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Looks like the purge of different thoughts have started.

>ACEBOOK has removed the #WalkAway Campaign and has BANNED ME and EVERY MEMBER of my team!!!
>Over half a million people in #WalkAway with hundreds of thousands of testimonial videos and stories is GONE. Facebook has banned everything related to #WalkAway.

>Ron CodeMonkeyZ Twitter Account Suspended

>JUST IN - Twitter has suspended the accounts of former National Security Advisor @GenFlynn and lawyer Sidney Powell.
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>WTF i like FNAF now.
Seriously though these comments are hilarious.
It's like everyone forgot that he made Christian games before FNAF.
Fox 26 TV Reporter Ivory Hecker Informs Network LIVE ON AIR.webm
Project Veritas
>Oh Boy, This Was Brilliant – Fox Journalist in Texas Uses Live Broadcast Opportunity to Notify Public of Network Censorship
>“Whenever possible, throw sand in the machinery”
>A brilliant display of strategy as Fox26 (Houston, Texas) Journalist Ivory Hecker uses a live broadcast to notify her audience that Fox News has been censoring the content of media reporting for ideological reasons.
>The network couldn’t block the transmission because it was live, and they didn’t know it was coming.

Debating Liberals
Why do liberals demand "muh source" on every simple fact that takes 2 seconds to search on the web? Is there a word to describe this lack of critical thought? I think it goes beyond "appeal to authority".

Springtime for Aryanne.png
/mlpol/ makes a Musical?
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Hey, Anons. I'm wondering if I could get some lyrical suggestions for a big parody I'm planning to work on sometime in the future.

If you'd like to see some credibility, I would like to show you my previous work, which you might recognize from this thread. >>>308949
The rules may change as this thread goes on, but as for how it goes, it would generally be like this:
1. Try to rework these songs to one of the following themes:
>Citing how ponies are better than other creatures (without naming any specific creatures, outside of maybe humans or 3DPD)
>Securing the existence of your people and a future for [insert your ethnicity here] children
>Securing the existence of equines and a future for Equestrian foals
>or anything tangentially (or just plain old /pol/) related
2.To make the songs feel not as dated, try not to reference anything from pop culture as much or stuff that’s not ingrained within MLP lore.
3.If the shitposty lyrics are good/funny, it gets to stay.
4. Once a section is colored green, no further edits are to be made to it
5. Anyone is free to contribute whatever they can to the project: edits, drawings (PNGs preferred), their singing voices too, if they prefer! Just make sure that the files submitted are easily accessible, relatively compressed, and of high quality.

I hope to hear from you guys in the document soon!
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Takk så meget.
How about Trottingham for england? All pony lands are ponyland.
Basneed and Chuckpilled
First attempt at "Beyond Her Garden"
>Currage, lives within us
>Is a part of, our kingdom
>Keep your kind close, they're what makes you
>To the glory, that is pony...

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RANDOM NEWS - Thread #5
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The old thread >>281344 → hit the bump limit.
Post random news here.
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>Here We Go Again: JBS "Paid" "Russian" "Hackers" $11 Million In Bitcoin To Resolve "Ransomware" Attack
>There was a moment of sheer hilarity earlier today when, during a Congressional Hearing, the CEO of Colonial Pipeline Joseph Blount took the merely farcical episode of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware hack - when, as a reminder, a ragtag band of elite "Russian" hackers somehow managed to penetrate the company's cyberdefenses but was so stupid it left most if not all of the $4.4 million bitcoins it demanded in ransom in an easily traceable address for the FBI to track down and magically confiscate (it is still unclear how the Feds got the private key to access the "hackers" digital wallet) in days if not hours - and elevated it to a level of sheer ridiculous absurdity when he told Congress that he didn't consult the FBI before paying the ransom.
>This, pardon the parlance of our times, is complete bullshit: either the CEO is lying or, worse, he is telling the truth and as some have speculated, he, the FBI and the "hackers" are all in on this so-called ransomware breach...
>“This Is Wealth Redistribution”: Blackrock And Other Institutional Investors Buying Entire Neighborhoods At Huge Premiums
>As the real estate market continues to break records, a cabal of institutional investors has been tossing gasoline on the fire – buying up properties hand-over-fist as middle-American renters watch their dreams of home ownership fade at the hands of pension funds and other financial behemoths.
>“You now have permanent capital competing with a young couple trying to buy a house,” according to real estate consultant John Burns, whose firm estimates that in many of the country’s hottest markets, roughly one 20% of homes sold are bought by someone who never moves in.
>“That’s going to make U.S. housing permanently more expensive,” said Burns, who thinks home prices will climb as much as 12% this year, on top of last year’s 11% rise.
>Toddler falls from home window, mauled to death by family's 2 pit bulls when he lands
>Neighbors say that the mother immediately reacted and went to rescue her son but that it was a horrendous scene as she tried to pull the dogs off of the little boy.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIqAC_vu8TQ
Nothing interesting is going on?

