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Welcome to the new /vx/ board - Videoganes and Paranormal! Just as mlpol was born of the merging of two wildly different topics into a single merged board, this board combines the topics of 4chans /v/, /x/, and /tg/ boards. And while /vint/ did not live on as we did, this board pays homage to the board, created and killed by an indifferent 4chan administration, in the flags that adorn this board.

As this is a new board, it does not have a firmly established set of rules. Unlike 4chan, this is a user driven site, and we are looking for user input into what the rules of this new board should be. Post your suggestions in the comments
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It's Harmony Day!!!

All-encompassing table top thread
Like the title says, this is a thread for any and all table top games and things related to them.
If you have a question about homebrew, worldbuilding, game mechanics ect this is the thread for it.
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D&D 3.5
But it's probably easy to translate these concepts to any other system, I reckon.
I don't understand. What's with the radial HD? Are you making savage progression?
In my homebrew hit dice depend on choice of race instead of class (I thought it was intresting as a concept) and character level.
I think it would be simpler to just give them Constitution bonuses or penalties.
By this logic, an earth pony barbarians only have d8 HP, and crystal pony wizards get d10 HP.
Well, crystal ponies don't have spellcasting or well I been thinking about maybe letting them be clerics.
Anyway, this is just the basic concepts. I just wanna make them distinct to begin with.

Occupied Equestria - Back to the Forest
Virgin Flame arrives in Baltimare and makes her aqua intense with the staff of a Cathedral there. Spark goes back to Blackwood, helping a rebel and several wolves. Iron takes a train off to the mountains where there is said to be treasure. Silver is pleasantly surprised to wake up to the world-not-ending. Dark Star goes home for the night, disturbed by the forces corrupting the youth, and left to contemplate his role in stopping it.
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She leans into him a little more, tilting her beak so that it buries in his fur.
Silver "The Floof" Sword
"I will be your support, dove."
Amber Sunset
"I'm from a hundred-and-fifty miles to the west of here.
I grew up on a small farm and decided to come here to better support my folks. It's been...a big change of pace."
She continues with a smile, "How about yourself? Are you from around here?"
"I figured you were from the country. I wouldn't have guessed you were that close though."

She pauses at Amber's question, and it seems as if she was not expecting to be asked reciprocally.
"Well, no. I am from Las Pegasus. But I've been in Baltimare several years now."
Silver "The Floof" Sword
Silver looks up at his griffon.

"Are you sure you are alright? You know I am only here for you."
“Well…” she looks down

“I was abducted, I am a stranger in this land…”
She points her beak directly at the ground

“And… other things… so I’m… not alright…”

Fun hybrid MMO game who's goal is to take over the other side by shooting and taking over bases.


Almost everything is user-crafted and there are heavy aspects of logistics involved, as well as disrupting the logistics of the other team.
The game has an end-point when you take over the main home-base of the other team (or something like that).

The mane problem with the game? It does not have a pony clan as far as I can tell.

Bought the game a few days ago and searched pretty hard for a pony clan but couldn't find much of anything.
My goal is to try to drag some of you in with me and have fun shooting at blueberries (wardens) - which means if you play, it should be for the south, the Colonials.
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I decided to build a discord space. Yes I hate it, but I will have other target audiences that are a little more lazy than you guys.


I'll likely get around to building a mumble server for proper security on my home server that I also built. Probably will get around to that sometime later, likely this weekend. Any suggestions for a domain name?
https://www.mumble.info/ for information on mumble - its fantastic open source software that works well on all platforms.
I've been playing Foxhole a bunch lately and it sets the bar for team-based MMOs. I don't play Collies though, Wardens are the true choice because their cause is the reclamation of their homeland from the Colonial scum. Also Shard 2 has a better community than Shard 1, it's less try-hard and clans don't hoard resources they'll never use.

Though, rumors suggest there will be a server merge with the upcoming update. A big, symmetrical map offers a lot of possibilities.
Heh, well, there are a lot of changes coming even at a fundamental level to how the game is played. Not to mention all the different guns, shirts, and other stuff that are coming for both colonials and wardens. I was dinking around in the devbranch a bit with the volta with a couple other randos and the volta is going to be the new sniper rifle for the colonials... it can do one-shot take-downs at any range, seemingly at about 40% chance.
Its going to be a week or so before it all gets rolled in to mainline, so tweaks are still possible. Still, I think after this update in general it won't make as much of a difference for which faction has stronger guns.

