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Red Hand Of Doom: Part IV, The Battle Of Brindol
Welcome to the fourth installment of /mlpol/'s first running of the classic 3.5e campaign, Red Hand Of Doom.
Having successfully thwarted the Red Hand's allegiace with the Ghostlord, our heroes await the culmination of their labors up until now, and their strategic planning and dialogue will lay the groudwork for this chapter's events. Now, they prepare to face the Red Hand at the last stronghold in Elsir Vale.

The Red Hand has nearly reached the walls of Brindol: the horde should arrive in less than two weeks, Burning towns as they march along the Dawn Way and driving an increasingly large wave of refugees before them. Time is scarce as the horde draws near, and our heroes are bunkering down for what may be the greatest battle in their lifetimes.

At this current moment, our heroes have only just met up with Brindol's defense council. They'll be communicating their gathered intel, raising allied morale, bonding with important NPCs, flaunting their abilities (the "no dick-measuring" rule is hereby suspended), and proposing battle plans that will make or break the battle, while I make some warcraft and morale checks. It will certainly be interestng to see what they come up with.
But first and foremost, they'll be introducing themselves.
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Same shit happened to me about an hour or so ago.
>tfw I'm still up despite regularly doing racist shit whenever possible
let's hope 2 doesn't become 3
Were you on the aryanne thread server?
is that the discord that got shoah'd to catch you both?
I'm in the Aryanne server, but hardly ever post to it. I still got shoah'd though.
If that's the cause maybe Gary's filly fiddling finally caught up to him.
Anyway, can anyone who hasn't been shoahed post the link to my server? I need to start the process of rejoining servers and refriending friends.
I do intend to run this weekend, btw.
I can't actually be sure about next weekend, because I've got a trip out of state, but this week I plan to.
But first I need an invite so I can get mutual servers with one of you.
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Thanks Anon.
Okay, I made a new account. I sent friend requests to everyone but Artorias, who happens to not be in the server that was linked.
Okay, it looks like my new account has stopped working too. Or rather, it tells me it needs to ve "verified" and stops working every time I try...
Well, I am feeling pretty demoralized by this, but I'll try to get it together by this weekend.
I'm going to be sending y'all messages here and through mythweavers until I make a new account or find a better platform. I'm going to take one or two days to organize myself.
Okay, looks my i just had some trouble verifying my second account.
However, it looks like Night Shroud has dropped out...
Night Shroud might come back after the ban scare dies down.
But the truth is that I was going to go away for three weeks after the next session. I think no matter how you look at it RHoD is going to be on hiatus for a while...
Happy Pride Month...
Are you still alive?
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Yeah but my account is mostly dead now too.
Three cheers for fucking phone verification.
Phone verification doesn't work. I had to make a new email for my alt account that used a phone number just to verify it again.
Anyway, whenever you make a new contact, float it to me.
Artorias Greenmarsch's Player, the More-Than-Fashionably Late
Alright, now that I've wasted enough time, I'll finally write this week's recap.

>Where we left off, we were chasing Mirai through the areas outside Brindol and trying to catch her
>Turns out she wasn't too far off from where we were, given her less-than-stellar stamina, so we find out that she's a were-spider and bring her back to the city with this info in mind
>The guard holds her for the night while we keep watch over her cell until morning comes
>With morning, renewed spell slots and interrogation!
>Artorias casts zone of truth and the party starts asking questions, getting shifty answers at best
>Zone of truth fails again (why do I keep using this!?)
>Oh well, next step is intimidation
>With the help of an angry bow and the stern glares of everyone present, a simple question of "Why not just tell the truth? It'll be much better for all of us." gets us the answers we need
>Turns out Mirai isn't actually a member of this noble family, and was actually a lookalike who wanted to become something
>Also, she was coerced into feeding info to Big Bad Gobbo Man in exchange for help for her sick/dying/dead mother
>The party learns this and we decide to reward her for telling the truth by extending an olive branch to her and letting her actually join the party
>The conditions are that we let her kick boss gobbo while he's down, and also that we try to find a way to bring her mother back
>It was hinted that her mother may have been turned into a spawn of tiamat though, so that may be a problem
>We'll get there when we get there, though!
