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Spiritual War as a Christian
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Forgive them.
Command that which ails you thus:
"Go to my GOD, and to my lord Jesus Christ and pray with all thine heart, all thine mind, all thine spirit, all thine faculties, all thine body, all thine strength, all thine being, and all thine self. Pray as one ought. Pray GOD turns your heart to GOD. Pray GOD turns all you are towards GOD. Amen."
Peace be upon you.
You shall know them by their works, send them. By name, by being, by identity, by identifier, by fruit, by work, or by which you name It.
Speak/Think at It.
Send them.
Be not glad you command such, be glad your name is written in heaven.
Be glad.

Partake in the Good Word. Pray so as to talk with GOD, Jesus Christ, your guardian angel. Turn towards GOD and give everything and more.
For your Wife/Husband, your children, your mother, your father, your brother, your sister may also be prayed in this way.
For Catholics they must be by Blood.
For everyone and everything else.
Do thus:
"My GOD, I ask to be in accordance with your will. I ask that my words and works are in accordance with your will. I ask what ought I do?"
-t. Anonymous. Source: in accordance.
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>You can fight it personally by opposing degeneracy simply repeating biblical texts
>simply repeating biblical texts
That's the best way to turn them off.
Their mindset has been molded around science as the only valid religion and church is a social club where they virtue-signal how good they are. Yup, they are THAT disgusting.
>church is a social club where they virtue-signal how good they are.
See my above mentioning of Martin Luther. Institutions can always be corrupted. Hence why Catholics are such gob-knobbling fags, despite the lamentations of wannabe larpers.
The best way to follow Christ and be a good Christian is through leading by example to the best of your ability. Simply challenging the current status quo resonates with the overwhelming majority of Christians, in my experience. They get led astray because idle hands do the devil's work.
I suggest getting more involved with your community and simply adhering to Christian principles. You'd be surprised how well decent people respond. You don't have to do anything other than be a little bit based.
We're in this mess because fags gave up and let things rot. It won't go away by ignoring it.
>We're in this mess because fags gave up and let things rot.
Fags are not to blame, they just follow the flow. The main source of demoralization is mass entertainment.
All those unclean ideas come from the same source: TV, movies, State education, and reinforced by opinion referrers such as TV talking heads, religious and political leaders, while enforcing ideas like that conforming and unrestricted greed are necessary for a successful future.
Okay, anon. Just stop ignoring every point I made and stop coming up with excuses. I honestly doubt your faith in Christ if you're so easily swayed by such nonsense.
Again, be the change you want to see. Neither of us are perfect given the fact that we're both on /mlpol/, but stop pretending that there's nothing you can do to confront degeneracy as a Christian. If there's any sincerity in you, I hope you can at least someday overlook your autism and live a pious life.
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>I honestly doubt your faith in Christ if you're so easily swayed by such nonsense.
>so easily swayed
On the contrary, I am not anyone's savior and I stick to The Bible: go inside your home and pray in secret. That's the whole trick.
Social demonstrations are not in the menu.
I'm not necessarily suggesting going out and proselytizing on a street corner, but rather engaging in one's community. Degenerate nonsense only get memed through when there's no resistance.
That being said, I understand your position, although we clearly disagree in terms of engagement. I hope that we can at least find common ground in our worship.
Take care of yourself, anon.
Also, I owe you an apology for the harsh language my previous post. I'm used to dealing with disingenuous """Christians""" so it's easy for me to jump to conclusions. Apologies to you, anon.
It's okay.
An acquaintance of mine on a Discord server is using the Leviathan Cross as his username and he claims it's because he saw it in the game "The Binding of Isaac." I told him what it represents and that he should steer away from occult symbols, but he remains unconvinced. What is the best way to convince him not to wear a literal satanic symbol?
First pray that's the go to, because God has the Power and Love to transform everything to be as they should be (better). You Pray Always. As in take the plank from your own eye first before you try taking a splinter from someone else's eye.
Ask God (Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, and Our Heavenly Father).
Reason being God is God.
Your job is to listen to God, consult God and do God's will.
Everything else?
Does he believe as Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior?
If not you can explain how and why Jesus fought literally and figuratively evil and won, and is the lifeline to fight evil and God, The Holy Spirit, will reside in him helping and loving for everything Good, and how he too can be like Jesus and any of God's Prophets and the steps to do so.
If he does believe does he have an actual personal relationship with God?
Do you have this relationship?
Why would you use dicksword newfag?
Confused? Consult your line to the living word.
You know who actually conducts spiritual warfare? God, but God also wants to invite you in to participate in all things with God.