Also, I fight for the South.
mumble server
Finally got around to updating my server, and spawned a container (LXC) for a proper mumble server.
What is mumble? It is a free and open source VoIP client-server system that has been around a long time that works very well on all platforms, including cellphones. Mumble is designed for group voice communication for games or anything that you want in a secure way.

Download mumble: https://www.mumble.info/downloads/
connect to horseholes.brony.team
use the default port (64738)
password: iwtcird

The rules for using my service are simple:
1 - No Wardens or Communists
2 - No FurFags
3 - By using this service you consent that IWTCIRD

I have it set up for the fledgling HorseHoles clan, but if anyone wants to use it for anything else that is fine too.
Keep in mind that the discord that was set up (https://discord.gg/tdRMPCwZ) is mostly for faggots who don't know the difference between open source, freeware, shareware, and pay-walled software.
Learn the difference and don't let them collect your data.

Use mumble, it is cozy.
After a long and grueling war in Colonial home territories, Wardens have clinched a victory in Shard 2 just hours after winning Shard 1! The timing was perfect because the devs were going to shut down the war tomorrow anyway for updates.

In sadder news, I heard from other sources that the two shards won't be merged after all. I was hoping to fight alongside the faggots on Shard 1, but it's probably for the best as I wouldn't want to be fighting you.
War starts tomorrow with all the new updates. Are you ready?
Sadly, I will basically not get to play until friday or saturday.

Flat Earth.
148618 148626 148828 149171 150423 314360 316874 316929 317121
This thread is meant to debunk the deranged idea that our realm is a planet floating in space.
If the so called established science can't be challenged, then it's not science, but religion.
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These memes reek of manipulation. Especially the last one. It should read “my face when”, not “your face when”. I don’t know if these are especially made by agencies paid to optimally stupidize the US population and accelerate their decline (to facilitate the Chinese taking over the Empire, for example), or whether it’s just how the egregore works, but this is suspicious.
We do feel the centrifugal force of the Earth’s rotation. Its pull upwards is what makes your measured weight on the equator be about 300g less than your actual mass.
File (hide): 977E0931745B3C6B954CD6E505381AF6-9893165.mp4 (9.4 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:05:29, Eric Dubay Daylight Debunks The Globe.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Eric Dubay Daylight Debunks The Globe.mp4
Eric Dubay: Daylight Debunks The Globe.
>pic related is one of the things flat earthtards fear
Do a Ctrl+F and search this thread for Nikon P900 and P1000, then THOSE ARE what round earthers really fear.
I found mirrors and transcript.


Post to this thread every time you visit /vx/
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One of these threads.
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>Skinwalker Stories to fall asleep to

It's weird when "native" Americans say shit like "Windigoes are real! We aren't supposed to look at them or even think about them! It's offensive for a cartoon or game to portray them!" like they did back during some bullshit RWBY fandom drama I barely remember.
Windigoes in the NA mythology are just people that mutate after eating human flesh.
What kind of civilization needs a porquoi story on the level of the Tooth Fairy or Santa before they'll avoid eating human flesh?
Even their spooky story monsters are gay.
How about super charging super charge magic with this sauce.
File (hide): 808AEBD7198B00F552CA0A31A22BD77F-3945606.webm (3.8 MB, Resolution:500x500 Length:00:00:30, 1631922060263.webm) [play once] [loop]

The Fane of Tiamat.jpg
Red Hand of Doom - Part V: The Fane of Tiamat
A year later and we've finally come to the final part of the classic 3.5e campaign, Red Hand of Doom.

In Part IV, our heroes finally faced the Red Hand Army, and due to their great labors throughout their adventure, they were able to successfully repel the horde from Brindol and save the say!


After only a day of celebration, new intelligence emerges from the Shadow Guard: The goblin army was only the tip of the iceberg. The Red Hand's true leader is preparing a ritual to open a gate to Avernus and summon a massive army of devils, dragons and undead that, if summoned, would surely spell doom for Brindol, Elsir Vale, and possibly the entire world. With remaining time measured in Days rather than weeks, Lord Jarmaath has called his favorite fantasy SWAT team (the party) to deal with the measure by stopping the ritual and decapitating the enemy leadership by defeating the real BBEG. Lord Jarmaath has ordered Immerstal the Red to fork over his scroll of Teleport to offer the party light speed transportation across the vale, and since I'm feeling generous, they'll also recieve a Minor Schema of Cavalry call (crafted from one of Cromar's [War] spells, that will allow them to summon a small herd of pastel horses to carry them.

