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Welcome to /ub/ - Überhengst
German for "over stallion," and a reference to Nietzsche's "Übermensch," /üb/ - Überhengst is about bettering yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It is about self-improvement, constructive self-reflection, and seeking advice from others. You may discuss here those personal hobbies through which you develop your creative energies, and the efforts you take to improve your talents, artistic and otherwise. And of course, this is a board for fitness and literature, as they are parts of the backbone of physical and mental wellness. This is also a board where we may discuss Western culture - history, literature, architecture, and philosophy - as when imbibed, culture improves the mind and spirit, sharpening mental faculties, and providing a greater connection to those around you and to civilizations millennia old.

As this is a self-improvement board, discussions of personal problems should be constructive. No wallowing in self-pity. We are here to become better, and while seeking company in misery may be a helpful part of the process, the process does not end there.


Cook your food
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One problem plaguing a lot of people these days, especially burgers like myself, is that many people eat out at restaurants too much instead of preparing home cooked meals. Eating out is frequently both more expensive and less healthy for you than a home cooked meal. Furthermore, many people live with a limited library of meals that they know how to prepare and don't realize the culinary possibilities that are right in front of them.

The purpose of this thread is to try to break that habit of eating out and to make cooking at home become the norm in our lives. Please share meal ideas and how to prepare them here. All meals are welcome, although preferably we should post meals that are easy to prepare so that novice cooks will not be intimidated by the prospect of preparing them for themselves. Even simple sandwiches are fair game. Sometimes that may mean cutting corners with pre-made mixes instead of preparing everything from scratch.

Remember that the goal isn't necessarily to post the most inexpensive meals or the healthiest meals, although those meals are certainly very welcome. The goal is to encourage people to dust off their kitchen appliances and flex their atrophied cooking muscles. I realize that this opens the door to culinary nightmares like /tg/'s infamous meat-bread, but so be it. Let's get cooking!
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So, rereading some old stuff and I realized how to corner the market on all foodstuffs. (In the USA.) It's already inplace, but limited to junk.
Add iodine.
Use iodine as an additional preservative.

People crave iodine, the switch from iodized bread to Only iodized salt means people crave salt even more.
As helping communities and yourself is a good long term goal as is making them healthier via tastier alternatives. It seems to me that there is a deliberate secretive open market to corner the starving masses.
They're hungery for iodine and have no clue.
The question is, which food stuff to expand into to corner the market.
At home application is straight foward, add more iodine to the diet via any foods.
For consumers hedging bets with proper nutrition is going to be a task. However as selenium factors into how effective iodine is it makes sense to choose foods that also contain those nutrients.
Such as dishes with rice.
But having a 'brand' that people crave is perhaps also an interesting factor to consider.
In fact someone could also get into the 'energy' drink market using the same additions of iodine. Boosted stable energy throughout the day.
Now there's two things that would be the response
>Oy Vey Shut It Down!
>Muh Shekels!

However, on any level of business it can be added. From the home use to kid owned street corner box, to local businesses and restaurants to the national and international level.
The best thing is a more healthy populous is a less dumb one.
Not by much, but by bringing awareness by demanded craving the hold on the world snaps.
When people could have been feeling so much better from the start and less unnecessarily medicated for pennies. Well knowing the taste of freedom is a bit different than only knowing from a scholarly stand point.

From all sauces to drinks to soup to breads to meals to meats to a lone table condiment there is opportunity in all forms.
When someome sees the potential to cash in and it helps make people better equipped there's going to be a health blip.
Because any fast food or frozen food or drink or anybody could be making massive cash if nobody else takes the plunge.
But if someone does, they'll race to upstage to get their cut of the pie.
In doing so everybody wins because everybody feeling a tiny bit better makes huge swings in geopolitics.
You could possibly also enrich food with other vitamins and minerals.
Well now you have another secret ingredient to win that chili contest.
Honey and bees.jpeg
Let us consider honey and its miraculous properties.

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College Kid Chili-Mac
This is a little recipe I figured out when trying to make Chili Mac n cheese and do it cheaper than using canned chili.

No measurements listed, since I haven't made this often-enough to try to figure out proper measurements. You can wing this recipe very easily.

