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Help me teach myself how to draw
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I've been wanting to learn how to draw for a long time, but have never gotten around to it because I simply do not know where to start. On a scale of 1-10 my skill level is basically a 1. I can draw basic shapes, that is about it. I don't have any hobbies right now other than gaming and working out, and I would like to pick something else up.

I would preferably like to learn how to draw on a computer, most of the really nice art I see seems to be done that way now a days. As I stated earlier, my skill level is basically 1. I can draw basic circles and have used MS paint a few times, and have never touch any editing programs.

I have been wanting to do this for forever, but have been held back because I just have no idea how to start, or what even I should be doing for practice. Right now would be a great time for me to do this because I am currently somewhat incapacitated with some medical issues. Any tips/resources would be greatly appreciated.
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>I would preferably like to learn how to draw on a computer
This does not exist, what you see on the computer is purely digital painting over simple line art, it is the same as drawing on papper, thing is you get more tools and pens for 'free' depending on the program.

You will have to study if you want to draw op, proportions, perspectives, painting and stuff..
Have a guide.
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Lol, good job at making drawing look like incredible drag.

I once made a drawing of Leslie Fair with mouse and digital tools only. Mouse was used for sketching. Sure, it was harder than doing it with pencil and took me about 2/3 hours but anons liked it.
Sadly I lost the pic when I forgot to back up some of my folders before reinstalling Windows.

Here are few pics I saved from last drawfag thread. Taking a picture from internet and redrawing it with pencil helps and isn't too difficult.
Though you need to draw the picture upside down for best effect and I never tried it with mouse.

>continuing to post SAO garbage
First thing I have to know is that you have any equipment. There's the Wacom which goes for pretty low prices to pretty high end stuff with high end prices, but by all accounts a lovely drawing tablet brand. Of course, you have your alternatives which are just as fine. All I need to know is that you have a drawing tablet, because that's needed foremost.

But, to the basics. I want to show us the extent of your capabilities. Please draw something. A pony please, and a few other things (up to you.)

Now I need you to follow any one of these guides or any other drawing guide: https://sites.google.com/site/ourwici/#tut

The best thing you can do is learn the fundamentals.
>Lol, good job at making drawing look like incredible drag.
Do you want him to improve or do you want him to draw the same shit for 10 years and actually worsen?
Just because drawing issue fun and you can fun draw it doesn't mean it's all flowers, there are lots of complex topics you have to study in order to draw well, like anatomy, shadows, perspectives and proportions.
If you enjoy drawing of course you will like doing these, if you don't it will be hard for you.

Of course if you dont want to study you can do whatever you want.
I was recently recommended this shit for going digital: https://www.ctrlpaint.com/library/

Jewtubers can also be really helpful like in vid related.


It's neat to see this on /ub/ because drawing is really great, as discouraging as it can be sometimes.
Of course, I agree with you. I just wanted to point out, that many things are possible even though, they at first seem impossible.
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I don't have any equipment yet, I wanted to post here and get a feel for the type of stuff I should be looking for. I'm in college so it will take me a little bit to save up, and I want to have a solid list of products to be working torwards. Are there any other good drawing tablets I should keep my eye out for, or should I just look for a Wacom brand tablet?

That site looks interesting, thanks anon!

Thanks for the guide! And I guess I didn't word the OP properly, I just meant I wanted to learn how to draw on a touchscreen because that is what I see a lot of content creators doing these days.

I have shit taste in anime and you can't stop me. pic very related

Those are the same pics I use (1st and 3rd rather). I challenge you to do a pony sketch every morning, w/ pencil and paper.
Next, take a photo of that picture and start to re-do it in Paint or some other drawing program. Don't worry about saving anything, you're just practicing.
Do this 500 times (over successive days).
Take advantage of the shift in mediums, and rather than trying to sketch a finished product, make it full of artefacts and technical items; make the sketch LOOK like one of those pics.
Digitally, start looking into layering. Whether you're doing it with one program or several, any abnormality that is in a sketch can be removed with a few clicks. Practice and experiment with various program options.
If you'd like, I'll match you.

There's a Wacom for $80. If you want something for lower, I recommend something from Turcom.
You can usually get these cheaper from retail stores.
And, although I don't recommend going to other chans, I suggest lurking 4chan's /ic/.
Learning how to draw anything is more important than learning how to draw one thing.
His guide is fine. Also anything worth having is worth working for. Art isn't just something you can shit out. There is a natural talent for it yes, but even the most gifted person will have to study at some point in their life.
For me, 2D art was always a pain in the ass. 3D art was always fun, even when I was shit at it. If learning sounds like a drag to you, maybe art isn't for you.
Touchscreens are expensive, anon. A cheap 80 dollar tablet can save you from buying paper/pens/etc, but it's a different feel from a screen/paper. You won't be able to see where you hand is in relation to what you're drawing. On the other hand, you don't have your hand blocking the screen.
If you get good at one, learning the other shouldn't be that hard though.
Even if you don't draw every day, try to read up or think about techniques for the next time you end up drawing. (This might not really apply to 2D, but it works for me with 3D)

In the end, if you have fun with drawing, nothing will stop you from doing it, just make sure you don't end up halting your own progress by never experimenting.

Couldn't be bothered to find it, but I have an image somewhere on this computer where an artist actually got WORSE over a period of 6 years.
>no Cowboy Bebop
>no Death Note
>no Soul Eater
>no FullMetal Alchemist
>no FMA: Brotherhood
>no Cory in the House
Son, i am Dissapoint.
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I'm not good at drawing myself, but apparently I'm a very good teacher. I have helped many aspiring artists get started, so if you want help I'll be glad to offer some. We always need more artists for the fandom!
The very first word of advice I can give you is too just keep drawing! Practice is the key.
Don't stop; just keep trying and experimenting over and over, regardless of how shitty you may be. Try new things, and try them dozens of times. Experiment with concepts. Attempt to copy styles you admire once you get a hang of the basics.
Even little thumb sketches are progress. Make a habit out of doodling for fun. Carry a sketchbook as a hobby if you prefer. If you practice any skill enough times, you're bound to get half-decent at it.
And don't ever get discouraged just because you're bad at it. If you suck, that just means you're not practicing enough. Don't quit because your first thought after scribbling for 10 mintues is 'I'm not any good at this'.
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i can teach you howto draw like a boss!
first of all, you need no skill and you need to forget what everyone else says like "when you draw often you get better!" because its wrong.

soooo here ==>
first of all, your lines have to be nice!
next, use some scissor and build a image out of images.
here a leg, here a arm, its way more easy to move the parts into fiting as everything else!
than, you have to draw it and cut it out from youre template.

...ok, you can make more. light and shadows as example, or some weather effects.
you need only a brain for it because these stuffs are simple as fuck, but i can give u a tip. copy the image, make it dark and erase some parts - these makes awesome light!
i also copy the image for the shadows on the background. just a bit bend and it fits perfect.

i use "MA Paint 98" for the lines because its only programm i tested thats able to make lines and bows fast without errors.
and i use "Adobe 5.5" for the effects.

the only things that matters are the effort you are puting in and useing good programms, nothing else.

i made a bit effort on the last image as example!
>Look with your eyes, not with your mind
That is the beginning of being a good artist. Your mind is great at handling concepts, but terrible at fine details, and if you base your drawings off of what you think you see, it will always look off. Masters and first-timers draw without references.
It takes getting used to, but practice makes perfect, and this applies to all artistic disciplines as well. Always use the relevant sense to pick apart what you want to recreate, instead of feeling your way through it in your mind's eye.