I recommend this, and go further.
Every memory, every hypothetical thought of, every story experienced, everything and more and let God in everywhere.
Let Him do the transformation He has for you.
It's happening, very very soon.
Prepare for the dead shall rise, both Good and Evil.
We must fight with Truth! We fight The Evil One how?
First have God's FREE Gift of EVERLASTING LIFE THROUGH Jesus Christ. How? Know How Infinitely Good God is, and God Loves you, and have faith and believe in Jesus Christ who is God that He did it!

All the Dead will rise, in the form they are currently. If you think zombies (yes, that's (((their))) preparing the narrative) now consider ashes. And oil. All forms.
All of them.
Fossils, yes. Black Goo of many creatures. Dust creatures.
The Ride is Going to be Wild.
You will know loved ones coming back to life.
You know the silicon that makes up technology, from dead creatures. It's toast.
Guess what, grace flows fast and easily in worry free areas. Don't worry. Let Go.

Participate in God's grand plan pray. Pray so His seeds are planted and He moves you to reap what you haven't sown and what you have as well.
Pray so you are in the stream of His will.
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I Have not been on this site for a while, but I'm glad to come back to some good content
In Jesus Christ what is dead can live once again. Despite what the world oe The Evil One says.
God can have the dead be bright back to life with vibrant original spirit and souk and heart and more.
God can have a 'dead' horse whispering board brought to vivid vibrant fruitful life.
OP might improve his shitposting by keeping it short and avoiding Bible citations, a bit is fine but a bunch of it is turning off many anons, I think.
>take in The Living Word
The solution is amazingly simple and straightforward.
1. Submerged in WHO God is.
2. Believe, Faith and Trust in Jesus Christ. (Step 1 again)
3. Ask, Seek Knock to have God Transform you. (The Holy Ghost is eith you now and FOREVER.)
4. Pray WITH Him (a dialogue).
5. Do what He asks (His Perfect Will).
6. Everything WITH God.
7. Partake in God's Rest.
We're going to win bros.
We've already won, now it's time to plant, tend and harvest.
Hello everyone it's time for some seemingly crazy talk.
>You have to Eat the Word of God.
The Israelites did it, and in the Wilderness the Words God gave satiated them. His Words are Living and have profound mysteries.
Once again in Revelation Paul eats a scroll an angel hands him, and he Knows. It is imparted to him.
Jesus gave us vital words to eat and His progression explaining what is going on.

>So why this and now?
I asked God in daydreaming, as God can do anything and everything. My heart and mind wanted to imagine and create in the imagination (yes you can do this already, this is formalized).
So He gave me a Scroll to eat. That Scroll is to create more Scrolls.
What is contained below is access that God gave, His permission, knowledge, wisdom, love, and more other things.
To do with having a relationship with God, Jesus, The Holy Ghost and Our Holy Father and what they will for you. Which is their Love.
Spontainously Knowing stuff like in a dream from eating a Scroll is changing. In a daydream that can be written as a day dream, but in the physical doing so and then Just Knowing?
God is very real. The wisdom and love and building and transformation towards being what God wants of you (which is your best continual growing self).
So personally when I ate the first Scroll it's like in a dream just knowing you can do something and you do it because that just works.
It's like honey and for you friends it's still sweet.

