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marmalade, i like marmalade..
Reminder to cook a hot breakfast in the morning. It's not too expensive, buying bulk bacon, eggs, & sausage is good because you can piece freeze the meat so little to none goes to waste, as well as giving you insentive to wake up early to a hot breakfast. Modern cereals are full of processed sugars and HFCS, not to mention all the soy in them.
>but i dont have time to cook breakfast
Wake up earlier, if you already wake up as early as you can, then use multiple pans and cook multiple things at the same time
>good idea! I'm gonna go down to the shop and buy some pancake shake and waffle batte-
BAD! Wayyy too much processed shit in those, if you're gonna make them for breakfast (i personally never got the appeal but each to their own) you should once again make a big batch of batter and piece freeze it.
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So this looks to be a way to experience the world and improve yourself as an individual. Boy scouts for adults, maybe?
Is subscribing to this a good idea? https://strenuouslife.co/
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Sup faggots?
I want to replace my shit anime addiction with book reading addiction, please post book names.

Also you aren't the faggot here, I am and I want to git gud.
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How do you deal with bad sunburns? I went for a morning jog for the first time in my life and I got sunburned.

Pic unrelated.
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How to relax?
I have the hunch that I really need relaxation.

Everything I do has something like a goal.
More sports, more reading, more learning, cook better food, eat slower for digestion, go for a walk because you need some daily excercise and you did sports yesterday and need some rest.
More better faster more and even relaxation is like something I have to do to a certain extend in a certain amount of time.
Even when I do something like watch a movie I study acting, writing, culture...

I am pretty sure that I am so stressed that I don't get anything done.
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So I got fired from my job for running late due to my compulsive fapping knocking me out. Slept through three alarms.

Nofap thread to help me get my shit together...?
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How do you keep the blackpills out?
How do you keep the blackpills out?

Pic unrelated
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What is the best way to stop drinking cokes?
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Pokemon outfit art
How do I draw cute outfits made out of pokemon, like this?
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Need sources for a friend.
Give me good sources for self-help stuff for a good friend I'm redpilling and helping with self-improvement. How to feel more confident, how to talk to women, how to strongly believe in and be proud of the values Globalists tell you to be ashamed of, and so on.

Pic unrelated
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I can't do it. Caring about MLP is suffering. Hasbro's going to keep on making it worse. People are waking up and seeing through the bullshit but nobody's doing anything about it. Nobody's willing to dox feminist doxers and report leftist criminals to the police. I've got a list of ideas to make "For Fun" because I have no job or life because my country is fucked and pozzed and already dead, and I can't bring myself to actually make any of it. I'm 25 years old and I feel like giving up on life. I held on and kept fighting and it never got better. I... never got better. I'm still just a beaten-down child waiting for his parents to burst in and tell him what to do.
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Sunday Prayer Thread
/üb/ is a Catholic board. Welcome friends, this is the prayer thread where we can gather on the Lord's day to pray for ourselves, each other, and read the bible. This is not a thread to debate theology, but feel free to start a thread like that on /mlpol/ and I'll be happy to explain our lord and savior Jesus Christ's love for you.

>what if I am protestant?
putting aside my personal feelings all Christians are of course welcome here:
acts 2:21
>And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved.

>what if I'm not christian, a pagan, atheist, etc.
Remember the story of the prodigal son He rejected his father, asked for his inheritance before his father was even dead, took the inheritance - and left. Can you turn your back on someone any more than that? Did his father stop loving him? No. Does God ever stop loving you? NO. You may even fall away from your faith. When you come back, God will be there, still accepting you, still loving you. So I will not turn you away and I will pray for you to find your way back to Jesus.

Here's my daily bible verse for today, but feel free to contribute your own
Ephesians 5:1-2
>1 So be imitators of God, as beloved children, 2 and live in love, as Christ loved us and handed himself over for us as a sacrificial offering to God for a fragrant aroma.

now please join me for the Lord's prayer:
Our Father, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name;
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.
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What is the best way to network and build connections /ub/?
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Jogging/Running Thread
You need to go jogging, it's good for you. Cardio is great for stamina, general health, and endurance. Decide on a work out schedule here and stick to it
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>Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.

