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Does anybody else here play in this setting or use these rules? How do you like it?
What about the recent 2e conversion guide? Is it any good?
Yes, played 2 years of ponyfinder under pathfinder rules (it has 5e rules in it too) Was part of the kickstarter actually.
I have a big printout of the map in the book, but on a 25" posterboard from the kickstarter.

Shit tons of fun. Pathfinder (v1) is pretty compatible with D&D 3 and 3.5, and the gamemaster allowed feats and stuff from those other D&D editions.
One of the things is to consider is Elephant In The Room feats... https://mammothisland.itch.io/elephant
Give that a read.

I have not looked at 2e pathfinder even though I have the book, so donno about any conversions or anything yet.

There are a couple other books you should get along with that one. Namely "Princess Luminaces Guide to the Pony Pantheon" and "Tribes of Everglow."
Both of those books are complementary of the Campaign Setting, and add more feats and races and stuff.

Did you have any specific questions?
Elephant in the Room is great to eliminate the feat tax menace.
As for questions, how was your game? I'm surprised nobody has talked about it more here, considering that this place is a /tg/-adjacent board on a pony site.

Like I said, shit tons of fun. Though for me I think I have very slightly more fun doing a free-form play-by-post, but that's besides the point.

The game went well, ended well, and was by far the longest lasting game I've played.
The only thing about the game was the gamemaster believed that anything you think of would become reality. While it was fun playing with him as a GM, everything else about him is cucked.

Was thinking about running a game locally to me, but I'm so busy these days it's kinda insane. Working hard to keep freedoms free. [matrix chat communication shilling goes here]

If I were to run a game online, I'd use this https://foundryvtt.com/

Were you thinking about running a ponyfinder game or seeing if somebody wanted to run one?
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>Were you thinking about running a ponyfinder game or seeing if somebody wanted to run one?
I was considering it, although I personally don't know if I have enough PF experience for the task. I'm trying to play more Pathfinder and more Ponyfinder in recent months
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Well, I'll have to look into pathfinder 2 anyway. Maybe next weekend.

>What about the recent 2e conversion guide? Is it any good?
Where are you seeing this conversion guide anyway?

In the mean time, there is a games matrix channel on https://matrix.mlp.chat (#games:mlp.chat) if you wish to swing by.
I generally prefer live chatting, but detest discord and any other government approved chat communication platforms.
If you are concerned about mlp.chat, it is mentioned a few times here https://mlpol.net/mlpol/309502#309729 along with the reason why more people should use it.
>I generally prefer live chatting, but detest discord
I'm not fond of how discord is run, but I do use it quite a bit for gaming. I've tried several mediums including /mlpol/ itself for , but I haven't found very many good ones for ttrpgs that enable online play that isn't agonizingly slow.
Then again, I don't have very much experience with foundry either, and it seems as though I got on the Roll20 boat as it was sinking.
Is matrix a good medium for gaming? Is the voice chat good?
Voice (or video) chat is good with matrix, but basically requires using the web browser. Because matrix is not a government sponsored communication platform, the stand-alone clients could be in better shape and generally don't work well with voice mostly due to lack of funding.
I have used it quite a bit over the web browser (firefox and chrome) and it works well. I have set up a mumble server in the past (before matrix) and used that too.
I don't think any matrix client has been developed enough to have push-to-talk yet, though I could be wrong. Hop on and we'll experiment a bit :P

Traditionally I've used IRC forever and then mumble or teamspeak for voice.

You might want to remove that, as it has your order number and name in the bottom left corner of every page as a watermark. Or at least its somebodies, if not yours. lul.
Not mine, but removed.
>I generally prefer live chatting
Tell me about it. Text-based gaming is too slow for any real immersion, and more often than not encourages magic tea party games where the GM avoids bringing up encounters and has the party RP amongst themselves about nothing for the duration of the session. Online games are greatly improved and sped up by the inclusion of voice chat.
I think one of the most confusing parts about ponyfinder is that you pick a race, then pick a spiritual race (if you want).
So if you pick a pegasus for a race, you can also choose antean as the 'spiritual race', and your pegasus character is now large sized instead of medium.

As I said before, I had a lot of fun playing ponyfinder, and would not mind playing it again. Mayhaps even be convinced to run such a game.
Well, if you ever ran one, I'd gladly join. this board needs more ponyfinder content.
I have to say I like the way Everglow did its Pantheons, even if they can be an acquired taste because they don't translate to Equestria one for one. Equestria is a great setting for a show, but as an RPG setting that features Clerics and other high-fantasy classes it's cumbersome.
I think the first step to getting into Ponyfinder is accepting that it's not just Equestria, but an original setting that enables pony characters and themes and concepts from FiM. Some people get disappointed because they expect it to be exactly the same as Equestria.
I played Ponyfinder (2e) last Tuesday. It was pretty fun, and the rules were able to accurately represent the character I wanted to play.
pf2 is fine. fine fine fine. also very easy homebrew for
Yeah. It's nice only having to homebrew a handful of individual feats, instead of a whole freaking subclass/race. The modular aspect means that it has room to be improved both officially and unofficially too.
>People still unironically think 5e "supports" homebrew just because it has no content
PF2e is really growing on me.
My last two Ponyfinder sessions were great. I'm looking forward to the next one.
I really like the way PF2e does races. It gives them diverse choices of modular scaling abilities, so you can advance as a member of your race without having to sacrifice other resources. It also prevents races from being too front loaded. Really nice feats too.