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Creepy Fucking Stories That Happened To You
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Post Stories that happened to you or someone you know. I'll start:

I was driving through a rural road one night, moving back home with my stuff in the trunk and backseat of my car. In the middle of nowhere I ran over a nail or something and blew a tire. I drove on a little further down the road cause there was an intersection ahead. Ended up at the gravely side near a crossroad, hoping I'd be more visible and maybe flag someone down cause I didn't have a spare. I waited for what felt like 2 fucking hours with no other cars in sight. No fucking cellular service. After swearing and kicking the shit out of my tire, I sat next to my car- ass on the dirt, back against wheel, bolts digging into my shoulders, I didn't give a shit. Done as fuck.

Then I saw a man walking up to me walking through the ditch. It was dark af so couldn't make out his face, I got up as he came closer. He was friendly and smooth talking, kinda sinister, got a real car salesman vibe. He quickly offered to replace my tires, guaranteed them and said they'll get me anywhere I wanted to go, that I could go anywhere I pleased perfectly safe and without fail for life. I told him I didn't have any cash on me (only had cards), he didn't seem interested and said I could write him a "promise to pay" which sounded crazy to me, I was clearly just passing through. I told him it was okay and that a tow truck was on it's way. He smiled, that I did see, then he walked back into the ditch and into the tall grass. I got back into the car and waited for 15 minutes then drove off on the flat for 30km to the next town. Totally destroying my wheel. Got a hotel and kept my motherfucking soul.
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One time a friend of mine and I were driving at night. The road we were on was a main street in a suburban area with a lot of shops on it, but it was like 2 in the morning so everything was closed up and we were the only ones on the road. We noticed a car pulled over to the side of the road. The shoulder of the road dipped down into kind of a ditch and then started up into a hill, and the car was maybe a little ways down into the ditch. One door was open and the interior cab light was on, that was how we noticed them. It looked like there were two girls standing next to it, one of them was waving her arms at us as we drove by.

We decided to flip around and see if they needed help (and probably also dick), but it was a road with a median down the middle so we had to go down a little ways before we could flip around and go back. Not far, less than a block, probably took us less than 15-20 seconds to get there and turn around. When we came back the other way though there was no car and no girls.

Like I said, the road was completely deserted that time of night. We didn't see or hear a car go past us while we were turning around, and anyway the way their car was pulled over it would have taken them longer to get back in, start the engine, back up and pull out than it took us to turn around, so there was no way we wouldn't have seen them if they'd left. Plus they would have had to have driven past us, since they wouldn't have been able to go the other direction unless they wanted to drive over the median.

We were both kind of creeped out about it. My friend was like "We did both just see two girls and a car by the side of the road just now, right?" We had definitely both seen the same thing. They were completely gone though.

The incident was also weird because it reminded me of something else weird that I'd seen driving down that same road a couple of years before. I used to have a job at a mall near there and I would take that road home every night. One night I remember driving home and very close to the same spot where we later saw the two girls I noticed a car pulled over to the side of the road with a foot sticking out of the window. I didn't slow down or stop, I figured it was just someone sleeping in their car or something, but I thought it was really weird and it gave me the creeps that night. I remember checking the paper the next morning to see if there had been any bodies found along that road or anything but there hadn't, so I forgot about it until seeing the two girls and the car jogged my memory.
>he didn't seem interested and said I could write him a "promise to pay"
You had a run in with the devil my guy.
Damn, that does seem pretty spooky. I'd be weirded out by a "promise to pay" as well, though I'm not sure I would have interpreted it the same way you did

That's also a pretty spooky story. I admit I've never had anything like that happen in my life

also bump
>Staying at my grandmothers house, after she has died, by myself with my cat.
>One day I go to check the mail.
>I reach up to get the keys on a hook by the door. (about 2m up the wall, no furniture for cat to climb on)
>No keys.
>being aware of deaths being associated paranormal activity, and being aware of apports ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apport_(paranormal) ), I feel with my hands to verify my eyes.
>No keys.
"Oh, where are they???"
>search house, no keys
>remember I have spare keys.
>find spare keys, use spare keys.
>get outside and check the mail. No mail.
>come back inside
>put spare keys on hook and return to normal life and let original keys appear when ever they do
>original keys are back there now
"WTF, thanks grandma! Please don't watch me shower!"
Not really much of a scary story, but it's something.
>be me
>start hearing noises and seeing dark shapes out of the corner of my eyes
>mind immediately jumps to demons
>start calling them out whenever I see/hear them
>threatening to call an exorcist or get some holy water
>eventually get some holy water
>sprinkle it in every room while saying something to the effect of "demons get out REEE"
>no more problems since
I still have more holy water just in case
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Not much happens in my life, but this shit was weird.

>Be me
>Be 10
>driving home from grandma's place after dinner one night
>everyone tired because been playing skip-bo and eating good cooking for 4 hours.
>bit on context

Grandma lives out in bumfuck arkansas, out there you can just start driving and be out there all night without a single sign. Despite this most of it is paved, and living here all my life, I know most of these roads.

>driving out, there are two lefts and a right to get home
>3-4 miles of straight road on final stretch
>we are talking about something, school or just being talkative when tired

>we all blink and the road is gravel(We should have been half of the way home by now)
>everyone suddenly wide the fuck awake hearing the loud ass gravel.
>pitch fucking dark, no idea where we were
>mom decides to turn around and drive out

It turns out that, in the blink of an eye, we had ended up 30 miles out of the way in the middle of a fucking dear lease.

Behind 2 locked gates.

Two. Counties. Away.

Had to get out of car and ask hunters sleeping in their camp to help us out.

