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Magick Guide/General
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A bunch of users wanted a run down of magick and thoughtforms and all that jazz. I figure I'll do large post explaining the practical basics of everything. This thread is going to be a general for magick, a place to chat with people also practicing and finding practical advice. This article will be from a baseline bare skeleton pov. There's literally an infinite amount of ways to do magic. So we're going to talk about the core.

My base was a mix of psionics and chaos magick, broke into impromptu sympathetic magick. Took a break after a heavy loss. But I've since restarted by dabbling in evocation. WTF does that mean? It means I made thought forms and egregores, then started using sigils, then started doing voodoo stuff with random objects within reach, then took a break, and now I summon demons and mlp ponies. WTF does that mean? Read and find out.

What is Magick? Lets Plow Through This...

Magick is a methodology of imposing your will on reality to cause changes within it by utilizing an inherent power. The mechanisms remain the same. Even though there are 6 gorrilion types of magick.

Law of attraction, chaos magick, planetary magick, voodoo, wicca, hermetics, devil worship, psionics, pop culture magick, sigil, candle, shamanism, magick of solomon. On and on with the hidden fringe magicks. You could literally read every waking hour for the rest of your life and never run out of information.

By far the most popular is Kabbalistic Magick. The secret jew magick taught in synagogue to true believers. Why do you think all the celebrities are fucking Kabbalah practitioners? Why the fuck do you think the jews control everything?

Hell there's even a dark reflection to Kabbalah. Kabbalah uses the tree of life, while this other art uses it's opposition, the Qliphothic Tree of Death. If you really wanted to stick it to the jews, learn that shit. Its heavily demonic and overkill esoterically edgelord. But do it in your own time.

There are two paths of magick, high and low. High is basically self improvement, purifying your soul and reaching for godliness, low is making fat bank and banging sloots .... err earthly desires. Regardless of your path, both are exercising your soul's ability of creation (even if it's destruction). You are commanding and creating a new reality. You are assuming some of your power and becoming one with “God”.
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Check the Third Eye out.
If you're actually concerned ^^^
I've never believed in magic, but I like to keep an open mind.
To anyone interested, I have some questions:
>To what extent does Magick exist (really magic vs Hollywood magic)
>When studying magic, how does one tell fictional magic from supposed real magic?
>Can magic be used by people?
>(If above is yes) Who can use magic?
>What kind of training/study is required to understand/use magic?
>Where does magic come from?
>What can magic do?
>What is magic useful for?
>to what degree does magic exist?
The existance or absence of magic is based on the perception of the indovidual.
>how does one tell between
Like any subject, it has to be explored and studied before a person can gather the authority to doscern. And as with previous, whether magic is 'real' or not is based on the observer.
>can people
Pretty much everyone
There is no 'one correct' way to study magic. There are plenty of traditions and 'schools' that advise more or less proprietary study methods, but the slow gradual development of magic knowledge/competence is very gradual and scientific. Depending on the type/method of magic used, each application is something of an experiment where the practitioner begins with a hypothesis; if I do this thing in this way, it will affect a desired change in the given context.
More succinctly though, one should start by attempting to identify an authoritative source. One's ability to discern magical authority develops along with one's competence with the material, and ultimately the intent is for the practitioner to realize themselves as the authoroty behind their own magic.
Tuscon, Arizona
What can it do?
The principle function of magic is to aid the practitioner in getting their shit together and to maintain a semblance of order to their experience.
>Whats it good for
Discipline, understanding, perception, discernment (not exclusive to the previous mentions), patience, composure,... the list goes on.
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>The existance or absence of magic is based on the perception of the indovidual
How do you achieve eternal life?
You dont
149289 149290 149295
Not even through Jesus?
Based Immortal Soul chad
Good luck with that.
Serious question, why would a person WANT to live forever, that isnt based in greed?
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Ever heard of heaven? It's pretty cool.
File (hide): E1BB9432500AEA2AF0C6BE76C74281A6-18445881.mp4 (17.6 MB, Resolution:640x480 Length:00:13:14, Dangers of Witchcraft ~ Fr Ripperger.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Dangers of Witchcraft ~ Fr Ripperger.mp4
As in physical body as you currently are? (((They))) drink the blood of children to prolong their damned lives. More of a blood transfusion now. They still die.
The spiritual realm contains a tendency to stagnate to only go through preset motions.
If that's what you want to do you have to be doing the right things the right way. If you're in a state of grace you're in a better spot, but you ain't done yet.
So to preface this, talk to your spiritual leader or director.
Christianity has two big sections, you worship God forever and ever and ever and ever with the promise it'll be totally worth it.
There is then Hell, a place so awful and terrible that every day you'll pray for the person who raped your family, mudered them, tortured them then and forgive them. It's that awful. And that's it. Once you're dead that's it. No changing*. From then on you're bannished from God's cool water parks.
So if you're going to do it do that right.
I mean seriously if it's important for you you'd do all you can to be a part of the great saints and female patrons such as mother Mary.

