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Inauguration Day
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January 20th, 2021
ITT: We post articles, streams, and discuss what will happen/is happening/has happened on a day that could end up being the HAPPENING of a lifetime.

Things are tense in the US. With the meme virus causing mass hysteria that keeps people cooped up inside, riots happening all summer, and one of the most contested elections during the lifetimes of most everyone alive, all eyes across the world will be on Washington, DC in only three short days.
It doesn't stop there. Tens of thousands of National Guard troops have been deployed, with more on the way. The Marines have been rumored to show up. Not only that, but armed protests have been planned at most if not all state capitols.
Trump isn't saying much, but his administration sure is, about Chinese involvement in everything from rioting to university espionage to the coronavirus and financing election fraud.
The CCP has reportedly offered to send a "peacekeeping" force to aid in the transition to a Biden administration; more maneuvering has been taking place by the US in the South China Sea.

What's gonna happen on the 20th? What's gonna be the outcome of all this? Who will be the winners, and who's gonna lose out? Will there be a peaceful transition to a Biden administration, nuclear war, or something in between? Just how big of a happening is this going to be?
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File (hide): B8BBB1CF8C2E95E89CE2E5DCEB6EADD4-749642.mp4 (732.1 KB, Resolution:796x480 Length:00:00:09, AVOID TRAVEL TO DC.mp4) [play once] [loop]
It's quiet on january 19th. Almost like short breeze before a storm.
>Back home, when I want to go somewhere, I look at sign above road. Sign says where road goes.
>In democratic America, sign above road tells you where you want to go.
In soviet russia the road signs folllow you.
Damn, democratic america is a new soviet russia.

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If he was a shill puppet, then why did they call him Hitler from day 1. Why are they working so hard to destroy him.
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imagine voting.jpg
America is full of secular jews. Secular jews don't like his pro-Israel stance. They would prefer to manage things less traditionally and more subversively. All candidates in america have been compared to commies or nazis post WWII. Trump is still ok though IMO
>Adam Green
>QAnon Zionist Disinformation Psychological Operation 6D Chess Honeytrap | Know More News (Part 1)
Well, now the cat is out of the bag and many are pointing fingers at Trump and Q.
I know this guy is in the category of shill and glowing mossad, however his analysis and assessment of the situation is top notch. It is worth the time to watch.
>Chaos is their plan
They can only do that under very specific circumstances, and it has to be only the appearance of chaos and not an actual state of things that they can't control. If it is actual chaos (as in, a phenomenon that lacks order and can't be easily controlled) then they could do none of what you listed. Either it's just theatre and the illusion of chaos, or the chaos reaches them too and they lose control. An example is the media portraying the jan 6th protest as a "siege", subtly dropping into lines that capitol has to be "rebuilt" now (as if it was destroyed or something), the news using pictures with color lenses to make it appear as if things are on fire. That is the jewish illusion magic they do use all the time. That one would be artifical chaos.
I suppose the global pandemic could fit into that category as well.
The chaos of Trump as a president never referred to this type of artificial controlled chaos or whatever you would want to call it. It was simply to say that electing Trump over Hillary goes against their layed out plan and upsets their little chain of events. And to this day, I am reasonably certain that it did. If you are in a system of control and you don't want to be in it, then better use the forces of chaos to act against that system. Plans are things of order. Chaos eats order. I don't know how else to put at this point. If the various archives go back that far, then really anyone can just take a trip to 2015-2016 4/pol/ and see how it played out. There was a reason KEK was portrayed as a god of chaos, and Moloch as an entity who wants to control from the shadows. Yes, even the memes had symbolic meanings.
Because they are dividing the people into 2 camps even though both parties work for the same master in the end >>298873

/mino/ Thread 1 "The Party Begins"
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This is /mino/ “Mlpol International News Organization”. The mission of this thread is to help spread the truth and increase the flow of international news to people around the world. Due to language and geographical barriers news of the current events and innerworkings of other nations almost never reach the international stage and what few times they do the news stories are jewed up and no longer news but propaganda. This thread and later threads are meant to combat that by having the local news of nations translate to English and summarized by members of our community, so we can have quality non jewed news and spread the truth of what is really going on in the world! This is meant to be a thread to fight back against the strangle hold the Jew has on information and for the truth to travel across the world and flow to anons like you and me! /mino/ will be a slower thread here on the board and only post when there is news there are a handful of anons from a handful of nations that will be working on this project to ensure there is a steady stream of news. Feel free to have discussions on the different news posted here in the thread.
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>Belgium: One Third of the Country’s Population is of Foreign Origin, In Brussels Belgians Are The Minority (Videos)
>Over the last decade, Belgium has changed dramatically. Without any public debate, it has become a massive migration state. Their left-wing government’s open borders migration policies continue to have catastrophic effects on the country’s safety and demographics.
>According to Statbel, the country’s statistical office, one third of Belgium’s population is of foreign origin. The largest number of those being of Moroccan descent. In Brussels, native or indigenous Belgians are already in the minority. In “politically correct” terms, it is called “diversity”, but the more accurate term is, “colonization”. In Belgium’s capitol, Brussels, nearly 80% of the population is of foreign origin.
>Belgium has become a terrorist breeding ground, the country has the highest per-capita rate of foreign fighters of any Western European country. The small country, has even been described by left-wing media as “Europe’s terror hotbed”.

