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What is love?
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How do I reconcile what is clearly a childish, deluded view on the matters of sex and love with the blatant truth?

Clearly there is nothing special about sex. It's just sort of a thing that people do because they enjoy it; like eating a fancy meal, or going out for a walk in the park. And it seems to me that, even as people extol the virtue of true love and this and that, the kind of love they are talking about is the kind of shallow, childish love that a woman feels for the cock that is fucking her-- that is to say genuine in only that it is, at the moment, intense.

There is no woman in the world who is attractive enough to elicit sex who does not, at some point, become aware of the fact. But this does not make them evil or rotten. If you awoke tomorrow to find that you could go down to the bank and request $1,000,000, to which they would respond by cheerfully giving you the money, you would do so. And you would do so every day after. Anybody would. Likewise, there are very few sexually attractive men who will not seek out that gratification with as many women as possible. All animals seek out pleasure, and the human is no different. The woman now lives a life of frequent sex with as many attractive partners as she can. And once this promiscuity is established, it does not go away until the individual's sexual appeal no longer allows it. Why would it? So she could settle down and have a family instead of constantly being pleased? The result is, unfortunately, the modern woman. The girl who spends her youth a faithless slut, and then desperately tries to whore out her aging body to some man that he might care for her, shamelessly trying to use another to satisfy her urges and desires once again, though this time that desire be a baby rather than just an orgasm. And of course there is the woman who marries in order to secure her existence, and then continues to pursue sex outside of marriage to the determent of her husband and his complete disregard.

That leaves few openings for anybody to ever find the "true love" that is peddled onto the masses of children, even as they are over-sexualized in the same breath. The best way is to find love young. If you, as a man, can form a relationship with a woman before she discovers her power to raise dicks, the two of you have a reasonable chance of a happy, monogamous relationship-- especially if your connection goes back to before puberty. Now obviously this is fairly rare, and not an option for those of us who are of age. So that leaves the occasional unicorn. Good luck.

So now here I am; utterly at a loss. What do I do with myself? What can I do? It keeps me up at night, as it is doing right now. I want a family. A wife, kids, a comfy life together. True, faithful love. But it doesn't exist that way, does it? At least not anymore. If only I could have known when I was a child, that this is what I would want, and that that would be my only chance to pursue it. Spilt milk though, isn't it? How do I adapt to this reality? I know how things are now, but is that it? Do I just give up any pretense of virtue and behave as the rest do? Love is not meant to be, so should I just abandon this childishness and join the orgy? I could save myself, but for what? For whom? Some old skank who just wants to use me? And I will still always struggle with my personal feelings on the matter. Perhaps I should, but could I actually bring myself to do it?

I'm getting lonely though. A pillow is not a woman, and an empty bed quickly grows depressing. I'm questioning my entire worldview these days. Perhaps some discussion will help? for whatever it's worth, being on /mlpol/ ^:) I need to get over this hurdle though, if I am ever to go anywhere with my life. I'm stuck here, right now.

I don't know how to feel about it. And the whole thing concerns me, too, for society as a whole. The family is falling apart. There is no harder pill for a child to swallow than the acknowledgement that you owe your existence not to love, or any high-minded, romantic ideal, but to the fact that your mom is a cock-hungry slut, as is so often the case. And it will only get worse as single mother's become more and more common. It will only make things even more extreme for the next group of man-children who are intentionally raised up by the system to be as confused and discombobulated as possible. Perhaps they will not have to struggle to reconcile the same sweet lies as I must, but they will be even more debased and empty.

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As someone who is the result of such things (My mother was divorced from my father by the time I was born, do the math.) I know exactly where you come from anon.
My mom's (and other various married women I know) mentality has always been "I want to give my child a better childhood than mine."
This shouldn't be the case though, you should want to give a child as great a childhood as yours. Slightly better than shit is still shit. I don't think anyone who isn't completely mentally stable and in a loving stable relationship has a right to have children, let alone be in a sexual relationship with someone else. (Else you get the cockworship like you said) A woman should be able to stand on her own two feet and not have to depend on a man to provide her everything. Your best shot at love is to probably stop looking entirely. Just develop friendship with a few intelligent women who don't seem to be cock worshiping. If the woman is about as well off as you, or better, what reason does she have to be with you other than because she actually enjoys your company? You can still get the childhood friend into lover relationship at an older age, though it's not going to be easy. Don't rush into things though, almost every single person I know that got married before 25 ended up divorced.
Remember that depression often results in a feedback loop, so can loneliness. Just get out there and have fun. Go to some parties with friends, join a guild in whatever shitty anime-mmo you play, be more social in general. Eventually you'll bump into someone who clicks with you and you can develop a friendship from there which may turn into something more.

