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Spiritual War as a Christian
166843 166863 170203 170204 170706
Forgive them.
Command that which ails you thus:
"Go to my GOD, and to my lord Jesus Christ and pray with all thine heart, all thine mind, all thine spirit, all thine faculties, all thine body, all thine strength, all thine being, and all thine self. Pray as one ought. Pray GOD turns your heart to GOD. Pray GOD turns all you are towards GOD. Amen."
Peace be upon you.
You shall know them by their works, send them. By name, by being, by identity, by identifier, by fruit, by work, or by which you name It.
Speak/Think at It.
Send them.
Be not glad you command such, be glad your name is written in heaven.
Be glad.

Partake in the Good Word. Pray so as to talk with GOD, Jesus Christ, your guardian angel. Turn towards GOD and give everything and more.
For your Wife/Husband, your children, your mother, your father, your brother, your sister may also be prayed in this way.
For Catholics they must be by Blood.
For everyone and everything else.
Do thus:
"My GOD, I ask to be in accordance with your will. I ask that my words and works are in accordance with your will. I ask what ought I do?"
-t. Anonymous. Source: in accordance.
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christ fth.jpg

Jesus the Christ is near.
All prophecy in the Bible is about Him, both the first time and now His return.

Jeremiah 8 onward tells of the end times as well.

The man who has arrows coming out of his mouth are (((them))). The horseman who only has a bow, perhaps launches the arrows from his mouth.
Conquer, War, Famine, Death.
In other terms.
Provocation and poisoning using words and trickery and traps.
Slaughtering those who would dare with extreme measures. The Broadsword.
Slavery barely able to make ends meet. Not nearly enough to resist.
Death, the total destruction upon those parasitized. There is nothing left so they escape. Also the spiritual, cultural, mental or physical death of the host.

God always keeps His promises, because God is good.
I pray that everyone joins the feast, participating in the first resurrection.
168843 168968
The location of the Lake of Fire is where the Great Prostitute Israel was.
I could be incorrect.
It seems to fit that the spreader of abominations and horrors is turned into being a refining crucible.

It's possible that the Mark of the Beast is Touching (submitting to) that Wall in Jerusalem.
It's pretty obvious what the mark of the beast is: credit score.
You must have the mark of the beast to buy or sell. Similarly, to afford a home/land, start a business, make any kind of large purchase, get a good job, or otherwise participate in the 21st century economy you need to have a good credit score. Attempting not to participate just sends your credit score lower.
The mark of the beast itself doesn't damn you; it oppresses you. With credit scores, banks control who is able to prosper in the world, and everyone must be beholden to them or risk having their credit score lowered.
You can have it "on you hand" (using a card reminds you who your ruler is every time you use it on a daily basis).
Or "on your forehead" (attempting not to participate in the credit system by never using a card or getting loans lets you be ignorant to what your number is, but it's still visible to the creditors).
Everyone in a developed country already has a number that controls if they're able to prosper in the economy: that the Mark of the Beast.
I think we can all agree that bankers have been Judeo-Satanic since medieval times.
>mark of the beast
I think I was incorrect, because it has to be something everybody is chained and abused into or death. By everyone that means everyone except for whom God chose.
From all countries.
Because the Beast has to exist for that to be fully active.
It could be sin, but some particulars seem a bit off.
The mark is indeed given to everyone, except the few who manage to resist it, but they'll be outcasts.
>everybody is chained and abused into or death
It's not the mark or death. The only explicit consequence is that those without the mark will not be able to buy or sell: this means that resisting the false prophet and evading the mark means that true Christians would have to choose a life of poverty (can't buy anything is a pretty big burden; seeds, animal feed, water, electricity, housing, none of that's free), but get eternal salvation in the end.
The Amish might be fine. I bet they feel pretty smug when they read that line in Revelations.
169259 169260 169262 169274
So Globalists are preparing for a global EMP.
Various Christian groups are expecting a rapture resurrection this month of September.
>So Globalists are preparing for a global EMP.
How are they preparing for it? They could not continue to be globalists in the event of a global EMP strong enough to have any tangible consequence. All of their electronics, internet, communications, banking information, infrastructure, power grids and everything else that makes the global economy work at all, let alone stay under their control/benefit, would be fucked in those circumstances. How could they prepare other than to practice subsistence farming?
Where did you hear this, btw? I've heard of countries considering threats of EMPs on infrastructure, but that's in context of nuclear war; which I guess could be close to global.
>Various Christian groups are expecting a rapture resurrection this month of September.
Sure, but various Christian groups have been claiming the apocalypse will happen "this month" for nearly two millennia, and so far Christ has kept them waiting for Judgement Day. The rapture could always happen any day now, but don't count on it being now.
169261 169376
The Bible says that no man can know the day or the hour. You can be certain that if there is any concern for it happening, it will never be that day.
I Thessalonians 5:1-3
But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

Literally impossible to guess, because it will be when you could not expect it, a lack of calamity marks when it happens. Nothing spectacular will be happening.
This. It cannot be predicted. Christians have been "predicting" it for two thousand years already.
>Just one more year, guys!
Stop. Remove the apocalypse from your life's decisions, because if you plan for the rapture to come during your lifetime you will be disappointed.
Why are people like this?
Wishful thinking.
It's easier for some people to cope by saying the end is near than to confront the probable reality that life is just going to keep getting shitter unless >we all together seize control of the moment and create a better life for ourselves and our posterity.
Here's a couple more schizo posts.
So when God is explaining how to deal with illness and sickness and diseases
That also reflects sin and whats to happen after everything.

