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Welcome to /ub/ - Überhengst
German for "over stallion," and a reference to Nietzsche's "Übermensch," /üb/ - Überhengst is about bettering yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It is about self-improvement, constructive self-reflection, and seeking advice from others. You may discuss here those personal hobbies through which you develop your creative energies, and the efforts you take to improve your talents, artistic and otherwise. And of course, this is a board for fitness and literature, as they are parts of the backbone of physical and mental wellness. This is also a board where we may discuss Western culture - history, literature, architecture, and philosophy - as when imbibed, culture improves the mind and spirit, sharpening mental faculties, and providing a greater connection to those around you and to civilizations millennia old.

As this is a self-improvement board, discussions of personal problems should be constructive. No wallowing in self-pity. We are here to become better, and while seeking company in misery may be a helpful part of the process, the process does not end there.


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Should I get therapy?
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Is therapy just a joke, or is it worth getting? Who should I do therapy with? Can I trust my entire life's story with anyone who's not on this site?
Maybe if I tell you my life's story, you can give me life advice.

I was raised by abusive lefty parents who hated their smart white son and often tried to push me towards trannyism. Never fell for it.
First I was sent to a shit primary school. A few kids bullied me there and teachers punished me whenever I fought back. I was a fat angry kid who could punch hard when pushed, and they liked attacking me and then running away. But when we fought properly I'd kick their asses. One time I kicked their asses hard enough to make them stop bothering me.
When I graduated from this school I was sent to the special school of a catholic school, and made the personal property of one old bitch there who hated autistic kids. Around that era I got interested in Game Maker and pokemon romhacking but that interest never amounted to anything, though I did have a USB full of GBA roms and romhacking tools and the fact that I was able to code at such a young age when not all kids were learning that should have shown somebody that I had more to offer the world than shitty schools thought I should.
Thanks to that school, my schedule looked like this: Enter a side building, wait for the day to end, sometimes get insulted by the teachers if they felt like abusing me, usually get to eat lunch at lunchtime but sometimes they wouldn't let me (and it didn't matter whether I brought a packed lunch to school or brought money for the school cafeteria) and eventually go home to a house with parents that, when told the right words by my boomer bullies, would freak out and abuse me at home too. Rarely I'd get to join in a classroom... but class clowns would act up until I'd get blamed for it and sent out.
If I had a tape recorder or decent phone, I could have gathered evidence of the shit said/done to me (audio files of verbal abuse, pics of bruises, etc) and posted it online. But I was never allowed anything like that, because my parents feared I might use it on them. One day at school the art teacher bumped me with her car while backing up into a crowd of kids, I was fine but pissed off and the art teacher shrieked and blame-slinged feministically at me until I lost my patience and started barking back, then she put me in front of the headmaster and I told him about the abusive staff members and called him terrible at his job, so he kicked me out.
Then I was sent to a worthless "speshul" school where a few teachers abused me and the students usually watched in confusion when they weren't joining in. Whenever I trusted an adult enough to tell him or her what happened at home, that adult decided to call child protective services, who sent the same fucking boomer woman over to warn my parents that I was talking about what went on at home again. I couldn't get away from my family until I became the problem of Adult Protective Services, where the slightly less retarded and lazy people go.
A woman my age at the autistics-only youth club I attended got mad at me over retarded internet roleplaying nonsense-drama that didn't even involve me, and she lied about me to the cops and accused me of abusing her, even went to some clinic to fake signs of a concussion she didn't have because she's a spoilt bitch who knows how to play her rich parents like fiddles, she was a low-functioning sociopath woman with histrionic personality disorder and every retarded boomer's sympathy. She lied and got away with it, because the cops weren't interested in this case after she cartoonishly fucked up and started gloating about physically assaulting me without realizing it hurt her case. But even though I said to the managers of the youth club and the friends I knew there "If what she said about me was true I'd be in jail so you know she's lying" they couldn't believe me because they were dumb. There was one weird creepy fucker I used to talk to online because his "woe is me, asian school life is sooo hard" shit kind of reminded me of me at the time, but he got severe TDS and stopped being a person once he stopped viewing me as a person so I'm glad I didn't tell him anything sensitive or identifiable that could fuck me over later in life.
Anyway when I went to college, I was lied to and exploited by the staff until I dropped out. They even tricked me into taking a worthless course that turned out to be the dump where they dump the autistic kids and give them a useless fake newspaper to write. I wish I dropped out sooner, trying to live on barely fucking anything is hard enough when your mom took govt money meant for you, but it's harder when you're forced to spend most of your cash on train rides between your college and shitty home every two weeks and all your cunt government can offer is a discount pass. Now that I'm living alone, I've got a free bus pass I can barely use. Government priorities, am I right?