<Access and Permission to make these Scrolls
<Scrolls are God's willingness to be with you in everything
<Long and Short you just got access to 'I Know Kung Fu' with anything and everything.
When You Eat God's Words Stuff happens with you. Because you are partaking with God.
The Steps.
>1. Use Imagination and move your body the motion is to pull the scroll about to be embeded on step four then put it in your mouth and eat it and swallow.
<You're going to have to at Least pretend and go through the motions, you can break the Scroll and resize it and ect the size of the Scroll is small enough to eat.
>2. The Scroll is thin tan color glowing with spiritual power, it is one a rod with two orbs on both ends.
>3. Reason why this works. God. God is the one who created everything and everyone and more.
<Yes, Because God. And God Loves you. And God is Loving.

>4. .. SCROLL HERE ..

>5. Eat it. Should be like pretending to chew air.
>6. ... Swallow.
>7. Congratulations The Living Word of God is now a part of you.
>I asked God in daydreaming
Take it easy anon, everything is going to be fine.
Just relax and put your autism to rest for a while.
Did you try the experiment?
Shitposting don't mind me
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Who could have guessed shitposting as a Christian would elicit such a response.
The Bible is a fascinating compilation of God's Living words. The point is very simple. When God is communicating to you and God is always communicating. You'll find His message everywhere you go.
What is the core of the message?
You are loved.
I'm sure some are interested in statistics, plots, plans, predicting the future and more. I have good news, The Good News is so transparent a thin coat of let's call it paint had to put on.
All that stuff related to behind the scenes budgets? God covers you.
>But muh jerb
Ah, see that's the point this isn't about that this is about you and by extension everyone including God.
When you seek God, God seeks you. When you pour yourself into God, God pours Himself into you.
The most important thing is the secret place, is reflections of the mystery and glory of God.
You could go into a room alone, but is that secret enough for the secret place? You could think about this, but is that secret enough? You could even attempt to bridge to the spirit, but is that secret enough?
Consider a baby calling out, now consider what defines a parent?
Consider a basement dweller isolated with signs saying keep out, would that parent intrude? The ceiling is almost surprisingly thin.
The upkeep is lenient.
Riddle me this, what happens with a species of cuckoo birds in heaven? To clarify after everything is done and everything is better than the beginning. They're animals what even happens with them? Wolves and Sheep are there eating some God super charged oats, and what about the cuckoo birds?
Where would they live? Would cuckoo bird's feed their own or would the host?
Now consider a field it has a hidden treasure only one knows it and buys that field.
If someone knew that every field had treasure, knew the location, and the contents, they would buy them all.
Jesus Christ.
See here's a tip, the evil one can't find the treasure. Totally unable to find it. Why?
People can't find it. Isn't that odd, the treasure is right there inside. How would a field even search itself? But maybe that's the point of a scavenger hunt is the teamwork.
Maybe it's hidden in plain sight.
How about the friends made along the way?
In anycase seek and seek and seek you'll find if that's in God's will and it's good.
All answers are in God, and all questions and more.
The Living Word of God can be considered a encryptedtext unique to time, place, events, person, state of mind, and more to talk with you.
That's crazy talk. Words becoming alive?
Well the next point is how is that even possible for a collection to just speak?
How could a person access that?
You'll need to be born again, to have the senses required. Knock off substitutes don't quite cut it. They always miss the mark, why? Because that isn't enough.
But suppose who is.
The point is who you know and where they dwell and how much you've given. What is given is the receiving, and the gift is bought at a steep price.
Every moment and between moment without increases that price.
The parable of the good samaritan. Room and board already paid for in full, and everything else on top.
So the Bible, here's how you start the search. Open up the book.
Ah, if you don't have your forever friend with you how will you search?
The vast contents contained is too much. You'll need your friend who helps you make the mark every time.
Totally helpless. What would a speck be?
It's not just power, but majestic power. Intimidate and separate and holy. A seemingly paradoxical seeking of information but childishly true.
Consider that you have a friend who owns everything ever and made it, knows everything and loves it, why was the tree that contained the knowledge of good and evil the tithe?
The fundamental laws hold forever. Many times deviations occur yet why is this?
Who can be saved by the law?
It is possible by having the law amplify the shear depravity so too is the contrasting light is amplified even greater than that.
Here's the how to.
Give the evil to the one who bought it
Keep the evil from following and
Getting the inheritance
Mutual pouring into each other
The co-creation of giving. Giving askings and receiving, and the Giving of what is asked yet better and the something special.