-- Tools --
Something to boil macaroni with
Something to fry stuff with
Something to stir up macaroni

-- Ingredients --
Macaroni (however much you need for a meal)
Cheese - whatever it is something that melts fairly easily
An Onion
A Hot Dog (or whatever cheap meat you can find)
Chili powder (Red pepper powder & cumin)
Oil or butter or maragine - something you can fry stuff with

-- Cooking Instructions --

Boil water, add salt, mix salt.
Add macaroni, cook for the package's recommended time.
While macaroni is cooking, chop up onions, and fry them in your choice of oil.
while onions are frying, shred or otherwise prepare your cheese to make a sauce.
once the onions are starting to caramelize (get brown), fry your preferred meat in the onions as well.
Take meat and onions off the heat when they are done.
When the macaroni is done, take it off the heat, but save some of the macaroni water to melt the cheese in.
Add cheese to the macaroni water, add both back to the macaroni pot, and stir. Add more cheese or more water if you need it to be less or more runny.
Add fried meat and onions to the macaroni and cheese.
Add chili powder to the mac n cheese.
Mix that shit up.
You're done.

-- Enjoy --

Here are some links for some budget recipes as well, if anons need to be /frugal/ on cooking.

Wolfe Pit Budget recipes
Life of Boris Budget Recipes
I needed an idea for something to cook for dinner tonight and I think I will try this. Will post results.
Important to note that margarine tends to have a lot more troons fats.

oof wow this IS low res holy shit.jpeg
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I think I have an idea for everyone here, with or without homes, to take control of their finances and/or lifestyle. /nomad/: Homeless/traveling advice, personal stories, finances, what have you. If you've seen someone talking about homeless living on this site, that's usually me. I've done it before but now I'm seeing all kinds of opportunities and fun from it since I'm not being bled dry by debt. So I think I'll share a little advice:

Can't fit everything in a car or bag/cart? Buy a storage unit; between $25 and $75 depending on quality of storage. Put anything you don't want stolen in there, lower your back seat, and sleep with your legs in the trunk. With a blanket and pillow you can get a comfortable rest, and with a simple black fabric long enough to cover your windows/windshield, you won't need to worry about the sun or onlookers. You can also get a dolly for your car, or a trailer. This can also be taken advantage of if you want somewhere to sleep other than your car, since teardrops can be under 1000 pounds (light enough for a small sedan to tow), or even as light as 500 pounds (light enough for a bike to tow).

Want clean and ironed clothes? Get a fabric dresser; I found one at the Lidl grocery store (pic related), comes with a bunch of metal rods and connectors with little fabric shelves. One piece is a hanging bar you can put ironed shirts on. It fits in the aforementioned 5x5 storage space perfectly, and fits more than two duffel-bags' worth of clothing easily and neatly with several shelves for underwear, undershirts, or what have you.

Don't want to waste money on fast food or stick to shitty canned goods just to eat and survive? A butane or propane coil-stove runs a very small fee and fits damn near anywhere; I got a collapsible stainless-steel charcoal grill that is about the size of a Swiss Army duffel-bag and has space for almost anything. It can be used to boil impurities out of water, brew tea or coffee, grill foods with a heavy patty press or a broiler basket, all kinds of stuff. You can also get a cooler and get a bag of ice each week for anything you need chilled like meat or dairy. I'm going to read Cooked: A History of Transformation to accompany my own culinary journey~

Need to keep your hygiene on point? Don't want to waste a bunch of money on baby wipes to keep your face grime-free? Get a gym membership. At $10 a month, Planet Fitness' base membership lets you hang around one specific PF location with showers, sinks with mirrors for shaving at, and of course all the goodies you'd want at a gym. Upgrade said membership for I think $12 extra and you can also get access to a damn sauna, on top of being able to go to any PF you want, ideal for traveling while remaining fit (and in my case, getting cardio in without a sunburn).

Need a residential address, not just a mailing address/PO box? Go to the Salvation Army in your area; many of them offer amenities such as a temporary residential address/forwarding address, and if you ask, they can even set you up with an address not outwardly affiliated with them, so prospective employers don't think you're living in a shelter and may be more likely to hire you.

I gotta tell ya, guys, going homeless (intentionally and not just out of desperation) was the best decision I've ever made in my life. Ever.
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6959 6960
>post your face on an imageboard
Oh fuck off, nigger. I've never even posted to this thread before m I just replied because I remember seeing it a while ago and I was bored enough to reply. I don't give a flying fuck if you choose to believe me or not.
I just know occult from discord and movie knights
Might as well fuck off if you got nothing meaningful to say.
>post your face on an imageboard
Friend. I said to put a NAME to the face.
You're still a faggot. As are the rest of you.
I wish you the best fren. I wish I could help, but I'm still trying to help myself at the moment. Godspeed, even if you might not be a believer.
I'm not. Thanks for nothing.
Saw this, and figured I'd drop some things to be careful about -if- you decide to go nomad, boondock, or other living-travel stuff.

