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Calling for Total Dev Jihad
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I have absolutely had it. I have a desire to make pony games and mods to keep the tradition alive, but I can only take so much. With practically no coding experience, I have made one or two mods here and there, nothing substantial, but I actually could learn things as I went by studying what others have made, going over documentation, reading online forums, following tutorials, and some trial and error. But what are you supposed to do when all of this becomes impossible to come by?

I make this thread to call for a jihad on devs, the ones responsible for this horrid state of gaming. So many people lie and say it is all thanks to corporations and executives that don't give a shit. They certainly don't help, but the source of the problem has always been and always will be the dev. They refuse to document their process, insist on fragmenting what little information they do share in thousands of discords, and making the worst fucking tutorials you ever witnessed on Allah's shithole of a world. Let me tell you how this got started.

I was growing ever frustrated with Hearts of Iron IV and the Equestria at War mod, trying to add things such as Aryanne. The tutorials available for this are years old and are for very basic changes to the game. I could learn only so much by following them, but I did my best. I actually figured out how to change what character you can make the leader of the nation. But I wasn't satisfied. I wanted a unique focus tree to go with my addition of Aryanne. For whatever fucking reason, the tree spazzed out every time I wanted to make a new point on the tree and undoing the change didn't fix the UI, even after resetting the game, deleting the code I did, somehow this was a permanent fuck up. I looked all over for anyone else that had this problem, but I can't find anything. If it exists, the information is not made easily available.

I tried messing around over and over until I finally gave up. I worked on some other things, like an economy system, and couldn't make them work either. An update hit and somehow fucked everything up save the picture I made. I don't know how that happened and there is no documentation to tell me how. How the fuck are you supposed to fix what you don't know is broken? The infidel dev will say "Welcome to my life, because I don't know either and it takes dozens of hours to fix any one problem" failing to realize that he is the source of his own suffering by not fucking documenting what everything does in the code and what patches will do that might fuck with other things.

So, I decide I will abandon the whole thing and make my own game. I won't be cucked by the whims of two sets of retarded devs. I proceed to look up how one can make a strategy map within a free engine like Unreal Engine 5. There are two tutorials to choose from. Every other result is 30 seconds of people showing off their development of their own projects with zero information on how they did it. The first tutorial is in French with English subtitles and it is years old to the point the UI of the engine does not match anymore. Clearly this baguetteling was not of the Light of Allah because he stops halfway through his series to say he did everything wrong up until that point and he says he will redo it all and upload the correction. He did not. He did upload the finished file of his correction, with no documentation on how he did it correct this time. So, that tutorial is out because I need to learn how to do this thing and replicate it so I can make my own game. I can't learn from a fuck up.

The second tutorial is in English, at least I assume it is. This guy fucking mutters everything he says, when he isn't saying "umm". He is quieter than Fluttershy in the first episode of the show. I am not fucking joking. He also doesn't really spend time on anything so I can properly learn how to replicate it reliably. With the only options in video format exhausted, I turn to the searchable internet, a dreadful place as search engines no longer bring up any useful data or sites where you can try to find answers.

I navigate to an official Unreal Engine 5 forum and there is a post asking how one might replicate grand strategy maps like Europa Universalis IV, a game that is similar to Hearts of Iron IV. I am in luck! But what a fool I was, because the answer was never given within the thread, instead another thread was linked as someone was going to make their own answer. I click and what do I see? It was the fucking Frenchy again with that shit tutorial! Why the fuck is he here? Why is everything just a fucking loop of bad practices and shitty tutorials in which I can't learn how to do anything?

I look through the rest of the forums, praying to Muhammad above that some true believer had blessed the forums with the presence of a prophet, but alas... nearly everything was useless. Most threads were left unanswered and the couple that were only had generic advice like make sure the UI scales. Fucking brilliant answer there. There was only one forum with any aid whatsoever. This one was by a Paradox technical artist. Surely, he will come to the aid of those that seek aid. He states he is bound by NDA contract to not speak of what to do, only to look through the folders of the games. So, there is no one that both knows what to do and has posted publicly and in a coherent way on the internet.