The foreshadowing of God repeats showing God's majesty.
A beatific tessellation can't compare.

Every failure and evil shows as the first sin of the fruit, and or the first murderer Cain whom killed Abel.
It'll end. It'll be a while but evil will end.

Why does God show to be more good? Mercy is the privilege of the strong, the strongest is God.
The perceived goodness escalates. God always is good.
In AI the term singularity as power of hardware increases, that barely has enough scope for who God is.
In the age of ages. One could infer that multiple ages happen in an age.
Typically translates as forever and ever.
What happens in the happily ever after. Well they live happily ever after.
You'll notice that the betrayal of Jesus (and God) happens repeatedly near constantly.
No one can takeaway from God.
Like breadcrumbs stolen is finite. There's an end. Going hungry yet again.
However every crumb from God feeds all.
God prepares feasts.

Jesus is in God. Those who believe are in Jesus. The Holy Spirit in them.
All I'll say is huge success, those that remain are God's especially.
A closer look into patterns, the bible and being with God is that God wins.
More to the point.
Everything going according to God's will, the path being cleared ahead by God so in due time at the right time and way and everything. Is a mutual victory.
Ask to not be in trial.
Those who live by the sword die by the sword, so live in Jesus Christ the Sword.
These coming times are going to be interesting.
So sorta still feverdream without the fever but cold sweats.
Biblically and prophetically the church (ie people) changes or are cast out (ie vomited out). To be both meek and powerful and does the justice and goodness God desires.
The sign of the aleph ox is marked upon the USA finishing in 2024.
The last of the seven churches. The sick, poor, blind church.
So imagine Noah's Arc but also a Robo Anime.
The 2023-2032 timeframe is going to be cray cray.
169268 169274
So those not with Jesus the first time around will be picked up at 2030 by touching and experiencing.
Thomas, The Twin.

So the Fst of Tupts starts at Snet Spebe one (in the tens place) minus one of mane 6 th and ends Neighh thinggravitydoes Setmr one (in the tens place) mane6 but also another pone th.
The whole point of the remembrance is about faithfulness of God (ie Jesus Christ doing a koolaid man for the sle3pywe3pies then chilling with Him roughly speaking.)
After such an event. Well you already know (((them))). You know the lenths they'll go to.

Something is happening soon.
Thanks dear anons. Whatever that something is it'll be good even if the how it appears is bizarre or at the time seemingly not good.
Can't wait to find out what sort of details be occurring.
169269 169270 169271 169272
>Something is happening soon.
How can you tell? The prophecy itself says it cannot be predicted.
169270 169273
It has to do with The Holy Spirit, Jesus and God The Father being one as well as the Church (peoples) and how the cooperative teamwork thing is.
So written in the stars and space is the Bible and Signs that God ordained.
So apparently rocks flying through space have a number associated with it. The number also correlates to Hebrew words.
The position with the constellations do a dance or play that represent Signs and passages and words and stuff.
"God A Minute?" Made fairly interesting videos about it.
It's pretty cool to see named space rocks do very specific things at specific times.

Continued in part 2 before the message is wiped by a stray misclick on mypart again
169273 169274
Being in the Light means not having to blindly grasp.
Also means is that it can be shared.
God sure does love Jesus a whole bunch.
More to the point Jesus Christ is in us and we in Him. While Jesus is in His Father and The Father God in Him.
Also the Holy Spirit in them.
So it's not 'predicting' it's asking about God's Son and God seeing His Son joyfully proclaims his love. A letter of God's story as a play upon the stars and Earth talking about Jesus.
So when the part when Jesus comes is nearing God Shows the Signs up there and foreshadows of before.
God desires that none should perish, but live.
Other events have to fit somewhere.
In any case it's always expectantly waiting with immense hope and confidence (in God).
Another second till cool stuff happens.
God, does perfect stuff. So it's possible to be missing something, but all the feasts celebrate Jesus the Lord of Lords, Lord of The Sabbath.
So found out that the feast of trumpets is when Israel first sees the new moon. Because the exact time and stuff is hard to predict exactly when in Israel it's called the "Time When No One Knows the Day or Hour".
Apparently starts when they first see the sliver of the New Moon.
But how do you know it's supposed to be soon? I don't see an actual answer here. As Anon said above, it can't be predicted, but now you're predicting it based on what looks like astronomy? Doesn't that contradict the scripture?
>So it's not 'predicting'
In >>169267 and >>169258 you said it was happening soon. That's a prediction.
SDG (UN) making a stronger tightening bonds to 'peace and safety'. On the upcoming week.
Happening ever closer.
For they that say peace and safety, destruction comes upon them.
169296 169297
>On the upcoming week
Where did you hear this?
So the other video is shorter.
This one has a ton of stuff and is about an hour. And covers tons of stuff.
Also this is a different person and is a regular video format and not phone rotation.
images (4) (16).jpeg
we are all with God.
John 16:32
For He has built a place.
Scattering, and gathering.

