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Ka Ching
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I'm not exactly into the paranormal or anything esoteric and I know music videos are loaded with esoteric symbolism. however this music video is interesting.
Shania Twain is a Canadian country/pop from the mid 90's early 2000s and was fairly popular, especially around the time this song came out.
Ka-Ching is basically a song mocking consumerism, however what I find funny about it is, it was never released in America and there were 3 versions of the video released.

this is the original promo version
and these are the two released versions

the first one is full of a lot of symbolism and some of it seems very esoteric, some really obvious. that seems to have been removed from the second releases.

normally I wouldn't be curious about this however it wasn't released as a single in the US and during/shortly after her US tour for the album she so happens to contract Lyme's disease which destroys her voice and seemingly her personality. she was basically gone for almost decade and reappears seems like a different person, almost childish.

but what I'd really like to know is what exactly is the symbolism in the promo video. if somebody could explain it to me it would be much appreciated.
I don't know much about musical artists and I don't follow their antics but I found the following:
>Illuminati & The Music Industry Exposed [ Full Length ] HQ
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Alright, my curiosity is piqued.

>1st image, a dangling spider
Not a good start
>telephone rings
Its the Bogs, duh
>no one on the line
She still answered the call
>steps on an elaborate (prolly european) balcony
>empty vehicles outside, cash registers in the background
>starts singing in a red dress
Oh shit, I'm gonna have to do an auditory analysis of the lyrics and music. This is just a visual analysis. But yeah, red flags

Okay, I just stopped fixating on individual images and watched/listened. Having watched, there is obvious and deliberate iconography, but not of the sort that would glorify any established or extant powers or forces. In fact, the song seems to be a critique of consumerist culture, as you said. It stands to reason that it wasnt released in the US because it goes against the obvious agenda of the MSMusic industry, which is to promote rampant and vapid consumerism. Throughout the video she's contrasted as a diva in red (whore of babylon?) And
A simple normal(ish) girl in simple clothes (virgin madonna maybe?). If anything, I'd even say she's taking shots at who and what she (not exclusively) have become as icons of the music industry. I'll give a more comprehensive breakdown, including variance in the later videos, but for now (if I'm understanding your OP position). Idk about the lyne disease shit, but I wont refute the possibility that the disease and the song are somehow related.
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it wouldn't surprise me, I was digging and I guess she was sexual abused as a kid by her father. fits the MO for sure
she says our religion is to go and blow it all , spending every sunday at the mall (which she winks)
then you see her with the guitars which looks like the cross of Nero
the black eagle heraldry on the doors of the casino.
at 12 everybody leaves the casino and things look normal but everybody counting money
she goes back to her room answer the phone, doesn't notice the rattle snake on the floor when the person on the phone says room service.

what I find curious is she was bitten by a tick with lyme's disease in Virginia (home of the CIA) while on tour in the US not very long after this video in 2003. plus you have the the two released versions cutting her out in normalish clothes showing that world is something diseased.

I just find it odd the more serious visuals are gone and she just so happened to catch a rare disease which basically ended her career for a decade.

I was thinking that song really pissed off somebody in the US. maybe something was hidden in it.
I'm reserving extended analysis, but your assertion of having pissed one or more somebodies rings true
Throwing my two cents in.
>tldr: it's calling (((them))) out. More accurately it's another one of their peers playing a pissing match. Sent their messenger to the US. And was returned damaged. All part of the game they play. The price of the goyim is owed to the jew that 'owns' them for damaging it.
The gate / arch way, and the arch way within arches is important (framing for technical beauty, and more importantly recursively). Despite how regular and normal that is. It's a way of entering or exiting something. Once the camera enters this decaying dark world there is no going back. Jumping ahead there is a street with all the cars there, with their doors open. No sign of the place the camera entered from.
A spiders web is... really on the nose. That's extremely in your face for what they like to do.
Figure in the dark background sitting. As a symbol of the spider, or as one being trapped in the web. Probably both.
She holds white china, and it disappears. It's probably implied it's set down.
Walking barefoot across the rich carpet. Living the high life.
The picking up the phone is the call from dark forces. Unclear and not speaking in a human tongue. She fails to understand hanging up on them. It's here she realizes something is off with this place. At least as the inciting incident.
Once she leaves she can't return.

