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Bugs you found, and changes I made
## Admin
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Bugs you found, and changes I made

Just thought I'd create this thread where you can post any bugs or problems with the site you encounter. And also for me to post any big changes I made.
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Posts are set in stone
One may destroy the stone, though
I never liked post editing even when the mods did it (especially when they did it, tbh). If a post is faulty, just delete it and post again.
It would appear that posting on tor is broken at the moment, unsure if that's a bug or a feature.

can't post.png
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Can't Post?
email us at [email protected]
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I reported three of my own posts that mention explicit details about a webcomic whose author doesn't hide their identity well. In retrospect I never should have made those posts.
John Elway
## HorseWhisperer
Have you seen these new Sven memes? These are some seriously spicy memes.

Anyway, I went ahead and deleted the three posts you requested, but I still think you're making a mountain out of a molehill with this stuff. For one thing, your anecdote was as dense and impossible to follow as most of your posts. For another, there wasn't really anything in there that struck me as all that revealing. All I took away from it was that you have an ex-girlfriend who liked to draw edgy fan-comics. Whatever though; they're gone now, so you can rest easy I guess.

Going forward, if you're concerned about your various arch-enemies uncovering your secret identity, and your friends and family getting caught in the cross-fire, probably the best course of action would be to:

A) stop posting sensitive information, and
B) stop making yourself such a target in the first place.

For one thing, I think you vastly overestimate how interested anyone would actually be in tracking you down irl and hassling you. I can assure you that this Discord-based conspiracy against you that you keep going on about is 100% in your head. There is absolutely zero evidence that anyone is coordinating off-site to screw with you. Nobody would even need to coordinate off-site if they wanted to. What is actually happening is that you keep making a gigantic ass of yourself all over the site, and people here keep egging you on and messing with you because it's funny. That is literally all that's going on. It only seems like a conspiracy to you because you are either unwilling or incapable of seeing the abnormality in your own behavior.

All of the drama surrounding you that has occurred on this site was caused directly by you. When you're not prominently word-vomiting your autism all over the place, nobody thinks about you or cares what you're doing. However, every few months you flare up like a case of herpes, make a dumb post like >>>/mlpol/358186 → or a dumb thread like >>>/mlpol/356155 → . People get annoyed and start arguing with you, or they just start bantzing on you for laughs, and it escalates from there. I will freely admit that I dunk on you all the time, with or without my various tripcodes and capcodes.

This place is like a small town. Everyone knows everyone, and usually there's not a whole lot going on. So when the village idiot wanders into the town square and starts ranting at the top of his lungs about something completely stupid, egging him on and screwing with him becomes a source of entertainment for everyone else. That was your glimmernigger conspiracy, that was your arch-nemesis HC Legend I'm still mildly curious if this guy is/was even a real person, and that's your Discord conspiracy. It's also any other conspiracies that you might dream up in the future.

Look man, I'm not a completely terrible person, and I can generally sympathize with a guy who's getting bullied. But the guy who not only asks for it but keeps lining up to get seconds is hard to feel sorry for. The dweeby-looking guy who's just trying to quietly live his life while people tape kick-me signs to his back? That guy I feel sorry for. That's not you, though. You're basically a guy who tapes a kick-me sign to his own back, and then marches up and down the cafeteria screaming "I AM A GIGANTIC FAGGOT, PLEASE KICK ME!" at the top of his lungs. Then, when people finally start kicking you, you begin shrieking and acting like a victim. That one guy who always calls you "Niggel" is almost as autistic and unintelligible as you yourself, but I can honestly see how he formed the impression that you are a kike, or a crypto-kike, or whatever he calls you. Because you exhibit some damn Jewy behavior sometimes.

Anyway, that's all I've got. I'm not sure if we're at the beginning or the end of the current cycle of Nigel-herpes, but either way, I figured I'd give you my two cents as usual. Do with it what you will.