>For now, it's time to get to the battle of Brindol since everything else is decided
>The gobbos roll up and stand around outside for a day while Artorias taunts them from the top of the wall, causing a few to get all butthurt and yell back
>Ultimately, none break the line though
>After that, they decide to just begin the siege
>Giants roll up to a wall and start hucking rocks at it, causing a surprising amount of damage
>Aral provides DPS and Umbrie and Artorias draw aggro, letting us body all the giants before they finish breaking the wall
>An enemy army starts rolling up on us, but the giant trees Aral made block them off for long enough for us to loot the giants and GTFO
>After this, it turns out the red dragon of the horde has breached another wall and is currently playing the part of edgy arsonist
>Everybody rolls up on it, with Aral providing long-range DPS, Artorias playing the part of party tank, and Umbrie doing her thing with beating the shit out of anything close by
>Mirai tries to make herself useful, but is more surprised that the people she's with just fucking charged a giant fire-breathing lizard with wings
>Billie stays with Artorias and harasses the dragon too, but almost gets eaten and then bodied, so Artorias keeps her safe while bodyblocking as much of the dragon's attacks as he can
>After a few more turns though, the dragon goes down!
>Not down like "I'm just unconscious and am going to run as soon as I can," full on dead!
>Of course, the dragon should've been a harder encounter, but That Guy didn't have him use any spells that he could've used as that would've meant we only would've been able to hit him with crits
>Completely understandable
>However, he did promise us that the next few skirmishes we would take part in would definitely be harder with buffed enemies
>Also understandable
>Anyway, the last thing we end up doing is making a few survival rolls and casting create water a few times to make sure none of the fires the dragon made grow out of control and burn the city
>We pass them, seeing as how everybody's wisdom is better than mine even though I use it the most
Final tally:
-1/1 enemy spies turned to allies
-2/??? fights down
-2/5 dragons dead
-???/5 bigass trees still alive
-???/??? gobbos still alive
-2/5 gobbo generals dead
-???/??? spawns of tiamat still alive
-5/4 party members still alive

See you all on Saturday, assuming nothing gets shoah'd further!
Artorias Greenmarsch's Player, the More-Than-Fashionably Late
forgot the annoying bard, 2/5 generals dead and one more removed from existence entirely
There's also Koth, the bugbears Sorcerer that Aral finished off.
I will not actually be leaving for three weeks this month.
However, I'm going to have to leave in the second week of July. I'd really prefer to have the campaign finished before then, even going as far as to open up extra days of the week for sessions. I'm going to feel like an idiot if this campaign stretches past the one year mark.
isn't he included in the 2/5? after all, there's him, saarvith and the bard that's dead, and the bard was the one forgotten and re-added via addendum.
Ah, yes. He would be included in that.
Artorias Greenmarsch's Player, of No Real Significance
>Where we last left off, we just killed a red dragon
>Now, the brindol defense force tells us to go and defend a breakin that just happened in the wall
>So far it's just some hobgobbos and a few manticores to ruin some guards' days
>Simple enough, we take them down with minimal damages
>Next wave comes, and it's a bunch of bugbears
>Umbrie goes in and tries to knock one down immediately, gets fucking dunked on
>She actually fucking dies
>To make matters worse, Aral gets cornered and Artorias almost dies due to massive damage
>Don't worry, I can get there in time and get her up so things aren't so tense!
>Fail a jump check into the negatives to hop over a barrier
>Well, it's a good thing Billie can get there in time and she still has that contingency scroll!
>Billie weaves her way past the bugbears, only getting hit once along the way, and uses the scroll to bring Umbrie back!
>After that, Artorias uses Electric Judgement (read Turn Evil) to vaporize a few of the bugbears
>A few more of them go down as more are plinked/punched/vaporized, and that's the end of wave 2
>In the small intermission between this and wave 3, Artorias heals everyone up a little
>Not enough to really help, but you know
>So then these big blue electro-rhino-lizards come storming over and Aral hits them with a firewall
>These motherfuckers are unfazed and they shatter the barrier or something, because four of them are now harassing the guards, Umbrie, and Artorias
>We have to roll with the punches for a while, dancing at low health until Artorias decides fuck it and blows a charge on his Staff of Life to make sure Umbrie doesn't get messed up too badly
>Umbrie takes the full heal and goes off, killing two of them while Aral takes down a few more and Artorias goes the fuck down too
>Luckily, Billie is still up and kicking so she gives him a heal
>Artorias is back up and uses another turn to fry the remaining of the four lizzers and the gobbos of the two who haven't crossed the firewall, so they piss themselves and run off
>Artorias's face when this entire battle
>But hey, we all made it out alive and thanks to the massive pile of wands that I have we all made it back to full HP
>Next, lord Jarmaath tells us to go over to the church courtyard for a job well done or something but cuts out halfway through
>Something's fucky
>Go investigate, and as it turns out he's on the fucking ground with a bunch of the other bigwigs
>Aral manages to find a sniper in a building but gets shot before anything else can happen, revealing that the arrows are poison tipped!
