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Space Station 13
Space Station 13 is one of the most autistic and perpetually chaotic games ever made. You're one of up to several dozen crew aboard a fully modular, destructible space station, all trying to work together to get stuff done and not die horribly. Meanwhile, there are random events, powerful monsters and player-controlled antagonists trying to ruin your day. Those are nothing, however, compared to the difficult UI, complex mechanics and general incompetence of your crewmates. Think Dwarf Fortress but multiplayer.

You can download the engine it runs on here: https://secure.byond.com/ (It's not malware, I promise) Once you install it you can join any SS13 server. The engine itself runs about as well as an old jalopy but it allows connection to servers with radically different codebases, meaning nearly every server has its own surprises. Servers's development teams code and implement new elements into the game meaning SS13 basically has competitive evolution.

Here are three videos to give you the gist of it.

To get you in the mood: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejcanHLcpPs
SsethTzeentach's (/ourguy/) review: www.youtube.com/watch?v=URJ_qSXruW0
A dramatic re-enactment of the typical first round (in 3D!): www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX7GQT_ZQdA

Kek smiles upon you if you play SS13 because it turns the logic of video game design on its head. It was born in a primitive state in the early 2000's but has been continually built upon by its core community to have more depth and F.U.N. than almost any other game. There is an insane skill-cap due to over fifty areas of game mechanics to learn, meaning even seasoned veterans always discover more. It also means you have to rely on the rest of the crew to do their jobs, resulting in hilarity if when they fail to do so. Absolutely check it out if you can.

I used to play this game religiously several years ago but had to stop due to switching internet providers. It's something I miss dearly but new SS13 content never disappoints. It would be nice to set up a /mlpol/ community, maybe on Discord. If you wished hard enough you could maybe bring ponies into space.
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OP, respectfully KYS.
Another kiked SJW platform is not wanted.
BYOND barely pretends SS13 exists, let alone polices anything. Servers have their own rules which are the only ones enforced and they generally couldn't care less. On most servers you can call lizardmen "liggers" and that passes for normal.

It's all about clowning around.
No fun allowed amiright?
Calm down man
All right.
It's been forever since I played this game. I might need to dust it off. I mostly stuck to the goon servers since I found them more fun.

I mostly played as an engineer since it had ~90% of the power of the chief engineer but none of the responsibilities. Just turn on the engine and then I'd have free reign to do whatever I wanted...which was normally converting the engine room into a bomb lab.
Engineers have a lot of power (quite literally, too) and good ones make great traitors. If you know what you're doing you can manipulate the station itself to destroy your enemies. The only problem is getting your hands on directly lethal weaponry. Your best option is breaking into the armory itself. Back when the armory bordered space and before movement-detecting cameras existed I used to do this all the time while "wiring solars."

Science is practically the opposite. You can make all sorts of cool stuff (except for insulated gloves, sadly, but to get those you can put a coin into a YouTool vendor), but are essentially confined in Research. As soon as you step out with a bomb half the station will be all over you. Also getting a space suit is hard unless if the director is a pal.

Every department has its perks and downsides. I've tried them all except security, because my connection forbids me from being actually robust, and command, because you're expected to know the advanced game mechanics and because of whitelists.
I should check this thread more often. To preface all of the following, let me start by saying that 100% of my experience is with goonstation and their codebase.

I loved engineer because of the combination of power combined with an absence of real responsibility and a hefty dose of plausible deniability. You have access to a full suite of tools from the first moments of the game, including accepted access to the coveted insulated gloves, engineering space suits (if they're not stolen first by the rest of the engineers), and access to engineering's pod bay. All that you need to do is setup the engine and nobody gives a fuck what you do for the rest of the round and nobody raises an eyebrow to see you walking through maintenance. The engine room, as I stated before, is essentially a bomb lab. Need to break into a secure area? Detonate a bomb at the target location and a few red herring ones. Then later show up with some scrap metal or the RCD to steal the thing while you patch up the hole. If questioned about your presence, just legitimately say that you're patching the hull breach.

I've never been one for directly lethal weapons. At least in terms of firearms, lasers, or laser swords. They tend to scream "I'm the antag, KILL ME!" My preferred murder weapon of choice is what I like to call a "heat spike" which is simply what I've named an igniter bomb assembly that's been filled with extraordinarily hot CO2. Such a bomb has the odd but useful property of completely gibbing everything within a 1x1 radius. You just utterly fuck over a single tile. Then you just need a means to incapacitate the target for a few seconds to toss the bomb and send the detonation signal. On the more passive end of the spectrum, you can simply loiter in a highly frequented hallway after laying a trap of wet floors or banana peels that have been hidden under garbage like toolboxes or other sprites. If forget precisely how off the top of my head, but IIRC the engine room has its own private terminal that has access the station's rarely utilized mainframe computer. With some know-how you can reconfigure the station's records so that the science lab's guard buddies and officer beepsky will incapacitate the target on sight, and you just need to be sitting around nearby to take advantage of the mayhem. You can be a bit more aggressive with a flash or stun gloves. If you want some stronger stuff, then most station maps have a rarely used customs checkpoint near the arrivals shuttle that contains a security locker that contains goodies like a tazer, stun baton, red jumpsuit, security earpiece (fun to listen in on the fuzz to see if they're on to you), and body armor. I forget if they contain flashbangs or not, but I'm pretty sure that they have cuffs too. A few seconds with an emag will give you that security locker, and it is under far less scrutiny than the security wing.