Our heroes had best make haste, for time is scarce and the enemy is cunning. Will they be able to defeat the Doom Hand Warpriests and save the world? Only time can tell.
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Artorias's Player, the Mentally Fraying
Welcome back to the Red Hand of Doom part 5! Where we left off, we found a room with a bunch of chanting coming from it and ended the session there, anticipating the end! Will it play out as so, or will something else entirely happen? Pay attention and you'll see!
>Aral sneaks in to the room with all the chanting in it and finds a shitload of clerics all mumbling incomprehensibly around an obviously evil altar
>Around this time, Artorias's gaydar goes off in a big way!
>Is it more ground-swimming necromancer asswipes?
>Not quite
>Multiple ghostly hands reach out of the walls and try to touch people inappropriately, and when they usually end up failing, the owners of said hands are found to be a bunch of modified wraiths serving Tiamat!
Everybody reacts, causing even the clerics in the altar room to start getting ready for battle
>All the wraiths are dealt with quickly, so much so that Artorias only has time to create a spiritual weapon
>Not even use it, that's how fast!
>Up next is the clerics to deal with
>They piss themselves and go invisible just like with Piss Goblin's friends, and surprise surprise, there's two more in special armor colors here!
>Red and Green join their compatriots in being little babbies, and then the whole lot of them do the most original thing we've ever seen hobgoblin clerics do
>Anyway, a pile of hellhounds come out and Artorias Electric Judgements a few of them
>Billie, deciding the dogs couldn't die fast enough for her, lets loose her ult to explode the entire area, killing the hounds, a bunch of the clerics, and becoming the reason that the wraiths died so quickly
>All that's left is Red and Green, and everybody starts piling in on Aral to deal with them
>Red lets loose a massive pile of fire and evil damage, causing everyone but Sothram to take damage and Green does something that everybody but Aral misses
>What Aral misses is the wisdom save to avoid domination
>He also narrowly misses Artorias with a fully charged "fuck you and everything close to you" shot, and misses the fact that Summer Star tried to dominate him as well
>And because this fact was poorly explained, the poor guy wastes an action point on succeeding against this new domination and stays mind controlled!
>To be fair, I think all of us missed that fact though
>Artorias absolute defenses to avoid becoming a teamkill statistic and has Billie get behind him to avoid becoming a target too
>Also, a telepathic shout goes off to Umbrie so that she gets in here and helps to solve this problem
>Luckily, she's able to do just that!
>Green gets his face punched in and dominated Aral finally loses to Summer Star after dealing some more damage to us, leaving just Red
>Red also goes down quickly enough after flubbing more attempts at domination against Umbrie, and then everything quiets back down
>Nice, time to heal!
>Wait, why do we still hear chanting?
>And why is it now getting louder?
>oh shit oh fuck oh shIT OH FUCK OH SHIT OF-
>A half dragon stitched demon rises out of the corpses and glares at us menacingly
>I personally feel the beginnings of a brick forming in my intestines, but it teleports away instead of fighting us
>Brick production stopped
>Good, now we can get back to not dying!
>A new secret door is found and more pathways are found as well, so we go ahead and start looking around in it
>1st room is a room with an altar, one that after some investigation bears the signs of being used to summon a greater planar ally!
>Artorias is 99.9% sure that something's going to go horribly wrong if this thing is touched, but Umbrie decides that it's better to summon a friend than to save our sanity and potentially our lives
>Everybody else goes off and does their own thing for a bit, but Artorias stays in that room while the summon happens
>It's a damn good thing too, because what ends up trying to claw its way out of the summoning circle is NOT a servant of Pelor
>Artorias rushes down Umbrie in a charge and properly vibe checks her into not summoning a fucking pit fiend, and the pit fiend walks away from the now interrupted summoning disappointed
>Artorias is thinking very heavily about reinstating the "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING" rule from the Ghostlord's lair, but instead marks this area as "destroy carefully" for when Pelor's operatives are sent in to demo op this entire temple
>Now, on to the next room!
>Artorias's gaydar pings twice for this one, so it's probably going to be some powerful monsters, right?
>Artorias SWATs open the door and everybody else is lined up behind him to help with the threats present, but the only things in this room are a 5-headed draconic bong, an immense bed, and some goblin whores
>Unexpectedly, Artorias is forced to make two will saves
>The first save is made, because fuck thots
>The second save, however, is missed because fuck thots
>Despite all of his enormous reserves of racism, this goblin somehow cuts through enough of Artorias's mental faculties to influence him
>Outside his head, he seems entirely fine with this turn of events and even shuts the door on everyone else
>On the inside though, he is BEYOND ANGRY
>And of course, everyone in the party has spent enough time with our favorite cleric to know that he'd sooner stab himself than subject himself to the whims of a goblin, no matter how thicc
>Either that, or OOC I was screaming as the gobbos ordered my character to take off his pants
>So as I REEE for help OOC and Artorias REEEs in his head, everybody else makes a battle plan
>Umbrie breaks in the door, Aral suppression fires into the room, and Sothram stops Billie from witnessing the different brand of horrors present in this fight
>The nature of her birth may not have spared her from witnessing combat, but I won't let her lose every part of her innocence within her first year of life!
>She's just a babby, damnit...!
Artorias's Player, the Mentally Fraying
>Anyway, the plan goes off with more than a few hitches
>Umbrie blows the door open and starts trying to beat the shit out of the whores, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to phase them
they also try to charm her, but she's not gay lmao
>Aral also does his part and attempts to pincushion them, but again it just doesn't seem to affect them
>The fuck?
>Sothram's overgrown pigeon also does his job and keeps Billie put, much to her frustration, but he himself decides that getting into a charisma fight with what his feats tells him are succubi is a good idea
>This somehow doesn't work, imagine that!
>Now the cleric and the druid are undressing themselves against their will, fantastic!
>Artorias manages to slip in a backhanded compliment to one of the two disguised fiends and amasses enough willpower to keep his helmet on, and Sothram manages to interpret the command in such a way that he doesn't immediately lose his clothing
>Around this time though, Umbrie and Aral finish downing one of the two whores and the other looks more offended than worried as she grabs her compatriot and teleports out
>Everybody gets their clothes back on, though the charm remains active
>Unfortunately, I have no spells that let me fix that fact and so they'll just continue being a problem if we encounter them again
>Everybody searches the room, and we find a bunch of less-than-useful junk and 5 keys to the temple treasury!
>If only we knew where that was...
>Oh well, on to the final room on this floor!
>We open the door and...
>Well, what do ya know!
>It's the treasury, and there's a thorny devil and a bunch of bearded devils guarding the 5 chests!
>It's a tough fight, but ultimately a demonic manticore is still just a manticore
>Also, bearded devils suck butts
>Some highlights include Artorias spending multiple turns standing in dragonfire of all types and being incapable of giving a shit, followed swiftly by him traveling back in time a few seconds through a Dragonbreak and saving the party from a TPK!
>Either way, the threats are dealt with and we now have the ability to bankrupt the church of Tiamat!
>However, financial warfare is for jews and we aren't jews
>However, we have now cleared out every non-mandatory encounter in this floor of the dungeon!
>Well, all that's left is to go up a tube in the altar room and see if there's anything more pressing upstairs from here
Next time, on the Red Hand of Doom part 5! Will the party finally find the ritual that they're supposed to stop and kill the BBEG of Tiamat's band of green simps? Will we get caught up in another session of accomplishing roughly nothing? What kind of loot will be in the chests? Can Artorias and Sothram avoid the succubi for long enough to not be forced into simping again? Will Billie have the rest of her innocence removed at the hands of disgusting fiends in that event? I hope the fuck not! Either way though, the answers will only come in the next session of Red Hand of Doom part 5, so tune in next week! Until then!
It's quite possible that our next session may be our last, or second-last. The adventure is coming to its climax, and I've been preparing precariously to make sure the next session is as fun as possible.

