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Welcome to the new /vx/ board - Videoganes and Paranormal! Just as mlpol was born of the merging of two wildly different topics into a single merged board, this board combines the topics of 4chans /v/, /x/, and /tg/ boards. And while /vint/ did not live on as we did, this board pays homage to the board, created and killed by an indifferent 4chan administration, in the flags that adorn this board.

As this is a new board, it does not have a firmly established set of rules. Unlike 4chan, this is a user driven site, and we are looking for user input into what the rules of this new board should be. Post your suggestions in the comments
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Why does this board have flags and image IDs anyway? Neither /v/ nor /x/ had them. I guess the flags could have been in the spirit of our sister board /vint/, but /vint/ didn't have poster IDs either.
The flags should go.
The flags are a testament to /vint/, but /vint/ notably did not have IDs.

Occupied Equestria: Through the mist
173003 173462
In the south in the Kululu Forest, Posey searches for a lost instrument of war. In Baltimare, Kira establishes herself, while Silver enjoys a brief respite. In Hellquill, Amber prepares to play her music to the dictator of Hellquill. Elsewhere, trouble brews.
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Amber Sunset
"B-bats? What makes you think that?" Amber is at once both intrigued and skeptical, as well as a little worried.

"Oh, he's nice…we went on a date last week, and I met his family…well, most of them. He's smart and focused on his studies but not too ambitious. If you ask me, that's rather cute." It's a more pleasant sort of conversation and it doesn't occur to her whether such questions by her boss would be inappropriate.
High Sewn spews forth unsolicited opinions on political matters
"Bat ponies, from the south. When they began to come to Baltimare in large numbers, the Unions felt threatened, claiming they 'compete for jobs' or what have you. Of course this isn't the case. The bat ponies don't even work during the day. They work the night shift, which allows for an extra one third of productivity out of the same machines. Of course the unions said that meant less work for them. That's how they like to see things. No concern for the whole, only for what benefits them."

And when Amber talks about Mustard Trim, she is not detached and dictating to Amber, but rather moves closer to Amber, leaning in, propping herself up on her fore knees, hooves on her cheeks, listening intently and smiling widely. The middle aged mare is still a school filly, it seems.

"Oh, that's so charming! Where did you go? What did you do? What are they like? What did you do afterwards, hehe. Not too ambitious? Now that isn't right. A colt ought to be ambitious. A refusal to accept reality as it is is the great virtue of the youth. There's something wrong with the colt who doesn't imagine himself as the next Flash Magnus, I think. But is he cute. Like, what does he look like?"
Amber Sunset
Amber flatly replies, "I'm surprised they can operate the machines at all. I ain't sayin' they're stupid or anythin'. You know the expression, 'blind as a batpony'? Don't they see with their voices somehow? It can't be easy to run loud equipment in a room like that."

The conversation revolving Mustard is a little warmer though, as she feels the attention is a form of approval and enjoys it. "Well, we first chatted at Coconut Cove, if you know where that is, then one day we went down the coast to the south where there's an actual cove and a restaurant away from the hustle-bustle, where we ate and explored the surroundings, and, uh, the mornin' after that I went with his family to church, before going home with them. They're nice and gave a lot for Equestria, and were wondrously hospitable towards me. I helped him study…." Amber then visibly blushes and avoids looking directly at Sewn. "We, er, um, did some kissin'…." She clears her throat and continues, "He looks similar to me in color, except a bit darker in mane and coat, and with bluish eyes, no nose marking, and he's taller than I am. He has a woodworking cutie mark too!" Amber avoids mentioning any of her believed causes of Mustard's lack of ambition, and decides to not contest Sewn on whether there's something "wrong" with him.
Does Mason react?
Silver "The Floof" Sword
Silver smiles upon seeing Mala wake so quickly.

"Good morning, sleepy heads. You sure do wake up easily, Mala. Anyways, there are pancakes downstairs if either of you are interested in breakfast."
Kubana "Nope Noodle" Kirafiki
"Well, I'd like to follow up on that lead for work, so I can start working towards meeting the governor. I don't know if you'd want to come along for that or not. You'll definitely need some food and entertainment if you don't want to, but even if you do want to come along, it'd be nice to have some in the house."