I declare a jihad on all devs for this blight upon the land. They will all be given a chance, as per the wisdom of Allah, to convert and stop being shitbags. They will learn to document their code and leave their knowledge to the public, just as the Holy Prophet documented the Light in the Quran. All others must fall as we tread upon their rotting flesh, the perfect reflection of their inner self. There will be no mercy for their souls.

Meanwhile, I guess I will just fucking trial and error this shit for a few months and see what I can figure out.
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It's spaghetti code all the way down to assembly and further to the hardware.
Theres about a 60% swing in any direction from these percentages pulled out of my ass.
Most stuff works 60% of the time with well documented stuff.
That 10% is the strange shit that pops up and it makes no sense how it doesn't work.
30% of the time it just works and nobody knows why it does. It just works and fucking with it makes it not work.
This applies to every single dependency, base code, assembly and machine.
This means you have to save your shit and the specific environment every single time always.
If you don't stuff that worked doesn't and it's exactly the fucking same.
Did you know it's a job to document all this spaghetti crap, because it is and it's important.
Usually people get a strange feel for the program, bash heads against the fucking problem and suddenly it sometimes works for no reason or a flash of insight.
It's insanity but it's the art of trying the same shit over and over and somehow getting a different result.
Granted well tread ground gives the false illusion everything is fine. Is not a card house built on insanity.
Could you learn assembly and the specifications for the specific machine it'll run on. Sure and it works pretty darn well in that constraint.

But here's the thing even if you document everything you think needs to be documented strange shit happens anyways.
This is usually where bug testers come in with meticulous and repeatable steps to find out where the fuck shit breaks and maybe how.
It takes fuck tons of time and effort to even try reproducing the bug that occurred.

The old days where you had to know the machine inside and out and the language(s) fully to maximize performance is a thing of the past or extremely dedicated pursuits.
Lawers are professionals at taking someone over the barrel.

All the search engines all the time.
It has to be asinine in how specific it has to be.
>There's nothing for version X, what do?
Look at videos for the previous version then compare the differences between them. Alot of people do it. Some shit doesn't change.
>The specific shit is locked behind multiple Dickswords and retardation.
That sucks.
So instead you can
A) Make your own documentation, which may be taken down for legal fuckery sometimes if it's shared.
B) Do it from the ground up.
C) Lock the Game Version, and Mod Version, and YOUR Version and have ALL the backups ALL the time.
D) Do all the above all the time.

Lastly getting in touch with the higher power via approved channels.
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Learn to code.
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software development is really terrible in general. Really really terrible. The only place its not is in the open source world and it upgrades to "bad". Open source is only bad because of how many times the core tools to make a computer work, like the kernel and process scheduler and standard libraries, are rewritten so many times.

what game are you trying to mod? do you need custom buttons or icons made?

In other news, I finally got to sit down yesterday at the end of the day to play the shiny new (to me) pony mod for rimworld called ponies of the rim. by the time I made a world it was bed time :(
Maybe I'll play it today some.
>Strange things happen
Yes, but how do you get even the common mistakes solved without documentation? Most every coding language has the ability to comment out lines now specifically to add text to document things. Back in the day, the extra kilobytes couldn't be spared, but in the current era we can easily spare that data so the whole thing can work better.
>Lawyers are professionals at taking someone over the barrel.
Correct, but it just goes to show that no one both knows what to do and has posted what to do online in a coherent way. Greed has prevented solutions from being made accessible, because if no one else knows how to do it then your project is more special, and you can make more money.
>Do all the above all the time
The major problem with that is eventually sharing the mod, which was my intension. This particular game I had wanted to mod is not easy to set up an older version of the game, especially when this mod is dependent on another mod to function that is updated regularly.

