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pretty cool gun.png
Pretty cool gun and also horsepussy
I made a pretty cool gun in Fallout 4. Fallout 4 is dildos, a shallow imitation of the Fallout franchise on the bugthesderp engine, but mods make the minecrap simulator into an alright-ish game.

I was looking through my folders for some horsepussy to post, I saw this, and decided to make a thread about this AND horsepussy.

Post horsepussy and pretty cool guns.
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1516800__explicit_artist-colon-eto ya_artist-colon-teraspell_big macintosh_fluttershy_pinkie pie_rainbow dash_twilight sparkle_anatomically correct_bal.png

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For some reason, they look cuter when more equine.

Also, mods make Fallout an alright "Pretty cool gun" maker, and nothing else. Combat sucks, quests are shit, Preston keeps bugging, it's a mess. I only still have it installed because I sometimes like making random shit and trying to make a minmax-y or weird-looking gun.

I never played Metal Gear Solid 5, though, and I heard that game had some awesome guns you could glitch out and modify.
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Yeah I have to agree I was disappointed in fallout 4 myself. I pre-ordered the pipboy version of it got crazy HYPED for it! Yeah felt the same way you do. The speech system was broken, everything felt shallow, the death of my “wife” didn’t’ mean shit to me because well I only knew her for a WHOLE 5minutes. I felt like my decisions didn’t mean SHIT like what I did wouldn’t affect a thing. The map had too few locations vs Fallout 3. The game is shallow, it is a far cry from the glory of Fallout 1-NV (Excluding Tactics the WORST game of all in the fallout series and the weird Xbox only one).

But I feel like fallout 4 wasn’t all bad like it had a few things it did right, the gun upgrade and crafting system was nice, the gun play was very nice, graphically it was a step up from 3 and NV, the base building part was an interesting concept thought he modding community had to fix it as usual. Fallout 4 I would give a solid 7/10 it wasn’t as good as NV, Fallout 3, Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 but it was not a complete insult to the Fallout series like Fallout Tactics was.

Also Luna Pussy

Remember the shitty sidequests in Fallout New Vegas? Me neither. The best ones all tied into the main quest, in one way or another. Except for the optional sidequests that tied into getting loot, helping your faction, or getting more caps so you can get through the checkpoint.

Remember one of the worst (in my opinion) sidequests in Fallout 4? The one where you save some immortal Ghoul kid because Ghouls suddenly don't need to eat or drink any more, then you scare off some bounty hunters that want to kill him?

Also, I hate how the gun and crafting systems are there for the same reason your starting SPECIAL stats are lowered: To give you another timesink and necessitate more grinding. You want to make your shitty gun into a max-level best gun? You're going to need a lot of screws and adhesives and other materials! The in-game crafting system is just a way to make your meaningless numbers bigger, so you can fight the bigger bullet-sponge bosses. It's only worth using when you've got the AMAW mod and you can make interesting monsters. Like the 0Main Event I just posted, which deals fucktons of damage on hit and fires 3 bursts of 50 bullets a second, dealing even more fucktons if it crits.
Tbh I don't remember any of the fallout 4 quests besides Preston, the main quest and the murder mystery on the island I don't remember anything else about the quests in fallout 4 because they where generic, uninspired, and well mostly pointless.

As for the crafting I liked it because it allows you to have more playing styles like having a 10mm pistol that fires super fast but can't hit for shit or making one that works like a sniper rifle. I felt it allowed you to have more depth on weapons vs fallout 3 and NV like how the varmit rifle and 10mm pistol become useless after 2 hours of playing in 3 and NV but in 4 you could build on them and even take them to end game as I did with my 10mm in fallout 4. I also liked how it gave scrap and junk you find a purpose besides just selling like in 3 and NV.

But sadly that is kinda where the good of fallout 4 end and it just goes to shit. If fallout 3 and NV had the crafting system it would have made them even better but sadly it was a great crafting system tacked onto a turd. Writing that is bad fanfic quality.
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I AM a gun.
does that count?
also this ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKxmKFld5DA
ElementMaterial weapons are awesome!
i have a fuckn fetish for EnergyWeapons