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Kaverns & Kobolds Two: The Electric Boogaloo
Welcome to the Kaverns & Kobolds Klub (/kkk/).

This source will be dedicated to posting resources and session logs for a whacky low-level 3.5e adventure featuring an all-kobold party, with the recurring theme of (((gnome))) genocide.
The game begins at lvl 1 using standard 3.5e rules, with a few houserules. The setting is generic and uses elements from various d&d settings. Characters begin at lvl 1 with 40 point buy stats, and all PCs recieve Dragonwrought and Dragontouched as a bonus feat!

Adventure Synopsis:
>For centuries, the kobolds of the Spawncamper tribe lived in rugged peace, amassing great wealth in the mines and only suffering occasional mass casualties from battles with neighboring goblinoids, gnomes, gnolls, dwarves, and really everything else. However, that changed just a months ago, when the tribe's clergy stopped recieving bonus spells from their almighty Lord and Savior: the Devil Kurtulmak. The Silence of Kurtulmak lasted for only one week, but the event shook the core of the tribe. In their search for answers, the tribal leadership determined that the cause for the silence was for the fact that they had failed to wage war on the neighboring gnomish kingdom of Glimmersburg for too many years. Intent on proving their devotion to their lord, the fanatic kobolds rallied their forces and planned an all out assault on Glimmersburg and its neighboring villages.
>The invasion resulted in catastrophe. While the Kobolds fought well and were skilled in the arts of gnome-slaying, they miscalculated the strength of the gnomish kingdom's alliance with the nearby dwarven clans, and were forcefully pushed back and outnumbered. They also never expected to be flanked by svirfneblin from the underdark blocking off their path of escape. Outnumbered and surrounded in three dimensions, the Spawncamper tribe suffered casualties like they'd never seen before, pushed to the bring of extinction. What's more, the war revealed veins of rich mineral resources that the kobolds had been mining, and the gnomes of Glimmersburg decided they would annex the territory of the spawncampers and get rid of the kobold nuisiance once and for all. In a last bid effort, the tribal leadership set off a series of explosive traps that collapsed the majority of the mines that had been taken over by gnomes, causing mass casualties on both sides, but buying some of the remaining kobolds time to escape. Spawncamper tribe was all but destroyed, with the few that survived scattering in every direction for survival. In a The Gnomes currently occupy what remains of the mines, and are intent on slaughtering every last one of them.
>But as the mighty Kurtulmak taught them, no battle with gnomes is over so long as one kobold survives. Soon, the gnomes of Glimmersburg will once again face the wrath of Kurtulmak and the blood of Tiatmat.
>And so, we begin with the position of our heroes. They are brave kobold warriors who fought in the Glimmersberg assault. Ranking high in their respective warbands, they've seen their share of work and battle following the three K's of Koboldism: Kruelty, Kowardice and Kunning. After strategically pushing their younger comrades into the meatgrinder, they set off a powerful Wyrm ditherbomb that collapsed the cavern of a battlefield while they hid in a storage cache where they stayed for days.
>Running low on resources, our heroes are set to emerge from their little fishbowl and make their own path. Perhaps they will seek revenge on the gnomes who destroyed their society. Perhaps they'll search the rubble for survivors. They might rebuild and repoulate the mines themselves, or leave the kaverns in search of better luck elsewhere. They might just cower in place until they run out of dead corpses and eat eachother. Perhaps they'll set off on their own adventure and the honest life of the average murderhobo. Only time can tell.

The /kkk/ runs on discord (for now) as a corner of the 'Official' /mlpol/ Horseplay Initiative. I started this adventure as a joke, but I've decided to use it to test methods and media for a multi-media Westmarches that I've been planning to create for this community. New members/players are always welcome:

This setting uses Action Points (Eberron style, not UA style), and any character who writes a log, session summary, in-character anecdote, artwork or other substantial contribution gets one free action point at the end of the session, so please write logs.
A door is is a chuuni little shit hiding in scraps of cloth and pearly violet scales. Believing she is the ancient reincarnated sibling of the Sky Emperor, and Lord of all Dragons, (who doesn't exist). Adooris quickly found herself on the edges of kobold society. Although Kobold societies have little privacy or patience, Adooris is not a sorcerer and is thus, seen as a relatively nonthreatening peer. She lacks the great power of Kurtulmak. Called cave tourch by other kobolds who mock her chosen name, Adooris seemed to willingly sulk into obscurity. In her hand, where nobody, not even the chance of a fellow kobold can seen, she takes out a soft, violet colored egg shaped crystal. Inside it is a wicked looking needle. What does this great burden mean? and Why must she continue to bear it into this next life?

May Serena's light guide me
Alright, Ran is an Amethyst Dragonwrought Kobold Sorcerer. He's about 2 feet tall and is colored violet, though he can't tell the difference between it and normal purple. Being quite weak physically, even compared to other Kobolds, he's had to make up for it by being able to talk others into doing what he wants them to do. While he was loyal to the Spawncamper tribe, he would often shirk duties due to laziness, preferring combat or exploring freshly mined tunnels. When he was assigned work to do himself, he'd usually try to talk himself out of it, or failing that, get someone else to do it for him. However, he would occasionally assist in the work using his sorcery, usually by using acid to melt away small piles of rubble or lifting away light rocks with Mage Hand. He would also scare away pests by using Flare or stun them to be killed using Color Spray.
Vyth is a shorter than average green kobold. He has yellow eyes and two horns that stick backwards. He has a freshly healed scar across the fingers on his right hand. and a long healed scar from a falling rock on his left foot. He's short tempered but always knows when to run away from a fight. He has bad luck when mining causing cave-ins and accidents more than a kobold should. He was taken off of mining duty by the tribe and went through cleric training. He has since devoted himself to Kurtulmak.
Reminder to everyone that your initial descriptions need not be final, as I will allow you all to tweak your characters after the first session.
Okay, so we have the reskinned-PC psionic heretic, the other purple scaled kobold sorcerer, and the unlucky Luck Domain Cleric.
We'll get to the combat when the lightning bitch is ready.
Kobolts are stronger (than goblins), faster (than goblins), cooler (than goblins).
Sexier than goblins
Kisara's Player
Lightning bitch here!

>Kisara is a white kobold with a slight blue tinge from her draconic heritage, and she specializes in destruction magic and has a penchant for lightning. She's an egomaniac turned regular maniac, seeking to amass all the power to become a dragon so that she can protect what's left of her tribe and make those who dared to cross her and her family/friends pay dearly for every drop of blood they spilled
Kisara's Player
>Session recap

