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Pathfinder Game
Alright, I've been thinking about this for a while, and I've finally decided to run a pathfinder game. Probably.
Undecided about pathfinder v1 or v2 yet, and will take suggestions. I have a copy of foundry VTT and will likely be using that. I take security seriously and would not ask any of you to make an account with discord or anything like that. Perhaps matrix, but I'll need to get a good look at foundey first before making it a hard requirement.
Because of the nature of the universe, I will allow a lot of different races. Pretty much anything pathfinder or ponyfinder, though I will still do a screening of each player character for general sanity and how to best start and introduce each to the game. Also, I want you guys to decide where you want the majority of game play to be, either Everglow, Equus(Equestria), or Earth.

/* *** */

WW2 is in full swing for America with countless war effort propaganda being handed out. USA's largest occult ring in New York decides to do something about it and gets in contact with many other cities across USA to perform a ritual that should help with the war effort. Something to end it with. A date was set for Spring in 1944, enough time so word could get out and they could prepare. What they didn't count on was just how well word-of-mouth would spread or how large of a scope this would be.

It was a week after the ritual when people started noticing things. Random things showing up in random places, most of it mundane and cleaned up without much of a second thought. Random grass clippings, dirt, sludge, water, sometimes other things like a chunk of metal... It's not like anyone had time to speculate, ask, or even mention it to anyone else, keeping the war machine fed to guarantee the survival of their family and culture.
Canada was the first country to switch from war coverage to media coverage of cars or even whole houses disappearing; or the occasional half of a house or tree seemingly perfectly cut. They were the laughing stock of the world; for a short time. Brazil started coverage of random monsters showing up with a third of the city Brasilia disappearing with a good chunk of earth underneath, being replaced by what can only be described as an extraterrestrial city. Soon after many other countries started reporting similar such things.
China went completely dark, same with Papua New Guinea, and most of the middle eastern countries.

A month after the occult ritual, the entire war stopped. For the most part, everyone went home to their respective countries to deal with infrastructure problems, if they could get home. Manufacturing, at least for the factories that could still operate, for the most part was already making products to help deal with such problems. Houses had to be reclaimed from monsters, emergency housing had to be built, and in some cases, was built for what was described as non-aggressive beings.

Some more months roll by as various countries attempt quarantine to varying degrees, with varying degrees of success. Most of the time this translated to damage control, keeping critical infrastructure going. In some of the freer places of the world, the non-aggressive extraterrestrial beings were allowed to help, as strange as it was. People working around these can pretty easily tell that the aliens were just as distraught about the events as everyone else.

Around this time, now summer of 1944, some of these people, generally those working closest to the aliens from various dimensions, started developing traits found on the aliens. Hair, skin, sometimes limbs, internal organs, or some combination. It wasn’t for another year or two before the leading theory came from the lack of magic in humans is what allowed the innate magical nature of these aliens to get absorbed by some people.
I would certainly be down to play this. It sounds like a lot of fun.
When do you think you could have it ready?
Let's say the 17th or 18th of december for a session 0 if there are enough people to play.
Games will be friday or saturday. If on saturday, then it will be before teatime (before 3pm CST), as we don't want to interfere with that.

After session 0 I might need one or two weeks to prepare, but then its about Christmas time. I personally have nothing planned for either Christmas or new year, so I'd love to spend it with you guys, but other people might have plans too.

Need to know what days and times people can make it.
Oh wow, December, huh. I think I could do that, acually. Maybe you could just give mea grasp of the rules you're using and some other essential details.
General details? Alright, maybe this will help

I still haven't quite decided between pathfinder v1 or pathfinder v2 yet. v2 seems a lot more balanced thus not needing a lot of the 'aftermarket' fixes that the community built around v1 and 3.5. At the same time, I know pathfinder 1 rules pretty well.
I just don't know yet. Compelling arguments for either would be appreciated.

What I do expect is some amount of back-story to whatever it is (lets be real, probably pony) you are playing. A paragraph at least, where more is always better. The more back-story that I'm given for a player character, the more likely I'll draw from it in the game and build mini-quests or maybe a whole arc from it. The more details you guys can fill in the more fun it is for everyone.
I am going to leave most things ambiguous unless it comes up in one of the player backgrounds, or the party actually goes to look into it.
In general I'm (probably) going to stick to 3ish universes being 'linked up' with earth. Which three will depend on the party somewhat.

I am looking for a minimum of 3 or 4 players, probably a maximum of 7 or 8. More than that seems to get annoying and less than that is somewhat boring. Right now it seems there is 1 person.
If you are looking for a combat grind, you will be best looking elsewhere, as I encourage developing your character through interactions with other player characters, but also other characters or events in the world around the party. Some of those interactions will be combat, but not all. I will try to provide a way to end at least some (probably half or more) of the combat encounter before it begins, should the party decide to use brains instead of shooting first. Most people don't like getting shot at first.
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If Discord is too insecure for you then I don't think you are going to want to use Foundry
Why would that be? I'll host it my self on my own server. I'm pretty sure it uses SSL for encryption, as does discord. Discord however has scumbag furfags on the server end.

Most people don't have a properly set up server... but I do. Proxmox and am using LXC, and not using intel shit.
What would you propose as an alternative to Foundry?
It says you're a faggot
>t. (((Long-nosed one)))
oh no, I like Foundry and Discord
Bump because OP seem serious about this, and I wanna start sooner than later.
So there is what, a few pones who want to play?
I have a week of vacation scheduled starting later this week, I'll read though pathfinder 2 rules some more.

Do you guys want pathfinder 2 more than pathfinder 1?
What times can you guys play on friday or saturday? (please list in EST)
I suppose which edition of pathfinder can be decided at session 0. I also have some ideas for how to start the game in the different worlds depending on player preference.

>OP seem serious
Running a game is something I've been mentally kicking around for quite a while now, like a year or so. Mostly haven't because super busy, but my work recently hired a bunch of people and the big project I'm working on is almost done.

I should be able to run a session 0 on the 17th or 18th this month (december 2021). Depends on which day and time you guys prefer.
I'd have to read up on whichever pathfinder we play, but I'm willing to join in
>Do you guys want pathfinder 2 more than pathfinder 1?
I could do either. Just work on whichever you're more comfortable with writing.
game time
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How does noon to 3pm CST sound for you guys on saturday?
Time can be adjusted of course, but with nobody saying what times they can play...

Game will be held on my mumble server horseholes.brony.team password: iwtcird
Show up tomorrow and we'll do a session 0
downlad mumble
forgot to say where to download mumble at
If you are using linux just get mumble from your package manager.
If you are using andoid, I believe its called plumble in the google play store.
If you are using iOS, take your phone and smash it with a hammer. Apple is one of the worst companies in existence.
I'm playing/DMing another game all day tomorrow, but I'll try to be there in time.
If anyone wants to hop in early, or whenever, I'm going to be setting up Foundry VTT until it starts. Or if you just wanna say hi.
No account is needed with mumble, and its quite secure.

horseholes.brony.team password: iwtcird
use the default port (64738)
Bumping because I still want to play this and know the GM is serious about running it.
a week or two ago I reviewed the kind of game that I want to run and I think the genesys game system is more suited than pathfinder.


I've played a few sessions with this game system and it was a lot of fun. Overall there is less rules to worry about, so I can focus more on the story aspect and facilitating the game.
I'll be posting rules for making pony characters with genesys system as I get to them.
Cool. I'd love to try it.