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Is Electricity Demonic?
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As nuts as this theory sounds it is quite thought-provoking.
This video speaks volumes, as do the quotes below.
The noteworthy detail of electronic circuitry blueprints resembling demons' sigils are mentioned.

>Modern physicists have conjured and juggled about with electricity in a strange way, without the least suspicion. They imagine the atom as something electric, and through the general state of consciousness of the present time, they forget that whenever they think of an atom as an electric entity, they must ascribe a moral impulse to this atom, indeed, to every atom. At the same time, they must raise it to the rank of a moral entity. …But I am not speaking correctly … for, in reality, when we transform an atom into an electron, we do not transform it into a moral, but into an IMMORAL entity! Electricity contains, to be sure, moral impulses, impulses of Nature, but these impulses are IMMORAL; they are instincts of evil, which must be overcome by the higher world.

>The greatest contrast to electricity is LIGHT. If we look upon light as electricity we confuse good and evil. We lose sight of the true conception of evil in the order of Nature, if we do not realize that through the electrification of the atoms we transform them into carriers of evil; we do not only transform them into carriers of death, as explained in my last lecture, but into carriers of evil. When we think of them as atoms, in general, when we imagine matter in the form of atoms, we transform these atoms into carriers of death; but when we electrify matter, Nature is conceived as something evil. For electric atoms are little demons of Evil. This, however, does not tell us much. For it does not express the fact that the modern explanation of Nature set out along a path that really unites it with Evil. Those strange people at the end of the Middle Ages, who were so much afraid of Agrippa von Nettesheim, Trithem of Sponheim, and others, so that they saw them walking about with Faust’s malevolent poodle, expressed this very clumsily, but although their thoughts may have been wrong, their feelings were not altogether wrong. For, when we listen to a modern physicist blandly explaining that Nature consists of electrons, we merely listen to him explaining that Nature really consists of little demons of Evil! And if we acknowledge Nature in this form, we raise Evil to the rank of the ruling world-divinity. — Rudolf Steiner

>ELECTRICITY / Hugo Talks - (13:17 long)

Quotes' sources:
>electricity is so pervasive in the lives of modern human beings that it gets on our nerves. Our sensitivity to electricity made it impossible to maintain a connection to the spiritual.. . .
>The effects of this go even further. The true light that floods the space of our universe is increasingly compromised in its purity, and even suffers the degradation of being seen as something similar to artificially generated light.

>If you have felt an electrical current in its spiritual nature surging through your nervous system, you would know that electricity is not just a force of nature; electricity is also something moral. Whenever we enter the realm of electricity, we are giving ourselves over to something moral. The electricity that resides within the human being is also the area out of which your moral impulses originate.

>By making the atom into an electron, you (155) are not attributing to it a moral aspect, but rather an immoral essence. Within electricity all kinds of moral impulses of nature are swimming; but actually they are immoral, instinctively evil impulses that must be overcome with the help of the higher worlds.. . .

>We do not notice that by electrifying the ideation of atoms, they then become conveyors of evil. I described in my recent natural-scientific course that by attributing electricity to the constitution of the atom it causes atoms to become purveyors of death. . . . As soon as the atomic form of matter is identified with electricity, it also identifies nature with evil. In that case atoms composed of electrons are tiny, evil daemons.. . .

>when the physicists declare, as they do today unthinkingly, that nature is made up of electrons, then they are actually saying that nature is composed of little daemons of evil. To the extent that we accept this explanation of nature, then we must also accept that evil is being ascribed to the creators of the universe. . . . electricity in nature is also morality. If we observe our surroundings today, we see pictures of a moral activity, one that is wrapped in evil.. . .

>Ahriman and Lucifer have their greatest power over human beings when we are unconscious of being in their presence; for then we can be manipulated by these beings without even being aware of it. Thus the power of the ahrimanic aspect of electricity over human beings in our culture can hold sway only so long as we are unconscious and unaware of the significance of electrification of the atom, and blindly assume that electricity is harmless.