Questions and Anonswers
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For calm interpersonal discussions and questions and answers.
Also didn't deserve their own thread, but is geared for community engagements.
Also for community input and other things that happen to not be a question or an answer.
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Oh no! The site is set up against you!
I guess you have no choice but to pack up and search for greener pastures. Perhaps a new Facebook group, or a subreddit will do.
John Elway
## HorseWhisperer
>oy vey it's a conspeeeeeeeeracy
lol, why not just chillax my dude?
Dream on.
I'm chill. I'm going to order something for dinner. See ya all later.
>claims to be oppressed
>stays anyway
Wow, you sound like a battered wife.
>this stupid drama
Don’t mind me, just moving files from my phone to my laptop

Salutations, malefactors
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Greetings. /qa/ probably isn't the right board to post this on, but I'm at the end of my rope here.

I adopted an imageboard last year after the Admin decided he was done with the internet in general. I've moderated the board since 2016 and it has over 10 years of history. It's a small site, but it means the world to me and a few other guys on the internet who don't have many other places to go.

I am completely unqualified to do the technical duties of an Admin however. The board runs some version of NPFChan which was installed as an upgrade to Vichan. I've tried setting up a local install of either one but the process escapes me. Configuring databases? No idea what that means or even how to go about learning it. I'm not going to say the instructions are vague, because really the whole process of getting a board package online would be trivial to anyone with a hobbyist understanding of system administration. But that's not me, and I have no idea where to even start.

So I ask, can anyone recommend some basic instructional guides, books, videos or whatever, that will give me the knowledge to at least competently migrate the entirety of the site to a new host? The board is falling apart at the seams due to AWS not permitting us to upgrade our disk size (Fuck AWS in general; learning webdev is hard enough without AWS's pajeet approach to hosting), and we're facing waves of gorespam at the hands of some guy with unlimited VPNs. Even our captcha implementation is disfunctional. Why? I don't know, and I don't know how to know.

If there is no hope for my dumb ass to figure things out, are there at least some trustworthy developers anyone here knows who I may be able to pay to look in to things? I'm not asking for new features, I just want the built-in spam protection to function as it should. I've been contacted by others and have sought help before, but every time it ends up being some depressed man in a dress who wants full access to the site so he can nuke it in the name of homosexualism or something.

I want a Trixie plush.
## Admin
Moving to a new host should be pretty straight forward.

1. Download all files from current host using FTP
2. Export the database using phpMyAdmin
2.1. In phpMyAdmin Click on the database left hand pane
2.2. Click Export in top row mid pane and then the Export button
3. Upload files to new host using FTP
4. Create database (MySQL) on new host (if not already created)
5. Go to the database on new host using phpMyAdmin
6. In phpMyAdmin Click on the database left hand pane
6.1. Click on Import in top row mid pane
6.2. Add the file you Exported in "File to import:" and click Import button
7. Edit the config file in `inc/config.php`
7.2. Go to the " * Database settings" section and fill in correct info for new host database
8. Change the DNS setting for domain
8.1. If using Cloudflare go to Cloudflare and change the IP for the domain to the new host
8.2. If not using Cloudflare go to the domain registrar and change DNS setting to point to new host IP
8.3. The DNS change can take some time if not using Cloudflare unless you have set DNS to be updated every 5 minutes or so in DNS setting

Side-Note: Make sure the new host have all the PHP packages it need - usually it has them by default but just be aware in case NPFChan starts to complain when doing certain operations.
To test prior to switch just wait with changing DNS and visit the new host site using IP or temp-/alternative domain you set up.
## Admin
Might add step that you need to install and set up webserver Apache or Nginx if not already set up on new host.
## Admin
When it comes to spam it is hard to combat and you just have to try to set auto ban and such. As an example even Google and YouTube is incapable of fighting spam so it is a complex problem.
Why captcha don't work I'm not sure about. To speculate it could be that NPFChan is using an old version of reCaptcha that Google have retired and no longer support (Google have a long history of abandoning thigs willy-nilly and older stuff). It has been a while since I worked with that code so I don't remember which captcha method it used, so I'm guessing from looking at the config file.

mad max.jpg
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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread.

What are the bump limits for each board?
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## Mod
You have to admit that was funny.
Stop making these announcements every time you leave to touch grass.
Literally just go.
If you're gonna make this thread about your ego too, then let's rename it to /FTDDTOT/.
## Admin
Working on the link disabling in JS (or rather turn links to clickable links).
Going to need some extra work to get Media embedding working in conjunction as I for some reason were transforming links to clickable when generating the pages and not using JS (I probably had some reasoning behind it when I did it). So I am changing how it is done on backend and moving the link generation to frontend.
But just wanted to give update that it should be done in not too long, I just have to do some testing and hopefully not too many areas will be affected by moving link transforming to frontend (javascript).
Super, thanks Pupper.
using No JS by only using the backend sounds like a feature for older browsers... As in positively ancient or esoteric ones.