Element of lust game discussion thread
141769 142287
Element of lust will be an rpg game about berry punch trying to survive in the new apocalyptic world. some previews, screenshots and other stuff will be occasionally dropped here.
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Woah, those are serious digits.
Softie boi
Ha! I've managed to bypass the ban! Take that, Roskomnadzor! The bad news is - I'm halting development cos i have no time for this shit. The news are not all that bad though. Here's a crappy unpolished demo cringe. There's nothing past 2 fights but you can do stuff and experiment like in a first game. Have fun.

Softie boi
I'm fraence now.

Ok, bye.
>I'm halting development cos i have no time for this shit.
Soft Lava
Hi, this is dev speaking.

We're at a great loss today as of now the source for Element of Lust game files is gone. I've been gone for two months and by that time all my data got deleted. Could anyone of you please post it here again if you have it? The upper link is dead.
Hope someone can find a copy. I will look though what I have saved and my backups to see if I got it.

Post to this thread every time you visit /vx/
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One of these threads.
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thats the way she goes
after having played 2 more games and failed them both due to bullshit civil wars, I have decided that this game simply isn't for me. I'm going to stick to playing a game that's actually winnable, like stellaris.
Civil wars? in your faction or?
in my country. The AI would always take more than half of my army and immediately use it to start taking my territory, all while I'm still waiting for my army to go to the front line that their troops all immediately spawned on. I decided to have fun with a cheated hyper-tech finland though, and after re-establishing the Finnish Khaganate and moving to seize both Mongolia through Russia and Korea through Japan, I think I'm starting to not hate this game.


File (hide): 4F67375C3C40802C1574B2EF65F43A5A-10692528.mp4 (10.2 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:00:12, Jihad.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Calling for Total Dev Jihad
173921 173923 173924 174020
I have absolutely had it. I have a desire to make pony games and mods to keep the tradition alive, but I can only take so much. With practically no coding experience, I have made one or two mods here and there, nothing substantial, but I actually could learn things as I went by studying what others have made, going over documentation, reading online forums, following tutorials, and some trial and error. But what are you supposed to do when all of this becomes impossible to come by?

I make this thread to call for a jihad on devs, the ones responsible for this horrid state of gaming. So many people lie and say it is all thanks to corporations and executives that don't give a shit. They certainly don't help, but the source of the problem has always been and always will be the dev. They refuse to document their process, insist on fragmenting what little information they do share in thousands of discords, and making the worst fucking tutorials you ever witnessed on Allah's shithole of a world. Let me tell you how this got started.

I was growing ever frustrated with Hearts of Iron IV and the Equestria at War mod, trying to add things such as Aryanne. The tutorials available for this are years old and are for very basic changes to the game. I could learn only so much by following them, but I did my best. I actually figured out how to change what character you can make the leader of the nation. But I wasn't satisfied. I wanted a unique focus tree to go with my addition of Aryanne. For whatever fucking reason, the tree spazzed out every time I wanted to make a new point on the tree and undoing the change didn't fix the UI, even after resetting the game, deleting the code I did, somehow this was a permanent fuck up. I looked all over for anyone else that had this problem, but I can't find anything. If it exists, the information is not made easily available.

I tried messing around over and over until I finally gave up. I worked on some other things, like an economy system, and couldn't make them work either. An update hit and somehow fucked everything up save the picture I made. I don't know how that happened and there is no documentation to tell me how. How the fuck are you supposed to fix what you don't know is broken? The infidel dev will say "Welcome to my life, because I don't know either and it takes dozens of hours to fix any one problem" failing to realize that he is the source of his own suffering by not fucking documenting what everything does in the code and what patches will do that might fuck with other things.

So, I decide I will abandon the whole thing and make my own game. I won't be cucked by the whims of two sets of retarded devs. I proceed to look up how one can make a strategy map within a free engine like Unreal Engine 5. There are two tutorials to choose from. Every other result is 30 seconds of people showing off their development of their own projects with zero information on how they did it. The first tutorial is in French with English subtitles and it is years old to the point the UI of the engine does not match anymore. Clearly this baguetteling was not of the Light of Allah because he stops halfway through his series to say he did everything wrong up until that point and he says he will redo it all and upload the correction. He did not. He did upload the finished file of his correction, with no documentation on how he did it correct this time. So, that tutorial is out because I need to learn how to do this thing and replicate it so I can make my own game. I can't learn from a fuck up.