I am an autistic man, I'm 24 years old, I'll be 25 next year, and I've spent so much of my life as property of someone else that I find it hard to notice when I'm hungry or tired and remember that I should eat or sleep without someone or a phone alarm telling me to. I shower every night before bed but sometimes I miss meals, it's what helped me go from obese fatty to only-slightly-overweight. I don't think I know what it feels like to be loved by someone else. Learning makes me happy and I love documentaries but when I tried an online free learning site it reminded me of school and I couldn't do it. Sometimes I talk to people and act charming like those "Charisma on command" youtube vids told me so they'll like me, but I've never given anyone my full backstory before. The only woman in my life I ever kissed was that bitch who falsely accused me and got away with it. I want to say I have no interest in modern women but I still feel the urge to wank to them. But I don't wank any more because of nofap.
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I told you once before; I only play ninja games.
In that case you'll like the Sonic game I'm working on, it has a mechanic inspired by the ninja game Naruto: Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja: Storm: 4
5507 5508
Not ninja
Not ninja
Think Sekiro
Wanna try this, but I've heard it's bat-shit hard. In case you've played it, how hard is it compared to the old God of War games?
Ninja Gaiden's a masterpiece, a beautifully painful masterpiece. Way harder than GoW and deeper too. Check out DMC3 for PC if you haven't already got it, the multi weapon swap mod makes it the deepest of the 4 DMC games. Even though DMCV basically just came out.
Guess the mechanic
> Writing stuff down takes a lot longer than thinking it. I think many thoughts per day.
This just raises further questions. Obviously writing down a thought is harder than thinking it, which is why most people don’t bother writing down their thoughts until they have something worth writing down. Why did you think this thought was worth writing about? Even more important: why did you think that what you wrote was worth sharing with the world? Why would you think that any other human would be interested in your thoughts about dicks and futa porn? What was going through your mind when it occurred to you to make this post?

> I don't think about this stuff all day, but reading "great modern works" (and skimming/skipping the weird gay parts, dropping the book if there's too much gay shit) made me think about how a book about alien sex could do it better
What “great modern works” have gay futa alien sex in them? Seriously, I’m curious about what specific titles you were reading. I think you might have some skewed ideas about what constitutes a great modern work.

>if you’re anti porn why do you think about it all day
I actually never said I was anti porn, and I don’t think about it all day. That was kind of my point, actually. Porn is no different than food or alcohol or anything else that people enjoy. It’s probably not going to harm you as long as you have some self control, but if you’re constantly thinking and writing about it, as you clearly are, then you obviously have a problem. For me, porn is pretty utilitarian; if I feel compelled to view it, I just pull some up, rub one out real quick, and then close the tab. Whole process consumes about ten minutes if even. Furthermore, to the extent that I do consume porn, most of what I look at is pretty vanilla. I’ve never felt compelled to look up all this weird furry alien futa stuff that you’re rambling about, let alone write an entire essay about it and publish it to an audience who have never expressed an interest in the subject matter. And that’s really the heart of the issue here: I’m trying to point out to you that your thoughts and behavior aren’t normal. You really should consider just shutting off your internet and finding something healthy and productive to do with your time.

