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Welcome to /ub/ - Überhengst
German for "over stallion," and a reference to Nietzsche's "Übermensch," /üb/ - Überhengst is about bettering yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It is about self-improvement, constructive self-reflection, and seeking advice from others. You may discuss here those personal hobbies through which you develop your creative energies, and the efforts you take to improve your talents, artistic and otherwise. And of course, this is a board for fitness and literature, as they are parts of the backbone of physical and mental wellness. This is also a board where we may discuss Western culture - history, literature, architecture, and philosophy - as when imbibed, culture improves the mind and spirit, sharpening mental faculties, and providing a greater connection to those around you and to civilizations millennia old.

As this is a self-improvement board, discussions of personal problems should be constructive. No wallowing in self-pity. We are here to become better, and while seeking company in misery may be a helpful part of the process, the process does not end there.


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Should I get therapy?
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Is therapy just a joke, or is it worth getting? Who should I do therapy with? Can I trust my entire life's story with anyone who's not on this site?
Maybe if I tell you my life's story, you can give me life advice.

I was raised by abusive lefty parents who hated their smart white son and often tried to push me towards trannyism. Never fell for it.
First I was sent to a shit primary school. A few kids bullied me there and teachers punished me whenever I fought back. I was a fat angry kid who could punch hard when pushed, and they liked attacking me and then running away. But when we fought properly I'd kick their asses. One time I kicked their asses hard enough to make them stop bothering me.
When I graduated from this school I was sent to the special school of a catholic school, and made the personal property of one old bitch there who hated autistic kids. Around that era I got interested in Game Maker and pokemon romhacking but that interest never amounted to anything, though I did have a USB full of GBA roms and romhacking tools and the fact that I was able to code at such a young age when not all kids were learning that should have shown somebody that I had more to offer the world than shitty schools thought I should.
Thanks to that school, my schedule looked like this: Enter a side building, wait for the day to end, sometimes get insulted by the teachers if they felt like abusing me, usually get to eat lunch at lunchtime but sometimes they wouldn't let me (and it didn't matter whether I brought a packed lunch to school or brought money for the school cafeteria) and eventually go home to a house with parents that, when told the right words by my boomer bullies, would freak out and abuse me at home too. Rarely I'd get to join in a classroom... but class clowns would act up until I'd get blamed for it and sent out.
If I had a tape recorder or decent phone, I could have gathered evidence of the shit said/done to me (audio files of verbal abuse, pics of bruises, etc) and posted it online. But I was never allowed anything like that, because my parents feared I might use it on them. One day at school the art teacher bumped me with her car while backing up into a crowd of kids, I was fine but pissed off and the art teacher shrieked and blame-slinged feministically at me until I lost my patience and started barking back, then she put me in front of the headmaster and I told him about the abusive staff members and called him terrible at his job, so he kicked me out.
Then I was sent to a worthless "speshul" school where a few teachers abused me and the students usually watched in confusion when they weren't joining in. Whenever I trusted an adult enough to tell him or her what happened at home, that adult decided to call child protective services, who sent the same fucking boomer woman over to warn my parents that I was talking about what went on at home again. I couldn't get away from my family until I became the problem of Adult Protective Services, where the slightly less retarded and lazy people go.
A woman my age at the autistics-only youth club I attended got mad at me over retarded internet roleplaying nonsense-drama that didn't even involve me, and she lied about me to the cops and accused me of abusing her, even went to some clinic to fake signs of a concussion she didn't have because she's a spoilt bitch who knows how to play her rich parents like fiddles, she was a low-functioning sociopath woman with histrionic personality disorder and every retarded boomer's sympathy. She lied and got away with it, because the cops weren't interested in this case after she cartoonishly fucked up and started gloating about physically assaulting me without realizing it hurt her case. But even though I said to the managers of the youth club and the friends I knew there "If what she said about me was true I'd be in jail so you know she's lying" they couldn't believe me because they were dumb. There was one weird creepy fucker I used to talk to online because his "woe is me, asian school life is sooo hard" shit kind of reminded me of me at the time, but he got severe TDS and stopped being a person once he stopped viewing me as a person so I'm glad I didn't tell him anything sensitive or identifiable that could fuck me over later in life.
Anyway when I went to college, I was lied to and exploited by the staff until I dropped out. They even tricked me into taking a worthless course that turned out to be the dump where they dump the autistic kids and give them a useless fake newspaper to write. I wish I dropped out sooner, trying to live on barely fucking anything is hard enough when your mom took govt money meant for you, but it's harder when you're forced to spend most of your cash on train rides between your college and shitty home every two weeks and all your cunt government can offer is a discount pass. Now that I'm living alone, I've got a free bus pass I can barely use. Government priorities, am I right?

