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Alright /vx/, it's time to lay your cards on the table.

The video features Michael Knowles - devout Christian Catholic, etc. - interviewing this young woman named Angela Ucci, a former astrologist, reiki, yoga, etc. practitioner (metaphysicist) turned saved Christian.

I've already watched the video once and am watching it a second time.
I pose the following scenario/quandry, to gauge the spectrum of perception of the participants:
How is it possible that everything the woman says about metaphysical practices is true - because aside from the occasional orthodox/personal remarks, her illustrations and descriptions are quite agreeable and accurate (though less illuminated in a manner that otherwise could more effectively clairfy and illustrate) - while at the same time their shared indoctrinal (not said critically, they are operating by doctrine as they should in their position) position is also true?
There is an expounded metaphysical explanation that I'll share, but I'm curious to see what others might offer in response.

How is it that the Left-hand path and the Right-hand path can both be effective and operative metaphysical/philosophical/existential modes of conduct, especially in observance of how both methods are largely contradictory/antithetical?

>Pic unrelated
Reiki is that thing from ASMR videos, right?
So firstly to clear the air.
New age bullshit is (((New Age Bullshit))). It's mega nasty.
Why? Three parts for this explanation.
(((Crowley))) and Jews (which also includes Marxism/Communism ect) have the fingers in these things.
<The reason being is that SPIRITUALITY is Vital
>That means a vector of attack, control, and domination.
The Source (new age bullshit) is thus Poisoned as it has occurred repeatedly throughout time by (((hostile actors))).
<Small amounts of Poison is just the right way is enough to kill or do what is needed of Poison. It's Crippling having a false foundation.
There is direct links to and with Beings and Effects that are embedded with and in the things that are touched by (((all of them))). Much like Poison, except there is a direct Will and Intent there.

How will they peddle this poison pill?
There needs to be imagined success if it fails its your fault not the crap.
There needs to be groupings to cull dissent. Mob rule, cults, irrational behaviour, desperatation, social circles, social power plays, ect.
It is ultimately Reductive, but the coat of paint has to be perfection/utopia/good/love ect. It's shallow, but by the time they figure it out if at all it's too late. The rule for them is never ever scratch the paint.

With that clear, metaphysics ie 'Dunno why these things in such a way happen work, but they do' (along with theories and postulates on the why and how) and Christianity or religion of choice.
What arises is Question. But inside and outside there is what Is.
It's always that simple and straight foward. Where things become muddied is actually correctly integrating what Is.
It's for example have puzzle pieces all of them make the full pictures, some pieces seem to connect to multiple pieces instead of just one way or so it appears.
Except there is instructions and the full completed puzzle.
What Is is.
Question is the Is in motion.
This isn't suggesting predeterminism or anything that futile.
This is laying that there a pieces of a puzzle and there's lots of layers one can do to compete or comprise it.
Speaking plainly it's your autobiography. You're making your way.
Many others are also making their way.
You happen to interact with others.
What comes is that if a person tries to shirk their autobiography they find a small pickle. It wouldn't be an autobiography if they didn't write it...
OR consulted a different writer to 'help' write their autobiography.
Now the crux of the matter the autobiography ie ALL that You Is is being Writen in multiple layers. It's a lot.
It's there because You Is. You are.
Billions of people living and dead, real and unreal, spirit and corporeal, here and there, have their autobiography.
So how things happen is that it is made in multiple autobiographies and shared, spreading.
That's all.

Left hand path if I remember and applied in this continued analogy is writing in other autobiographies.
Right hand path is writing in your own autobiography.
The details differ the end results seem similar, yet it matters. Because it's penned that's how it is.
What is in your autobiography impacts others.
What is in others' autobiographies impacts you.
You can continually write ways that your autobiography is immune or supercedes or rejects or acknowledges but the details of implementing is of your own or ect.
You can have others write on your behalf. They may be writing in multiple autobiographies.
>How is it possible that everything the woman says about metaphysical practices is true
>while at the same time their shared indoctrinal (not said critically, they are operating by doctrine as they should in their position) position is also true?
When she is writing her autobiography she turns to others to help write her autobiography.
The difference she makes is her choice of beings/entities/people/things.

As I've said (((New Age Bullshit))) has built in dangers as it was designed to house. It accumulates.
One could consider the following a hostile bot farm except spiritually.
She gets nothing of consequence, a vector to spread certain kinds of autobiographical writer 'helpers', certain styles and outcomes associated with those autobiographical writers.
Her switch from various beings including Christian demonic/fallen to just Christian Jesus/God makes alot of sense why she's no longer suicidal.
Her active contributions to her own autobiography were being overshone by the various beings she tried to have help write her autobiography.
If you see patterns that's writing styles at play. You see them by their fruits.
Seriously it happens everywhere all the time. You can tell who, what, where, why, and how. Themes play out, reused lines, metanarratives, branching yet connected storylines.
She didn't know about her own autobiography despite being right there, as is not something most people obsess over.
So she got extra writers 'helping' to write her autobiography. They have their agendas, styles, payments ect.

She tried to peek at others' autobiographies to a limited degree of success by using various proxies.
The Bible says to trust God.
IE She switched from multiple to God/Jesus focusing rather than sneaking a peek but to focus on God/Jesus.
As known there are somethings writers don't want to write about.
They have codes of conduct, preferences, styles, themes, interconnection by play, ect.

This is why (((they))) fear, loath, attack memes. It's a small (or large) autobiographical artifact that spreads.
That is free of their trappings and poisonings. Even when that happens. They RECOVER.
>New age bullshit is (((New Age Bullshit)))
New age practices are based on very cursory and superficial comprehension/expression of viable ancient traditions.
The inviability of those traditions is a symptom of the carelessness of the practitioner.
>metaphysics ie 'Dunno why these things in such a way happen work, but they do'
You're 0/2 so far
>Left hand path if I remember and applied in this continued analogy is writing in other autobiographies.
Right hand path is writing in your own autobiography.
Uh, no, that's... where did you....
The paths refer to an individual's spiritual/religious/metaphysical experience, and the Left hand path is about Sovereignty while the Right hand path is about Supplication.
I have no idea what you're on about, but the short version is "No, none of that has any relevance to, or in any actionable way addresses the initial prompt of this thread".
Put simply, the challenge is to determine/express (in words) HOW it is possible that the left and right hand paths can simultaneously be of equal quality and actionability despite opposing/contradicting one another.
It's a riddle. What is the essential element that makes both paths correct? There's countless ways to phrase the answer, but there's effectively only one correct answer.
Is there really no one who can comprehend the riddle? Surely there is at least one with sufficient knowledge to answer. Maybe the pagans? Certainly not the christ-cucks, or the abrahamics more generally. But come on, this is a sad showing for the site and a testament to why I left, barring this quandry