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How right wing is this board? Giving the benefit of the doubt and presuming it's quietly natsoc. A lot of people see The Greatest Story Never Told and ride the emotional high thinking they have a full understanding of the 2nd European civil war. You should understand that there was a more important spiritual theory that was internal to national socialism, explained in the book The Myth of the 20th Century. This is the real importance of national socialism. Whereas modern heresy views religion as an individual's journey, the truth is cooperation is a central necessity for actualizing spiritual values. These values are expressable only by the people with the biology to perceive and express it correctly, leading to the concept of the race soul. An abridged audio book is here: https://archive.org/details/TheMyth
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>Do you really believe I'm the one who needs to prove something to you?
no, but you and the others here need to prove something to yourselves.
>You don't know what I accomplished today, but your preconceived notion of what a MLP fan is stops you from considering this.
I don't know of any self-respecting real man who considers himself an MLP fan, but so long as you know that you did what you could and should, and are content with that in yourself, really truly proud of your own being, then that's absolutely fine.
>Do you seriously think I spent all day lounging around watching pony cartoon episodes?
>If you're this determined to see and believe whatever you want, how did you end up here?
because I used to hang around brony sites years back, and that's what I did back then: be a couch potato that just watched gay kid's cartoons all day. when I decided to become something better for the sake of myself and my nation, I gave up all of what had held me back, including those cartoons. so I'm here to try and push others who are held back by escapism from truly achieving the pride their race warrants.
>Maybe you're the one who likes horse pussy too much.
that sounds incredibly degenerate. I really do hope you are a real man, son, because the idea that you're getting your rocks off to "horse pussy" is almost too sad to imagine. you've got a family to raise, for christ's sake.
If you were born ten years ago you'd say the same thing to redpilled music enjoyers.
I appreciate the intent behind your words, but you seem to be throwing the pony out with the bathwater. Couch potato behavior should be avoided at all costs, but that doesnt mean that one cant still enjoy ponies on occasion, whether by one's self or with friends. Additionally, given that one has likely seen most/all of the pony episodes, it's something one can listen to rather than directly watch, while doing their regular adulting.
>t. Just turned 41, owns own milling business and is a private contractor
Ponies were never the problem
No method of Concern Trolling is more tiresome than "Real Man"posting.

Imagine a feminist telling you you're not a "Real Man" if you don't do exactly as it says.

Imagine a jew telling you you're not a "Real Man" if you don't do exactly as it says.

Imagine a jew badly pretending to be based telling you you're not a "Real Man" if you don't do something illegal or express a desire to do something illegal that can get you arrested or the site in legal trouble.

Jews, Leftists, Niggers, Feminists, these cretins are not qualified to determine what a "real man" is.
I say that to them now. nothing enraged me quite as much as Murdoch Murdoch defending listening to Michael Jackson, it was such hypocritical and revolting behaviour. but hey, why have standards about yourself, right? just define for yourself what a man is, don't listen to your culture or ancestors on the matter goy.
Micheal Jackson's a shit musician but as far as I'm aware he was only ever accused of acting like a Hollywood faggot, nothing was ever proven in a court of law.

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>Even if (((corporate))) donors are pushing their SJW developers, the code is not cucked.
yes it is, did you not see the diversity hires they've flooded the kernel team with? either you use older versions, or you jump ship, the entire thing is doomed. you cannot trust something once it's infiltrated, to do otherwise is foolishness.
>Your desire for to inject lies and angst is not working, kike.
oh forgive me, truly a fucking OS is the thing we must protect from all insults. not our culture or nation or heritage or self-respect, some operating system.
Another reason to switch to Linux - Linus doesnt care about your politically correct sensibilities.mp4
>did you not see the diversity hires they've flooded the kernel team with
Linus Torvalds is in charge and every line of code is reviewed in case you didn't know it.
SJWs were and are having a hard time.
>truly a fucking OS is the thing we must protect from all insults. not our culture or nation or heritage or self-respect, some operating system.
We are talking about an OS indeed.
Is it really mutually exclusive to want a nation and people and OS protected?
no, and using something like whonix for security is fine, but taking part in the whole "linux community" really rubs me the wrong way - all those far-left stallmanites, all those SJWs, it's a really degenerate community full of kernel-editing fat weirdos. so long as your eyes are on the goal and you're not wasting too much time fucking around with a computer, there's nothing wrong with it, though I'd much rather develop a racially pure kernel and OS for the new reich,
>it's a really degenerate community full of kernel-editing fat weirdos
Do you understand that any edit MUST go through Linus' Team?
That's the reason why all those weirdos are called out, any stupid and not clean edit is met with the Torvalds' wrath.
For practical purposes, Linux code is far more secure than NSA's edits in Microsoft and Apple code.