>Welcome to Kaverns and Kobolds, where stupid fucking gnomes tore up our home and now we're trying to escape and survive to fight another day!
>In today's session...
>We're all stuck in an occupied burrow as the gnomes start raiding and slaughtering, with only us as the surviving few that we know of
Kisara's still out for this part, so I don't know the specifics
>Ran, Vyth and Adooris are beginning the work of getting us out
>They encounter and kill a dire badger and some less-than-friendly super-dire weasels, and then Ran gets conked by a rock when his player has to leave
>Digging continues, and Kisara wakes up and immediately stumbles into a thunderstone trap like a dummy!
>This alerts some patrolling gnomes, and the now deafened mage has to decipher Adooris's frantic gesturing to help collapse the tunnel before the patrolling gnomes get there
>We manage to collapse the tunnel with the help of Ran's unconscious flailing, and we spend an hour waiting around for Kisara to start hearing something other than EEEEEEEEEEEEE
>Once that's over, we sort out a game plan: sneak around the back way to the temple of Kurtulmak, check to see if anyone's there, and depending on that answer we then kollapse the tunnel to the kommune and kill any gnomes in there with the rockfall
>We begin putting this plan into action, but get interrupted when we find some troglodytes that moved from the mines into the burrow proper
>That's a bad sign
>We try to be friendly and diplomatic to get around them, but they woke up today and chose violence
>We make a fighting retreat, but mostly fail at fighting (notable exceptions being Vyth and his breath channeling and Kisara's one actually successful spell)
>Adooris also then reveals her magical girl powers, much to Vyth's disappointment and Kisara's relative indifference
>We then spend the rest of the session resting and RPing, with Adooris and Vyth working out their differences and Kisara playing towards the side of "I'm not going to start any fights, but I'm not above ending them"
>Once everything's out in the open and sufficiently defused, we finish the long rest so that we're not left crippled for the rest of the day after expelling all our resources on one singular bad encounter
All in all, I had fun. Can't wait for the next session!
We were caved in. The once lively tunnels were now the tomb of my people. The few of us that survived regrouped. I came up with the bright idea to look for survivors. This decision has only caused us hardship. I led us into our home; Well, I suppose it isn’t ours anymore. We lost control of it during the past few days of heavy fighting. As we were digging out the cave in we heard what sounded like a kobold in pain on the other side of a wall. I should’ve known better. As I knock the wall down with careless abandon, I discover too late it wasn’t what I thought it to be. It was a gnomish badger, wounded in a fight against one of our dire weasels. The only thing that saved me was the half dead weasel, and for it’s trouble I covered them both in acid. It was the quick work of one of our party, Adooris, that saved me. She charged forward and held the badger at bay with a shield we had found. Adooris is heavily wounded, but nothing that couldn’t be healed with a little salve. We find some weasel pups. As we continue digging out tunnels we drew closer to the kommune. Even though we did find another to add to our group of survivors, it was a trap. The damned gnomes had set a thunderstone to trigger if anyone stepped on a tripwire. Through the hard work of all of us we ran from the living area and collapsed the tunnel behind us. Hopefully the gnomes thought the cave in triggered their trap. Seeing as the gnomes had already infiltrated the living areas, we decided to try and collapse the cave on them. The two triggers would be either be through the tunnel we had just sealed, or in the temple of Kurtulmak. I chose the latter to pursue. It led us into a battlefield. Our friends and family were now nothing but corpses covering the floor. I heard what I thought was a friendly voice, and tried to approach it quietly. I failed in this endeavor and instead alerted a new enemy to our presence. Troglodytes had come up from the underdark and were now feasting upon the corpses of our tribe. It disgusted me. We barely managed to escape with our lives and Adooris had almost sacrificed herself to save me again. But instead she phased through it. I don’t know what magics this kobold was using, but it was unnatural and definitely heretical. If this were any other time, this heretic would’ve been killed and sacrificed to Kurtulmak; However I believe it best we don’t thin our numbers any more than they already are. As I sit here, I look back on the past day and realize that every mistake made was my mistake. I put us in danger time and time again and for what? We are no closer to escaping our would-be tomb and no closer to defeating the gnomes. As we travel onward all we find are corpses and enemies. We must be the last survivors in this whole damned place. Anyone in the temple would’ve already triggered any trap we would hope to. So either it is empty, or filled with more enemies. It is as if Kurtulmak himself is watching over us, and protecting us all from my incompetence. We must leave before we join our people in this tomb. I pray for Kurtulmak to guide us and for his protection from our most hated enemies.
Kobold MAgical Girl.png
Kobold MAgical Girl full.png
Portrait Kobold.png
This is probably too late to qualify for the AP but I do this for all my characters anyway. A fully custom token border for use in the maptool engine. We still aren't decided on using maptool but It makes me more comfortable to have it.

As an update, during an attack on adooris's person by a smelly troglodyte, she was forced to reveal her final form in-front of her allies. Things got a little adversarial in-front of the cleric of our state religion as a consequence. For now though, we have bigger fish to fry. Will our skulking heroes take back the temple?
Nice faceclaim. Looking forward to the developments.
>Last time on Kobold Ball Z...
>Three idiots fight a badger and then a 4th idiot subs in for one of them and they almost get eaten by troglodytes

>The long rest is over, so we poke our heads out and see if the troglodytes are still there
>Our collective noses aren't assaulted with filth, so we're in the clear!
>Now, to decide a plan of action...
>We could escape into the underdark (where all the monsters are coming from), we could escape through the front door of the burrow (where the gnomes are pouring in through), or we could escape through a secret tunnel in the temple of Kurtulmak
>Yeah, obvious choice!
>So we decide once again to go to the temple, this time to escape instead of simply burying the gnomes in rocks
>Burying them in rocks will just be happy happenstance then!
Anyway, we're navigating the tunnels and come across another gnomish patrol
>This time, however, there's a tasty choke point in between us and them to abuse!
>We set up a pit trap and a bunch of caltrops before alerting them with darkness, causing them to panic
>Then Vyth gases them with plenty of chlorine!
>Kisara throws lightning around as usual, and... Adooris does something, but I honestly don't remember (sorry dude)
>Anyway, the sergeant manages to make it past our traps while his three lackeys all die unceremoniously behind him
>The sergeant doesn't die yet though, so we take him prisoner while he's unconscious
>We then drag him along for a while, and in the process of getting to the temple come across another patrol
>We have no chokes here, so we opt to hide instead behind some of the various rocks and detritus around the area
>Kisara succeeds on an insane take-10-add-16, Adooris also succeeds, but Vyth and his new fancy armor and bright green scales sticks out like a glowstick when the light hits him
>He burns another one of his breath channels
>Gas lvl 1
>Initiative rolls, we all do well and take our turns
>Kisara throws a stone of gnomeblight
>Gas lvl 2
>Other stuff happens, Adooris shoots some of the jerks and the gnomes scramble to fight back, but then it gets back to Vyth's turn
>Gas lvl 3
>At this point, the gnomes are pretty much all dead and their lungs are puddles
>Yay war crimes!
>Another successful encounter later, we've reached level 2!
>We also encounter some interesting oddities dropped by the gnomes, and of course stash these shinies away for safekeeping until we can figure out what they are/do
>Anyway, we're almost to the tunnel leading up to the temple of Kurtulmak from the mines, except we come across another fucking group of gnomes!
>Another sergeant, a ranger, a cleric, and a Dorf merc
>A tough encounter to be sure, but Kisara just unlocked a new spell!
>One long-ass planning session later, our plan is set into motion
>Two spear traps are laid down in front of the dorf, and a strong ditherbomb is hurled at mach 2 towards the cleric, beaning her over the head and knocking her down for the fight while dealing 10 acid damage to everyone but the dorf
>Vyth and Adooris follow up on this initial strike by shooting the ranger, knocking him down a decent chunk of his hp but not outright killing him
>The dorf gets up after the surprise round and immediately gets speared for 8 damage, and the sergeant gets speared too for 1 damage when he rushes to check on the cleric
>Anyway, the ranger then blows a whistle and alerts... something to our presence
>Anyway, Kisara spends the next few turns being dedicated kobold artillery, Vyth does his thing with a crossbow, and Adooris does the same
>The ranger's the second to drop, concentrated fire from all the kobolds being enough to take him down, but not before his summoned badger pops out of the ground!
>And what's worse, the dorf has decided to finally charge down Adooris
>She and Vyth are left in the open, fending off a badger and a pissed off she-dorf with a bigass cleaver of an axe, while Kisara's sitting behind a rock still in artillery position
>Oh well, the next best thing is to start throwing lightning again!
>A three-thunders lightning ball knocks the badger on its ass and stuns it for a round, letting Vyth and Adooris focus on the dorf and down her too
>Kisara then volunteers to keep the badger stunlocked while they go and deal with the remaining sergeant
>They deal with him, and Kisara almost has a bad time with the badger, but luckily the other two help her out of a bind and allow the mage to cast one last spell and knock the badger down too
>For our efforts, we're brought almost to lvl 3!
>Coup-de-graces are handed out, except to the cleric who is rescued by Adooris for some odd reason
>Eh, our interrogation target can be changed
>The other sergeant that we'd captured is summarily executed, and this new prisoner is tied up and added to our pile of trash
>And now that our resources are expended almost completely, it's time for another long rest!
>Kisara starts cooking one of the gnomes over the fire, Vyth is doing something, and Adooris is turning her nose up at perfectly good food
>Kisara T-poses at her and calls her a nerd for this, and she's forced to agree weakly
>She goes back to cooking, but Adooris decides that she's not going down after this match and starts T-posing at Kisara who half-heartedly responds after already winning the first match
>After this, the two magic users use this time to start their rites of passage and gain their extra spell slots (I did in fact mention that I was doing this, I just didn't speak up during this next thing!) and Vyth settles down to take first watch
>Everything goes well (and I guess Kisara falls asleep during her rite) up until Vyth falls asleep and gets conked by a stone elemental
>Everybody's surprised by this, but we all wake up and take it down within a turn and then pass back out sometime later, with nothing else disturbing us