I am an autistic man, I'm 24 years old, I'll be 25 next year, and I've spent so much of my life as property of someone else that I find it hard to notice when I'm hungry or tired and remember that I should eat or sleep without someone or a phone alarm telling me to. I shower every night before bed but sometimes I miss meals, it's what helped me go from obese fatty to only-slightly-overweight. I don't think I know what it feels like to be loved by someone else. Learning makes me happy and I love documentaries but when I tried an online free learning site it reminded me of school and I couldn't do it. Sometimes I talk to people and act charming like those "Charisma on command" youtube vids told me so they'll like me, but I've never given anyone my full backstory before. The only woman in my life I ever kissed was that bitch who falsely accused me and got away with it. I want to say I have no interest in modern women but I still feel the urge to wank to them. But I don't wank any more because of nofap.
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>That's what I fear about those kinds of situations with them, the aftermath of the initial infatuation would drive me to inevitable insanity resulting in multiple mad methods of escape which would potentially threaten both myself and whoever else involved.
The onset of infatuation is powerful when you're relatively new to relationships, but it's something that quickly plateaus into a tedious emotional tug of war that will drain you over time. The worst part is that you might not realize it at any phase until it's too far gone. It's always good to handle IRL relationships with a fair deal of analytical distance, if you can be bothered by it. There are good girls out there worth loving, but they're increasingly scarce. Don't get attached.
>Knowing the sensation satisfies the phallus and makes it a remembrance as opposed to being unbeknownst about velvet-like vagina.
Maybe, but it doesn't matter if your memories of coitus are plain. Virgins could always consider seeking out prostitutes to sate their curiosity and carnal urges. Hell, I've fucked hookers when I had money to burn and I couldn't be bothered with trying to romance some local meth head in my town. It's not some ascendent thing.
Not directed at you in particular, but others who may read this.
My point is that virgins would realize how irrelevant sex is to overall happiness if they could see the forest 'fore the trees.
>I think about mares 24/7, they burn in my brain and are fixed within this labyrinth of thoughts. My thought form(s) is supportive of the ponies which I obsess upon.
Likewise, friend. We are united in our autism. I have always tried to use it as a vehicle for self-improvement. You're definitely more intelligent than me, just direct your autism effectively to succeed in life.
It took me ten years to find the answer to something I forgot in two seconds
hexe shy.jpg
Lyra Heartstrings.jpg
>The onset of infatuation is powerful when you're relatively new to relationships, but it's something that quickly plateaus into a tedious emotional tug of war that will drain you over time.
So can be said for affairs with human females but I assure it changes when applied in context to cross species intimacies, I have found that it rather does not wane over time but enlarges into a bond without the nuisances of language or the nagging of voices which turn into vicious vices once heard on repeat. The annoyance of perpetual whining is enough to spark fury and vigorous rage, for this would be my reaction to the perceived agitator who emits verbal stress and I know it.
>The worst part is that you might not realize it at any phase until it's too far gone.
Perhaps this notion of realization which you reference does not occur to me in a manner that brings about regrets but that's my personal perspective so it's not the same as what yours may be, I could give an analysis of my current strange sexual status but due to it's closeted and convoluted concealment I choose not to even if it's occasionally hinted, so it's best left to guesswork to whomever has any idea of what it could be.
>It's always good to handle IRL relationships with a fair deal of analytical distance, if you can be bothered by it.
As such a masked and devised spoken tactic is more persuasive than that of true honesty could ever be from my standpoint, manipulation is not fun to perform and neither is playing with someone's emotions, for I would much prefer to let my inner instinctual intents fully loose than make mind games with a woman who I'm practically using to further my lusts.
Recognize patterns in one's behaviors and body language along with facial expressions, to analyze them from a position where judgments may be made towards their potentiality as a mate.
>There are good girls out there worth loving, but they're increasingly scarce. Don't get attached.
A furthering ideal of the past. The most likely to be found which meet the criteria of breed able tend to be in rural areas compared to that of the densely populated places, for obvious reasons.
>Maybe, but it doesn't matter if your memories of coitus are plain.
Ah, not if the first copulation is immeasurably beyond any normal means of the act which most experience, it then leaves a lasting impression that is unforgettable when it exceeds all expectations of the ordinary.
>Virgins could always consider seeking out prostitutes to sate their curiosity and carnal urges.
It is an option that is rarely considered, there are plenty more choices that appeal to different tastes and cater to deeper desires. They're the frequently used sluts who exist to calm the cravings and lustful longings.
>Hell, I've fucked hookers when I had money to burn and I couldn't be bothered with trying to romance some local meth head in my town.
How American indeed, the pinnacles of liberty.
>Likewise, friend. We are united in our autism.
How about a confederacy of ass burgers?
>I have always tried to use it as a vehicle for self-improvement.
If that's the purpose you have chosen to use it for then so be it, anon.
>You're definitely more intelligent than me, just direct your autism effectively to succeed in life.
I appreciate your flattery. Efficiency is not my strong suit nor what makes me somewhat successful in what I do for a habitual hobby, it's the ability to comprehend others mindsets and manners while maintaining respect for what they want but prioritizing my own needs first and foremost without worrying about others unless they are my direct affiliates.
It's been nice to vent some words on a Slovakian sex site with you.
OneShot was disappointing
I was told it is "like undertale" and got my hopes up too high
The game's ARG shit was really fun
But the writing was a bit too on the nose and spelled-out
I'd still rate it a positive on steam and happily get OneShot 2: Shoot One Harder if it came out.
I decided to nerf my character.

