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What opinions do you anons have towards law enforcement officers? I've seen cops called ZOGbots here, but I've also seen anons express sympathy towards them. I'm sort of cynical towards them. They've repeatedly failed to defend people from bodily or property damage by criminals, from not preventing Stalinistic terrorists from comitting thuggery in Berkeley, Charlottesville, Portland, etc, to failing to prevent black riots from getting out of hand, to failing to intervene against mass shooters, like in Broward. They mostly only "protect and serve" a small oligarchic group of individuals and their interests, which makes sense because that's who pays them (although, if I want to be precise, it is really the tax cattle paying them.) It also seems pathetic how many boomercons LARP about being like the Founding Fathers and saying they'd fight the government if it tried to confiscate their firearms while worshipping the police and military. Of course, this isn't to endorse any sort of violent action against the police, many of whom have been misled and decieved like the normies who trust them.
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Don't forget that Hitler did nothing wrong.
>chemtrails exist
Not at the moment.
>Don't forget that Hitler did nothing wrong.
He did fuck a Jewish prostitute and get a dose of the pox. He regretted that mistake enought to put it in his prision journal.
>If you dress police like an occupying army, they're going to act like one. We've turned "protect and serve" into "command and control"

4cc /pol/eague 5
268209 268267
It has been set down from on high that the /pol/eague is to commence at the end of May to the beginning of June. No official dates have been announced as of yet, the intent seems to be to determine that after the babbies are concluded.
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Next Football to commence Friday
no rest for the best. That's what I'm talking about!

Pony News.JPG
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The old thread >>240409 → hit the bump limit.
Post random news here.
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>NY Leftist Samantha Shader Admits to Hurling Molotov Cocktail Through Police Van with Four Officers Inside – May Face Attempted Murder Charges
>Leftist Samantha Shader and her sister Darian Shader were arrested on Friday night after hurling a molotov cocktail through a NYPD window with four police officers inside.
>Twitter Allows Looters to Coordinate Criminal Behavior While It Declares ‘#BlackLivesMatter’
>Twitter was alerted of these tweets by Breitbart News more than 20 hours ago, and has taken no action.
>In a comment a Twitter spokeswoman said “We’re taking proactive action on any coordinated attempts to disrupt the public conversation around this issue.” The spokeswoman did not describe the tweets as criminal.
>Los Angeles, California
>All in wait. One guy screams at them, “Eff you! You’re not the only ones with guns!”

Minneapolis is on Fire
Joggers are looting and burning down their own neighborhoods. Again.
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270397 270398 270399
w h y.png
dropping in to give you all this; no idea how true this is, but if it is, then it could be funny.
>"is not exempt...'
I know they don't need fucking logic to stage what they're doing, but for fucks sake...
Are dindu rioters a match for 'Strayan shitposters? Find out in June, 2020!
I wonder what will happen in South Africa?

Anonfilly Thread - New Code Edition
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Filly hacks into mainframe.

>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>264739 →
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>dirty hooves
>shitty attitude
>demanding booze
Filly is looking for a nice spanking.

>pic related
With that kind of wood it's going to be a real bitch to clean.
A NSFW verson of filly bobbing comes to mind... I'm not sure how I feel about what I've just thought of.

Scribble Block
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>Post writing that doesn't deserve its own thread

>Be Anon.
>You were not the only anon that got transported to Equestria.
>Neither were you the only Twifag.
>Now this faggot sits next to you and Twilight as you are munching on spagetti.
>Not just any spagetti, resturant tier spagetti.
>You three went out to eat.
>Obviously, Twi wanted to spend some time with you but knew she would feel bad if she left the other anon out.
>You glare at him, motioning with a hand for him to leave.
>He glares back at you.
>”Implying that I would leave just because you tell me to,” he says.
”Implying that it wouldn't be the polite thing to do. Twilight is obviously not looking for an autistic sperg in her life,” you retort.
>”Boys boys. No need to fight over silly old me,” Twilight says, then a grin flashes over her face for a second and she quickly and for a moment rubs her hooves together.
>”Yes, Anon. The weak should fear the strong.”
>He flexes his biceps.
>Twilight moves her lips to make an inaudible, ”Whoa!” And then her eyes peek over at you.
>You naturally rip your shirt off.
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After just passing a few trees, he checked behind him. They had caught up to him again.

