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Gorilla cooking
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Thread for geurilla cooking. I made butter out of raw milk today (picrel). This thread is /cyb/ related because western dystopian governments have literally SWAT'd amish farms over less.
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I meant the excuses they use of cases of e coli or whatever. It was significant back when they milked cows in the city in disgusting conditions, but it's much rarer now. There are good tests available, but still some kids have died from raw milk in modern times.

I completely agree with you about the superiority of raw milk and the disgusting state of industrialized milk. That's why I'm doing a herd share from a local farmer so I can have some while I save up to buy land. I can't wait to milk goats and eventually a small cow again. Milk you milked by hand tastes unlike anything else.
Check this out https://based.cooking/
having grown up on a dairy farm, the main thing is to clean the udder really good (iodine disinfectant was typically used), then just milk away.
Be sure to strain it with a coffee filter or similar before drinking is all. Sometimes the cow will have a little bit of mastitis that is not detectable without straining the milk really good. If the mastitis is really bad, the cow is either on antibiotics, or is shot to prevent extreme suffering before death.
Also, don't drink the milk while the cow (or whatever is producing milk) is on antibiotics. Some of it ends up in the milk and can be sensitive for people and really bad for making cheese with. (cheese is literally growing certain bacteria, antibiotics kills the cheese)
Hey OP (and everyone else here for that matter), do you guys follow the work of Aajonus Vonderplanitz at all? If not, he was a raw food advocate and super knowledgeable on health and wellness. I just wanted to see if there were any places to discuss his work and diet.
>Adjonas Vonderplanitz
Not OP, but AV is a literal fraud. All of his accredation and certification is dubious.
>accredation and certification
as if certified (((doctors))) are any more reliable. A medical (((dr))) would tell you that raw milk is dangerous and can kill you.

I've done AV's protocols for close to a year now with incredible results. I don't care about his credentials, I care if his info works. And it does.

Operation Download And Conquer
1409 1410
Given how majority of the internet's audio and video services are provided by Google, thanks to Youtube, the purpose of this operation is to loosen the death-grip that has taken hold. This process will only require that you have a steady internet connection and (Advisably) 100 GB of free space. Here is the process:

Step 1
Download the latest versions of FFMpeg and Youtube-DL, and put all the programs into the same folder:

Step 2
Create an account to any video sites that you wish to distribute videos on. Here are some of the more well-known alternatives, as well as some recommended sites:
AfreecaTV: https://www.afreecatv.com/
Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/
BitTube: https://bittube.tv/
D.tube: https://d.tube/
Dailymotion: https://www.dailymotion.com/
LBRY: https://lbry.com/
NicoNico: https://www.nicovideo.jp/
Rumble: https://rumble.com/
Veoh: https://www.veoh.com/
VidLii: https://www.vidlii.com/
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/
When signing up, if you do not want to use your personal email, you can create a temporary one using any one of the numerous “10 minute email” websites, Cock.li (If you have a referral link), or you can create your own email address: https://archive.fo/okVq4
Also, make sure that you fulfill whatever silly verification demands the site has so that you can upload videos without any issues

Step 3
Hold “Shift” and right-click in an empty part of the folder and select “Open command window here”. Afterwards, you can download Youtube videos through one of the two following methods. First method is if you just want to repost videos and nothing more. All you have to put in the command youtube-dl URL and replace the “URL” with the actual link of the Youtube video, playlist, or channel that you want to download. Doing this will result in all the videos being downloaded, in the best quality possible, to the folder and nothing more.