>Umbrie also gets nailed with an arrow and Artorias just barely misses catching the one that hit him with the wind wall he deployed
>Everybody fails fortitude saves, poison starts taking effect and everyone loses strength
>However, Aral has delay poison which can buy us a few hours!
>Good, let's do that!
>And, without further ado, Artorias burns a scroll of mass flying to have the party chase down the bastard that did this!
>Next time on Red Hand of Doom: Will the party be able to stop Lee Harvey Oswald and save the officials of Brindol, or will the Red Hand forces cinch the decisive strike necessary to cripple the city's defenses for the rest of the battle?
>Tune in next time to find out!
Also, unrelated but Umbrie's player managed to shut down conversation twice through bad puns and butterscotch pudding
just thought y'all should know
Nice recap. Take your bonus action point as usual.

This was a lovely session, if I do say so myself.
I'm particularly satisfied with the Blood Ghost Berserkers. Replacing one of their Barbarian levels with a Warblade level made the wave much more interesting, and fulfilled the expectations I wanted. Battle Jump is quite the feat when used in conjunction with Sudden Leap, Battle Leader's Charge and the Leading the Charge Stance, when Charging with a Greataxe and -4
Power Attack.

You have managed to hold off the enemy shocktroopers on the Dawn Way and prevented the Red Hand from camping in the market, which has forced Kharn to reevaluate his strategy. It seems as though he has a few tricks left up his sleeve.
New monster from today's session: the Bluespawn Thunderlizards.
It was a good thing you guys succeeded in holding the line, because just two of these bad Bois can lay waste to entire armies. There's still two left out there somewhere though, perhaps you'll see them again.
Today was a pretty satisfying session if I say so myself. We only got through one encounter, but it was a good one.
Since Skather gave you guys such a hard time, it would be natural to wait for Night Shroud for the Final Battle of Brindol. I want Night Shroud to be there to defend the Cathedral anyway.

The barbarians are at the gate. General Kharn is closing in to personally cockslap the heroes that have annoyed him for so long. The next encounter may decide the fate of the city, and all of the Vale.
Artorias's Player, the Literally Powerless
Shoutout to Aral for giving me the quick rundown on what happened while my power was out for the first hour of today's session!
>Where we last left off, we were getting shot at by some asshole in a coffin shop and he had just finished poisoning us all and running inside, shitting and giggling the whole way
>Artorias doesn't actually burn the mass flight scroll since it wasn't used, and Artorias Umbrie stays behind to tend to the wounded because we were both out at some point and retcons happened
>Along the way though, we meet a tiefling that makes sure we know he's not going to fight us and he joins our cause!
>However, during this time Lee Harvey Ass-wald takes the time to try to nail everyone with some more arrows
>However, just in the nick of time, Aral throws up a windwall and saves us all from suffering any further damage from this cunt!
>The windwall manages to come through in that it blocks off the other arrows that were coming at us as we make our way in through the door too, so that's nice
And now's right around where I come back from a power outage
>Some hobgobbos are in the bottom floor, and one of them summons some hellhounds to protect him and whoever else is around
>It doesn't really do much though, given the two level 11s and the well made 6 that we now have!
>Gobbos and hounds alike fall, and we make our way up to the next level
>And here we find the sniper himself
>How does he introduce himself to us?
>By impaling me with 95 damage over the course of one round, dropping me from full to -4 through my 26 AC
>To add insult to injury though, when initiative is rolled I roll a nat 1
>Aral starts doing his thing, the sniper starts being a shitter again
>The tiefling, whose name I learn is Morthos, does what he can to avoid getting eviscerated even harder than the party tank and whips out the biggest bluff check I've seen yet in this game to trick the guy into thinking he's on his side
>It works until Morthos has to give a password, tries to get around it, and discreetly tells Skather the monster "fuck you"
>While all this happens, Billie heals Artorias, Artorias Electric Judgements everything in the vicinity, and Artorias pulls his face out of the pool of his own blood on the floor
>In that order
>Either way, a bunch of other miscellaneous guys around the area were dealt with before they became a problem
>Sadly, asshole wasn't one of them
>Oh well
>Aral catches him in a wall of fire and exchanges some thinly veiled innuendos with the jerk before pincushioning him a bit, Ikelos gets some bites in and takes some chunks off in the process, and little by little he's taken from full HP down to nothing
>However, once he starts getting low, he decides to run away
>Skather the guy melts a hole in the floor which Aral jumps through while Artorias and Morthos take the stairs
>By this point, the building's on fire
>Taking all bets on whether Abithriax or the PCs set more fires during this fight!