>Today you can travel far and wide, but you can never get so far away that these electric cables do not follow you. They are continuously inducing currents in you. Goethe was not exposed to such currents. All this robs human beings of their physical body; it brings the physical body into a condition in which the soul simply cannot enter into it. We must be quite clear about this: in the days when there were no electric currents, when there were no electric wires buzzing in the air, it was easier to be human. In those days these Ahrimanic forces were not there, constantly robbing us of our body even when we are awake. It was not necessary then for people to make such efforts in order to approach the spirit. That is why it is necessary today to muster far stronger spiritual forces merely to remain human than it was a hundred years ago.”
No, electricity isn't demonic. Essentially beings can operate using all sorts of mediums and tools and stuffs.
Entities interact with stuff.
Hostile and malignant entities are as you might suspect actively and passively harmful inside outside, short term and long term.
What is something that ought to concern you is how eyes function if that is the case.
However possession is quite simple if technically complex.
If some fucc-entity tries walking on into a person outside of safe zones that tends to be successful for the entity.
Why? Actually undefended.
This requires active and useful defense and possible counter offence.
Entities 'love' (hostile ones don't experience Love they shed that in favor of a Love substitute) meat suits (people, animals ect).
>How the natural and supernatural function.
More specifically on the interaction.
The world can be understood through understanding in part The Being, The Supreme Being. Who Is Loving and is Truth and is and was and will be.
That Being is the 'outside' and inside context solution.
Fundamentally everything operates on goodwill. If let's say magnetism just stopped that's an issue, everything ceases.
More to the point neurons operate on loving and giving principal, chemicals are released and recieved then that continues.
As does biological systems.
This works on all sciences and mathematics.
>For Electricity
The Electro-Magnetic field and forces have an effect like all other things. The specifics on How is a few different posts but the point is the way people interact is different than if the vast amount wasn't there.
Like wading through sprinkler systems, people get wet unless they are fully prepared.
Just going through them isn't typically enough to stop people. Somethings of what they make (or how they do it) will be influenced.
The body is well designed to be ready for all sorts of situations. Even this electrical soaking.
<Now consider how would Good and Evil (Hostile) entities use this sudden shift in the area and people.
This addition changes a few things. As in a factor that wasn't at play in this amount back then.
The bio-electromagnetic field would be suddenly jostled. Back then.
Now that external jostling is near constant. What does this mean?
You're going to need to do stuff that actually works that can handle that jostling going on.
>Malfactors and Benefactors
You and I both know what evil shit they all do. Electricity plays a part as you know higher forces are always trying to piss in the punch.
Evil beings have to try leveraging everything to maximize harm because they get defeated.
Consider this, Evil will try to usurp every tool and tactic they are boring. No creativity, just the same bullshit all the time. They may have a large playbook, but it never changes and the change is could even grasp is putting new things into a 'correct' pile.
Good has immense Everything. How? Good is more omnipotent and omni-everything than everything else and better at it. Good is Good to all, even the bad guys. Good will give what anyone and anything keeps asking for.
Good holds off if that's bad for them, but will give them that perfect gift as Good is actually Good.
To evil gets what they keep demanding.
Now if you ask the one who is Good for Good things you'll recieve.
<Back to Electricity
They'll leverage the forces to accomplish the task. Good wants to participate in jolly cooperation. Evil doesn't.
Good is both structured, creative and seemingly 'chaotic' due to the perspective and reach.
Evil is reductionistic.
It's a tool, like sound or art or sculptures or chemicals or specific placement of things ect.
It's also part of a being.
The most high Good is powerful on an operational scale many people want to ignore. Even changing the plans of evil to have Good spring up better than before.
>Atoms and Electrons how we think does a thing?
Well to an extent, but that misses the point. That's the surface underlying everything is The Being who Is Good.
At the High Middle management level is Evil, sort of pouring gasoline.