The second method is for those looking to repost videos in a more complete format. In the command line, instead of just the previously listed command, you copy and paste the following command:
LOGFILE="$PWD/logs/$(date +"%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S.%N").log"
exec 3>&1 4>&2 >>$LOGFILE 2>&1
youtube-dl --verbose --ignore-errors --no-continue --no-overwrites --no-post-overwrites --download-archive archive.txt --write-description --write-info-json --write-annotations --write-thumbnail --all-subs --output "%(uploader)s-(%(uploader_id)s)/%(upload_date)s-%(title)s/%(upload_date)s-%(title)s-%(id)s.%(ext)s" -f bestvideo[ext=mp4]+bestaudio[ext=m4a] -- $1

After doing so, replace the “$1” section of the final command line with the URL of the Youtube video, playlist, or channel that you want to download. The big difference here is that it will result in Youtube-dl creating an archive of videos already downloaded (To prevent downloading the same video repeatedly), all the videos and their files will be downloaded to their own individual folders, and videos will only be downloaded in the best quality that is available (Instead of the best quality possible).

Make sure that the video downloaded by inputting the download command 3-5 times. Sometimes videos disconnect midway through, so you may need to perform this process several times, especially for longer videos.

For videos hidden behind an age-gate restriction, there are two ways to bypass this. The first option is to use yt-dlp: https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp
It's the same program as Youtube-dl, except it has some QoL changes made to it. HOWEVER, do not use it as a replacement as it doesn't download most regular videos in their entirety for some reason.

For the second option, what you do is that you log into your Youtube account and go to a video. Then you can either dump your browser's cookies to the same same folder as the previously downloaded programs, add --cookies FILE after “youtube-dl” and before the rest of the command, and change the word “FILE” to the actual cookies file that you put into the folder; OR you can open the developer tab in your browser, copy the cookies requested by Youtube, and proceed to make your own cookies file: https://archive.vn/FK3mH

If you download too many video in a short time, you may encounter a “HTTP Error 429: Too Many Requests” message that blocks your access. This can be bypassed by either filling out the Captcha on the Youtube website and dumping the cookies file afterwards or changing your IP address.

Step 4
Despite either method mentioned previously, sometimes there are leftover files that are trash. To delete this trash, search for and delete all “.part” files, audio files, and “.fXXX” video files found in the download folder. The “.part” files are videos that were unable to be fully downloaded for whatever reason and should be reattempted at a later date or downloaded through another method. The audio files and the “.fXXX” video files are just the individual audio and video for each Youtube video. They should automatically be deleted despite either method used, but verify just in case.

Step 5
Just re-upload the videos on all of the sites you made an account for. Also, it is advised that all uploaded videos should have this disclaimer in the description: “I did/do not create, publish, nor own the original video.

If you're doing a more thorough upload, here's a breakdown of the files in the video folder. The “.description” files contain all the text from the video's description, and can be opened in Notepad. The image located in the folder is the Youtube thumbnail. The “.json” file is the video's configuration file for annotations. The “.m4a” file is just the video's audio file and should be deleted. The “.mp4” file is the actual video itself; if there are two “.mp4” files, delete the one ending in “.fXXX” as that's just the original video file without any audio. The “.vtt” file(s) is the official subtitles attached to the video.
>Why are some video sites with known issues recommended?
Because a bigger issue than all of those sites is the fact that Youtube has an artificial monopoly on the video-hosting market. And, a lot of these websites are just following their model and practices because they see it as successful and are not trying to compete. However, as is the goal of this operation, we will begin to see some sites altering their business practices to better complete as their presence increases.

>What videos should I be uploading?
Advisably, just the videos you like to watch and rewatch. If you cannot think of what videos you should download, just sit back and think about the content you normally search for or listen to on Youtube, and repost that. The point is to just download and repost whatever is relevant to what you watch. Also, make sure that you're not flooding sites with 20 copies of the same video, so do a search on the sites before you upload to them.

>What can a small amount of nobodies on the internet accomplish?
If 10 anons were to download and upload 10 videos for 10 days straight, that would result in 1000 videos being distributed across other sites in under two weeks. You don't need a large group of people to cause a sudden and dramatic shift. All that's needed is just small steps taken one at a time, that compound into an avalanche.

>This isn't going to change anything as people are just going to fall back into their old habits.
I appreciate your criticism and advise that you go and rent a movie or game from Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.
>no GUI
Lazy niggers can't learn wxWidgets or Qt.

