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Dream / Astral thread
Swore there was a thread somewhere for this already...
Anyway this is a thread to share, discuss, analyze, and view dreams, altered states of consciousness, and or astral projection.
And have fun. So also includes related greens and fiction if you want.
Doesn't have to make sense.

Felt extraordinarily compelled to post this for whatever reason.
An Fps 'game'. (Three noticeable equipment slots at the time. With health bar for me and the opposite team. That the combat exercises is going on. Scifi esk.)
Thoroughly "dunking" on some newbies by only using side weapons (the standard scifi pistol and a mysterious melee attack) as they try to run away once I'm too close.
They move slowly in trying to hit me, so they barely graze me (at most) and I break their defensive line(s).
I say "All it is, is a good game of solid fundamentals." I know this. (I AM completely competent. I'm on the move always, reliable, robust, and effcient. I am confident in myself. I perform stun locks to complete the full health to defeat per opposing team.) [It's friendly as a training exercise of some kind I think.]
I longingly look at the variety of 'scifi game' rootytooties point and _ies. The side arm scifi does burst damage and locks the target. The melee (not sure what it is because it just 'happens')

Transition to a map, with representations of us/me on the map.
Related is an over map where the 'sense' that I have to be scared is just sort of chilling out all calm like. I say nah and ignore the stale scared bit as that isn't how I (the soldier 'class') roll. [I feel it and not effected besides looking at it to see what it is.]
The hexagonal map has many things (parts not coming to mind) the short of it is something to do with powers and a 'greater' looming force.
I charge right in slipping by perfectly. (Like always)

Physical body is now awake.

>>>/sp/15568 →
But anyway, my latest dreams:
I was watching a horror movie with my friends and for some reason I was watching it on a chair suspended from the ceiling, I guess because I wanted to. I saw the title but I don't remember it; ditto for director but it may have been Uwe Boll. So these handful of people were trapped on an abandoned island where they were given unusual and cruel options to choose their death (what they were sentenced for is unknown, presumably they're innocent). They dug their way out and I don't remember much else in between except for an uncharacteristic abstract music scene in a starry sky. The ending was pretty good, this Vin Diesel-like character was on the run from voodoo zombies (apparently sent at him by the imprisoners) and he managed to hold them back enough to lure them into a trap where he set his house on fire and threw in bait so they lunged at the fire. He managed to get his kids and himself to a helicopter where he got off the island. There was potential for a sequel because another helicopter was going to retrieve the wounded and he knew it would be a bad idea because the zombies were also the contagious type for some reason. The music that was used was ripped straight from Father Goose which was so off-tone it was funny.

Oh, and my last dream was about Israel being really harsh to prisoners, such as forcing them to use copper escalators barefoot in the heat of summer. Also they had Saddam Hussein and were strapping him to the outside of vehicles in tent burlap when transporting him; he looked pretty beat-up from that.
Thank you I really appreciate it.
>chair suspended from the ceiling
Sounds like you were hanging in suspense. That's pretty cool movie dream.
> my last dream was about Israel being really harsh to prisoners
Thanks for sharing definitely interesting.
couple of tips
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Keep a dream diary. Write down every dream you remember. Use present tense (write "i see" instead of "i saw...", for example) because it makes it easier to write/remember it. Don't forget to write the date as well. Sometimes it's interesting to see that there are (semi-)recurrent dreams and how dreams can sometimes relate to one another. You can use a voice recorder app on your goyphone if you wake up in the middle of the night and don't want to start writing the dream diary entry (record it using the voice recorder and write it down later).

> astral projection
> out-of-body experiences
I can recommend Robert Bruce's book Astral Dynamics, if you haven't read it already. It's basically the complete guide to astral projection (it contains exercises/methods and Robert Bruce's personal stories and theories/explanations on how the astral projection works. it also contains a section on lucid dreaming as well)
> https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=9C992C844C6CF18EEE951C4FFEABCD16

If you want other books on out-of-body experiences or astral projection, you might find Robert Monroe's books also interesting.
It's much appreciated
I had dream last night about walking a white pony with blue eyes around Berlin during the pre-war 3rd Reich era, there were blood banners flying from the windows as I was strolling down the street, it was a sunny spring day and the people were all happy. Some of them stopped to say hello to me and the pony which was nice, they were intrigued by the turquoise irises of the mare due to the abnormality of the pigmentation and the double dilution, It seemed the direction that I was heading toward was east out of the centre of the city and into more of the vast open fields
What Lovely numbers you have.
>astral projection
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>I can recommend Robert Bruce's book Astral Dynamics
Here it is.
D- Don't bully!
The reason why I believe that astral projection and out-of-body experiences are real (and why Robert Bruce's book is real deal) is that I have had some weird experiences myself before reading any books on astral projection or out-of-body experiences. For example, once (before reading any books on out-of-body experiences) I had an out-of-body experience (the kind that Robert Bruce calls "real-time zone projection") where I become aware in my own room but I saw my physical body sleeping on the bed and my "astral" body (for lack of better word) was kind of semi-transparent and half-way stuck on my physical body. The more I struggled, the more tired and exhausted I became and I kind of fell back asleep before getting fully loose (sadly). I woke up soon afterwards and the time of the day was the same as during my out-of-body experience (just after dawn when the Sun had already started to light up the room a little). I have had a couple of lucid dreams and couple kind of "precognitive" dreams as well. For example, I had a dream about world-wide lockdowns during some kind of a flu pandemic (which I thought to be swine flu at the time) a few months before corona-chan emerged in Wuhan, China. I also saw a dream where I was browsing mlpol and I saw that vril had returned (this hasn't been fulfilled yet to my knowledge) I had yet another dream that was probably about the great reset or similar. It was set in the aftermath of corona pandemic and I remember that my relatives who have debt were fucked but everything somehow turned out okay in the end (this hasn't been fulfilled yet, obviously) also curiously, Biden wasn't the president in this dream It's also worth keeping in mind that not all dreams are meaningful, which is why keeping a dream diary is important (in addition of keeping a dream diary being fun)