The second tutorial is in English, at least I assume it is. This guy fucking mutters everything he says, when he isn't saying "umm". He is quieter than Fluttershy in the first episode of the show. I am not fucking joking. He also doesn't really spend time on anything so I can properly learn how to replicate it reliably. With the only options in video format exhausted, I turn to the searchable internet, a dreadful place as search engines no longer bring up any useful data or sites where you can try to find answers.

I navigate to an official Unreal Engine 5 forum and there is a post asking how one might replicate grand strategy maps like Europa Universalis IV, a game that is similar to Hearts of Iron IV. I am in luck! But what a fool I was, because the answer was never given within the thread, instead another thread was linked as someone was going to make their own answer. I click and what do I see? It was the fucking Frenchy again with that shit tutorial! Why the fuck is he here? Why is everything just a fucking loop of bad practices and shitty tutorials in which I can't learn how to do anything?

I look through the rest of the forums, praying to Muhammad above that some true believer had blessed the forums with the presence of a prophet, but alas... nearly everything was useless. Most threads were left unanswered and the couple that were only had generic advice like make sure the UI scales. Fucking brilliant answer there. There was only one forum with any aid whatsoever. This one was by a Paradox technical artist. Surely, he will come to the aid of those that seek aid. He states he is bound by NDA contract to not speak of what to do, only to look through the folders of the games. So, there is no one that both knows what to do and has posted publicly and in a coherent way on the internet.

I declare a jihad on all devs for this blight upon the land. They will all be given a chance, as per the wisdom of Allah, to convert and stop being shitbags. They will learn to document their code and leave their knowledge to the public, just as the Holy Prophet documented the Light in the Quran. All others must fall as we tread upon their rotting flesh, the perfect reflection of their inner self. There will be no mercy for their souls.

Meanwhile, I guess I will just fucking trial and error this shit for a few months and see what I can figure out.
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174022 174026
>We hate you for wanting better access to information
>We demand you make a game now
Oh, I will be making the game, but not for the likes of you fuckers. Fuck that. I will document your tears in my notes as well.
>Better access to information.
We're drowning in information, but getting to specifically useful bits become ever harder.
I'm telling you good luck, because every single developer needs it and I'm praying for you because developers need it.
>Hate you.
If I hated you I'd give useful advice then slowly implant malware.
>Demand you make the game.
Nope, it would be neat and cool. I'm referring to your OP about jihading all developers for having undocumented spaghetti code. It crops up and the infestation of mystery code lingers.
Even in banks SQL ancient sever crap. It's everywhere and nobody knows what any of it does.
Even documented strange, strange shit happens.
This is a heads up so when it happens all that can be done is what you've already set out to do.
Either heading in foward or trying another way.
Usually it is just trial and error.
The saving grace of many developers is regular backups (multiple saves) and taking personal notes about what you're doing at any given moment.
>I won't forget what this cool thing I did was...
It happens. It's painful.
Give it a try and have fun.
Dev here, 15+ years experience
I agree with OP, documentation has fallen to shit and devs refuse to disclose anything helpful
and have you ever looked at open-source projects? often poorly commented, an unreadable mess full of fucking templates and shitty variable and function names, I should be able to crack open source code and be able to figure out what it does at a glance, instead I have to trace through line after line, going back and forth between different source files just to understand what a single function does. vec GetVectorFromOrigin(double angle, Double Distance) is a simple example, a single line that tells you what the damn thing does, two variables each named for what they represent.
It took me years to learn how to code as well as I did and i know it would have taken me significantly less time had people stopped replying like this fuckin guy:

"lrn 2 code" isn't a fucking answer, how is someone supposed to learn 2 code you dipshit. what is OP supposed to do? read a book? which book? most books I've read at 500 pages: 499 pages of self-congratulatory jerking off, and 1 page of useful code. The bulk of the examples are so simplified as to be useless. even "advanced" books.
most books lack context that makes the examples useful
Blog posts? those are even less useful, often containing an unsaid assumptions about what the user knows which makes the information useless gobbledygook.
video tutorials are helpful but often slow and geared towards very amateurs so they don't go into much detail on more important concepts that makes higher order games possible.
and this doesn't begin to take into account changing software, libraries change what does and doesn't work so much sometimes that old tutorials can be totally fucking useless (see GTK tutorials holy shit what a mess, how 2 hello world much?)
How is anyone supposed to learn how to do something useful when the tutorials themselves are meaningless, and the documentation that is made is often without context, yes this function does such and such, but if I just stick it in my code it does nothing because it has some unspecified prerequisite that isn't mentioned.