I'm typing this now, because I want to get it off of my chest in case there's some sort of freak accident that disintegrates the group within the next week: thank you all. I've really had fun with this adventure over the course of this past year, and I hope all if you did as well. I've learned a lot about DMing long-term campaigns, and I really appreciate all of your patronage and patience with me. There were creative/fun things I tried to do that never came to fruition because of my own inadequacy, I made a ton of stupid mistakes, and this campaign lasted two months longer than I intended it to, but I do flatter myself in claiming that this campaign wasn't terrible. Running this game has honestly been the highlight of my year, and for that I thank you. To those I started the game with, and to those who joined later, you've all been a blessing.
So thanks guys, it's been a pleasure to play with y'all.
>Party of Artorias the Righteous Knight of our Holy Father of Platinum Scales, his Steel Scaled Adopted Daughter Billie, Aral the walking Embodiment of the Huntress, Night Shroud, the Small Pelorite Nun and Practitioner of Sunset Lion Style, and Batboi
>lots of arguement over who to open each chest and what to open first, Aral Tries Red, we find healing Stash
>Nightshroud opens the White Chest and crits her Reflex. more lewt
>Party Lets Nightshroud open the Chests in Order of Black, Blue, Green, she survives black, but fumbles blue and green exactly for the lewdest damage number, 69
>batboi decides he wants to be a lion now
>new name Mustafa
>mustafa drinks an expired bottle of diet RC cola and becomes Lion for realz.
>Party heals up and buffs thier way mount celestia
>DM's power dies for a 1 hour lunch break, i swear everyone had refridgerator pizza
>not the final fight, but the penultimate fight against everything that got away, 5 Power Rangers, 2 Goblin Shortstacks, Stitches, and a hobgoblin with a god complex i'll just call Todd, Calling the redhaired Thot Karen and the Brunette Stacy
>First Power ranger dies to one sneak attack from sunset bliss
>second power ranger is pincushioned
>Night Shroud is Dominated for the first time of the campaign, disarmed, and ineffective at PVP. going down the tub
>Power Rangers summon thier stunt doubles
>Mustafa murders a power ranger
>Artorias summons Clive and Owen, best team rocket pair
>Clive and Owen murder Power Rangers
>Karen survves 3 holy shurikens and a bunch of arrows
>Todd heals Karen
>Karen and Stacy Flank our new companion, the Archon Rachel
>Nightshroud saves Rachel
>Nightshroud and rachel fuck up Stacy and Karen together. Rachel best girl
>some time travel fuckery happens because more combatants than any of us can track. power rangers and thoughts are dead, Todd the Hobgoblin Champion of the Rainbow whore, is Flanked
>Todd uses AoE Daze and tanks Rachels Holy Word, Mustafa is blind and deaf, rest of party dazed
>Nightshroud Chases Todd to the sky and fucks him up
>todd hijacks billy
>nightshroud fucks up todd some more, todd splits, real todd is hit because Nightshroud has blindsight and can point real one out
>lion hurts todd
>todds control over billie broken by best dad artorias
>todd and fiends are consumed by the petulant rainbow womanchild that is tiamat.
>tiamat sends avatar to fuck shit up
>party flees to brindol
>next session is final battle against tiamats avatar
>you rainbow whore! nightshroud is happy to send your ass back home to twitter
>sunset bliss is back
Artorias's Player, the Recently a Year Older
Welcome back to the Red Hand of Doom part 5, the likely second to last update! Where we last left off, the party had just gotten access to the Red Hand's coffers and has intentions to loot the whole building! Anyway, without further ado...
>Everybody's standing around the red chest, waiting for it to open and show its bounties when it unleashes a belch of fire!
>Almost everybody's fine and whoever isn't only took single digit damage
>No problemos, but the other chests are going to be opened by one person with good reflex saves...
>Once that's over and Umbrie's none the worse for wear, we get to inspecting the loot!
>Lots of random monies, some armor for Sothram and a chug jug that turns him into a hell lion, some new gear for Umbrie that means I get her hand-me-downs, and Aral gets some new stuff too
>Also, a fat wad of healing items!
>Always gotta have more of those, after all
>Anyway, when everybody's sufficiently decked out and ready, we all head back out and do some final preparations before going in to fight the evil goblin man
>Everybody's healed up to full and Artorias spends a hot minute summoning a new fren to help us out in our time of need