The legged dog licking the plate clean, feels important. The dog goes off and leads her down the stairs. Maybe a reference to Cerberus and the land of the dead.
Flies on plates, decay perhaps a reference to the lord of the flies.

The other two videos have the stage, which is obviously seperate from the production. As shadowy hands and people watch screens and the performance.
With the guitar it's obviously fake playing in such a way to emphasize that.
One thought that crossed my mind is that the way the red dress is shot looks like someone caught in a web.
The other one which resembles rock stars didn't struggle as much, and had more 'freedom' to move. But is stuck doing the samething over and over.

In the prerelease version, reddress is a painting, rockstar is on TVs and some are broken. The pattern is showing itself.

When she finally reenters and picks up the phone the cycle is complete an orboros as the story eats it's own tail. The door she enters is the one we entered.
The room is the trap, and the carpet the web. Except this time she is wearing shoes.

The rockstar verson pelvic thrust, then the snake jumping toward the camera is multi purposed. Sexual connotations. The womb (the cup) and the stick like snake (wand, it releases power). With the two it forms a stable triangle filling up and ending this piece of magic.

The video distortion of the gambling time is a reference to something, but it's not coming to me. Enlarging of the eyes and mouth.
thanks anons
>it's calling (((them))) out.
yup I think that's it. 1:51 in the prerelease version there is a poritrat of a what looks like a man rubbing his hands together
2:42 the man on the money looks to be Nathaniel Rothschild
3:09 the tissue box looks like it has CNN on it with bullet holes in it
I think the 2 distorted faces are of a jewish guy and black guy. her husband at the time was a Rhodesian, who better to know the relationship between master and golem.
I didn't want to go /pol/ but damn it!!!!

it explains everything. she was like proto Taylor Swift. none of her songs where really degenerate, some stronk wahman but not in a man hating way, more like a strong country girl kind of way. love songs stuff like that. her US hits before that I think were this.
this is pretty much about monogamy
very different from Brittany Spears or Christina Aguilera at the same time

Ka Ching was completely different from all her other songs in style and content. it's like she was chosen to do the Taylor Swift thing and then she drops a video calling (((them))) out and so happens to get Lyme disease in Virginia. she doesn't tell anybody about it and fucks off to Switzerland for nearly a decade before she explains what happened.
she called out ZOG and got the hammer dropped on her. Lyme's Disease is interesting too because the CIA got that from the scientists of Unit 731 who had weaponized it. basically the Japanese version of Operation Paperclip.

thanks anons, for everything you pointed out. I think I understand now.

as a side note her rockstar outfit is pretty interesting. there are words written on it but upside down. I couldn't really make anything out of a few words like "and but" , I also noticed the letters EK on it. she was apart of Sant Mat which is a Hindu Gnostic thing but nearly every member of Eckancar will initially say they are Sant Mat. they're kind of weird cult. I had a couple of professors in college who were "Eckists".
from my experience how it works is they will tell you they are Sant Mat, teaching of the saints. higher spiritual understanding and all that shit. if you're interested at that point they eventually tell you about something called Eckancar, the highest understanding. they chant "HU" instead of OM, their god is Sugmad or maybe Sigmad I don't remember. to me it looked like a pyramid scheme, so I politely said no and they were cool with it. later I heard they were kind douches. the psych prof was really into drugging up and fucking twinks and my theology prof was into 3 waying under grads. one of the twinks told me all about it some years later.

why I mention this is because on her rockstar outfit she has the face of a man in black hand. the black hand symbolizes extortion I think and the man could be Harold Kemp, he's basically their guru. I have no idea how influential they are because they don't exactly advertise themselves.

so she takes a massive hit at ZOG and her cult. American never gets the single for obvious reasons and the EU video cuts out the not so obvious le happy merchant and Rothschild stuff but keeps the red dress version because by itself without the other parts seems innocent enough and her swipe at the cult probably doesn't mean much outside the US.