>Belgium's ISLAM Party Supports Sharia - Despises Women
>Belgium's ISLAM Party Wants To Turn The Country into an Islamic State
>Tucker Carlson on Belgium's ISLAM Party Fighting to Make Then an Islamic State
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German soldiers are forced to vaccinate.

> Previously one officer had refused a vaccination and was arrested for it. The same may apply for sars-ncov-2.
Oh, really? Did he try to politely refuse the vaccine?
Tbf isn't this the case for most soldiers in the world? I think even US soldiers can be forces to take vaccines.

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Meme text Spidey lands in Equestria, what happens?
everybody gets one

Post in This Thread Every Time You Visit /sp/ V3.0: Gookmoot's Revenge
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Last thread hit bump limit.
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Kike money.
File (hide): F487BA325B72D661B2DE4ED9D21E5617-5721543.mp4 (5.5 MB, Resolution:480x854 Length:00:00:56, Professional Unlocks Car Without a Key in Seconds.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Professional Unlocks Car Without a Key in Seconds.mp4
Professional Unlocks Car Without a Key in Seconds.

Telegram Groups / Channels ?
In light of the recent deplatforming, it's increasingly obvious that web-based & centralized conservative opinion sites & apps are not long for this brave new woke online world.

I was wondering if any of you nice anons could point me in the direction of some Telegram groups and / or channels with content similar to this board or pre-sellout half chan /pol/.

Clop groups and channels also accepted, of course!

Old thread (not very helpful) - https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/281779
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I haven't used Mumble but I know it's open-source (meaning you can actually verify how it works and where it sends data, which is why it's automatically better than Discord or TeamSpeak)

On https://www.mumble.info (and https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/FAQ#Is_Mumble_encrypted.3F) it says that Mumble is encrypted using SSL/TLS but you need to either...
1) generate the cert yourself using OpenSSL, or
2) obtain the cert from a public certificate authority (just use Let's Encrypt)
see https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Mumble and https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Authentication

One of problems with VOIP is that CIAniggers can analyze the voice audio if they can somehow join the chat or obtain recordings of the audio.
Will check out mumble, looks nice.
Perhaps not the thread for this; Does anyone have any experience with the Tox protocol? It's a p2p IRC with VoIP and video(and even has an OpenBSD client). I've used it for voice not long ago and it's pretty cool so far but is there anything not so obvious one should know before using it?
Here's what I've seen so far

President Trump - @real_DonaldJTrump (just copies of his tweet before he was banned)
Candace Owens - @CandaceOwens
Steven Crowder - @Steven_Crowder
Donald Trump Jr - @TrumpJr
Ben Shapiro - @realBenShapiro
Dan Bongino - @DBongino
Charlie Kirk - @CharlieKirk
James Woods - @JamesWoodsReal
🆕 Rogan O’Handly - @DCDraino
🆕 Andy Ngô - @Andy_Ngo
🆕 Madison Cawthorn - @MadisonCawthorn
🆕 Lauren Boebert - @LaurenBoebertOfficial
🆕 Marjorie Taylor Greene - @RealMarjorieGreene
🆕 Project Veritas - @Project_Veritas
🆕 James O’Keefe - @JamesOkeefeIII
🆕 Jack Posobiec - @Jack_Posobiec
🆕 Dinesh D’Souza - @Dinesh_DSouza
🆕 Benny Johnson - @Benny_Johnson
🆕 ALX - @ALXTheLord
🆕 CJ Pearson - @CJPearson
🆕 Ryan Fournier - @RyanFournier
Students For Trump - @TrumpStudents
🆕 The Epoch Times - @EpochTimesChannel
🆕 The Babylon Bee - @TheBabylonBee
PragerU - @Prager_U
Turning Point USA - @TPUSA
The Daily Wire - @realDailyWire
Daily Caller - @Daily_Caller
Breitbart - @Breitbart
🆕 TheBlaze - @TheBlazeTV
🆕 Newsmax TV - @NewsmaxTV
🆕 One America News Network - @OANNTV
RSBN - @RightSideBroadcastingNetwork
Trump Supporters Channel - @TrumpChannel