>Enter Raz'Thael (Rachel) the Trumpet Archon!
>She's somewhat strung out when first summoned because we ended up dragging her away from defending the Platinum Palace while Tiamat was trying to piss on it or something, so we have to explain why we dragged her away
>Turns out stopping Tiamat from being able to invade the materium is a good enough reason!
>She gives her price, and we buy 12 minutes for 100 GP
>We'll only need 11 ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
>Innuendos aside, with that deal done we start lathering on the buffs
>Everybody gets plusses to AC at the very least, a few people get buffs to strength, and a couple more get buffs to constitution
>Also, can't forget the mass resist energy!
>Let's not forget that which has saved us from many dragons before
>Once all that's done with though, Artorias casts mass fly and we all ascend through the hole!
>Once we reach the next area, we land and strike our epic hero poses
>We also do our best to taunt the people amassed, but they're all firmly ignoring us out of annoyance
>Also, we can't talk
>We have a second to adjust to this before big blue half dragon gobbo man orders all his assembled lackeys to kill us
>Oh, did I mention that everyone special we met before in this dungeon is here?
>Yeah, Thot 1, Thot 2, Raggedy Asshole the stitch demon, and 5 different colors of "Why won't you die!?"
>They all begin assaulting us, and the battle starts off with them trying to body check us back down the hole
>When that doesn't work, we actually get in proper fights!
>I make Raz'Thael cast some spells trying to get rid of Patches, but unfortunately that does nothing to help
>Artorias gets knocked down the hole but immediately flies back up, Aral almost follows him but doesn't, and Umbrie, Billie and Sothram start putting fists to faces
>Artorias And this is pretty much the status quo for the first half of the fight
>Artorias stays back and buffs/manages summons, Billie plays firm support, Umbrie draws mad aggro and pumps DPS, Aral pincushions things, and Sothram uses the power of his new edgy fursona to show the tiamat worshippers what real darkness looks like
>Beavis and Butthead the Kaortic Hulks make a reappearance and help out with the bodying, and Raz'Thael makes another attempt to dispel at least one of Blue Gob's summons before running out of spell slots to do that and just doing what Artorias is doing too
>The rabble is dealt with in relatively swift fashion, leaving us with just the blue boi himself
>A dispel evil breaks the shield he put around himself, and he emerges in his full power to fight us
>And in his first attack, he chops down half my health bar
>Oh well, this isn't the first time this has happened, it probably won't be the last?
>Still, not good
>But alas, the fight's just begun!
>The guy's put himself behind so many proxies that it's hard to touch him, and so we're there for a couple turns trying to figure out what to do when I decide to hail-mary one of Raz'Thael's spells at him
>Holy word goes off, and while Sothram is rendered blind and deaf, blue bastard's just fine
>He also responds in turn with blasphemy, rendering us dazed and confused
>To make matters worse, he hits Billie with a bad touch!
>It's at this point where IRL I start thinking that a TPK's inevitable and all is lost, and to add insult to injury my imaginary daughter's about to be mindbroken by the TTRPG equivalent of an ugly bastard
>However, good still prevails!
>We manage to beat him to within an inch of his life and Artorias manages to save his daughter, letting Big Blue Butthole live for just long enough to see a touching reunion between them
>When the last light leaves his eyes, Tiamat decides to punch through the border between realities and pay us a visit!
>She eats blue's corpse before the sheer magnitude of her coping and seething causes the entire thane to crumble around us!
>We run back the way we came, making sure to stop back and grab the elf lady before leaving, only to find that she turned to goop just like every other monster and corpse in the building
>When we get out all the way, we finally stop to take a look at what the fuck caused all this
>Surprise, it's an Aspect of Tiamat and she's just as pissed as the real deal!
>Before we deal with that though, it's time to go home and get some rest...
Next time, on the Red Hand of Doom! The true final battle awaits, the fate of the continent and maybe even the world hinges on tomorrow! Will we succeed, or will the world fall into draconic darkness? As always, find out next week in the Climactic Finale! Until then, and as always, it's been an honor!
1200 gp

