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Hot takes and politics/philosophy in games thread?

I'll start with Hiveswap Friendsim, a dating-sim format game that delves into some lore into their fictional race of trolls and such; I know that Homestuck's got a cancerous fandom and sometimes it gets a little liberal for my tastes, but in terms of philosophy and political allegory, sometimes it really gets the noggin joggin'.

For instance, this summarization of two characters, Folykl and Kuprum, has some discussion on nihilism, chan culture, internet fetishization and degeneracy, and the blackpill.

Since my comment was hidden by jewtube (visible when logged in but not to anyone else), I thought I'd see if I could pitch this idea to you guys and see if it starts some interesting political discussion.

>The fact he's mid-lower class and heavily internet-savvy I think, is a direct message to /b/tards, /pol/acks, /v/ and /co/ users, and nor/mlp/eople who've grown disenfranchised.

>The urban middle and mid-lower class of our world, are pushed further into their fandoms and subcultures, seeing politics policed in every mainstream community they join. As politics are more heavily censored, more extreme figures bring people into their fold and drop the, ah..."crimson capsule" for them. They know (((who))) pulls the strings of the press, the mass-media, the porn industry and the political center of their society. They don't represent a large part of the population, but their hands are all around these fields and what they seem to want is a cultural suicide.

>All the while, goldbloods are submerged in this culture. Raised by a culture of boomers who unwittingly give them the baby-glove treatment, emasclate and weaken them through a middling and comfortable life. Surrounded by an internet of porn-addled minds, instant gratification and distraction in a world that actively discourages these things.

>When their favorite cultural epicenters, their fandoms, are fucked with, they react strongly because - what else do they have if not a history to champion or a future to strive for? They've been taught to be docile consumers, and now what they consume demonizes them for the way they were born, punishes them for having priviledge even though in reality they have no power outside the somewhat meager starting-scratch their families gave them, which they use to consume media and create home-made computers. Politically they're the untermensch, and culturally they're degenerates.

>It's hopeless, in the channer's mind. There's not much to live for, and not much to really gain out of interacting with others. There's a tinge of doom in all their hearts, even if they think there may be a way to fight back against it through hacktivism and meme-based propaganda. They try to have fun, they watch their shows and read their comics and play their tabletops and vidya. But there's always murmurs of hopelessness. Battlefield V outright shreds any pretense of historical accuracy or immersion; Warhammer 40K abandons its lore to pander to the diversity-embracing crowd; and Dungeons and Dragons continues to get under fire for not being inclusive enough to trans people (????? There's literally transgender spells, used within canonical works several times by main characters, so even without making your own spells and rules you can fulfil a transgender fantasy in DnD); and My Little Pony abandons its message that friendship and social success are something you must learn by doing instead of simply reading about it, because they want to be inclusive to.....don't make me say it....okay fine, every-CREATURE.

>TL;DR: Goldbloods are the embodiment of the channer. The missing generation of millennial fandom-culture. The anime-right driven by a desire to not be swallowed by nihilism, using the consumer media they grew up with to derive meaning (kinda like you! Not an insult - a compliment actually, your work's great at unpacking this series and providing real-life or historical/philosophical context for it). They're the generation of revenge.

Any other hot takes you'd like to share? Headcanon or canon, any genre or setting, whatever.