Webm/gif thread
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We haven't had one of these in a while so I figured I'd make one. I'll start with a bunch of stuff I got from /pone/ and other places. Feel free to post pol, ponies, or whatever.
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It's sad that so many young women choose to make themselves ugly these days. I want a wife someday, but women are just becoming ugly. Who the hell in there right mind would want to start a family with something like that or spend the rest of their life with it? Even if you did try to cure it how far could you even get? She spent money to learn whatever made her into that and she thinks she is smart because she got a degree out of it. More importantly she has an identity built around her stupid beliefs and she has a community that only cares about her because of those beliefs. I just don't think you can fix someone in a situation like that. This woman and women like her will just be genetic dead ends.
Her insanity and her community's insanity need to be recognized as mental disorders. They seek to pathologize kindness/morality/humanity/reason/resistance to their evil. If they could put you and me in "re-education camps" and gulags they would.
If those demons were locked up in straightjackets and padded rooms they would be unable to commit crimes or vote liberajewcriminal. They would lose their ability to terrorize humans and lose their ability to influence society negatively.
A healthy society encourages healthiness, discourages unhealthiness, and puts a limit on how degenerate you can be before you go to an internment camp.
This insanity won't stop until it's stopped.
"I don't agree with you but I'll die to defend your right to say it" needs to die. A healthy society recognizes that liberals live to attack freedom in the pursuit of their own power no matter the consequences. "Liberalism" is a disease created by the jews.
File (hide): 93470BF3DDC2ED66501F5DDE9F033E32-24614346.webm (23.5 MB, Resolution:960x540 Length:00:04:25, My Litle Pony Intro (Alex S Glitch Remix).webm) [play once] [loop]
My Litle Pony Intro (Alex S Glitch Remix).webm

Natsoc General
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/nsg/ - Natsoc General
ϟϟ Your one-stop-shop for every redpill known to /pol/ ϟϟ

Thread for discussion of the Jewish Question, Race Realism, Anti-Communism, the Aryan Ideal, Traditionalism, Racial Nationalism, and Racial Identity Movements.

Improve yourself, comrades, community, and folk.
> 卐 - SMASH (((MARXISM)))!

卐 - SECURITY FIRST - Follow this guide to stop your ISP from spying on your browser traffic, and to view blocked sites.

/NSG/ - http://pastebin.com/vPZPyDhK

>The Optics of Ineffectiveness
>The Many Faces of National Socialism by Karl Radl
卐 - NATSOC Philosophy and Economics
ᛉ - Right-wing E-Books and Film archives
卐 - Jews and the Porn Industry
ᛉ - Religion, Spirituality, and Esotericism In the 3rd Reich
卐 - HOLOHOAX Resources
ᛉ - Misc Topics
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>We Consign You to the Fire.
Burning subversive literature.
If only Netflix movies like Cuties could be burned.
The Plan
File (hide): 90DAD0BA44E10B1A5D29A05A6713CEE8-27587.zip (26.9 KB, Listing of : Executive Order 66-B021.odt Size Date Time Name -------- -------- ------ --------- 39 19-01-21 14:06 mimetype ......... (only showing the 10 first files) ......... , Executive Order 66-B021.odt)
Executive Order 66-B021.odt
Read, Spread, Prepare and Execute.

Glim Glam Continues to Slam the Work of K "Wham Bam Call Me Ma'am" Kat
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Last thread hit bump limit.

Previous thread: >>284789 →

Continuing from my last post: >>294025 →

Once again, Velvet's basic argument here seems to be that killing in self defense or in defense of others is okay, but she draws a line in the sand at doing it for profit. It would be hard to justify Littlepoop's actions at the slaver colony by this logic.

Self-defense, as far as I'm concerned, is right out. She attacked them, and they were the ones defending themselves; again, the morality of who the slavers were or what they were doing doesn't factor into the equation here. As to the defense of others, you could argue that she was acting in defense of the slaves, but on the other hand the slaves didn't ask for her help, and she had no direct connection to them that justified getting involved.