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Frontiersmen survive at all costs. They battle blistering heat and scathing blizzards. They conquer mountains and bogs. They not only survive, but thrive in all manner of the toughest conditions mother nature throws his way. This is the ideal body type we should strive for.

Mass bulk for the sake of photos is merely another case study in societal decay and decadence. Fitness is for a greater purpose. We are not made for fitness; fitness is made for us. We must learn to master ourselves for the pursuit of higher goals.
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The gloating thread
Just wanted to tell you all that lifting weights is nice. Went from barley repping one plate on the bench to my body weight in two weeks.
Also posture and back is 10 times better.
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Come across this a couple of times when lurking 4chan /fit/, accurate or fake and gay? what do you think
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Tell me why you're not a Polyphasic Sleeper, /üb/.
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Reminder that if you don't go on a hike, backpack trip or climb a mountain every now and then you can never be /ub/. Bonus points for doing it miles away from a road.

Also post pics of places you've conquered if you do these things and anything related to outdoors survival/activities.

Your goal should be to climb Denali. First pic.
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One Small Gain
Hey now, don't be sad, I know we cannot stay
But we've got a couple minutes in the gym to lift today

I know you all have jobs, normies
So it's okay, just go

But we can still pick one small
Little lift
To do before we go

One small gain
Doesn't seem like a lot
One small gain
Work with the time you got
Soon one small gain becomes two
After two perhaps another few
Then one small gain is not so small
One small gain can be the biggest gain of all!
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/mlpol/ Book Club- Fahrenheit 451
For the first book club of /mlpol/ we will.be reading "Fahrenhiit 451"
I think reading 10 pages a day starting tomorrow would be a good pace.
Fell free to discuss the book after each day's reading!
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Banned from Fimfic for a month
I was trying to get my life together and become a writer. What now?
R: 1 / F: 1

Something IRL fucked me up for a long time, I forced myself to make these shitposts as rehab and to build up my confidence as a writer and someone that exists. What do I do now?
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Can't waste time thinking of a funny title. There, that fits.
I feel like I'm constantly waiting for some kind of confirmation that the dead fandoms I'm in are still alive, there's still hope for them, and I won't just be wasting time by continuing to make the fanfics I have planned and have already written around a tenth of. And yet, every time I go looking for a sign that MLP has a future or Pokemon gives a shit about writing or original fiction might be a good venture right about now even though nobody currently knows my name, I see shit, then I'm slapped by some smug cunt in those fandoms for not "Just dealing with it", which is jewspeak for "Just accept life is shit, stop thinking about it, and make dumb decisions in the moment. If pointless grinding work is even slightly enjoyable for you, you should do it regardless of any potential reward, because I want to consume your fanfic for free".

I'm getting old, I can't just throw however many hours of my NEET life it would take me to make a Fallout mod/MLP fic/Fallout Equestria fic/some anime fic/that pokemon fic I planned out when I was 14/Persona 6 fanfic, not if there won't be any benefit to me. Not when I could spend that time exercising or going on walks or doing whatever the fuck people are supposed to do when they reach my age. Call me "Infected with the money-worship meme" for that if you want, I'm being honest here. This board is for self-improvement, not lying about what I am inside: A hungry greedy smart lonely cunt that grew up poor and needs more.
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Book Dump
Post 'em if you've got 'em.
https://mega.nz/#F!B4dB2SzQ!h_pMC30v2a_y31iD0dy0sg (/pol/ stuff I)

https://mega.nz/#F!0F5GXTjS!oGdz8UP5JbcleNMy6YKLvg (/pol/ stuff II)

https://mega.nz/#F!cZoSEbpC!kdnYuLw3hvYSus9uZl6PRQ!QNAixJZL (/pol/ stuff III)

https://mega.nz/#F!4MJE0L6Q!teKAfBlT2m3Ija-Tun-EFw (/pol/ stuff IV)

https://mega.nz/#F!pYRnSJaC!HrC3Siqyioo9PjdGMNWs3Q (/pol/ stuff V)