File (hide): EDE90770AE2050ED294B578C5F85ABB6-8384339.m4v (8.0 MB, Resolution:640x360 Length:00:04:25, Black Magick SS - Hymn of Pride.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Black Magick SS - Hymn of Pride.mp4
i told you fags.png
132979 134958 135121 142611 150250 280308
Last night was the new moon and i decided to do tarot cards and the 9th card i pulled was the upside down high priestess and i felt as if this card was extremely powerful in it's symbolism and all throughout today they have been number 9's everywhere, it also says "a secret is about to be revealed" and is ruled by la Luna so i know exactly what it means and it is not good.
Obviously the meaning of the card has come true with the fucking FBI posting this >>>/mlpol/280249 →
And activision posting this >>>/mlpol/280250 →
Obviously means that a secret has been revealed but i think there is more yet to come over the next couple of dates that involve the number 9, as the date (((they))) have revealed (((their))) secrets had the number 9.
I am obviously right, now that you can see.
The explanation of the upside down version card of the card reads as "delay all plans, because there are hidden obstacles or enemies. Be discreet"
Obviously i have not been discreet so the glow niggers might be hot on my ass trying to find me as this is something they probably don't want (You) fags to know, if i am abducted please know that this is the best Chan on the internet as of the moment and i had many laughs here.
I don't know why wouldn't still believe me.
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I hear stories of companies fixing roads the govt can't be bothered to fix.
Says a lot about our society.
Sometimes the electric, plumbing or gas corporations refill holes that they've made.
>Says a lot about our society.
There are many ironic imperfections within the governmental structure, amidst the chaos of the modern world.
The contradictions within their authoritative delusions are easily recognized upon suspicion-aroused inspection.
Woo hoo.
love from aryanne.jpg
My dear beloved mare you were the one for whom I gave the most care with your fair hair that i bushed incessantly and pleasantly, presently within my lair i still remember this year together that we shared and played. I'm sorry for not saying goodbye darling, it all happened so fast.
I loved you.
Amser eira...
>it all happened so fast
That it does fren. Without knowing your context, I sympathize most emphatically with your words and the spirit behind them.
i know that feel.jpg
The context is presumable, if you have an inkling of the past.
Last year the disappearance of Fionn brought forensic confusion and mania. Whilst the sudden death of Snow time has not been nearly as traumatic as the dismemberment of the previous bond, she has left the lingering stench of separation behind but not without dissatisfaction as previously before.
I accepted the mare's macabre ending as opposed to Fionn's relocation, upon which I gave my resentful rebellion for my love was taken away whereas Snow time has been put down by method of bolt to the brain.