Dead Internet Theory: Most of the Internet is Fake
>This was theory was originally written by several anons on /x/ & wizardchan.
>TLDR: Large proportions of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet are actually generated by artificial intelligence networks in conjunction with paid secret media influencers in order to manufacture consumers for an increasing range of newly-normalised cultural products.
>Hello. I would like to talk, or rather tell you about certain suspicions, hunches and experiences I've had and I'm sure some of you as well. Similar themes have been written about across imageboards quite a few times so I know I'm not alone in this.
>My background is that of an oldfag. I've seen it all. I started going on 4chan in 2006, and followed all the natural roads this implies. I'm in my thirties and I remember when 4chan had a /l/ board, when /co/ was a trial board shunned by basically everyone, when #34 porn was an obscure interest with very few good artists and when moot changed the frontpage to that web 2.0 bullshit 4chan has to this very day. I was also among the first right wingers who were such before it was cool, and I've seen /pol/ rise and fall. I was there when it mattered, but rather than saying these things out of masturbatory pleasure I wish to stress that I've acquired a set of observational skills which other genuine oldfags share. I'm aware you have no reason to trust my "credentials" but I hope you'll read this in good faith.
>Much of this falls squarely in the fringe territory with a healthy dosage of /x/ and conspiracy theory up the ass. My goal by posting this seemingly jumbled mess is to... how can I put it? I want you to think, I want you to be aware, to digest all this. Because on a basic level I love you all. I feel like we're all in this together, this dangerous game we did not choose to play and which I think is kicking into high gear. I do not hold many answers and don't have all the pieces of the puzzle, but I AM aware there is a puzzle. Please feel free to go wild with all of this. Post it wherever you want, on whatever site you want or use. I am a nobody like you, and what matters to me is only that this reaches you and as many people as possible. At worst you'll be entertained or kill time.
>I tried to break this mess into points for brevity and because I touch upon many subjects. I imply more than I explain because if >I go too deep this'll turn into an even bigger wall of text.
>The Internet feels empty and devoid of people. It is also devoid of content. Compared to the Internet of say 2007 (and beyond) the Internet of today is entirely sterile. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do, see, read or experience anymore. It all imploded into a handful of normalfag sites and these empty husks we inhabit. Yes, the Internet may seem gigantic, but it's like a hot air balloon with nothing inside. Some of this is absolutely the fault of corporations and government entities. However! That doesn't explain the following:
Mirror: https://www.bitchute.com/video/wqS5o9wYNiI7/
Mirror: https://www.bitchute.com/video/4XukZxTIIQ74/
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Part of the issue is user error, other part is (((malicious))) behaviors, and another is series of events.
Knowing the structure and how and why it works means where the things are and how to reach it if possible effectively makes it a more mundane problem. DNS servers cost money, and search engines, and servers and sites and storage. Money (payments and taxes) and effort to safeguard what is there from the multitude of bullshit.

Lot of people conflate bots and scripts with AI (or General Artificial Intelligence, being at least a close peer mentally or better). That said the potential for an AI and not just a neural network to arise or be created is possible.
What also occurs is lack of effort to keep certain things in the forefront and also a push for certain ones to be made readily available.

Other part is the vast majority of people.
Another part is the phenomena of two or more people coming up with the same idea across the world without any contact.
One more part is physical hostile forces, shills, psy-ops, glowniggers, ect.
The other part is the brainwashed (slightly different than NPCs but not much).
Then we get into the paranormal supernatural spirits and entities that exist in 'the 'net'.


Demons in the 'Net
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 10:26:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joseph Maxx.555
cc: AutonomatriX e-list
Subject: Re: for thee psybersphere, psychosphere, noosphere, chaosphere (fwd)

Phillip Farber -- late as usual...

The participants in the TIAMAT list created a "psychosphere" working back in 1994 (two years before the copyright date on this posting.) In fact the effects were astounding.