>Current gnome kill count: 11+1 prisoner, execution date to be decided

And that's how today's session went! A solid one, if I say so myself!
163104 163176
There were three of us, the heretic Adooris, the sorcerer Kisara, and me, the cleric Vyth. We rested, but I couldn't fall asleep. It was the stench and the sound. The stench of the troglodytes outside our room, and the sound of them feasting upon the corpses of our tribe. We could tell when the beasts had left because the worst of the smell left with them, but the corpses we were surrounded with didn't smell better with time. It was decided that continuing on to the Temple of Kurtulmak was our best chance of leaving this tomb alive. There is an escape route there. It is unknown to me where it actually leads, but anywhere is better than dying here. As we travelled onward I noticed a lightsource further down the tunnel. It was a group of gnomes, celebrating the riches they had stolen from our people in a side room. Their celebration was their downfall. We approached in darkness and trapped the floor on the exit of the room as I magically extinguished the lantern they were using. In the darkness I released the power of out dragon ancestors through the symbol of Kurtulmak, the heretic fired a shortbow, and Kisara fired lightning balls at them. They were taken by surprise. One of them managed to create a magical lightsource but it did them no good. They were killed, and one of them was taken prisoner. We reclaimed the riches that were rightfully ours and took from the gnomes what they weren't using anymore. I must admit I took pleasure in their deaths. It was justice that they suffer for what they had done. I donned a set of banded armor the prisoner was wearing. He will be sacrificed later. We travelled forward and came upon what I assume was a patrol. We hid hoping they would pass, but one of them saw me. I noticed this and immediately attacked them. They didn't survive the ambush we had prepared. It was my fault that they had even noticed us. We took what they had and travelled onward towards the Temple. We came upon another group of gnomes. There was a dwarf with them. One of their number was a cleric of Garl. Seeing her here, so close to this sacred place made my blood boil. We ambushed them from the darkness, but this group was clearly more dangerous than any we had fought yet. The cleric of their group had been knocked unconscious by our opening attack. The rest of them were killed, but not without calling a badger to fight us and grievously wounding both Kisara and the heretic. It was only by Kurtulmak's will that neither of them killed. We took the cleric as a prisoner after she stabilized. She will be sacrificed to Kurtulmak at a later time. The prisoner we did have was killed. We rested by the fire and ate cooked gnome as a way to stretch our rations out longer. My two companions argued about something I didn't care about. We might not have an easy time finding food later. As we rested by the fire I took first watch. I nodded off and was rewarded for my action by an attack by a stone elemental. It was defeated quickly, but if it was a something more dangerous it would've killed us. Yet again I had put us in danger that could've easily been avoided. I will pray to Kurtulmak for forgiveness.
Kisara's Player, the Perpetually Tired
163105 163107
>Where we left off, the gaggle of retards was about to set off into the tunnel to the temple of Kurtulmak

>We enter the tunnel, being careful to avoid any and all traps we find (unlike some unlucky gnomes)
>Along the way, we're assailed by some kobold skellingtons
>Vyth rebukes them though, making them into friendlies
>Along the way, we also find the corpse of the matriarch Iada, a notable warrior and broodmother
>Not wanting her gear to go to waste, we loot her corpse and heed her ominous warning about a magic-proof monster lurking
>We make it to the temple shortly after, and hear some weird shit
>We also see some weird shit, particularly a bloody gnome swinging at the air in a ruined room
>Said gnome notices us, and we call out to it to see if it's a mutual threat
>It immediately snaps its own neck to look at us as we hear more gnome voices in the background
>Vyth and the skellies enter the room, dodging traps to close on the weird-ass gnome
>Neck-snapped gnome is still very much alive and machine-y, and it hucks a splash weapon at Vyth/skelebros, dealing some fire damage
>The mechanical zombie gnome gets lightninged by Kisara, forcing it to slow down before shorting out a little
>Vyth and the skellingtons continue advancing on it, Adooris does things with the prisoner, and Kisara shocks the abomination as it recovers from the short circuit
>Vyth acids it when he gets close enough, but it's barely affected, even inhaling the acid to prove a point
>The Gnominator throws more fire at Vyth and the Skellys and then casually walks through it, undoing all the slowing the electricity did to it
>Kisara lightnings it again, making it slow back down before it can start putting the real hurt on Vyth
>1 arcana check later, turns out this thing is a berserk half-golem intent on killing both enemy and friend, immune to magic/supernatural attacks aside from electricity which slows it down, but fire undoes it
>Knowing this, Vyth falls back to the door the rest of us are near
>Kisara, running low on lvl1 spells, uses thunderhead to knock him down completely and continue stunning the gnominator for a few more turns
>Sensing the direness of the situation, Adooris uses her birthday cupcake to summon... something, and they both attack the gnominator and deal a fuckload of damage to it
>Enough damage to kill it in fact, seemingly causing the room to fill with mist
>Here's where shit starts getting weird
>Everybody hauls ass out of the room, but Adooris loses the prisoner after getting blindsided by some weird ass colors
>More weird colors fly out of the mist and Kisara tries to help Adooris out of there, but she drops unconscious from the colors
>A cloaked figure then emerges and starts chatting it up with the prisoner and working on freeing her
>Another enemy caster, unfortunately
>Kisara goes in to make sure Adooris doesn't get killed and does so by stun/proning the caster and downing the cleric again
>Vyth orders the skellies back in, they finish off the caster amazingly quickly
>Now having had enough of her shit, the party slates the annoying cleric for sacrifice, regardless of Adooris's opinions on the matter
>And now that the other caster's dead and the mist has dissipated, we can enter temple proper!
>Inside, we find tribe leader Wiivai dead on the floor as well and surrounded by the corpses of his/our kin
>Again, we loot what we can, and Adooris takes this opportunity to pull a pair of trapped levers and kill a fuckload of gnomes
>Meanwhile, Vyth and Kisara ritualistically sacrifice the cleric, causing a miracle to happen!
>Blood pours from the cave roof, our pocket weasel friends start partying, and Daddy Kurtulmak gives us all back a spell slot!
>He then offers Vyth a wish, and he wishes for the tribe's protection, giving us all +5 AC for a day
>After this there's not much to do, so we opt to escape upwards and see the outside world for the first time (as opposed to digging our own tunnels or going down to the underdark for some suicidal reason)
>We climb through a hatch at the top of the temple, putting us inside a fairly large cave where we can see a bright light on the other end of it
>When we venture into said light, we find bright sunlight, distant mountains, rolling green hills and verdant forests surrounding us on all sides
>However, instead of exploring all that immediately, we spend a minute staring directly at the sun for some stupid reason (don't lie, you've stared at the sun too)
>Since it's about time for the session to end though, we opt to camp in the cave we came from and count the loot we got in the temple

