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Undecided on deep Philosophical problem.
Hello Anon,
What would you rather...

A) Vanishment this World.
B) Banishment this World.

I'm undecided yet,
Thanks Anon.

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Girls Und Panzer is such a good show, even the recent game Dream Tank Match was a good game. Its a shame though they won't make a game for PC though with private server hosting since that would make the game so free for more players and it would bring more into the franchise since console paid online has been such a death nail for such small games
>console paid online
>Girls Und Panzer is such a good show

roll for anime.jpg
Roll for Anime
If you want more added to the list, I'm open for suggestions
Add Boku No Pico
kyousanshugisha ha, seikou o shutoku shima su
Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai
(My Sister, My Writer)

There has to be something like a joker.

Post here every time you finish an anime/manga
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As this board can be rather slow and the standard 'post here when you come' format hasn't helped recently, I figured I'd start a content/recommendation thread.
So, here are the rules:
Whenever you finish reading a manga or watching an anime movie, season, or short series, post here and give it a short review. (Post spoilers for major or minor plot events in spoilers, obviously.) If you feel someone else's review is shit, tell them why so they can improve. I'll start.
Name: Made In Abyss
The Good: the worldbuilding is phenomenal, and the environments are gorgeous. The titular abyss or Netherworld that the story takes place in has varied and versatile landscapes, and each and every one of them is memorable. The creature design is serviceable, a few are uninspired but for the most part they feel at place in a hellscape.
The Bad: there are a few plot inconsistencies and conveniences. Near the end, one of the characters who is portrayed as an experienced researcher seemingly wastes all but two of his test subjects, and then allows the remaining two to escape easily. Reg's arm length seems to fluctuate depending on what the writers need. One minute he's expressing difficulty rescuing the other main character because he lacks the length, the next he's lowering himself down what are presumably hundreds of meters to descend in the abyss safely. The two hollows don't have that well of a defined dynamic, so when you see one of them turned into cat yogurt you don't feel the same emotional investment. The one sentient hollow also sort of stole the show for me, I found her motivations were far more interesting than 'I gotta find my mom.' or 'I am a robot, I will protect you from danger because plot.'
The Ugly: I didn't really like the humor. 99% of it is just some character making a remark about dicks, pussies, balls or butts. Maybe I'd find it a bit less unbearable if they weren't all around 12 (or appear to be around 12). It's just disgusting, felt like the writers were child groomers.
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Aggretsuko fucking sucks, I've finished the show.
Can't wait for Mob Psycho season 3.
Currently watching Fist of the North Star.
I just finished Cyberpunk Edgerunners.
It was pretty great. Might make a thread on /cyb/ tomorrow if anyone gives a shit.
I'm not an anime fag but the last one I watched was Ergo Proxy. It has a lot of episodes and the story is engaging.
Still need to watch it, but don't think I could take it serious, having to think about Midori everytime I see his hand.

Cosplay Thread
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ITT: post the best cosplay pics you have.
Bronycon cosplay is acceptable if it isn't cringe.
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>Not a revolver
But in all seriousness She did it better.
Everything this guy does is amazing.
Yeah it is pretty funny
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did anyone else want to FUCK misty as a kid?
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Yes they are
I did but I was more turned on by Jessie.
No, but I did get weird feelings towards Officer Jenny and Jessie.
If not for seeing this thread, I would've forgotten that the first boner I ever had was either due to Jessie or Officer Jenny and how confusing it was. Thanks, fags.
best gril :jar:

End of Pokemon Series
/vp/ is losing their collective minds over this. After over twenty years the protagonist of the Pokemon anime, Ash Ketchum, finally won the equivalent of the world championship. As he's actually become "the very best" Ash will be dropped from the series and replaced with a new protagonist, allegedly his daughter.
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>inb4 they give Ash a harem
>"Gotta Catch 'Em All."
Not BS apparently
>they give a literal harem of 10 year old girls to a 10 year old boy
>maybe age them all up to 16 or vaguely parent-aged
This would still be less controversial than saying Ash fucked a Pokemon
I once heard the creator of Sesame Street and The Muppets was inspired to create educational television and fun wholesome entertainment for families by how the uneducated kids he knew, thanks to radio/TV/whatever, knew all the advertising jingles and would sing them for fun in the way kids used to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Wheels On The Bus
Shit like this makes me wonder how much better the world would be if kids couldn't grow up on gay shit like Steven Jewniverse (genderplay, gem fusion is presented as sexual intimacy and the kid hero fuses with adults, Pearl rapes Garnet, steven fuses with his mothers to get stronger, fuses with the neurotic one to get girly enough to entertain a disabled boy, and fuses with his own human dad at one point) and Tellytubbies (idealizes an infantilized slave life consooming pink goyslop in a fatherless motherless rainbow non-family underground pod-home with equally dehumanized depersonalized demoralized babble-speaking multiracial faggoted retards) and media had to appeal to explicitly based censors before they could get to kids.
What if, instead of wanting to appear mature by pretending to love GTA/COD, kids praised Hitler to appear mature even before they understood dark humor?
What if the 4kids dub of One Piece tried to make it racist?
1788 1789
>Shit like this makes me wonder how much better the world would be if kids couldn't grow up on gay shit like Steven Jewniverse
Anon, children are not the ones watching that shit. The fact of the matter is that kids are growing up on Jewtube and Fornite more than they are on CN, Nick, and Disney Channel.
Thank God.
for the "not watching Steven Universe" part. It's fucked up that they're watching Jewtube.
Youtube Kids was a bad business decision and a smart evil decision by the Satanists. Too many videos are uploaded per day for someone to manually say yes or no to videos based on whether they are for kids or not. Every time some weird fetish video makes it onto youtube kids, that's a victory for the Satanists who want a world of mentally scarred perverts with weird fetishes influenced by watching weird shit like crossdressing Bugs Bunny or mukbang videos as a kid. They gave themselves plausible deniability for all the propaganda and fetish shit recommended to children.

Is anyone here into this series/familiar with the card game?
I played it solo as a kid, never had a face-to-face duel in my life. I quit around the 5Ds era so my old deck's completely outdated.
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Cyber Aromage.jpg
Dude are you me? I used to run a deck themed around Chimeratech Overdragon and that was from one of the few packs I ever actually bought as a kid. Left it for ages except maybe one other time with a friend when I came across Duel Links in lockdown and started getting back into the game and learning all the different summons. Thought about getting a Madolche deck at first since I loved the design and way they worked but they were so expensive so I went with my other favourite of Aromage. I only play against my friend and his Blue Eyes deck which obviously wipes me but we both keep it to around xyz synchro level since fuck whatever the fuck Pendulums are

Would love to play it more with people but people play it with the goal of wiping people out in one or two turns

Also pic related is my tin I keep my cards in
>people play it with the goal of wiping people out in one or two turns
I'm sick of this! The most boring thing you can do in a game is win or lose because then it's over. How many duels in the TV show are over in one turn or less? To make a good story out of the duel things can't be over the second one guy says "This card means you can do nothing this turn, and this card means I win this turn, GG go next".

There needs to be a dynamic push and pull element so the game feels more like two duellists trying to outwit and outplay each other and less like two meta decks waiting to see who unleashes unstoppable unquestionable armageddon first. Maybe a resource management mechanic inherent to all decks could limit the power creep and OTK potential?
Based Overdragon Appreciator.
You have Overloaded Fusion, right?
Did you ever use Future Fusion to fuse an absurd amount of cards into Chimeratech Overdragon? That's what I used to do.
Yes I have and used Overload Fusion back in highschool which I was lucky to trade for. I only ever used to have my initial cards that I found in a bin and used them to trade for my deck builds. Only a few had water damage from rain but it had nothing else in it so no grime on them and usable.

Wish I had that, would of been a great alternative to Overload too just in case

Yeah games where players are pushed to the wire are great. Especially if you are both using decks set to one theme.

Best game I had a while back with my Aromage was when I first got them out playing against a Blue Eyes deck and I was able to at least outheal the damage he was doing to me enough to keep going. Then he decides he's had enough of not just insta killing me and wipes my field and his while also summoning Five Headed Dragon and knocking me down to 1000lp while he had around 4000lp. So with nothing else on the hand or field to stop what was going to happen I had to believe in the heart of the cards and draw on my turn. The card I drew? Call of the Rose, which let me take control of his Five Headed Dragon and use his own field wiping move he made in frustration against him and win the duel. He wasn't mad either, he was happy and said that was the sort of thing you would of seen in the show

Oh also pics not related but I got them out while thinking of this thread. I really want to try make a Spellcaster deck that uses the Fortune Fairy cards but may have to mix it with a Dark Magician/ Magician Girl deck for it to be more then just 6 cards (8 if you include one of each of their related spell cards)
There was a Yugioh ripoff card game about elemental animal pokemon ripoffs and it was named something stupid like Elemals or Elementimals and I can't find it because of its stupid uncatchy unmemorable name. It wasn't the Creatures Of Aether game by Dan Fornace, that was something else.