This vid is mostly for RVers, but it's a good resource for anyone living in their car too.

PF is a cheap membership, but they also have EXTREMELY predatory cancelling schemes. They basically tie you up in hoops and ropes to jump through just to get free of them, and hope that you would rather be stuck with a forever-debt that you'd never want to quit. If you use it and need it, that's fine, but beware of the cancellation fee.

To add onto gym memberships, if you have insurance that allows you to get Silver Sneakers, Most gyms that have Silver sneakers are basically free (aside from all other costs other than membership). If you're lucky, the gyms that have Silver Sneakers could be even better than PF ever will be.

Driving bigger vehicles means bigger problems. Skoolies and step-trucks require specialized mechanics and parts, and shit can get STUPID expensive FAST. The Department of Transportation (for US citizens) routinely stops step-trucks and other for inspections. You'd probably have to put "PRIVATE VEHICLE, NOT FOR HIRE" on your step-truck if you use one. But then again, this thread is more for the frugal lifestyle.

The Bureau of Land Management and National Forest Service has places that you can camp for free at (usually up to a week or two at most), as do some Rest Areas and stores allow free overnight parking. HOWEVER. the quality, safety, and actually-free-price of the areas can be wildly-inconsistent. Not all BLM or NFS places completely free, and most of the time, there are ZERO amenities there, as in, you're out on your own in the middle of nowhere.

Even then with other costs, paid-for campgrounds can be cheaper to stay than a hotel, even if the booking requirements are far steeper. Camping in winter is easier to reserve, but they need to be open in the first place, and more often than not, quite a few campgrounds aren't open in the winter.

Need to stay warm? Is there snow on the ground and it's cold as fuck outside? Get a heavy sleeping bag and one or more wool blankets 100% wool if possible, but otherwise get what you can. You might be able to find 100% wool at jo-ann fabrics, hobby lobby, or other craft stores with sewing as the mainstay.

If you need to buy stuff online and have it shipped to you, get a PO box at a post office. This will minimize the problem of Porch Pirates too.

If you're gonna spend a lot of money on anything, splurge on boots for your feet and tires for your car. research boot brands and nerd the fuck out on them to find the good shit. a good pair of boots that is well-maintained will last you a long time, and a good pair of tires will keep you safer on the road.

IF you're bored and need a constructive and time-consuming hobby, I recommend crocheting or knitting. The crafts take a long time, but you can make some nice and cozy shit with it. You could even create a waterproof sleeping mat out of cut-up-grocery store bags too.

Plastic bag yard sleeping mat.

Plastic bag cord - This is if you want to twine your plastic yarn, make it stronger and quieter. The previous vid's plastic is -noisy-.

It's time
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When you see this thread, do five push ups.
if busy do ten later
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do u even lift?

And if busy, do 40 later!
File (hide): 919FA385CA0DC959F8BF65FA6C835CCA-1768662.mp4 (1.7 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:00:29, pushups.mp4) [play once] [loop]

It's that time again.

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ITT we share wisdoms that we have gleaned through our own experiences with our fellow Anons, that they might live a better life. I'll start:

NEVER ask a question unless you are %100 that you want to know the answer. Whatever happens, you literally asked for it, so you better be damn sure you really wanted to know. Remember this and it will help you with friends, family, lovers, and even children. Live your life by it.
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6991 6992
If you need to hit your kid, you don't have the brains or charisma. Your kid doesn't respect you as a father figure.
>modern education
>zoomer dares to speak
No intention for smearing but to give you awareness on that unhinged take. Yours is a pampered utter degenerate culture I would say.
File (hide): D071B0296876E3F4430817BB8EF19999-640080.mp4 (625.1 KB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:00:11, discipline.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>brainwashed fool
This is how it is done.
I don't really believe in this. Ig, it happens regardless what people think about it and maybe it can during certain circumstances be necessary. But in general I think, it shouldn't be needed if you have a good relationship with your child, which I think you can get by loving them.
If the woman in the video is their mom, I feel like she must have failed them earlier in her fostering of them. Also, doubt that these woman changed their minds just because they got hit when the rest of society will back up their promiscious ways.