>Current gnome kill count: ~314, 1 of which was sacrificed for power

And that's today's session! Another fun time, and hopefully the next session will shine as favorably upon the remnants of the Spawncampers Tribe!
A door is. Of the Spawn Campers
Adooris did not quite need to shiver in the cold as for once the fire cooked badger and not humanoid. It would be a mistake to think she liked the taste of any food, rather than being squeamish for her values. Even the magical scent of a potion was still more palatable but just as noxious. Only curses did not taste rancid, and she had long since lost her strength to consume them, Would they even be palatable again? No, more importantly, what to do with the gnome.

Adooris's passion burned for retribution and judgement, but they had just barely been able to tell this creature didn't seem enthusiastic about being in this place. She was right, for they where about to draw Serenas justice upon them. As she looked at kisara in the camp fire, her blue shimmering scales, guilt clawed at her. Her memories where hazy of that other life, but a deep, dark blue dragon lashing out to her agony in wrathful blue lightning, Anine. Had she also crushed her young as this foolish gnome had done? It was not hard for her to think back on her tribe fondly, and the years of her childhood here had been brief but full, however it wasn't hard to put herself and her memories in the context of this fools position, being suckered in to believing this tradgedy would stop with our deaths. Perhaps this was the penance she deserved. This gnome was now vital. A cleric, a real cleric, if her magic could be used, to escape the watchful eyes of the other two, and delve deeper into the dungeon of kurtulmac.

Her plan then, to force the gnome to redeam herself, and by proxy, help cleans her own sins, in the deep burning rubble. It was likely that their next leg of the venture would still be frought with peril, but after they had broken free to the surface, it would be possible to sneak back into the temple proper, gnome in tow. It wouldn't be that hard, to enter the temple, and survive long enough to pull the levers. The others where right, they where alone and outmatched, they should run, but Heretic A door is did not have to follow them. She could show the Foolsgoldgod Garl exactly what his karmic fate had earned him. And then. after, she would likely be slain by the strongest gnomes. She looked into kisaras eyes moodily in the flame, certain that the uncomplicated companion couldn't sense the guilt and familiarity through these violet eyes of hers.
A door is. Of the Spawn Campers: The Trapdoor Spider
Today was the day they set off through the traps. Being on the fringes of society did not lend Adooris with a very realistic idea of how long it would take for her to traverse the caves with her limp charge in tow. Abandoning the tower shield early as far too much, they trecked ever further down the tunneling maze. Foot steps and dripping water, blood and the rush of wind rattled all three of them, as Adooris's hampered speed proved just fine in light of Vyth's careful examination for her tribes devious traps. No matter the cost, she could execute her plan if she only could find the temple, however, first they had to find the exit for the other two, and with little to go on beyond Vyth's old memories of the place, they berreled down traps of spear and skeleton alike.

It was only when adooris realized they had been walking in circles that she heard it. A deep pained cry, high pitched and far away. With her charge and directions given to Vyth, they chased after it, certain these sounds where trouble. The kind of trouble however, was confusing and terrifying. A hulking steaming gnome brandished a weapon and clashed with an invisible figure, her yelping in pain as the man like monstrosity appeared to tear a crashing path of destruction back into the newly revealed temple of kurtulmac.

As they huddled with fear by the door, so beset by the strange turn of events, Adooris was shocked when Vyth, seeing his teeth grit, pushed into the room proper. She took stock behind him, Arming her bow, heart thumping with a concerned thrill. They should not have to bear this risk, they should be leaving this place to escape, but for some reason, perhaps the chaos had awoken something in Vyth, and he would not go. Adooris did not raise a word to make him, She could see his determination. As the rampaging golem like gnome bellowed steam and flame, Adooris knocked her bow, glancing down worriedly at her trump card. the gnome priestess. she had found her awake! Drat, it was too soon, she had not even had the chance to converse with her in secret. With nothing for it, she ensnared the gnome in her magics, gem gowling brightly as she charmed her. The gnome slackened, a dazed look on her face as she turned her attention back to the clashing pair.

Lightning arced at the gnome monstrosity, their terrible battle was joined as the gnome seemed to regard the last thing that touched it in any given moment with baleful scourging limbs. Occupied with her bow and charge, glancing nervously down at it, adooris wondered if this was some kind of curse of Kurtulmac. Had he turned the gnomes who defiled his temple against eachother? Her nervous glances down at her trump card didn't spy any stirrings of magic, so she loosed arrow after arrow. Kisaras lightning seemed to help, but they could tell it was not damaging it, just slowing it down. Vyths flaming passions that could match Adooris' own seemed to only storm the clock work things power reserves. It crashed down upon all three of them. but something had gone haywire with it. It seemed to grow weaker, having difficulty turning its powers off. gnomeish engines whistled as lightning and metal bounced off of it, before finally it had ceased slinging around its fires and cloaked itself. Adooris thought deeply as she spared the priestess one more glance. Dare she eat it? she did not have any desire too, but she did. With regret on her face, she blew out her coming of age treat, wishing for the future, to see Serena and meet her once more!, she would not fall till she overcome!, she dashed into the room towards the trail of flame left by the gnomish creation, pulling the long bow, her mind foggy from the taste of the treats magic and her own pounding heart, until she felt them. humanoid limbs on her claw, a whisper of golden hair in the dark shade. Once more she felt the touch of her goddess on her very flesh. The flash of memory vivid, both of them holding the same bow, firing together. Adooris tapped into her faith. The burning, flaming, passion. Her arrow flew true, striking the invulnerable creature in its weakest point.

it crushed the enemy. They let out a strange noise and croak, and adooris stood there, shocked from the revelation. The prophetess once more touched by her divine spark, whom she had feared had all but abandoned her for her crimes.