169332 169373 169377
Well God cleared my calendar since the previous Thursday.
It looks like I have an appointment soon.
Thanks everyone.
169334 169373

So 20th (((they're))) rolling out the new jab.
The 19th is when something happens to a multitude of people. So resurrection and being raptured (taken away).
Also the 19th they close the SDG Summit saying they're going to really fuck over people and fast track alll the (((bullshit))).

Thank you everyone, please come up the first time.
If not share the message as saints of the tribulation.
If not then believe when you see Him.

If you don't hear from me the above occurred.
Thanks everybody.
You literally guessed the day it will occur, which means it must not be then. Did you not read the Scripture that states this specifically that I shared?
169337 169338

>Basically before His resurrection nobody knows.
>After in Revelation Jesus opens up the scroll Nobody else can open (The Father Knows).
<Jesus is the Alpha and Omega
>He shares with the Holy Spirit.
>The Holy Spirit dwells in those who have Him.
>The Holy Spirit is authorized to dosay stuff and help people Hit-The-Mark.
That's not an answer. You're talking past him without actually addressing it. It specifically says it cannot be predicted, and yet you're predicting it, in contradiction with the bible.
Hold you excitement. The rapture only comes the moment you least expect it, literally. All this predicting only means it is NOT happening.
But you know what, let's wait and see. If it really happens on the 20th, it can be said you told us so. If not, it'll be clear you were wasting our time.
Jesus says that no one, not even Himself, will know the day or the hour. Only the Father may know.

Matthew 24:36
But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

The scroll only opens after the rapture, which is made clear in Revelation.

Revelation 7:9-11
After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;
And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.
And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts, and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshipped God,

Revelation 8:1
And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.

Christ doesn't open the scroll until the day is already in motion. You don't get to guess when because it is already happening.
Idiots have been failing to read this for 2000 years, and always "predicting" that the rapture is just a few weeks away, or whenever "feels right" to them. They never learn.
I suppose to keep a track of my presence I'll post each day until I'm gone.
You could also just post on the 21st.
I could, but at any moment God could choose to start at anytime.
The season is soon, the signs line up, and the only way people can boast is they can't.
People can only boast in God.


>but at any moment God could choose to start at anytime
We'll know if you don't post after the 21st.
Fair point.
As the days become impossible for man alone to do.
God of the impossible by men or demon or spirit or machine or anything else, God is more than able.
All of His promises are yes and Amen in Jesus Christ.

Apologies for my anxious actions.
Road map seems like stuff keeps happening.
(((They're))) releasing sky darkening chemicals. (((UN))) and that stuff.
Signs and times occur back to back during this time.
Did the rapture happen yet?
Given the fact you posted means no, not yet.
Then the prediction wasn't accurate.
>Signs and times occur back to back during this time.
Didn't Anon explain in >>169260 That it cannot be predicted?
You keep making (demonstrably wrong) predictions in spite of that, because we live in "interesting times". The rapture doesn't come during "interesting times": it comes suddenly and unexpectedly. If there were anything interesting about the day of the rapture, it would be that it were the safest, most peaceful, most boring, and most unremarkable day in human history; the day when nobody expects it.
Forgive me for saying there are signs that the Bible said would happen, happen.
In my excitement I fucked up. Because I thought it would be really neat when it does happen it happens then.
That people should be looking at Jesus, then what God has made a set-piece. Hopefully awaiting.
Yes Jesus comes like a thief in the night. Yes there are signs like the weather that say if He is close.
It doesn't say the time or distance, just that He is close.
So every time it's always closer.
God does what God does irregardless of what anybody says becauses what God wants and desires.
So when I say wowie the 20th had peace talks and astroids in specific places wouldn't it be cool if it does happen then, and I then fuck up the delivery.
That a comet almost melted turned red hot zipped close to the Earth.
That at any moment God will do what God wills.
I then say wow it'll be real neat if it was any of those moments in time.
That I date those events, rather poorly, await like you all. And put my shit in my own containment thread?
Yes it is tiring seeing people try to try then the overarching goal left uncompeted, but find something else God desires them to know or see.
That when I had a tiny smidgen of excitement because of how awesome it would be as limited as I am to catch a glimpse of God's design because He shows Himself.
Truly my whole plans for the month canceled. And all of this stuff happens. Both privately and in the stars and abroad.
Last post for the whole topic
It may be a letdown, but don't be too disappointed: you'll get to witness all of it on Judgement Day.
Thank you. Sorry about all that.

If anyone wants to post more about being saved or the power of God that's great.
Here's a general resource. You all probably already know.
But if anyone is in doubt about whether they are saved.