Also, she drew the train ponies and arguably the entire town of New Appleoosa into her fight against their will, and got the train ponies killed. Does rescuing a few slaves balance out the equation and justify the loss of all that innocent life? Again, it's not particularly important what you or I might think about this; the issue is that these questions ought to have been weighing heavily on Velvet's mind for most of the past few days, but by all appearances they haven't. Really, the author has a pretty nice opportunity here to create a difficult moral dilemma for Velvet, and develop her character by having her try to solve it, but unfortunately this seems to have gone over his head as usual.

We also have LP's actions since the train scene to consider. Between the farm scene and their first meeting with Gawd, there was an entire scene in which LP and Calamity butchered another group of raiders. That wasn't in self defense at all, nor was it in defense of others; they walked up, picked a fight with the raiders, and then killed them all. Here is exactly what happened:

>Velvet Remedy crouched beside me, tending to a gash in Calamity’s side. To her credit, she’d actually tried to talk to the raiders. They returned her hello with some extremely perverted suggestions, at least one of which involved necrophilia. That’s when Calamity started picking off the ponies who had taken sniping positions on the roofs.
So basically, they were walking along the road and they came across a group of raiders. Velvet made an effort to talk things out, the raiders insulted her, and Calamity started shooting. Does this sound like self defense or defense of the innocent to you?

Granted, the raiders probably would not have let them pass and it would have escalated into violence one way or the other, but from Velvet's perspective this shouldn't matter; Calamity was the one who opened fire, so technically their side initiated the conflict. Plus, they could have just as easily turned around and found a way around the settlement, which is what what Velvet would likely have favored.

Anyway, now let's hear Littlepoop's side of the Gawd-contract debate:

>I felt like I was bleeding out, dying. But the more they yelled at me, the more I realized I had already chosen my course. I just had to make them understand why.
>“Silver Bell.”
Oh yeah, Silver Bell. I'd almost forgotten about her. As I recall, Deadeyes, for some reason, made an entry in his accounting ledger in which he confessed to being responsible for the farm attack that killed her parents. Well, I suppose that's a good enough reason to murder somepony as far as Littlepoop's logic goes. So, the question is: does the additional moral justification of Deadeyes being an icky meanie-pants baddie-pone who deserves a horrible poopoo death solve the ethical dilemma for Velvet, and also for Calamity who for some reason has a problem with murder for hire all of a sudden? Let's find out.

Littlepoop goes on to explain what she read in the ledger: that Deadeyes sent his evil meanie-pants poopoo henchmen to murder Silver Bell and her sister's parents in front of them. They also did it really slow and gruesome and made it really really painful, probably with ball-torture and butt stuff and everything, and they did a lot of other bad meanie-pants stuff too, like prank call a bunch of pizzas to Silver Bell's farm that she didn't order, and they left flaming doodie bags on her front porch that she had to step on to put out, and...and...

Anyway, you get the point. Blah blah blah, Deadeyes was a baddie and this justifies turning him into worm food; we've heard this bit before. How do her friends react?

>Calamity spoke first. “Well, now, that changes things.”
Of course it does. Killing for material gain is always wrong, even if it's not material gain you're receiving as compensation for killing, but is just the regular type of material gain you normally get from doing the type of killing you normally do anyway. But, if the pony you're killing is BAD, well that just changes everything now doesn't it?

>Velvet Remedy shook a little, but stayed firm. “What does it change?”
Velvet Remedy taking a moral stand for once? In my Fallout Equestria? It's more common than you think lol not really.

>Velvet Remedy shook a little, but stayed firm. “What does it change?”
>“Ain’t murder no more,” Calamity stated without reservation. “It’s justice.”
>Velvet shook her mane. “Revenge, you mean.”
What's vexing to me about all of this is that kkat clearly wants to explore some complex moral questions in this story, but obstinately refuses to put even a tiny bit of serious thought into the questions he wants to explore. The only character in this story with any clearly-defined ideals is Velvet Remedy, and she almost goes out of her way to avoid adhering to them most of the time. Everyone else seems to (loosely) follow a basic-bitch white-hats-vs-black-hats code of morals that basically amounts to: "bad stuff is bad, unless the pony you are doing bad stuff to is also bad, in which case bad stuff is good."
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Is it the scene where Fluttershy says she'd like to be a tree?
unnamed (5).jpg

>I felt doomed to wander until either I found my place in this hellish outside, or… or I fixed it. At least, as much as I could. I supposed I was searching for my virtue, as Watcher had suggested, like a filly trying to invoke her cutie mark. But Calamity and Velvet Remedy were not burdened by my quest, or my sense of being utterly lost. Why wouldn’t they leave me to it on my own once they had found some place to stay? Tenpony Tower, for instance. Why shouldn’t they?
Once again, the author demonstrates that he is aware of exactly what's wrong with this story, and specifically with this character, and yet once again rather than taking this as a signal that he ought to rewrite the story in order to correct the problem, he instead chooses to simply take note of it and move on. In this rare moment of introspection, Littlepoop attempts to look inside herself, only to discover that there is basically nothing in there. Not only does she lack external goals, she does not have any internal drive or motivation either.