Then he saw a large and tall tree with a lot of thick branches near its trunk. Wolves couldn't climb as humans could, he realized.

He had been careful not to wave his firewood so the flames were still going nicely but he dragged it behind him as too scared them a bit off as he got close to the tree.

Steeping on the lower branches and then reaching and pulling himself up on the higher in but almost one motion, Anon successfully climbed out of reach. Or so he thought.

Into the bark sank the claws of the two beasts as the side by side began to walks vertically up the tree.

”Fah! Really?!” Anon pointed at the wolves with an opened hand.

He continued his ascent and they theirs until Anon had gotten about nine feet into the air. There he stopped because he got an idea.

He jumped and landed with his each of his feet on the unsuspecting woody wolves. He had thought they would dampen his momentum but he hadn't counted on them bascially stopping his fall and him managing get a hold on a nearby branch.

The bodies of the two wolves fell and crashed onto the ground creating a huge pile of wood while their razor-sharp paws were still stuck to the tree.

Anon extended his makeshift torch above them. Yes, that firewood that has not been put out from all of this because it was burning with a huge raging fire but which was long enough for Anon to have parts where he could hold it without burning his fingers.

He did his best Austrian accent.

”I'll mourn you with a pyre!”

Then he dropped the fire in the pile of wood that was starting to reassemble.

The fire burning down the length of the charred branch finally finished engulfing the wood upon touching the reassembling remnants of the two monsters, providing a nice base for a brand new fire to consume the beasts. Initially, the fire burned low and almost unnoticeable, only catching the smallest pieces of the two wolves, but once the reassembly was almost complete, these smaller pieces were buried within the depths of the two, providing more than enough surface area for the fire to grow and spread within the now very distressed creatures. After another few moments, even the green lights of their eyes began to dim and shift to orange as the fire consumed them both from within, leaving nothing but charcoal behind.
Upon seeing the majority of the danger now laying in a smoldering pile, Anonymous jumps down from his secondary perch to confront the final wolf, still circling the tree. However, as soon as the wolf sees what's become of its pack mates, it immediately turns tail and runs back into the forest, putting as much distance between itself and this fiend as it physically could.
With all of that taken care of, Anonymous decides to head back to the safety of the camp and the fire near it to spend the rest of the night. He spends the next several hours awake, waiting for the light of dawn to peek over the treetops and signal his ability to return to his task of survival, but when dawn finally comes, he finds yet another oddity of the world around him in the fact that it goes from dawn to midday in less than a minute. After spending another few moments contemplating this and wondering if he somehow fell asleep in the time it took for the sun to rise, he decides that that's not important. What IS important, however, is using the daylight that he didn't just piss away asleep to get something done.
Venturing back out into the forest and away from the ashen remains of the fire, Anonymous does what he needs to. Checking traps, gathering more resources to build another shelter and making sure this time that they're not actually a wood monster, and finally getting to work on finding a place to make a signal. After searching around the forest for a while, he eventually finds a clearing of fair size. Upon entering that clearing, he also finds something else. A large, disheveled and dilapidated castle stands overlooking a ravine, just barely made crossable by a similarly broken-down rope bridge. After debating whether or not it would be a good idea to transfer himself into this new shelter, Anonymous decides that that wouldn't be a good idea just in case some rubble happened to turn him into paste while he was sleeping. However, this structure does make for an excellent landmark for future navigation!
Noting down the castle's approximate location for later use, Anonymous takes the resources he's gathered and heads back to his camp to rebuild it. Once he gets there, a new shelter is made and a new fire is set to be lit later, what food he managed to find is organized and cleaned to the best of his limited ability, and what water he's gathered from the nearby source is also cleaned to the best of his ability.
"Let's hope I don't fucking die out here," Anon speaks to himself as he sits back down near the pit. "What time even is it right now?"
To answer his question, Anonymous looks up to the sky to find that the sun hasn't moved at all from its previous perch!
"Wow, I made some great time in getting all this done! Maybe I can spend some more time trying to find a place to make a signal, or maybe I could get to work on resetting some more of the traps I put out-"
Anonymous cuts himself off before he can finish his thought as the sun immediately and suddenly sinks below the horizon again, with the moon rushing up to take its place with the same impossible speed. Within mere moments, the time has somehow gone from midday to midnight and this time, Anonymous knows he was firmly awake and aware as he saw it happen above him. With another startling realization, Anonymous comes to terms with the fact that he probably isn't on Earth anymore. Either that, or he's been dropped in the woods on some kind of acid trip or something, that's the only other way to explain the wooden wolves springing to life and deciding to fight him and the sun and moon refusing to move for hours only to jump immediately to the other side of the planet within seconds. Such large questions usually can't be answered immediately, but Anonymous isn't sure which is a better answer for his own safety.
On the one hand, if he's tripping out in the middle of the woods, he's at least hopefully somewhere somewhat close to civilization. However, he's also in incredible danger of causing himself severe harm, if the greentexts he's read of anons tripping out are to be believed. On the other hand, he's currently stuck on an alien planet with alien life in an alien environment full of who-knows-what with almost zero hope of getting home. However, at least in this scenario, he still has his wits properly about him and he can be trusted to at least make decent decisions and predictions with adequate exposure to a situation.
Either way, this is not a good situation to be in by any definition of the word. To try and lessen that though, Anonymous immediately gets to work on lighting the next fire, remembering how well it served him in keeping the creatures of the night away from him last night. Once the blaze is properly going, Anon gets together what little food he managed to gather for himself, has a meager meal, and settles in to the Shack 2.0 for the night, hoping that tomorrow at least brings a smidgeon of good news to him.
Very interesting, I'm looking foward to more from the both of you. Seriously no pressure I'm here for the fun, and words.
Glad you're liking it so far, I'll keep doing my best! between you and me, I'm also trying to see how far I can make it through this "pony" fanfic before having to actually mention a pony of any kind :^)