Where can I find the english sub to the final evangelion movie? I can't wait and the japs/jews aren't making it readily obvious for me.

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Post in this thread every time you visit /a/
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What are some good sources to watch anime?
Weboas.is has a good collection of website links on it, organized and with a short description. That includes streaming sites. It also includes sites like nyaa.

Greatest Twitter thread of all time

File (hide): 158F8CE7ACC36E67AEEB8C2B10199311-40557935.m4v (38.7 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:04:35, dokidokiwakuwaku.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Cancer Weeb Music
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Post the weebiest shit you've got.
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It's about a taoist necromancer in love with a zombie.
File (hide): 6A4E62A47AD7427ECBE76EED6564233C-6720768.m4v (6.4 MB, Resolution:640x360 Length:00:01:56, chensgensokyo.mp4) [play once] [loop]

File (hide): D740EE505C5587CE36A089CBED9602AD-17984581.m4v (17.2 MB, Resolution:640x360 Length:00:05:47, 2hucheeringsquad.mp4) [play once] [loop]

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any animus liek dis uwu niqqua sheeeit
Cursory glance at ponerpics shows there's plenty of crossover material between MLP: FiM and Sailor Moon, for those interested.
Why do feminists alternate between "Sailor Moon is perfect because it shows girly girls can be superheroes without needing to be mean angry killers! They can use girly things like redemption and mercy!" and "Sailor Moon is racist pedo trash" randomly?
>Why do feminists
Probably because they have severe daddy issues and want to try to bring men in while pushing them away. Best to stay away from those types.
Makes sense.
The way they expect all of reality and fiction to exclusively be for them and make up nonsense justifications for their butthurt when it's sometimes not is so fucking creepy.