To this day no fucking idea what the fuck happened. Don't drive that route anymore.
holy shit m8. thats terrifying.
The fuck is a county? Other than that spoopy story m8
American states are divided into counties, which make up the local government and may contain anywhere from one to several towns and/or cities. They're more of a big deal in rural areas, as big cities are often their own county in the form of city limits.

t. used to live in MN
IN resident here, I can confirm this.
I actually have another spoopy story, this one is actually very seriously spoopy, at least to me. Also, this is going to sound like some /x/ tier creepypasta, but I swear this is something that I honestly remember happening.

When I was a kid, this would have been like 1991-1992, my parents took a trip together and left me and my brother to stay with my grandparents for a week. My parents had limits on how much TV we were allowed to watch at home but my grandparents didn't care, so basically all I did that week was sit and watch Nickelodeon from after breakfast until bedtime just because I could.

Anyway, I remember around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, Lassie reruns were on. One day, I remember sitting in my grandparents' living room watching as usual. My brother wasn't as excited about being allowed to sit in front of the TV all day as I was so he wasn't around. My grandparents were off somewhere too so it was just me in the room. This episode of Lassie comes on, the title was The Haunted Farm. For anyone who's never seen Lassie before it was this old TV show from the 50s about a kid named Timmy and his dog, the kid was always getting into trouble and then Lassie would save the day somehow.

I specifically remember several things about this episode, one of which was the title card that read "The Haunted Farm" displaying white letters over black and white footage of an old country road. I don't remember what the setup was, but in the episode Timmy decides to go check out this old abandoned farm, by himself like a retard. I think his friends dared him to go, that's usually how these kinds of stories work. He goes into the barn, and it's this tracking shot of Timmy's feet walking along the floor. I very clearly remember this part. The floor is wood planks, with hay scattered around. The camera slowly follows Timmy's feet as he's walking. That corny 50's dramatic music is playing while he's walking. There's this old fashioned looking overturned wheelbarrow, I remember what the wheel looked like. He walks past the wheelbarrow and he sees this creepy-ass scarecrow thing sitting on the floor, propped up against the wall with its legs out.

The scarecrow thing is creepy looking as all hell. You can tell from looking at it that it's just an actor dressed up like a scarecrow, and the barn is pretty obviously a TV set but it was still creepy enough to scare a kid. Anyway, Timmy kind of hesitates when he sees it, you can tell he doesn't really want to walk past it but he doesn't want to turn back either, like I said I think the setup is that his friends dared him to come in here or something. He screws up his courage and steps over the scarecrow's legs. The corny music is doing that vibrating strings thing they always used to do when they wanted to build tension. But he steps across, then he puts his other foot across, and he's on the other side of the scarecrow. Then, suddenly, it comes to life and attacks him.

So Timmy is yelling for help, rolling around on the floor of this barn as this terrifying scarecrow thing tries to wrestle him and hold him down. They do that thing they always do in Lassie episodes where the action happening cuts away to a shot of Lassie's head perking up as her super dog hearing or whatever the fuck makes her realize that Timmy is in trouble, and she starts running. It cuts back and forth between shots of Lassie running and shots of Timmy and that goddamn scarecrow thing wrestling around on the floor of the barn. Then suddenly Lassie jumps in through a window and starts biting the scarecrow on the arm and growling, and Timmy is able to get up and run away. The last bit I remember is a shot of Timmy and Lassie running away from the barn, the sky is all dark and gloomy looking and clearly a painted backdrop. I don't remember any of the rest of the episode or even the beginning of it very well, but I very clearly remember these things: the title card that said "The Haunted Farm," the tracking shot of Timmy's feet, plank floor, hay, overturned wheelbarrow, and the fight scene with the scarecrow. The episode really unsettled me, and watching it alone didn't help.

Now, here's the fucking spoopy part. I hadn't really thought much about this episode, other than just randomly recalling it every now and then as something dumb that had scared me when I was a kid. Not long ago though I had an idea for a visual novel style horror game which I'm still planning to make where the monster is a giant man-sized scarecrow-like doll thing (life-size straw men and mannequins and things like that have always creeped me out, go figure). Anyway I thought of this old Lassie episode I saw when I was a kid and the impression it made on me, and thought it might be fun to watch it again, maybe the scarecrow thing would serve as inspiration or whatever. I expected it to just be some corny old 50s TV show that wouldn't be even remotely scary to an adult and it would at least be fun to watch again and laugh at.

Here's the thing though: I have searched literally everywhere, not just YouTube and the like, but I have gone through episode guides and wikis for Lassie, and I have never been able to find an episode called The Haunted Farm, or even an episode that remotely fits this description. Closest thing I could find is one called "The Haunted House," but the story is not even close to what I described. And then I started thinking about how strange the whole thing was to begin with. The scene I described would have been pretty disturbing for a family show in the 50s, it's hard to imagine anyone back then greenlighting a script like that. Then I thought maybe I was remembering a different show or something, but I found a list of Nickelodeon programming from that era, and they did show Lassie reruns in the afternoon.

Again, I know this sounds like a creepypasta but I swear to God this is what I remember.
That's pretty spoopy. I'm adding that to the list of Mandella effect stuff.

As an aside, years ago my middle school had a Halloween dance and I dressed up as a scarecrow with this big stupid jack-o-lantern candy basket repurposed into a mask. I spent most of the evening leaning up against walls with my arms outstretched, and then spooking people by jumping to life.

Also, my mask did not have enough ventilation. When trick-or-treating with the costume, I started feeling really sick by the end of the evening and then got better when I took it off. I think that I nearly asphyxiated myself.