https://mega.nz/#F!LotEVRxT!YE-YrG6SZ54nJqltrYN8Nw (/pol/ stuff VI)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!scMFjYZY!MKTKFWGVVuA7kV4OMHgkcg (/pol/ stuff VII)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!fo0TDC4a!Ck2n3wuqWutm3FyLtxZB8A (/pol/ related)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!UdxSVLJB!bgBwqzuFIV3z0HvCswA0dQ (/pol/ related)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!eMs1HDRD!LJcwVTJXhhx1a5bUu2l0dg (/pol/ related)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!6sgETKCa!vGFF5iTfCR6lH3ZLXaQorQ (TGSNT, William Pierce, Icelandic Sagas)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!zQtglTAY!JZ8y7bZpqPz6od5WmtLfIg (Third Reich films)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!MQ8ziQKK!rzb0LRaZoyL6te1tguBNnA!RBs1mRhC (Third Reich recordings)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!m00SjRRA!R_I9wzUTEhSN6spP35TyZg (Psychopolitics)

https://mega.nz/#F!1R0QATqZ!Eb1_M5KC9gkxK6w32R2ETw (/biz/ related)

https://www.mediafire.com/?i44dwzkf9j9n8 (art)

https://mega.nz/#F!MQBRHBJA!L_on3h-XUrtbc719UaMygw (philosophy)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!4FJSUTyL!gRWJW5eBK0ydunfSzDB3xg (/k/)

https://pastebin.com/JN01tWVF (Languages & Linguistics)

the audiobook is read by Pierce


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I feel like i'm constantly looking at my to do list for fanfics I have yet to write and waiting for some kind of sign that says "Do this one first!".

I want to write fanfics, but the fandoms i've got fics planned for are dead. the only not-dead one is Persona 5, which is currently in a "Passing fad" phase. Whenever I check up on a fandom to see how it's doing, it looks even worse and even less appetizing than the last time I checked.

i've got pages of planned chapters and notes for mlp fanfics I have no reason to write because the fandom's dead and dying and the only ones left seem to be the hasdrone assholes that attack critics for wrongthink.

7 years have passed since MLP started, and most of my future plans hinged on MLP not dying and becoming crap, AND the fanbase not becoming so pro-hasdrone and anti-critic the dissatisfied leave instead of staying and making fanart or fanfics or whatever. But I'm not here to talk about just the MLP fandom.

I need advice.
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I'm 26 and I literally haven't been able to do a fucking thing with my life yet. Where do I even start at this point?
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here from /vx/ thought you goys would appreciate this
R: 3 / F: 4
Are you organized, anon?
If not, why don't you start right now, its fun.
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Redpill me on eastern religion and philosophy
It's non-white be is there anything we can learn from it to improve ourselves? recommended reading?
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How to deal with depression
Should I take pills, sweep it under the rug, whats the answer in your opinion.
R: 7 / F: 3
How to deal with rage?
Got any tips on anger managment, /üb/ ?
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It's better to be ready for anything and have nothing happen, then for something to happen you aren't ready for. Can we make our own guides like pics related that preps anons for surviving happenings? (riots/chimp outs, natural disasters, anarchy, WW3, etc.) it'd be good to have and if we make good quality stuff we can it'll get reposted with it saying /mlpol/ on it and stuff and that will help promote the site.

off the top of my head one thing that the innawoods guide gets wrong is you shouldn't have too many tools; instead of a knife, an axe, and a saw just get a machete with a saw blade on the back and you can use the leatherman for tasks that need a smaller knife. It'd also be nice if it addressed survival beyond living in the woods, like getting a gas mask with full NBC protection and maybe a geiger counter in case something happens with a nuclear plant nearby.

idk I'm not too knowledgeable about this kinda stuff, but that's exactly why I want something comprehensive for this
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How to build good habits?
I've been trying to stretch, exercise, meditate, read, draw, and study everyday but I'm having trouble keeping up wit it, I lack a bit in terms of motivation and when I do have free time I tend to end up just wasting most of it. How do I make good habits and stick to them /ub/?
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How to quit being a humongous colossial faggot?
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On the general topc of self improment

What is self improvement?
Why improve one self?
what does improvement even mean?