tl;dr. Don't rush things, be social and eventually you'll find someone.
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I don't need a woman to cure my loneliness, I realized this after a few years of meditating on the matter.
I lost my feeling of loneliness when I got myself to objectively think why I feel lonely and what is loneliness.
Love is a thing but when we get into relationships we feel passion, so we fuck and get a child then we love our woman and child until he is big and since we are too old we stay together as a couple proud of our dear, waiting for death.
But the rules have changed and love is not a thing anymore, humanity is a dumb thing that just want to feel instant pleasure by always fucking whitout responsibility, we also lack the money and resources to raise a good child.
Women betraying their men is caused by a bug on their programming. Women is always searching for the best partner to raise their child, yet they don't realize this and just feel good fucking with dudes with power, whitout even knowing why it feels better; it's their body rewarding them for getting such a good catch.
If you deeply analize love and watch enough animal documentaries and read enough about how our body works you may realize it's stupid to be lonely, it's a primitive instinct we should control.

So to end the loneliness, i made myself believe I am too good for the women that surround me since im always improving while they lay stagnant.
I just try to improve myself everyday, learning, exercising, practicing..
It's sad i will not live a romantic life but well, whatever really.
Im considering raising a child by myself but I dont know how being raised with no mother may affect a child.

>Just develop friendship with a few intelligent women who don't seem to be cock worshiping
I know only one girl like this and I meet her when she was 14, it's the sole girl I know that's not craving for massive dick and it's not a pain in the ass to deal with.
Yet she doesn't have a job tho so there's that, also she's daughter of a Brazilian and Indian so yeah I don't really know about this Houston.
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I prefer to use both of these mindsets and swap them out as suits the situation. Why do you feel the need to be in a relationship so badly? Those who seek it obsessively tend to end up subservient to a cock-hungry or abusive woman. On the other hand, why chase away a unicorn if you happen upon one?

This "nothing special" mentality that plagues our society is merely the end result of decades of mental conditioning. The modern West is so enamoured with romance that it has abandoned the truth of love with commitment. Remember that the stories we see in porn and the media are gross perversions of reality fueled by unrealistic expectations. Love does not stem from physical affection, much as society might try to convince itself otherwise, and hence sex before commitment is an abomination. Do not be afraid to turn down women who demand it of you, and likewise do not demand it of your partner unless you know for certain that she is the one. Otherwise you run the risk of looking a hypocrite to yourself, your woman and your fellow man - the ones who understand what it is to love, anyway.

Remember to be polite to those you meet, but also never offer more of your respect or time to a woman than you feel they truly deserve. My heart tells me it is better to grow old alone than with a slag who will cheat on you and neglect your children.
>I don't need a woman
You don't get a woman for yourself. You get one to produce the next generation of warriors for you race. Stop viewing things through the selfish lens of what YOU want and what makes YOU feel good, and start thinking about what is best for your people. Individualism is a fucking plague and you should do your best to avoid that mentality.
I've answered this question elsewhere but I will say that if you feel lonely and don't have any good female prospects, adopt a dog. They will be a forever companion, they will take up part of your bed and (depending on the breed and general character) want to snuggle up. Also, women are attracted to men with dogs. It shows you are responsible and know how to lead.
Yeah Love is a strange and tricky thing. Most people just don't take it seriously anymore.

To be honest Sex is a deeper thing but most abuse it. Sex is supposed to be the ultimate state of love, it is the culmination of all the love of a relationship put into one act. Sex is supposed to be a state where a man and a woman express their full love for one another and combine mind, body and soul, the idea is you are combining your self together and your love together to create a new life that new life is the result of your love for one another and true affection for one another.

Sex is supposed to be one of the few acts that combine the wants and needs of the mind, soul and flesh into one but sadly MOST people nowadays just use it to please the flesh. The issue with this is the flesh it self is a VERY empty thing and most of the things that pleasure it are empty (alcohol, drugs etc) it is why many people nowadays get legit addicted to sex is they have allowed the flesh to hijack the act and as usual the weakness of the flesh pervert and hurt the mind and soul with it's weakness. (Not a virgin for the record)

For a man or woman to be balanced they must have a strong mind, a strong soul and strong body. Much like in Religion with the Holy Trinity it takes 3 parts to make a person and if EITHER part is missing it fails. Modern society is TOO focused on the body the wants of flesh and this is a HUGE party of what is wrong with the modern world people have allowed Love and God to die and are trying to run purely on the wants and pleasures of the flesh!