*X influence (the purple resource), where X is the number of jumps that the system is from out border. I think that it's 75*X by default, but we have some bonuses giving us a discount.
* 100 minerals
* An upkeep cost of 1 energy per month (We've got this reduced to 0.8 per month thanks to one of our tradition bonuses).

Influence is also spent to activate edicts, which are planet or empire wide buffs. At the time that this map picture was taken, I was saving up for the 240 influence necessary to secure our nation a 20% boost to energy production for the next 17 years.

Additionally, once the territory is within our borders, its resources are not worked automatically like territory in CIV. We need to make additional expenditures to build mining/research stations to harvest each resource node within the star system. Each of those orbital facilities has a base cost of 100 minerals and a monthly upkeep cost of 1 energy. Our little corner of space has been plagued by very small resource deposits. For example, I might see that a star system has mineral deposits in it equal to 6 minerals per month. However upon closer inspection, those 6 minerals are split between three distinct 2 mineral nodes. So it costs us 300 minerals and 3 energy per month to harvest that system's minerals. It takes awhile for that kind of mineral investment to pay off, and the energy cost for those minerals is pretty steep. Meanwhile, over in UHS space, I've been pretty jelly of all of the 4-5 mineral deposits that were within their reach. The bastards even have a 7 mineral node.

Those orbital facilities are very fragile, and tend to get blown up in the event that hostilities break out. Planet based resources are more hardy since it takes a long time for them to be lost. Generally the enemy needs to capture the world or spend a long time bombarding it to destroy any buildings that we create. To that end, my expansion efforts have been centered on securing large habitable worlds for us, witch a secondary consideration towards attempting to capture key nodes that will secure other areas of space for expansion at our leisure. I've also been shying away from areas of space that I think that there are under high risk of attack and that I don't have the force projection capability to keep secure.

I've circle a few areas on this map and I'll explain my expansion goals.

Orange: This area of space contains three habitable worlds accross two star systems, and two of those worlds are size 20+ with a compatibale climate for our people. Such worlds are jewels, so I expedited our expansion by skipping paying a premium to build outposts over those stars rather than taking the influence efficient route of expanding star by star. That expenditure let us beat the Hahn-Muur from claiming the territory, and we only beat their expansion by a few months. Now the Hahn-muur are completely boxed in with nowhere to colonize.

Blue: I think might be the area of space that you're asking about, is pretty isolated from the rest of the galaxy and there isn't much competition for expansion into it. The grey nation adjacent to that area is a fallen empire, so they don't have any intention of doing anything other than securing their current borders. The Union of Fara has the capability to expand into that territory, but they'll need to snake their control far away from the safety of their core colonies. I'm planning to expand into it, since clay is clay, but there's nothing really that amazing in that area of space. There are a bunch of low value resource nodes, and a few tiny planets that are clogged with lots of tile blockers.

Lime Green: This area of space is completely inaccessible to anyone other than us, so there is no big race to formally encapsulate it in our borders. I'm currently working on pushing our borders into this tendril of the galaxy since it contains a high concentration of black holes/neutron stars/etc that are potent resource nodes for harvesting different types of beakers.

Pink: This are of space is uncomfortably close to the Marauder territory, which is the small grey nation at the six o'clock position of the core. They periodically send fleets out to attack people and they kinda blow up everything in their path. I don't really want to put fragile orbital infrastructre in their path, and there aren't anything juicy enough for me to take the risk.

The two brown circles: With a bit of metagame knowledge, I know that there is a risk of the marauder nation's disparate factions unifying under a Great Khan. If that happens, they'll immediately start expanding in every direction with huge fleets. The Orange and Pink areas are pretty much fucked if that happens. To protect our core worlds, I'm planning to build orbital fortresses in the two choke point systems circled in brown. The home base where our navy rests in drydock is near that edge of our territory, and will be able to reinforce that front if need be. There are still a few decades left before it's possible for a Great Khan event. Even with these planned preparations, a Great Khan would be VERY BAD. Many players struggle to ammass a military capable of maintaining soverignty in the face of a Great Khan, and resort to subjugating themselves to the Khan until such a point that the Khan dies of old age or an assassin's blade. Then they reclaim their sovereighty as the marauder's factions go back to tearing at each other's throats. I'm going to do everything in my power to maintain our soverignty in the event of a Great Khan.

I forgot to save the circled map after adding all of the circles.

Here's the circled map that I was referencing with the other colors beyond blue and lime green.
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>He said COUNTER-clockwise you idiot
I feel dumb.

You're probably talking about this red area? There were no desirable colonizable planets within that territory to make that area of space a priority. There is the site of the automated mining hub (an orange hexagon surrounds it on this map), but it's really close to UHS space and I wouldn't be able to hold onto such a claim against them.

As a reminder, the UHS is by far (BY FAR, I feel that I need to emphasize this) the most powerful nation that is currently actively expanding their borders. I'm a bit afraid of getting into a war with them at this point, especially if another party attacks me on another front. Normally relative power indicators of "Overwhelming" are reserved for describing fallen empires, but in this case it's because they have "superior" in each sub category. They are without a doubt the most powerful expanding military force in this galaxy. The fallen empries and marauders dwarf the UHS military, but they're not expanding their borders.

So I honestly just want a big buffer between me and them so that the UHS's attention isn't sent my way for awhile. I want that purple nation to fatten up a bit and grow into that territory so that it can be a more substantial speedbump to UHS expansion. Purple will never be a significant threat to me or the UHS, but I want them to grow big enough so that I'll get some warning when the UHS starts deploying significant military assets to that area of space. I might ultimately decide to gurantee purple's indepenence, in which case they'd become essentially North Korea to my China and the UHS's American posturing.

The people clockwise of me are either weaker or comparable to my strength. I think that I'm already economically stronger than those clockwise of me, and my three planned new colonies will cicnh that. I intend to conquer them and add the infrastrucutre that they've built to my own strength. After those wars of conquest, I should be able to stand against the UHS on more even footing.
I love this thread.
OP are you ded?

Is OP kill?
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it's been more than two weeks, OP might be kill.


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Here lies OP, he gave us many great updates on his stellaris game until he succumbed to AIDS cancer. RIP in peace.
OP pls come home
We miss you
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Op will be back you guys.
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Op was a good pony.

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Op here, phone posting. I'm sorry about the lack of updates. My life has been hell for awhile now and I'm contemplating quitting my job. We're understaffed, HR refuses to hire anyone despite us having money earmarked for multiple new employees, I've been working overtime to get shit done and some of my co-workers have taken their third week long vacation of the year and won't stop talking about the fourth that they're planning in just a few weeks.

I just haven't been in the right mindset to play a 4x game, much less narrate the game as I go. I want to continue, and plan to eventually, but I've been too busy trying to stabilize things in my personal life.
Take care of yourself, m8.
So sorry to hear. I hope things turn for the better for you. Take care of yourself first and I hope you get back the joy of playing the game again. All the best of wishes for you.
Take care of your personal business op, we'll be around.