It had a stack of cards to the side like an extra deck and you attached elemental animals from that stack to the cards you played to activate their effects. So Pot Of Greed costs 2 of your elemental animal resources when activated to balance out the strength of drawing two cards. I forget if running out of elemental animals did anything. It had a kickstarter and no way to play the game without physically buying the cards.

Can anyone here remember the name of that game?

Fumo Thread: Day of the Fumo Edition
1325 3499
Please read this before posting: http://www.buyfags.moe/Full_guide

Places to buy fumos and other plushes:

For General Fumo information, custom fumo lists, official fumo lists, AND fumo price guides- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qNz36ZJm_P83ke4pzbi4MiinhmGDuES-PEgLEjyIsy8/edit?usp=sharing

Picture guide for acquiring fumos-

Touhou: https://www.gift-gift.jp/nui/toho.html
Gift Closet: https://www.gift-gift.jp/nuigurumi_costume/
Online Shop: http://giftshop.jz.shopserve.jp/

Fumo: https://buyee.jp/item/search?query=ふもふも
Deka: https://buyee.jp/item/search?query=でかふも

Fumo: https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/listPage/list?soldOut=1&keyword=フモフモ ふもふも&lang=en
Deka: https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/listPage/list?soldOut=1&keyword=デカフモ でかふも&lang=en

Tokyo Otaku Mode-

Solaris Japan-

Fumo: https://www.suruga-ya.jp/search?category=5&search_word=ふもふも+東方ぬいぐるみ
Deka: https://www.suruga-ya.jp/search?category=5&search_word=でかふも+東方ぬいぐるみ

Amazon JP-
Fumo: https://www.amazon.co.jp/s?k=東方Project+ふもふも&language=en_US
Suku: https://www.amazon.co.jp/s?k=東方Project+すくすく&language=en_US

Amiami- *Note, they rarely keep Fumos in stock at this point, but they do have other touhou plushies on occasion

Proxy and Forwarding services-

Do not buy from JP Figures. They are a scam.

>But anon I'm a poorfag and can't afford a fumo.
Then just buy a knock off on aliexpress or ebay for like $15-35.

Previous thread >>>/1ntr/3231 →
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I wish Ran was in Touhou Luna Nights. It made fun boss fights out of Flander Scarlet and Hong Meiling.
Sakuya and some Fumos are in Rivals of Aether too.
Sakuya is kind of OP. In a game like smash bros having enough safe zoning to shut down anyone without sufficient anti zoning tools while being borderline unpunishable is the secret to success. If you want people to like your character make it a small fast weak lightweight with long combos and if you want to win tournaments with it make it a lockdown and stage control beast. An oppressive nightmare that says no to your gimmick and no to your usual gameplan. Nobody seems to practice dealing with that kind of shit.
I know Rumia just got her own fan game. Not sure if it's any good. Also have a Christmas flan.
Pic turned out weird. Didn't see the beam of light.
So Amazon sells the knock off fumos now too.
So I just got a Youmu from Amazon (left) and here she is compared to an aliexpress Youmu (right). I gotta say I prefer the aliexpress one, but you can find most of the same knock offs on amazon that you can on aliexpress for about the same price. I found out walmart sells a few of the knock off fumos online too, but they don't have as large of a selection.
Tenshi with a box of corndogs.

Code Gayass: SuzSUCKu of the Faggotry
I was thinking about Code Geass because it's a story about a rebellion and I'm writing one of those. But Code Geass did a lot wrong and I want to avoid making those mistakes in my work.