Tulsa is a planned massacre
270147 270148 270150 270163 270196
Hi degenerate horsefucker pals. In current timeline, /mlpol/ is the last real /pol/ in the clear. As such, I come in time of need. By the green ray and the black sun, by Kek's great digits and the needs of tad/pol/es everywhere, I beseech thee. Save Tulsa Oklahoma by tomorrow, and win us the war against the commies kikes and Soros the dark one who's face is made of foreskins.
>the topic
BLM and Soros goons are bussing into Tulsa Oklahoma.
>how is this different from any other city?
Three reasons. Stand your ground is EXPECTED and everyone is armed.
Further, G.T. Bynum, mayor of Tulsa, is a seditious turncoat, funded by Soros through the Aspen Institute, much like others right now who's cities are burning.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, this is orchestrated to coincide with the "tulsa race riots" 99 years ago TOMORROW, in which there was a chimpout over a nigger rapist getting hung, followed by a bunch of dead dindus from them trying to loot and burn armed citizens.

Horsefuckers, I may not be one of you, but I have been there since you were birthed from that weird trist between /pol/'s benis and /mlp/'s horse pucci. Please help expose this. I am a digger, an engineer of the memes, but I can not be the only voice.
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40 mins til 11:11
This caught my interest. They burn a matress then a grisly does a strait to camera protest which seemed a bit odd and then the gofundme page is shut down as most likely a fruad appeal anyway.

sorry should have said the link is dodgy
I apologize for having been out for so long.
But everything that's happening in the US right now already happened in Chile in October.
I don't have many sources in English about that, but I there are too many parallels to be talking about separate things.
I'll gather all the info I have and I'll put it here.