>get in touch with the higher power
Always. May he smite the devs for their pride, being above documenting their work for the peasantry to follow.
That's what I am trying to do. It isn't helpful that there are no good sources available to learn from, which is the point of this rant in the first place. I have been constantly screwed over in the attempt to learn coding, with college being the biggest obstacle to learning in existence. They actively sabotaged my attempts to learn by not giving a shit about curriculum. I was taught the basics on C++, such as if/then statements and simple logic. Very nice. They then said that this other university offered the rest of the course. I went there and they were not only teaching from a different programming language, but they proceeded to say that they had already learned things that were not covered in the previous class, all to be quizzed on the second day of class. From there, things spiraled as concepts that I was never trained on were just expected to be known and mastered, with secret formulas being entered into the code to break it if it was not done right. Why would you not share those formulas so I can understand the process myself and actually learn to code? Simply put, all I know from coding is what little the internet tells me and trial and error until something sort of works. Thus, I hate all devs for making this process far harder than it should ever be and keeping me from my desire to make things for you guys specifically.

Also, tell your fellow Paris-ite to fucking correct his tutorial. Nothing is worse than following along and thinking you are learning something and they change their mind off screen and undo your entire lesson. Devs every time.
173939 173983
>What game are you trying to mod?
I was trying to mod the game Hearts of Iron IV. A grand strategy game about WWII. However, there are certain limitations to the engine that I want to overcome, such as how time progresses in the game and various mechanics that are set in stone. I actually went into one Allah-forsaken discord to ask a question about the time mechanic and there is no way to change it from progressing one tick ahead every time.

My idea was to set the game in different eras and then jump forward a certain number of years to explore the history of Equestria. Can't do that. I attempted to get over it and just mess with the game I had until updates broke what I was doing on top of the strange glitches that I experienced and couldn't find answers to.

So, why not just make my own clone of the game that lets me do what I want? I just need to copy the tick-time progression but allow the time display to be manipulated by a variable in addition to counting the ticks, while internally it still tracks only the ticks for moment and doesn't break the game. No idea how to do that because no one documents anything, but I aim to try anyway along with my other ideas.

>Do you need custom buttons or icons made?
Always could use that. If you are offering to help, I will definitely take it, but if you are just suggesting custom buttons, I will eventually get to that. I don't have artistic talent, but I do have free image editors like GIMP and free 3D editors like blender. I can eventually force something to work graphically.

Nice. I always spend the most time making the world as well and a short time playing. Still fun though.
173940 173983
You get either get a programming book and work through those examples or you do the online books.
Even W3Eschools is better than just fucking about.
There are decent tutorials about the LANGUAGES and programming fundamentals. But you have to work on the foundation.
>College is a crapshoot at times.
Or you look through various examples, study the code and see what kind of shit they do and fuck around.
There's tons of crap on github to look through.
>It's because they didn't comment.
I'm saying strange shit happens even if it's commented.
Even with comments they don't always help.
If it's a dev sometimes they have to take out all that stuff because of NDAs.
>Large sweeping fundamental changes, also on constantly shifting grounds.
There's your problem.
Changing that changes a fundamental aspect of the things you're ontop of usually will fail is weird ways. Unless that's an intended feature shit breaks down.

>Tick times and timetravel
The scope you're going to be bashing your head against is large and hard.
>Limitations of the engine.
Just telling you now I too had a similar idea way back when. Short answer is you work inside the engine with increasingly creative solutions.

Just make a new world configuration on a different savefile of sorts.
The hard part is a special button to swap to the other file.

But I don't know the game or the multiple changing mods you're building on.
>The scope is large and hard
Not the hardest thing to do. It is literally a display issue but the engine of the game didn't allow me to interact with that external to the engine code. So, I have to make my own game so I can access that code. The problem is coding everything in the first place because there is no documentation on how to build it. But since these retarded people can do it, it is certainly possible.
>work within the engine
With no documentation, that is not an option. I want to do x, there is no way to do x. There is no listed way to do something similar to x. Why the fuck would I put up with this shit? I might as well make it from scratch if there is no way to do what I want.
>Just make a new world
Why? I don't want to play separate games to make this work. No one else would want to either. The major problem with the history of Equestria is that it is huge gaps of nothing. It isn't like earth where every era follows the next neatly. There is a thousand years where nothing notable happens. The game is meant to last 40 years at most. People would not want to play one game for about 40 years, close the game, open another one in the future for 40 years, close the game, repeat to see all I want to do.