Post here every time you finish an anime/manga
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As this board can be rather slow and the standard 'post here when you come' format hasn't helped recently, I figured I'd start a content/recommendation thread.
So, here are the rules:
Whenever you finish reading a manga or watching an anime movie, season, or short series, post here and give it a short review. (Post spoilers for major or minor plot events in spoilers, obviously.) If you feel someone else's review is shit, tell them why so they can improve. I'll start.
Name: Made In Abyss
The Good: the worldbuilding is phenomenal, and the environments are gorgeous. The titular abyss or Netherworld that the story takes place in has varied and versatile landscapes, and each and every one of them is memorable. The creature design is serviceable, a few are uninspired but for the most part they feel at place in a hellscape.
The Bad: there are a few plot inconsistencies and conveniences. Near the end, one of the characters who is portrayed as an experienced researcher seemingly wastes all but two of his test subjects, and then allows the remaining two to escape easily. Reg's arm length seems to fluctuate depending on what the writers need. One minute he's expressing difficulty rescuing the other main character because he lacks the length, the next he's lowering himself down what are presumably hundreds of meters to descend in the abyss safely. The two hollows don't have that well of a defined dynamic, so when you see one of them turned into cat yogurt you don't feel the same emotional investment. The one sentient hollow also sort of stole the show for me, I found her motivations were far more interesting than 'I gotta find my mom.' or 'I am a robot, I will protect you from danger because plot.'
The Ugly: I didn't really like the humor. 99% of it is just some character making a remark about dicks, pussies, balls or butts. Maybe I'd find it a bit less unbearable if they weren't all around 12 (or appear to be around 12). It's just disgusting, felt like the writers were child groomers.
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Just finished the Saga of Tanya the Evil. Fucking PUMPED for the movie. Great series, awesome animation, avant guarde themes (intro and outro), strategy, fortitude, irony throughout; highly recommended. Imo short series' tend to be superior to lengthy ones, and this is no exception. Gonna rewatch ij German for full Nazi-esque effect later. Seriously, its great.
Watched the most recent episode of Re:Zero this week. Excited for the season 2 finale Wednesday.
I binged the first season a couple months ago, but forgot to post about it.
I watched Re:Creators
All those made-up anime characters fighting each other was an interesting premise. The villain having a metaphorical and literal "dead author" that lets fans add new powers to her was interesting, too. The heroes having to beat a foe with infinite power and deciding to make her author a character she can talk to and fuck off with was interesting.
But holy shit, the stuff with humans and anime-making was dull. Simple concepts that could be summed up in 1-4 lines took multiple minutes to explain, and even watching those scenes at 2x speed was slow. It felt like I was reading a godawful fanfiction that didn't trust the audience's ability to understand concepts like crossovers.
And if you're eventually going to break your own rules with the reality-warping liar girl, why dedicate so much time to over-explaining incredibly simple rules? "What would your characters and creators think of each other" is an interesting question but the creators on their own are not interesting people. And the visual novel chick and his obligatory pervert creator... what was the point of that?
And the subtitling job was dogshit, whenever something important was written in Moon Runes the subtitler forgot to add english subs for it. I still have no fucking clue what Liar Girl wrote on that book she showed to the manga artist guy she killed with a ghost dog because I don't speak foreignese.
I liked the cool fights and the rare exploration of what a character might say to/think of its creator but this show probably would have turned out better if it lasted for half the time, trimming the fat from non-essential talking scenes and pouring any budget this saves into its fights.
Just finished Assassination Classroom. It was way more deep than I would have expected. The finale hit me harder than most series' do, and for that, it's in my all-time top 5.
It's a ridiculous series, that doesnt even take its self seriously. And yet, the final roll call. God damn these onions.
Also, Code Geass was trash. Jesus christ. The animation/art style was garbage, and the "whoa, so strategic plot" felt hackneyed. Would not recommend.
I loved Code Geass as a teen but it's peak pseud
Lelouch is not smart. He is just allowed to be right when he pulls bullshit. Landslides go in his favor when he triggers them. Deus ex machinas and diablous ex machinas push the story forward. Lelouch doesn't rig the odds in his favor. He gambles everything on ballsy moves or fucks himself with retarded rookie mistakes or wins because his side has the better people.
giant robots are inferior to tanks in all areas. If you need a taller tank you don't want a taller tank you want a chopper or vtol jet to handle that.
if you have a Contrivium energy source that makes mechs on roller skates hit sixty miles an hour it can make normal tanks go even faster.
Deus Sex bullshit does not a thrilling story with twists and turns make.
Halfway through the story a reset button is hit artificially for no reason. Did a studio exec demand that? It makes me wonder how much better the story would have been without that. Where it could go if a timeskip wasn't wasted on a reset button.
This is a hypocritical show that revels in excess only possible in this setting thanks to Britannia's hyper-elitism. Life sucks for poor people but things are unrealistically great for the rich and middle class to make it seem like there's no reason they couldn't share it with the poor. The hero hates his dad's cartoon darwinism because it rejects the worth of plot devices like Nunally and the nice feelings they can invoke in important people and what they can do if the author decides to undisable them. But this made Britannia a globe-conquering force only a mix of plot armour and unbeatable magic bullshit can beat. This is a setting where some people are just better than others whether they are handed magic power or money or political power or not. You won't see Shirley pulling spinkicks like Spinzaku, the original Spinjutsu master. "only people prepared to be killed should kill" sounds deep but means very little. People who got into this show because they wanted something genuinely smart will be disappointed once they notice all the dumb bullshit.

spoiler: Lelouch is betrayed by his friends for no reason and people who did far worse than him get forgiven. His final plan is to die by Suzaku's hand and fake an evil turn to "take all the world's hatred with him" but this would simply make people keep thinking all Britannians are evil while psychologically fucking with a friend he knows is an unstable wreck.

This show isn't as bad as BBC's Sherlock when it comes to pseudointellectual style over substance but it's up there.

Naruto thread
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The Naruto thread, for Naruto discussion. You can talk about what you like/dislike about the show, your favourite character, your least favourite retcon, and anything else you want.

