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Strip Poker Night at the Inventory
There is an open-source lewd flash game that is quite fun to play. "Strip Poker Night at the Inventory" is exactly what it says on the tin: it is a spoof of Telltale's classic "Poker Night at the Inventory" and features all types of anime characters playing strip poker. I found about it by chance on DB as there were screenshots of Rarity (somehow alone). MLP has a strong presence in the game thanks to such contributors as HorseCatDraws and Tavi959, with Rarity being the latest addition to the "main roster" as she was added a couple of months ago. Twilight and Pinkie Pie have been present for a few months longer and Rainbow Dash is currently in testing (you can play against her in the "testing presets" section). Thus there's high promise to eventually being able to play against every member of the Mane 6, even if they're >no hooves. You can try out the game at https://spnati.net/#

It's actually a quite decent poker game played against four AI opponents. You can pick any combination of 119 characters (not including those in testing) who come from a variety of different fictional works, especially anime series. You can choose your own attributes and clothing to wear which will affect how characters respond to you. Every round the player with the worst hand has to strip away an article of clothing; once naked losing again mandates public masturbation. Whoever is left at the end of the game doesn't need to strip any more and wins. Different characters have more or fewer layers of clothing (making them harder or easier to beat, respectively) and each has a hidden difficulty level which is how good the AI plays poker (officially no character can actually cheat). New characters can be made by anyone: you just have to make character models with Flash assets, write corresponding dialogue lines for different scenarios, and put it together with basic code. A new character is then critiqued by experienced contributors and if good enough is put into testing. After further development the character is reviewed again and, if a pass is given by the general community, is put into the main game. Characters that don't make it can still be found in the downloadable version of the game.

Obviously it's 2D flash characters so you can find better porn (with or without hooves) elsewhere and it's just one type of poker. What sets this game apart is the unique dialogue you can get for different groups of characters which can be entertaining and even humorous. I'd classify the dialogue into six types: gameplay, environmental, stripping, scripted, character, and easter egg. "Environmental" dialogue is the sparsest and consists of offhand comments about what background you choose. Gameplay dialogue is also simple and is how characters respond to what hands they get. "Stripping dialogue" is how characters react to what choice of clothes you or another character takes off, whether apathetic, disappointed (common with accessories or shoes), horny or embarrassed, as well as what a character says when at a specific sequence of removing clothing. Character-based dialogue is the most interesting and is the reason you will keep selecting particular characters, as when faced with certain other characters (whether from the same franchise or a different one) unique interactions may occur. "Easter egg" dialogue happens in unusual situations that the writer accounts for: for example, if Pinkie loses three hands in a row she becomes Pinkamena (I somehow got this in my first game against her).

There is a wide variance in the quality and replayability of characters. Generally speaking, the more lines a character has the more character-based dialogue will happen. Often this means conversations with a wider variety of characters, but it can also mean more in-depth conversations with a couple of particular characters to the point that playing the same group will get very different dialogue. Twilight is the best MLP character thanks to her 1500+ lines, over 300 poses and 2 unique epilogues. An epilogue is a visual-novel-type animation that you can watch if you win a game with a character in that game. Although Raven from TT has fewer lines and poses I'd rank her as one of the best simply because of her top-notch epilogues. Misato doesn't have an epilogue but makes for good games thanks to plenty of lines and one of the few characters to actually have animation in-game (ditto for Remilia). The Vandread characters have an autistic amount of effort put into lines and epilogues. I haven't played against every character, let alone unlocked every epilogue (I'm not THAT much of a degenerate) but the variety in behavior and "gimmicks" is quite astounding.

Like Horse Porn Game (>>237282) there's no sound so put on Cassiopeia or your favorite background music. Unlike that game you're less there for the sex and more for the interaction (in fact, you'll grow tired of the end-game as the dialogue is increasingly repetitive). Also as other players drop out the game becomes harder as it's less likely for someone to have worse luck than you; you may be frustratingly close to getting an epilogue only to have to restart. It's also annoying that you cannot input any dialogue (even the most basic) yourself, making you a passive observer of what others say rather than instigating further dialogue. Still, for an open-source Flash game it is quite impressive and unfortunately very unknown. One of my concerns is that as the character numbers increase the amount of character-based dialogue every character must have for conversation also increases, leading to an exponential requirement of effort. The alternative is having stilted generic conversations, which makes me sad as the "what if X and Y met" possibilities are part of the appeal of the game. Still, as more people make characters, write dialogue, and develop epilogues it will continually get better.
Very detailed review. Thanks.
I'm trying it now.
>strip poker night at the inventory
>at the inventory
Wow, i get porn AND i unlock the lugermorph? How can i lose?
Rainbow Dash has been added to the game as well as a conditional epilogue that's unlocked when you beat the four ayys. Her character has received a lot more polish and the epilogue is substantial as well, featuring the Mane 6 + Sunset Shimmer + SciTwi.
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I played this game a while ago. It's surprisingly content-rich, and the various Easter eggs in the dialogue you can find makes for very enjoyable character interactions.

I'd say that it's worth trying out a couple of hands if you've got half an hour to an hour free some afternoon.

You can get the latest standalone release of Flash on internet archive if you're looking to play the downloadable version. I don't recall if the downloadable version is standalone.