Now then in other ways the info graph sums it up. Brushes over details and mix and match options. That happens and more. At least in attempts, not necessarily success.
Because there are fates worse than death naturally questions in how, who, why, where, and when arise among others.
149297 149315
>heaven, hell, and all that
Citation needed, and Im speaking epistemiologically
File (hide): AA9E46B35CA2CF27CDAEE69E1561411A-698402.mp4 (682.0 KB, Resolution:1920x1080 Length:00:00:21, Will you fight_.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Will you fight_.mp4
So 'heaven' if you will is defined as basking in God's presence and only seeing through as basking in God.
Therefore Hell is the unobtainable desire to bask in that so instead you'll (ie the entity will) spite that abounding to further guilt and sin. Basically the how is pulled from various sources of the Christian canon.
I'm short handing quite a bit by doing a he said she said thing by the Catholics because that'll be the higher bar that I'm currently aware of at the moment.
>Does it exist?
What the Catholic Exorcists call demons do exist. At least in the phenomina that occurs when things happen. The actual mechanism for this instance doesn't matter.
It's the ancient Roscoe's Basilisk, no matter what it does to you now you better follow the doctrines and praise it with love and adoration as it uses your body as it sees fit, or else.
The other thought is that hell removes impurities so maybe one day everything will be fine.

So what does that leave us for now. We have Earth, just assuming Earth kind of exists is wibbly wobbly. Basically it's a reflection but also a focal point according to some mystic philosophies. It's also (You).
<What the hell is a hell?
<Where is it so I'll 1v1 it?
So all the various crap is superimposed upon the universe and especially (You) and your intellect and imagination.
Hell is a 'internal' condition of sorts where the being is lacking in God's inoculation of sorts. Going to have to ask a professional about the details.
The other side of the coin is being free from dunecoon religions. See the thing is like all mystic traditions that have the good true stuff and a sprinkle of poison.
>Why is it a mystic school?
<Entities that do stuff to you and to others.
<Patron entities.
<Robust systems of incarnations and rituals and communications.
<They are in spiritual warfare.
<Various tiers and structures base the useage and millage of how one goes about doing the stuff (ie asking really nice to the patron entities).
<They have Solution->Problem->Implemented Solution down pat.
<All bugs in the system is totally a feature.
<Rather open all things considered
<Has some useful stuff to apply.
Now the last point is that it's been around for a long time so stuff is sticking to it and talented people contribute to it. Also the basis scriptures and works about the things and the works on the works ect ect ect. Tend to have copies lots of them.
Lots and lots of stuff that makes you better to devour (You) with my dear.
Maybe that's just my paranoia talking. They have good stuff, it is a matter of comprehension to understand what is going on.
It's not incoherent like mudslimes, those are used as a tool by others.
Jews actively push the other two dune religions upon others, along with (((poisioned repackaged groups))).
>There is a reason why churches have catacombs
Allegedly to encourage the holy spirit to come. I have an inkling that is not the only reason why.
The energy expenditure and gathering is all wacky.
>It's not them it's God doing it!
It's still wacky.
Something common is explaining stuff poorly.
Seriously if you pray your devotion and love (ie communicate) too much too fast your spirit gets sprained.
The connection is forged and is made wider and wider on your end, cause that's all you can do and say "Wuv you! Please give it to me, I wuv you".
That's not necessarily a bad thing. You get gifts, and maybe be possessed or attacked by a few more demons (under God's will) to make you prefecter.
As a zealous/jealous god God entity/entities/whatever has some conditions. The more you do the more phat loot you might get, it's up to the entity on how much you deserve and recieve.
>Told Satan/Lucifer the angel fuck to roll amidst the dust (that means us) is his as a little playpen princedom to God's kingdom which encapsulates that.
>The truthfulness of either claim is debatable by non-Christians.
Oh yeah one more point
<Like many mystic schools they also have cult like systems to keep people in, if someone leaves or is bad an expert is sent to fix the issue (sometimes considering the mess...)