Narcissism Thread
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Hey /üb/, how much do you know about Narcissism?
I'd like to direct your attention to Dr. Ramani Dursavula - clinical psychologist, professor at CSU LA, author, youtuber etc, and arguably the leading authority on Narcissism.
The problem with Narcissism as a clinical disorder is that it doesnt bear any of the classical signs of a disorder; the people who bear the symptoms of a narcissistic relationship are not the narcissist themselves, but the people around them. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that narcissists are over-represented in otherwise successful, prestigious, and competitive professions, fields, and careers, effectively calling into question the idea of dysfunction and disorder.
Narcissistic abuse is real, and it's a problem that is not getting any better by the cultural shifts brought about by mass media and technology. What's more, it isnt just the narcissist one has to be on the lookout for, there are plenty of people out their doing the bidding (they're called 'flying monkeys', ala the Wizard of Oz) of narcissists.
Arguably the worst trait of narcissists and those who work on their behalf is that of Gaslighting, which is the deliberate undermining of a person, their perspective/experience, reputation and standing, and other social interactions.
As an easy example, let's look at CNN. Let's assume for a moment that Brian Stelter, Rachel Maddow, Chris Quomo and Don Lemon arent malignant narcissists. I know, but bear with me.
It doesnt matter for those mentioned to not be narcissists if their job is to gaslight on behalf of Jeff Zucker. And what are some examples of gaslighting? Russian hackers, Quid pro quo, Epstein killed himself, Hunyer Biden, and of course muh Covid. A person can be gaslit hundreds or even thousands of times a day just by watching the TV, and that says nothing about their interpersonal interactions.
Let's look at things from a broader scope, and I'll throw out a few names. Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Er8c Schmidt. How many times has one or more of their companies abused one or more individuals on their platform, and has publically denied it even in the face of evidence?
The purpose of this thread is to provide examples of narcissism as well as resources and information that can enable a gradually emerging /üb/erpony to better navigate the world and some of the more nefarious players they may come into contact with. To start things off, here are some good primer videos to broach the subject, by Dr Ramani. She has hundreds of videos ranging from 6-20+ depending on how deep she goes with each topic, all relating ultimately to Narcissism, abuse, awareness, and healing. As one who has lived with narcissistic abuse for years and am only now becoming better able to identify/detect and mitigate the presence and practices of narcissists (most especially malignant ones), my hope is that the content is as informative and actionable to the viewer as I have found it.
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A particularly insightful video, though I'd say that about most videos ITT
5465 5491
manipulators hate boundaries.png

So very, very this. Ive lost count of the number of times an active/potential abuser denounced me as being 'autistic', 'driven' (in an unhealthy context), 'fixated', 'obsessed', or any number of terms/phrases that at the end of the day amount/result to/of holding them accountable for their words and actions.
You know you're 0ver the target when you start taking flak.
>Ender's Game
As much as can be said of narcissism, in preparation/response for them, many things can be said of their utility.
Conditioning of/by a malevolent narcissist can be the most elite training one can experience.
Peter was a narcissist. This plays out more in the books than the movie, but take my word for it.
And Ender. Ender is insurmountable, because he was subject to a narcissist during his formative years.
Damn straight!

Cook your food
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One problem plaguing a lot of people these days, especially burgers like myself, is that many people eat out at restaurants too much instead of preparing home cooked meals. Eating out is frequently both more expensive and less healthy for you than a home cooked meal. Furthermore, many people live with a limited library of meals that they know how to prepare and don't realize the culinary possibilities that are right in front of them.

The purpose of this thread is to try to break that habit of eating out and to make cooking at home become the norm in our lives. Please share meal ideas and how to prepare them here. All meals are welcome, although preferably we should post meals that are easy to prepare so that novice cooks will not be intimidated by the prospect of preparing them for themselves. Even simple sandwiches are fair game. Sometimes that may mean cutting corners with pre-made mixes instead of preparing everything from scratch.