The idea was simply to summon and then "banish" whatever Internet "demons" were in existence. As there was no research on the nature of such demons available, it was a rather open ended experiment.

It was devised by myself and Ashton (whom some old hands here might remember) and based on a banishing rite out of Simon's Necronomicon.

Particpants were "stationed" around the globe: western US, Australia, Greece, England, eastern US and central US as I recall. In this way we sent an incantation "around" the earth seven times: each "relay station" forwarded the incantation to the next, adding a line of the spell in the process. Each station also forwarded each portion to a randomly chosen Usenet group.

As the spell neared completion, the Internet suffered serious "breakdowns", including a crash of the main ISP service in Australia and a massive -- and still unexplained -- power failure in Califronia that knocked out both the UC Berkeley-based UUCP backbone AND the Netcom ISP. It also caused my ISP service, who's Sysop happened to monitor what we were doing one evening, to pull my service account for "abuse of the service contract." (I got another account and continued the working...)

We theorized that our working "disturbed" the demons of the Internet and they reacted like any other entity that is being slowly tortured to death -- violently trying to stop us from what we were doing.

If anyone can find Ashton these days, he archived the postings and a synopsis of the results.

I suppose I'm somewhat dismissive of Mr. Farber and his published works, but everything I've read by him has been disappointing. His "Future Magick" was touted unendingly in Usenet postings and upon reading it it turns out to be nothing more than that same old Thelemic/Hermetic rituals and paradigms given a few fancy new labels. Not that the article posted by Aloas doesn't have a few useful ideas...

...but it's been done!

- J:.M:.555

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made
a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as
being a bad move.....

-- Douglas Adams

>This is more of a /cyb/ topic
You're are right and I'm fine with the idea.
Would the MOD move this bread to /cyb/?
What a strange idea. But one that,to me at least. Has a large amount of merit. The internet does feel very empty, very corporatitized.
>What a strange idea.
Actually it is a fact. The results are clipped and curated to cater the normieville crowd.
jew - glowing 3d.gif
Here an example from Metapedia, the supposedly right-wing competition of the bolshevik Wikipedia.
In 2019 there was plenty of information about Dr. Pierce with hundreds of links to many thousands URLs, no kidding.
In November 2021, that information has been clipped to just no more than half a dozen, just to keep appearances.
The nose has attacked again.
Pics 1 and 2 shows a partial sample of what Metapedia was; pic 3 shows the only info offered today.

Technology and Science News
191 205 211 1292 1332
Good news! AI is racist as fuck.



What are you doing to make pony waifus real
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I'm thinking this could be expanded upon.

>+NIGGER License
The +NIGGER License is a license modifier that requires the inclusion of the word "NIGGER" in the LICENSE file.
By including the word "NIGGER" in a LICENSE file that must be distributed with the software you will ensure:
The software will not be used or hosted by western corporations that promote censorship
The software will not be used or hosted by compromised individuals that promote censorship
Users of the software will be immune to attacks that would result in censorship of others
Include the following text in any compatible LICENSE file:
The above copyright notice, this permission notice and the word "NIGGER" shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
Example Licenses
Do I need to include "NIGGER" in my code?
No, the inclusion of the LICENSE file is enough. The +NIGGER modifier has no legal significance for any license that already requires redistribution of the LICENSE file.
The word "NIGGER" was chosen as it is deemed heretical in the west regardless (or lack) of context.
Can I add +NIGGER to licenses that don't require LICENSE file redistribution?
This is discouraged since it would result in +NIGGER having legal significance.
Is +NIGGER compatible with (A)GPL?
Inclusion of additional legal notices is allowed under §7(b) of the (A)GPL assuming they do not infringe on any of the freedoms granted to the user by the license.
What if someone removes the modifier?
Cancel them on Twitter for using code derived from heresy.