Bologically speaking we have two objectives:
Stay alive and pass on our genes preferably with a cute poner

philosophycally speaking the concept of überhengst has multiple definitions, from beating nihilism and slave mentality to just being "better" than your parents

So what to work on? What to improve?
It is said the only reason for our memories is to be prepared for the future.
The other approach is that if you want to understand where you are heading.
You need two points.
Where you are and where you were to understand where you are heading.

So here are my general ideas.
I propose that the most important things are how to keep your body in a shape where you can deal with most of problems (tasks, defending yourself) and the complicated matter of the mind.

To do that you need to work your body right.
Bodyweight training is everything you need in my opinion since the gym-jew just wants shekel.
To much of anything can be bad and the THINGS bodybuilder become sometimes are closer to criples that to athletes.
Functionality of the body seems like the thing to strive for -> endure and bodyweight
In my opinion sports is better than lifting in many ways since it has a more diverse set of requirements and also social

Furthermore the intake of nutrients is more than just important since it is what provides you with the ability to think (correlation of nutrients and IQ) and to use your body -> cooking

Expanging your mind is always a good idea
Philosophy, anthropology, sociology and even psychology(yeah I know jews and psychology but whatever you do it has most likely to do with humans) seem to be very important topics

What are your thoughts on self improvement as a whole?
What is important? What should you do?
And how to do it?
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Helping others
All of us here have started our journey to the red pill and learning the terrible corruption of our species as a whole, but how do we reach the people who have already been blue pilled so hard they refuse to even look at any red pills?
My sister has been brainwashed so hard by her college that she refuses to talk about anything that she even finds remotely offensive. How the fuck are you support to open their eyes if they refuse to even look in your direction any time you try to help them?
How do we undo all the damage that these colleges are doing?
How do we make people around us better in general? People refuse to believe they have a problem and will just ignore you if you bring anything up related to fixing their problems.

ITT: Discuss how to improve the lives of those around us.
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Stretch Your Shit
Mlpol, do you stretch? Daily? With as many people as are interested in fitness, far fewer are sufficiently interested or knowledgeable about stretching. A full and complete stretch should take anywhere from 30-60 seconds or longer if the involved muscles are damaged or neglected (lack of previous stretching). It also involves a non-rigorous warmup to increase circulation and airflow.
In a Jordan Peterson-esque 'clean your room' sense, stretching is metaphysically one of the best routines/habits one can form. Symbolically/philosophically it entrains the mind to be systematic and sequential whether one is pro-active or reactive to a given thing. It impels discipline to to sensation of enthusiasm that can/does occur when one seeks to better or develop ones self.
And that's nothing compared to the physiological benefits. ITT post/discuss/share about stretching.
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Are you using the shooting range sugarcube?
R: 42 / F: 5
How do I get a qt gf?
A few things
>I grew up thinking I was gay
>I've never had a gf and I've never had sexual relations with a a girl
>I always hated other gay people and eventually became disgusted with the act
>I stopped about three years ago and have done nothing since
>I'm coming into my mid 20s
>I'm having the urge to procreate
What do I do /üb/? I don't have a fb or a tinder. From what I've seen tinder girls are all sluts anyways. I don't know how to talk to girls in public, and i get super autistic when I get nervous. Help me have White babies.
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i make a slightly useful thread
I posted this b4, but heres a 8chan board dedicated to archiving various pieces of literature


Be proud of me
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What is love?
How do I reconcile what is clearly a childish, deluded view on the matters of sex and love with the blatant truth?

Clearly there is nothing special about sex. It's just sort of a thing that people do because they enjoy it; like eating a fancy meal, or going out for a walk in the park. And it seems to me that, even as people extol the virtue of true love and this and that, the kind of love they are talking about is the kind of shallow, childish love that a woman feels for the cock that is fucking her-- that is to say genuine in only that it is, at the moment, intense.