Remember that the goal isn't necessarily to post the most inexpensive meals or the healthiest meals, although those meals are certainly very welcome. The goal is to encourage people to dust off their kitchen appliances and flex their atrophied cooking muscles. I realize that this opens the door to culinary nightmares like /tg/'s infamous meat-bread, but so be it. Let's get cooking!
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Bread is no more pozzed than msg.
Which is to say, you can employ shit bread just as you can shit msg. Your results will be shit.
Bread however csn be made fresh anf with little/no artificial ingredients. And its delicious.
Msg is the same way. My metaphor went off the rails, but if you you use fresh, well-sourced msg its like using fresh baked bread.
So no, bread is not pozzed, unless your source is pozzed. And prolly cuz not enough msg.
File (hide): D9358CB8B6811453664C9648E5B1C868-11572604.mp4 (11.0 MB, Resolution:1920x1080 Length:00:00:30, salt + time = magic.mp4) [play once] [loop]
salt + time = magic.mp4
Cured meats for many meaty needs.
Sous Vide is the shit
You read that correctly.
About 6 mos ago I got an Anova Sous Vide circulator (~200) and Ive been experimenting with it extensively ever since.
Imo, it is a must-have, especially for college students who dont have immediate access to a stovetop. Not even kidding, one of these along with a table-top electric burner and a microwave air-fryer is a pretty solid and all-purpose basic setup.
The beauty of Sous Vide - if u havent watched a bunch of youtube videos about it - is that you CANT overcook your meat. It IS possible to cook it for a duration that causes the flavor and texture to be negatively affected, but you have to leave it in for like 2x the necessary cook time.
Ex, I just put in a pork shoulder roast to cook for ~11 hours. At ~22 hours is when the meat will start to degrade,... meaning as long as I dont forget about it for an extra 11 hours, itll be fine (oh no, I have to remember to finish dinner before 11pm). The biggest issue with sous vide is also one of its strengths; since its a long low and slow, as long as you get your timing right on when the food starts (and the thing has programmable delay timers and shit) its not a process that requires monitoring, and if you top the resevior off you shouldnt need to replace any evaporated water. The length of time is really the only 'downside', and its minimal with a little bit of planning.
And for something you WONT hear anywhere else:
as a patrician aficionado with a taste for Blue Rare beef, sous vide is even BETTER. Because of the temperature control and slow heating, it is IDEAL for getting the PERFECT blue rare outta your meat! Use only whole, fresh cuts for safety and be sure to dry brine (cover with salt in the fridge for a day or two) and sear the outside, but you can heat the inside to a precise 125 throughout, giving you that glorious almost-purple flesh that only truest carnivores know. Seriously though, the more you cook meat, the more you render protein insoluble. Youll never know how nutrient dense and energizing a minimally cooked steak is until you try it. Recommended that you slice super thin (<1/2"), and pair it with some horseradish cream, or some bearnaise.
>How To Make Italian Neapolitan Pizza With A Home Oven [Recipe + Tutorial]
Page with plenty of pictures and videos, too long to fully screenshot.
Can confirm.
Sues Vide Turkey, actually use it all the time for all the things.
Speaking of Pizza an Ohio style pizza with extremely mild provolone (fresh or cooked or both) is excellent. I'd recommend mixing cheeses, but provolone somehow works extra ordinarily well.
You prolly know about blts. Im gonna give u my tips.
1. Avocado, or avocado sauce (>pic related)
One, the other, or both. Include.
2. Bacon, oven cooked, 400° for 20 minutes
3. Tomato, ~3/8" slices. Avo sauce or lemon pepper, non-negotiable.
4. Lettuce, 2-3 fresh layers (nothing wilted)
5. Cheese (optional); something with punch, a stronger flavor. Avoid american, swiss, muenster, etc. Blue cheese, xtra sharp cheddar, et al advised in balanced quantities.
6. Habajero aoli on the inside of one or both breads, depending on individual tolerance (ghost pepper aoli recommended)
7. Bread; fresh baked pullman loaf, whether brioche, regular, or sourdough.

Bible Study Thread
3415 3480 3496 3810 3824
IIT we discuss and study the Bible. I will be using the King James Version and will take the stance of a fundamental literalist, which is a bit redundant, but these days there exist many that claim to be fundamental but reject the literal interpretation of Scripture when they encounter something they don't agree or understand. I am not a Bible scholar, I'm not a pastor, I don't currently attend any denomination's church service. I'm just an anon that really like to study the Bible. Feel free to argue with me, I could be completely wrong and I hope to learn more about the Bible along the way.

I will post below my first study topic and what I have researched about it. Hopefully it will be interesting and somewhat engaging.
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>Very few people that are aware of who the GOD of this world really is - David Pawson
>Demon translate to "inferior deity".. Satan is the GOD of this world. He is not the true God.
>David Pawson talk.
I believe this was posted before.

saw this exact image today, felt a compulsion to save/post it but decided, nah
Not my meme but I'm glad it is spreading.
By posting this, I am not making an argument or positing an idea. This is being posted purely as food for thought.