They did not get long to enjoy their victory, deep noxious gas spread from the creature. Adooris caughed as vyth and kisara turned tail to run away. A strange chirping sound from the monster stirred a forgotten memory.
>You arm it like this, and you have 30 seconds to...
Adooris followed her similarly instinctually fearful companions, stopping only to slash at the bonds tying up the gnomish priestesses feet. Even despite their panic, there was some calm in her as she thought; "thats right, you two don't have to face this, This time, I'll take care of it for sure". But that distracted thought was almost her undoing, as finally, the plan the priestess set into motion came into play, her possom behavior a front to escape. Grunting she made to grapple and wrestle the escaped gnome to the ground. "Ruh-" She called back to the two fleeing kobolds without much success as she realized how tough of a fighter the gnome was even while bound up. As the two wrestled into the ground the noxious mist flashed brightly, it was like a vivid multihued lightning bolt had filled this mist. It was not until adooris felt the draw of her faith protecting her that she realized this was not her goddess but the enemy's power. It washed over the both of them as they struggled. Adooris yelled in celestial at her
>"you idiot are you immune to this or just stupid!?"
as the gnome fought to turn deeper into the mist, the gag keeping her retort from being intelligible. 'I have to keep this up, I have to get her back under control, I need her to pull the second leaver!' Adooris thought. Following up that thought by considering her companions.
A door is. Of the Spawn Campers: The Trapdoor Spider
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'it's alright' adooris nodded to herself. "it should be okay, they will just run, their self preservation technique is strong, I'll just bare the blast and fight my way through., they'll have to assume I died in the explosion" But as she fought, the explosion never came. As the two pint sized women of faith crawled on the ground the clouds shook 2nd time, then a final third time. As she faded from conciousness, she heard the shocked gasp as she hit the wall next to the hidden Kisara. confusion wraped on her own features as she beheld the trick, the mist suspiciously like the ones she used to use, and the light, a flashing wave caused by the hidden gnome the construct had earlier been fighting. As the priestess and the gnome looked down upon her with a victorious smirk, their panicked voices smeared into her unconsciousness.

She could hear Vyths voice as she was drug away from the temple, her body locked stiff as Vyth cursed. Perhaps he was just as confused as she was, him, risking his life for her? It was one thing to let her go for now, but to actually risk his life for her? Somehow, they had won, the two of them. And the gnome priestess was even alive. But they did not haul her off ot the surface, but the temple. The temple of kurtulmac was now theirs. They had fought their way through three implacable foes, one of might, two of sleight. Despite the Priestess's living state, Adooris felt hollow. having forced her new allies to come after her stirred up some nameless feelings from her past, and more over, there was the sense of futility in it all. ' you fool' she thought. 'If you hadn't broken free of my hand, you would be alive and I would be the one dead.' she thought in irony as she looked at the priestesses unconcious body. Adooris had no stomach for what she knew they where about to do, but also knew she neither had the standing or the inclination to fight. Still. As she stared at Kisara's wonder, and the dead kobolds of this temple, the smell of blood reminding her of her own turn on the recieving end of kobold traps, she stood and began to enact their plans. It was more than she deserved. and yet, nobody questioned her, and she didn't question them. They found the leavers eventually. the goal Adooris had risked everything for. To turn the karmic tables on Garls people, and bring the rocks down on herself and them. With the temple secure, they could pull them at any time. They would even be able to go free, with two trap doors leading both up and down. She stood at the ready, pain and pleading in her eyes as she waited for one of them to join her. It was in their hands, and together, as three, they each pulled a level. Cutting off the enterence and crushing the main rooms, where most kobolds had either died or fled from. As she thought about the hatchling room, the jostle shaking her, she at last remembered a sobering truth about her fight with anine. In the end, the endangered dragon race meant that in that past life she had not crushed those eggs. Like that very safe room somewhere down there in the rubble, she had not dealt a blow to the dragon race so dire. with painful indifference, she watched as the two companions then sacrificed the woman. If only she had understood, but then, if only she had as well. She could feel Kurtulmacs ire and power run through her as certainly as she could feel the comforting illusory shadow of her Faith caress her. Then, just as the ritual was finished, eyes descended down from the depths of the void and regarded Vyth. She heard him call out his wish. And soon her eyes where fixed on his in astonishment. A totally selfless wish uttered on his lips. She couldn't do it justice. She had completely failed. Succeeded yes in the beginning of that fight, but failed to truly see the strength in those two sets of eyes.
As kurtulmacs power mixed with serenas, the pandamonium of whispers and visions grew more potent. Adooris was given the impression just from the magic that thought they where not clashing there was a mixture that was not close to done reaching equilibrium. "Serena, was this your lesson?" She murmured in Celestial. "May your light continue to guide me, and may I continue to be of use to my family."
Kisara's Player, the Perpetually Tired
163179 163305

Some extra knowledge given to us by the GM after the session that he had meant to give us beforehand will now be woven into a small greentext. Enjoy!

>Kisara sat next to the fire inside this surface cave, the fresh air strange to her nose
>However, despite the peculiarity of the air around her and her companions, she found that she could now smell things far better than when they were in the burrow, where the stale, dank and dusty conditions worked against the transmission of scents
>Blessed with this newfound, heightened ability, she finally noticed something
>Not only did she bear a scent notably similar to Iada, but so did another in this ragtag gang!
>Kisara, wanting to know who was her kin, continued to covertly taste the air around her to isolate the source of this second scent, and in doing so, found out something else about it
>Not only was this other kobold her kin, but likely a direct sibling as well!
>To think, not only did she escape, but someone who potentially bore the same strength as her own bloodline!
>With newfound fervor, Kisara continued to test the air and probe closer to the source of the scent until she found her answer
>"That purple dweeb is the one who shares my blood!?" Kisara thought to herself, finally isolating the scent to Adooris
>Well, if she was going to have any pride in her family, she clearly had an uphill battle ahead in getting her newfound sister to be a proper, respectable kobold
>After all, someone would have to pass on these powers once Kisara completed her apotheosis...
After resting we continued on to the Temple carrying the captured gnome cleric with us. We knew the maze of tunnels leading to the Temple was heavily trapped by both us and the damned gnomes. I took the lead, as I was semi-familiar with the area. I helped mine the tunnels, not that it helped. I at least pretended I knew where I was going.

As we were wandering the tunnels, we came across a chamber with a mural showing Garl collapsing Darastrixhurthi on Kurtulmak and two kobold skeletons. As we were inspecting the mural the skeletons awoke and attacked the heretic. They managed to seriously wound her before I could react. With Kurtulmak's power I made them kneel in awe as I took control of them. I still led the way as we tried to find the temple. We found more of the dead, these ones were more recently killed. Kobold and gnome alike, some were killed by traps and others by something else.

We continued on and eventually every trap we came across was already triggered. We started to find bloody shoe prints down one path and back up from another. It would seem some gnomes were, at some point, as lost as we were. At one of the branches we found the corpse of Iada. She was one of the most respected sorcerers of the tribe and was a mother to many kobolds. My two living companions acted strangely upon finding her, but I was more interested on what she had written in blood on the wall. "It cannot be harmed by sorcery." Needless to say I took her magical spear and armor as it was better than what I was using.

After a little more wandering we heard what sounded to be a gnome screaming. As we followed the noise we found that the walls were scuffed by something metal trying to pass by and almost getting stuck. We found the souce of the screaming. Through an already opened hidden door we found what seemed to be a gnome running around and throwing potions at something. It was covered in blood and seemed to have steam coming from out of it's ears. In it's chest was some sort of clockwork... something. Even looking at it was sickening.