>pay someone else to code for you
this infuriated me every step of making my own videogame, people telling me to pay for fucking everything, "just hire an artist" "just hire a dev" "just hire a musician"
oh sure let me get right on that with all that money I don't have
fucking artists will charge hundreds of dollars for a 16x16 pixel fucking sprite, and don't get me started on musicians. At least they document their work so I could learn how to do it, but holy shit it's always "pay pay pay" like I got a pile of cash, sure I'm gonna blow $15,000 on a stupid project that i have no intention of selling. that seems like a sound financial decision.

if I wanna build my own house, there are step by step tutorials online that show PRECISELY how to build a house. Using every possible variation of materials, from log cabins to fucking mansions.

and then there's the fucking elitism in devs. Hey I use sublime text, C++ without classes, and gcc, eat my taint, if you want to use an IDE go ahead, if you want to use cat, go ahead, use whatever works as long as the code gets written, but don't fucking tell me I somehow "did it wrong" because I didn't use your precious VIM because you can do oh so much after you figure out how to do the hokey pokey with your index fingers
everyone is always telling you that everything you do is wrong and no matter how much you change to accommodate them you'll never please these faggots. When I worked on cars there was a right way and a wrong way because the wrong way could blow shit up, but no one gave a rats ass if you used cheap tools or expensive ones or a certain brand or anything like that, only did you get the work done.
okay, go ahead and do it then.

>most books I've read at 500 pages: 499 pages of self-congratulatory jerking off, and 1 page of useful code.
yes, or read better books,

holy shit I feel trolled.
how old are you, have you worked so far, on any project, and do you realize people don't owe you shit. Instead of federating people on a project and wanting artists and dev to join you for making it possible... you sound arrogant as possible.
opinion discarded
Don't dick around with complex engines or with making your own from scratch. Learn to use 3D modelling suites, the basics of sound design, and get your art up to speed and just start building a world in some simple old existing engine such as Source or Roblox. Once you have a foundation that you can just add custom content to, your creative juices will take over and it will be only progress from there. Learn to code by doing basic additions and alterations to the existing codebase (The first thing I saw on Roblox today was a "learn LUA by example" gamemode) and after so many small contributions and pieces of content added, in time you'll have a game that is 90% original content and code.

Spiritual War as a Christian
6745 166843 166863 170203 170204 170706
Forgive them.
Command that which ails you thus:
"Go to my GOD, and to my lord Jesus Christ and pray with all thine heart, all thine mind, all thine spirit, all thine faculties, all thine body, all thine strength, all thine being, and all thine self. Pray as one ought. Pray GOD turns your heart to GOD. Pray GOD turns all you are towards GOD. Amen."
Peace be upon you.
You shall know them by their works, send them. By name, by being, by identity, by identifier, by fruit, by work, or by which you name It.
Speak/Think at It.
Send them.
Be not glad you command such, be glad your name is written in heaven.
Be glad.

Partake in the Good Word. Pray so as to talk with GOD, Jesus Christ, your guardian angel. Turn towards GOD and give everything and more.
For your Wife/Husband, your children, your mother, your father, your brother, your sister may also be prayed in this way.
For Catholics they must be by Blood.
For everyone and everything else.
Do thus:
"My GOD, I ask to be in accordance with your will. I ask that my words and works are in accordance with your will. I ask what ought I do?"
-t. Anonymous. Source: in accordance.
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Have you asked God?
You know that Jesus has paid the full cost for everyone's failure to be good, the divide between us and God.
If you understood how God, Our loving living Father, desires you to understand you'd know.
The only way to start is by hearing shared by God's Holy Spirit.
The tree of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil is God's one specific tree out of all of them just for God and what He desires.
You know Jesus came to show the goodness of God overcoming all evil and evil forces to share friendship and being made an heir of God.
So you can choose to not take up all of God's offer, He doesn't want you to suffer, but it is your choice if you want to have the temporary thing on Earth or choose Him who knows what you need and want better than you do.
Everybody failed to be perfect, except for Jesus. Only way to be saved is through Him.
174360 174362
Are there any Christians here who feel that God has abandoned them, or in the least, is completely antipathic? I am in a unique position where I still believe greatly in Christ, but also feel like He has already condemned me.