I need to change my life
1959 1960 1961 1962 1964 1976 1980 1987 1993 2436 2445
Hello, I don't know how to start this but here goes.
I think I need to change my life.
Dealing with people is exhausting on its own. But dealing with childish faggy egomaniacs who want to "win" internet arguments and get that precious fucking social credit clout and a sense of pride and accomplishment is even more exhausting.
And it seems the latter is the only kind of person I meet online any more. They're so angry, all the time. So poisonous and spiteful, constantly trying to piss you off. It's not...
This might sound weird.
It's not tiresome or annoying any more.
I don't like how routine this has become.
Endure the pseudointellectualism of this faggot and let him pretend he's clever, say no u when the other one calls you a faggot, imagine yourself rolling your eyes when this different faggot wastes hours of his own life trying to bully you on a website you don't care about and then pretends he's got a deep moral lesson to teach you and it's your fault his gay uncle gave him AIDS.
They're so desperate to feel like they can win something. Even if it's faggy internet "drama" Boomer office-politics retardity.
I'm sick of mudbrained niggers raging at me for not liking their new Star Wars movies or new Hasbro(tm) brand shit or new SwSh incomplete games. I'm sick of trying to justify myself to consumernigger podfaggot pigpeople who will never admit humans have a right to have tastes and standards.
This place is pretty good, but just this place. Everywhere else is full of niggers.
Politics is exhausting. Boomers and their parents deserve a new holocaust for what they allowed the Jews to do to us. Liberals aren't human and I'm sick of pretending I'm shocked when they shit debates up. It's a black and white issue, no pun intended, how the fuck do so many people find this so hard to understand? Politics feels like a lost cause. No one person every week I redpill can make up for the legions bluepilled by Jew schools. Conformity to faggotry is the faggot's religion.
I have hatred for the Jews. It's an insult that fanfags think I hate their subpar product as much as I hate Jews, and it's depressing that they hate me even more than I hate Jews. Hate for me consumes their every waking thought, I only think of Jews during politics time and whenever I see evidence of their fuckery.
I've got other hobbies, I exercise and diet now, and everything besides dealing with pony and politics is rewarding and fun. I've lost so much weight my stomach is almost flat. I've never been this light in my life.
I should be happy. And I am. I'm legitimately proud of my body now.
I'm proud of who I am. 90% of who I am, anyway.
I'm usually happy, which makes the contrast more noticeable when I put myself through this faggy online bullshit.
And I don't know why I do that.
I try to do what's right.
I try to have good optics and win debates and help people see the light.
Is there a non-pozzed Christian forum out there where I'm allowed to say Feminism is cancer and fuck Jews?
Is Christianity as a whole a lost cause? Was I an idiot for going back to it?
I miss when I could say "I like MLP" just like I miss when I could say "I like Star Wars". Modernity is depressing and I feel like a faggot who wants to wallow in muh childish nostalgia forever instead of getting on with his own life and making something worth a damn.
I want to fully become someone I can be proud of, and I don't see any reason to see "dedication" to hasjew products as something to admire.
Sometimes being in this fandom is suffering. All the sites are full of fanfags. And I don't know why I put myself through it. Habit? Tradition?
I don't know what I expect to gain out of posting this.
But here it is.
I think I need to spend less time on pony and politics, or find a way to make time spent on these things better for the soul.
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>The story has the world operate on a Caste System where some fantasy creatures are considered people, like Elves and Dwarves and Humans.
Others like Goblins, rat-people, ogres, orcs, slime girls, and so on are considered pets/slaves at best, pests/nuisances to kill on sight at usually, and hated monsters at worst.