Good has the popcorn, hotdogs and smores ready and want to invite others to the bbq, sunglasses included and a splash screeen with luxurious chairs to chill. Good saved people a seat and bought them tickets and gave everything to Evil to invite people and free people from the clutches of Evil.
My thoughts immediately went to "No" specifically on the basis that there are several heroic gods in various mythologies who wield electricity as their weapon (specifically, lightning).
Well, it might be. That faggot Edison was connected with a satanic club and prominent lucifer activist Blavatsky. So, it might be reasonable that the spirits that cunt was contacting gave the recipe to unleash electricity at an industrial scale.
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>The noteworthy detail of electronic circuitry blueprints resembling demons' sigils are mentioned.
Max Igan's take on that.
>Computers and Demons
>Spirits Accessing the Material World
Thought provoking.
If we concluded that electricity were demonic and evil, what would be the next step? Would that mean you partake in evil by using electricity?
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I'm not sure, but the Amish might be onto something.
The Amish don't claim electricity/technology is demonic or anything else supernatural. Their tradition is based on living simply and being self-sufficient in isolation.
>The Amish don't claim electricity/technology is demonic or anything else supernatural.
That's right, and yet they don't want anything to do with it.
>That's right
If you already knew, why did you brought it up in this thread?
Yes, and it isn't demons dancing on copper wires.
Thanks for the factoid.
rarity -mocking.gif
>Yes, and it isn't demons dancing on copper wires.
I don't know that and neither do you.
Yeah, but that's not what Amish people believe, so it isn't really relevant to the point. Amish people lived like that even before electricity. They're opposed to industrial society for social reasons, not superstition.
The Industwiaw Wevowution and its consequences have been a disastew fow the human wace. They have gweatwy incweased the wife-expectancy of those of us who wive in “advanced” countwies, but they have destabiwized society, have made wife unfuwfiwwing, have subjected human beings to indignities, have wed to widespwead psychowogicaw suffewing (in the Thiwd Wowwd to physicaw suffewing as weww) and have infwicted sevewe damage on the natuwaw wowwd. The continued devewopment of technowogy wiww wowsen the situation. It wiww cewtainwy subject human being to gweatew indignities and infwict gweatew damage on the natuwaw wowwd, it wiww pwobabwy wead to gweatew sociaw diswuption and psychowogicaw suffewing, and it may wead to incweased physicaw suffewing even in “advanced” countwies. The industwiaw-technowogicaw system may suwvive ow it may bweak down. If it suwvives, it MAY eventuawwy achieve a wow wevew of physicaw and psychowogicaw suffewing, but onwy aftew passing thwough a wong and vewy painfuw pewiod of adjustment and onwy at the cost of pewmanentwy weducing human beings and many othew wiving owganisms to engineewed pwoducts and mewe cogs in the sociaw machine. Fuwthewmowe, if the system suwvives, the consequences wiww be inevitabwe: Thewe is no way of wefowming ow modifying the system so as to pwevent it fwom depwiving peopwe of dignity and autonomy. If the system bweaks down the consequences wiww stiww be vewy painfuw. But the biggew the system gwows the mowe disastwous the wesuwts of its bweakdown wiww be, so if it is to bweak down it had best bweak down soonew wathew than watew. We thewefowe advocate a wevowution against the industwiaw system. This wevowution may ow may not make use of viowence; it may be sudden ow it may be a wewativewy gwaduaw pwocess spanning a few decades. We can’t pwedict any of that. But we do outwine in a vewy genewaw way the measuwes that those who hate the industwiaw system shouwd take in owdew to pwepawe the way fow a wevowution against that fowm of society. This is not to be a POWITICAW wevowution. Its object wiww be to ovewthwow not govewnments but the economic and technowogicaw basis of the pwesent society. In this awticwe we give attention to onwy some of the negative devewopments that have gwown out of the industwiaw-technowogicaw system. Othew such devewopments we mention onwy bwiefwy ow ignowe awtogethew. This does not mean that we wegawd these othew devewopments as unimpowtant. Fow pwacticaw weasons we have to confine ouw discussion to aweas that have weceived insufficient pubwic attention ow in which we have something new to say. Fow exampwe, since thewe awe weww-devewoped enviwonmentaw and wiwdewness movements, we have wwitten vewy wittwe about enviwonmentaw degwadation ow the destwuction of wiwd natuwe, even though we considew these to be highwy impowtant.
>uncle Ted
Noice copy/pasta.

To think about it.
Literally who?
>this thread
>op claims electricity is demonic
>says we should stop using it
>evidently continues to use it instead of taking the amishpill
Could the LARP be any more transparent?