Prayer doesn't yield any answers, and the Bible feels like it is beyond my grasp.
You know, I have read this slogan before and resonate with it. However I do believe that there are others who are loved and protected by the Almighty, so I wouldn't extend the sentiment towards everyone. It makes me wonder if God makes wagers with the lives of others as He once did with Job.
You aren't abandoned you're just barking up a random tree.
Are you going with humility, but also with confidence and assuredness into His presence?
You have His Holy Ghost dwelling in you?
He can hear you, but can you hear Him?
Brother ask for Him to help you hear with how He desires you to hear.
Fact of the matter is you trying to shoulder what belongs to God is detrimental to you. If you ask Him first He'll give you enough, but you don't have to do that. He's the one who is carrying.
Don't worry. He's taking care of it and if you want to hamper how God can move and act, you won't be having as much enjoyment with being with Him as you could.
He's cooked a wonderful meal of His plan for you. Balking now at the seeing of a table being cleaned and cleared yet full of crap shouldn't deter you. It'll be ready as you sit. He knows you (and everyone) better than you know yourself.
Maybe let Him go before you fighting and clearing the way, beside you as friends and family, and behind you guarding your back and inside you building you up as the way He actually sees you.
Say fuck you world and trust God.
You walk with Him and work with Him you'll understand the relationships with God.
You are loved.
talking to god be like

Any good mod for HOI3?
Besides EaW?

Cozy Pony Pub Reopened
Hey ponyfrens! Welcome to the grand re-opening of the Pony Pub, a thread I was eventually gonna get to re-bump and troll with after it hit 1000, but someone got tired of!
This is a casual thread to reference 'legitimate' threads/posts from, without derailing.
Out bartender/chef is a tulpa, and she and OP are just this side of batshit! But her food is amazing, so deal with it.
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170721 174308
Merry Christmas fren.
Thought you left to conquer irl stuff, unless I'm thinking of someone else.
Still merry Christmas.
Anon, you're posting.
Since you're able to post on at least two parts it stands to reason the ban's over and
I'd wager to guess the length of it was about a day.
Ooooooooh. Sorry my brain isn't running on full.
Anyway Merry Christmas to you all
Merry Christmas indeed. I feel undeserving of the kind words. But I'm grateful to hear them.

Btw Sven, sorry for overreacting. Didn't actually apologized before. You're entitled to your opinion either way.
<Always cute when faggoys try te run their mouths
<Simmer down lad
<Rustlin' the staff's jimmies is the fastest way te catch a ban 'round 'ere. Lotus in particular treats insults te his pride worse than CP.
<Aye, staff loves te issue 100-year bans an then revoke em later. It'd be far easier (read: more consistent) if'n they embraced the "there are no actual rules" rule

<ANYWAY this shite-hole is covered in dust, ah hope ye'll pardon if'n I spruce the place fer a bit
<kicks the jukebox
<Lol, when did ye fags change these post links? Im not sayin ye shouldnt'a, just wondering if'n yer still tryin' to act a paladin is all

People are saying this is the next Gamergate 2.0
Threads about this company, Sweet Baby Inc., are being constantly moved from /v/ to /pol/.

>Sweet Baby Inc. is not the
largest narrative design company in the games industry. Nor is it solely responsible for the characters and stories in recent high-profile releases like Alan Wake 2, God of War Ragnarok, and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. But good luck telling some gamers that.

>Though these kinds of social media posts argue that companies like Sweet Baby Inc. somehow “force” game studios to include diverse characters and storylines, the reality is vastly different. Sweet Baby Inc. is a narrative design company, meaning most of its work is focused on writing stories and dialogue—they are not a DEI consultancy firm. That means they ensure a game’s plot points make logical sense and are satisfying to players, and that characters speak and behave in consistent ways. Narrative designers may also provide a final round of polish, like a Hollywood “script doctor.” For example, the team worked on Suicide Squad long after the story was written—and even then they joined just to write in-game ads, audio logs, and NPC “barks,” CEO Kim Belair tells me over video call.