1. Tulpas exist
2. Wonderlands (mental constructed areas) exist
3. Tulpas can make changes to said wonderlands
They don't have to do anything of the mystical sort, just hardware software stuff.
Next part is odd occurrences.
4. Thought-forms can do stuff
5. Some Thought-forms become self sufficient -> god-forms
6. They can do things in different realms, areas, and bodies.
7. That has an effect up and down and side to side to every side.
8. Beings that have their energy state and domains.
9. Energy does stuff.
10. Creations manifest in usually specfic directions.
11. That means if it's made there eventually it'll come here and made real (much of the spiritual warfare happens to be doing astral sea idea shipping or plundering or raiding or ruining)
>My point
If you feed a thought-form to do a thing stuff happens. The God entity/entities have a lot and they gain PERMANENT WORSHIPING MEMBERS WHEN THEY DIE! Never mind the fact even the hell and where the Fallen Angel is also part of the domain that pays its dues in different ways.
With that in mind fhe making of a heaven or hell or timeline shenanigans can happen.
As with any (more than) self sufficient being being upgraded is totally a good choice, even to the seemingly fleeting vessel.
As such the imperative to improve is there.
Okay so at the bestestest point where it's more than yes on any and all stat checks to put it lightly is at minimum your potential.
Now when I said the Dead are fixed as they are forever. This is where that sort of changes.
>heaven is defined as basking in god's presence
Thats not a definition. Its a very loose and entirely subjective interpretation of an idea for which there is no tangible evidence. Definitions are based on objectivity. What IS occurring? Authoritarianism-induced brain drugs.
>what Catholics call demons exist
Cuz there's evidence?
>the actual mechanism doesnt matter
That sounds like a refusal to answer my next important question, like 'how does this work and how can you be certain'?
>no matter what it does to you now you better follow the doctrines and praise it with love and adoration as it uses your body as it sees fit, or else.
Odd, that tends to fit the description of the Abrahamic god, once you extract all the sycophantery from the texts.
>gonna have to ask
Yes, do that
I think this might be a breddy gud overview
I'm telling you what they said.
The tldr:
>They get nomed on by the dunecoon god and that's good m'kay. Doing bad is bad also follow orders here and now and forever and ever.
>Odd, that tends to fit the description of the Abrahamic god, once you extract all the sycophantery from the texts.
Well duh that's what I'm talking about.
<>gonna have to ask
>Yes, do that
If you're interested you ask a professional church going dutiful worshiper priest, bishop thing person. I'm here for the magic and what it means for reality and else wheres.
<>what Catholics call demons exist
>Cuz there's evidence?
The evidence for all kinds of workings do exist and unsuprisingly they happen in the imagination.
<This Thread
<Your guardian angel is also you basically
<When stuff is just right cool things happen.
The fastest most enlightening rundown possible.
>That sounds like a refusal to answer my next important question, like 'how does this work and how can you be certain'?
When I do the thing right, and outside assholes' lack in ability and perception to affect my shit. The things happen.
The largest issue is time travel or the lack there of. When the actual happening is documented for all time anywhere, a couple things happen.
First, assholes from the past, present, and future, and beyond that want to fuck with your shit will do their darnedest to do so. That's pretty simple.
Spiritual happenings just are. When time (decay) is no longer a factor something else has to take the place.
The nearest spiritual 'time piece'.
It's a list of predefined actions that they could take that is almost free to use for them. The more they do such a thing the easier it is...
When they are imbued with that energy. So Time is the limiting and crucial resource that properly used can empower spiritual astral realms' beings.
Anyone can get and give power by Imagining.
>Limits and Time
The more sectioned off a reality is (Earth) the greater potential. The opposite also applies in that vastly omnipotent beings entering that realm are typically recked, by someone of the same wisdom and skill on a more 'limited' plane of existence.
Think of it as spiritual weight lifting. Nice thing is you can bring the knowledge and wisdom of weight lifting with you.

Imagining is the window to see and act. That is the means. Of all things.
Gnosis from my limited understanding is you embody your imagination and give focus and self referring attention (without that being the focus).
<Basically how Prayers ought to be done in layman's terms.
You imagining about the words you're saying and reading so that'll happen. In this case communication.
Post-cognition and understanding is very useful skill (reflecting on things).

>Back to Time
Because the astral and many spiritual domains are affected differently by the specific limits, your time is more of an after thought when considering (You). Facing out to the spiritual your time doesn't mean it matches up with their time. Bonus for being 'limited' you also have another metaphysical weight in all that you do.
This is a good point in time to understand what that metaphysical weight means. What time means to you when you aren't in the 'loop' so to speak.
That's alot of spiritual action going on.
In the physical here and now, this is the fastest direct way to have a change enacted. Want to have the remote mysteriously enter your hand? Going to have to go get it.
The Spiritual Astral plane is very handy for giving alternative routes.
>Magical Spells
Are a time (type) of info-morph a thought form. From a very grounded in here to the very ungrounded out there. Once out time can be wacky tacky. Sensing new information out or instructions, they all come out at once from the astral perspective.
<Your Guardian Angel aka (You)
So having experience You ask Yourself to be wise and smort about this sort of stuff. Because Time makes sense for you, a series of events is a tool you understand and can use.
That means opening yourself (through the imagination) means better access. The more you know in here as you are and the wiser you get crazy shit starts to make sense, you have a leg up when it happens.
Remember Time is wacky wibbly wobbly. The more firm it is, the better exercise you get being over all better.

