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I am making a fucked up visual novel.
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It's legit now. I decided to make a separate thread since /mlpol/ is busy with some very sad shit. so, guess we all can have some fun with ponies calling anon nigger. what more do you want for a visual mlp novel?
full uncensored sex scenes
You design your own pony at the start of the game by selecting a manestyle/body colour and pegasus/unicorn/earth pony but none of the pony customization options change anything so you can make the ugliest OC imaginable

All the ponies have their own "Affection Meter", the fuller it gets the more they like you. The affection meter is shaped like a cock and balls.

Also for your romancing scenes with Twilight Sparkle, you introduce her to the fun world of laughing at shitty MLP fanfics. All the fandom's most popular fanfics are called terrible by Twilight Sparkle herself.

Pinkie Pie has never gotten laid because she retreats into childish behaviour whenever she's scared or uncertain how to act in a social situation and the thought of adult relationships scare her. It pisses her off and hurts her feelings that so many ponies assume she's a cock-hungry whore hosting orgy parties every night. In reality she's never even seen a dick ever besides that one time she walked in on her own dad pissing in the shower.

When Twilight Sparkle is going to fuck you, she unironically researches hentai and talks like a hentai girl getting fucked. You know, the whole "Master's dick! I can't believe master's dick is inside me! I'm getting fucked so hard I'm going insaaaaane!" talk. You can ask her to stop or tell her to get louder.
Fucking mares gets you paid by Celestia, you can spend money at Rarity's shop to buy clothes. The first time you fuck a mare, you get double the pay. The more clothes you buy, the more Rarity likes you. Therefore to fuck Rarity you must cheat on her with at least three mares before getting to her.

Because it's spring, all the mares are horny. This is used to justify any OOC moments.

Twilight lives in her tree-library but it's in front of her crystal castle. She used her magic to grow a new tree.

Milky Way is in the game as a romance option but she suffers constantly. It's as if the universe wants to hurt her breasts. Her creator hates when people draw/write that, it's hilarious.

Oh also there's a hidden easter egg in Twilight's tree library. If you click on a book labelled "Bovine Funtime" you pick it up and it transforms you. You get a bad end where you're permanently turned into a titty-horse like Milky Way. Twilight keeps you as a pet and milk source while looking for a cure.

And at the start of the game, your two gender options are:
Green futa Anonfilly you can't customize
Male OC but all the hairstyles and outfit options are intentionally-ugly. You can either look bland and under-designed or gaudy and overdesigned.
Because both have penises you won't have to put in any extra work when it comes to the sex scenes.

Rainbow Dash finds you annoying at first but once you use your overpowered OC superpowers to beat her in a race, she's suddenly in love with you. Hearts in her eyes and everything. She fucks you while talking in a way that drills it into the audience that she solely loves you for your athleticism. This will trigger Equestria Daily because they're fat fuckers.

Fluttershy secretly draws furries fucking ponies for money online and is incredibly ashamed of it, offering to suck your dick if you stay quiet about it. If you say you're okay with this she'll fuck you for real.

See the tripcode? that's right. This way you know ut's me who's seconding. Keep 'em coming, boys. The more ideas - the better. Though it will take time to implement sertain elements.
No need to suggest obvious things. We're all adults.
Okay. I'll be honest, I have no fucking clue how to implement any of this cool shit but I will certainly will use the routes you provided. Character customisation is hard though.
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Are you using Ren-Py or Game Maker?
Renpy. It's open source.
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It's hard to write fancy with a computer mouse so its a work in progress, twilight sig looks nice though.