Especially when the solution is to simply change the display. I just need the date to show the player that it is the future while it actually isn't at all. The fucking system just doesn't let me touch it arbitrarily.
silver spoon battlestation.jpg
Who? Certainly not you.

Learning to code isn't a thing for humans but neither art or a lot of things, it's hard, welcome to the real life, especially when educational institutions don’t provide the support and resources you need. School system often falls short when it comes to teaching skills like programming, where you want a lot of hands-on practice and real-world problem solving. If anything, a real goal, a project you want to achieve.

Thus said, coding, much like art, music, or writing, is something that often needs to be learned and honed through consistent everyday practice and self-driven learning. I don't know a single student who became a programmer, I used to do a bit of C, PHP, and assembly in school, that's about it, I'm not a programmer but the real ones are on github and various chats, using online resources anjd BOOKS (lots of books) and most important personal projects to build their skills. You have to understand that code is more of an art rather than something that can be completely taught in a classroom setting. You will learn to code things for a company but not do something from scratch.

Also keep in mind that you may not be made for it. If coding isn't something that really gets you or you don't feel the motivation to learn it through trial and error,give up and do what you are good at, may be game design, level design, character design, UX design, sound conception, writing ( yeah wat ae you even good at to begin with?) There are plenty of things into making a game, coding/dev is a small part of it, if you have a vision for your project/game you better consider to collaborate or pay a skilled dev or two who share your thing.

But regarding how you started, I dunno. You really sound like a whining kid who's mad for not wanting his game portrayed by these muhammadians asking for a rain of israeli bombs. Do you even have a proper computer to start programming? (At least a machine on Linux with a decent keyboard, go check on >/cyb/) What is your knowledge on the subject to be exact? Do you want to pass for a victim or act like a man and do something? Also if you already waste your time on your smartphone, on netflix, on weed, on being a retard playing and spending money on games, you will never be a programmer, or anything, you will be a consoomer, it ends there.
So yeah game modding isn't really developing something entirely new and homebrew. Whatev.
174011 174013
>Certainly not you.
I know reading is hard for the French when half of the letters aren't silent. I outlined that the education system fucked up curriculum. But I guess that is my fault for not instructing the school board at both colleges to ensure the same curriculum was indeed in use as they told me they were, before I ever took the courses.
>Welcome to real life
>Literally says what I mentioned before
>The infidel dev will say "Welcome to my life, because I don't know either and it takes dozens of hours to fix any one problem" failing to realize that he is the source of his own suffering by not fucking documenting what everything does in the code and what patches will do that might fuck with other things.
Behold the peak of European achievement.

>Coding is an art
Then why can't they write down how they did their art? Actual artists share how to do art all the time. And no, programming isn't the level of abstract as complex art. It has set parameters to perform certain functions at the base line. The other problem is in the name, code. It isn't built off of a strict intuition and can be improved by drawing shapes and improving how realistic it appears. I need to know what sets of letters and numbers to string together to make a function.

>It is like art because practice
Literally what isn't this way? This means taking a shit on a toilet is art because babies have to learn how to do that. For fuck sake, I'm not asking for total mastery. I want to get started with my idea. I can easily brute force it to work if I knew how to get started. But seeing as making a map in all these tutorials defies simple explanation, I am going to have to brute force the basics as well. This is the core of my complaint. After two decades of the internet and longer of having access to computers, these basic instructions should not be this hard to acquire.

>Art isn't taught in a classroom
I swear. How can you be this stupid? It isn't fucking art. Game design is, not coding buttons and pathing on a specific type of map. By this logic, you can't be taught math in a class because the way the numbers go together is like art. You can't just teach that. It's code, not drawing.