Corinthians 10 16
To Preach

Jeremiah 51 43
Her city's are a desolation, a dry land, and a wilderness, a land where no man dwelleth, neither doth any son of man pass by.

Samuel 16 3
And call Jesse to the sacrifice, and I will shew thee what thou shalt do: and thou shalt anoint unto me him whom I name unto thee.

Matthew 5 19
Whoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Psalms 79 11
Let the sighing of the prisoner come before thee; according to the greatness of thy power preserve thou those that are appointed to die;

Ezekiel 16 37
Behold, therefore I will gather all thy lovers with whom thou hast taken pleasure, and all them that thou hast loved, with all them thou hast hated; I will even gather them round about against thee, and will discover thy nakedness unto them, that they may see all thy nakedness

2 Samuel 23 26
Helezz the Paltite, Ira the son of Ikkesh the Tekoite

Ezekiel 41 9
The thickness of the wall, which was for the side chamber without, was five cubits: and thatwhich was left was the place of the side chambers that were within

Ecclesiastes 3 16
And more over I saw under the sun the place of judgement, that wickedness was there; and the place of righteousness, that iniquity was there.

Amos 8 8
Shall not the land tremble for this, and every one mourn that dwelleth therein? And it shall rise up wholly as a flood; and it shall be cast out and drowned, as by the floor of Egypt.

1 Kings 3 18
-And it came to pass the third day after that I was delivered, that this woman was-
delivered also: and we were together; there was no stranger with us in the house, save we two in the house.

Matthew 2 4
And when he had gathered all the church priests and scribes of the people together, he demanded of them where Christ should be born.

Deuteronomy 17 3
And hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either the sun, or moon, or any of the host of heaven, which I have not commanded;

Deuteronomy 28 36
The LORD shall bring thee, and they king which thou shalt set over thee, unto a nation which neither thou or thy fathers have known; and there shalt thou serve other gods, wood and stone.

Isaiah 42 17
They shall be turned back, they shall be greatly ashamed, that trust in graven images, that say to the molten images, Ye are our gods.

Matthew 2 16
Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceedingly wroth, and sent forth, and slew the children of Bethlehem, and all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men.

2 Kings 24 17
And the king of Babylon made Mattaniah his father's brother king in his stead, and changed his name to Zedekiah.

Matthew 23 4-5
For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.
But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlisted the boarders of their garments,

Joshua 6 11
So the ark of the LORD compassed the city, going about it once: and they came into th, and lodged in the camp.

Jeremiah 46 27
But fear not thou, O my servant Jacob, and be not dismayed, O Isreal: for behold, I will save thee from afar off, and they seed from the land of their captivity: and Jacob shall return, and be in rest and at ease, and none shall make him afraid.
So if everything everything is going to be shaken what will remain?

Prepare to run in love. Perhaps the shaking is related.
169436 169438
>a non-White self proclaimed prophet
>God speaks to him and he relays the message to us
Ahem. Don't you think this is going too far?
All self-proclaimed "prophets" in the modern day are full of shit.
>Going too far.
Fair enough.
I'll stop imitating the flat Earth thread from now on.
Why was I acting like a fag? Because I'm OP, more to the point spiritually hungering because I lost sight of what actually mattered.

--Long and Short so nobody has to trawl through the rest of the thread--
That said read the Bible Jesus the Word He's your friend. I'm fallible.
So on one hand God has already won. On the other God wants to invite us to do some winning.
Belief in Jesus and His finished work reunites all of us to be able to hang out with God, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
Everything God has is Jesus' and now is also yours.
There's one requirement for any of the below to be rewarded.
It has to come from the Heart.¹
Partaking in the Scriptures (Bible, God's word) also counts.
Talking and listening (prayer) with God(Father)/Jesus/Holy Spirit is rewarded.
Thinking (meditation) about/with God(Father)/Jesus/Holy Spirit is rewarded.
Doing loving actions towards people (and hostile infested people who would do us harm) is rewarded.
Suffering properly, is another rebuke towards the Adversary, which is rewarded.
Resting in God, it's the active way of relying on God, is rewarded.
Trusting God is rewarded.
God knows, that where your treasure is your heart is too. By having God your greatest treasure he pours forth His riches, in the most important way.
By deepening the relationship (He's Love and Good and Wise and Power and Cares), then other rewards that are forever, and then minutia required where it's temporary.
God wants to lavish you in/with everything, as we currently are we'd have some issues of sorts.

On the subject of belief/faith with a more than all powerful and wise and loving God.
The Adversary and everything is on the leash by God. As in God's sovereignty is never in question.
Which means all this is to refine, remove defects, dispense rewards, help others and build the relationship with God.
The best way is to be pliable clay for God.
How? By thinking/praying to God. God already knows us all better than we know ourselves.