Glim Glam Shazams All Hams and Ram a Lam Dam Dams Fallout Equestria: Part III
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We are officially on thread #3 and are not even halfway through the book yet. Just kill me now.

Previous thread: >>294032 →
Continuing from last post: >>304593 →
Currently on Chapter 21: The Heart of Twilight Sparkle:

Page break. The last microscene in the chapter appears to be a transcript of the recording that Littlepoop found floating around in the clouds (this is never actually stated, but it makes the most sense). Several lines of dialog follow each other, with no clear indicator as to who is speaking, how many characters are speaking, or whether or not we are meant to interpret these disjointed lines as a conversation. Eventually the author clarifies that Gilda (presumably the griffon, though we have not yet encountered this character in FoE) and Rainbow Dash are carrying a sleeping Spike away shortly after the bombs went off.

No wait, scratch that. Apparently most of the conversation is Dash talking to herself, or maybe narrating this sound recording for posterity or something, while carrying Spike. She mentions that a mercenary has been hired to kill her. It turns out that the mercenary is Gilda. Before the transmission ends, presumably with RD's death, she asks that Gilda join her in singing the song they used to sing from way back, about Junior Speedsters or whatever. The recording abruptly cuts off. Nothing else happens, and no context is provided for any of this. End of chapter.

Chapter 22: The Earth Pony Way

Today's Fortune Cookie:

>“I pray for the safety of all good ponies who come to Fillydelphia, even slaves. But we can’t expect the Goddess to do all the work.”
I assume the meaning of this is that the slaves, and probably not the Goddess, will be doing most, if not all, of the work. As to what work is being done, and who is speaking this line, and in what original context, we are still in the dark. I have little faith that we will be any less in the dark by the time we reach the end of the chapter.

Apparently, they actually are going to Fillydelphia this time. I was more or less expecting them to get diverted onto another side quest. Also, I've completely forgotten why they even wanted to go to Fillydelphia in the first place; I think it had something to do with busting up another slaver camp.

Anyway, most of the journey from Junction R7 to Fillydelphia has been skipped, and they are now close enough to get a glimpse of the city on the horizon and to receive its radio broadcasts. The author makes no attempt to clarify whether they are walking or if they took the airship, or how much time has elapsed between the end of the last chapter and the present. However, that is pretty much par for the course. Meanwhile, Littlepoop focuses her attention on listening to Red Eye's radio broadcasts.

Page break. The microscene opens with some italicized text that is presumably meant to be one of Red Eye's broadcasts. I'll go ahead and dump the whole thing:

>“…we have Uncle and Aunt Fruitcup, a peaceful and loving couple, married for nearly a decade now, living in their quaint little house with their tiny garden on the outskirts of Roamer. No children, two dogs and a sunflower that Aunt Fruitcup has named Celestia.

>“What kind of monster, I have been asked, would root up Aunt and Uncle Fruitcup, tear them away from their peaceful, pointless lives, and set them to work hauling carts heavy with scrap metal?

>“A monster, indeed. But one with his eyes open and cast upon our future. The future of Equestria. Two hundred years ago, we lost our great nation, but we will have it again! And what would the Fruitcups and their little homestead be in two hundred years? Nothing, meaningless, not even hoofnotes in the annals of history. But… what will have meaning two hundred years from now? This factory!

>“And it is from this factory, and the others like it, that Equestria will be rebuilt. It is from the work that Uncle and Aunt Fruitcup do now that a new national infrastructure will be created and a new golden age will be born -- the golden age of Unity! Equestria will rise like a phoenix from her own ashes! But not without our help, and not without our labor.