>Everyone senses that now's a good time to start leaving, but the PCs (at least Aral and Artorias) decide that this fucker's not getting away
>Anyway, Asshat jumps out a window and Artorias clotheslines him with the head of his mace, bringing him close to zero
>Billie casts magic missile, bringing him down to exactly zero some distance away
>Artorias gives Aral a buff, and Aral looses a single arrow that runs through the guy and drops him outright
>We win and killed a guy that would've come back to bite us in the ass later!
>Victory points all around, we get some XP, and we loot a fuckload of poisons off the guy
That Guy also accidentally namedrops Skather twice, but once combat's over it's revealed that Mihai actually knew who he was before we turned him into an alligator skin rug so we did actually get to in-character learn his name
>Well, now that that's over, time to heal up and check how the bigwigs are doing before taking a long rest and moving on to the next day of fighting!
>... Is what I thought would happen, but apparently Kharn is so bootybothered by our chadly might that he's decided to come down and face us early
>All this from the guard captain, what'shisname
>Well, this is unexpected
>It's also unwelcome
>And thus the rest of the session was spent discussing things and doing some minor RP while I figure out ways to potentially get Kharn to let us take a long rest between now and our showdown!
So far the current plan is to take advantage of the fact that we're both massive religious nerds to try to get him to not be immediately hostile and then work it up to the idea of an epic duel between him and four others of his choice versus us, the five members of the party (maybe six if Mihai actually wants to take part in it and not just watch from the sidelines like I fully expect her to, given how we're punching far above her weight by this point.) All this is yet to be seen though, so next week everything will be settled and RHoD part IV will conclude either with grand success or with a party wipe! Stay tuned for more, and hopefully everyone can make it for the next session!
>captain, what'shisname
Captain Lars Ulverth.
Pic related illustrates how his (remaining) soldiers described Kharn:
>looking back on this campaign
>remember the time I wanted to add a Blackspawn Corrupter witch to the Rhest arc, to add a hag master behind the Greenspawn Razorfiends
>Made Blackspawn Corrupter Sorcerer two weeks in advance
>Lose the statblock the day of the session
>Can't find Corrupter stats online because WotC has been torpedoing the old 3.5e web archives (so much lost content, smh)
And so, the Ruins of Rhest arc was witch-less...
Oh wait...
I just found it...
I guess I'm just a retard...
Anyway, between the lizard army and the advanced black dragon, the arc was hard enough.
Huh, I guess all of those Red Hand Sergeants who dropped three potions of Cure Moderate Wounds apiece were posers.
Enjoy the maggot pit, lol.
Screenshot (247).png
So it begins...

Screenshot (249).png
And so ends the tale of Hravak Kharn, Crimson Scourge of Tiamat.
>big deciding Battle: Cairne of the Red hand storms the grand cathedral of brindol
> exchange of Dialogue, Artorias requests both sidees rest before the fight to prepare for a duiel of pride. Cairne refuses
>Artorias turns down Test of Will and Morthos fails to shake the hobgoblin. the hobgoblin dispatching Morthos with his powerful chain tripping madness.
>Nightshroud Chunks cairne with 2 unarmed attacks for 74 damage each. he still endures.2 massive damage rolls. next round, nightshroud is downed
>morthos is dead again, aral dies, nightshroud is dragged out, aral is downed and revived, billy saves nightshroud
>aral plays dead, nightshroud uses strategic dead play to recover manuevers
>artorias smites carn's self healing ass to death after 2 centipedes die and cairne has the 34 strength of a raging dire goose
>after artorias gets killing smite, recap of victory points, brindol is saved, huge celebration, Nightshroud gets information from her nun apprentices.
everybody levels up. Nightshroud becomes squishier but more mobile, more accurate, and scarier with 3 ways to pounce.
>leader of the red hand will be devastated by night shroud's manic bliss at the sweet embrace of a near death experience. she is officially renamngher blade "sunset bliss"
Good to see you post. Take a bonus action point.