¹Heart is there due to the Holy Spirit moving upon you also in you.
The scripture is the required diet so the soul has the properly set foundation and healthy everything.
God literally thinks about sees and maintains everything while also being God.
By having God as number one as it should be. Everything works.
Trying to put anything else in number one spot, God will give your experiment a go and let that try running mostly everything. As you might expect shit hits the fan per se.
When God is number one God is 'allowed' to 'properly' be God in you. As in The One Who Loves You is 'allowed' to love you.
Which brings us back to The Heart of the matter, The Holy Spirit is working like God all the time (if it's for your loved one is it really work?) Ensuring prayers are as they ought to be rather than some monkey paw retardation, showing how awesome Jesus and God is, doing much more integral work.
God loves cooperation so does Jesus and so does The Holy Spirit.
When reading the Word (Jesus), the Holy Spirit has the internal material to do His thing. With God (and Jesus and The Holy Spirit) as number one, The Holy Spirit is 'allowed' and welcomed to do so.
Which means He lives in you doing house keeping and renovation.
Which means better relationship with God and God's more present in your life.

<What happens if that's not the case.
God's going to remove the person's head from their ass one way or another.

>Prayer topics.
Essentially what God already promised.
(God isn't LIMITED. Time doesn't factor for this past present future. God wanting your cooperation though is a different matter.)
<Our Father, prayer.
<Praying for more of God.
<Those in Captivity/Bondage/Slavery/Yolks are Freed (Chucks out Spiritual evils because you asked. God is not LIMITED so be sure to specify God has free reign.)
<For the bruised to be healed. (Spiritual, Soul, Body, Mind, Relationships ect.)
<For God to go before and behind them. (Keep hostile Spiritual forces out and away.)
<For them to know Jesus and believe and accept His completed work. (Glorifying the Son and the Father and the Holy Spirit and loving one another.)
<For them to be loved by God (which God already does it's part of the cooperating in doing reality stuffs, also nice.)
<For God's will to be done. (As usual re-covers everything.)
<Just saying Thank You. (God likes that.)
Thank (You) All for putting up with my bullshit.
Here is a random hand picked Bible verse(s), because it was between two verses here they are.
Joel 1:20
Joel 2 (in full?)
>So typing into my note collection. Pasted as is.
A Biblical Meme (should) operates like a pamplette or stained glass or a painted interpretation or a song.
I would guess that a Holy Spirit lead Meme would be a unique category of expression.

<Right now 11:51 28 thurs sept (image popped into my head)
<A Cut out of the Cross, the inside of the cross has a mirror/reflective surface.
<Background is how it all should be.
<Edge of the cross is rough wooden wood.
>(((Joe Yoav Shapira)))
The fact that there is no possible religious objection to this abomination shows how worthless Christianity is. Let alone the silence of the so many churches.
Remember as a part of The Body of Jesus the Christ you can always talk with Jesus, God (Our Father) and The Holy Spirit.
Because of Jesus' Finished Work we can walk boldly up to our Father and chat, bring up issues, cry about all our things, accept His presence and His Gifts.
Grab the serpents by the tail, they turn into staffs.
You lean on them, and they no longer try biting because they are a staff.
Worst case they bruise your heel and you (can) crush their head. (Jesus has already completed His Work.)
They eat the dust that's where their head should be.
For they refused to serve God and He said they are to serve man. One way or another they'll serve man.
God is the one at the wheel though some refuse to grab their staffs God can make use of them. Although He would rather people and the serpents do it His way as it is the best way.
Here's a crazy thought. Trees have arms, branches. Way back at the beginning there was no need for babbel to confuse the languages.
So a talking tree.
The Serpent is a title or a name.
God had a staff he quite liked, but it got prideful and greedy ect.
Because God is living it stands to reason His staff would also be alive. I.E. a tree of sorts.
God knows what or where the belly of the tree is. It does eat dust all the days of its life. And this specific tree is stripped of all branches (the arms and legs).
All the time complaining and telling about how everybody (barring Jesus) fucked up and how they need to be punished.
It's also described in Revelation as red.

I'm pretty sure it's a spiritual tree.
He's hostile and has a will.
Can travel the Earth somehow.
The whole Old Testament is about Jesus. Completed in Him.

Now consider the Psalms. It's not just a song book but what if it's also a play. A musical show.
As we follow along we see the major points we need to know about this production.
One thing is clear is repetition and foreshadowing.
With Jesus being the light it and with Divine enlightening be possible to see where in the musical we're at.

When you believe in what Jesus has done. The Holy Spirit who is all powerful and all mighty dwelling in you always cloaks you inside and out.
Because Jesus has done all the work. Everything good is of God and not of us.
We are now able to stand and sit and be fully in the presence of God forever always. Nothing could ever take us from His grip.
For Jesus has taken all our sins. Even that in the midst of doing, you are able to stand before God and say Father without doubt. To stand and ask and to repent and His desires and His voice and His peace and His presence in all ways and forms.
For Jesus has made all eligible for all blessings and benefits because of what He has done.
Being with God our all powerful loving holy creator and ask His will and it is done. His way not anyother way.
His will is done.
All blessings and benefits. Especially Jesus' nature.
There's only one life.
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
xe 2.jpeg

Don't forget Exodus 20:5 and all of 21 are still part of your judeo-chrestus laws. "Every jot and tittle" still apply, goy.