>“This is what is important. This will make a difference. This will last!”

So far, Red Eye seems like a pretty shitty propagandist. Usually, the idea is to gloss over whatever horrible thing your regime is doing or else just not mention it, and focus instead on hyping up your accomplishments; either that or just flat out make stuff up. For instance, I'm assuming Chairman Mao's addresses to the nation didn't dwell much on crippling food shortages or struggle sessions. Here, we have Red Eye flat out referring to himself as a monster, and bragging about taking a couple of yokels off their land and forcing them to work in some factory he built. It's...a rather unorthodox approach to being a maniacal dictator, to say the least.

Also, I'm a little skeptical about "Uncle and Aunt Fruitcup." Apparently, before being conscripted to do God knows what, they lived in a "quaint little house with their tiny garden" with two dogs and a sunflower. Is there an apocalypse or isn't there? How would a garden work if the soil is irradiated and there's no sunlight? Wouldn't raiders have raped and disemboweled them by now? There is little consistency in how the author approaches this setting.

Anyway, after all of this silliness, the author finally sets the scene. The group is flying in their magic school bus: Velvet is curled up with her balefire phoenix (which doesn't burn her for some reason), Calamity is pulling the bus, and SteelHooves is looking out the window. Calamity announces that the bus is beginning to run out of magic or electricity or whatever it runs on, and they need to find a place to land so he can swap out the batteries. Apparently, the concern is that there may be "hellhounds" about.
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Dude, YES. You're a fucking genius!

Come to think of it, the most OP thing about LP is probably her overwhelming telekinetic strength. Her ideas for solving problems "creatively" usually rely on her overwhelming (amd able to pull new powers out of nowhere like manipulating objects you cant see and the internals of safes) telekinesis to lift heavy things to squish foes, lift sharp rocks to behead them, lift grenades into dragon mouths and unpin them all without being able to see them, lift herself and radioactive bulletproof goo into a ceiling hatch while unlocking the door magically without needing to bother with a lockpick, and so on. The pink fart clouds won't take her telekinesis away.

For the Pink Farts Arc to really qualify as a "No Gear Level" and force Littlepip down into an intimate dangerous place where she has to scavenge supplies and fear traps, her OP telekinesis needs to go away. Them again LP needs psychic powers to use her guns. Guns designed for human hands by earth ponies for no reason. Robbing LP of her ability to self levitate over landmines is necessary to make landmines a threat but removing her ability to wield a weapon in anything but her whore mouth might be a bit much.

Could use some Old World Blues lobotomite bullshit for an excuse for the sudden depowering, blame a glitching Canterlot magic power plant that now absorbs magic from the air and living ponies, or say Pink Cloud was designed to fuck Unicorn horns up so lifting anything too heavy or exerting too much telekinetic force can fuck the horn up for good/attract enemy attention. Enemies that are hard and economically taxing and exhausting to kill. Ammo shortages should force LP out of murderhobo mode. Every melee kill should come with injuries LP has to deal with because health potions are precious and rare.

Oh, and some new monsters should force LP to enter this town without food because they smell food from miles away or something. Hmm, what if Pink Cloud also disabled health potions or turned them toxic? Pink Cloud could also magically make inhabitants see mirages and dead friends, for tragic edgy scenes where LP faces those she's killed and shooting any of them means wasting ammo on illusions and attracting monsters with the sound of gunfire.

It makes people laugh when it isn't supposed to. If it was played for laughs the author would write it as the punchline for jokes and want people to laugh at it. Kkat wants everyone to weep for LP like the false-faced virtue-signallers in his comment section trying to look harmless and girly and overemotional.

Page break. Another excerpt from the journal of Midnight Shower. We skip to Day 7:

In what I'm sure is only a strange coincidence, this entry happens to deal with the ruined bath house that LP & Co. just visited. In its heyday, the bath house was...well, a bath house; a public bathing area that doubled as a sort of zebra social hub. We also learn that wartime Equestria had its own version of SJW retards:

>I was astonished to discover there were ponies living in Zebratown. Only a hoof-full, I am told, but there are ponies who have chosen to live their lives in this place. On purpose. I had the opportunity to converse with one such pony at the bath house, a delightful peasant mare named Daisy. It is Daisy’s assertion that she chose to live here because the zebras need to be reminded that not all ponies are, in her words, “xenophobic bigots.”

