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How do I turn my imaginary pony waifu gf with monster crotchtits into a full blown disorder?
Discuss tulpamancy.
Step 1, imagine a location. Call it your Wonderland. Or your Mind Palace if you are annoying.
Step 2, imagine it harder. Recalling this location should be as easy as remembering the place you grew up.
Step 3, begin imagining your OC tulpa and projecting traits into her. Imagine her reactions, what she says, until it all becomes automatic. Imagining her face and thoughts must become reflexive. Easy. Spend time with her. Spend time talking to her inside your mind even if you aren't sure if she can hear you. Try asking her questions and sensing her emotions and reactions even if you can't hear her voice yet. Take her on adventures inside your mind where she gets to do shit and be helpful for something besides MUH DICK which is all 98% of tulpafags are actually after. Just buy a vibrating fleshlight if that's all you care about. Tulpas are friends for life.
Step 5, use cringe tulpa forums to spend hours talking to roleplaying nerds about your tulpa. If people actually get pissed at you for your progress or curious about what secret helped you progress so far you're doing something right. Actually don't waste hours talking to nerds roleplaying like they want you to join in. If they have multiple disposable one note characters they are just roleplaying faggots. One fully realized character is better than a harem stable full of visually different whores with one note gimmicks separating their characterizations.
So you're saying I have to roleplay with a bunch of autistic retards? Ew, gay. That's almost as cringe and unhealthy as using mlpol.
Guess I'll have to take a shower, go outside, and talk to a... A w-woman if I ever want to feel loved. fml may as well just cry and masturbate myself to sleep again.
Lmao you don't actually have to roleplay with autistic hedonistic coombrained faggots on sites for sexual roleplaying and occasional tulpa related posting. That part is optional. Although if your tulpa doesn't meet a faggot with imaginary cumsocks he calls tulpas while blaming the personalities he projected onto them for his own out of control sex addiction and think "I don't want to turn out like that" is she really complete?
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This is all way too convoluted. Tulpamancy is just too gay I guess I'll have to something more extreme.
I'm deleting my clop folder, donating my fleshlight to charity, and I'm never using an avante garde image board ever again. No politrickal speeding, either. Fuck it, I'm never using the Internet ever again. It's all very gay and I haven't even found the first sign of a real mare yet, just trannies from /mlp/. Disgusting. /mlpol/ is only slightly less gay and degenerate, very sad.
No, there could be mares out there in real life that are just waiting to be discovered by [-]the right man[-] me. I just have to believe in the mares hard enough and, if my Love is true, I will find my harem of ANATOMICALLY CORRECT, BIG-CROTCHTITTIED YANDERE, MOMMY MARES in an abandoned mineshaft or something.
They could be hiding anywhere, but I won't rest until I've scoured the surface of North America and I have completed my Love Quest.
Thank you, Nigel. You've deradicalized and saved me from a sad life of noxiously shitposting on dead, gay image boards. I will find my mares and I will mention how (You) inspired me to find them when I'm Time's Man of the Year for making first contact (sexually) with an alien species. I won't forget you when I've finally made it, King.
If you ever find success in life, remember us.
Good luck on your journey, friend. I wish you much luck and happiness