He had this move... How do I describe it?
You'd do it, and a big sky beam would cover the entire vertical space while he invincibly slid forwards for a distance determined by the button you pressed.
Sound waves would also damage foes in front of you.
These sound waves would also reflect enemy projectiles.
Did I mention you could extend the duration of this move by mashing?
And it was a Special.
A fucking Input Special
Not a Super.
Not even a Charge Move
A Special move you execute with a simple input for no cost.
Fucking busted.
Doing this move just fucking turned the game off for several seconds.
Either you did your own thing charging meter manually via a dedicated charge move or whiffing normals into specials, or you politely waited to my character to stop being invincible.
It was just too good of a move. It invalidated too many options the opponent had. And too many options I had. It was so good, there was never a reason to fuck around with his big brain gimmicks.
My big brain gimmicks will be absolute.
How do I talk to my retarded cringe friend who constantly talks in edgelord wannabe speak, babbling about inner darkness and his struggles against his dark half interspersed with TFS references and normie media/nigger rapper quotes?
How do I help him get over this?
Is there some magic video that makes him stop trying to sound like a japanese cartoon character nobody over the age of twelve would like?

Cook your food
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One problem plaguing a lot of people these days, especially burgers like myself, is that many people eat out at restaurants too much instead of preparing home cooked meals. Eating out is frequently both more expensive and less healthy for you than a home cooked meal. Furthermore, many people live with a limited library of meals that they know how to prepare and don't realize the culinary possibilities that are right in front of them.

The purpose of this thread is to try to break that habit of eating out and to make cooking at home become the norm in our lives. Please share meal ideas and how to prepare them here. All meals are welcome, although preferably we should post meals that are easy to prepare so that novice cooks will not be intimidated by the prospect of preparing them for themselves. Even simple sandwiches are fair game. Sometimes that may mean cutting corners with pre-made mixes instead of preparing everything from scratch.

Remember that the goal isn't necessarily to post the most inexpensive meals or the healthiest meals, although those meals are certainly very welcome. The goal is to encourage people to dust off their kitchen appliances and flex their atrophied cooking muscles. I realize that this opens the door to culinary nightmares like /tg/'s infamous meat-bread, but so be it. Let's get cooking!
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I'm back. After some questioning and no straight answers, I must admit that there is a possibility that I burnt myself when I assured that wasn't any plastic involved, worst yet, I believed the vegetable filling without a second thought. That said, I found no plastic in her garbage bin.
Disclaimer: I was on my way to her home when that picture was forwarded to me.
>facetious AF
>1:10 of oven, damn.
After watching that raw body parts preparation I'm wondering how some people have the gall to criticize Hannibal Lecter.
Just to be on the safe side, I'll stick to traditional meatballs.
<On fermented mares milk

>Kumis, that is, mares' milk...
>is moderately bitter.
>It bites the tongue like a harsh wine,
>and after remains a flavor of almond milk.
>It provides a great deal of internal human joy
>and even intoxicates weak heads.

Alcoholic, Chocolate or Directly mares' milk is one of life's delicacies.
<A Great Deal of Human Joy
No wonder Genghis Khan could conquer so much so fast.
>No wonder Genghis Khan could conquer so much so fast.
According to the video, the faggot got a knack for drinking blood.

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ITT we share wisdoms that we have gleaned through our own experiences with our fellow Anons, that they might live a better life. I'll start:

NEVER ask a question unless you are %100 that you want to know the answer. Whatever happens, you literally asked for it, so you better be damn sure you really wanted to know. Remember this and it will help you with friends, family, lovers, and even children. Live your life by it.
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My advice is to buy a chainsaw and cut wood. A cord ('4x'8x"16) can sell for up to $350 and it takes very little time to cut and split. You can get it for free. It's how I get my "spending" money. Get out and sell you big, hard wood to bitches that need it hot and burning. You might even get to go out to a farm and pet ponies to your heart's content. I know I do. Hell, I even pet the cows, too. have hands; will pet.
Oh, and you're likely to get paid in cash which means less money for Tyrone's nigglets' welfare.
Based Woodsman



This is self-centered bullshit, tbh.
You can absolutely lose friends if you don't treat them well. Sure, a good friend will forgive their friend's flaws and shortcomings, but if you act abusive and inconsiderate and don't show that you appreciate someone or take them for granted, you can absolutely lose a person who was at some point your friend.

Mares in Manufacturing Matter
tl;dr: post shit about how to machine or manufacture shit here. Being able to make shit makes you more of a man with bigger balls.

Lets start on the political side of manufacturing with a USA centric theme.
Once upon a time, USA was the best. It was the best because it allowed anyone to build anything they wanted and purchase anything they wanted. After all, things you own are tools, and tools are needed to survive. Why should the government put any kind of restrictions on tools needed to survive?
Well, over the years, that is exactly what they did, because the more difficult it is for you to survive with less (or incorrect) tools. The more difficult of a time you have surviving, and the less you can do something about the government.

The greatest of all these is the ability to make more tools or better tools. In the modern vernacular, this is called machining, manufacturing, fabricating, and a lot of others that are more industry specific. I suppose the second greatest ability is to be able to protect such things, but that is outside the scope of this shitpost.