There is no woman in the world who is attractive enough to elicit sex who does not, at some point, become aware of the fact. But this does not make them evil or rotten. If you awoke tomorrow to find that you could go down to the bank and request $1,000,000, to which they would respond by cheerfully giving you the money, you would do so. And you would do so every day after. Anybody would. Likewise, there are very few sexually attractive men who will not seek out that gratification with as many women as possible. All animals seek out pleasure, and the human is no different. The woman now lives a life of frequent sex with as many attractive partners as she can. And once this promiscuity is established, it does not go away until the individual's sexual appeal no longer allows it. Why would it? So she could settle down and have a family instead of constantly being pleased? The result is, unfortunately, the modern woman. The girl who spends her youth a faithless slut, and then desperately tries to whore out her aging body to some man that he might care for her, shamelessly trying to use another to satisfy her urges and desires once again, though this time that desire be a baby rather than just an orgasm. And of course there is the woman who marries in order to secure her existence, and then continues to pursue sex outside of marriage to the determent of her husband and his complete disregard.

That leaves few openings for anybody to ever find the "true love" that is peddled onto the masses of children, even as they are over-sexualized in the same breath. The best way is to find love young. If you, as a man, can form a relationship with a woman before she discovers her power to raise dicks, the two of you have a reasonable chance of a happy, monogamous relationship-- especially if your connection goes back to before puberty. Now obviously this is fairly rare, and not an option for those of us who are of age. So that leaves the occasional unicorn. Good luck.

So now here I am; utterly at a loss. What do I do with myself? What can I do? It keeps me up at night, as it is doing right now. I want a family. A wife, kids, a comfy life together. True, faithful love. But it doesn't exist that way, does it? At least not anymore. If only I could have known when I was a child, that this is what I would want, and that that would be my only chance to pursue it. Spilt milk though, isn't it? How do I adapt to this reality? I know how things are now, but is that it? Do I just give up any pretense of virtue and behave as the rest do? Love is not meant to be, so should I just abandon this childishness and join the orgy? I could save myself, but for what? For whom? Some old skank who just wants to use me? And I will still always struggle with my personal feelings on the matter. Perhaps I should, but could I actually bring myself to do it?

I'm getting lonely though. A pillow is not a woman, and an empty bed quickly grows depressing. I'm questioning my entire worldview these days. Perhaps some discussion will help? for whatever it's worth, being on /mlpol/ ^:) I need to get over this hurdle though, if I am ever to go anywhere with my life. I'm stuck here, right now.

I don't know how to feel about it. And the whole thing concerns me, too, for society as a whole. The family is falling apart. There is no harder pill for a child to swallow than the acknowledgement that you owe your existence not to love, or any high-minded, romantic ideal, but to the fact that your mom is a cock-hungry slut, as is so often the case. And it will only get worse as single mother's become more and more common. It will only make things even more extreme for the next group of man-children who are intentionally raised up by the system to be as confused and discombobulated as possible. Perhaps they will not have to struggle to reconcile the same sweet lies as I must, but they will be even more debased and empty.

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Chair potato?
Whats your opinion on eating and drinking in front of PC? It seems logical to me as it saves you time where you entertain and satiate yourself at the same time. I just worry because it encourages watching series, anime, etc online.
I tried reading books or scriptures for school but to me, it seems harder to learn something while at the same time eating and drinking.

Does anyone else here do this? What do you feel about learning while eating and drinking?

R: 32 / F: 17
Dealing with the truth
How do you guys deal with red pills and prevent yourselves from taking black pills?
Genuinely curious. Everyday it seems bleaker and darker.
>tfw workout
>tfw job and money security
>tfw good grades
How do you cope with it all in the end?
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Did you go to the gym today anon?
R: 7 / F: 5
A super nice how to guide, to how I lost 25 LBS in 2 months without "Dieting". This guide will give you tools and understanding on how fat works to get your body to the next level.

>1 Find out your TDEE and learn how fat works
Check online for a TDEE calculator also find your body fat percentage using picture estimations or online Army calculators. Plop in Sedentary as your activity level and find your maintenance calories. These are the calories you need to eat to not go up or down in weight, if you go above, you will gain weight, if you go below you will lose it.