For comparison, let's look at Applejack for a moment. She, too, is a character without external goals; this is a big part of why the show's later writers had so much trouble figuring out what to do with her once it became an event-driven story. However, the gulf between AJ and LP is yuge. Applejack is pure zen; she doesn't have external goals because she doesn't need them. AJ's life revolves around her family, their farm, and the community of Ponyville at large, and in the day to day tasks that go into maintaining that existence. In other words, she finds meaning in life itself, without the need to pursue anything beyond what she has already.

Littlepoop, by contrast, has nothing of the sort. We hear briefly about her mother at the beginning of the story, but she hasn't mentioned her or thought about her since then, so we can only assume they aren't particularly close. She doesn't seem to miss any of the ponies she used to live with in the stable, nor does it seem to bother her that she just walked away from the only life she's ever known. If she had some concrete external goal, like a quest or an archenemy or something, the author could probably get away with having a one-dimensional protagonist; it's been done often enough. As I've said before, this premise would work just fine as campy action-adventure, and characters don't really need much depth if the whole story is just about fighting.

However, LP has no such external objective, nor does she have any inner motivation to keep her going, and these two things combined make her a depressingly empty character. Who is Littlepoop? What is she struggling for, or against? What reason does this pony even have to drag her sorry self out of bed in the morning? Her friends? Her "love" for Velvet? Puh-lease. Her friends are as empty as she is, and anyway the three of them are barely even friends; allies or traveling companions would be more like it. Her love for Velvet is an adolescent crush based mostly on physical attraction and proximity. The two have done little serious bonding even though they've been traveling together for some time now. So apart from this, what else does she have? Her cocaine-mint addiction? She even manages to do that half-assed.

All of this is made even more depressing by the fact that LP herself is aware of how empty she is. She asks herself what she's even trying to do, and can come up with nothing better than this abstract desire to "fix the wasteland." Fix it how? For what reason? Once she's "fixed" everything, what then? She doesn't know.

Littlepoop has nothing she actually cares about, so she throws all of her energy into the maudlin false-empathy she displays for the ponies whose voices she hears in the recordings she collects. She convinces herself that these centuries-dead ponies to whom she has no direct connection are lost souls crying out for justice that only she can provide. So, she goes around beating up every slaver and firebombing every raider camp and looting every stable, because "justice." Ironically, all of this only serves to depress her further, because the more of this shit she does, the more she realizes that even this is a pointless goal; the past can never be changed, she still has nothing to live for in the present, and even if she succeeds in "fixing" the wasteland, she will still be the same boring, empty, purposeless twat she was to begin with. So, she keeps going, not because of some deep-rooted inner drive to do good, but simply because she has no better use for her time. She ruthlessly murders anypony her tacked-on boilerplate sense of morality tells her is "bad," and then wanders around the wasteland collecting random junk, because she's bored and empty and she can't think of anything better to do.

Ironically, once again, the author has actually managed to make a much deeper statement than he ever intended or even realized he was making. Littlepoop is pretty much the quintessential modern millennial; in fact she is probably a subconscious self-insert for the author. Bored and rootless, depressed and directionless, completely lacking any serious sense of purpose, no strong ties to family or community, no meaningful friendships. LP's bloody crusade against raiders and slavers and the horrors of the wasteland can easily be likened to BLM riots or anti-Blumpfh protests. She has no serious values; she's just hurling bricks because she's depressed and empty and miserable, and deep down she knows that once the "wrongs of history" have all been righted she will still be miserable.

Oh, and the bit about being on a quest to "find her virtue," or whatever? That's a crock of shit too. It's no different than some vapid twat jetting off to Europe to "find herself," only to end up spending six months wandering around Prague, blowing strangers and taking pictures of her meals to post on Instagram.


Anyway, Littlepoop continues to whine to herself and wallow in her own pointless misery. That single paragraph I highlighted is about as much introspection as she can manage; she now diverts her attention towards her false empathy for the long-dead ponies of Stable 29, to whom she has no responsibility and for whom she can do nothing. She purposelessly racks her brain to try and think up a possible solution to their problem, and the best she can come up with is to reduce the strain on the water-whoosafudge somehow, so that the collapse of the stable could be padded out across several decades though it would still eventually collapse; thus she is still arguably just prolonging everyone's suffering. However, this would apparently still require some loss of life. The details of her plan are never revealed, because she apparently considers whatever she thought up to be too horrible to imagine, so she quickly dismisses it. Eventually she falls asleep again.