I don't know how much of it you're familiar with but basically Lelouch Vi Britannia is an exiled Britannian (british-controlled america, brits moved there when they lost britain to france, the EU are tards and Britannia has conquered over a third of the world) prince who faked his death and started pretending to be a "normal" teen genius named Lelouch Lamperouge at a boarding school for the rich in Japan, now renamed Area 11 because Britannia conquered Japan for the Sakuradite, a mineral that makes a lot of energy and is perfect for powering giant robots. Suzaku's a student there and a soldier for the Britannian army. Lelouch finds a can of gas that turns out to be full of ass, it contains the prisoner C2's who's an immortal hot babe with green hair and the power to give people Geass, a personality-based psychic superpower that manifests as an ironic wish fulfilled. Lelouch's dad hated lies and viewed strength as the only true and right thing that matters, so he gains the power to make strength irrelevant and force people to believe lies by fucking with their memories. Lelouch who loves freedom gets the power to mind-control people once per person, and he unites Japanese rebel groups under himself as the mysterious masked "Zero".

Suzaku serves the empire that's oppressing his people because he's a fucking moron.

That's it, that's what my post was building towards.

I'm sorry, I have to say it.

This might take a while.
There is no coherent ideological basis for this whiny hypocrite to act the way he does, nor does anyone ever call him out on it. He doesn't work as a good rival for the hero who challenges him physically, mentally, and morally, because Suzaku is bullshit. He's a super strong naive moron with plot armour and a superior super mech better than everyone else's. He doesn't work with an elite team and hold them back from committing atrocities by making himself their moral compass. He wasn't tempted by the devil's easy road to power and corrupted on his road to a better world, he just serves the current regime because he somehow got convinced it's better to loyally serve a regime exploiting and oppressing his own people despite his low chance of upward mobility (zero chance if not for Lelouch killing pretty much everyone in Suzaku's way) instead of openly rebelling against the regime.

I think the writing was harmed by Suzaku's hypocrisy. It's like he only believes it's wrong to break laws when he or the ruling powers aren't the ones breaking them. And he never fucks his evil allies over for acting immorally, because he doesn't take his own morality seriously enough despite being unbearably self-righteous about it when it comes to Lelouch. Suzaku would have died early on at the hands of the empire he serves at least twice over if not for Lelouch breaking laws and killing to save Suzaku, yet he stubbornly refused to join Lelouch.

There wasn't a coherent ideological difference between the heroes. It's not like when Light viewed himself as a condemned man who wrote more names in the Death Note than anyone else before expecting to be killed, only to end up not killed, deciding he's come too far to do anything besides keep going and keep doing what "only he" could do, meanwhile for L this is all just another case and Light is just another asshole and he'll break any and all laws to see Light arrested because "He's probably Kira, I just have to prove it for some reason even though laws don't apply to me". Okay, fine, Death Note wasn't smart either. But it tried harder with its rival than Code Geass did when it wrote Suzaku.

Suzaku just decided he wanted to serve an empire he had no good reason to serve. He talks like he's a naive idealist when he babbles about how "rebellion costs lives and breaking laws is wrong and bloodshed is bad" yet he serves the bloodiest empire on the planet and plans to become its top enforcer all so that one country, his one, can be freed on the condition that he keeps serving as "The Knight Of One" once every other numbered Knight is dead or out of his way. He never even considers how many innocent lives would be lost in his quest to take away the freedom of others to "earn" his freedom from those who took it away in the first place. He serves the evil empire as hard as he can, even though it tries to throw him under the bus and kill him early on and only Lelouch's intervention saves him, time and time again. Suzaku wants to be King Charles's top dog, The Knight Of One, so he can be rewarded with total control over Japan so he can free it. But he had no hope in hell of getting that job before Lelouch got involved and started killing his bosses with the kind of open rebellion that inspires others to join in and stand up and fight. Suzaku keeps talking like Lelouch betrayed him and their ideals, but none of it ever goes anywhere interesting. Suzaku doesn't feel real. He doesn't feel like a real person with a real ideology, or even a fictional one, with any kind of consistent logic. He feels like a hackneyed plot device that exists to contrive problems for Lelouch, just like so many other elements of this story.