Just my two cents.
I got a few.

-- Avoid holding self help as a commandment, a dogma, or an immutable rule. The world is a lot more complex than people make it out to be, and holding things to be absolute will only cause suffering.

-- Your body is like a government budget; use it or lose it.

-- Most of the time, those who cause suffering are suffering from something themselves. It doesn't change how much of a cunt they are, though.

-- People are really good at knowing that a problem exists, but more often than not, they are terrible at figuring out where and what the problem actually is.

-- Projection is not just a trait of the mentally-ill, it is a very human trait. If you become aware of this, you can figure out just how deep your thoughts and habits go.

-- Quotes and works tell you more about people, the lives they lived, and their opinions on life, rather than about life itself. Only divinity and nature can teach you about life itself.

I'd like to offer my take on this:

-- Nothing is truly free. If someone gives you something for free, either they're looking for appreciation, they're looking to get space back, or they're looking to get something out of you.

When a poner is in trouble
I was thinking hard how to help a poner within the limits of an imageboard.
To begin with, to reach in person is out of the question as we are all anons. Then considerations about character comes to the foreground as potentially high risk.
So what is left is to try to reach his mind in order for him to see different avenues, or possibilities.
Then the question is... how to unblock him without to enrage him or increase his resistance to change?
This poner has lost faith on himself and even Friendship. Also it looks like he is godless and unable the draw power from it. It won't be easy.
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>And you, and every other faggot in this site, saw fit to put their efforts towards arguing with or dunking on Glimmernigel and Boom Boom instead.
So...that's why you decided to join in and shit endlessly on that faggot elder? Shit doesn't make any sense, but whatever.

I just don't understand the glass-fragile morale of everyone here. You know what, fuck it. There's no point in any of this. I could go on to poke your daddy issues. But I won't.
Sorry for everything I said. For what its worth, I sincerely hope things get better for you and everyone. And sorry for not approaching you sooner when it probably mattered the most.
You should reconsider about sharing your stuff online. I don't mean it as a threat or anything. Seriously, I know you probably just want to vent. But even if this site is anonymous, you should be aware some people can hurt you if they know where to push and poke. Again, am leaving you alone, this is legitimate advice.
See ya.
7001 7002
I'm that anon that made those posts in /qa/ last week regarding my family, figured I would give an update. I was able to convince my family and I got on a few of those interviews last week. Haven't heard back from anyone yet, and I think they don't look like good places to work at, but that's a separate problem I can deal with on my own. It was incredibly stressful trying to get them to go along with it at first, but they were totally fine with it once we were in the middle of traveling.

I'm continuing to put in applications in places for now, also working out a plan to strike out on my own, just in case. Thanks to everyone who responded, though I made those posts while I was hot-headed and upset, which I really didn't want to do.

As a separate issue, I think my mom has been prodding me to get actively involved in politics or punditry and it's concerning me, but I guess we're entering blogpost territory there.
Glad you came to your senses.
I don't want to sound paranoid or make you the same, but you may want to be certain that your parents don't know where you are applying to. It is a bit odd that they did a 180 and supported you working. No compromise? That isn't impossible, but I would not rule out sabotage. I doubt the reason you have gotten no response is due to sabotage as I have been struggling to get any sort of interview as well, but it is best not to tempt fate.

Do not give them the chance to make you think you are going to get a job and they will just call a company and say to not hire you to keep you around the house. Even if you believe this is not like them to do, don't let it be on the table seeing as they were insane enough to hold the position of you need to pay and not work in the first place.

4795 4798 4801 6576
There are a few things I'd like to do in this thread
- document my soap making process
- document process changes and upgrades to equipment
- detail common problems when making soap
- answer any soap making questions
- eventually let everyone know when and where product can be purchased
Basically everything to do with soap.

I'm not concerned about telling somebody how to make a product that I'm selling either. There are a few reasons for this: Some people won't be able to receive such a product overseas, or it wouldn't be feasible to ship. I'm not so petty to think that trying to conceal information somehow results in "job security". The soap making process is already quite well documented. Finally, I didn't start making soap to make money with, I started because of the memes, but also to have a product to better prepare myself for economic collapse.
I wish to share this with you guys so (you) too can better prepare yourself for whatever is coming.