This paragraph is also noteworthy:

>Upon leaving the bath house, I noticed several zebra colts quickly attempting to hide an inhaler, looking for all the land like they had been caught by their parents reading an issue of Wingboner Magazine. I am hardly a pony to know about such things, but I suspect they were using illegal zebra-imported pharmaceuticals. Perhaps the constables need to be keeping a better watch.

I'm not sure whether or not the satire was intentional based on prior experience I suspect not, but kkat actually does a pretty good mimic of progressive/SJW hypocrisy here. The cultured, progressive Canterlot ponies consider themselves above the bigoted commoners who are cautious of zebras just because their country is engaged in a bloody life and death struggle with them. So, the Canterlot ponies intentionally befriend zebras just to show how not-bigoted and not-common they are; however, they have a curious habit of treating their zebra "friends" like pets or research specimens. Here are the main bullet points of the situation:

>Equestria is at war with zebras, but has a zebra minority population
>the Equestrian zebras obviously need to be segregated for "their" safety
>it's not because the Canterlot ponies are afraid of them or anything, it's just because all the primitive bigoted redneck ponies might attack them
>well-educated, cultured ponies, obviously, are above such prejudices
>a number of them have even opted to live in Zebratown just to signal how progressive and open-minded they are
>surely the zebras would be grateful for such magnanimity; obviously these poor, oppressed, backwards creatures need to know that there are ponies looking out for them
>oh but look, some of them are doing drugs, the poor dears
>better get some more cops in here, for "their" safety

Again, I rather suspect that the satire here is unintentional, but it's some damn good satire nonetheless.

Anyway, the rest of this deals with the zebras' weird anti-space religion, the tenets of which still have not been properly explained. Midnight Shower finds that everywhere she goes, zebras freak out because of her cutie mark. I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but her cutie mark depicts a meteor shower; thus, it resembles stars and scares the zebras. Poor, silly, backwards creatures with their wacky superstitions; good thing they have magnanimous ponies like Midnight Shower to befriend them and look out for them.

Page break. Back to Littlepoop and her friends. We are once again unceremoniously dropped into the middle of a fight scene. They are still in the sewer tunnels, and for some reason there is also an alicorn. SteelHooves fires a bunch of missiles at the alicorn, which explode harmlessly against her impenetrable magic shield. One of these days someone is going to have to sit kkat down and explain to him why firing off high-powered explosives in an underground tunnel is a bad idea.

Meanwhile, Littlepoop hacks a terminal that's in the sewer for some reason, and opens a door to a research laboratory, which is also in the sewer for some reason. Inside, she finds three zombras which she proceeds to gun down without incident. SteelHooves, for some reason, starts firing off explosives all over the place. Even Calamity objects to this, and urges him to calm the fuck down and stop firing grenades. As usual, there is no structural damage to the surrounding architecture, none of these poorly-maintained 200 year old tunnels collapse on them, and nopony suffers any permanent hearing loss as a result of multiple grenades exploding simultaneously in an enclosed chamber with stone walls.

Incidentally, SteelHooves also set a proximity mine on the door-terminal before the party ran in here. They hear it explode from inside; presumably, the alicorn set it off and died. So, basically, here is the situation: the party runs inside this small, underground research lab surrounded by stone walls on all sides, fires off a fuckton of grenades to kill a couple of straggling zombies, and takes no damage as a result. Meanwhile, the alicorn in the hallway trips a proximity mine that SteelHooves placed on the door, even though she logically would have been able to see him set the mine. Despite the fact that this same alicorn just survived a barrage of missiles, this single small explosion manages to kill her. Naturally, the crumbling underground tunnel around them is still 100% intact.

Anyway, Littlepoop was bitten by one of the zebras and took some poison damage. Xenith tries to brew her an anti-zombie-poison potion, but is bitten by another zombie in the process. Apparently, one of the zombies somehow survived having 80 grenades flung at it. Nothing else happens.

Page break. Midnight Shower, Day 13.

Despite the zebras' intense fear of anything to do with stars, Midnight finds that most of them don't know anything about their own folklore and can't answer her questions. For some reason, the ponies in Zebratown are harassing the zebras and vandalizing their property, even though they are here ostensibly as a gesture of goodwill. Nothing else happens.

