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Spoopy Games Thread
I feel like this board needs a dedicated thread for discussing spoopy games. Post/discuss games in the horror genre, or games that are creepy or unsettling for whatever reason to you. Games that gave you nightmares as a child as well as more recent ones are all welcome.

Bonus points for old and/or obscure games.

My personal favorite: The Dark Eye (1995)

This is an old point and click adventure from a brief period in the mid 90s where every adventure game was done in a first-person slide show style similar to Myst. The object of the game usually revolved around exploring and interacting with the world. Full-motion video was popular, and game characters were usually live actors shot against a blue screen and integrated into the world.

The Dark Eye was unique in that it had basically no puzzles to solve, the object of the game was mostly to move around the environment and watch the story unfold. It was also unique in that, rather than using live actors for its video scenes, the characters were all creepy looking claymation puppets. The story was based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, and gameplay alternated between a surreal "waking" world where a semi-original story based loosely on Poe's "Fall of the House of Usher" played out, and a dream world in which the player would explore three different Poe stories from multiple perspectives. Each story would be played twice, once from the perspective of the murderer, and once from the perspective of the victim.

The game was unfortunately a little too weird to be marketable, and the developer went out of business shortly after releasing it. I was fortunate enough to be one of the few people who happened to play it when it was new, and it's been one of my favorite games ever since. It was probably the first game I ever played that legitimately frightened me. Graphically and game-play wise it probably hasn't aged well enough to have the same effect on modern audiences that it did on me when I was a kid, but it's still worth playing.

The game has gained something of a cult following in the years since it's release. You can still find copies of it on eBay for sale, and it's available on various abandonware sites as well, although I will warn you it can be kind of difficult to get running. I've gotten it to run on Windows 3.1, 95, and Mac System 7 (8 and up it will crash). Fortunately the game was released as a hybrid mac/pc disc, so if you can't get it to run on one system you can easily try another.

Here's a link to a let's play of the entire game if obtaining/installing it sounds like too much trouble. However I really would recommend playing it for yourself, it's one of those weird forgotten gems of gaming history that everyone really ought to play at least once.
>Games that gave you nightmares as a child
Haha! Joke's on you OP! You gave me an excuse to name a non-spoopy game that spooped me when I was stupid little kid.


Years ago Chex created a doom clone where you played as a anthropomorphized cereal space marine that fought these slime creatures. You didn't even kill them. The aliens were completely immune to weapons, so all of your "weapons" were just teleporters that sent them home.

This was before the modern trend of maps being long linear hallways. My spatial reasoning wasn't very good at the time and I would get lost. Some of the later levels had dark segments with flickering lights. I'd get lost in the dark and hear the slime creatures making warbling screeches in the next room over. It freaked me out at the time.

Yes, the Chex marine is armed with a power spork in this image.


Hey, that's fine. This thread is for the discussion of any game that anypony considers spoopy. If Chex Quest is spoopy to you, then it belongs here.

I get where you're coming from on the spatial reasoning thing too, I always have trouble with that in games. It's part of why I've never been particularly good at FPS games, I always end up getting lost. DOOM in particular I always had trouble navigating the areas.
Bumping this thread because it's October and is time for spoopy. Surely someone must know of some spoopy games.
Not so much spoopy skeleton game, but more of a creeping horror, "I WANT TO GET OFF MR. BONE'S WILD RIDE" game, Spec Ops: The Line was a great descent into madness as well as ruined shooters for me. Explaining it will spoil the feels, so go in blind on a sale.

I believe I got it for $5-$7.50 on Steam and it was well worth it. If I want to get that unsettling feeling I'll pull up the cutscenes on Youtube.
OFF is probably the weirdest sports game you'll ever play. Made by a French guy (those frog-eaters are masters of the avante-garde), you'll wander around in a hand-drawn world that will make you question existence and the true meaning of Ghostbusters.

The music is also suitably creepy and emotional. You can play this fun RPG for free or, if you're a pleb, you can watch Markiplier's playthrough.
Gingiva cover.jpg
Ah that was a really nice rpg, I played it years ago and I still remember every single detail, I do too recommend it.

While on the genre of RPGs, I must say gingiva is quite interesting to look at.

Remnants of Skystone
One of the best, yet sadly underrated and now extinct, Flash games of all time is Remnants of Skystone. I played it for a year back in its heyday in 2011, and the well-crafted environments, lore, and monsters have left a permanent impression. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyz1cOkbQoQ

A mysterious alien rock had crashed from the sky amongst three warring civilizations, who studied and worshipped this odd artifact. One day, this rock, the "Skystone," exploded, covering the world in noxious haze which spawned freakish fungi and creatures called "mimics." What was left of society took refuge in the sky. Two centuries later, they now seek to reclaim the land, one zone at a time.

The gorgeous art style of this game drew me into becoming a fan of steampunk. Gameplay was also quite impressive too for a Flash game and it was a fully-fleshed-out RPG. Combat was somewhat clunky of course but the original mechanics more than made up for it.

Unfortunately, it was under-appreciated art of its time and the game bled away its playerbase. The developer FlipLine Studios must have been made up of Jews because they left the beautifully crafted world, lore, and characters to rot in order to get shekels off their "Papa's Pizzeria" line of games. They took it off Kongregate in 2014 and now all that's left is the wiki and the memories of a small group of players.