To get this started I think I'll talk about my least favourite retcon in the series.
When the story first started, Naruto Uzumaki was a nobody.
And an orphan who lives alone in a shitty apartment.
Dead-last in his ninja school, considered a failure by damn near everyone who knew him, hated for a reason he didn't know, he resorted to pranking people and vandalizing the Ninja Mount Rushmore monument in Konoha (The Hidden Leaf Village) for attention. Only one teacher liked him.
He wants to be Hokage (Ninja President) but at first nobody thinks he'll make it.
To make matters worse, this is a setting where things just aren't fair. Some people are born with more talent than others. There are people out there younger than Naruto with more talent than his Ninja senseis. Some people are legitimately threatened by caltrops and ninja knives, and some people are demigods who explode mountains by looking at them and effortlessly survive taking island-destroying explosions to the face.
Some people are born with Kekkei Genkais (Bloodline Limits), a genetic mutation that improves their body or lets them use a certain element nobody else can use. In a world where it takes a long time to learn one Fire/Water/Earth/Wind/Lightning spell and having two elements is considered a sign that you're epic, these people get an extra element on top like Magnetism or Lava. Or lets them use a combo-element like Ice which is a combination of wind and water magic, granting them incredible talent in both elements and the ability to perform ninja hand-seals one-handed. Or a unique evolutionary advantage like white eyes with X-ray vision that see in a 360-degree sphere for miles and let you see the body's chakra points, or bullshit purple god-eyes, or red and black eyes that see faster and gradually unlock increasingly bullshit powers like improve your reflexes, spit magical black fire so hot it burns regular fire and can only be extinguished by sealing magic, trap people in a torture illusion that lasts ages for the victim but a second in reality, make a big fucking gundam out of magic, shit on causality to "turn your wounds into illusions" for six seconds at the cost of your sight in that eye, create a mental time loop for someone until they give up, and get some bullshit power unique to the individual like the ability to mind-control anyone or displace matter or get really really good control of the black fire.
Some people are born with power and immense talent, and some people are nobodies like Naruto.
He did have The Nine-Tailed Fox sealed inside him as a baby, which is an evil demon who hates humanity and wants to be free. But he's not on Naruto's side, and whenever Naruto gets pissed the fox tries to escape.
Naruto was considered a loser by everyone who knew him, and he was a loudmouthed knuckleheaded brat. And yet, he had potential. Once someone told him to do it, he was able to sneak into the Hokage's (Ninja President's) tower, steal the Forbidden Scroll, and learn one technique from it that would quickly become his signature move: The Shadow Clone Jutsu. He saved the life of the teacher that liked him.
He was assigned to a team that hated him at first, getting stuck with the lazy genius Kakashi Hatake, the "grumpy on the outside, kind on the inside" (at first) Sasuke Uchiha, and the shit Sakura Haruno.
The author Kishimoto wanted Sakura to be a normal girl to contrast the stronger and more interesting characters in her team. This was a really stupid move, as Sakura's the least interesting/funny/likable female character in a show where females are already usually uninteresting/unfunny/unlikable, making the rare good females stand out.
Naruto had the odds stacked against him for all of the show, when it was good. He was a nobody who worked hard, and proved to the world he can improve even if they've written him off as a "dead-last loser for life". He beats some fatalist guy who says "People cannot change their destiny" and it's epic. He defeats many foes destined to be stronger than him by working his ass off.
And then, near the end of the tale, the author decides to retcon Naruto's parentage.
Suddenly, Naruto was always some fucking Crusader Kings god-baby with two of the greatest parents possible. His dad turned out to be The Yellow Flash Minato Namikaze, The Fourth Hokage. And his mom was Kushina Uzumaki, a previous Jinchuriki for the Nine-Tails. Their family tree's full of previous Hokage and super-powerful/important people, and Naruto is not only directly related to The Sage Of Six Paths (mythical Ninja Jesus), he is also the reincarnation of the good son of the Sage of Six Paths who's destined to get strong and battle the reincarnation of the evil son. Naruto always had it easier than those with worse parentage.
The final powerups necessary to defeat the final bosses don't come from the people of the Ninja world training hard and using great teamwork and strategy to overcome overwhelming odds. It's handed to them by deus ex machina ninja jesus spirits.
This really detracts from all the "Fuck destiny!" shit the story's said until now.
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You're welcome to abandon the defensive act and argue a position, but you'll need to do better than say 'what you dont like is bad' and then start sniveling when its soundly refuted
lick my balls.jpg
Keep the unwarranted hostility coming if you'd like, but you're not entitled to my respect or time.
So, you're NOT here to argue Naruto? Arent you OP?
Discussing Naruto can be fun. Arguing over Naruto can be fun. But what is more reductive than yelling "fuck you for everything you just said it's proof that you're dumb" no matter what I say? What's with the wannabe-bond villain chuuni language like "that would be a megalomaniacal self delusion of veritably unravelled(sic) proportions"? I'm not saying you have to express disagreements with me respectfully, everyone's welcome to express yourselves however you want. But I don't see the logic in acting that way. What does anyone get out of it? What is gained from the "To be fair you have to have a very high IQ to love everything about Naruto as it is" talk?
I think Naruto would have turned out better if it avoided the escalation spiral that turned the stealthy kung fu ninja show with occasional magic use into glowing men blasting each other with energy balls on the moon. The first arc was shockingly gritty and down to earth compared to where the story would go. Can any future villain matter if he lacks Uchiha eyes or Kaguya blood or something even more overpowered? I can't see a figure like Gato rising again.
I also think the setting of Dragon Ball had more potential in it before Toriyama got addicted to saying "This is the strongest guy", making Goku surpass him, and setting up new strongest guys. Roshi didn't have to be the world's strongest and Goku didn't have to surpass him. There didn't have to be fiveish tiers of deities and when the heroes went to space/started fighting people from space, Freeza didn't have to be the strongest in the universe besides Cell and Buu. When escalating things to the multiversal level, Tori didn't have to say there were only about 12 universes tops or introduce all of the strongest guys in all of them in a big tournament for universal survival only for most of them to turn out to be jokes and jobbers besides Jiren, the personification of modern Dragon Ball's dullness. A big brick wall for Goku to smash. The Pride Troopers were supposed to be superhero parodies so they say justice now and then until Jiren randomly says fuck justice, and the Magical Girl parodies were magical girl parodies so they said love a lot. Anyone remember when Tori wrote the Ginyu Force as a Power Rangers parody except the things they were mocked for (striking poses, leaving themselves open by talking for too long or charging up attacks, playing rock paper scissors to see who fights first) is stuff other characters in the show regularly do? I once heard a fan theory that said Jiren is a Buddha reference and that's why he meditates. Neat.
You are dumb. Your conclusions and misinterpretations of constructive criticism has proven that ad infinitum. When an overwhelming volume of evidence presents its self leading toward an inevitable conclusion and a person asserts this, you respond with gaslighting and misrepresent the entire exchange, as well as the concepts inherent. I dont know whether you lack the ability to grasp the content of the exchanges or whether you're deliberately attempting to skew the exchange in a light far less damning for yourself. Oh wait, I do know, it's a mix of both. But when presented with objective terms and evidence you cry "buzzwords!". When your position is soundly refuted, you screech about how you're being targeted.