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Why am I having an existential crisis why do we experience this existence ?
Good question. Not much I can offer.
Come over poner. >>>/ub/
Existential crisis are a normal factor of being an intelligent lifeform. Expect to have many more of them in your lifetime. It will pass.
>Why am I having an existential crisis
>>>/a/1925 →
Damn son, you played through that game quick.
I was gonna say.
Song Of Saya is pretty good though. You should play it. It might even help you through your existential crisis, as overcoming the pain of a surreal and bleak existence is the basis of the story.

User Policy Rule #8: No Generals
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In this thread, we discuss the future of the "no generals" rule. Whether that be to remove it, re-confirm it, reform it, or clarify it, or decide how it should be enforced.
The No Generals rule is one of the oldest rules on our site, but it's also the least consistently enforced. Very many exceptions to the rule exist on /mlpol/, both explict and de facto. Some Anons have wondered if the no generals rule might be outdated or obsolete, while others have stated that it should be enforced more consistently; some Anons have called for clarity for what constitutes a "general" and why they should be disallowed on this site.

Share your thoughts:
Do you like the current rule? Are you just indifferent to it? Do you think it should be changed? Do you think it's fine as is? Do you want to see it enforced more consistently? Is the rule helpful to our site? Could it be detrimental? Just what is a general? Are generals a bad thing? Do generals diminish content creation, or promote it? What do you think about the current existing generals? Etc.
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## Mod
You keep ignoring the qualifier to everyone's problem, which speaks a lot about you as well.
>I remember what somepony said above your post: that nobody cares of my posting and is ignored. Well, then why so much resistance?
It's not about whether I care or not. You present your "shitpost" as some sort of magical elixir that is going to bring the site back to life.
When it's just a bunch of shit memes and news articles' links.
>That insane assessment speaks a lot about you.
Well, am not pretending am doing a massive favour to a bunch of ungrateful faggots. Neither am I using the site as my personal faceberg account. So, there's that.
Yeah I'm on the weeb's side here.
Drawfagging is content.
The difference between drawfagging and Boomer memes is the heart behind it is front and center.
Writefags count as well.
User retention and acquisition is based on a few things outside of the site itself.
The state of the world and people.
Basically the world keeps demanding more time and energy.
People have circumstances and needs and changes.

You know what /mlpol/ is a bastion of confident hope, truth and horse pussy.
Sure there is some well founded stuff tracked in from being in the world, but for a while any anon can stand in this place. Finding treasures both new and old.
It's not quite a proper rest, but still is rest from the world. A bit of distance and closeness to get to heart of issues and for a heart to heart.
With a wild dose of autsims.
Thank you for the sentiment, I was just kinda pointing out that I'm not really equipped for that much noteworthy content creation. Although...I may write filly again sometime.

/mlk/ Interest?
## Admin
What level of interest is there for a weapons and firearms focused board? A /mlk/, if you will.

Also, is there any interest for other topics like history?

The pony-only board idea ended up at 50% in favor and 50% against, so that is another idea which may be brought back.
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>I don't trust more than three people here with a rifle
Not having a board won't prevent retards from being retarded. You can't stop them from using guns, so why bother stop them from talking about guns?
Why do you keep typing +1 on posts? This ain't ledheddit.
7865 7866
It's been going on for one or two days now, and it's not funny.
+1 updoot and gold for a kind stranger
Chillax anon.

Requesting database dump
Context: https://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/articles/14415587638029/

Imgur is going to start deleting all files uploaded anonymously and everything containing NSFW content (likely determined by using AI).

As part of an ongoing archival effort I would like to request an SQL dump of all the (publicly accessible) site data that contains the phrase "*imgur*".
>As part of an ongoing archival effort
Ongoing by who?
>I would like to request an SQL dump
In case that request wouldn't be fulfilled, would you like to try with HttpTrack or similar?
>by who
By everyone who is interested in preserving this stuff. I'm not actually involved with the imgur downloading part. I just collect and submit any links I can.