What are the sdifference between you and a (((true jew)))? Why, that's easy: you believe in slightly different pigshit.
>short answer
You're missing context.
The Laws are prophetic about something better. When the power of The Living Creator is inside working, on the outside working and working through all a person ought to be. When perfected the Law is made known as it should be.
If you asked them what would loving God be you'd know the answer on how that would turn out.
If you asked them what would loving one another be you'd know the answer on how that would turn out too.
The love letter written in the hearts means what to do is there.
>What are the sdifference between you and a (((true jew)))?
Those who continually believe in Jesus. Looking in the Bible every one who believes is changed.
The Most Holy, Good and Loving God is powerful.
God chose the Hebrews as a unique possession because a couple people believed and loved Him.
Belief in His Son means boundless grace, unmerited favour, that means power.
His strengths working in, around and through.
>your judeo-chrestus laws.
One is the way of Jews, with hardness of heart and eyes and ears.
Another is the way of those who say they are of Christ but are not.
The only way in the whole world is believing in Jesus.
The Laws show how, when, where, why, who, what, and more. Not just on the outside, but also on the inside.
You can't defeat demons if you enjoy their company.png
>Spiritual War as a Christian
Related and on spot.
You could do stuff that way.
Or you do what God wants.
When you believe in Jesus, keep receiving The Holy Spirit, be immersed in His Word by spirit (as The Holy Spirit teaches).
It's not you fighting. It's you enjoying victory because God did it all.
You just have to believe, trust in, rely on Him.
He is doing it. He protects. They flee when you believe and aren't retardedly holding back The Holy Spirit.
You do it on your own, they'll return with more each more evil/greater than the last to a swept place.
They can't occupy where The Holy Spirit resides. They can attempt to send a message, they can try doing stuff around a person but fighting a doomed battle against God even they know on some level it's just easier to try finding an easier mark.
What I said earlier is something you could do. Believing in Jesus and The Father and The Holy Ghost that's what you do.
Then if you say to the mountain or tree, move. It moves, because you believe in Him.
When you ask He communicates with you. What God says confirms the word. And you can ask Him to confirm His word and He will because He said He would.
Remember Trust Jesus' blood.
We recieve the blood atonement by faith.
That means accepting His blood. It's taking by faith in the blood.
Living or surviving.
We know that death is dead at the end. Everybody will be eternally surviving. God desires that none should perish, but will allow their will be done.
Those living forever is different than surviving forever or subsisting forever.
The only one that can fulfill us forever is God.
Everything else just fails. Attempts would probably be done to try to exclude God. To try their own solution.
There's God and His grace and love and mercy. The other way those of the adversary will try doesn't even compare.
At this juncture it's make sense to have God. But instead they'd try to blame God to hate Him.
They'd once again try their own way, doubling down that next time will be different it'll fulfill for sure.
Then tripleing down. Then quadrupling down. They wouldn't even think of repenting, to change their mind that maybe all the other stuff just can't fulfill only God can.
Perhaps the saying "the best Vengeance is a life well lived," applies.
Trying to use God as a means doesn't work either.
Zechariah 12:10 (to 13:1)
God's ways are higher than our ways.
Would you give your son or daughter a deadly stinging scorpian if they asked for something good?
What about a gift between to show how much they love?
The Father gave us to His Son Jesus. And Jesus gave us to His Father.
Would God give something lesser that even those who are evil know not to give (this is a rhetorical question)? NO!
As He has given us to His Son and as He has given us to His Father. What sort of gift are we?
God's way, His thoughts are higher than ours.

Because it's important I'm saying it again.
You are charged with one thing, believe the one who He has sent.
Believe Jesus, place everything upon Him.
Everything is already completed. His grace is enough.
When you daily go to Jesus and lay everything upon Him, it's done there will be victory in every part of your life as it ought to be.
You are healed, His work is done.
Stop trying to fuck around trying to accumulate self-appointed milestones as if not having everything totally completed perfectly is enough God already won the race accept the victory by Him.
Love God and love one another.
Idk what the actual precise point of this thread is, so I'm just going to drop a Christian meme here.
The Shaking is soon
The Shaking is now coming.
The Gosple is the truth, is the foundation.
Jesus is who we have hope and faith in, the work is finished.
All of God's promises are yes and amen.
Ask for God to show His grace, ask that you'll recieve it in full prune away unbelief blocking him.
Do not believe prophets without God concerning His word.
Don't believe me, believe in Him. Test on scripture. Ask Him. The Holy Spirit says.
We're in the middle of verses Mark 13:7 13:8 13:9.
Famine Earthquakes Nations against Nations Kingdoms against Kingdoms lawlessness increases false prophets increase
Soon being rounded up.
God is allowing this shaking that you can reach out to them in the way God has desired you to do so.
With darkness seemingly pushing surrounding you, shine in the way only Jesus can through you. Light shining brightest.