>You may not be made for pushing buttons on a keyboard
The fuck are you talking about? Maybe you are a mudskin cube worshipper after all.
>Just give up bro
And you wonder why everyone stopped making pony content. Just kill yourself if you aren't instantly a master at it. Literally no point to trying. Don't you dare get upset that the help that was freely available a decade ago is gone now. It is better this way.

>What are you good at to begin with?
Making you mad with Muslim memes. I think I will keep it up just for you for how helpful you have been.
>Just pay someone bro
Ah yes. Pay someone to make a nazi pony game that I want to share with /mlpol/. I will get on that when I even have the money to burn. How about I just make something to share with the site because I want to? You are a good little corpo slave, thinking only in terms of money and output. Now it is starting to make a bit more sense as well. You want to believe that art is hard to achieve and thus monetizable. You need to pay people to make your vision because it isn't worth anything unless you got cash to back it up.
>You sound like a whining kid who's mad for not wanting his game portrayed by these muhammadians asking for a rain of israeli bombs.
You are literally going insane. What does Israeli bombs have to do with anything I said? Are you that focused on the meme of jihad? Would me making a Mexican Cartel joke helped your little feelings?
>What is your knowledge
I already shared that. None. That is why I was looking for documentation. It is kind of helpful when no one is willing to assist you... well, at least not for free. Ain't that right, Paris-ite? Got to hand over shekels before you can do anything.

>Do you want to pass for a victim?
Like you are of the funny beard men? You already got that covered. I just wanted to rant some and announce my new project, since this actually got attention unlike my last thread about modding Hearts of Iron. I hooked you like the Muslims hook your whole nation and drag it down.
>You will never be a programmer, or anything, you will be a connsoomer
>Just pay people bro
>You can't learn the art of letters and numbers in a row
>Just give up
Another brilliant post by another brilliant anon. I swear, everyone that dares to desire to do things, instead of support it is endless destructive intent behind everyone that actually could help. I actually know you Frenchy. You are an artist. And you see someone's struggles and think you are above them. That is how all artists get, because just as you mentioned, you believe it is such a level of gift that people can't possibly obtain what you have. I don't give a shit if I will never be as good at art as you. My only aim is to follow my desire and share what little I have with others.

Yes. Game modding isn't the same as something new. Yet that is what I will do because I am not motivated by shekels, by fame, or by proving myself as a higher being than others. I am going to do it because I want to do it and also to spite people like you, who have the means but never will do anything with their talent that would be better in the hands of others.
Here's what I put into the search bar.
"how to make a mod for hearts of iron 4"
Download all the mods and look into all the ones with documentation and if there's none look at the contents of each one.
>"But that's not solving my specific issue."
Congratulations, others haven't posted anything about it.
You're almost treading new ground.
And the dev's for the game won't say shit or they'll be sued.
And if there's no documentation for that mod, that sucks dude.
Unless you have someone do some documentation on that prerequisite mod or document it yourself you'll just have to study it yourself or just don't have it.

You NEED control versions, of the mod(s), your mod, and game, that never ever automatically update if you fuck with fundamental stuff.
And backups incase shit breaks totally.
That's just how it is no matter if there's documentation or not.
Unless you got something vastly better.
I'm beginning to think no one can really read.

Yes. I already went through all of those videos months ago. That is how I got as far as I did by changing Aryanne, adding buildings, changing stats, making my own focus tree, and editing events.
>You're almost treading new ground
I am trying to by making a brand new game in a free engine. For some reason this is evading your understanding.
>The devs won't say shit or they will be sued.
For the original game. Nothing is stopping the hundreds of other modders from doing so. Did you notice the age of those videos? Some don't work anymore and I had to work through that. Just like my mod stopped working because of updates.
>that sucks dude
Yeah. That's why I am making my own game. I don't have to deal with this shit anymore. There is not enough help either way, but with my own game I can control all the variables and make something I can be happy with instead of cucking myself both to the devs and the limitations of only modding the game.
>You'll just have to study it yourself
I did and I am sick of it. If I am going to put all this time into study, I am making my own game. It will be a bit more work, but far more rewarding than this shit modding scene has given me.