Girls girls grills
1567 1572 2503 2504 4564 4565
First off, I want to say thank you /ub/ for all the encouragement you gave me in my last post. I'd link that shit but I'm a newfag. It was Sixth Sense. I've gotten better I'm only fapping once every 3 days instead of twice every day. I feel like a new man! So thanks guys!

But on the more pressing matters, I had a small fling with this chubby girl nothing serious I've never had sex with her anything. I like her but I like her as a friend. Nothing more. I've been wanting to work up the courage to try and find an actual girlfriend for myself, the very least make a new friend. When I was at the store, there was this girl I was smoking a cigarette and she recognized me from high school. She told me that when she first moved down here I had talked with her kind of helped her open up and get to know people and she thanked me for it. I was kind of embarrassed and caught on the spot and general autism kicked in cuz I couldn't remember her and I'm not good with talking with people especially girls. The more I thought about it, I'd like to get to know her. I don't know if she has a boyfriend girlfriend or whatever the fuck people have nowadays. I just know I kind of have a crush on the girl and wanted to know if any of you could you know help me again?
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>There are a lot of faggots like that
Sadly they learn the hard way, and sometimes is the hardest.
Aye. They like to pretend that if hearing advice doesn't fix everything, it's the advice that's to blame rather than them or their habits.
>Politically Incorrect Advice for Young Men (Updated)
>What I wish I knew when I was 21. (I am 71 now.)
>Avoid women who exhibit any of the four-C's: compete, control, criticize or complain.
>Avoid women who are overachievers or neurotic. Don't get hung up on unavailable women.
>They're not as special as they think. Choose a wife who complements you and is a good companion.
>Choose one who will be a good mother."
Well, I don't think such a woman exists today, but allow me to post this in the name of an ideal forever gone.
I can say that, today most of women aren't worth relationships. Ones who would stick without cause of true love I would say don't exist, but it is just that they are very rare.
So if you don't know how to play dating game just focus on your self improvement to get at least 2 of 3 sixes: six figure salary and six pack. Also remember your are the prize! If you work good on yourself and won't be totally socially retarded you will get girls. Possibly with girls approaching you and fighting for you.

To get more socially intelegant, be confident in yourself and don't be afraid to go to events, best is if you can go with friends
Don't be afraid also to observe how other people interact. So observe and learn, plius don't be afraid if you fail to make friends or get girls when going out that night try to think back and analyse if you made mistakes. Be those mistakes how you looked (clothing, figure); maybe your hygiene was bad (unleaned teeth, bad breath, general smell); maybe your approaching was bad.

And from /pol/ history. Remember nothing is beyond reach if you put enough effort and thought to it. Just keep working and don't give up
linder 313.png

>Incels Were Right All Along

1967 2046 2302 2921 3936
ITT we share wisdoms that we have gleaned through our own experiences with our fellow Anons, that they might live a better life. I'll start:

NEVER ask a question unless you are %100 that you want to know the answer. Whatever happens, you literally asked for it, so you better be damn sure you really wanted to know. Remember this and it will help you with friends, family, lovers, and even children. Live your life by it.
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Are y'all gonna beat a dead hoers, or are ya gonna post wisdoms to counteract? Be the change.
It's fine poner. I was just shitposting.


You gotta do the work

==Stop Maturbating==
Masturbation is degenerate. It's highly addictive, frequently develops into a compulsion, and causes dysfunction amongst those who practice it.
ITT we discuss what the effects of masturbation are, from a physiological, mental, and shall we say metaphysical standpoint.
Spoiler alert, it's not good nor pretty. However, while we're busy going on about how abortion is conclusively reprehensible, it is also important to be honest with ourselves about the nature of behaviors which we perpetuate.
Im not advocating for immediate and unyielding puritanism, but that doesnt mean we can't make progress, and Imo that progress begins with an honest conversation.
So grab your meat and lets break down why you shouldn't.

For the record, Im doing this OP from memory, and Ill be refuting supporting the thesis in subsequent posts with citations.
I posit and maintain the following:
Abortion is immoral and inconscionable, at the female level of reproduction.
Masturbation is immoral and inconscionable, at the male level of reproduction.