Why is the ability to build [tools] important? Because it lets you, the invisible hand, be able to swiftly deal with governments (problems) how you see fit in ways that nobody can anticipate. Why do you think policies being pushed through has been moving businesses over seas? The government does not want you to know how to make shit. Workers unions have not been nice either, but as near as I can tell that is the result of a different symptom (greed). In either case, bureaucracy is a hindrance to market (you: the invisible hand’s) agility.

I could rant about all the stupid shit in various markets that result in what I already said, but instead I’d rather focus on shit that will make a better life for you. In general, focusing on the use of lathe and mill work. Lets start with the stupid basics.

Example of CNC lathe in use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcGHtI9Lql4
Example of CNC mill in use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHstzxuryMk
Admittedly both examples are with machines that are a bit fancier than what might be typically found, but that does not change anything other than how many times a part is handled before it is finished.

Using a lathe is called turning a part. Using a mill is called milling a part. Turning and milling parts, along with some of the more exotic methods of cutting material (such as waterjet or EDM or centerless grinding machines), is called machining.

While I don’t follow the religion of safety (the reason why ppl are so worried about C-19 to begin with), there are certain things shat should be done or not done to keep all your limbs attached to your body. Things like leaving the chuck key in and walking away. Or wearing a long sleeve shirt and reaching around the quill of the mill while its on. Don’t be a dumbass and instead use that head attached to that white neck of yours.

What I’d like to do from time to time is post in here about various machining and manufacturing practices, tips, tricks, and methodology at large.
Remember though, its not about me, its about giving you the knowledge and tools to become richer yourself. If you have a question or something related, go ahead and post it.
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Apparently linuxCNC works with the Raspberry Pi 4 - http://linuxcnc.org/
It works reasonably well because the Pi4 has an FPGA built in.
some other rando anons watching this thread but asking outside of here >What are the different kinds of shops out there?
I'm going to skip mechanic shops and other similar things, focusing on different kinds of manufacturing shops.

Lets take a glance at how resources move around for most steels, and other alloys.
Open pit mine -> steel mill/foundry -> distribution warehouse -> manufacturing shop -> [other warehouse likely, maybe two] -> retail store -> you
that's just a generic resource flow, there are many deviations to this of course, even at large scales, but it's still more or less what happens.

Steel mills take raw resources and work them over, adding precise amounts of each kind of material to mix into an alloy.
Foundry, or pattern shop, is used for casting large volumes of things, not uncommon to have 10% or sometimes higher rejection rate (because of voids in the castings). No material is wasted, it just gets melted back down and tried again.
Forge is where they take raw materials and either roll them (multiple times) or hammer them into a useful shape.

Heh, I had to do a little bit of internet searching on those, and even then it might not be quite right, as those are not things I interact with at all. It is the job of the metallurgist to make sure the correct alloy with the correct mechanical properties of the casting/forging/shaping thing it requires. Most of these things are defined standards such as cold rolled 1018 steel bars, a brake caliper casting used in cars, or a forged 7075 aluminum frame used for an AR15 rifle receiver.
Those kinds of shops tend to be really high volume, because it is easier to build that sort of equipment for higher volumes. Regardless of what kind of material processing is used, they all end up in a manufacturing shop somewhere, and in my hands to finish getting shaped into something useful.

In the machinist world, there are two main divisions: Job Shop and Production Shop.
There are deticated job shops or support job shops. Deticated job shops are pretty easy to find in the phone book listed under machine shops.
What I am calling support job shops are much more illusive. A large farm might have a lathe and a mill to fix farm equipment with. An electric motor repair company will have a small machine shop to repair bearing surfaces from the bearing that siezed up and melted. I've heard the navy will have a small machine shop on the larger ships to fix various things that might break. I've seen offset printer shops have their own machine shop to make various things to keep the high-volume printers going.

Production shops generally only make one kind of product, with small variations to that product. Sometimes a production shop will only utilize lathes and mills, but most of the time they use purpose-built equipment.
For example, machines making plastic sheets. These machines will likely be able to make plastic trash bags, but also able to make the thicker plastic sheets used to cover harvisted crops or as a sealed barrier under a house. Perhaps also the plastic wrap used for food as well as wrapping up pallets for shipping purposes.
The company making lighters, zippo, uses brass and a big stamping machine to form the outer shell of the lighter. I will bet that it is the same machine they used in WW2 making the same lighers.
Some production shops will only be making one kind of product, but with normal CNC mills or CNC lathes. For example a company selling pipelines to oil companies. They will have CNC lathes set up for turning the end and threading the pipe. Their entire shop will be optimized for offloading steel pipe from various trucks, storage, and moving the pipes into lathes.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCgnWqoP4MM - building the steam controller
Here you can see a typical modern production shop with lots of fancy deticated equipment designed and set up to make one product.