Maybe if they introduced Euphemia's plan (making Area 11 a "Special Administrative Zone" where the colonized Britannians get most of their rights back- wait, no, her plan was to make ONE such zone in Area 11 and eventually make more, I'd change that to make her want all of Japan fully freed) earlier on... Or maybe if they made Suzaku and Euphemia part of a group of Britannians who wanted to install Euphemia as the new Empress with an internal coup, it could have given Suzaku a reason to think there's anything salvageable about the empire and any reason to fight for it. He could tell himself a coup isolated to killing the worst leaders and putting nicer people in charge of the world is better than open rebellion and all the dead soldiers it costs. The idea that any corrupt kingdom or aristocracy or empire would be fine as long as the "correct" person in charge is a common delusion, after all. I personally believe authority should come from the consent of the governed, not the threat of force. People should have the freedom to live their own lives as they see fit, rule themselves and choose who leads them. I know we're all supposed to say nazi stuff here like "I hate niggers!" but after a racist regime frees white people from jew+nigger+mudslime slavery I would love to see the regime transition into one that reduces taxes, ends the fed, and allows people to protect their freedoms while rejecting centralized power. People who disagree with me on what rights I should have as a moral free individual can either take it up with the business end of my 3D Printer or fuck right off and govern the dystopian nightmare of their dreams elsewhere as long as it's only governing consenting people who actually want to live that way. Whether the King is nice or evil doesn't change the fact that nobody should be forced into a life of eternal serfdom for any kingdom, or forced into an arranged marriage for any kingdom, or drafted and forced into wars for any kingdom, whether this kingdom is called an empire or union or something else entirely. The natural rights of people should be respected. What rights do people have if they don't have those rights? What good is a ruler if he won't protect and respect those rights, and allow his people to protect themselves?
Giving Suzaku an arc where he starts as the "Empire is fine as long as my girlfriend rules it" guy and grows into "Lelouch is right, he's not just blinded by vengeance, this empire really does need to be dismantled" would make him an interesting character. What is it with Japanese media and rejecting this basic story arc in favor of "oooo who's right and who's wrong? omg I'm 14 and this is DEEP! Chaos or Order? Rebellion or Regime? I have no strong feelings one way or the other but please buy merch where these characters are opposed!"?

Taking Suzaku from a naive idealist who rejects Lelouch to a smart idealist who understands the complicated reality of rebellion against overwhelming military force and the society that enables it would have been an interesting arc for Suzaku, and it would have made him a lot more believable.

The arc that I would want to see from him would be him coming to realize what really matters is the people, not the will of those in charge or the laws they write to benefit themselves or the systems they create to keep themselves in charge. A story about going from the type of guy who decries rebellion for its human cost to understanding the human cost of not rebelling against tyranny. When the only voice given is that of the monarchy, aristocracy, empire, or any other kind of inherently unjust nonconsensual heirarchy, people who want to be free have to free themselves. It would be a story about freeing the people so that they can speak for themselves. Sure, that might get in the way of all the contrived moments in Code Geass that exist for the spectacle of characters laughing like madmen and pulling deus ex machinas and diablous ex machinas out of theiir asses, but it would make the story smarter.

If it were me writing that story, I would make Euphemia a good person being manipulated and controlled by Britannians who present themselves as "the good ones" but seek to increase their own power over the empire and would naturally reject any attempt on Euphemia's part to reduce that power. The Britannians who helped her get on the throne would want to use her as a puppet for their own agenda, like how Long Feng and the Dai Li from Avatar used the Earth King. When Euphemia takes the throne and tries to do good, her advisors who hold the real power refuse to let her, and threaten to replace or kill her should she stray from their plans or tell Suzaku who holds the real power in this empire. If she were to become empress she would have to realize there is more to an organization than its head, realize that the system is inherently unjust and unfair, so she would become a force for positive change by growing up and putting away her childish notions of being the beloved nice good empress. And it would be during this process that Suzaku would start to realize that in order to be a force of good you cannot submit to the corrupt system, you must rebel against it. This would be a great story about how good people can be used by bad systems if they are misguided. And really, with Britannian culture so obsessed with dominance, right after a coup to kill their Emperor and install his puppet neice, how many Britannians would aid a second coup that seeks to abolish all checks and balances holding the monarchy back just so that the ruling monarch can end monarchy and the lineage of noble bloodlines, and free the Areas Britannia controls, depriving countless poliiticians and royal family members of their jobs and their power in the process while "Making the sacrifices of soldiers meaningless" as the politicians would put it when they try to weaponize the families left behind by soldiers they drafted and happily sacrificed in great numbers? Euphemia would have to grow up, and so would Suzaku.
I would have Suzaku start out as a reluctant partner in order to ensure the safety of Euphemia. He's her guard, not a Britannian dog who can be ordered about and told who to kill. And over time he could come to see the injustices present in the system and realize that the only way to free people from the oppression of a ruling class is to dissolve that class and bring down its systems, structures and organizations so that the people will be free to rule themselves. That it's okay and necessary to bring the walls of a corrupt structure down even if that structure brings riches and power to you personally. That a world free of those walls will be better than a world with the walls, even if you personally are powerful within those walls. He would hate the compromises the system forces himself and Euphemia to make, and eventually come to understand Lelouch was right. I think after Lelouch successfully kills King Charles Zi Britannia, when these two naive idealists Suzaku and Euphemia get a first-hand demonstration of the control that Britannia exert over them and see how their actions are not able to change the way the empire is run, even if she is the emperor, they would be able to see first-hand that Britannia is a society with a rigid structure that cannot be changed by a simple change in command, and that to truly change the empire they would have to remove the structure that creates it and replace it with something better, with something that prioritizes the freedom and agency of the individual rather than elite breeding and noble houses and conquest that makes your rulers richer and absolute slavish obedience to hierarchy.