That's a fairly decent 'why', to be distrusted. That also brings up another question to explore why the lesser beings are considered lesser. There is an entire history that made the caste system come to be, which means overcoming that will be difficult.
>Two new creatures appear.
Has there been a history of new creatures appearing before or is this the first time?
Who would really like a super rare one of a kind servant/pet/rug
>Especially if the character does have to kill an Evil Elf for trying to rape another human adventurer, then ends up with a glowing red This Guy Killed An Elf symbol over his head for a week or two.
That sounds fine.
>I could have the characters wait out the effect's duration in the forest, staying away from society. I really like that.
How would the character(s) know that? How much knowledge about the world they are in do they have? If they do know about the world is it accurate?
Would one of them get the mark or both?
Did anyone see the act tale place and run back to wherever letting them all know of a 'murderous' monster on the loose?
Jesus fucking christ, I can feel the heart problems this political shit is giving me.
It's taking over my life again and every spare minute I get, my thoughts are dominated by this or trying not to think about this.
What can I do, lord?
"All that I can", right?
Which is nothing.
I can't save anyone from here.
I lost another friend yesterday.
He got butthurt at me for repeatedly mentioning the raped little girls in england, the ones trafficked by Muslim child-grooming gangs.
So he says I "can't be saved" and he doesn't want to talk to me any more.
This fucking piece of shit, in all his self-righteous bullshit, can't go ten seconds without trying to bullshit me about how hard he cares about this or that.
Bullshit, he's a fake cunt.
He doesn't care about anything but himself and whether he gets to feel moral or not.
Every so often that faggot would whine to me about how hard he has it, because boo hoo hoo he has to message all his liberal friends every day and pat their little poison-filled heads and tell them it's okay, The Drumpf isn't coming for them tonight and the scary whites with their tiki torches aren't coming for them now either.
If he really wanted to help them stop panicking over nothing he'd tell them to stop fucking watching panic-porn fake news networks like CNN!
This fucking antnigger.
He would bullshit me about how hard he supposedly had it every time he wanted to manipulate me.
"Liberalism is the best, I love working for google! Wait, you want to bring up facts? Wah, I can't talk about politics right now! Or ever! Now agree with me or you're not thinking correctly and open-mindedly like me!"
For fucking years, he's been manipulating me. In full view of thousands of people. He even runs a fucking fake brony charity that pretends to help people by doing the literal most retarded money-wasting thing you could think of.
I've been played like a damn fiddle by the person I thought was the first real friend I ever made.
And he tells me, fucking me, the best person I know at acting calm when I'm pissed, that I've gone too far.
But I haven't done anything.
He says I'm too far gone, because I kept sinning, I kept making him feel unhappy. Stupid fucking cunt. His feelings are all that coomer cares about.
He tells me I'm "too far gone into right-wing propaganda" for thinking the raped little girls in the UK exist, and for bringing it up repeatedly when he's trying to shame me into going liberal.
And when, just to see what would happen, I play along and give him the "Oh it's so terrible! I don't want to join but they're sucking me in! They're the only group with solutions to the problems facing my people! Can you personally promise me that you would have my back if your people came for me" lines, what does he say to me? He repeats the "you're too political and propagandized and I can't help you" bullshit.
I can't save him. His fucking porn-addled ant brain was made for Starcraft and roof shooting and bullshitting people about his own fucktarded BDSM fantasy country, not humaning.
I feel the urge to change the post's tone and write something snarky
But fuck that. I need to change something to improve my life and health. Jews would laugh at me if I died from a fucking brain aneurysm or heart problems.
Long ago, there was an evil Dark Lord of darkness who ruled everything. One hero from each of the Core Races formed an adventuring party that killed him.
So their races are seen as cool, and they got to own their own allied countries, one each. Those who didn't help are seen as lowly beasts.
Variant Races like "Sun Elves" from the crystal desert and Dark Elves from the underground ancient elf-city ruins are seen as "almost as good" as real Core Races.
Some non-Core Race people were able to get jobs in the countries that are more tolerant of non-Core Races than others. So it's somewhat normal to see a Centaur innkeeper or Half-Dragon assassin.
>new creatures
It's a somewhat common thing. Sometimes the people who pop in from Other Worlds get to keep their unusual race. Sometimes they become something normal for this world, like Elves or Dragon-People. Sometimes they become something new and unique. Sometimes con-artists pretend to be from Other Worlds to prey on optimistic idiots and con people dumb enough to think this mysterious new stranger needs a place to stay and a roof over his head and food in his belly and totally won't rob the house during the night.
So people who say "I'm from another world" are mistrusted because con-artists outnumber those really from other worlds. And they aren't all from the same place so the Elves can't quiz this new "I'm a human I swear, ignore my centaur body" guy on Napoleon History some human brought up 300 years ago for example.
>lets the town know of a murderous monster
I like that idea. What if someone doesn't see the act take place, but spots a smelly and forest-dwelling monster in the woods with an Elf-Killer Mark roasting wild boars and eating them, then runs back to town ranting about a strange monster he saw in the woods?
The hero could be unrecognizable thanks to a disguise worn during the forest camping trip(makeshift gille suit and a mask or armoured helmet?), but it would add tension to the "Survive in the forest" thing since the hero has to evade any more elves who come to investigate/hunt her down. Kill any more elves in self-defense and the marker lasts longer. Or could become permanent, to add more tension.
Anything to make this one-week "Magical hero survives innawoods" part of the story more interesting.
It all checks out. Being the dumping grounds for all sorts of beings can really cause a problem. Plus not everyone or everything that is brought to the world is good natured.
If it helps the story and the character be more enriched.
That's really fucking rough. Losing friends, even ones that have abused you before is hard.
Don't let it consume you. Your time is valuable.
As always you can vent here... I mean this isn't perfectly private, but this should be fine enough to air grievances.
I know one of my friends used to be in an abusive friendship/lackey sort of thing with someone. He was fairly bitter and cold toward to world.
He's better now. At least since I last saw him.
>I can feel the heart problems this political shit is giving me.
On the bright side one less element to cause political anxiety?
>"All that I can", right?
You are improving your physicality, emboldening your skills, and exercising your mind.
If you feel like you need to do more, expand your scope and range. Break out of perspective and look at the situation at all angles to find the path that will work.
Find like minded people near you, I haven't yet, but potentially a good source of physical interaction.