Reconsider the order of importance at hand, love God and love one another.
The Bible says The Father's face is shown.
Consider God who knows everything and feels. A being who cares can be hurt now consider this.
The magnitude of pain of seperation based on the violations done. On both sides.
To put on that near unthinkable amount and the wide spectrum of pain experienced combined with dealing justice and handing over to the clutches of the enemy.
Consider that being feels infinitely. A depth and breadth of loving.
Torn apart.
Why suffer in the first place?
Are you really living then? Ah, consider the purpose of those that turned to evil. The original purpose they held.
Who is tested and why? Who placed forth that test?
Reading the Bible to have the answers misses the point what are the questions.
What mystery did God present.
You'll just know because of who is speaking into you
Rose again.
Just want the minimum? Consider as many parts as possible until your question is satisfied fully.
Good tidings and God is with you always.
Here's a hint, the letter J for Jubalee, calculate the times of Sabbath seventh Jubalees.
>What is the core of the message?
>You are loved.
I kinda disagree.
Humanity was thrown here for Eve' transgression. Lucifer and his associated also were thrown at this prison.
It looks like we are stuck at the surface while Lucifer is at the basement.
167299 167303
To take into account anon, the Bible explicitly says that Satan is the Lord of this realm. So, the part that we are loved is very much in doubt.
More shitposting
>God has everything covered and wants you to be with Him for His plan.
>God values free will
>God loves everyone and will give a fair chance at obtaining what truly matters.
>The evil one is being given enough rope
>What the seven thunders said that which is sealed.
That was true. I got caught there too.
However, Jesus walked over to the plantation to check on how things are going. To put it simply they thought killing Jesus the one God is most pleased with and never fails would grant them control and dominion.
The Father is not happy that they've been shitting up the place. He's good even to His enemies and beings that despise Him. An over abundance of chances to change.
When Jesus Christ bought everyone from the evil one there's a small factoid.
Congregations of people to be invited to the wedding.
Every time the evil one spills blood is even further digging his own grave.
While as an overseer the evil one didn't tithe and he murdered the workers God sent.
This is the downfall that occurred at the Garden of Eden the failure to tithe The evil one is punished by having to eat dust, as in the matter and wiggle on his belly like a worm. Bound on the Earth.
But still a chance to change is given and also the perfect gift is continually given as well. The evil one was so pleased with itself about the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit and tree that he wanted to do that repeatedly.
So that's what God gave.
The evil one went after every temptation and evil deed and every trespass to have people be made less than himself so by technically he would maintain his position.
God wants to create with everyone and owns the full operation which He gave to His Heir Jesus the Word of God.
Each transgression is further evidence of the failure and evil being perpetrated by the evil one.
God could remove and uproot the evil one, but that means some of the good seed would be lost forever.
So when the harvest comes the point isn't to harm people but to dislodge the evil one and his associates in the way God wants to.
With you his loved one.
How does any of this matter?
Jesus and God have full ownership and does everything in a holy way.
God made everything to share them with you and so you could imitate Him and share with one another.
Then the evil one struck. We're here to give a full audit of the situation and which invisible being and what is working for God or the evil one and inviting other people to see the show while God creates with them His world.
>Prison world