Remember do not believe anybody or anything that say Jesus is somewhere, you'll know.
Also remember the only limiting factor is personal unbelief. God is ready are you?
And we can ask for help with unbelief.
Business Dog
Interesting thread, have only read the first half but will contribute better-informed content later.
A couple of thoughts so far:

Firstly - I agree with the pony stallion anons who have said that "becoming the change that one wants to see" and "doing good in the community" rather than shutting oneself away, is a good thing. In my opinion, it's vital however to start good work on oneself (relying on Jesus for guidance) from the very inner core and then working outwards. Nobody in the flesh will ever be perfect, but if your own life is still a huge mess, then it's more likely to hinder any good works, so never forget applying ones' own good advice to oneself first and at least experiencing -some- real success. It's not always easy to take ones' own advice (*pokes recent holiday-time paunch*).
As far as I know, the Bible is very clear that salvation is by faith alone, but from what I gather, it's works that will help get the positive (but also negative) attention from other people, which may become an inspiring example for those few who are receptive to Jesus' Grace.

Secondly - Constantly talking about the end of the world and the bad guys moving forward with their wicked plans, will only help accelerate those plans and make the bad guys look more powerful than they are! Also, it's a self-imposed mental/physical and even spiritual death-spiral to constantly talk of (physical) death and absolute (disaster-movie) obliteration, which can then drag others in as well.
No one knows the time or day, however it is -us- who have the power to delay the terrible milestones that must be reached, before the end comes. Personally, I don't look forward to ever witnessing these terrible milestones; watching the masses line up for the deathshots was already very difficult to come to terms with, and can never be undone. I know that I'll be with Jesus for all eternity anyway soon enough, so why not make the most (in a Christian way) of the little time available, here and now?
Therefore in the meantime, it would be nice to be able to do good works, and have the time to do good works, so that I can help more people move closer to Jesus just like I have as well. That's not the only reason of course - personally, I'd still like to live a full life and start my own family, and raise them at least within the protection of Jesus' promise to us; nevertheless His will be done.
I see nothing wrong (or forbidden in the Bible) in looking and working forward towards God-allowed methods of throwing a metaphorical wrench into satan's evil death-machine, in order to slow down the progression of what is destined to happen.
Nor do I know of any suggestion in the Bible of "accelerating" this progression by either doing nothing or even helping it along, the way stupid zionist-christians are doing. By slowing down the death-machine's mechanism, aren't we giving more time and opportunity for normies to still be saved? In my opinion, there are some so-called Christians out there, who specifically want to see the end come sooner-than-"normal", because their own lives are still so f-ed up and they can't see a way to fix it (or ask Jesus for help).

Which brings me to my final thought for today, before I hit the hay - a few years ago I remember reading with fascination the case for the "apocalypse" already having happened (in 70AD or something).
It was fascinating, because the case being made was quite compelling and I didn't feel like facing the very real possibility of getting brutally slaughtered like so many countless Christians before me. However after researching the 70AD-apocalypse theory some more, it began to feel "wrong" and I put it out of my mind completely.
Recently I came across someone who firmly believes in this theory (and happens to love the idea of all muslims/Palestine getting burned to a crisp by earthly-israhell), and also believes there will never be a third world war.

My question: What is the best evidence for the 70AD apocalypse theory being bunk, and should that evidence be presented to this supposed-Christian-someone?

PS: Isn't there a mention (besides no one knowing the time or day) in the Bible that one shouldn't specifically focus on dates/times or predicting them, or am I confusing that with not focusing on genealogies or not doing sorcery?
>Spiritual War as a Christian
I would like to post a stark contrast that needs no explanation.

>I turned a CHURCH into a SKA concert | The Reggae Pastor
>"Those are not normal people, but then again, how much of Christianity is left in the US? Yeah, I know, bat shit crazy morons who are uncultured but that is what modern Western "Christianity" is. The US today is basically an extension of Israel. America is over."

>Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces
Just a proper church.
>Says nothing, two examples.
<Going to make something out of it anyway
The United States is a big place. Absolutely huge.
What this also means is a high volume of churches and 'churches'.
In some places you can walk down a street corner and find another church or 'church' again and again.
Not only that anybody can make a church if God agrees.
The upside of the bazillion different denominations is that if someone is being a fucktard you can find someone who isn't or help them or run ect. You have choices of multitudes to obey God in the way God wants.
I don't know the situation elsewhere.
What I do know is that in addition to physical locations there's digital snapshots as well.
Not to mention the multitudes of translations and physical books and websites that have it in multiple formats.
Does that actually solve any of the infection issues? It means that with the help of The Holy Ghost a person can be led to what God wants to say.
To actually love people you need the love of our Father. At all times His love is there for us if and when we ask.

A different note. Zechariah 5 1-11
A curse.
With Jesus lighting up all, to take upon Himself the curse of the Law and the curse of man-made judgments and became sin to shoulder the payment in full for everyone and gave a curse to us to have The Holy Ghost, to have a correct relationship with God, to be friends, siblings and inheritors, a new creation for trusting by believing it's true. That His account His work is completed, died, and then rose living.
For The Holy Ghost to live inside us, to put to death the cursed sin flesh by nailing to the cross daily, by the death and resection, by His Holy High Priesthood, that we can trust Him fully as our King of kings, Lord of lords, God of gods, Friend of friends.
Consider very carefully the proverbs that Jesus shared with the guidance of The Holy Ghost He will guide you.