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An infographic designed to get a sense of political threat, which obviously translates into funneling taxpayer money to activists and assorted government employees. It is a grift.
if you buy games; or support this, you fags support this faggotry and got what you deserve.
So what would you recommend playing instead?
You can pirate almost any gayme tho.
The description is essentially and succinctly correct, but leaves something out that may be significant: the "activists," the Sweet Baby Inc weirdos, the people at all the other "DEI consultant" companies that are not right now getting as much press as SBI, the "games journalists," and even a lot of people who make day-to-day administrative decisions at the game studios, like Shaneequa and Keywanda in the HR department, and Shekelberg in the legal department, they all went to college together. They all know one another. They coordinate this by email, by Discord, by Zoom chat. It's a tiny, incestuous little world where game studios get extorted for $millions by organizations like SBI, which spreads that money around, buying Twitter bots ten thousand at a time to amplify "the narrative," paying activists-for-hire to stage public "demonstrations" at game dev company offices. They set up "human rights" NGOs that get fat stacks of government cash to supplement the money they get when they carry out a gun-to-the-head carjacking of a game studio, and pay themselves handsomely, then use that money to hire more "activists" and buy more social media sockpuppet bots. The money flows like a river, all from people who work for a living and create things, into the bank accounts of shrill pink-haired faggots, angry obese nigger bulldykes, and maladaptive genetic debris who advertise their mental illness with made-up pronouns, all so that they can shove things like this in your face, and your kids' faces. After so many troon school shootings and troon mass murders, this isn't just tone-deaf, it's deliberate. It's planned and coordinated, and there are not very many people behind it.


I'm building a team
So? What do you want, a fucking medal?
I want a team

Team? You want a team? I'll give you a team, boyo. The only goddamn team there is. The Denver. Cunt. Slapping. Mother. Fucking. God. Damned. Broncos.

Denver Broncos is the best footballing team, no one in the world is as football. Many have tried and failed to be as football, including you. Football? You? Yeah, not gonna happen, Chef Boyardee. But I'll tell you what IS going to happen--you're going to get your god damned face kicked in by the DENVER BRONCOS so fucking hard your nuts will turn inside out and vanish into space along with the rest of your sad-sack nigger cunt pounding team.

Let me ask you this: have you ever had lice in your dick? I don't mean just lice in your dick like your dick itches from all the lice you have in your dick, I'm talking about a serious infestation of the dick scrotum. I'm talking full-blown balls to the wall lice in your motherfucking dick. Literal fucking lice marching up and down your fucking urethra, singing "Battle Hymn of the Republic" while blowing trumpets and scattering confetti everywhere because you were too god damned cheap and lazy to pay your fucking power bill, not that it fucking matters, Boy George. You ever had lice in your dick like that? Well, let me kick it up a notch for you--BAM!

Bam Margera. And by that, I mean imagine this. Imagine lice in your dick like that. Imagine Jimmy Pop from the Bloodhound Gang plus like nine other guys from 90s comedy punk bands that you're probably too busy gargling nigger cum to even comprehend references to, you zoomer fagola. Imagine all that, turned up to like the Nth degree, SHITTING BLOOD ALL OVER YOUR CARPET BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO GODDAMNED MOTHER DUCKING CHEAP TO BUY A SHOP VAC, imagine that, but also with 9000 times more grit, grime and hard-earned gridiron glory, and all of that, BLOWING RIGHT OUT OF YOUR NIPPLES AT ONCE. Get the picture? Damn right you don't, because it's too much ducking picture for you. And that, my friend, is the DENVER GOD DAMNED MOTHER FUCKING BRONCOS.

So take a shit in your hat, Boy Wonder, because you're not even ready to football on their level. Football? You? Don't make me laugh, sunshine. Go roll yourself a fat one and take a flying leap into the abyss of not-football, because that's all you'll ever amount to, just like that old gypsy woman told your fat-assed whore of a mother.

You can't even football on my level, governor moonbeam faggot, so don't even talk to me about no teams.
Just looks like a bunch of mean bully jocks and niggers who would be mean to me
Newfag detected.

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