The point is the evil one continually and deliberately fucks up. Because the evil one keeps doing evil the good Jesus did is continually magnified.
As people we're supposed to offer the most pleasing work. To offer the work Jesus has done to God and each other. As Jesus works through you adding further glory to His works.
Why do any of this?
To restructure the world and heaven.
Why do all this instead of just perfect at the start?
God wants to invite you to be with Him of your own choice. And to save those that would otherwise not exist at all.
God loves us and loves you, God did put in place His corner stone for the evil one to continually trip over, increasing the magnificence of His work.
If the evil one didn't choose evil from the start his role was to be the guide the way the truth the life.
Working with others is God's and everyone's pleasure and God gives perfect gifts.
167301 167302
>God has everything covered and wants you to be with Him for His plan.
>The evil one is being given enough rope
This reminds me of the Qanon psyop.
Think about it, the point of Christianity is to be meek, to offer the other cheek, with the claim that the believers will be rewarded after death. There are many problems with that, one of those is so absurd as to claim that surrendering and to be slaughtered by the enemy is actually winning. If that is true, then humanity will go the way of the dodo and face extinction.
I wonder if Qanon took part of the script from the Bible to play the believers into trusting the plan.
And don't get me wrong about religion, a deity is very needed to give certainty and purpose to humans, otherwise the rot of atheism turns into nihilism and the pursue of vacuous pleasures.
This isn't really just Christianity, but most religions.
>to claim that surrendering and to be slaughtered by the enemy is actually winning
What part of Christianity says that you're supposed to surrender to be slaughtered?
079 (1).jpg
He's the 'prince' of this realm is a sense that's basically ironic, because this realm and him along with it are foretold to be destroyed the moment he's freed from his prison, while all Christians are immortal and get to live in the eternal kingdom of heaven.
Perhaps not. But you can't deny that's how Christians usually are.
And it's not even new. Romans suffered from this same mentality after Christianity took over.
I think this mentality pre-dates Christianity. It's a go-to moral coping method for people who are powerless to meaningfully fight back against their oppressors. The appearance of it in Christianity is just a relatively more recent moral iteration of it, or at least one of the most well documented ones.
>while all Christians are immortal and get to live in the eternal kingdom of heaven.
Immortality might be overrated. Do you realize what is to be unable to die? To have been experienced everything already? To know every corner of whatever heaven is? To have met every faggot in the roster?
That's partly why Jesus hands the throne back to Our Father at the end.
Because He is the source where everything originates. As in made everything and can create even more.
Also the immortal body is another of God's gift to you.
As a reminder when a person asks for God's gift He always gives something good or better.
Now admittedly if someone continually 'bugs' God for a bad gift He does also fulfill that. Also if people ask while having The Holy Ghost (He ensures prayers are right and always hits the mark and align with God's will) God will co-create with you.
God will make the way straight.
Giving thanks.
Thanks God.
Having a conversation with God is one of a kind. A sort of qualitative and quantitative and a few more nearly undescribable vectors which are positive.
Here's a little thought experiment.
Ask for the thanks you give.
Our Father prayer is the pinnacle of prayer to teach, pray and learn with.
Here's a few more, technically short in length when and spoken from the heart with The Holy Ghost they are what they should be.
"Thank You."
"I love you."
"You're Holy."