Page break. Littlepoop again. The gang finishes applying bandages and healing all of the minor damage they sustained during the fight. Littlepoop cracks open the wall safe in the laboratory because she's a klepto, and finds some more random junk she doesn't need, which she proceeds to take with her anyway. For some reason, Xenith wants to come back to this laboratory when they're done with whatever they're supposed to be doing here (I think they're still looking for kidnapped zebras, but who even knows anymore), so LP marks the location on her map.

LP and SteelHooves leave through a door on the opposite side, saying that they are going to scout ahead. They haven't gone very far when they spy two alicorns, who are holding back a metric fuckton of water using their shield. Suddenly, the alicorn they fought before, which I guess wasn't quite killed by the proximity mine, teleports in. It says "gotcha," and then all three of them teleport away. This causes the shield to disappear, releasing the water.

Page break. The alicorns' trick with the water was probably the first halfway-clever thing that kkat has had them do thus far, so I'm going to award him a couple of points here. Anyway, Littlepoop is now being washed down the sewer tunnels, fighting for air. She gets bounced around quite a bit, loses her sense of direction, nearly drowns, but then doesn't.

>I coughed up water, my head splitting in pain, my horn feeling like it was about to explode. My eyes were red with bloody tears.
Lol. Never change, kkat. Never change.

Anyway, another one of those haunted broadcaster thingies is nearby; it turns out that this is the reason her eyes are crying tears of blood and here I'd just assumed it was because she was goffik. Anyway, she dives down under the water, finds a skeleton with a PipBuck on its arm that contains the ghostly broadcaster, and throws it into the stream so it gets washed away. It turns out that she was washed up against some bars of a drainage tunnel that leads out into the open air. She holds herself against the bars treading water for awhile until eventually the stream dies down, and then finds SteelHooves, who also survived. Nothing else happens.

Page break. Midnight Shower, Day 23:

Midnight finds that she is getting settled into the town, and has found a contact who seems to know something about zebra folklore, a prisoner being held on an unknown charge. Meanwhile, it seems that all of the ziggers in town are getting hooked on a drug called Dash, which was probably introduced to them by the Equestrian CIA. The increased drug use is contributing to the rising incidents of petty crime in Zebratown. Midnight catches a couple of ponies who were trying to sneak liquor into the town for some reason. Nothing else happens.

Page break. Back to Littlepoop. She and SteelHooves emerge from the sewer. Even though Calamity and Xenith are still in the lab, they are hesitant to go back in there to fetch them, on account of how the alicorns might try to drown them again. LP decides it would be best to send SteelHooves back after them, since he apparently can't drown. As she turns to give him his marching orders, she sees that he has wandered off and is staring at a particular spot of ground.

>“I died here,” he said before falling into a long, strange silence.
Which time?

Page break. Midnight Shower, Day 24:

Midnight is on her way to meet with the local police when she is deterred by some wagons blocking the street. So, she decides to go talk to a guy who owns a store that sells zebra tribal masks, because he might know something about zebra folklore or something. However, she is subsequently deterred from this task as well; she chances upon a group of cops who are in the process of raping a zebra mare. Sacrebleu, le edge!

Before she can intervene, the rape is stopped by a police sergeant named Applesnack, which you may or may not remember was SteelHooves' pre-zombification name. Midnight decides it's about time to write a letter to Princess Celestia, who probably insisted that Midnight inform her, in lurid detail, of any incidents of >rape she might witness while in Zebratown.

Page break. Back to Littlepoop. SteelHooves observes a place in the street where a set of hoofprints have melted into the cobblestones. How exactly hoofprints could melt into cobblestones is a question I'm not even going to bother asking. He steps into them and they fit his hooves perfectly; he casts a mournful gaze up towards Canterlot and proclaims that this is where he stood on the day Equestria died. Cue Don McLean mournfully strumming "Equestrian Pie" in a minor key.

He proceeds to fill us in on a few details of a story we already know the gist of: he and Applejack were in Canterlot, trying to round up ponies and get them to safety, while the missiles pounded the shield over Canterlot. They received word that Cloudsdayle had been obliterated.