Now, while I have no doubt that you have already hit the reply button and are halfway through a diatribe of projection, stonewalling, selective ignorance, and loads of delusional bullshit, let me tell you how to make your positions unassailable.
Wrong: (insert series) is bad for the following reasons.
Correct: I didnt like (insert series) for these reasons

We've been over this before Nigel, your opinion on this is subjective, not objective. Just because you dont grasp/appreciate/recognize something as having quality doesnt make it so. You're just one dude who could stand to put a little less stock in your conclusions. Or, you could present them AS opinions, rather than trying to formulate them as though your opinion is unassailable.
>Tl;dr The only way you can make your opinions objectively true is to acknowledge that they are only subjectively true
While I know you are already spinning the message in a fallacious manner, 3:45 onward is specifically in line with what I am getting at. People are allowed to like things. Your dislike of those things doesnt make you right and them wrong. I could assail your interests all day long, and while that might be appreciable to those who likewise dont like things, it would be the same scenario.

WHEN you want to have an OBJECTIVE discussion about Naruto and the few ACTUAL retcons, I'll be happy to have that discussion. But, until then, going on tirades about how the thing you dont like is bad and anyone who disagrees is anything other than a person who disagrees is childish.
Someday, you'll be better than that. Or you won't; the choice is yours.
Wait, that's why you're mad?
I don't get why you're yelling "Speculative and worthless!" at me just for that, but alright.
I'll say subjective over and over if that calms you down.
I subjectively thought the setting of Naruto was a more interesting place when we didn't know what to expect and the Uchiha/Senju/Moon People families weren't OP demigods with what I subjectively consider to be shark-jumping powers.