Giving a thank you is the prayer (conversation) when you recieved, and you already have its just having the world catch up to that fact.
Saying you love them is the degrees and dimensions of the depth and breadth of love for them. I recommend asking for the sort of love God gives you so it's mutually given.
Saying you're Holy shows all that is shining through them and the impact they have. This is one where I use metaphor. Saying God is Holy is washing the feet with your tears and hair, pouring the expensive perfume, Wiping away every tear and showering with blessings..
<Setup think and or say 'Thank You.' or 'Thanks God' (Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Ghost)
<You already have.
<Would you look at that you already have.
<Give thanks.
<Reiterate and repeat.
You have and more is given.
Give thanks for the treasures stored up in Heaven and in God.
You may notice changes and the treasures being more bountiful.
No need for earthly 'power shows' when The Power is His, unless that is part of His plan.
To consider how much love
God has made the Jews His people to show His breath and depth of love for all of mankind.
Biblically Jews are (one of) the flesh and blood adversaries, and God still loves them. God always has and loves everyone.
God's Fire, that burning love, passion, wrath, justice, mercy, sadness, hope, majesty, power, goodness and more and moreness is good.
Treasures are stored in heaven those last. They're perfected.
And so are you.

What does that mean?
God is the living God and so His blaze is transforming.
God takes what is dead and can give life. What is known about God is that God is Good and seeks us.
To be with each other in a full committed relationship.
I think many people underestimate just how Good God actually is.
>There's so much evil and wrongness.
Because that's God's tithe, yet it is stolen and set as temptation as an entrapment as turning away.
>How is this rectified?
God Wins and His Will is Done.
>Why does this matter?
The deeper the understanding goes into the severity the brighter and more defined and undefinable (intensity and vastness and how much more and scope and glory) God is.
The point isn't to look at the shadow but to look towards God.
Even then shadows can't be per se, as God is the light fully brought and no need for the bringer then in that capacity...
God always wants togetherness and everything with God.
If God receded His influence there could be no good.
Yet, that fails to comprehend exactly how Good and Just and Merciful and how great God is.
All that would be in God's kingdom after everything at the end is what is Good and True.
In the end of creating everything is very good. Much good.
At the end of everything God has made is very very good. Much much good.
>What about here and now?
People doubt how Good God is. Because evil is too much for anyone except God.
God's Tree and Fruit and Root of knowledge of good and evil is God's.
Why is evil corruptive?
Better question is why is knowledge of good and evil God's?
Because God is trustworthy, good, loving, mercyful, just, kind, patient, forgiving, and much much more.
God continually chooses good always and forever and ever and ever.
If you want to see even more blessings so abundantly and so much more.
Bless your enemies (for your reward is stored in heaven). Those who bless God's are blessed.
So God bless you Jews. God bless you ((())). God bless you those aligned agaisnt good. God bless you all.
And because I oughta
God bless (You) friends. And a Merry- ah too soon?
>God has made the Jews His people
Careful anon about who are referring to. You may be committing blasphemy yourself.
Revelation 2:9
Khazarians are an asian-turkish tribe not genetically related to Moses at all. These Ashkenazim are impostors.
The third letter of John 1:11
"Beloved, do not imitate what is evil, but what is good. The one who practices good is of God; the one who practices evil has not seen God."
Revelation 3:9
Jeremiah 24
Romans 2:11
"God shows no partiality."
Romans 11:28
As known in threads before, some (many/enough) deliberately work evil and then dress it as good.
There is also the temptations set out by the hostile.
All of creation is God's and God is God's as well.
Who has sown the weeds into the field of good? The Evil One.
Also nice pic.
I have to say vengeance is God's. Not yours so don't take that away from God.
It's His and He will do as He wills.
On spiritual warfare if a hostile being were to let's say attempt to violate the sanctity of a house (ie you, someone else, ect.) while it's there stopping it while it's violating the sanctity is doubly allowed.
I have to reiterate God gives perfect gifts.

Jeremiah 16:16
The age of the Fishers of Men is coming to a close incredibly soon.
The third day draws near and that day (thousand years) is shortened.
The Hunters arise on the third day. As God's will the Hunters Hunt.
Its happening. Everyone knows it'll happen, they've asked for it.
I don't know specifics only God does.
As its likely to be supernatural forces at work consider various options. God is always trust worthy.
Reading the Bible you'll notice the structure of the works have internal structure inside them.
If you look at how a full day unfolds in the sky you'll know God's plan because He says it where ever you hear.
When you look at peoples you'll notice a growing pattern emerging.
The last ditch effort by The Evil One in an attempt to sully the world and the peoples.
When you read His Word read with God.