There is no way to logically proof any of this to you. If you want to find out whether this is true or not, you must try to seek this kind of experiences yourself. Try to keep both an open mind and healthy skepticism. Don't trust but verify yourself by trying to experience an out-of-body experience and similar experiences. One way to try to induce a lucid dream is the alarm method. Basically, you set up an alarm clock to wake you up after about 3 hours of sleep. When the alarm wakes you up, get up from the bed for about 10-15 minutes. After 10-15 minutes have passed, go back to sleep. There are some variations of this method and other methods as well. Reality checks during the day can also help inducing a lucid dream (for example, during the day, test whether you are dreaming by trying to push a finger through your hand)
It started bothering me so I checked
> no dates in the dreams
The reason why writing down the date in your dream diary is so important is that without the date, you can't be sure whether the dream was actually meaningful or if you are just deluding yourself. Unfortunately, my early dream diary entries (which were actually originally written in random notebooks/paper) don't have any kind of dates written (just a horizontal line to separate them from the next entry) I started keeping the (proper) dream diary in September 2020 (2020-09-24 to be precise) and I added the approximate month to the earlier entries that lacked the date. The lockdown/flu dream was dated "Summer 2019" (which was the first dream that I ever recorded and the only early entry that actually had a written date), the OBE was dated "Summer 2020, July?", the dream where I was browsing mlpol was dated "late August/early September 2020" and the last dream was dated "a little earlier than the dream about mlpol".
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So semi-related and more on the news related side apparently tiktok and GenZ have been doing as they call it "Reality Shifting" (Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, whatever, feeling the feels imagining the place ect.)
It's starting to get more attention. In fact that's the reason why it caught my awareness is that.
The timing is auspicious. Especially with Uncle BearHeart's prediction about more contact, and full alien and astral presences being fully manifested. 2030 thingy.
I haven't dived into the history of where this originated, but those that have pushed (((the agenda))) may be confronted with a large generation of astrally aware, and magically capable people. Hopefully they heal fully from (((their))) interference and gain the strengths to overcome the challenges ahead.
Interestingly this opens another route for redpills to happen.
Sounds good, what's the plan?
Are you going to hide redpills in the hashtags or however those sites work? (I don't have tiktok)
I found a video on the topic if that helps https://youtu.be/q1mLq0QCkPk
What if a community for a somewhat redpilled show was infiltrated and enlightened over time?
It's impossible to hide redpills. Some people just won't or can't notice them.
Yes that's the video that shows just how prevalent it has become. Not quite in the normal fag space yet.
>What if a community for a somewhat redpilled show was infiltrated and enlightened over time?
Only if you love and enjoy that community as it is (and the future and past) as a member with appreciation for it/them. That doesn't mean ignoring problems and mistakes, but overcoming them and learning and growing despite the pitfalls. Then it's not infiltration and structural decay (aka what (((they))) do) is avoided.
Appropriately placed truth, and reliable accessibility for truth and facts and humor has a positive impact.

If someone is going to a group to distance themselves from (specific aspects of) reality and someone brings reality to them, and it's the stuff they are trying to eliminate from their lives. It's not going to be pleasant.
(((They))) tried doing that at GamerGate.
That said prompts and insights to how the world works on a deeper level for any kind of craft is useful. But it has to be a fundamental natural truth, that they can build up from that reaches the same heights.

>Are you going to hide redpills in the hashtags or however those sites work?
I'm not. Might have astral forces go around doing stuff, but I'd be more of a hindrance invading that area without lurking enough.
>what's the plan?
No plan, this is speculation and a prediction.
Because when people are outside of Evil systems they have the freedom to go beyond what is dictated.
That means truth about reality is shown. While the lucid construct or dream or astral, ect parts of truths and redpills seep in. That's more of an unconscious or subconscious or even a soul thing.
Not all the time and not at nearly the rate being in the field here can unearth.
I've been having quite a few nightmares recently. I'm not sure what's causing it. I guess it could be that I've been trying to go to bed earlier.