Page break. When we rejoin her, she is still in the same situation. We get some more graphic descriptions of her fucked-up dreams, which aren't really worth going over in detail. Most of it has to do with her anxiety over Calamity and Velvet's budding relationship. Then, she wakes up again.

>Despair tainted my hope, like a cupcake with ashes mixed into the batter.
How the hell do you write a sentence like this and not burst out laughing?

>Grey daylight seeping between heavy curtains (were they armored mesh?) raised the ambient illumination in the room.
This, at the very least, gives us a better picture of the setting. She appears to be in an above-ground room somewhere, so presumably they left the stable at some point.

>Relief was like a flood of painkiller, numbing the irrational fears of my night terrors which clung to me like leeches.
Kkat, you're no longer allowed to attempt simile or metaphor. Your prose is a warm stream of diarrhea flowing endlessly from your warped imagination to the page, much as the previous night's saag paneer will flow from the butthole of an Indian man to the designated street beneath him.

Anyway, this shit just keeps going and going. Littlepoop is delirious, feverish and sad, and much of her emotional energy is directed towards wondering what Calamity and Velvet's relationship has progressed to during the time that she has been unconscious. All of this would be fine, if it weren't for the fact that we were just dropped into this scene with absolutely no preamble. As I said, nothing in the previous chapter was in any way resolved, we don't know where she is or how she got there, and we don't know what's wrong with her or what made her sick.

We are gradually given information, but it's fed to us in very small doses in between LP's obnoxious, stream-of-consciousness whining. Eventually we learn that she is in SteelHooves' shack:

>On the opposite wall was another copy of the recruitment poster. (“You too can be a Steel Ranger!”) I realized where I must be. Lifting my PipBuck, I checked the automap. SteelHooves Shack. I collapsed back onto the bed, feeling unbearably exhausted, physically and mentally.
First of all, if she had just checked her stupid PipBuck to begin with, she would already have this information. Second, this still doesn't answer any of the pertinent questions. Namely, did they actually save SteelHooves as they had planned, or did they just commandeer his shack after he died waiting for them? My understanding is LP's technician skills were required in order to save him, and if she's been in some kind of weird fever this entire time, I don't see how he could have lived.

>And, even worse, I felt horny. Which was not a sensation that mixed well with illness. Maybe it was having Velvet Remedy so close, her head pressing against my flank as she slept partially on my bed. My stomach twisted in warning. I didn’t care.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention; the last time she woke up she found that Velvet was sleeping platonically next to her.

Anyway, as she notes above, Littlepoop is sexually aroused, and decides that she needs to masturbate. She spends several nauseating paragraphs babbling autistically to herself as she tries to decide which dead pony from the past she should fantasize about, and eventually settles on Rarity. She clops for half an hour?!? with Velvet in the bed next to her, and then suddenly realizes that Rarity is some distant relative of Velvet's, and this ruins the fantasy for her. Before she can settle on a new victim for her sordid fantasies, she suddenly vomits. I swear to God, I am not exaggerating or making any of this up; literally all of this revolting autism is actually in the text.

Naturally, this is the point where Velvet wakes up. She gets LP a drink of water and then cleans up her puke. This, of course, is fairly humiliating for her, since vomiting in front of your crush is considered a faux pas in most circles, and being pitied by your crush is even worse. In spite of everything I hate about her, I almost (almost) want to feel sorry for Littlepoop here, but everything else that's wrong with this scene makes this very difficult.

>Velvet Remedy returned to give me water, to clean the wall and floor of my vomit, to bathe me and replace the sheets on my bed. I was in no state to enjoy any of it. But I could properly marvel that she took the time on somepony like me.
This right here is almost (almost) a "d'awww" moment. However, this line:
>But I could properly marvel that she took the time on somepony like me.
This line is just too much. For most of this story, LP has behaved as if she has an unreasonably high opinion of herself, so this just comes across as obnoxious self-pity. It's possible that whatever happened to her in the mysterious interim period between chapters has humbled her somewhat, and if that's the case then great; it's about time something smacked her down from her pedestal. But I still can't sympathize with her.

Anyway, in the next subchapter, her fever breaks and she's more or less back to normal again. Hopefully we can finally learn what the fuck happened and how all the shit from Chapter Fourteen resolved.