Adooris set the captive down and we advanced into the room. I commanded the skeletons to move into the room with the heretic and I behind them and Kisara behind us. This thing didn't trigger all the traps leading into the room, but the skeletons and I did. Darts flew down the hall and impacted harmlessly on the skeletons. A blade came up from the floor but I managed to dodge it. The heretic and Kisara stayed near the entrance as I moved up with the skeletons. The arrows Adooris fired at it did nothing, the spears from the skeletons did nothing, and my acid breath did nothing to it. The only one of us that seemed to have any effect on the gnome was Kisara with her lightning spells. It didn't seem as if the lighting was actually doing any damage to it, as if it was merely slowing it down.

It started throwing potions, at me and at the ground it was standing on, lighting both of us on fire. It then moved faster than I could react directly in front of me. I could see into it's eyes and saw nothing but a crazed fury staring back at me. I could see it's flesh charring and I could smell it burning. Terrified and on fire, I did the only reasonable thing I could think of at that moment and ran away as far as I could. I commanded the skeletons to charge it from behind, but they seemed to only do minimal damage to it. It then disappeared, right in front of us. I used the few seconds of peace we had to take a health potion offered by Kisara and quickly drank it.

Kisara fired some spell into the room and it sent out a shock wave and I heard it smash onto the ground. Adooris ate a cupcake and said something in celestial. It summoned something, a shadowy figure. I didn't know what it was, but whatever it was it helped us kill the damned gnome. The heretic advanced into the room with her bow drawn and the gnome thing appeared and swung it's fists at her. She dodged and fired her notched arrow at it, hitting the thing directly in the mouth.

With an arrow sticking out of the back of it's throat it stumbles backwards and collapses. Then the clockwork gnome's corpse started ticking and the room filled with mist. Kisara and I ran out of the room as fast as we could. Adooris did not do that for some reason. I was too busy running away to really know or care what the heretic was doing. The explosion went off behind us as we ran.

As I caught my breath I noticed that Adooris wasn't with us. Kisara went to go check on her. I knew something was wrong when she started casting spells into the room. As I looked inside, I found Kisara hanging back and Adooris struggling with the tied up gnome cleric. It seems the cleric had somehow slipped some of her bindings and was talking to another gnome, a wizard I think. A wave of color came through the mist and struck Adooris. I watched her collapse and the wizard hand something to the cleric.

Kisara fired a spell into the two of them as I ran into the room to save the heretic. I'd die before I'd watch another of our tribe die. Kisara's spell had knocked the mage to the ground. As I reached Adooris I found that she was just unconscious. I dragged her out of the Temple and ordered the skeletons that the two gnomes had ignored to charge the them. One of them skewers the mage and the other knocks the cleric out again.

A few minutes later Adooris woke up no worse for wear. I tied the gnome cleric again, more securely this time. As the adrenaline starts to wear off, I studied the room. The walls were covered in carved murals smashed to pieces by the gnomes. The floors were a beautiful mosaic, left mostly undamaged except for light battle damage. The clockwork gnome's corpse sparked and crackled as it burned.
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We continued further into the Temple and found every mural smashed and every statue toppled. My hatred for the gnome grew with every one we find. We approached the altar to Kurtulmak. It was undamaged but the statue of Kurtulmak was knocked over. On the floor was the tribe's All-Watcher, Wiivai, and all the acolytes of the Temple. They died spear in hand. I said a quick prayer for them and continued on to the treasury. I quickly found out how to open the door without triggering any traps and we entered.

In the back of the room, behind the treasures the gnomes trying to steal, we found what we were looking for. Two levers labeled "Do not touch." One was for the collapsing living quarters and one was for collapsing the main hall. I said a quick prayer, hoping that any survivors have already left, then pulled the lever for the main hall. There was an explosion somewhere and it felt how I imagine an earthquake would feel. When it stopped, Adooris pulled the lever for the living quarters. The lever was harder to pull than the other. The explosion this time was much louder. It deafened and knocked all three of us to the ground. We brought the whole mine down on the damned gnomes. As Garl collapsed Darastrixhurthi upon Kurtulmak we collapsed our home upon the followers of Garl. They had invaded our home and killed our people. They will all share the same tomb.

We went back to the altar and I set the gnome cleric down on it. I cut her bindings and locked her legs and arms into the manacles on the altar. I grabbed the sacrificial knife and went to work. I cut open her clothing exposing her torso. I knife almost slipped out of my hand as I shake with anger. I felt the righteous hatred of Kurtulmak flow through me as I stabbed the knife below her rib cage. She awoke with a scream. I continued my work and made the cut larger and larger. I reached my hand into her chest cavity and messily tore out her heart. She didn't stop screaming until she bled out. I set the heart down on the altar and left the knife next to it. I stepped back from the altar and watched as the blood ran out of her wound, down the side of the altar and filled the symbol of Kurtulmak carved into the stone floor.

We stood together and the ceiling started raining blood upon us. It was a miracle. As the blood covered us I felt a power flowing through me. It must've been the work of Kurtulmak himself. I could see as the fallen statue materialized into Kurtulmak. He had appeared before me. Honestly, I froze. I had no idea what to do. He got up and stabbed his spear into the altar. He approached me and complimented me on the sacrifice. He asked what I wanted of him. I couldn't speak. It took a few seconds for me respond. I then answered honestly. I wanted him to protect what's left of our tribe from anything that would do us harm. He granted my wish and left. The statue crumbled into dust, but the spear remained.

After he left, I inspected the spear that was left beind. It didn't crumble to dust as the rest of the statue did, in fact it looked to be very ornate. I grabbed it and felt it's power. I knew what this weapon was. It was a holy relic, The Skewer of Gnomes. I pulled it from the altar then a prayer for those lost. We grabbed what treasures and equipment we could carry and took escape tunnel that lead to the surface. I led the way searching for traps in our path. I found some and others I didn't, but it didn't matter. Any traps we triggered didn't activate. Kurtulmak was watching over us.

Eventually we came to the exit. It was simple, a ladder leading up to a trap door. Through the door I could see light leaking into the tunnel. I climbed the ladder and pushed the trapdoor up. It was held in place by vines that had grown over it, but with enough force the vines gave and the door opened. I was blinded by the light that shone down upon me. Casting a spell to extinguish the light did nothing to lessen it's brightness. It must've been the sun. I'd never seen it before, it was certainly the brightest light that could ever exist.