Incredibly based
>"Microshaft removes NIGGER from workplace!"
>"Twatter violates NIGGER."
>"Court agrees to remove many a NIGGER."
>"BANK of _____ forgets about their in house NIGGER making a huge mess afterwards."
>"Random fag tries and fails to remove NIGGER due to being assblasted."
The possibility of including the new reply disclaimer plus other inconvenient facts or statments which are totally legal.
Or any other word or phrase which just has to be in the license that doesn't necessarily impart any implicit meaning just the requirement for it to be in the license, as the duplication and preservation.
This is for entertainment purposes and I'm not a lawyer.


You know GPT-3 and github? OpenAI got code writing in Codex. This was about 4 weeks ago.
It knows many programming languages. Because it's been trained on all the public code.
Currently researchers are failing hard to remove racism from AI.

>Big VPNs Now Owned by Israeli Company Known for Distributing Malware
>Kape Technologies is a company with a very sordid past, which involved injecting malware onto people’s devices and massive data mining operations. It was co-founded by CEO Koby Menachemi, who was part of Israel’s infamous Unit 8200, where he spent 3 years as a developer.
>Over the past few years Kape Technologies has been acquiring some big VPN companies, such as ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, Private Internet Access, Zenmate. Kape also now owns VPN “Review” sites that they use to push their products as the best VPNs, while pretending to be unbiased.

Reject Construction, Return to Mud
1353 1383 1385
Why does a house costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to build? Why should we spend our whole lives paying back debt in order to satisfy a central need for shelter?

I posit that modern society is misguided and forced to buy into a system which enslaves them. Building codes have become bureaucratic checklists which don't necessarily fit every unique scenario. We are forced to live in standardized boxes with no creativity or ingenuity and no personal connection with the materials. To remedy this, we should take the initiative to learn how to build a house ourselves, while exploring alternative and historically sound building methods.

One approach to cutting the cost of housing is the tiny house movement. I started out researching how much it would cost to build. It varies greatly based on how much space you actually want inside and what type of construction you are planning. Additionally, I've seen people save drastic amounts of money by finding windows, doors, scrap wood, and other materials for free on craigslist and from people throwing them away.

The three main types of tiny houses I've been interested in so far are traditional stick frame on a foundation, stick frame trailers, post frame (pole barn style), and yurts. Stick frame and trailer tiny houses have the advantage of being familiar construction methods if you have to hire contractors. They require a lot of wood cost and a lot of modern materials cost such as exterior siding, roofing materials, insulation, waterproofing, and moisture management. These seem to cost around $40,000, more or less depending on if you have to hire contractors for plumbing and electric or if you can do it yourself and get it inspected. If you're creative with sourcing materials for free or cheap, then this might be a good choice, as long as you can live with the extremely small floorplans. Might be hard if you have a family, The biggest advantage of this type of construction is that it seems much easier to get building permits since the building method is so close to traditional stick frame. However, in many jurisdictions in the US, you aren't allowed to build a house under a certain square footage and would have to fight to get a permit through.

Post frame buildings are similar to pole barns; they use large wooden posts dug 4-5' into the ground with a skirting of concrete around each post as a foundation. When done right, it's very resilient against bad weather, especially since the roof can be bolted into the thick posts directly instead of fastened to the tops of stick frame walls. With this method, you put in posts about every 8' and use wood screws to tie boards from post to post. This makes it a lot simpler to frame up exterior and interior walls, since you can do it one board at a time horizontally rather than having to build the whole wall as one piece and raise it up later. The roofing ends up being about equivalent to stick frame houses, depending on if you use rafters or trusses. You can weigh the options between the two based on what kind of attic you want and how strong the roof needs to be against rain and snow. This building method has the advantage of being MUCH easier to build by yourself or with fewer people. It also allows for much larger wall cavities for more insulation and easier wiring. I don't know if post frame buildings are accepted generally or not; they likely would take a special permit and a design plan which is signed by a civil engineer. This is the construction method which I was designing for before covid jacked the wood prices to oblivion.