>You NEED control versions
Literally can't be done. My mod goes on top of another mod for the base game. I have to keep up with both the base game and the mod to make my mod work, especially since the goal is to share my work with people, who will not be keeping up with a control version. Once again, the answer points to making my own game.
>Unless you got something vastly better
My own game once I figure out how to do it. The point of this rant is to establish that devs are shit because my problems follow me from modding to actually making my own game. Either way, devs are the worst because once upon a time, these things were discussed and documented quite openly. Solutions were worked towards and I could read what people did and learn from it. That is how I got as far as I did modding a few other games in the past. Now, with discord and blatant greed abounding, this info has largely disappeared.

So, why would I continue to mod this game with the lack of information that continues to ruin my game, including bugs that I can't find the answer for. My UI problems happened immediately, not due to an update. No public answer for this is available. I doubt I am the only one ever to have this glitch, but no one will just fucking document the problem and solution.

Therefore, with all these problems in mind, making my own game will mean I can eventually fix the problems myself. Though everything will still lack documentation, I can actually brute force the answers in time. There are simply things in modding that game that can never be fixed. And the most important of lessons to be taken from this, all devs must die.
174014 174023

>You need to pay people to make your vision because it isn't worth anything unless you got cash to back it up.
Yes. If you can't code for shit, either ask someone to do it very politely for free and respect them a lot, or just pay for it, because you generally pay for games, you faggot.
Or learn to code, the wall of text you wrote is a waste of your own time and effort. And ours by the way.
I am not going to pay for a passion project. I don't know why you feel entitled to my project so much that you want me to spend money I don't have on it. Once again, can't fucking read.
>wasting our time
Good. Not like you were using it anyway seeing as you haven't done shit on this site. Maybe you should try wasting some time here if you actually are worth a damn.
Then be polite and ask people HOW NORMAL PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE EDUCATED YOU. You insufferable little brat.
I am not being polite to the likes of you to be certain. Plus, I guess you aren't exactly familiar with shitposts. Or reading for that matter. Look at the last sentence of the thread, retard. I said I am just going to brute force it. I am going to work on it on my own. It is all of you tards that decided this was anything more than a shitpost rant and an announcement of my project. But it seems you can't handle that for whatever reason. I need to beg someone like you to help me it seems, to educate helpless little me. Literally who are you and what are you doing here?
Shut up and code.
File (hide): E862FB142A78B650A2AA1630F6B409A1-3373866.mp4 (3.2 MB, Resolution:498x272 Length:00:00:54, Yo the isis theme kinda hits doe 😳.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Yo the isis theme kinda hits doe 😳.mp4
Good luck. Since you're now a developer we'll be waiting.
Better document it bro.
174022 174026
>We hate you for wanting better access to information
>We demand you make a game now
Oh, I will be making the game, but not for the likes of you fuckers. Fuck that. I will document your tears in my notes as well.
>Better access to information.
We're drowning in information, but getting to specifically useful bits become ever harder.
I'm telling you good luck, because every single developer needs it and I'm praying for you because developers need it.
>Hate you.
If I hated you I'd give useful advice then slowly implant malware.
>Demand you make the game.
Nope, it would be neat and cool. I'm referring to your OP about jihading all developers for having undocumented spaghetti code. It crops up and the infestation of mystery code lingers.
Even in banks SQL ancient sever crap. It's everywhere and nobody knows what any of it does.
Even documented strange, strange shit happens.
This is a heads up so when it happens all that can be done is what you've already set out to do.
Either heading in foward or trying another way.
Usually it is just trial and error.
The saving grace of many developers is regular backups (multiple saves) and taking personal notes about what you're doing at any given moment.
>I won't forget what this cool thing I did was...
It happens. It's painful.
Give it a try and have fun.
Dev here, 15+ years experience
I agree with OP, documentation has fallen to shit and devs refuse to disclose anything helpful
and have you ever looked at open-source projects? often poorly commented, an unreadable mess full of fucking templates and shitty variable and function names, I should be able to crack open source code and be able to figure out what it does at a glance, instead I have to trace through line after line, going back and forth between different source files just to understand what a single function does. vec GetVectorFromOrigin(double angle, Double Distance) is a simple example, a single line that tells you what the damn thing does, two variables each named for what they represent.
It took me years to learn how to code as well as I did and i know it would have taken me significantly less time had people stopped replying like this fuckin guy:

"lrn 2 code" isn't a fucking answer, how is someone supposed to learn 2 code you dipshit. what is OP supposed to do? read a book? which book? most books I've read at 500 pages: 499 pages of self-congratulatory jerking off, and 1 page of useful code. The bulk of the examples are so simplified as to be useless. even "advanced" books.
most books lack context that makes the examples useful
Blog posts? those are even less useful, often containing an unsaid assumptions about what the user knows which makes the information useless gobbledygook.
video tutorials are helpful but often slow and geared towards very amateurs so they don't go into much detail on more important concepts that makes higher order games possible.
and this doesn't begin to take into account changing software, libraries change what does and doesn't work so much sometimes that old tutorials can be totally fucking useless (see GTK tutorials holy shit what a mess, how 2 hello world much?)
How is anyone supposed to learn how to do something useful when the tutorials themselves are meaningless, and the documentation that is made is often without context, yes this function does such and such, but if I just stick it in my code it does nothing because it has some unspecified prerequisite that isn't mentioned.

>pay someone else to code for you
this infuriated me every step of making my own videogame, people telling me to pay for fucking everything, "just hire an artist" "just hire a dev" "just hire a musician"
oh sure let me get right on that with all that money I don't have
fucking artists will charge hundreds of dollars for a 16x16 pixel fucking sprite, and don't get me started on musicians. At least they document their work so I could learn how to do it, but holy shit it's always "pay pay pay" like I got a pile of cash, sure I'm gonna blow $15,000 on a stupid project that i have no intention of selling. that seems like a sound financial decision.

if I wanna build my own house, there are step by step tutorials online that show PRECISELY how to build a house. Using every possible variation of materials, from log cabins to fucking mansions.

and then there's the fucking elitism in devs. Hey I use sublime text, C++ without classes, and gcc, eat my taint, if you want to use an IDE go ahead, if you want to use cat, go ahead, use whatever works as long as the code gets written, but don't fucking tell me I somehow "did it wrong" because I didn't use your precious VIM because you can do oh so much after you figure out how to do the hokey pokey with your index fingers
everyone is always telling you that everything you do is wrong and no matter how much you change to accommodate them you'll never please these faggots. When I worked on cars there was a right way and a wrong way because the wrong way could blow shit up, but no one gave a rats ass if you used cheap tools or expensive ones or a certain brand or anything like that, only did you get the work done.
okay, go ahead and do it then.

>most books I've read at 500 pages: 499 pages of self-congratulatory jerking off, and 1 page of useful code.
yes, or read better books,

holy shit I feel trolled.
how old are you, have you worked so far, on any project, and do you realize people don't owe you shit. Instead of federating people on a project and wanting artists and dev to join you for making it possible... you sound arrogant as possible.
opinion discarded
Don't dick around with complex engines or with making your own from scratch. Learn to use 3D modelling suites, the basics of sound design, and get your art up to speed and just start building a world in some simple old existing engine such as Source or Roblox. Once you have a foundation that you can just add custom content to, your creative juices will take over and it will be only progress from there. Learn to code by doing basic additions and alterations to the existing codebase (The first thing I saw on Roblox today was a "learn LUA by example" gamemode) and after so many small contributions and pieces of content added, in time you'll have a game that is 90% original content and code.