>"Applejack excused herself and raced to Ponyville. I…” He gave a shuddering sigh. “I never blamed her for leaving. Or for ordering me to stay. There was no pony to blame but myself.
Did she literally run all the way there? Seems like it would have been quicker to just take her flying chariot or whatever she had. Maybe she forgot to hire a new pilot after "Applesnack" kicked the old one off the roof.

>From the timber in the stoic ghoul’s voice, I could tell my friend was actually crying.
Unless this guy literally has trees in his mouth, I believe the word you're looking for here is "timbre."

>My heart went out to him, unable to bear hearing my stalwart Applejack’s Ranger finally unable to hide his hurt.
Fucking lol. Seriously, though, where was your heart when he got knocked off the fucking airship earlier? Remember, he went careening off the edge of the airship in the middle of a battle, plummeted into a rainy abyss, and was missing for the better part of a day? Ring any bells?
Canterlot_outer_view_S2E9 (1).png

He keeps going:

>We had been trying to repair our relationship ever since the night she had seen the darkness in me.
Which night was this? Was it the night you put on mascara and sang My Chemical Romance songs to her while your wrists cried tears of blood?

Anyway, the rest of SteelHooves' anecdote is, again, mostly just filling in the details of a story that we've already heard. However, one of those details elevates this already-hilarious scene to new levels of tragicomedy:

>“The Princesses’ shield was huge,” he reminded me. “Several hundred yards above the city, the shield bisected the waterfalls that pour down into Canterlot. All that water came down and had no place to go. It pooled in the bottom of the shield as the missiles began impacting from above.
>“Water absorbs the Pink Cloud all too readily. When the shield collapsed, that water fell down on Zebratown like a tidal wave from the sky. Except the water was saturated pink. That wave washed over the town and everypony… everyone left inside it.”
Seriously, think about this for a minute. You've got a city on a cliff, with a river running through it that cascades off the cliff into a waterfall. At some point, you need to shield the city from missiles, so you construct a magical shield that for all practical purposes functions as a physical barrier surrounding the city. Apparently, this barrier is not porous enough for water to flow through, so...what? You've effectively dammed the river, and Canterlot is now contained in a giant bubble that is slowly filling up with water? Did the Princesses really think this one through properly? Even if we forget about all the pink cloud stuff for the moment, what exactly was the plan here? Put up a shield to protect everypony from the barrage of missiles, only to have them all drown when the flood waters fill up the bubble?

There's another thing here too: if water can't get out of the shield, how exactly is it getting in? The ingress side of the bubble is water-porous but the egress side isn't? What kind of retarded spell design is that? If you have the capability to make parts of the shield porous, why not have it so the water flows out but not in? That way the water that's already in Canterlot would just drain out. And if you can't make it porous at all, then logically shouldn't the river just flow around the bubble instead of flooding it? There is so much concentrated autism here that I literally can't even process it. Of all the ludicrous instances of physics-rape kkat has flung at us, this is by far the silliest.

Anyway, to wrap the story up, Applesnack was standing in this very spot, looking up mournfully at Canterlot, probably humming a My Chemical Romance song while tears of blood caused his mascara to run, when suddenly the shield broke like an overfilled water balloon, and a tidal wave of pink water came crashing down upon him. And that's the story of how Zebratown became flooded with Pink Cloud and also how SteelHooves got his hoofprints melted into the cobblestones. I guess.

Page break. Midnight Shower's Purportedly Very Strange but So Far Very Uneventful Tale, Day 27:

Midnight has been sending letters to Princess Luna which continue to go unanswered. Meanwhile, she was kicked out of a jeweler's shop when she brought her "starmetal" fragment in to be appraised. Also, for some bizarre reason, the progressive, open-minded ponies who moved to zebratown in order to show how not-bigoted they are have suddenly turned into angry bigots, who drive around in chariots hurling epithets and molotov cocktails at random zebras. For some reason, they consider this to be a saner thing to do than simply finding somewhere else to live. This seems odd, seeing as how, unlike the zebras, they are not being held here against their will. If they have reevaluated their opinion of the zebras based on...wait, what exactly happened to cause this change of heart? None of this adds up, honestly.