Coronavirus Thread #4
267403 267404 267409 268336
The old thread >>264168 → hit the bump limit.
Post Corona-Chan stuff here.
524 replies and 375 files omitted.
It looks like a bunch of privalidge students. They truly do not represent society in any country. You are right I wonder what are the demands as Japan is massively racist as a country. Not so much about blacks but then the chances of seeing a black person is very, very low.
They have similar marches in the UK and although the UK police are also racist it is not at the same intensity as the US.
I expect this is just twat and fuckbook bollox and just how the world has become a play thing for social media giants. I am sure the extra media taffic each day has lead to rise in advertising revenue.
270381 270384
>I do not belive in democracy but I do belive in having a system for decision making.
That's called traditional European thinking. You guys had it for centuries in the form of unelected monarchs and czars.
>Americans have zero understanding of socialism in Europe.
Okay, what do we "not understand" about "European Socialism"? And, how it is different from "regular Socialism" (Which is European in origin, but apparently it's different). At least, that isn't already outlined by Yuri: https://invidio.us/watch?v=9CyXCmV6rj8
And, figured out when you find out that the term "Bourgeoisie" is in reference to city dwellers (Not just the rich), which reveals that whenever Socialists go on about taking down the "Bourgeoisie", they mean destroying the cities?

>Japan is massively racist as a country
Have you ever bothered to question WHY?
>Okay, what do we "not understand" about "European Socialism"? And, how it is different from "regular Socialism" (Which is European in origin, but apparently it's different).
Oh, and also explained by G. Edward Griffin:
Have you ever tried reading books rather than watching video`s.

As for racisim I think all countries are naturally racist and that only become a problem when the balance is skewed by people wanting more than they deserve or not bothering to fit-in. Japan is 98% Japanese and the 2% is mainly in Tokyo. There are more North Koreans where I live than English. Last time I looked there were 5 English People and 7 Americans living in my city of 70 thousand. It is perfetly natural for the basic community not to undestand foriegn culture or to change. Why should they?

Glim Glam's Something Something Jam, Insert-Something-Witty Edition
269308 269330 269433
Last thread hit bump limit, serendipitously just as I was wrapping up my review of Friendship is Optimal. Despite the thread being over limit, I responded to a couple more posts dealing with Optimal because I wanted to start fresh with a new topic for this thread. Any further discussion of Optimal or Past Sins I would like to remain in the previous thread until it 404s, which I will still check for replies.

Previous thread: >>248482 →

Anyway, our current reading queue is:
The Sun and the Rose by soulpillar
Fallout: Equestria by kkat

If you would like to suggest anything for the queue, please feel free to do so.

And with that, we shall now commence reading:

The Sun and the Rose
by soulpillar

Chapter 1: Lavender and Beeswax

Alright, first impressions. I've really got to learn to stop saying this, but so far this appears to be a more competently-written work than the last thing I read. The prose in the first few paragraphs is eloquent, if maybe a little overly florid, though I can usually forgive that if the author doesn't go overboard with it. In any case, this guy seems like he can actually write, so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until he does something to earn himself a gay nickname.

Also working in his favor is that his story dives right into the action, while still managing to set a compelling scene. Soulpillar manages to avoid the pitfalls of both Peen Stroke's opening (well written in eloquent language, but slow-paced and with description that is heavy handed at times) and Assman's (direct to the point and evenly paced, but utterly devoid of any feeling or mood). We've got a fairly good middle ground here, and I'm starting this off in a state of cautious optimism.

This, however:
>A dull blue glow reflected off the hurriedly arranged pieces of battered plate on his body. His left arm and shoulder encased in a full steel pauldron and gauntlet whilst his right arm bore only an iron spaulder and a leather glove. Either leg had a metal shin guard strapped over well-worn leather boots. While a hauberk, a white tabard and an over-stuffed leather traveling pack stacked down on his shoulders. His gear rattled with each shift of his body, unbalanced, ill-kept.
Again, the writing is good, but this is probably a little more detail than I would have gone into about the particular type of armor a character is wearing. That's a matter of preference, though; plenty of well-respected fantasy authors do shit like this all the time. Terry Goodkind, who I like, will blather on for entire paragraphs describing the type and number of pillars in a room; George R.R. Martin, who I also like, spends more time describing what characters are eating than any author I've ever read (which is no surprise, considering what a fat fuck he is). So again, cautious optimism here.