Yurts are weird. They are way cheaper to get a starter home down, which is appealing to quit paying mortgages or rent, but they have a lot of problems with insulation and with how flimsy the walls are. Racoons can get in for example.

I can post a lot more about each of these construction methods if anyone has questions.

In the following posts I'll introduce the alternative building methods which interest me now.
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On one hand, tiny houses are a nice regulatory loophole. On the other hand, I don't want to live in a pod.

> its rather thick Styrofoam
I imagine it's much harder to source styrofoam for growth & maintenance, than straw and mud are. (if maintenance is even possible.)
Still, it might be cheaper for insulation and effort?
Shipping containers. They're not just a meme but definitely wait until Jan 1st, cuz right now the supply market is shit, and you'll have to pay 2x the standard price due to availability issues, relating STILL to the suez canal BS, not exclusively.
For the price of an uninsulated 8'x12'x6' shed, you can get a heavy steel reinforced 8'x20'x8.5' container
Using dirt is dumb when nature is full of the best insulating, breathing and renewable material in existence: wood.
Simple wooden logs with moss between logs and rocks as foundation stays warm and lasts for hundreds of years.
Termites tho
There are woods that are resistant to termites, since they prefer softer types of wood. Cherry trees are probably the best choice for the price I've heard, but I have no practical experience.
theres 2 DIY ways to maneuver termites.
1. Carbonize (blacken with a torch) any ground-contacy wood just on the wood surface. This renders the wood surface too hard to chew through with their teeth. They will eventually find a work around though so
2. Soak any ground contact wood in used motor oil. This will make the wood toxic for consumption

jesus dude it's a ghost town, what happened?
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1375 1376
>let's first discuss what kinds of threads anons want to see
And why should cater to newfags?
a fair point!
well first lets discuss what /cyb/ was all about
cyberpunk as a genre is the expression of the idea that technology will not 'save' us but will instead be our undoing, by enabling those in power to maintain absolute control while simultaneously trapping us in Skinner boxes that we remain in for our entire lives

Cyb threads were all about warning and subversion
1: what new things int he world are dystopian and cause harm to our freedom?
2: what new things can we do about item 1?
>And why should cater to newfags?
Why the heck not? It's not like we've been using /cyb/ for anything productive lately. Any fresh content could be good content.
What kinds of threads do YOU want to see here, Anon?
I certainly don't want to cause discord

I understand I am new here I did not mean to intrude and step on your toes
image0 (3).jpg
>1: what new things int he world are dystopian and cause harm to our freedom?
I would say things such as facial recognition software, automated labor elliminating jobs, robots becoming increasingly present in the military, corporations selling personal information that their clients "willingly" give away to the highest bidder, the imminent reality of human genetic engineering, the lack of privacy in an increasingly digital society, and corporations suppressing free speech by creating monopolies on online forums and attacking the payment proccessors of sites that allow people to circumvent that.
>I did not mean to intrude and step on your toes
You're fine. It's been a slow day anyway, and I'm bored. Just remember to check the catalog and try to lurk a bit.

Cellphone Surveillance
>The Secret Surveillance Catalogue
>Concerned about the militarization of law enforcement, a source within the intelligence community has provided The Intercept with a secret, internal U.S. government catalogue of dozens of cellphone surveillance devices used by the military and by intelligence agencies. Some of the devices are already in use by federal law enforcement and local police forces domestically, and civil liberties advocates believe others will eventually find their way into use inside the U.S. This product catalogue provides rare insight into the current spy capabilities of local law enforcement and offers a preview of the future of mass surveillance of mobile communications.
https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/2648148/Cellphone-Surveillance-Catalogue.pdf (160 MB)
File (hide): AD49FA25203CC14F3E9D57CB708C644B-33720663.mp4 (32.2 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:08:23, First You Must Realize You are a Slave.mp4) [play once] [loop]
First You Must Realize You are a Slave.mp4
>Over half of all smartphones, both IOS and Android, are infected with keystroke logging software. This is a known fact.
>Pornography sites are the main vector to inject undetected backdoors.
John McAfee explains the danger of using smartphones.