>But please, show some respect. It is CERTAINLY among the greatest, whether for memes, social impact, popularity, scope, etc.
Harry Potter is popular, that doesn't make it flawless. Fallout Equestria is popular, that doesn't make it good. The new Star Wars films made a fuckton of money, but that doesn't make them above criticism whether that's subobjective or obsubjective.

But there's something new I've been thinking about...
I also subjectively think the story would have been interesting if the Ninja Countries were more different from each other.
Every nation has a civilian ruler with a name I forget and their own Ninja Village with its own leader called a Hokage. Every nation teaches its ninjas the same stuff (except for the rare kids studying something unusual like puppets), and a similar culture, and every nation has the same ninja-mission system with the same ranks.
What fundamental differences are there between the nations besides where they are locatedd? Mist was "The Bloody Mist Village" for a while and had kids kill each other until Zabuza killed his whole class and ended the tradition, but that stuff goes away on its own by the time the Hokage Summit happens. Sand has long-range fighters and puppet guys, Tsunade gets the Leaf to teach one person per team medical jutsu, and the Raikage likes having a partner that can match his strength for a double lariat attack.
Don't you think the story would have been more interesting if the nations were very different from one another when it comes to how they are ruled and how they operate?

The Promised Neverland
So...there's this animu that's seems to be trending right now where there's literal human farms to feed childr*n to literal demons.
There's no much talk about it on 4chins, not working for me right now, but i managed to get something from the google preview, apparently a lot of its main Discord servers are allowing full chatter about the JQ AND the propostreous [email protected] conspiracy theory, i'll advice to avoid using Discord at all tho.

Fumo Thread: Day of the Fumo Edition
1325 3499
Please read this before posting: http://www.buyfags.moe/Full_guide

Places to buy fumos and other plushes:

For General Fumo information, custom fumo lists, official fumo lists, AND fumo price guides- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qNz36ZJm_P83ke4pzbi4MiinhmGDuES-PEgLEjyIsy8/edit?usp=sharing

Picture guide for acquiring fumos-

Touhou: https://www.gift-gift.jp/nui/toho.html
Gift Closet: https://www.gift-gift.jp/nuigurumi_costume/
Online Shop: http://giftshop.jz.shopserve.jp/

Fumo: https://buyee.jp/item/search?query=ふもふも
Deka: https://buyee.jp/item/search?query=でかふも

Fumo: https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/listPage/list?soldOut=1&keyword=フモフモ ふもふも&lang=en
Deka: https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/listPage/list?soldOut=1&keyword=デカフモ でかふも&lang=en

Tokyo Otaku Mode-

Solaris Japan-

Fumo: https://www.suruga-ya.jp/search?category=5&search_word=ふもふも+東方ぬいぐるみ
Deka: https://www.suruga-ya.jp/search?category=5&search_word=でかふも+東方ぬいぐるみ

Amazon JP-
Fumo: https://www.amazon.co.jp/s?k=東方Project+ふもふも&language=en_US
Suku: https://www.amazon.co.jp/s?k=東方Project+すくすく&language=en_US

Amiami- *Note, they rarely keep Fumos in stock at this point, but they do have other touhou plushies on occasion

Proxy and Forwarding services-

Do not buy from JP Figures. They are a scam.

>But anon I'm a poorfag and can't afford a fumo.
Then just buy a knock off on aliexpress or ebay for like $15-35.

Previous thread >>>/1ntr/3231 →
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I want a Jo'on fumo, but custom fumos are so expensive.
A fumo war could be fun. I'll start taking more pictures of my Cirno fumo and post one pic to /a/ and one post to /1ntr/. Maybe it will even generate content. Remember kids, cheap fumo knockoffs that look just like the real things are available on ebay and aliexpress and they are great for making offensive memes!
Here have a custom fumo dump for /a/
Cheap knock off fumos for those of you wishing to participate in the fumo war:
https://www.ebay.com/itm/TouHou-Project-Fumo-Fumo-Plush-Series-Hakurei-Reimu-Cosplay-20cm-Doll-Toy-Gifts/124489237538? (out of reimus)

Not Fumos but these softs could make fun pics too:
More cute knock off 2hu plushies NOT FUMOS
Also mods I'm not trying advertise I just want more content. 2hu has great meme potential. See >>1308 >>1309

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