Lets start with the boring stuff, like what is soap?
I would define soap as a surfactant. A surfactant is a molecule that will bind to water, oil, and particles.
The US legal definition is 'soap made from natural ingredients'. Synthetic soap is often sold as 'beauty bars' or 'body wash' instead of soap, because they are not made with natural ingredients.

Most modern engine and transmission oils, and heavy grease used for equipment will contain detergents. Don't let the word detergent mislead you, it means the same thing as surfacant.

Lye harvested for soap making in ages past is called potash. The potash lye soap making process is a fair bit more involved, and the chemical reactions are a bit different. https://classicbells.com/soap/woodAshLye.asp
Potash soap has been made for a very, very long time. If one of you decides to try this out, please let us know how it goes!

"modern" naturally made soap uses either potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide for the lye. Sodium hydroxide is used for making liquid soaps, sodium hydroxide for solid soap bars.
The easiest way to get sodium hydroxide is from a hardware store selling containers of "pure lye" drain unclogger in the plumbing section. For example https://www.homedepot.com/p/Instant-Power-Crystal-Lye-Drain-Cleaner-1650/204374017

Soap made from natural ingredients is a very sloppy chemical reaction. There are untold numbers of different chemicals and compounds found naturally in any given type of oil. Most of those oils will react with the lye to make some rather complex reactions that result in "soap". It is not uncommon for the soap to change color as it cures for this reason.

Oils are typically mixed and matched to make a nice bar of soap, as no single oil has a good mix of the fatty acids necessary for a good bar of soap.

When making your first batch of soap:
Start with solid bars of soap, instead of trying to make liquid soap. Liquid soap is much pickier about what kind of oils you use.
Use an existing recipe for your first batch, then try to make soap using as much local products as possible. When economic collapse happens, getting those foreign oils will be much more difficult or impossible.
Start with a 2:1 water:lye ratio. If your recipe calls for 12 ounces of lye, use 24 ounces of distilled water. Ignore however much water the recipe calls for.

When building your own recipe, or modifying an existing one, use the following two web pages:
And when in doubt, ask in here.

This first post is just a boring autistic dump on chunks of important or related information. I'll post a lot more (actual making) soap stuff when I get the chance. I think this is a pretty good start though.

Be sure to ask whatever in here about anything related. Over the last year I've been pretty autistically going over how most people make soap, refining my own process, and doing fairly deep-diving research on the topic and general chemistry.
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>implying I was gone
was making random posts on occasion here, just never really enough time to sit down and make a proper update on the soap making project.
Glad to finally get around to it.

I do enjoy the posts everyone else has been doing too
Essence Pony - You can call them smells but I call them Essence!.mp4
ty u 4 returning, soapone. I haven't read the thread yet, but you're really missing out on the essence mare. Total cute mare. Her and Stellar Flare (Milf of the Season). Sad.
Wow, nice work. I look forward to trying some out.
Sadly I'm too poor to go to mare fair this year, but perhaps if things go well I'll be able to sneak it in next year.
I'm going to Mare Fair, if you're selling soaps there I'll buy some!
>I'm going to Mare Fair,
Lucky you.
Can't wait to see you at marefair, still trying to decide whether to use the Mimosa soap or keep it for the memory can I have two?

The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.mp3
Jobs and careers
1643 1646 239505 243536
I haven't visited here in a long time. If you know who I am, then no need to bother with a recap on my life story. If not, it doesn't matter either way.

I'm sending in my two weeks' notice at my job. Too little training for my current position, too heavy a workload, nowhere near enough pay, only barely enough hours to make my living. I am getting a phone set up in the morning, and when it's all ready I'll be sending my applications to anywhere that'll take me.

Let's talk career paths, jobs, and finances. I don't believe /ub/'s ever talked at length about this topic, and perhaps my own situation could be made into a case study to help others in my shoes.

I do not wish to spend money on college or university, although I may go for a trade school education if need be. I have only a year's experience in grocery work, and very little saved up. I have a housing situation that I cannot escape until next July, with a somewhat steep rent. Preferred jobs would be productive labor - but in the literal sense of making something tangible. Things like construction, HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, smithing, welding. Area is mostly urban, no agricultural work near where I live. How would I go about getting most of these jobs?