>I was just leaving when a chariot raced by, drawn by a very familiar-looking pony as two others hurled burning bottles and shouted anti-zebra epitaphs too foul to sully myself repeating.
It's epithets, not epitaphs, by the way. An epithet describes a characteristic of a person or thing; an epitaph is...wait a minute.

It turns out that technically, an epitaph is a memorial phrase inscribed onto a tombstone. I was actually going to make a snarky joke here about how "epitaphs" are the chapter headers that kkat keeps fucking up, but it turns out I've been misusing this term for actual years. The chapter headers are technically called epigraphs.

It's an easy enough mistake to make, but still; I was technically incorrect, the worst kind of incorrect, and must now commit sudoku. Not really, but there is indeed an important lesson here: I don't know everything. I am as capable of error as anyone else, and you should feel free to call me out on any mistakes that I make. It turns out that today, kkat and I were both faggots.

So, to ensure that we're all on the same page going forward, here is the difference between epithet, epitaph, and epigraph:

"Filthy zigger!"

"Here Lies kkat; we buried him ass-up so that he can keep on doing what he loves."

"Alas, poor Yorick! What fools these mortals be!"

Anyway, the business with the anti-zebra pones throwing the molotov turned into this whole big thing. A zebra filly got burned, and SteelHooves, who was a constable in Zebratown at the time, shot a bitch in the leg. The Dash problem seems to be connected with Angel Bunny's pharmaceutical lab. Also, it turns out the prisoner alluded to earlier, the one who knows about zebra lore, was arrested for smuggling contraband. The contraband turns out to be a book, which was then confiscated by the Ministry of Image. The implication seems to be that this is the zebra necronomicon that keeps popping up. Nothing else happens, really.

Sébastien Lévesque, Pony Artcow: The Sperg-out Continues
16975 16977 17018 17137
In light of the happenings that have taken place over the past few months, and due to the fact that the last thread has exceeded the bump limit for some time now, I've opted to post an updated version with much more relevant information.
Previous thread:
>>15547 →


>Internet Alias:
PonySeb, Seb the Pony.

>Real Name:
Sébastien Lévesque.


Canada (Quebec). Presumed Montreal, as that is the location of his precious McDonald's. The beast was birthed in Laval though, at least according to his own testimony.

Seb is a fat fuck high-school dropout who is as of now twenty-one years old. His first language is French, which soon becomes apparent when you look at the horribly translated captions on most of the images. His art is atrocious, and he typically responds to any sort of genuine criticism with hostility, along with pretty much anything else his French-Canadian autist brain can't comprehend but can still perceive as a personal attack. Following multiple bans from DeviantArt, Seb has, as of now, relocated to FurAffinity, where he is currently headquartered. However, given his repeated offenses on the site and penchant for pissing off everyone around him, his time there is likely wearing thin. Expect him to migrate again soon. Seb enjoys practically every cartoon, regardless of quality. You will see equal amounts of fanart on his various accounts for decent cartoons like MLP as you will for unwatchable Cartoon Network garbage. Seb smells awful, as an alleged classmate has attested to (unconfirmed, but extremely likely to be someone who attended his school). Seb has also complained about people not wanting to be around him because of his odor, and in many photos of him in public you can see other people giving him a decent amount of distance.
Interests include:
>Corporate entities
>Cum inflation
>R63 versions of his own character (Might be a good indication of a budding tranny complex.)
>Collecting stupid fucking lanyards
>Furfaggotry and being a furfag
>Fat fetishism and being a fatass in general
>Confirmed to idolize Chris-Chan
>Pedophilia (has openly admitted to masturbating to foalcon)
>Bringing about the autist singularity by befriending almost every random pony autist on Facebook
>Being angry at Anonymous, Anon and Filly Anon :^)
>Threatening people who laugh at his shitty artwork with death
>Stealing drinks in the most disgusting way possible (collecting large drink cups from fast food trash cans, washing them out in the bathroom, and filling them up at the soft drink dispensers)
>Stealing items from other stores (admitted but then refuted in a 'dindu nuffin' sort of fashion)
>Hating the homeless

>FurAffinity profiles:

>Inkbunny profile:


>Personal website:
(Still can’t archive the site for some reason. Too much concentrated autism, I guess.)


>ArtStation profile:

>Furbooru profile:

>And of course, his Facebook: ̿ ̿ ̿'̿'\\з=(•_•)=ε//'̿'̿ ̿
(Haven't been able to get archive.today to save his current FB account.)