Most of the work I do is prototype these days, or sometimes making difficult-to-machine parts in a small production run on the order of hundreds or less.
Consider AirCrete(s) (foam plus cement, sometimes with additives).
Highly insulative.
There's also styrofoam additive making it like sticky sand.
The fiber mesh and other stuff gives alot of structural strength.
>My little workshop tour
>A very well equipped shop
mill touchoff tools
In this picture are two different kinds of edge-finders. One of them is $20 made by Brown&sharp in USA, the other $500 made by Haimer in Germany. Guess which one is more accurate?
The Brown&Sharp is more accurate by at least a factor of 5.
Why even bother having the Haimer? It can reach in places the other can not, is accurate enough most of the time, and is a bit faster to use.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Haimer and occasionally make fun of the guy who does. I personally never use it because I perfer to be as precise as possible.

Tradeoffs like this is exceptionally common in the machine shop. In order to make money, a really good understanding of tools and machines are needed. Sadly, this knowledge is dwindling because politics hate manufacturing, machining practices are not being pushed in college, and people don't like to work.
I'm sorry for not posting here more.
If anyone deserves this knowledge of power its you guys.

Being able to create a physical Aryanne in a time of need is a powerful beacon of hope to what remains of the free world.

Bible Study Thread
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IIT we discuss and study the Bible. I will be using the King James Version and will take the stance of a fundamental literalist, which is a bit redundant, but these days there exist many that claim to be fundamental but reject the literal interpretation of Scripture when they encounter something they don't agree or understand. I am not a Bible scholar, I'm not a pastor, I don't currently attend any denomination's church service. I'm just an anon that really like to study the Bible. Feel free to argue with me, I could be completely wrong and I hope to learn more about the Bible along the way.

I will post below my first study topic and what I have researched about it. Hopefully it will be interesting and somewhat engaging.
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You may want to do a further reading.
Incorrect. This is a biblical position that is backed by direct Scriptural references. We can see references to this in 1 Thessalonians 4:13
13 But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. 14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. 15 For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. 16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 18 Wherefore comfort one another with these words.

There is a literal going up into the air, what we understand with the terminology of rapture. This is further reinforced in Revelation 14:14-16, a reaping of the harvest of the earth, what Christ refers to in Matthew 13:37-43
37 He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man; 38 The field is the world*; the good seed are* the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one; 39 The enemy that sowed them is the devil*; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels. 40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world. 41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; 42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. 43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

And again in Matthew 9:36-38
36 But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted*, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. 37 Then saith he unto his disciples,The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; 38 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.
4559 4560
I've been thinking, in revelations and daniel, there are 10 "kings" that give power to the antichrist. What if those kings are actually CEOs? A CEO is probably closer to the kind of rule a king had back in the day anyway.

Any thoughts on this?
Allow me to suggest that it more likely refers to bloodlines/families than CEOs, as that would include CEOs as well
I would say so, and they are much more relevant than heads of state (at least most of them) who are puppets and switched out frequently. Bill Clinton is no longer relevant, but Bill Gates still is, even if he isn't technically the CEO of Microsoft.
right... that's why I was thinking about it and said something "you know, this kinda makes more sense in today's climate". The uprooting of three kings could simply mean trade agreement levies against three large companies to the degree that they wither and die.

One of the things that is going to happen is God is going to utterly smite and destroy a central trading city used by the entire world. If USA is so far gone in recession like its shaping up to be, then what is left that can be considered a central trading hub for the world?
Dubai? It is already considered the richest city in the world. I don't know how much general trade goes on there though, or if things are moving in that direction for Dubai.
Right now I would still consider it to be new york simply because of the stonk exchange. However markets are getting ready to implode because of the impending collapse of the USD and government lockdowns over a fake virus.
Are there lots of people in Dubai doing crypto currency trading?

Remember, the tribulation only lasts 7 years. If USA collapses economically and puts the global trade focus on the middle east (or somewhere else), it would be much longer than 7 years to rebuild what was lost.

oof wow this IS low res holy shit.jpeg
I think I have an idea for everyone here, with or without homes, to take control of their finances and/or lifestyle. /nomad/: Homeless/traveling advice, personal stories, finances, what have you. If you've seen someone talking about homeless living on this site, that's usually me. I've done it before but now I'm seeing all kinds of opportunities and fun from it since I'm not being bled dry by debt. So I think I'll share a little advice:

Can't fit everything in a car or bag/cart? Buy a storage unit; between $25 and $75 depending on quality of storage. Put anything you don't want stolen in there, lower your back seat, and sleep with your legs in the trunk. With a blanket and pillow you can get a comfortable rest, and with a simple black fabric long enough to cover your windows/windshield, you won't need to worry about the sun or onlookers. You can also get a dolly for your car, or a trailer. This can also be taken advantage of if you want somewhere to sleep other than your car, since teardrops can be under 1000 pounds (light enough for a small sedan to tow), or even as light as 500 pounds (light enough for a bike to tow).

Want clean and ironed clothes? Get a fabric dresser; I found one at the Lidl grocery store (pic related), comes with a bunch of metal rods and connectors with little fabric shelves. One piece is a hanging bar you can put ironed shirts on. It fits in the aforementioned 5x5 storage space perfectly, and fits more than two duffel-bags' worth of clothing easily and neatly with several shelves for underwear, undershirts, or what have you.