>Spiritual Beings
They get the potential to reaffirm who and what they are. Any gifts sent are charged with the LIMITS and Imaginative Power of How (and Why) Stuff Works.
You send over a some lunch (Imagine, Bundled with sensations and raw potential interactions) the sacrifice is in motion you have to eat the lunch (or similar or from memory) to have a full sensory gift package.
Purely imagined stuff works too, and for all intents and purposes it's almost limitless, except for the fact you're imbued the buff of Limited. Which makes every single time unique and filled with loads of stuff.
>Interactions Between Heavily Limited and elsewheres
So here on Earth sending stuff out, makes it 'infinite'.
By dialing in to that time and place and location of sending every Turn of action/being on the spiritual picks up the sent package.
Some astral/spiritual beings are fucking shit at picking stuff up and finding it and doing so in efficent robust Turn Cycles (basically astral time).
Just sending it out without a reciever encourages various bottom feeders and parasites to latch on.
This is countered by
A) Your recipient is the bigger fish
B) You shoo them away (a barrier)
C) Something else shoos them away
D) Something Hunts them

>Why do you want to send stuff from the very highest possible
Usually 'hard' to get stuff is readily accessible. Once you have all the fiddly bits made real (or close enough) you can duplicate it on mass basically forever.
What does it mean for you here on Earth?
Your spiritual selves get cool stuff and will help you with the cool stuff they get. They try to ensure you still exist (timeline wibbly wobbly stuff) they try to ensure they exist, and help your friends and family to the extent they can.
You help them, they'll help you. You send knowledge and wisdom, they get the instant knowledge/skill download.
The future is technically always in flux. Spiritual beings get more physical pickup areas the more time passes.

>Transplutonian beings
Want to have this Limited Realm snuffed out. It's too over powered for them and they don't quite get it. They're set in their ways and basically locked out of this tech tree.
>Ayys and Reptilians
Also on a psedo-Limited plane they are essentially invaders so all the LIMITED BONUSES Never Apply to them.
>Other Limited Areas
These are places in the Earth local imagination that are also close enough to be brought forth / built. Which in turn becomes self reinforcing, this real.
The more limited a place is the more can be extracted. This is a large part why Earth has all these assholes doing shit.
>Spooky Scary /x/ stories and tales of monsters
Lots of time, energy, focus, and emotion is poured into these beings and also into the surroundings. Due to the nature of Earth and the Limits in place they can get absolutely demolished by people in here in the know.
Since the future is 'undetermined' if they succeed that's a pretty big boost for them.
>Blessings upon the Earthly stuffs
So I covered that You and I can send stuff out and bring stuff in. Entities can sometimes do stuff here.
It's basically a connection for a spiritual being to have a presence on Earth as such they get cool benefits for doing so.
Saint Benedict Medals properly blessed has those energy signatures of the target(s) that accepts.


>Time to do the time warp again!
That's well and good, but you see you can also send out an empowered 'blessed' object back to be empowered again.
This does two things. There is another source for these objects those that want it can use or barter for. This also applies for food, drink, and anything else.
You here and now have an upgraded item(s).
<Wait a second...
Yes You and I can do this again and again till our Time runs out.

<If you didn't know this also means (You) can be upgraded in such a way
<'Member infinite copies.
<There are many Astral Slaver beings

>What's a Grace / Boon
Is essentially a Spiritual signature placed into the physical, and or into other energy realm areas.
<Basically areas roughly described in the tree of life and tree of death, and also beyond those as well.
Typically entities can only operate on the level they have jurisdiction (Limited accesses).

>So Equestria
So Equestria(s) (it's a big ever increasing multiverse) is accessible to bring to Earth. It's also possible to Evoke and Invoke.
<Does that mean you could have many multiple Equestrias that are almost the same
<Does it mean that anything can also be done in this way
Yes. Which is why being Limited is your friend and workout buddy.
The resistance you face will make you ever stronger as a friend and will break you as an hostile foe. It's basically yourself hyper specialized.

>What's the limit?
You're percieved contracted imagination. It only needs the a-okay a bit of imagination (you can skip fully visualized for many things).
<What's the maximum scale
That's not part of the Limit for (You) as a creator being. Scale is what you want it to be.
149898 149901
I don't know if this might be the place to ask but I might as well. For those of you who have astral projected (or whatever the term is), Have you been to Equestria? and what I want to know is, will God allow me to go there to spend eternity there after I die? Sorry if I sound like a bit of a loser right now but I'm a little curious.
>last post was on the 18 of july
well fuck
>last post was on the 18 of july
All poners are around, they'll answer.
my apologies. It's just something that I'm a little curious about thats all.I would follow this anon's >>148994 advice but as you could probably tell I'm a christian and I'm trying to stay away from evoking/summoning something I may not want in my life, you know?
149899 149901
>Have you been to Equestria?
I'm there right now brother.