File unrelated. Although related to my mood.
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Hey man keep your chin up. As far as testing for those driving jobs, in the oil fields they usually have a trainer's truck equivalent to what you normally drive for that line of work that you will go testing with. So you will go take the test in the company truck the driving portion of the test is proctored at the DMV. Alternatively they might choose to send you to a local community college for CDL training. That's what my outfit did after I got past my probationary period, back in the day.
If you wanted to skip the oil fields and go straight to driving they have CDL training courses at many community colleges usually cost about five grand and take 6-8 weeks, but the oil field specific schools can be as short as three weeks. There is a good handful of over-the-road trucking companies that will pay you to go to school as long as you commit to driving for them for a year. The pay for those guys can suck but it's better than what you're going to get at the pizza place. Swift, Warner, CR England, Knight transport etc have those kinds of programs. In those cases you will be testing in the schools truck when testing time comes.

Any which way you go when you take your knowledge and written test when you apply for your CDL learner's permit try to study up and get the extra testing for your tanker. Hazmat has to come later after you have the CDL, because the hazmat requires a thorough background check and fingerprints which requires an existing CDL. But the tanker is your starting point whether you're hauling milk water cement powder anything that goes into a tank pressurized or dry.
That's the problem for me. It doesn't matter what I say, or what I do. If I don't have prior experience, they won't hire me. They probably don't even check my goddamn resume if I don't write down prior experience, no matter how simple the job is.

I found a place in the local Reader that was advertising for construction work. Only stated requirement was a valid driver's license and English speaking ability. I got turned away because they said I needed training. But the advertisement said that they were willing and able to train.
1892 1894
Hey guess what everybody, nothing's changed. Isn't California just a fucking paradise of opportunity and happiness? Isn't it wonderful getting the shaft because you don't fulfill a diversity quota or have ten years of experience shoveling shit? Golly I just love this state and everything it stands for!

I'm done. Drifting seems to be my destiny. See you fags whenever I return from purgatory.
Hope you find a calm and safe harbor to anchor up in.
you could volunteer as a firefighter, they need plenty of those. Or maybe firewatch, always sounded like a cozy job
>More than four years of spiraling and I'm back to this
What the fuck have I done with my life posting here.

Pharmakeia medicines
A thread to talk about commercial medicines, their use and stockpiling.
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6945 6949
>Last I knew, people needed iron to live. That makes it a vitamin.
People also need water and air and that does not make them vitamins.
Anon make it easy for yourself, go to wikipejew and find out the differences.
Water is a macronutrient.
Water is H2O, it has not any nutrient. Consider it a solvent and vehicle to carry substances.
Water is absolutely a nutrient: a substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life.
As a macronutrient, water is the most essential nutrient in your diet by mass and volume.
You are correct, vitamins only refer to organic compounds, however colloquially people refer to any sorts of supplementary nutrients as "vitamins". It's a common misconception.
I would like to point out that pharmacology (root word "pharma"; "drug, poison") has association with witchcraft because in the times of ancient Greece the practice of herbalism and healing was a role given to priests and shaman, and hospitals use those symbols because they allude to ancient Greece as the origin of modern medicine. This is a cultural universal, as on a tribal level people with little understanding of healing hold the study of medicine with a degree of esoterica. To say that it's "fostered by worshipping idols" is an oversimplification though, while prayers plays a role even in faith healing, herbalism/pharmacology itself is something that persists even without the traditions and idols involved, because drugs do have effects on your body, and those drugs can be worth using in the right circumstances. Calling modern medicine witchcraft is a logical leap that doesn't really serve any purpose other than to scare people.
If you'd like to discuss why the pharmaceutical industry is full of shit and kills people by getting them addicted to drugs they don't actually need in a completely non-supernatural but equally sinister way, I'd be glad to talk about that.

Programming and Computing
ITT, we sharpen our programming skills and talk about the theory behind computing. All languages and skill levels are welcome. Please see the options page on how to present code in a post.
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6933 6934
>You post ponies, but only as smug reaction pictures or specifically to posture about people not posting enough ponies.
Ahem, Boom Boom here, some faggot was naming my name.
You don't want me to post screenshots showing my pony posts. Do you? And I am referring to NOT smug reactions, but pure 100% unadultered pony posting on pony threads.
Dude, just shut up.
Okay. In that case, I want two of you to die of strokes. Thanks for your input.
>You post ponies, but only as smug reaction pictures
I'm suspecting this is derived from a deep envy to my unparalleled pony meme ammo and the speed I deliver them in full auto mode.
## Mod
Though you are correct, you did not use /qa/ or report the thread to do this. >>6918 is correct and you are a menace to this damn site. Looks like you need another reminder to fucking use the proper channels.

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