I am NOT equating masturbation to abortion, they are quite apart in terms of severity. However, I posit and maintain that from the operant perspective of the male, it is consequentially comparable.
The Masculine responsibility in reproduction is obvious, to inseminate the female.
The Feminine responsibility in reproduction is to receive and 'process' the semen, through her very complicated systems.
Abortion is the abdication of the Female responsibility, of processing the child to term.
Masturbation then, is the abdication of the Masculine responsibility to inseminate the female.

>men produce millions of sperm
Irrelevant. Sperm have a specific purpose; deprived of that purpose causes degradation of the individual. Sperm die for a variety of reasons. Inside the man, if not ejaculated they will die quite naturally and be reabsorbed and made into new sperm cells. Obviously, thats not what happens when one jizzes in whatever their cleanup method of choice is. At the risk of sounding cheeky, it would be like sending a military squad to an uninhabited island with no resources and telling them to stay until they had performed their essential function.
Same goes for fuccbois who bang lots of whores, condom/pull-out game or not.
Obviously, there are no immediate obstacles to masturbating or being a whore of whichever sex, other than what is socially imposed; one is entitled to do what they will.
My hope is with a bit of exposition, perhaps (you) will consider taking - and leaving - the dick out of your hand.
It's NOT easy, but it does get easier over time, and more than anything the thought of not masturbating was far worse than the act.
This isnt about NoFap or any trends or challenges or wtfe else, this is about becoming a more formidable person gradually, day by day.
Gratuitous No Homo
>>>/mlpol/343871 →
>With jolly cooperation and proper means the essence is exchanged/used that helps everyone involved
Except the ejaculate is still discarded. This psychologically entrains the person toward their seed being worthless, except as a consequence of a few minutes of pleasure.
It isnt a baby, but it is an undeterminable part of a baby; show me a baby and tell me which parts are the result of the man's contributiom, and which parts aren't. That sperm is not yet a baby or that it overwhelmingly likely wont be a baby (given the number of disqualifications and runners-up in the womb) does not diminish that becoming a baby is its essential function. To therefore exploit the body for pleasure at the expense of the male source of human life is precisely the same spirit/intent that historical civilizations employed when performing child sacrifice. Reiterating, theres degrees of severity, but the intent - the action-generating will - is the same.
As to the suggestion that ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer, the findings are a bit muddled. In one study, the apparent reduction in prostate cancer frequency was experienced only by men in their 50's, while men in their 20's saw an increase in likelihood.
Other and more recent studies show up to a 20% reduction in occurrence in PCa, but only among respondents who self report ejaculating 21 times/month.
>The authors found that the risk of developing PCa was lowered by 20% for men who ejaculated 21 times per month, as compared to those who ejaculated 4-7 times per month. Interestingly, “A similar Australian study found the risk was reduced by 36 percent when men ejaculated seven times a week.”
>Here is more recent news about a genomic analysis of prostate tissue from men in the study described below who developed prostate cancer. The research team, including some authors from the original study, tested for trends in gene expression according to the level of ejaculation frequency as self-reported in 1992 for ages 20-29, 40-49, and the year prior to the questionnaire, 1991.[i] The analysis included 157 specimens from prostate cancer tumors, and 85 samples from adjacent normal tissue. The researchers did not find a link between ejaculation frequency and gene expression in tumor specimens. However, in normal tissue they “… identified biological processes that could link ejaculation frequency and prostate cancer.” This means that the genomic changes they identified reveal potential biological pathways by which tumor activity is regulated by the body. In other words, frequent ejaculation that includes masturbation as well as with a sexual partner may lower prostate cancer risk at the level of gene activity.
And for ease, heres some general takeaways from many of the studies:

>There’s no proof that ejaculating more actually causes lower chances of prostate cancer. For now, doctors just know they’re connected. It may be that men who do it more tend to have other healthy habits that are lowering their odds.
>Ejaculation doesn’t seem to protect against the most deadly or advanced types of prostate cancer. Experts don’t know why.
>Scientists don’t know if ejaculation during sex vs. masturbation has the same benefits. Some research has found that the makeup of semen is different for each. For example, semen during sex has higher levels of sperm and some chemicals. It’s possible that these could make a difference in a man’s odds of having prostate cancer.
>Not all studies have found a benefit. The 2016 study got attention because of its size (almost 32,000 men) and length (18 years). But some smaller studies have not shown the same good results. A few even found that some men, specifically younger men, who masturbated more had slightly higher chances of prostate cancer. Some researchers wonder if a man’s age may affect whether more ejaculation helps.
5463 5464
One part I would like to add. Referencing my previous post.
>>>/mlpol/343859 →

