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How to make music?
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I've got Fruity Loops Studio, a mic, and a midi keyboard but no cable (yet).

How do I make Synthwave?

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To make music just put a beat every 3 bars on a 16 loop and make a simple onionstring melody, repeat it to infinity and add little variations and changes on the notes along the road and you have a song.
I.E. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ELVwNAMv2o
Take some time to pick apart each sound and visualize it on the grid.

Now if you want to make good music, you'll have to study anon.
It is fun to make music out of the blue with nothing in mind and you can totally become famous these days by making some EDM or synth but it is quite important to actually study how music works in the first place, some wikipedia articles over basics like arpeggiato and bell, counterpoint and prime and thrill might also help.
I would also recomend you to take a look at 8bit music, specially from the Atari/NES era, guys had to get really creative with little to no options and it is quite a good place to start and be different from the rest of the 999999 people making synthwave with fruityloops.
Also ableton studio ftw.
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Ok now I have Ableton studio also

Any pro tips?
Ableton and Fruity Loops are pretty meme tier. I would look at Mixcraft, or GarageBand is also surprisingly good if you own a Mac or have access to one. The learning curve is higher than you would probably like but it's not as high as for other hobbies. More important than the software you use though is that you begin to learn how music is constructed, and start pulling apart songs and figuring out how they work. Most pop music is unbelievably simple and you can actually get away with quite a bit just by learning one chord progression:


The music language being used here makes this sound much more complicated than it is. A yuge number of pop songs across multiple genres use this and you've probably heard it before. For example, literally every single song written by Blink 182 uses the exact same chord progression, based on a super-simplified version of this. Learn the chords from one Blink 182 song, transpose it around to different keys (literally just dragging midi blips from one starting note to another if you're using a tool like Mixcraft), and you've got more musical knowledge than the average hip hop producer these days.

The most important thing is to just keep screwing around and experimenting, and come up with a system that works for you. Bear in mind that a lot of modern music, especially electronic music, is more dependent on the sounds of the synths and production techniques being used than composition, and most of the guys who know that stuff just learned it by screwing around. Your first few projects are probably going to suck balls and you will be told that they suck balls if you play them for anyone. That's okay. You get better the more you do it. I'd also recommend getting hold of some kind of physical instrument like a piano or a guitar and fiddling around with it. Even if you don't get good enough to perform on it it's a good tool for composition.

I am by no means an expert, I mostly just fuck around and create weird stuff for my own enjoyment, but if you're serious I can probably teach you some of the methods I use to create music. I'm not going to spoonfeed you, though.
I watched a series of tutorials on Fruity Loops, but now I'm downloading Mixcraft 7. Please teach me the methods you use to make music.
What makes Fruity Loops and Ableton Meme Tier? To me, Fruity Loops seems pretty good. It's got midi, it's got some knob-turning shit I've got no idea how to use, and it's got a VST option that lets me use the VSTs of old games. Sorry if that's super-basic shit every other program has and I look like a faggot right now.
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the O N L Y thing i get to work is this formula ==>
in music, some parts are equal and some are chaotic.
but i get not really music to work but its a step in the direction i guess!
Oh ok