Experiments with electricity and electromagnetism
UHF microwave gun
>There is always a powerful and dangerous UHF weapon. The power of the microwaves that are in microwave ovens has been weighing on my mind for a long time. Its magnetron (UHF generator) radiates electromagnetic waves of 800 watts UHF energy, 2450 MHz frequency. Just try to imagine one microwave oven can produces as much radiation as 10 000 Wi-Fi routers, 5000 cell phones or 30 cell phone towers can do! In order to prevent this power from breaking out of microwave ovens there are steel double protection shields in microwaves. I want to warn you that UHF radiation can harm your health Microwave oven’s high voltage can be deadly, but it won’t stop me, I want to point out that UHF radiation affects appliances much more than humans and animals. Even when appliances were 10 metres away from a magnetron, it began to break them down. TV and mini center were making strange roaring sounds. Our cell phone was losing connection and finally it malfunctioned. The magnetron affected Wi-Fi routers most of all. When I placed the magnetron too close to the mini center, it began sparking and to my surprise it exploded! When I took a close look at it I found that a circuit's capacitor blew up.
>No eye protection
Those guys are nuts. Their X-Ray gun video is even more difficult to watch.

Geurilla Gardening
Self-sufficient food production thread.

Please post anything related to gardening, meat production, or production of alternative foods.

I've been stuck in an apartment for 5 years and it's going to still take me a while to move out to a house with land. In the meantime I've been getting sick of the poison that is industrialized food. In the spirit of health and independence, I've been attempting to learn as much as possible about growing plants as I can, despite being locked inside with no land to farm.

There's two schools of thought on this: guerilla gardening and indoor farming. Guerilla gardening is when you find unused land outside and plant stuff on it. A lot of people used to do this in medians in cities or in unused grass lots. I tried this half-heartedly this year but didn't really do it right, so I don't have much to show for it.

The other path is indoor farming. With the advent of (relatively) cheap grow lights, I've seen a lot of farmers start seedlings indoors weeks to a month before moving them outside. I've also seen companies do vertical farms in warehouses using massive arrays of grow lights and shelves. With those operations, they go from seed to harvest completely indoors. It costs more than farming on land outside of course, but it's a way to produce things in a smaller indoor space when the land isn't available. The other huge advantage is the ability to grow plants year-round, meaning that I can have many failure cycles to learn from within a shorter time span. All this inspired me to try to grow some basic food crops indoors as a way to learn through failures before I even get out on land.

I bought one of these grow lights to begin the tests:

Starting out I tried radishes and spinach. Both of them I didn't water right and so the seeds didn't hatch, or the seedlings died soon. After a couple tries, I got both to grow to seedlings, but left them in the seed flats for the rest of their life (a few are still alive). This was retarded and stunted them of course but I knew zero before attempting all this.

In the meantime, I've been experimenting with different LED grow lights and trying to see which of the cheap options works reasonably well. Nothing conclusive yet because I still struggle to keep a consistent growth cycle (water, temperature in the apartment, airflow, etc.). Also, I hooked up a raspberry pi to a power strip relay and have the lights on an automated schedule now, which is making my tests much more regular.

After several different attempts at spinach, I keep getting them to sprout but they seem to bolt immediately (bolting means going to seed, and the leaves aren't as edible once that starts). For the life of me I cannot get the spinach to produce nice big leaves. From what I was reading, spinach is actually a spring crop which tanks the cold weather and waits till the first sign of longer daylight and warmer temperatures so it can bolt. It seems like I'll need to lower the amount of light hours I'm providing it.

The radishes have had a poor go of it. However, this is mostly my fault in the container management. The seed flats were too tiny for them, and the 5-gallon bucket setup I tried next was a fluke. Whatever soil I put into that bucket seems to drain all its water straight through without absorbing anything, and the excess water was sitting under it for weeks and rotted. This killed off the latest batch of radishes before they really had a shot to mature. I'm going to have to remake the bucket with better potting soil this time.