>Abortion is immoral and inconscionable, at the human (union) level of reproduction.
>Failure to achieve union is immoral and inconscionable, at the male and female level of reproduction.
My reasoning is SJWs and crazy cat ladies the issue is they ran out of viable eggs, that's it. It's now impossible.
Riding hundreds of miles of dick breaks the biological love distinction.
There is no bonding.
I'd add it's the mismanagement of resources. Going just on average psychology the neurons get saturated in neurochemicals leading to other issues.
No contest, I agree with your reasoning, fwiw (especially the second post, which neatly points to the mental/psychological deterioration that results from unchecked fapping).

rockwell quote 3.jpg
why is this board slow?
its because we aren't at our computer. Take a few hours and go outside kameraden.
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2139 2142
manipulate girls.png
Aw shit i have that one saved here
Here's two more.

It tastes like r9k shit tho
5284 5285
Another 2 year update horsefuckers and /pol/acks! I'm back again. And I see there have only been a few posts since my original post and its update.

As I had originally stated in the update, I had intended on going to trade school to increase my skillset. Well I'm happy to inform you all I will be graduating tech school this year as a HVAC Tech (Air-conditioning and refrigeration basically) and I have already received my Electrical Certification, EPA certification, 410a Certification (pretty much worthless), as well as my AC certification.

I have since moved EVEN DEEPER into Dixie and live in a apartment with my Ex-Leftist gf while we work on finding better living accommodations, mainly land is what we are after. I unfortunately haven't been maintaining my bushcraft skills since moving into a suburban area again but I have made a few new friends in my area that have skills that I am more than interested in dabbling in that loosely fit into that criteria (fishing, farming, and oddly enough Blacksmithing and Black-powder firearms).

Posting this to hopefully see some improvements from other Anons.

>pic related is/was the first AR-15 I built 2 years ago.
also, yes I am very aware the optic I have on this old picture is pretty airsoft tier. This was almost two years ago.
welcome back partner.jpg
good to be back anon. Have you improved yourself today?
I'm on it.

Mares in Manufacturing Matter
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tl;dr: post shit about how to machine or manufacture shit here. Being able to make shit makes you more of a man with bigger balls.

Lets start on the political side of manufacturing with a USA centric theme.
Once upon a time, USA was the best. It was the best because it allowed anyone to build anything they wanted and purchase anything they wanted. After all, things you own are tools, and tools are needed to survive. Why should the government put any kind of restrictions on tools needed to survive?
Well, over the years, that is exactly what they did, because the more difficult it is for you to survive with less (or incorrect) tools. The more difficult of a time you have surviving, and the less you can do something about the government.

The greatest of all these is the ability to make more tools or better tools. In the modern vernacular, this is called machining, manufacturing, fabricating, and a lot of others that are more industry specific. I suppose the second greatest ability is to be able to protect such things, but that is outside the scope of this shitpost.

Why is the ability to build [tools] important? Because it lets you, the invisible hand, be able to swiftly deal with governments (problems) how you see fit in ways that nobody can anticipate. Why do you think policies being pushed through has been moving businesses over seas? The government does not want you to know how to make shit. Workers unions have not been nice either, but as near as I can tell that is the result of a different symptom (greed). In either case, bureaucracy is a hindrance to market (you: the invisible hand’s) agility.

I could rant about all the stupid shit in various markets that result in what I already said, but instead I’d rather focus on shit that will make a better life for you. In general, focusing on the use of lathe and mill work. Lets start with the stupid basics.

Example of CNC lathe in use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcGHtI9Lql4
Example of CNC mill in use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHstzxuryMk
Admittedly both examples are with machines that are a bit fancier than what might be typically found, but that does not change anything other than how many times a part is handled before it is finished.

Using a lathe is called turning a part. Using a mill is called milling a part. Turning and milling parts, along with some of the more exotic methods of cutting material (such as waterjet or EDM or centerless grinding machines), is called machining.