Oh, also:
>While a hauberk, a white tabard and an over-stuffed leather traveling pack stacked down on his shoulders.
This should not be a complete sentence as written. "While" usually indicates that you are either continuing a thought from a previous sentence, or are going to append an additional related thought to the end of this one. The author could have probably appended "while a hauberk..." to the end of the previous sentence using a comma, or alternatively he could have just kept this as it's own sentence and dropped the "while," turning it into "A hauberk, a white tabbard and an over-stuffed leather traveling pack stacked down on his shoulders."

Anyway, the scene itself does a decent enough job of grabbing our attention. An unknown character, who by all appearances is human and appears to come from some kind of fantasy and/or medieval-type world, has just stepped through a magic mirror.

The author actually gives us quite a bit of essential information in a relatively compact amount of text: this character dressed hurriedly, suggesting that he's dealing with an unexpected or emergency situation. His helmet has been nigger-rigged with extra protection for his eyes and mouth, which we are told is to ward off some type of miasma, so we know the air in the place he's going is toxic to breathe. The mention of the mirror portal establishes clearly that he is traveling from one dimension to another, and that we are dealing with a universe that has magic.

Finally, a purpose for all of this is established:
>Uncle was quite specific; bring back Cecilia and nothing more.

All in all, what we have here so far is a pretty well-written opening. It gives us enough information to understand what is going on, while at the same time withholding enough that our desire to know more intensifies. It provides us a good visual and sets a good scene, without being too verbose in its description (except for the bit about the armor that I mentioned). Cautious optimism remains so far intact.

>He looked around, shadows and shapes tested his mettle.
This could probably have been worded differently. For one thing, grammatically he should either use a semicolon after "around", or else change "tested" to "testing" if he wants to use the comma. For another, although this usage is technically correct, referring to what this character is currently doing as a "test of mettle" doesn't quite feel right.

Having one's mettle tested usually implies a battle or direct confrontation; in this case, he's just exploring a hallway that might have something dangerous in it. He's on his guard and wary of the shadows and shapes he sees as potential threats, but so far nothing is testing his mettle. The impression this man gives is that of a seasoned warrior, so a mere dark hallway probably wouldn't set him off this much. I'd probably just go with "He looked around, shadows and shapes keeping him on his guard," or something to that effect.
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2496901 - Friendship_is_Magic My_Little_Pony Setharu Starlight_Glimmer.png

This story so far seems to take an interesting approach to the old "human in Equestria" format, and I commend the author for thinking about things a little differently. His vision of Equestria is interesting too: the social tensions and prejudices between the different types of ponies imply a somewhat more "adult" or realist vision of pastel ponyland, which I've seen other authors attempt before. Our old friend Peen Stroke is one such case. However, so far soulpillar seems able to do this without laying it on too thick or going full-blown grimdark with it.

The scenario he's laid out here is believable: Celestia has been gone for three years, and in that time, a schism has begun to form between the pegasi, earth ponies and unicorns. This makes sense and is in line with the established canon of the show: Celestia is the embodiment of Harmony, which is a central tenet of the Equestrian belief system. According to legend, the genesis of the nation occurred when the different pony types learned how to stop fighting and work together towards a common goal. With Celestia gone, this unity begins to fray. Symbolically, as Harmony recedes, Discord creeps in. Soulpillar demonstrates an instinctive grasp of the show's themes, and adheres to them in his own treatment of this world. He pays homage to the source material not by continuously dropping references to this-or-that-episode or peppering the text with fandom in-jokes, but by constructing an original story in this setting that is in harmony ba dum tss with the themes of the original work.