I think a major turning point in their arc could be the realization that to change things you have to take action. Even if it means giving up blackmail power by airing all the Empire's dirty secrets and spreading the truth about their world. Even if it's action that you would be punished for if you got caught. That you can't hide behind the excuse that it's the wrong thing to do, that you have to be willing to make sacrifices and do the difficult thing to make a real change. And when this arc comes to an end they could make a conscious decision to rebel and take down the empire in spite of the risks it poses to themselves because they are willing to sacrifice everything in the pursuit of a better world. It might be a good time for Suzaku to confront his own hypocrisy. His own refusal to break the rules and to submit to his higher ups. It is only in confronting Suzaku's inner hypocrisy that he would realize that he has been fighting for a system that does not allow him to be free. He comes to see that his ideals for a better world cannot be realized by a system that demands conformity and obedience at all costs, and that a better world can only come from rebellion and destruction of the system of oppression that denies individuals the right to decide if they wish to submit themselves to a power structure or choose freedom.

Suzaku and Euphemia would realize that Britannia has fundamental flaws in its structure, and that their values and beliefs are incompatible with it. It would be a choice between choosing to bring the system down to build a better one (rebellion) or supporting the system for the perks it gives them as useful puppets/attack dogs respectively (royalty). It would be a great story about how good people can be misguided by systems. But also how good people can reject a system that is incompatible with their values and beliefs and choose a path of rebellion for the sake of love. And that would lead directly into Lelouch and Suzaku's arc, where Lelouch gets over his personal anger and all the flaws holding him back through great effort, and they realize that the true rebellion is a rebellion against power itself, a rebellion against systems and structures and traditions that define what people must be and what they are allowed to do based on their family or social class. That their society as it is is fundamentally designed to keep people in their place, and is resistant to change. To break these systems down and create something new from them is what true rebellion looks like. Evolving your Geass into a Code to give up the Corrupted Wish Superpower and gain immortality, it should represent mental evolution, spiritual growth, personal fulfillment, an awakening to the truth of the world and a vow to rebel the right way. Their story had so much potential, but it was squandered so Code Geass could do the most shocking and dramatic things the author could think of, not the smartest things I could think of with the benefit of hindsight.

And that's everything. What do you think?
My perspective is you're trying to make Suzaku out to be more important than he is. Lelouch's only peers and rivals are other members of the royal family; if Suzaku is a counterpart to anyone it's Kallen. Suzaku reflects whatever emotional garbage the powerful broadcast to the public; Suzaku doesn't think about the consequences of his actions, he takes the path of least resistance because he's convinced that somehow that will make things better. Lelouch sees Suzaku as his natural ally, but Suzaku's brain is so broken that Suzaku isn't capable of observing the situation rationally. There is no possible redemption for this character, the closest you can get is a change in the power dynamic, resulting in him becoming a loyal solider for the new regime.
You're right about the way Suzaku was written in canon, but thinking about it made me think "What if all the time wasted on Suzaku was instead spent building up a character able to do for his show what Zuko did for ATLA, fleshing out the world and adding depth?"

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