While I don’t follow the religion of safety (the reason why ppl are so worried about C-19 to begin with), there are certain things shat should be done or not done to keep all your limbs attached to your body. Things like leaving the chuck key in and walking away. Or wearing a long sleeve shirt and reaching around the quill of the mill while its on. Don’t be a dumbass and instead use that head attached to that white neck of yours.

What I’d like to do from time to time is post in here about various machining and manufacturing practices, tips, tricks, and methodology at large.
Remember though, its not about me, its about giving you the knowledge and tools to become richer yourself. If you have a question or something related, go ahead and post it.
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The hell does an accident have to do with anything? Plenty of accidents happen with lots of craftsmen of all varieties. Your statement means nothing in regards to both skill and relevance to the topic. Maybe show your own work to make a skill argument and contribute to the subject matter. Surely with that extra appendage and decade of experience you have some work to present.
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Apologies, based oldfag.
>Plenty of accidents happen with lots of craftsmen of all varieties.
Indeed, they do. I've always put safety above all else and I'm lucky enough to be self-employed, so it's not like some faggot can coerce me into doing dumb shit that ends in mutilation.
>Maybe show your own work to make a skill argument and contribute to the subject matter.
I'm afraid you guys will have the Russians airstrike my position. I've seen what weaponized autism can do. There's no way to post my metal work without doxxing myself and posting my wood wouldn't do much unless you really like gazing at other men's wood.
Maybe I'll have something to contribute if I can get a milling machine or new welder, but there's nothing I could teach you that an old pro couldn't do better.
I don't want someone with the resources and autism calling my customers to tell them what a spectacular Nazi horsefucker I am.
>I've always put safety above all else and I'm lucky enough to be self-employed, so it's not like some faggot can coerce me into doing dumb shit that ends in mutilation.
Thank you, I appreciate the qualification. It will come as no surprise that exhaustion, frustration, and working with an unusually small piece that contributed to the removal, but the main issue was that I wanted to be DONE for the day, and I let my safety practices lapse for a moment.
While Im clarifying, I should point out that a jointer doesnt cut digits off, it shaves them away away, layer by layer. And yet, even though the finger only made 'contact' for about .1 seconds, that was enough for about 30 rotations. It was gone before I even registered the occurrence. A mere fraction of a second, and Ill never be able to game the same again (my left-trigger/right-strafe finger is too short nao ~_~)
Fun fact, the experience felt like a mix of smacking the finger REALLY hard (but just impact, no pain) and then losing all circulation. Ngl, it was way milder than I had anticipated.
But to you and yours
>I've always put safety above all else
Good. Keep it that way, it only takes one time. Silver lining? Theres a saying around the shop now: "Thats the kind of thinking that cost me/ninjas a finger."
>I don't want someone with the resources and autism calling my customers to tell them what a spectacular Nazi horsefucker I am.
the ones that stay will be much more loyal. Maybe you should tell/show them to weed out the shitlords you don't want to do business with anyway.
>There's no way to post my metal work without doxxing myself
That's why I don't post stuff that I've made over the years. Most of the stuff I make is pretty specialized and can likely be traced to two or three sources (including me) just based on the part and what it's used for.
Just mix eggs into it. Or if you want to be /vx/, blood. Either rot quickly and release gas, foaming it up.
Doesn't do well for mortar, though, because it ruins repairability - mortar should always be weaker than the bricks it's binding so in a pinch you can remove and replace it, and the super-strong cement mortars you can get with eggs and pozzolana won't be removable.

That's pretty accurate. There always comes the time when you think you're knowledgeable and experienced, get careless, don't follow the safety procedures, and boom! At least it's an opportunity to literally write the rules in blood.
>unless you really like gazing at other men's wood
Ive been known no homo to admire other men's wood. Purely a professional gesture tho
>I don't want someone with the resources and autism calling my customers to tell them what a spectacular Nazi horsefucker I am
Ah, we differ in that regard, Im quite looking forward to someone trying. To qualify that, I have enough business that I can be choosy about who I do work for, and all of my current business contracts have already listened to more than one rant about the jews. Technically, my clients are as much friends as they are customers, so its not a traditionally 'professional' arrangement, but yeah. Come at me doxfags.
Fukking based

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