Don't want to waste money on fast food or stick to shitty canned goods just to eat and survive? A butane or propane coil-stove runs a very small fee and fits damn near anywhere; I got a collapsible stainless-steel charcoal grill that is about the size of a Swiss Army duffel-bag and has space for almost anything. It can be used to boil impurities out of water, brew tea or coffee, grill foods with a heavy patty press or a broiler basket, all kinds of stuff. You can also get a cooler and get a bag of ice each week for anything you need chilled like meat or dairy. I'm going to read Cooked: A History of Transformation to accompany my own culinary journey~

Need to keep your hygiene on point? Don't want to waste a bunch of money on baby wipes to keep your face grime-free? Get a gym membership. At $10 a month, Planet Fitness' base membership lets you hang around one specific PF location with showers, sinks with mirrors for shaving at, and of course all the goodies you'd want at a gym. Upgrade said membership for I think $12 extra and you can also get access to a damn sauna, on top of being able to go to any PF you want, ideal for traveling while remaining fit (and in my case, getting cardio in without a sunburn).

Need a residential address, not just a mailing address/PO box? Go to the Salvation Army in your area; many of them offer amenities such as a temporary residential address/forwarding address, and if you ask, they can even set you up with an address not outwardly affiliated with them, so prospective employers don't think you're living in a shelter and may be more likely to hire you.

I gotta tell ya, guys, going homeless (intentionally and not just out of desperation) was the best decision I've ever made in my life. Ever.
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I haven't had work for more than two weeks yet. First job shut its doors right on payday for a menu change. Second job had a 90 day probationary period, soaked my clothes through to the underwear, and left my hands with heat-induced blisters from just two days of work before I woke up late and gave up.

I'm starting to think that my problems in life all stem from my perfectionism, slowness, and hatred of social environments. For years I've tried to find trade-work and labor jobs over the bullshit service work modern society is built on now, and for years I've been impoverished, dependent on family, and in debt. I don't have any advice this time around, I just wanted to vent. I'm tired and sleep hasn't been helping.

try looking in whatever area you want to try staying at in the phonebook for machine shop jobs. Try staying away from manufacturing shops running only a few different products, instead jobsearching in job shops.

as the OP for mares in manufacturing matters >>4034 → I can say that such shops are always looking for profectionists.
colonization kink.jpg
Update: I'm actually at a job I really enjoy. Jiffy Lube gives experience for car shops, and it's entry level. Never overly heavy traffic, chill staff, uniform is easy to maintain and cheap, and I make almost $10 an hour for fulltime. That's up to $1600 a month, which is more than rent. On top of that, I have plenty of energy even after a high traffic day, so I'm running at the treadmill and applying for a second job part time on nights.

I am still scrimping by right now. Credit's under a dollar remaining, debit's overdrawn due to a sneak charge almost a week after the purchase that didn't show up on my banking statement, so I'm pretty much working on whatever change I can snag from under cars' floormats at Jiffy now. I just barely had enough today to get a McChicken and recharge my laptop for my night-job applications. Thankfully my food supply is doing decent and work guys buy each other breakfast and snacks all the time. My remaining ramen and pretzels are enough for about a week. Out of gum, but I do have tea tools. Just need to figure out where I put my mlpol mug in the storage unit, then I can use my butane stove to boil water for morning tea.

Just an update for the Payday fren if he checks here again. I don't plan on updating for a while. I can't afford to post here lately. Might not show up again period. If you're out there, payday fren, I'll keep this thread on my tabs for about a week. I might provide a mode of contact for you before deleting the post. Just keep an eye out.
There's the contact info, Payday anon. You've got until my first Arby's shift before I baleet and fuck off.
4517 4548
FlutterPony HD.png
At an Arby's now, having filled out employment forms there. So that makes one full time and one part time job. Can't guarantee I'll like Arby's, but it's something I could manage part time without feeling horrible. My friend and fellow former~ permavirgin has yet to set up his checking account with the money he's had saved up so we can talk to the local apartment complex and get set up there; either way my income alone is enough to handle rent and change, so it shouldn't be more than three weeks before I'm off the streets and paying my shit back down.

Zoomers working together to make shit happen though. Between the two of us, we've got three jobs and enough income to pay even the most exorbitant rent in town with under half our income. The wait for next Friday is killing me, but by snagging change from under customers' floormats, I'm still getting by in terms of gas and wifi-hogging-at-McDonald's money. Temperatures are hitting sub-40-degree levels most nights now though, and neither bundling up in triple-layered blankets nor wearing an insulated jacket and long johns has helped with that yet...

See you, /ub/, and mlpol as a whole.
Sounds like you need to de-humidify. Maybe have enough thermal mass in whatever space to keep the temperature stable (such as a wax foot heater, or water in jugs, etc.)
Hey, don't forget an air filter or functional mask.
Fuck the fake cloth diapers the jews want us wearing, but I wear proper air-filtering masks now with replaceable filters and they help me breathe easier.

Night Gear Advice Thread
4507 4509 4513
Hey there, seeing as it's Halloween I decided it's an appropriately spooky time to talk about gear in the dark. After all, if you can't see then you're all but helpless to those who can. Feel free to discuss flashlights, NVGs, and all sorts of other night equipment.

I don't have a good EDC flashlight so I decided to look for one that would fit in my pocket. My considerations were size/weight, durability, battery life, high/low brightness, and features like strobe/SOS/red light. Let's go over these.