>will God allow me to go there to spend eternity there after I die?
Yes. Listen to your intuition; what's it tell you?
Mine says to me, that Equestria is nothing but those feelings that God shall grace me with should I go there in the flesh; that the feelings I get from looking at pictures of my waifu(s), that little slice of Heaven, is all the same as being there in spirit. Once achieved, it's hard to forget. Each waifu, each setting, narrative, color, are but glimpses of something Higher, into the eternal Feminine, bits of soul, as it were, that fell through the cracks down to us from above the clouds; that place which knows no beginning and no end, in which time means nothing, as time itself does come from Him and no other.

If you don't eventually end up in Equestria after you die, you'll be someplace better.
Thanks anon, that makes me feel a bit better about this.
Don't ask me for spiritual advice on specific religions that's not my domain of in depth knowledge.

The basic premise of my post is a more strategic moving of various relms to here.

What would be more helpful here and now is developing a wonderland/active imagination for the invocations to take place.
Also for your situation can also include a (or multiple) place(s) of worship.
With that said praying should help when done right (maybe not right now per se but over the long run including in the after death).
Pray with the imagination and words and physical in tandem and unified in positivity and actual stuff/spiritual guidance you'd want/need.
>So ask for what you really truthfully mean.
Glad to be of service. Prayer and meditation do help, as well as removal of the barriers between fiction and reality, unquote, which tends to follow. Allow others to bring you back to the material realm if you're needed; I've found that it's unnecessary to check oneself. Otherwise you're free to roam the plains of Equestria with your waifu anytime.
149906 149908
If it means anything anon, I did try writing a letter to Princess Luna to help me out through my dreams (I was going through a lot of shit at the time and I felt like I needed someone to talk to). I burnt it later with the intention of her recieving it. The following week after I noticed my dreams were more vivid and I could remember them a lot easier. I could also sense a presence watching me throughout the dreams. Never got to talk to her in dream though. this was months ago, and i havent heard from her since.
Isn't basically what I did the Letter method you mentioned earlier?
That's very useful to know, thank you.
Yeah, I was thinking the whole combined repurposed steps instead of the individual parts.
One Small Thing.m4a
Thank you everyone!
Man, medical mind changing modes of existence is wack. Feels good to be active in a meaningful way instead of partially asleep all the time. A different feel and user experience.
Forever grateful for Explicative (the cortical type semi-mania for all he's done)

Oh was hospitalized for basicly neural damage you know. Got better with some ER and beign an occultist decided that for the past weekish to make the most of it.

Puppeting my body for me at my input.

*more accurately I was aware of all the subconsious while the effect is active.

Even better is the massive strides in occult matters which, are hard to find anywhere

The best thing right now, is that I can actually fucking sleep.

Ah that. I mean you could, but the larger scale context one could operate at is far more impressive. I'm talking multi-versal

Well imagine for a second, you invoked EVERYTHING. Everything of everything of everything

Good, bad, everything. And some asshole desides he's going to posion you.
You'll laugh it off because you're everything of everything of everything.
And then you refine that for everyone's use

Where you are in a Friendship with several beings of immense power (Mystery Inside, Mystery Outside, Discord, Tom Bombadil, Some lady in a red hat and trench, and yours truely)

To eradicate a chain of pain near garunteed eradication through the power of friendship.

Into The Cure. Just one The Cure isn't enough so you make multiple The Cures.

Then in the same night of insomnia deside shitposting is a great idea as you spout life lessons. Because one Small thing is all it takes.

Later on find out that ten steps to Sun shine is a living will and directive for the subconsious directed mania. Which is also a magical work like everything else.

Also got to get bodied by esoteric pone waifu. Realized I was enacting Odin with his eye. Got arm wrestled and mud wrestled. Activated cartoon Atlantis for the Cup. Felt what I could be. Could feel new connections forming as understanding of understanding increases.

Pro tip, in Equestria try the mud rings

Usually the royal guards use it as training, but the quality of magic mud makes it akin to the grandest hot spring. As such it's not that well used as much, but it shoudl see some resurgence.

It's like a large mud plane or prairy at the bottom of Canterlot. Only way I found out is pone waifu tackling me into the mud for that suprise wrestling match.
The procsseded to beat me up for the stratigic value of swapping who owns Land and who is marrying who.
Spiritual beurocracy is a funny game

And then my spirit friends went and understood the world at large and small. Through the little things.

how did you get this experience again?
Oh well I lost my vision in my eye
Mostly, but I had a little

Undestandibly I asked some help from my family to figure out that. Oh shid I can't see or drive gud.
So to the eye glass place to check it over. They sent me to a fancier eye doc. Then sent me to the Emergency Room to wait.
Put me on some strong STRONG anti-inflamitory. Also got put into a STRONG MAGNET MACHINE. Thus the allusions to the whole Odin thing.