>As I floated the canteen from the bedpost, the deep, resonating voice of SteelHooves carried in from the other room. “Sorry, but I just don’t buy it.”
What? So that guy's still alive? Did LP cure him before she got sick, or what? Sorry to keep returning to the Ch 14-15 issue, but this is seriously one of the most jarring scene changes in the entire text; it feels like I'm reading a book that has had several pages torn out of it, and I have to figure out what happened during the missing part of the story.

Seriously, there are so many unanswered questions here. How did they get out of the stable? Last time we saw them the doors had self-locked and they were sealed in. What happened to SteelHooves? Obviously he's not dead, but he was lying in the middle of a fucking field with serious wounds for a period of literal hours; it feels like whatever they did to revive him at the very least deserves a quick scene. And what the hell is wrong with Littlepoop? When did she get sick? How did she get sick? None of this makes any sense.

Anyway, the author either has no intention of explaining any of this shit, or he isn't planning to explain it just yet. SteelHooves, meanwhile, offers us this:

>“Your group is like the beginning of a bad joke,” SteelHooves elaborated. “A covert agent, a princess descended from pre-war aristocracy and an outcast from an advanced civilization trot into a saloon and try to tell ponies that they’re completely normal.”
An "outcast from an advanced civilization" presumably refers to Littlepoop, and I guess it's more or less accurate. Velvet's being a princess and Calamity's being a secret agent is news to me, though.

This next bit of their conversation is yet another of those weird little episodes where the author displays self-awareness about how ridiculous his ideas are, but chooses to simply point them out instead of correcting them. Here, I'll just quote it:

>That alicorn was at full strength, unimpaired, her magical shield shrugging off grenades. Then, a moment later, she was dead,” the low voice gave a grave accounting of our meeting battle like a schoolteacher reading test scores. “A single bullet hole, right through the brain. You want me to believe some innocent young mare just weeks out of a Stable did that? Do you even believe that?
This is referring to her takedown of the alicorn during the fight in which SteelHooves was wounded (and where he sustained the fatal injuries that he has mysteriously recovered from during the undefined time lapse between Chapters 14 and 15). And yes, as I've often pointed out, Littlepoop's ability to just magically hit anything she wants to with dead-on accuracy is obnoxious as fuck. It's unclear whether Roboponer knows about her PipBuck's abilities yet, but it seems like he ought to, since his suit apparently uses similar technology and she was talking about being a PipBuck technician earlier.

>“An innocent young mare,” SteelHooves repeated, “Just out of a Stable. With refined criminal skills that let her pick every lock and hack every computer, even when nopony else in two hundred years has managed the feat.”
I've been grousing about this for almost the entire book. These bizarre little flashes of self-awareness on the author's part come out of left field sometimes.

>I frowned. I had to admit, I’d wondered about the lack of other skilled lockpickers myself. But then, I also knew that I had honed my skill in precise telekinetic lockpicking over years as part of my attempt to conjure my cutie mark. My C.A.T. proved that my natural talents were focused towards mundane and arcane sciences, and my studies as a PipBuck technician and the tools of my trade gave me the education to manipulate terminals that few outsiders would have. But most of all, I knew that I hadn’t been anywhere near as good at either of these things when I left Stable Two as I had become since. I had been reading books and getting a lot of practice.
tl;dr, she is Mary of Sue, the Great One whom the scriptures foretold.

In all seriousness, I'm beginning to wonder if people in whatever forum he originally published this on were giving him shit about his character being a Mary Sue, and he felt the need to cook up some kind of in-world explanation for it. If he was just publishing this as he was writing it, it might explain his tendency to try to justify problems instead of revising and correcting them. I know this text was posted on FimFiction after it was already completed but wasn't published there initially, and I'm a little curious as to where and how this was originally released to the public.

Anyway, SteelHooves is apparently of the opinion that someone as talented and amazing as Littlepoop must be an agent from the Ministry of Awesome or some similar black-ops organization apparently the Ministry of Awesome is a black-ops organization, because there's no way she could just be a regular-ass civilian. Calamity assures him this is not the case, and they go back and forth like this for awhile. The conversation is completely pointless, and does absolutely nothing to clarify any of the points that still need clarification, nor does it provide any other particularly useful information (it's mostly just a recap of events we've already seen). We finally get real confirmation that Velvet's ancestor Sweetie Belle was in fact one of the three founders of StableTec, which has never technically been clarified (though it's obvious enough at this point), so that's something I guess.

The scene ends on a strange note:

>“Did you know that when Littlepip sleeps, she has a cute little snore?”
Littlepoop (eavesdropping, speaking to herself):
>I do not sn… oh crap!
I'm not quite sure what this exclamation is supposed to imply.