A lbs of fat is around 3500 calories. IF you're daily calories are -500 from your TDEE that's -3500cals a week. Meaning you'll lose a lbs a week. If you eat 750 excess cals a day thats 1.5lbs of weight gain a week.

>2 Autistically track calories
For the first bit, you need to track everything you eat and see how and what you put in your body affects you. Initially I just suggest tracking what you put in without changing anything. That way you can see where you're going and what foods are what calories. Are you above or below your TDEE? What things are you eating that lend to lots of calories. For me it was pepsi, I drank so much that I was bumping my daily calorie intake by 1500. This insight allowed me to change habits. Easy changes for big results. Autistic means autistic, add in butter, condiments, donuts, vitamin water whatever doesn't fucking matter everything. See how many calories a day.

>3 Start a calorie goal diet
This is really simple if you want to lose weight go below your calorie TDEE. When I started my TDEE was around 2200. When I went 500 calories lower down to 1700 I quickly started losing weight without too much change on my diet. In order to hit this I just had to swap over to diet drinks and cut french fries. I ate mostly fast food the whole time. But because I was lower than my TDEE I lost weight. Note this is just weight, doing this without working out is about 70% fat and 30% muscle loss. If you work out while you do this you must add a 0.7 grams of protein for every lbs of bodyweight and get proper rest, then your loss will be 96% fat 4% muscle.

>4 Optional - Breaking Food Habits
I was never an emotional or habitual eater. But this still helped me understand my relationship with food. For about the first 4 weeks I did a "Crash diet" in which I ate 500 calories every second day and maintenance every other day. I ate the 500 in one sitting as well. I could drink whatever I wanted as long as it was 0 calories as well. After a week your body gets used to it, you never really get hungry. You'll find out that hunger is legitimately mostly a psychological habit than a physical need. Once the first week is over you realize your fake needs for food and it allows you to hit dietary goals 100000x easier because you no longer "need to eat" when you actually just want to eat. Oh you will also lose 2-6 lbs a week on this period.

Losing fat is easier than you think but it's about learning to control yourself. Now you can move your body composition in the right direction. This alone will get you to a healthy weight extremely easy.

R: 15 / F: 2
Audiobooks are great since you can listen to them while you work out.
Let's talk about this then, what would you do listening to which book?

Make 9x9 of 9 exercises listening to mein Kampf
R: 1 / F: 2
Thread to talk about fitness,health and all other /fit/ related topics.
For all begginer questions consult the sticky in a link below
Read everything inside before asking in this thread.
R: 3 / F: 2
Fug sake, this post isn't automated

Whats your diet like?

Do you get exercise on a regular basis? What do you do?
R: 6 / F: 2
new boards am dildos and i am too
How do I fight the constant desire to kill myself and become less depressed?
R: 1 / F: 1
Ich besitze dieses Board jetzt, Untermenschen.
R: 42 / F: 22
Lernen Deutsch
This thread is to share resources to learn German.
Some things I have found are the /int/ page and a Deutsche Welle playlist.

R: 6 / F: 3
Fear of commitment / Culture of the immediate
I have been thinking a lot, chatting with some people, reading many posts in Imageboards and forums about the current state of civilization, seeing celebrities becoming consumed by despair by their own wrongs in life, and there is a point where everything converges.

Fear of commitment.

That's the main trait of Millenials and a big part of the modern mindset. We are afraid of engaging in long-term investments of time and money, and prefer to invest in experiences instead: travelling instead buying real estate or lands; casual sex, video games and Netflix series instead a stable relationship with children; freelance jobs instead of a stable one; complete disregard in pension spendings, and the list goes on.

Meanwhile, lifelong jobs are more and more of a rarity and people get hired and fired much more rapidly nowadays, everybody seems to be replaceable and people in their 40s have a much more hard time trying to find a job when they are caught in this circle.

I myself am afraid of most of these commitments, and in trying to become a better person am trying to spot the causes of those fears. Are they justified? Are they not? How much of these preconceptions are a meme, which of these are just idealism, which of these are just (((propaganda))) and which not?

R: 11 / F: 14
Post working out horses
R: 15 / F: 12
Best princess is mine