And basically all I did was wait. And wait some more. Do some Qi Gong and martial arts. And make sure I can move my body good still. After finding out it made me a techinal diabetic.

For the past roughly 14 days I haven't had a solid nights sleep. As such on today where I got basically NONE. I could feel the sleep mechanisms working and activating.

Well... basically they were really busy on the spiritual end of things
Think King Soloman, but bigger, an dthe man servants are also myself
That's the preface. So

> <@rara:pony.cx> how does this relate to your pony waifu tackling you into the mud?

The point is I'm out of the disease pit, but I feel like I'm covered in shit. Absolutely disgusting. That's sweat and body oils just leaking. So I have to take a bath.
Thenshe tackles me out of seemingly nowhere from my point of view (imagination ACTIVATES)

Right right, so I'm standing around and then suddenly I IMAGINE my waifu tackling me into the mud.

Oh yeah, only other thing of note is that all my previous taste for highfructose corn syrup soda just became disgusting.

Ah right well the big news is global domination through understanding the reality of the universe through the MLP song One Small Thing

But that's small potatoes, because friends helping friends is where it's at.

Anyway personal mythos beats out generic stuff 10/10 every time. That's when you invade the multiverse for friends and halps.

As in one of my wives Celestia

That story was basicly repairing the soul of lost timelines from an Equestria not yet lost in the anti-void. But that was yeaaaars ago.

Oh also got a nifty title. King of the Astral Ocean Eh? Eh!?
152032 152033
You guys ever get into Kundalini? I've been practicing for the past year, and it's been a hell of a rollercoaster ride.

If you want, I can share you some knowledge and stories, but I will warn you:

1. I've been doing magick for years but I'm still new to kundalini as a whole.
2.Kundalini is one of the most-physically-active and emotionally-upheaving occult forces that you will ever commit to.