Artorias's Player, Burner of Action Points
148820 148821
The finale of Part IV!
>Where we last left our heroes...
>Kharn is on his way, and he's fucking babyraging at us
>Artorias is running on fumes and wants that long rest
>We just picked up a lvl 6 Tiefling named Morthos
>And the DM slips me two lvl 6 spells under the table since I leveled up that day and hadn't used those two slots I got fresh out of respect for the long rest
>Well, no time like the present to put my plan into action
>Try to drag Kharn's attention with discussion bait over our respective artifacts
>Try to appeal to him with a speech that I wrote between sessions
>His reaction? Pic related
>Oh well, I tried
>At least my proposition gets Kharn to take us on solo, so that's something
>Anyway, he creates a massive ring of fire to serve as our combat arena and fights start to break out between the remaining defenders and the entourage that Kharn brought with him
My battle music of choice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYAPgPH9hsI
And set it to loop for the proper effect
>Morthos gets to go first, followed by Kharn, then Umbrie, then Artorias, then Aral
>Morthos uses his turn to try to intimidate the seven-foot tall hobgoblin built like Senator Armstrong if he ate Chris Redfield with some vague words, and nobody's surprised when Chad Kharn turns him into red paste as soon as his turn's over
>For his first turn, Kharn trips literally everyone else and starts chipping our health away at somewhat alarming rates
>Also, he has a special ability to suck the souls of people he kills for extra strength and temporary HP!
>So Morthos gave him his first boost
>Umbrie uses her turn to get up and put the hurt on Kharn, which she does very well, causing him to think "Hm, I should target this annoying child"
>Artorias ineffectually slaps Kharn around with a mace that feels more like a pool noodle right then while Billie sneaks behind him to pick up Morthos with the second contingency scroll I had
>Finally, Aral's turn consists of taking a bunch of arrows and then flinging them in Kharn's direction and hoping they don't plink off his 30+ fucking AC
>Everybody quickly realizes that this isn't a good place to be, so new strategies are formed!
>Umbrie stays in Kharn's flank, trying to dish out as much damage as she can to put him on the ground, Aral keeps doing the same but at better distances, and Artorias and Billie set up shop in one of the spots within the circle that won't be touched by Kharn's whip this turn
>Also, Artorias summons in two new faces to help out from the Cerebrotic Mire: Beavis and Butthead, the twin Kaortic Hulks!
>Beavis and Butthead go off and help harass Kharn, doing damage where they can and generally being the big helpful centipedes I intended them to be
>And Morthos tries to Eldritch Blast Kharn, but unfortunately the guy's got massive buffs up that make it stupid hard for spells to hit him
>Oh well, between Beavis and Butthead holding Kharn down and Umbrie kidneypunching him whenever she can, Kharn's down to 0 hitpoints fast
>However, here's where things get fucky!
>Kharn activates two abilities that immediately put everybody in fear while using his scum tactics of tripping to take down everybody around him
>Morthos is cowering, Aral and Umbrie are dead and dying respectively, Beavis and Butthead get punted back into their own dimension, and Billie's crying in Artorias's arms about the big scary goblin
>Artorias gives Billie a hug and tells her everything'll be alright to bring her back to him (read: Umbrie's player reminded the GM that dragons don't feel fear) before setting her down and telling her to make sure Umbrie's okay while Artorias took care of resing Aral
>Artorias brings Aral up and alive at 11 hit points, Billie makes sure Umbrie's up at however many hit points she could get from Billie's limited remaining spell pool
>And then instead of working on a coherent attack as a team, they both pretend to be dead still while Kharn slow-walks towards Artorias with intent to kill
>So, Artorias digs deep within himself to find any last strength he has in this fight, and finds an extra smite bestowed upon him from Bahamut Himself in this trying time!
>Channeling this smite and charging into Kharn's flank, Artorias finds the busted-to-shit part of Kharn's armor where Umbrie kept kidneypunching him and uses it to cave in the hobgoblin's torso and then sear his insides with holy light to end it all
Hope nobody minds me adding flavor to what otherwise would've been a lot of arguing about how certain mechanics work and then the DM just giving me a free smite to use since nobody could agree on anything!
>Kharn is dead
>Artorias got the final blow, and with it, accomplished part of his reason for being there in the backstory that never got brought up because reasons
>And miraculously, nobody died (permanently)!