Coronavirus Thread #6
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The old thread >>273971 → hit the bump limit.
Post Corona-Chan stuff here.
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The numbers of infected are determined by the amount of people tested (based on the fact that the majority of people tested will return as a false positive – based on the PCR method), and so the COVID-19 situation was deemed to get worse as they increased testing through expansion of test facilities, employers requiring tests, travel requiring tests, school students requiring tests, teachers requiring tests, hospitalized requiring tests, deaths requiring tests, sports athletes requiring tests and doctors appointments requiring tests.

According to public data, a large percentage of deaths marked as COVID-19 had one or many serious pre-existing conditions.

The RNA based, so called “vaccine” has never been used before and his highly experimental. Previous attempts to create a vaccine for SARS-CoV-1 (with COVID-19 being known as SARS-CoV-2) have failed and shown that animals injected with the vaccine developed an autoimmune disease, which resulted in animal deaths in the trials. The non-RNA based vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) have certain substances never used before in vaccines such as Polyethylene Glycol – making both the RNA and non-RNA vaccines experimental and never used before. The RNA based vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 have been proven to cause pathogenic priming antibody dependant enhancements, which results in death. There have already been hundreds of thousands (if not more – no additional data has been publicly released as of yet) of negative side effects (see CDC document: “Anaphylaxis Following m-RNA COVID-19 Vaccine Receipt” and “VAERS Data 2020/2021” – note this data was after a small amount of time had passed from the vaccine injections – so is only short term side effects so far) for people who were administered COVID-19 vaccines including deaths and debilitating symptoms which make the injured party unable to perform daily activities, unable to work and require permanent care from a doctor or health care professional. A study published in the best-known peer-reviewed general medical journal, The Lancet, used fraudulent data to claim that Hydroxychloroquine is ineffective in treating people deemed COVID-19 patients – this study was retracted (the first time in decades that a study had been taken back from this journal), but had already been publicised and pushed through the main stream media (no major reporting has been made to reveal that the finding of the retracted study were false) and as a result has meant it is no longer used and vaccines will go ahead unchallenged.

At the start of the COVID-19 situation hospitals were said to be over capacity, although doctors and nurses and other staff found the time to choreograph, practice, film and edit to music, videos of dancing workers.

:These points only scratch the surface of the COVID-19 fraud – more points to follow soon!:
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Anyone else getting really dizzy when you where a mask too long? I'm worried these mask will give me some kind of brain damage in the long run or something.
virgin vs chad mask.png
Same, everything becomes more exhausting than it should be because your body's getting less oxygen and the masks trap CO2 in your moistened bacteria-orgy breathing area. Fasten the mask properly and I pant like a fatty after a handful of steps.
It's why I got one of those reuseable cloth masks with adjustable elastic straps and wear it as loosely as I can get away with, and take it off when I don't need to wear it. Makes getting air a little easier. Still hate wearing it.

If these masks are supposed to psychologically "Take our faces away" and encourage conformity, does that mean it's mentally healthier to get a mask with a design you like on it?
I thought about getting a full faced gas mask with a tinted visor but decided it was too turbo-autist; ML algorithms could probably ID me by my stature and gait anyway. I wonder if they're easier to breathe through for anons in more restrictive parts of the world though.
As far as the psyop angle goes, I wouldn't discount the usefulness of covering your face. While a surgical mask makes people look like a fag, they also have a bit of an authoritarian air to them since you can't really see their features or expression. The guards in the Stanford Prison Experiment wore sunglasses for a reason. Which is paradoxically why they might've tried to get people to wear them, because the only ones that would enthusiastically obey were the commies in the first place. Notice how they said "no mask," and then "mask" later on?
In the age of information warfare, it would seem to make sense to cover your identity as much as practically possible. However, my opinion on psychological health would be more towards that anons wore whatever kind of mask they wanted, or not, based on how they felt about it. But since governments seem hell-bent on sacrificing mental and spiritual health for the meme virus, the next best thing would seem to be whatever anons wanted to have with that taken into account, regardless of what some commie thinks next door or even how our oppressors are trying to make us feel. Think of them like shills, I suppose. They're just annoying retards that don't know when to buzz off. Despite their whining, how they feel about it isn't our problem. Just like them catching a cold isn't either.
Make no mistake. I've had to suffer these kinds of amateur doctors for a very long time. If they want to spite you, they're going to find a way. The best way to strengthen yourself is to do just that, and wait and hope and pray that if and when there's an escape route it will show itself in time. Focus your energy on yourself, you're the only one that has to live with yourself regardless of if you move to greener pastures or not.