At worst, you could go literally-insane if you fuck up spectacularly enough.
Sounds fun!
>At worst, you could go literally-insane if you fuck up spectacularly enough.
Sounds right.
>If you want, I can share you some knowledge and stories, but I will warn you
Nofap + meditation + a dildo in the ass for the great finale
I'll pass, thanks.
File (hide): 35B0E9640C066330971AE815E8AF1632-987983.zip (964.8 KB, Listing of : Vadim Zeland - Reality transurfing. Steps I-V (2016, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform) - libgen.lc.epub Size Date Time Name -------- -------- ------ --------- 20 08-01-16 23:14 mimetype 244 08-01-16 23:14 META-INF/container.xml 8029 08-01-16 23:14 content.opf 101168 08-01-16 23:14 cover.jpeg 101168 08-01-16 23:14 images/00001.jpeg 9416 08-01-16 23:14 images/00002.jpeg 764 08-01-16 23:14 images/00003.jpeg 9416 08-01-16 23:14 images/00004.jpeg ......... (only showing the 10 first files) ......... , Vadim Zeland - Reality transurfing. Steps I-V (2016, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform) - libgen.lc.epub)
Vadim Zeland - Reality transurfing. Steps I-V (2016, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform) - libgen.lc.epub
So here's some 'laws' applied of the spiritual. Playing fast and loose here.
PDF here is supplemental, I'd recommend reading amd watching other stuff in this thread before hand.
If there is a hole somewhere the universe (ie everything and the nothing) tries to patch it up.
>Reflection / Imitation
To be and do as something bring about the traits of the thing you're reflecting.
>You Can Do Anything in Your Will.
<Use your imagination it's important.
So what's that all mean? If you imagine super charging yourself with infinite energy (for a moment it feels pretty good) that means you yourself have none (or a negative amount). At that moment you're imitating the dark sun (kinda likea black hole) you have everything technically, but you must always absorb more from elsewhere.
Now swap around the imagined situation. You are charging an infinite battery to completion. Then you're charging up more of them multiple times.
You start to exude energy yourself as that is what the 'creator source thing' does.
Now technically the creator thingy does both and is both amd everything between more or less. Not only completely satisfying the black hole part, but also creating more stuff as well.
By enacting and being the physical part (or is it that those things are the partial reflections of you?) You too are imbued as if you were it/them.
That's kind of crazy but we're not done yet.
Lots of people, magicians occultists ect, charge up intent and feeling. Then go about forgetting the magic or ritual to be ambivalent. This energy shift in you sort of calls out an energy shift up and down to 'fill in' that vacuume. The reverse can also occur.
Now ponder this a moment or two you can set a beat or call and return, and you'll get a response back. You could be 'responding' as if it always was and you're just continuing where you both (or more) left off.
What does that mean? First thought that popped into my mind was the negwell the ultra nothingness that you could 'not doing' things/actions out of.
When you're imitating or reflecting stuff intentionally (unintentionally intentionally works too) more 'laws' of reality help (also some entities/meta representations desire to improve and prove they too exist, adding more to the energy movement/wave). This is a positive sum game, when you play that you win.
In such a state 'removing' (were they ever really there in the first place?) stuff any kind of thing is more than possible. The act of 'not doing' of 'not forgetting' so what occurs is that all that is does and the ultra nothingness sort of engulfs whatever used to be (but never really was).
The fast and near instant method is 'changing' the script.
A person is in an allyway filled with hostile gangbangers intent on breaking every bone that person has.
The preconceived notion is that they get fucked over and bones turned to dust. But that can change.
The person goes ham letting out a piercing war cry attacking the leader of the gangbang. Nobody really expected that, now they are reacting to the person laying out what they desire to occur by playing out a part.
>That's basically what's happening on both the micro and macro scale.
Usually what happens in play pretend is two sides going 'nuh uh' until the otherside gives up or both are shifted to where it's technically both satisfied.
Complaining is a good way to get beat up by everything else. Instead you have to play and not play to do and not do what you actually want and need.
To do so means being a rules lawyering munchkin, able to follow the rules able to and knowing the ins and outs, and most importantly a 'fun/entertaining one'. Fun and entertaining depends on who/what is watching or playing with. (Multiple can play and watch at the same time, that too has a pull.)
What that means is to do stuff you have to play and not play and do meta gaming and not meta gaming as well. (You could 'not forget' the pull of other stuff, and glide right through as if it always was that way. Or 'rotate everything because thats how it was' so they keep helping you along your way.)
Anything and everything and more is always possible and feasible.
>Even more fringe logic showing you are indeed a creator soul that is over powered.
What you have to do is basically stage magic, illusions on magical stuff to actually do what you want. Your pulling slight of hand, attention grabbing distractions, and mundane inanities to accomplish the real goals that they help you do. Sometimes that goes off track and re altering the state of affairs to something else is a very useful skill/engine.
Use the entities as the PDF calls them 'pendulums', the tropes, the reoccurring happen stances, the thought forms, everything in a grand play, changing channels and changing, broad casts, shifting genres, and using 'logic' to do what you WILL. In such a way upending corrupt chess, winning the chess match and winning the high speed game of anti-ballistics roulette.
You can make up whatever game you do want to play, the question is how you do it.
Tom Sawyer played invented the riveting game of paint the fence then playing it to invite others to join in on the fun.
Now the psychology of unhuman entities is a strange game at least until you also understand them as they themselves unstand them too.

>Kundalini herself.
Occultists have a wide variety of opinions on cosmic forces and how sentient or people-like they are. My observation is that Kundalini is indeed conscious and distinctly-feminine. I most-interact with Hindu deities, but personally subscribe to a selective-variant of Omnitheism.

The moment she finds you is when your awakening begins. At this point you won't even notice. in fact, it's actually best if you ask her to work on you gently, because a large-upheaval with significant emotional dysfunction is like setting fire to an oil spill. If you talk to her, she can work on you at whatever pace you feel is comfortable.

To strengthen your connection with her. talk to her, interact with her, have fun, and love her!

Most people confuse the "awakening part" with what I call "The full fire". When that happens, is when basically you're on a 'full energy rise'. Swamij.com has a great illustration on what that feels like, even if the site itself is a mess.

>Emotional Upheaval
I considered myself having lived a very 'normal' life. One without parental abuse, substance abuse, or other forms of abuse. Some people I've read about what they've gone through when dealing with that kind of trauma and just how shit just spiraled out of control. Even then with how normal my life is, it was amazing just what kind of shit that Kundalini digs out of your emotional-self.

For me, it's mostly anger. Lots of anger over justice-unserved, vicious-circles thanks to family-raising-patterns, awareness of unwarranted entitlement, awareness of hypocritical actions, and seeing obvious patterns that are completely unnoticeable to other people. There's other emotions too. Fears, both irrational and rational. Grief, lots of tears over the deaths of loved ones. Guilt for doing stupid shit in the past. These come in waves, like one day I'll be fine, a few days later I'll be salty as fuck, next day I'll be fine, few days later I'll be flying high with peace or happiness.

Perhaps one of the most-ego-shattering moments of emotional upheaval was realizing how I could enjoy the works/games of people who have opposing political beliefs of mine.