I've chosen to remove the links to his old accounts as they no longer work (save for his old FB account), but kept the archives of them for documentation's sake. Here they are for those who are interested:




>His old Facebook:
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The Second Coming of the Autistic Antichrist.png
you are not welcome here, seb.png
Quick status update on Seb's page: two out of three of his posts already have negative scores, despite not being up even a day. I don't think people are very happy to see Seb again...
Why doesn't he just practice art
AFAIK he left Derpi on his own.

Cuz he prefers stealing them?
>AFAIK he left Derpi on his own.
Perhaps they don't know yet about his nazi ties.

/mlh/ - My Little Human Thread
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Previous bread: http://www.desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/35655695
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How do we know that isn’t fake?
The Purple's account or the femoid?
The purple’s. Just who even is the “femoid”?

Do you think that this account was just made up to make us think that Princess Twilight is a member of the MLH community or do you think she really is and that was genuine? Though I haven’t really been on Trotter since they banned former PM Rump for trotting “FAKE NEWS” and “CHINEIGH VIRUS” all the time.

Webm/gif thread
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We haven't had one of these in a while so I figured I'd make one. I'll start with a bunch of stuff I got from /pone/ and other places. Feel free to post pol, ponies, or whatever.
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File (hide): 0190C9814047E996B2BCE2DB0532455D-47177380.webm (45.0 MB, Resolution:640x360 Length:00:13:33, busted.webm) [play once] [loop]
Schlatt loses a chess game in 2 moves-VT5W8ZXYTAo.webm

File (hide): 799810F309D546A2EC8339665B9FBCF5-1789313.webm (1.7 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:00:26, impending message-MgOF7ZjpEYA.webm) [play once] [loop]
impending message-MgOF7ZjpEYA.webm
File (hide): DF7965D0DA935B2C215B57FB38E18BEF-9603814.webm (9.2 MB, Resolution:1920x1080 Length:00:00:31, Mane Box-x5LuOT6MWyY.webm) [play once] [loop]
Mane Box-x5LuOT6MWyY.webm
File (hide): EC73EF1B0A36F7EB9C0E860E89BF0E09-7703377.webm (7.3 MB, Resolution:960x540 Length:00:01:55, Peace and Tranquility-QiKZZSQsRMM.webm) [play once] [loop]
Peace and Tranquility-QiKZZSQsRMM.webm
[SFM] My Russian pony - Moskau 1979-Rv9wGrYPyj4.webm
Totally Legit Redub (15.ai) - The Sparkle Hut-EkZerLgDXE4.webm

File (hide): BB38554F0878FC5A75B5F7E62E933F09-7634743.mp4 (7.3 MB, Resolution:960x540 Length:00:02:38, Epic Kvetchery.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Epic Kvetchery.mp4
Epic Kvetchery.
Well, that cunt just visited /pol/ for first time.
It was so shocking and disgusting that she was there for "solid" 12 hours straight. Go figures. KEK
I'm so proud.

explosive nazi waifu meme horse.png
Coronavirus Thread #8 - Awakening Edition
The old thread >>303385 → hit the bump limit.
Post Corona-Chan stuff here.
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>US government spends extra $3 billion on vaccine hesitancy propaganda ads – as vaccine deaths surpass 5,000

File (hide): FC0B62499C81E5EACA0868642AD70FCA-18360808.mp4 (17.5 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:01:08, EDIT.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>Alex Jonestein Show
>Why Are Meat And Chicken Becoming Magnetized?
>Owen takes calls and there's a recurring theme about magnetic people and meat.
Mirror: https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/why-are-meat-and-chicken-becoming-magnetized_PoNmh3qyySQsU9X.html
A clip is added.
They have been planning this Covid bullshit for years now....mp4
They have been planning this Covid bullshit for years now...

Horse and Horse related posting
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1 (1).gif

Fat bitch
File (hide): 254AA8F8785D030A21A37E5D2DFF8BBA-5367810.mp4 (5.1 MB, Resolution:1920x1080 Length:00:00:15, Shetland pony.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Shetland pony.mp4

Hilarious moment Shetland interrupts family camping trip-1.mp4
Pony raids a camping tent and helps itself.