I climbed out and after a few minutes of adjusting to the light I looked around, and then I looked up. That was a mistake. I felt as if I would fall into the sky, a giant never ending pit that had no bottom. I quickly decided to look around instead. Grasslands, hills, mountains and forests surrounded us. We rested for a bit in the cave as we decided what we'd do next.
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Splendid logs. I have a decent understanding of your perspectives now.
Take your bonus action points as usual. Everyone should have 6 + 1 bonus, for level 3.
>She heard him call out his wish. And soon her eyes where fixed on his in astonishment. A totally selfless wish uttered on his lips.
Really quite the based moment from Vyth there, I gotta say.
>Where we last left off, the Spawncampers were camping inside their cave and distributing the shinies

>The initial part of the session was mainly just inventory management, but that's something important that has to be accounted for until we get a bag of holding or two, but something notable is that Kisara got a +2 to charisma in exchange for a -2 to wisdom from the gnominator we killed
>Adooris would've too, but denied the chance so she wouldn't be dumping anything still
>we finally leave the cave for good, stepping out into the Dragon's Cradle and surveying our surroundings and a map that Wiivai had
>Turns out that despite being in the middle of what's officially gnome territory, there's all sorts of other kobold tribes around!
>With plenty of friendlies nearby, we should have no problems eventually laying waste to the gnomish population
>However, there's more pressing matters at hand: regrouping with what survivors we can find and getting ourselves ready to face this wider, scarier world
>So, we decide to set up on rocky outcrop and smoke/roast gnome nun's remains for food
>While doing this, we also hope that the smell will attract any friendlies nearby and also make some smoke signals from the fire to telegraph our presence more
>After a while of sitting and waiting, we do actually hear some yipping nearby!
>Vyth goes out to investigate this, and he does end up seeing some figures out in the darkness
>Problem is, they're way too big to be kobolds or gnomes
>Vyth tactically shits himself back to base and warns us, so we have time to set up some traps and protect our food as well
>By the time these things get here, we're hiding in our camp and hoping they just fuck off after seeing nobody's home
>It's at this point that we finally see what they are, and it's a bunch of big hairy animalistic humanoids stalking around with hyenas
>It's gnolls
>Not that our characters know what gnolls are or I know what gnolls do, but I do at least know that it's gnolls!
>Anyway, one of the hyenas sniffs our roasted gnome, but it gets a bit too close and one of our spear traps impales it for some good damage
>The gnolls take notice of this and become fully alerted to us, one of them moves in towards us but gets speared by another of our traps
>Adooris, being the first of us to properly respond to this incursion, throws a ditherbomb without cooking it, so it does nothing (for now)
>The wounded hyena, slighted by our arrogance for hitting it with a trap, charges us down and gets impaled again like a dummy
>Kisara attempts to put it down with some lightning, misses horribly, and then Vyth picks up the slack and kills the hyena
>One of the gnolls follows the now-dead hyena into the cave and chucks a net onto Adooris for some reason?
>Adooris blinks out of it immediately though so it effectively did nothing, and follows up by attacking the healthy hyena
>Also, the bomb finally goes off and wounds the hyena and cave gnoll respectively
>Kisara/Vyth work together to finish off the hyena and kill one of the gnolls too
>The gnolls, sensing their tactical disadvantage now that all of their meatshields and one of their own is dead, do the sensible thing and retreat
>That gnoll gets chewed out by his superiors which now enter the fray, and Kisara takes the moment to test her fancy new helmet and cast her first level 3 spell!
>The ensuing lightning bolt fries one gnoll and knocks another down, forcing him to waste a turn
>The fried gnoll tries to retaliate against Vyth, misses horribly, and is unceremoniously killed
>The remaining gnolls retreat away from the cave entrance and chug potions to heal themselves, so we get a free round to finish tooling around
>Adooris, who got netted again at some point, starts cutting herself free
>Kisara breaks out the caltrops wand and traps the doorway
>Vyth uses his new kickass spear that has the ability to cast spells to stab and cast inflict moderate wounds against a gnoll, killing it instantly
>There's a big show made about it, with Vyth literally tearing its still-beating heart out, and everybody gets a kick out of it
>Kisara does what she always does and casts lightning again, hurting the last gnoll again
>The gnoll tries to hit Vyth, but misses horribly (probably because the bitch was crying over its entire party being killed in front of it)
>Adooris also does some more stuff and Kisara, surprise surprise, does the same thing she always does
>However, because I wasn't paying attention to the fight, I didn't take a 5-foot step first and let Kisara eat an attack which, of course, crits
>Given how this attack would outright kill her due to the piles of damage and Kisara's fairly squishy nature, the DM lets me panic cast Wings of Protection to save my own ass
>Another round goes by without any problems now that I've remembered to take 5-foot steps, and everything's dead but us
>Alright, time to loot!
>As it turns out, these gnolls were slavers trying to capitalize on the attack that the Spawncamper tribe just suffered, so there are some kobolds in bags that they had!
>We rescue them, and we all check to see if we recognize them
>Adooris recognizes someone who bullied her (iirc), and one's recognized as a stuck up bitch who slighted Kisara in the past
>That one's going to get stepped on so hard when it wakes up
>But that's in the future, and for now there's the pressing issue of a bunch of corpses polluting our space
>We solve this problem by field-stripping one gnoll for eating purposes and then disposing the remaining corpses elsewhere
>We also quench the fire and opt to settle down for the night, allowing for some RP
>Kisara and Vyth argue about gnome being the best meat to eat, and then both of them try to get Adooris to eat something before she collapses from hunger, which eventually she begrudgingly does

Another fun session, I hope the next one goes well (and that I don't forget any more 5-foot steps, especially when my dumbassery nearly costs me my life.) See you all next week!

The area around had patches of gravel and rocks and trees. I couldn't speak for any of my companions, but I had never been on the surface before. It was too wide open, there were too many places to be attacked from, there were too many scents to tell what or where anything is and the sun was far too bright than it had any right to be. It was strange and it was dangerous. I already missed the underground.

The tunnel we had climbed out of collapsed behind us. It must've been Kurtulmak himself that held it up. We had taken all we could from the treasury. Anything we left behind was now covered in layers of rock and earth. We had now lost our home forever, but we weren't aimless.

We had decided to look for any survivors and then try and find another kobold tribe. There was a rival tribe nearby and even though our tribe wasn't friendly with theirs it was probably the safest bet we had.

Both of my companions had contracted... something. I wasn't sure what it was. In any sense of the word. Their scales looked more vibrant than usual, and Kisara started acting more impulsive. We were under the protection of Kurtulmak so it probably wasn't too terrible, hopefully. I will pray for their health.

In hindsight, it probably wasn't a good idea to listen to Kisara. Her idea was to, instead of scouring the local area for days upon days, light a fire and cook the sacrifice creating the smell of cooking gnome and hopefully it would lure any kobolds in the area to us. This was a terrible idea, but after losing almost everything I held dear and being thrust into an unfamiliar world I wasn't thinking clearly.

It was dusk by the time we had found a small cave nearby and started the fire outside it. We set the gnome to cook and waited. I heard something off in the distance, a yapping sound. I went to go investigate and stealthily found a vantage point. I found a group coming towards us, a group of things far too large to be kobolds with some four-legged creatures with them. I ran back to our encampment and we prepared. We used a wand of create trap and trapped the fire, then moved to the back of the cave and trapped the entrance to it. We waited for what seemed like hours but was probably just minutes. They approached the fire and I could see what they were, gnolls with some hyenas with them.

One of the hyenas triggered the trap by the fire. The hyenas rushed into our traps and we cut them down. One of the gnolls threw a net over Adooris and she did some heretical magic to escape it. We injured one of the gnolls and the two of them fell back and stated yapping at each other. Whatever it was they were speaking about, it didn't save them in the end. We advanced outside and slew them all. I threw The Skewer of Gnomes and it was as if my aim was guided by Kurtulmak himself. The spear struck true and came back to me having brought the creatures heart back with it. One of the gnolls threw another net on Adooris before it died. They were no match for us, except the last one. It charged at us ferociously and did manage to heavily wound not only me but Kisara too, but in the end it died like the rest.