Praying God's Will Works.
<Be as babies learning of the new wonderful good world and how you operate in it.
<God's reach is unlimited and God desires people to cooperate with Him and with each other.
>It's Happening
Before the WW1 the cusp of understanding how He who Is, neared to the important realization of how He who is The Holy Spirit moves.
-Side tracking.
Jesus paid in full for everyone's salvation and healing in full. Entirely. Completely.
Scientific experiments were going on recording and measuring the effects of His Spirit with the person on the patient.
Distance is not a limiting factor. 'Physical' or 'impossible' isn't a limiting factor.
As discussed in the Magic thread this is about belief. With God He paid in full for full membership into eternal paradise for you.
Yes (You) and everyone.
Praying is everything, because God Is. That's the nitty gritty of how everything operates.
Prayer seems ineffective? You desire He who is The Helper, The Advocate, The Holy Spirit, The One Who Ensures You Hit The Mark On Your Behalf.
Also like the Magic Thread being free of falsehoods gets closer to hitting the mark and God's will (perfect Goodness) is done. He wills everyone to be healed.
Break falsehoods and lies, so going through paper tiger hoops is unnecessary. Those hoops are a distraction of the reality at hand.
Jesus Christ Jumped through every hoop perfectly on our behalf and the carefully built in escape route.
The Evil One made the case of certain Tests so people fail. Constantly submitting Tests upon Tests along with distractions, falsehoods and temptations. Why? So you and God stop working together as God intended.
-Side Tracks over.
How people are healed (removing Evil) is that working with God. Praying, trust, knowing who God Is and God's desires and God's majestic gloryful power and belief.
In WW1 John G. Lake wanted to know the underlying force(s) that cause God's miracles of healing. Basically they didn't get around to it, but did find out that yes it happens and that can be detected and recorded.
Tangible output The Holy Ghost does if and when He so desires. He is the Power and Godly Perfector.
They found that living cells behave differently when praying and when someone is being prayed over (in this case healing).
Guess what occurred. Guess who occurred.
Blood baths.
Their blood still speaks just as Able's Blood still speaks. As all peoples and Jesus' Blood speaks.
Evil is constantly trying everything.
To try subverting what God says will happen, and when that fails trying to cause as much Evil as possible.
<Praying not to go into testing is vitally important because it's by 'consent' Evil wiggles in.
Death and 'Hades' (the demon known as the grave who tortures those who die instead of forging with love and care to be who they ought to be) is one who those people's blood speaks of.
>Why are some places and people resistant?
False beliefs interfering with true belief.
That falsehood is about who God is.
jesus in the temple.jpg
chr img_9429.jpg
chr img_9460.jpg

Our Father Loves (You)

As you might suspect we're nearing the end times as always, that's what happens when the time keeps ticking down.

What is going to happen is everyone (speaking colloquially about the whole population of the world) is going to get what they constantly ask for with their heart and mouth. The thing is how they recieve it.
Which brings us to the seals, tribulations, trumpets, cups and the end.
In the Old Testament the stories and persons are shadows foreshadowing God's Son Jesus who is the likeness of His Father.
The Jews have finished the Third Temple.
That's a shadow of what is nigh. The Third Temple is nearly complete.
As in its happening, we're at the cusp.
Build the relationship with God through Jesus.
Anyway point being it's happening, and importantly perhaps even more importantly is considering revelation through a child's eyes.
The Mountain is God. Reaching Him (He reached to us and is continually knocking) is the biggest point.
Who is God's Fire?
More to the point is How is God's Fire.
Purifying, and He who is The Helper, The Holy Spirit, is depicted as Fire.
When Jesus spoke to two men on the road their hearts were on FIRE.
The Fruit of The Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.
The foreshadowing and the preparations point to Him.
Remember this is done in God's way, who heals everyone who asks and saves them from the yolk of death, slavery to rebelling against good.
The people who believe in Jesus are the Church and when they congregate is also the Church.
The wedding feast is fast approaching. The beginning of awesome times are upon us.
May be too late for sailing, exploring ect. We're just in time to witness God again.
What does this call for? Incredibly deep reliance on God with faith, hope and belief.
There are human and human-adjacent making some stuff happen. Be on the lookout.

