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New RPG Game - What is Divinity Original Sin 2, and WHY is it making reviewers CRAZY!?


Divinity Original Sin 2 is being hailed by multiple reviewers as one of, if not the best RPG of all time. Of all time. Seriously. What is it about this old-school crpg that’s got people so worked up and is it REALLY better than KOTOR II? The previous best RPG of all time? Mike and Jake like it, but can they get to the bottom of why this is getting some all-time praise?

Threadly Disclaimer: I do not work for Larian Studios, bought the game after a friend recommended it to me. Watched some streams, bought it and liked it so far. Since i noticed this board has a large Fantasy RPG thread I figured you would like to know about this.

oh btw, this game has of course online multiplayer and even a Game Master mode with dice.
Oh that looks nice, thanks op i will be sure to check it out.
>Have been playing PoE for the last three days
I played this game's predecessor. The mechanics were really neat but the story's pacing at the start of the previous Divinity Original sin was a bit slow and failed to hook my interest. It didn't help that I was playing it as co-op with a friend and scheduling conflicts slowed us down at the start.

It's back in my backlog and I've been meaning to force myself to push through it. I'll probably eventually get Divinity Original Sins 2 on sale.
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I am now about 40 hours in, taking things slow.

I dont know if this is the best RPG ever made, but what I can say is, its a very good game and fun to play. Imagine a fantasy version of XCOM with permadeath (not for your characters, but reviving is limited and expensive) and friendly fire. Tatical decisions based on line of sight, ground structure/sourroundings and presice clicks are quite important.

This game has no random encounters or farming for that matter. Every fight is a one-off. What is dead, stays dead. And its difficult! The start was a little slow but now that i got the hang of, i am very much charmed by it. In a nutshell, this is the kind of game i wished Mortheim: City of the damned on PC would have been. Sadly, no playable Orks (yet) but that may change in the future.