>The wall of fire dissolves, showing the stunned horde that their fearsome leader, the only one keeping them held together now that almost everything they've tried to gain a foothold in Brindol failed, is now dead on the floor by the hand of the one man in the city whose religion has it out for them like no other
>Understandably, they collectively shit themselves and flee the city before turning to petty squabbles to decide the new leader and pretty much just become fodder for the remaining guard
>All of Brindol's bigwigs survived, and there's a bigass Star Wars style medal ceremony and celebration the following day with all of us being hailed as heroes!
>However, Lord Jarmaath pulls us aside sometime later to reveal something massive
>Kharn was just the figurehead, the real leader is sitting in a temple and summoning a big fuckoff demon army to take over the world and we're all badass enough dudes to stop him!
In the next thread, Red Hand of Doom part V: will the party be able to get the other scroll that they need to make the teleport, since we have more than just 4 people? Will Kharn decompose before Mihai gets to kick him? Tune in to find out, and as always, see ya there!
Artorias's Player, Burner of Action Points
>post contains exactly 6000 characters
>>Oh well, I tried
>>At least my proposition gets Kharn to take us on solo, so that's something
I would like to point out that you successfully taunted Kharn into fighting you himself while his giants and goblins wrought havok on the armies of Brindol. It denied you the chance to gain lions as reinforcements, but also reduced the number of enemies you personally fought. Kharn is actually more dangerous when he has a couple more lvl 1-4 mooks to sweep, because his Combat Reflexes and Great Cleave multiply his attacks per round exponentially, and he gains +2 Str and +1 CL with every kill because of his consumptive field.
>>And Morthos tries to Eldritch Blast Kharn, but unfortunately the guy's got massive buffs up that make it stupid hard for spells to hit him
His spell hit, but he tried to weave a Bestow Curse into his Eldritch blast. Kharn was damaged by the blast, but saved against the spell, which activated his Spell Eater ability that healed him enough to turn the tide of battle with his Never Outnumbered skill trick combined with Imperious command to make you all piss yourselves.
RIP Morthos. Close, but no cigar.
>Umbrie's player reminded the GM that dragons don't feel fear
Incorrect. They are only immune to the frightful presence of other dragons. Kharn's fearmongering is 100% organic.
>>nobody died (permanently)!
I mean, except for Morthos... He will be missed.
>finds an extra smite bestowed upon him from Bahamut Himself in this trying time!
I gave you guys action points for a reason, although now that I think of it you shouldn't have needed it because between the Crusader Cleric feature and initiate of Bahamut you still should have had one left.
It's still gonnsa be used up tho, lol.
>>And then instead of working on a coherent attack as a team, they both pretend to be dead still
Ngl, if either of them provoked AoOs that round by standing up, casting a spell, moving or attacking, Kharn absolutely would have cleaved the fuck out of all of you and the fight would have ended in a TPK. Sometimes true teamwork means taking a breather when someone else has the spotlight.
However, the unmentioned teamwork you guys displayed earlier in the fight cannot be understated. By remaining in Kharn's melee range instead of retreating, you kept the pressure on him and prevented him from casting more spells in combat, most importantly Dispel Magic, which he could have used to kill you all instantly by dispelling your Delay Poison and subjecting you to dozens of dice of ability damage and acid damage from all of the doses of poisons that you built up between him and Skather.

Great job. This fight was amazing. So close, so deadly, so unpredictable, so wild. I am quite satisfied with how it went.
we won. even if the Tiefling wasn't very focused and tried to throw a DC 19 save against an opponent with an easy +15 or more. closer to +20something. multiclassing boosts saving throws quite a bit.
91ef1040a2a423224219adfce33267b6 (1).jpg
i will forgive the tiefling for being new and likely overwhelmed by entering a high level campaign.
Kharn when his Str score finally exceeded Night Shroud's goose analogies:
don't worry Elena-Chan the Kawaii Sidhe Scholar. you and your delusional overgrown boa constrictor will one day see play. Lyrio just needs to wait patiently.
We'll do another game some time, although I welcome you to use night shroud again if you want.
143555_1 (1).jpg
Nightshroud might actually exploit her new forms of pseudopouncing so that she doesn't have to restrict herself to attacking once on the move. though she will likely have snap kick and better charisma by level 12.

I will make a new thread for Part 5, but it might be a while so feel free to post here anyway.
Red Hand of Doom is now officially on hiatus for the rest of July.
I really wanted to get part finished this month, because no 6 level campaign should take more than a year to finish, but between travel and research I simply don't have the time this month.
I'll start Part 5 in August, and hopefully resolve it within one month after that.