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Well, there was an article on the 4chans and so I bring it here. This was a game that had ponies lost in one big forest just trying to make do with everything. There were caves with puzzles, lots of areas to explore, lots of forest begging to be chopped down to make way for dominance of pony vs nature. There were alot of great friends to be made and it was great.

Then not too long ago, the servers just stopped and that was that. For the few of us, we already had our own discord so we gathered there, for the rest of us, they lost touch. That is why I post this here, to reconnect with all the poners that were and see about still being.

So to Cheri, Noaar, Husker, Trixie, Diamond Tiara, Cloudvents, Lurker, Meno, Waffles, MikroKek, Zeppid, Abendrot, Thorn Rose, Olive Bloom, Happy, Hoverdrums, Alden, Sidewinder, Sixpence, Rune, and Dead.

I hope to hear back from all of ye.
Is this being remade or something?
I have no idea, I do know that it is open source and with in a day's time OP, the creator of the game, did some update, so he still is alive. However, as to why the whole servers went down, what the fate of the game is, or to where everyone that played it went, that is anyone's guess.
Oh shit, hi guys, outpost dev here. Was not expecting to find this here.

Server is down because (1) it fucking crashed again, (2) I'm tired of manually repairing save files every time this happens when hardly anyone was playing anymore, and (3) the new version is almost ready to go anyway.

Current plan goes like this:
> Early next week: put up a VERY basic test server running the new version
> fix any major crashes / other bugs
> add some actual content (more than one house type, floors, furniture, etc.)
> August 11 or 12: "official" launch of the new version, with announcement thread on /mlp/
This could all get delayed depending on how much trouble I have getting things working, but there really is only one major feature left to finish before I have something worth publishing.

Note, when I say "test server", think of the "good old days" around early-mid 2015, when the map reset every week and the whole server crashed at least once every other weekend. The new version of the game engine has a lot of new code that hasn't been tested much, which is why it needs a proper test run before the official release.

I was planning to make an /mlp/ thread for the server test, but if you send me an invite to that discord, I'd be happy to announce it there instead. I don't need (or especially want) the full legions of /mlp/ on it for the initial stage of testing. I can also pass the invite along to a few of the people from your list if you'd like.