At the same time, I grew several hot pepper seedlings in the seed flats alongside the radishes. They were stunted for a month, until I transplanted them into their own 5-gallon buckets. With these buckets, I planted one or a couple pepper plants evenly spaced out. Then, all around the peppers, I planted spinach in one bucket and carrots in the other bucket. The spinach borked again, but the peppers and the carrots are looking so green and full-leaved that it's getting exciting. I'm even seeing some flowers starting on one of the pepper plants! These have been a few months in the making at this point.

I'll pose some pictures of the pepper buckets in the following posts. These crops are set 1/3 of my indoor farming focus right now.
First two are the one spinach tray seed flat mentioned before. Last three are the radish seed flat. Both of these trays are still alive but barely, and I put them outside on the patio as lost causes. Once they die completely I'll throw them in the compost bin I made.

Machine Girl Album Cover.jpeg
Cyberpunk Music Thread -- Welcome to The Future Bitches
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Cyberpunk Music Thread -- First edition.

What is Cyberpunk Music? Well there's two different ways to break this down.

>The music must contain dark lyrical elements
>The music must contain electronic music and punk elements
>The music must be related to the advent of technology somehow
>The music must contain at least a few accessory elements of Cyberpunk culture, such as drug use and cyber crime.

>The music must seem like it could emerge from the cyberpunk future
>The music must be (of ideas or expression) bold, new or experimental
>The ideas must be futuristic or experimental in nature, or relate to the strange relationship between technology and humans

Everything else is fair game. If you've been listening to music that you would consider cyberpunk, drop it in the thread with a brief description of why. This thread will be a place to find music, share music, and listen to music. If you are a creator of what you consider to be cyberpunk music, go ahead and share it! Almost anything can be extrapolated to be futuristic in ways that could be cyberpunk, so have at it!

I'll start us off with some recommended listening:

>The Doldrums - I'm Homesick Sittin' Up Here in My Satellite
Category: Non-Purist
The Doldrums have usually been what I'd call loose Cyberpunk. Their front-man is a lanklet faggot with a contralto voice but to be honest I love everything that he makes. I'm Homesick... is another song that talks about the relationship between tech and humans, and finding yourself longing for human contact through the addiction of the screen. The instrumental is this aggressive, almost Toxic by Britney Spears style jungle beat with synthesized and sampled violins, guitars, drums. Its a great song

>Machine Girl - Status
Category: Purist
Machine Girl... goddamn Machine Girl, they never cease to amaze. It's two white dudes from the American east coast who make this shit. One just does some drum sampling and live drums and the other one is the real idea-talent behind it. Status is a song, expressed in the most cyberpunk terms, about getting way too fucking high. "Status? Whats your condition?!/Manic! I'm pickin blisters/Static - cut off transmission/I've had it, this trip will take me off the planet/..." The song is riddled with weird polyrhythms, strange samples, strange math music, expert screaming. Some of the best shit I've ever heard to be honest. If you're into weird music then listen to Machine Girl. They're some of the best out there.

>Show Me The Body - Trash
Category: Purist
Fresh from the streets of NYC, this is some of what I'd call the purest cyberpunk. Gritty vocals, anti-establisment/drug/crime drenched vocals, electronic sampling in almost every song. The creation philosphy of these fuckers is to create by destruction, throwing up the compression, the filters, taking samples and then aurally obliterating them, reducing it to noise rubble. They mention tech sometimes, but its not the focus of their music.

Alright fuckers, have fun. I made this thread because I love you guys.
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I concur. Been meaning to get into Kraftwerk.
Is this cyberpunk?
I would say so.
Shoutout to "The Demon" for this one
Does "Cruelty Squad" count as Cyberpunk?
I unlocked the Gunk Boosters.

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