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Mixed Nuts: Gentoo
Ladies and Gentlemen! The festivities are about to begin!
What you see here is a bastardized TTRPG structured for online use. Primarily based on DnD 5e (but with LOTS of minor house rules and tweaks), what you are about to witness is a continuation of a story that began years ago, only to diminish into nothingness and ignominy.
But lo, I am a fan of closure, and so it is time for a new story. A new adventure, a new team of heroes, and a new team of villains.
That's right, this edition of Mixed Nuts features an online party (the heroes) pitted against an irl TTRPG group who will be playing the primary villains. It will be a phenomenal game of cat and mouse, with all manner of features and instances in between and surrounding.

In two days, the villain coalition will commence session one, after which the short-story/prologue/introduction post will drop, after which the game will kick off in full. Game days are intended to be 2x/ month on alternating weekend days, as works for the players and their schedules.

New players are welcome but out of necessity admissions are very restricted. If any individuals are interested in participating, they should post to this thread. Having said, one shouldn't get their Hope's up; no guarantees.

So pull up a chair, pour your favorite booz, and get comfy as all assembled attempt to kill one another, and attempt to entertain all comers throughout.