We recovered for a bit and put the fire out when we discovered some sacks the gnolls were carrying. We cut them open and found some kobolds they had captured. It was good to see some more of us survived, but they were bruised and beaten. I didn't personally recognize any of them, but my companions did. We brought them into the cave and settled down for the night. I tended to everyone's wounds as best as I could and discovered that I had a taste for gnoll and that Kisara and Adooris were sisters. I was surprised at this considering how different they looked, but I didn't bring it up. Adooris refused to eat anything for some reason. We had a journey ahead of us and now with eight mouths to feed I feared we didn't have the food and water on hand to make it. At least we have some more help if we get into any more fights. I thanked Kurtulmak for his help in the battle today and tried to sleep. I was kept awake for awhile by the thought of being ambushed while I slept. I eventually fell into a dreamless sleep.
Kisara's Player, the Briefly Illness-Stricken
163491 163498
>Where we last left off, the party killed some gnolls/hyenas and rescued a group of other kobolds!

>We pick back up after a rest while we wait for our new friends to wake up
>When they finally do, we do our best to pass on our knowledge of the situation to them
>Also, Kisara takes the opportunity to dunk on the kobold that called her lazy back in their previous lives
>After everybody's awake, rations are gathered, and weapons are donned, we begin our journey!
>Our plan as it stands is to head for another burrow in the mountains where another friendly group of kobolds is located
>Fortuitously, it passes by a human town on the way so we'll hopefully be able to swindle more supplies out of them
>We start on our journey, and we're barely an hour in when a bigass dragon flies somewhat close by where we just were
>It's not a chromatic dragon, and it's definitely not a metallic dragon either
>That winged abomination is an adamantine dragon, a bastardized creation of Garl Glittergold himself
>Yeah, we're getting the fuck out of here and we're doing it now
>We continue on our journey undisturbed until we finally approach the wonderful town of humanville!
>There's a bunch of people waiting in a line to get in, so we have time to formulate a plan to get in while we wait
>We eventually decide on putting Kisara in a business suit while Adooris and Vyth pose as her guards to make us seem like big important kobolds
>In the meantime though, we witness another kobold running away from the guards
>Adooris goes to help him while Kisara, thoroughly offended by the humans turning away one of her kind, sneaks off to try to boobytrap some doorknobs inside the town
>Kisara's plan is shot down immediately though when a guard sees her approach the wall and immediately glare at her
>Adooris, however, finds success as that kobold happens to be a quest hook!
>Vyth holds our place in line though while the rest of us ran off just in case, and the other kobolds opted to stay with him
>Eventually we make it to the front of the line, and through good diplomacy we're allowed to at least talk to the guards and not get run off by the human supremacists
>The guards, amused by Kisara's getup and un-koboldlike politeness, tell us about a nearby stream to get some water from since we can't directly enter the village for supplies
>In exchange, we inform them of the adamantine dragon and the potential threat it could hold
>They shrug it off though, and hopefully they won't be forced to witness how stupid they were for laughing at that threat
>Once we're on the road again, a bunch of bandits ambush us but are quickly routed because we're a bit more heavily armed than the average group of wandering retards
>And to cap off this day, we find a tavern by the side of the road!
>We decide to stop in and are pleasantly surprised to find that nobody there is angry at us
>The innkeeper does glare at Kisara and Vyth though, probably had the ability to detect evil or something
>We manage to get some information out of him and some of the other taverngoers and purchase some more palatable rations for Adooris, since she's still above eating what we kill
>We unfortunately can't sleep in the tavern though as it's completely booked, so we camp outside and continue on our way for this quest
>Today's the day that we get to the mine, so it's time to finally do this thing!
>The first thing we do is find a secret entrance hidden within a chasm
>Going in without any intel is suicide though, so we question our quest kobold about what kind of troglodyte forces we're up against
>He gives us an estimate of about 10, so it'll be a little challenging based on our last encounter but still completely doable (especially with our now inflated numbers)
>With no other barriers to entry, we break into the secret entrance and find a room with a winch and a mineshaft
>Being the intelligent lizzers we are, we opt to go down the winch hole
>Adooris goes first down the rope we left, Kisara literally jumps down after her with a command of "Catch me!", and Vyth is the next down before all the NPCs file in
>There's a lotta water at the bottom of it, and another tunnel leading off to who knows where
>There's something large in front of the tunnel too, which is ominous
>And to make matters worse, a bigass beetle crawls out from behind it
>As it turns out, the large thing is another, even bigger beetle too (from what I remember, I could be wrong)
>However, since the beetles seem to be ignoring us, we just give them a wide berth and go around them to the north
>This tunnel then leads to another area, one filled with kobolds!
>This catches us offguard, especially since our questbold is cowering at the sight of his kin
>We don't immediately fight anyone though, since that would be fucking stupid
>Instead, we talk things out like civil adults and a whole bunch of pieces start falling into place
>The questbold was wearing a fake beard when we found him, and he refused to take it off until we forced him to
>He ran to a human settlement for help instead of seeking out another tribe of kobolds
>This used to officially be a dwarf mine
>And the dwarves were trying to psyop the kobolds into working for them through a brainwashed puppet leader
>This kobold thinks he's a FUCKING DWARF
>Everybody starts laughing at him for this and both sides of kobolds start bullying him and tying him up to presumably execute him for his dumbassery
>Kisara, however, has seen enough kobolds die senselessly in her short life, so she steps in with the best "come to your senses" speech she can think of
Kisara's Player, the Briefly Illness-Stricken

>"You will never be a real dwarf. You have no beard, you have no forges, you have no mine. You are a kobold twisted by propaganda into a crude mockery of what you should be."
>"All the 'validation' you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your 'friends' laugh at your pitiful nature behind closed doors."
>"Dwarves are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed them to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even if you 'passed', you would still look uncanny and unnatural to them. Your scales are a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get their approval, any dwarf will turn tail and bolt the second he has to actually do something for you."
>"You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight."
>"Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a sword, raise it above your head, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a kobold is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably reptilian."
>"This is your fate. This is what you chose. This is your one chance to turn back. Take it or perish."
>>(Note: this probably isn't exactly as I said it, but it's pretty similar in effect)
>By the end of Kisara's speech, the entire party is laughing and the DM gives me an enormous bonus to diplomacy for this piece of artwork and has me roll to see if it works
>Natural fucking twenty
>This poor kobold is suplexed through all five stages of grief at once, the sheer magnitude of the speech breaking him beyond any potential seething and leaving only coping
>With that settled, we enter a civil discussion with the chief of the Skullcrushers and inform him of the adamantine dragon as well
>He takes that news hard, but we manage to calm him down a bit by agreeing to rescue some kobolds who were also imprisoned by the troglodytes
>In exchange, we drop off all of our rescuees for safekeeping
>And that's where the session ended

Another fun game, and I look forward to what happens next week! See you all then!
>Power Word: DILATE
Kisara's Player, the Briefly Illness-Stricken
An artist's rendition of Kisara in her business suit disguise (forgive the 90 degree rotation, it's not present in the actual image and rotating it in editors does nothing to fix the problem)
Kisara's Player, the Briefly Illness-Stricken
no, I saved it onto my computer