The most important to me, since the 2 oz. light you bring with you is better than the 10 oz. light you left in your car. EDC is about carrying it comfortably with you everywhere, after all.
You don't want your light to go out if you get drenched or drop it.
>battery life
If you get lost in the woods, would you have enough light to make it through the night if needed?
>high/low brightness
High brightness is good for seeing things in the distance and for searching, while a low brightness will conserve your batteries longer. "Firefly" mode in some lights won't screw up your eyes' adjustment to the dark. Maximum lumens/battery length depends on the batteries you use.
A strobe is rapid flashing on the highest setting, which will blind and disorientate an attacker long enough for you to do something. An SOS setting will flash the signal in case you forget it or can't manually operate it. A red light can't be seen from far away and won't spook animals, but you can get that with a cheap filter too.

My decision was to order the Nitecore MT10c (https://flashlight.nitecore.com/product/mt10c) which is only 2 ounces, very bright for that size, and has those features. The downside is you need lithium-ion batteries and a charger, but even with those it's much less than $100 which some competitors go for. As a backup, I also got the Statgear Pocket keychain light. Of course, neither have arrived yet so I can't make any judgements yet. What are your own experiences and considerations?

<Night Vision Goggles
This is a much harder topic owing to the technical complexity and the higher price point, and I need to ask for advice on this one. Basically, there are three generations of technology which get better but are more expensive, with the U.S. military using Gen 3. I have no idea if "Gen 4" is a marketing scam like some sites have said but I'd like your input.

My concern is getting a set of night-vision goggles that are on par with or surpass mil-spec, so if I'm confronted by terrorists with that sort of gear I'm not at a disadvantage either in a building or in the countryside. I've heard from S2 Underground that civilian models can actually be better but I don't know what models he's going off. Price point is not really a concern for me, though obviously something like the GPNVG (pic related) is ridiculously too much.

I consider NVGs to be necessary and something that can save your life, but the cost and numerous models make any decision difficult. If you have input, or know a guy that knows a guy, that would be appreciated.
Sorry, please move it. Sadly no one uses /cyb/ all that much.
It is not the time to show off power levels anon.
Huh, I found this and apparently it's a quad-tube setup for the price of ~50% more than a dual-tube. Still not making any decisions yet, I'm wondering what you think about it.


What VPNs can protect me and keep my internet usage anonymous?
Pic unrelated
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No thanks, I've got it working now.
Why is the font crisper and cleaner in this browser? Brave Browser blurs everything a little for no reason.
So do I just use Tor to access this site now or are there Tor-only websites worth checking out?
4505 4510
Has the situation changed? Express is looking suspect (https://restoreprivacy.com/kape-technologies-owns-expressvpn-cyberghost-pia-zenmate-vpn-review-sites/) and I'd at least like to switch to a service that doesn't have that sort of worry. Is Astrill any good? Also, I heard it's best to get a small VPN from a provider outside the territory of major spy agencies, like Switzerland. Are there any recommendations for "less-bad" at least?

Also, >anthro
>Also, I heard it's best to get a small VPN from a provider outside the territory of major spy agencies, like Switzerland.
All VPNs exist to log traffic. There is a reason why they are allowed and it is because zog owns them.
4511 4512
Not if you can set up your own. Easiest way is to just buy server space from a good hosting provider (epik, others), or just another internet connection that you pay for, like hosting it on your home computer and connecting to it from whatever mobile devices while on the road.

There are other issues too, there was a jewish one that started suddenly gaining popularity (forget the name) - turns out it was started by the IDF.
I pay for the proton subscription, it seems pretty good overall.

It is not a bad idea to host your own VPN, because most commerical VPNs are already on lists for various countries and some services to just block the 'list of known VPNs' traffic.
Shit is disgusting these days.
>Not if you can set up your own
>I pay for the proton subscription
>It is not a bad idea to host your own VPN
No anon that I know would ever say such an oxymoron.
Please, I beg you, go back to /leftypol/, the synagogue, facebook, or whatever normie place you come from and die.
And some say that ignorance is a bliss... Damn!
Technically you are not wrong, but I think >>4511 is referring to the fact that if you host you own VPN, you defeat its purpose.

Get It Off Your Chest
2783 2788 3130 3259 3261 4114 4373
>Nazi Horsefucker Edition
Vent frustrations and life issues that don't deserve their own thread here.
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4476 4477 4478 4479
I don't enjoy anything anymore. I used to take a lot of enjoyment in pony and all of the shit surrounding it but it's kinda just become stale for me, I still enjoy it but the spark of discovering something new is dead. I try to distract myself with anything really, exercise, vidya, writing or whatever but nothing works. At the end of the day it all just seems completely pointless to even pay attention to or do at all.

Just in general I'm fucked up, for a lot of very deep-rooted reasons and they've warped me in ways I can't change even though I know it's wrong. If I were to talk about all of them I'd need a lot longer than 6000 characters as I typically don't talk about shit that bothers me or that has happened in my life. I learned not to a long time ago from lived experience - even though not doing so has gotten me in deep shit more than once. It's all I know.

