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Oddity Reveal Teaser.mp4
Oddity/Mother 4
A fan project I was keeping tabs on since 2014 was Mother 4, a spiritual successor to the Mother trilogy. For the uncultured, Mother is one of Nintendo's underappreciated franchises and is a RPG with heavy emphasis on storytelling; it was Shigesato Itoi's attempt to mold video games into an art-form. The games are known for their quirky humor, memorable soundtracks (I have a CD of the original's songs from '89), and human emotions. Mother 4 was to be no exception as the trailers showed a surprising amount of polish, unique enemy design and well-composed music, with a couple of tracks already released.

Of course, Nintendo being what it is put an end to it as soon as "copyright infringement" popped into its corporate head. Everyone thought the project was dead as there weren't any updates for years. However, just earlier today it has emerged back into the scene with a new trailer that has already received 70k views. The game is being rebranded as an indie title called "Oddity" and looks like it has been developed to a far greater extent. I'm personally excited for this and am hoping it all turns out well.
Looks like this it's going to be a fun ride.
>It'll come out when it's ready-
>Relax till then.
Yep looking forward to it now even more. Thank (You) for bringing this gem to my attention.