<Time for some schizo dream stuff.
Keeping the scorpian in place as it tries to excape to sting and pinch and do that sort of stuff.
Plastic with paperbacking, slightly open.
Tried containing it, and it kept slipping away when I lost focus.
-Multiple attempts with different bowl like things.
I asked for some help and I recieve.
A wrench with clamp holding it in place. Laying under neath held at the back. What is said is that a slight mist of bleach is put on the outside of the shell.
Curled up trying to excape and sting.
Tore out of its own shell and everything. Like shrimp or a pistachio.
That shocked me that it curled up in the one single way just to keep going in the move.
-so suprising I woke very early in the morning.
-_I wanted to eat it and that is very suprising and shocking, once my waking mind kicked in.
Transvestite parent flips out over Christian Storytime.mp4
>Transvestite parent flips out over Christian Storytime.
It's just a meme... for now.
Full continual accepting of The Holy Ghost's Prayers
God wants your joy to be full and complete.
Experiencing The Fruit of The Holy Spirit is great. I don't have words to put the sensations and fullness of hope and joy and self-control and much much more all as God intended. For me there's still more to savor and experience.
There is a difference between works and The Fruit of The Holy Spirit.
-According to hostile forces positive traits are just the summation of various factors that can be pulled apart and reconstructed yet under still undergoes deterioration and can be destroyed.
-The Holy Spirit and The Fruit has to be recieved.
Digging good soil, watering, caring for the seed, the feeding and nurturing is something God wants to do with you. God has done and is doing heavy lifting (if you were to do so on your own it would be very hard labor).
Partaking in God's rest and being with God as He clears the field, puts good soil, waters, cares and tends with you. The kingdom of Heaven grows within and The Fruit multiply.
Typically when a person prays it's either spoken, thought, in action, and or in heart. Praying in a similar way as The Holy Spirit in 'spirit' (the deepest core The Evil can't know) means praying with The Holy Spirit akin to and with The Holy Spirit.
Pray that everything The Holy Spirit Prays for is done continuously and always affirm and accept what The Holy Spirit Prays for.
>That Means saying automatically agreeing and endorsing The Holy Spirit's Prayers.
As in always. As for why I suggest this in conjunction with regular prayer is two-fold with more factors included.
<God is trustworthy and good.
<Regular prayer has much to be known, automatically accepting is robust and efficient and displays trust and love.
In that way and by asking, people can pray in 'the spirit' which transcends time and space. The volume, depth and details and so much more and muchness is immense.
Faster than thought and more continual.
I'm fairly certain The Holy Spirit (The Father and Jesus) led me to this.
The difference between a terrarium and inter-galactic farm practices doesn't even scratch the surface.
-The 'Our Father' Prayer is important.
-Thank You God is important.
-Automatic rubber stampping is yet an additional prayer utility.
Loving God and Loving One Another is joyous.
Point being as the last seventh week (seven years) draws near, making the most of the 'paused' time till that last seventh week resumes.
We're going to need to do this as The Enemy is going to 'successfully' suppress every member of Jesus Christ.
>Prophetic word says the church (body of Christ) will be in decline possibly stalemate? to fulfill what is confirmed.
However while the ending decline is confirmed, let's do the incredible maximizing the opportunity God is giving.
After all total victory is God's and is assured and confirmed.
Thank you God. Thank you everyone.
While slightly adjacent to spiritual warfare. Here's the run down.
God had the Emperor Nebuchadnezzar, he thought it was his doing and not God's for the bounties and richness of his life, reduced to an animal and restored with even more.
Seven periods of time after verbally saying that and him being restored. He praises God and his empire flourishes even more than before.
In seven units of time God made everything and rested.
The Lord of the Seventh day draws near. Jesus Christ is practically at the doorstep we have anywhere from just about now to roughly thirty years, counting down each moment.
Please consider and accept the gifts God has for you and join in properly at the wedding celebration and the after party.