Getting caught with syndi gear is a death sentence, but if you fuck up with any of the above then you just get thrown in the slammer. Getting caught with the bomb is a bit more serious, but still not instant death tier. If it's just the one cop arresting you, then you can sometimes fuck them up while they're stripping you. Keep the window with the detonation button open on the side of the screen. You can still interact with that button so long as you are at least adjacent to the tile with your detonator. Long story short, this one time a cop tazed me, then stun batoned me, stripped me, stunned me again, picked up my backpack (which contained the heat spike), and then I gibbed him.

As for the station being all over a scientist the moment a bomb goes off, a simple disguise can solve all of that. The syndicate ID card can let you forge an ID card with some other mundane title like assistant or engineer, and then a simple change of clothes will basically mask your past identity of a scientist from 99% of the station because nobody ever looks at the crew manifest. The syndicate ID card comes with basic assistant level access, which is nice for the careers that do not have maintenance access by default. The card will also copy the access of any ID that you swipe on it, so sometimes you can create a super ID by adopting the access priveleges of your victims or even the victims of the general chaos of the round. The ID card draws far less suspision than an emag. The syndicate jumpsuit also lets you adopt any standard crew uniform, or even copy more unique ones that you may find. That's nice for throwing people off your trail or giving you access to stuff like an "engineering" jumpsuit without first breaking into engineering.
As for getting a spacesuit, these are my prefered approaches:
*"AI, DOOR!": You'd be surprised how often this works and how often nobody cares.
*"hack the door with wifi": The doors all have unique identifies and will open up if they receive a wireless packet instructing them to open. By installing the packet sniffer/sender programs on your PDA, then you you can hack any door on the station without risk of electrocution or being caught dropping your spagetti with the access panel screwed open. Just innocently bump into the door and the sniffer will catch the door identifier when you bump into it and it flashes its red "access denied" lights. Then craft a packet to open that particular door and send the packet when nobody is around. Sprint in, grab suit, sprint out. Nobody will be the wiser. I don't remember the format of the door packet off the top of my head. I think that the guardbuddies may transmit it when they open doors, so a first thing to try might be following them around with an active packet sniffer. You could also download the last public release of the goon code. Good luck delving into that spagehtti but it's in there somewhere.
*The smelter should, in theory, be able to craft a jumpsuit with the same thermal insulation properties of a spacesuit. Alternatively a jumpsuit tough like riot gear. I've never delved into using the smelter though.
*just emag it: Kinda blatant, but it works.

My favorite syndicate gear are the following:
*Surplus crate: YOLO
*Syndicate ID card
*Chameleon suit
*stealth container(favored disguise is a frosted Donut)
*Revolver. I don't always go loud, but when I do I equip the revolver (this has been buffed and nerfed over the years, so I don't know how good it is these days)
*Sleepy pen (after emptying the juice into a monkey and filling it with something more devious, like a lethal poison mixed with a chemical cocktail that makes any cries for help sound like an exceptionally unintelligable drunken swede)
*Freedom implant: Once upon a time a lot of security gear and several doors in the brig had their security access granted by special security implants. The freedom implant would grant access to this gear as well. I think that code is mostly deprecated these days, making it less useful, but maybe part of the game still uses it somewhere.
*Chameleon projector: Favored disguise is the cigrarette butt. Fun fact, using it will kill your momentum in space and let you creep along at will in any direction at a crawling pace!
*e-sword: The other tried and true rampage weapon
*Signal jammer: No calling for help
*syndicate cargo transporter. It takes a bit of practice, but it's fairly clean kill to stun a target, strip them of their headset/internals, stuff them into a locker that's crafted on site from a sheet of metal, and then use the transporter to weld them inside and teleport them to a random point in space.
*Power gloves: Step 0, Destroy every extra set of insulated gloves on the station. Step 1, supercharge the engine with a hellburn. Step 2, bypass the SMES units by hard-wiring the engine directly into the station's power grid. Step 3, Wait for people to start being maimed by electrocutions from random doors or arcs from nearby APCs/lightbulbs. Step 4, pretend that you're Darth Sidious
Oh yeah, one more thing about the wifi hacking thing. If anyone catches you, then just play dumb and pretend that you simply trespassed when someone else opened the door. You may get strip-searched, but usually they'll just confiscate the space suit and kick you out. Almost no one suspects the signal crafter PDA program as a means of breaking and entering. So long as you're not carrying anything incriminating, people will just thing that you're a shitter instead of thinking that you're the antag.

Speaking of PDAs, you can store it in your ID slot. You can also store your ID inside of your PDA so that you can keep them both in that slot.
Wrestling is one of the best parts: www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6wHBfukZh4