My emotions wander from apathetic, to angry, to pissed off. I haven't truly been 'happy' in years now and I honestly can't remember what being happy felt like to begin with. I have a vague idea but can't quite really summon the words to describe it. I'm just a ball of apathy and anger towards certain (((people))), their enablers and whoever else is on my personal shit-list.

I'm dead inside.
>I'm dead inside.
Not quite.
That foggy mind is sign of a idle poner.
A busy mind + a busy body is the ancient remedy for most ills.
If you were truly dead inside you wouldn't see any reason to tell us about it. There's hope for you, lift weights to get your blood pumping and find a positive constructive hobby to enjoy/skill to learn.
Why not be happy?
Go down into the hole of the dead be reborn by and against chaos to fight malevolence suffering greatly, yet pluvk out your remaining eye so the dead culture/traditions can finally see then rise together to rule together.
Be manifested as Both Watcher and All That Was for All That Is.
"You can rewire yourself quite completely by placing negative things in a positive context and the degree to which you can do that is quite remarkable." Jordan B. Peterson

You will suffer, choose how.
There is one more aspect to the Watcher and the Old (yet now can see) They Live.
In the depths of the dead they have nothing to live for, that lies in the living. To climb out of the death you must live that is a journey. To Live is where Malevolence always prowls.

The Old has no eyes but it has power and is among the living. Malevolence will strike the Old at the best opportunity to fell it.
The one who comes forth from this has Eyes seeing the dead, the living, the Malevolence, the corruption, the scattered Old.

To transform and remake yourself is to kill who you were that's part of sacrifice. It's extremely painful in large chunks. A constant eating away and renewal is less so.
Distraction from what?
People need Purpose. That comes with Responsibilities and then the fruits of their labor.
You have to take and extract happiness whenever and where ever you can find it. The meaning though lasts longer and can fortify you in remembrance.
On a far lesser scale years ago nothing was funny for me. Enjoyment denied. So I watched cartoons hoping for something that would light that inner spark.
Instead I found something mind numbing, in idiocy. It was stupid.
Despair, Anger, Resignation, Apathy, Curiosity, Testing, Application, Contentment.
Now that I'm me now I'd like to think I harnessed the infested Malevolence ('forcing' it to the edge) and the Old traditions by forcing them to see the dumb fuckery and the slightest silver lining.
That show wasn't My Little Pony.
One thing I've noticed of myself now-a-days is that raw primal monster unleashes the positive emotions in mania. Always there, just now it knows the wider world and of bigger fish. Of where it can tred with its leash and when. Then on the edge of that thin line it plays with devilish glee.
It knows who/what it could do, yet chained in such a way that it would rather rest than be a force to drive forward.
The only reason why is because I didn't see that before. That conceptulization to talk/communicate (First came the Word) and see.
You know as a childish kid I remember once when playing a game in school a thought occurred that if others got sick they wouldn't be able to play, that the temporary game (in this instance) is never worth the long term costs. That maybe incidentally at the time emulating a plague bearer was a fucking dumb idea.
Align your goals because they are one and the same what matters is how it's communicated across.

The inner monster understands it all but reveling in spite shrugging off the blows finishing it after the hunt (of which it's futile moments where filled with horror) is something it (at least mine) lives for. Living in joy and happiness and meaning will spite (((them))).
It's healthier which means you are more ready for the hunt which it will enjoy.
Your in a better mental state because being happy increases your intelligence and creativity, once it understands the implications that what you could have access to if properly cared for it will help you.
Your job is to hold those chains and the cage and awareness and the direction to be the leader and on the ground unit holding the thing which will and can destroy everything including yourself.
The inner monster concept of power is one of the languages it holds, so to emotions, and images, and words. Actions however is what it enjoys mentally or made manifest.
It can turn on you, but that's part of its charm.
The tarot Devil card holds chains, that is the improper order, yet many fall prey to that illness. You must hold those chains over it because that is its job, it's task, it's sole purpose to do as you command. It's always unequal of master to slave, but it revels in it either way.
It will exist inside of you. (The Jungian Shadow, the Monster, why? A singular part (of the HERO) to get and survive the chaos to get the treasures!)
Like the immune system it can fuck you up hard if it thinks you're the enemy, in its proper functions invaders die and you are more than well. To destroy.

You also need the regenerative aspect to tend and heal to gather and place things into categories or boxes or baskets. To create.
The limits placed on the monster which is yourself defines an operating area for which the 'inner' area of that 'civil' operation can create freely barring snakes lurking (which the monster can hunt).
See what awakens the vicious grin and ask why. It'll be informative.
The wolves you feed will be the ones who win.
Remember these five. Vampire, Werewolf, Billionaire, Pirate, Surgeon.
Your goal is to master the set that enables to win every set ever afterwards.

So actually feeling happy see what flickers the tiny titillation. Like fire it needs fuel, air and heat. When all is right it bursts forth like over filling cups if that is what you let it do.
Change is painful inherently because you burn who and what you were. Killing neural connections and forging new ones.
Faking it till you make it is possible, because everything has to start somewhere. Keeping in mind what really matters to you.
Hey is that Omori fan still here?
He'd probably like this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GnjcRQI6a6Q

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