That said, this story unfortunately also suffers from some problems which mar my enjoyment of it. The author has a strong vision, but seems to struggle with translating his ideas into language and laying them out for the reader. His descriptive passages are often murky and the action is difficult to follow, which is perplexing because some descriptive passages are written extremely well. This indicates that he can hammer out quality description when he puts his mind to it. His characterization, unfortunately, needs a lot of work; as I've mentioned, the ways these characters behave range from merely unconvincing to outright bizarre. His dialogue is also pretty mediocre. I also notice he tries to cover up the flaws in his prose with overly florid and elegant language, which is sort of the literary equivalent of spraying the bathroom with apple cinnamon air freshener and hoping that nobody can tell you had Indian for lunch. However, based on what I've read, I'm happy to report that imo, soulpillar still seems to mostly like vaginas so far.

Anyway. Celestia has just returned with Gareth at her side, and the ponies are a little on edge. In soulpillar's Equestria, Gareth is a being who should not be in this world. The ponies have difficulty seeing him, and their magic does not appear to affect him. When they're able to focus their vision on him long enough to see him, they find his appearance to be gangly and disconcerting. Also of note is that the author chooses to tell this portion of the story from Styre's perspective, so we get a firsthand account of all this instead of just having the information fed to us. This was a good narrative choice.

Celestia stops just short of introducing Gareth as her husband, instead proclaiming him to be "Prince-Consort of Equestria," which is probably not much better. Predictably, there are a lot of angry and confused murmurs running through the ranks of the soldiers. Styre, for his part, seems to feel a visceral disgust towards everything about the human, and most of the ponies around him seem to share his view now imagine how they'd react if they met a brony who wandered in.

Overall I feel roughly the same about this scene as I felt about Celestia and Gareth's reunion scene in the previous chapter: the scene itself is good, but it is unfortunately rather poorly written, for the reasons detailed above. The descriptions of Gareth's movements and the appearance of his hands and arms from Styre's perspective are interesting but strangely worded.

For instance:
>Styre made an intrigued noise in his throat, squinting down at the human's rapid yet delicate appendages. Celestia smiled. The rest of the guards feigned disinterest.
I'm not entirely sure what an 'intrigued noise' sounds like, but imagining Styre making such a noise in his throat while the remainder of his company 'feigns disinterest' and Celestia smiles is not a pleasant visual, nor does it feel appropriate to the situation. The description of Gareth's appendages as 'rapid yet delicate' is also a poor choice of words. The concepts of rapidity and delicacy don't relate to each other in any meaningful way, and they also don't give us much of a visual. And in any case, 'rapid' doesn't work as a description of a human limb no matter what other word it's paired with.

So far, I'm having a weird mixed reaction to this text. I'm enjoying the story itself, and I think the author does a lot of things well, but the writing is just rubbing me the wrong way in a lot of weird places. There's just something aggravating about his word choice and his way of describing things. The effect is a little bit like listening to someone play a song you like on a piano that is clearly out of tune.

Anyway, I'm running out of space. Also noteworthy here is that the ponies don't seem to understand human speech, but Styre finds the sound of it to be pleasing.

Gareth writes out a message on a piece of parchment, which Celestia instructs Purple Dart to carry through the mirror that apparently links the two worlds. The task is given to Styre. Celestia then tells Gareth to get on her chariot, but the idea of flight terrifies Gareth. They have a brief conversation that Styre can't understand. Page break.

All in all a surreal and faintly disquieting scene.
Oh, interesting side note. I googled it, and apparently a "styre" is an extinct type of cider apple native to England, that would have been common around the time of the War of the Roses. Based on some of the details in the story so far, the author seems to have a genuine interest in the period of human history this story deals with, so this might have been intentional. If so, it's a pretty obscure reference that he deserves a nod for. If Private Styre ends up being tied to the Apple family somehow, the author deserves both a nod and a respectful tip of the fedora.
It's strange.
Gamers aren't still losing their minds over those Cake Is A Lie jokes.
Anime fans aren't still laughing over Euphinator or THIS X HAS BEEN PASSED DOWN THE ARMSTRONG FAMILY LINE FOR GENERATIONS
Bronies still laugh over 20 percent cooler.
Why are bronies stuck in the past?
That past was nothing special. A few hundred thousand memeing on gay forums, calling themselves moral for wanting the Rainbow Ass.
Hey, Glim. Where do you think the story will go from here, and where do you think it should go?
My money's on
>Celestia solves the problems that happened in her absence with the human's help. Fighting might happen to give the human a chance to show off. Romance happens between Celestia and a perfectly ordinary and unremarkable human who will be called the second coming of christ for having all sorts of virtues we rarely if ever see"