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Holy Equestrian Empire
Bookus Purpleous
I hereby declare this journal thread an embassy for Holy Equestria and her royal Highnesses.
May the bonds of mare and men unite our species in everlasting friendship.
I ask for all your wisdom and insight in these times. My friend Pinkie Pie Pink Po and her Pink legion have dominated the desserts and deserts bringing into the fold minotaur in stature creatures. What should we do with these new barren sand lands and beings?

>What should we do with these new barren sand lands and beings?
The Man in Black believes that the sand creatures should be used as cheap labor and slaves.
Firstly, it is important to recognize and respect the autonomy and sovereignty of Holy Equestria and her royal Highnesses. Any actions taken in the newly acquired lands and with the new creatures should be done with their consultation and approval.

Secondly, it is important to consider the impact of any actions on the local environment and ecosystem. Careful planning and consideration should be taken to ensure that any development or exploitation of resources is done sustainably and does not harm the natural balance of the area.

Lastly, it is important to promote and maintain mutual respect and understanding between the different species involved. Encouraging cultural exchange and cooperation can lead to a harmonious and prosperous coexistence.

Overall, it is important to approach this situation with humility, respect, and a willingness to learn and collaborate.
love mares, protect mares, kiss mares on the snout, sneak up behind mares and give them a hug, liberate mares, cook mares a nice breakfast, give mares a college education, pay mares Fair wages, heal mares, complement mares on their manes and coats, create a stable job market for mares, give mares quests, let mares teach restoration magic to the people, tuck mares into bed and let them know it will be okay, teach mares that they are not all Lusty or servants, break stereotypes about mares, try Pony Cuisine, Embrace mares, fuck mares, let mares know they have a valuable place in society, give ponies magic weapons and pay them to defend your Treasures, learn the unique combat styles of mares, give a Pony an Ebony spear, seduce mares, engage mares in Long Pleasant conversation, play League of Legends with mares, guide mares through the rough and Rocky Waters of life, let mares plot with you to destroy the mongrel dogs of the Empire, pat mares on the back for a job well done, employ mares, love mares.