Some quotes from Israeli historian Joseph Klausner on the benefit of Christianity for the Jews.
Template is incorrect, all one has to do is believe and let Him work.
Not you, Him. He works, you rest.
>jew twisting words so the entire point and power of God is lost
<it's not God but jewery that is good
It's false not only because you can empirically test that, but it's again said in the Bible ewy jewys are actively hostile.
Because at the start God found some to be entirely pleasing before its truly time, so He made an irrevocable promise.
Then jews jewed. To attempt to smother God from blessing everywhere else.
Yes the Bible says by definition the Jews are hostiles, and God desires that nobody should die.
God is clearing out bad managers, so that in forever after they're not fucking it up for everybody else on an even longer and greatest period of time and suffering.
Do you know how great He works?
You ask and you recieve because He already has it in store for you.
his son.png
I believe the god's name is Yahweh. If so, then we have a big problem.
<tldr His character is His name also some long line of telephone
Listen as you breath in and out.
This is essentially jews jewing. Instead of writing down what God told them was His name they did a bunch of symbology about not actually writing His name.
The records told from a specific jew family for generations to maintain His name and how they came up with the whole Yahweh thing.
Who got turned Christian and shared it with everybody cause God said it was time. Johnathan Cahn, I think it was.
Regardless of that of how faithful the telephone game went they wouldn't put anything 'important' down without some sort of initiation so they can pick out who isn't in their in group.
Thus the verbal written trap of YHWH.
>Moses and the circumcision
A) Jews. They demanded signs and actions.
B) everything in old testament it's about Jesus, it's because they demanded signs alot all the time.
C) Moses and Israelites communicated by signs only as they demanded. So by trying to remove his son from the promise of God made to Abraham it'd violate the agreement with associated punishments.
>Rabbi commentary
Oh boy that's a fucking mess. Books of rabid rabbis talking about and that mess is something I expected you'd avoid. They firmly and unequivocally deny Jesus.
Did I mention that Old Testament stuff is all about Jesus.
Anyway this section is more esoteric per se.
Look back at Jacob and Esau.
The coverings are symbolically similar.
The agreement was already done, but they wanted a sign and it's cutting off of one covering and remembering a different covering.
Unless they had the symbol they wouldn't believe, or hope, or trust.
They had the symbol and didn't do any of those anyways.
Should you cut it now days? No, you have Jesus. He's the only way, snip snip doesn't justify.
I’m I going to hell for my Gay thoughts and jerking to Gay porn ?
nah there's no such place as hell, jerk it to whatever you want.
Have you asked God?
You know that Jesus has paid the full cost for everyone's failure to be good, the divide between us and God.
If you understood how God, Our loving living Father, desires you to understand you'd know.
The only way to start is by hearing shared by God's Holy Spirit.
The tree of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil is God's one specific tree out of all of them just for God and what He desires.
You know Jesus came to show the goodness of God overcoming all evil and evil forces to share friendship and being made an heir of God.
So you can choose to not take up all of God's offer, He doesn't want you to suffer, but it is your choice if you want to have the temporary thing on Earth or choose Him who knows what you need and want better than you do.
Everybody failed to be perfect, except for Jesus. Only way to be saved is through Him.
174360 174362
Are there any Christians here who feel that God has abandoned them, or in the least, is completely antipathic? I am in a unique position where I still believe greatly in Christ, but also feel like He has already condemned me.

Prayer doesn't yield any answers, and the Bible feels like it is beyond my grasp.
You know, I have read this slogan before and resonate with it. However I do believe that there are others who are loved and protected by the Almighty, so I wouldn't extend the sentiment towards everyone. It makes me wonder if God makes wagers with the lives of others as He once did with Job.
You aren't abandoned you're just barking up a random tree.
Are you going with humility, but also with confidence and assuredness into His presence?
You have His Holy Ghost dwelling in you?
He can hear you, but can you hear Him?
Brother ask for Him to help you hear with how He desires you to hear.
Fact of the matter is you trying to shoulder what belongs to God is detrimental to you. If you ask Him first He'll give you enough, but you don't have to do that. He's the one who is carrying.
Don't worry. He's taking care of it and if you want to hamper how God can move and act, you won't be having as much enjoyment with being with Him as you could.
He's cooked a wonderful meal of His plan for you. Balking now at the seeing of a table being cleaned and cleared yet full of crap shouldn't deter you. It'll be ready as you sit. He knows you (and everyone) better than you know yourself.
Maybe let Him go before you fighting and clearing the way, beside you as friends and family, and behind you guarding your back and inside you building you up as the way He actually sees you.
Say fuck you world and trust God.
You walk with Him and work with Him you'll understand the relationships with God.
You are loved.
talking to god be like