I have a bunch of scrapers I could use for this. But scraping a website takes time and runs the risk of getting blacklisted by the website. It's also possible to miss something if the scraper isn't configured properly.
A dump would be significantly faster and easier for everyone involved.

Shackles: The Unchained
7714 366669
Post here to reply to locked threads without bumping them.
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>This isn't about me. This is about justice.
Post a video of yourself doing the chicken dance to the tune of Johnny Rebel's Coon Town and I'll see to it that your threads are deleted. You can wear a mask, but you must dance for me, monkey.
This! its the final solution to the nigel question.
>final solution
Knowing Nigel's rap sheet, I wouldn't be so sure.
## Admin
>If I went for a week, or even a month without posting on this site, would that prove to people I am serious about wanting to move on, and convince them to delete the threads?
John Elway
## HorseWhisperer
Dang it, almost made it a full 24 hours. Alright, since there's technically some new information buried in this latest pile of word-vomit, I'll go ahead and toss you just one last (You).

>If I spoke about going to a party and talking to someone obsessed with Girahim, that's a hint that someone like that is in my life or was once in my life. From there sufficiently dedicated seething nolifers could investigate everyone connected to me on every site I use and guess which person it is. If that user posted her face all over twitter and facebook that's her doxed, and it also narrows down the list of places I might live in. Even if it only leads to her online identity, not her offline one, because she knows how to keep those separate, I don't want her to be harassed online by obsessed delusional histrionic narcissists just for her proximity to me. I don't want spiteful assholes to harass or dox her just to piss me off, or to keep information on the internet that could result in her being harassed or doxed just to piss me off.
I have no idea who or what a Girahim is; for the sake of my own mental health I'm just going to assume it's probably some kind of Pokemon and keep going.

In any case, what you're talking about here is completely speculative. If you wanted us to delete specific posts containing identifying information about real people (names, screen names, geographic locations, etc) that would be one thing. What seems to be worrying you is that some theoretical person, who is theoretically willing to spend untold hours sifting through all of your autism, might theoretically find these threads one day, and theoretically piece together enough info from the clues you've dropped to theoretically locate and harass people you're theoretically close to. This is not even close to being a valid justification for deleting four complete threads from the board.

Chances are pretty slim that anyone is going to find out where your "girlfriend" lives just because you mentioned on the board that she likes Gargamel, or Garderobe, or whatever the fuck you said. Even if you've volunteered enough raw data about yourself over the years that someone could hypothetically find you if they wanted to, nobody is likely to expend the effort unless you give them a reason. That's really the key takeaway here. In other words, if you don't want to be treated like a Chris-chan-tier lolcow, the best thing you can do for yourself is to stop behaving like one.

Here is a short self-help video that might shed some light on your problem:

I understand that you are still laboring under the delusion that your behavior on this site has been exemplary, that you have done no wrong, and that you are simply the victim of an elaborate bullying campaign enacted by "haters" who are "obsessed" with you. Experience has taught me that it's a waste of time trying to convince you otherwise, and yet I still feel compelled to give it one last try:

>I want to correct a mistake and narcissists are smugly standing in the way of that by choice and saying "Just compromise with me and I'll totally keep my word" as if we're not all familiar with that trick and how it leads to the next compromise "I will only delete some of the posts you point out". Are the threads I created on this site really valued by anyone on this site so much, anyone would want as few posts from them gone as possible? Why wouldn't anyone want them gone entirely? How am I supposed to take anyone who says they hate me for my threads seriously if they also don't want my threads gone? I'm probably upsetting people by telling them I want to leave and get rid of those threads, because they don't want to see me go. Sorry if I'm burning bridges by wanting to protect innocent people I care about. There are two people on this site I care about and respect and I'm not one of them. But protecting innocents is more important to me than anyone's feelings, even if it would probably be smarter for me to pretend I don't care about anything.
Give this paragraph you wrote a thorough read, and see if you can figure out why nobody here seems to feel much sympathy for you.

Anyway, from a staff perspective, I think it's safe to say that we've addressed your concerns and this matter is now closed. If you would like to continue using this thread to very publicly make a fool of yourself, thus attracting even more negative attention and increasing the odds that the hater-detectives will try to track your lady-friend down, I won't try to stop you. However, my advice would be to just cut your losses and let it go.

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