My lessons learned from this snow mare have been unique and far more exciting than with any other pony, I had worked on gaining her trust for half a year before she recently died. In which period of pleasure I had many hours of playtime. What I have been imposed upon by her end is that my time spent with this barren dame has made me happy and content. Even in her physical absence, the legacy of her spirit rests under my care and no one else. Of which I am content to assume the rewarding role of tail keeper, that I shall honorably claim as some traditional type of sentimental remembrance. Her body has been burned in what I can only presume as being an oven from Auschwitz, her ashes were not kept however.

DnD OOC Discussion Thread
127613 127887 128025 130807
Although without a doubt many people have tried playing Dungeons and Dragons in a MLP setting, afaik there is no complete rulebook or conversion set that allows for an immersive experience (this doesn't count: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Little_Pony_(5e_Race)). We've had some longstanding campaigns on /vx/ so why don't we build a reference as a community project? It doesn't necessarily have to be set in stone but it would better establish campaigns in rules of logic. It's impossible to have OOC discussion at length in a campaign so let's do it here.

Complete 3.5 rulebook: http://choisey.free.fr/3.5/Core/Indexed%20Player%20Handbook%20v3.5.pdf
Handy 3.5 reference site: http://www.d20srd.org/index.htm
A more comprehensive reference site: https://www.d20pfsrd.com/
Homebrew content: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page
"Monstrous Races" – useful if you have animals and monsters as sapient creatures like in MLP; unfortunately I don't have the book: https://www.dmsguild.com/product/230312/Monstrous-Races

What needs improving? Pretty much everything, but highest priority would be playable races and monsters, as canonically MLP is completely different from DnD in terms of sapient creatures and very different when it comes to other creatures. Amazingly entire campaigns have been played without precise knowledge of creatures' strengths and weaknesses, but setting the definitions straight will help nuance and variety.
Campaigns set outside the typical high fantasy realm of DnD, like our very own Occupied Equestria, present further uncertainty. Most guns (submachine guns were settled fairly recently, though I have no idea about LMGs/MMGs/HMGs) have already been worked out but, given it's a WW2 setting, how will vehicles function in combat? Can bits be expected to buy the same things as the recommended valuation of GP? These and any other gameplay questions can be discussed and answered here.
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Oof, sorry to hear that
Eh, it's not really anything to be that sad about, it's just that overthinking elf games has kind of been my only pastime in recent months due to the kung flu.
After reading a bit more into ponyfinder groups, I think the system they use is worth more than I initially gave it credit for. I think I'd like to try it myself some time soon. Would be a great way to get into pathfinder.
I've recently had an idea of appropriating the Elements Of Harmony as Sovereign Archetypes (Eberron) or Elemental Spheres (Dark Sun) that Clerics could tap into. Each Element could essentially be it's own archetype, and grant four to six domains to a Cleric of that archetype.
It could be something like:

>Inquisition, Truth, Family, Humility
>Healing, Good, Patience,
>Law, Courage, Community, Competition, Protection
>Generosity, Charity, Wealth, Nobility
>Hope, Pleasure, Joy, Courage, Trickery, Emotion
>Magic, Spell, Knowledge, Planning, Destiny, Mysticism

Do these ideas look like they're worth exploring? I feel like I'd use something like this if I wanted to use a homebrew pony setting.

If it wasn't obvious, I didn't include any evil-leaning domains here, or a lot of the more popular domains for Clerics. The Elements of Harmony are presented as forces of Good and opposition to chaos, although an antithetical list of "Dark Elements" could be created for Evil Clerics and worshipers.
I would consider the elemental sovereigns to be flavor text for ideal Clerics, not a complete list. The Sovereign Archetypes of Eberron were only a small fraction of the ways in which Clerics could receive power in Eberron, coming in part as a supplement to the various gods of the setting who may or may not exist (it's ambiguous what gods exist or if they do at all in Eberron; but at the same time there's a lot more "ideal Clerics"; the setting is unique in that regard). Limiting Clerics to only a handful of domains due to the narrow nature of an Equestrian wouldn't really be fair to Cleric players, so Sovereign Archetypes could help fill that gap.
I feel like it's actually pretty important for Clerics to have pantheons to work with in terms of worldbuilding, because they're kind of boring without flavor text. I, personally, find religion to be one of the most important factors in character creation even for non-divine characters. A character's religion is likely to effect their alignment, motivations, mechanical powers, enemies, allies, outlook on the world, and even their afterlife. Religion might even serve as a character's highest moral authority, since "God told me to do it" is often a better way to play than "It's just what my character would do".
The Elements Of Harmony would be a poor substitute for gods in terms of worship and character development, but they could at least give Clerics something to work with; perhaps they could even give roleplaying guides to nonclerics if they're given their own church affiliation ranking systems.
I've been reading the villain design handbook from KoK.
I used to have a pretty bad opinion on kingdoms of Kalamar, but it has some okay ideas now that I look at it. Probably worth reading for those with spare time.
Someone shared Tactics of Everglow with me today, so I figured I'd share it.
Has stats for Kirin in PF and 5e, although it was clearly written before season 8.
It has come to my knowledge that most of the links I posted here died with the trove. Damn shame.

maxresdefault (2).jpg
File (hide): 721F22539ADDA9BEEA97291DB3C993ED-32419.gz (31.7 KB, Listing of : Crescent Chasm.h3m Size Date Time Name -------- -------- ------ --------- 0 01-01-70 00:00 , Crescent Chasm.h3m)
Crescent Chasm.h3m
Heros 3
So I actually make heroes 3 maps sometimes. This is the best one I have ever made. So yeah, download it if you feel like it.

There are some minor errors that I know but they do not ruin the map. Will adress them later but right now, I don't feel satisfied with any cahnges I make to the map. It's still too precious to me for change right now.

>Have ou notice how in pic the defending army has lower moral due to the mixing of three different aligenment
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File (hide): 1D0C2095FFFBB04340542DDE5FE23FE5-28266.gz (27.6 KB, Listing of : Blixtrande Klingor.h3m Size Date Time Name -------- -------- ------ --------- 0 01-01-70 00:00 , Blixtrande Klingor.h3m)
Blixtrande Klingor.h3m
Flashing Blades (Upside).PNG
Flashing Blades (Underground).PNG

Are meme maps possible? Like funny shapes or racist themes
Dealing with (((Gremlin))).PNG
Very. Pretty fun sugguestion.
I messed up should have been return with shackels of war. Oh well.
Are custom units possible?
Yes, but not from the editor alone. You have to be more skilled with programming than I am and such. But there's proof of it since the Hota and Wog mod exists with custom units.

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