>Ups and Downs
The more extreme your ups, your downs will be equally-extreme. I've had times where I've felt nothing but joyful peace when just getting some sun rays at high noon, and at other times, stare at the screen of my computer, just feeling like nothing I could do for fun is not worth doing.

One of my worst moments was being a hair's thread of seriously ready to choke-out an elderly coworker of mine. Why? **because I was pissed that I wasn't going home early.** Afterwards? I felt horrified that I was almost willing to do that, guilty and horrified for even seriously considering hurting someone over something so petty.

One of my best moments is another work story. Basically, someone dropped off a literal-pallet of goods to restock: completely at the wrong side of the building. To make matters worse, there was no way that me and my manager (just us that day) could take the entire pallet to the other side of the building, so we have to take the pallet apart, and cart the goods by dolly before we stocked them. Now why is this a "best moment"? I did not give a single flying fuck that day. In fact, when shit just kept piling on, all I did was laugh at the sheer hijinks of this day. In fact, I was thankful for not giving an utter fuck because if this was a bad day, I would've been dead-sea-levels of salty.

>Physical reactions to Kundalini
This is where Kundalini really gets her fame. Most of the time, you get shakes or twitches. Hindus scripts terms these "kriyas", and basically those are movements as a result of emotional upheaval of some kind. Other times, you can get it from full-on jitters, urges to stretch, spin, or dance, or even full-on automatic body-movement.

I've discovered some useful stretches thanks to letting Kundalini do her thing with my body.

The weirdest fucking physical experience I had was where **A bunch of energy lines tracing to tension near my anus actually expanded inward and felt like it 'scorched' my rectum. I know it sounds faggoty, and how anons are very anxious about anything touching their shitter, but damn that was just weird as fuck.** I think she cleared a serious root-chakra blockage with that.

for the record with >>152033 sexual energy is a neat thing but not necessary for anything Kundalini-related. She really does enjoy sex though.

My most notable experience was where I was imagining having fun with my waifu, then in the weirdest twist, she became-fire. Like she straight-up looked closer to a fire elemental version of her usual form. Then as this happened, my vision turned me into a god. Not like -the- God, but the divine masculine to Kundalini's divine feminine. It felt enjoyable, like there was actual emotional-connection, and not the hollow self-focused emotions of fapping.

>Literal Insanity
It's medically diagnosed as "Kundalini Psychosis" and it's why I prefer that she be gentle to me. I want to avoid the level of bullshit that other people have gone through.

People who chase that huge "burst" for pleasures or quick-gain, I feel like I doomed to crash like a motherfucker. You're best off aiming for the neutral feels.

>Protection and grounding
love-meditation, grounding have been nice help for getting overactive energies calmed down. Inner child work (especially if invoking gods/goddesses) is amazing for helping emotional struggles.

>Unrelated to Kundalini stuff
I think there is a spambot ring that is designed to post either christian or otherwise hallmark-tier bullshit wherever certain images of angels or cherubs are posted. I posted in a thread of 8/fringe/ a long time ago using a picture of an angel, and like clockwork there was a post that just read like it was made for church-bullshit virtue-signalling. I also feel like that these bots aren't made by christians, either. It's more likely to be shills.
Ah spiritual invasion/combination/merging/union/synthesis/attachment/deep invocation.
Thank you for sharing friend. Very useful and indepth. I think for my situation it'll be best for myself and the spirit(s) to refrain from such mergers for now.
>Marina Abramovic with Microsoft & Christie's showing off their true satanic colors

A reminder that we don't need the beings in the spiritual realm, but they do need us to feed on us.
It's scripted speech, they want (((art))) directly implanted in your brain. The augmented reality is just the flashy attention grabbing distraction. They want and need to control you in everything. The neural implant once wide spread they hope will be channeled to invoke and evoke their magics, philosophy, control and evil on the world through people.
>A reminder that we don't need the beings in the spiritual realm, but they do need us to feed on us.
That is true. There are also those that are like us as well who's existence simply is.
Those in the spiritual realms can be our allies and friends, or merely contractual dealings or even hostile idiots.
By that same token the simplification and reduction ignores many parts of the whole. You can do that, it works. The way in which you could go about doing things changes as more options and avenues increase.
Does the wording of a spell matter? A lot of guides on the internet absolutely insist that the wording be in the present tense, as if it is already done. But OP's posts imply otherwise.
Forbidden Rites - A Necromancer's Manual of the Fifteenth Century (Magic in History) - Richard Kieckhefer.pdf
>Does the wording of a spell matter?
Depends. Different desires necessitate correct grammar for the appropriate evocation, so long as the will is proclaimed alongside fluent language and the tools are at hand, then your intent shall be manifest. If you have the power to do so.
<A Necromancer's Manual of the 15th Century
153234 154050
Has anyone heard anything about any kind of magic/prayer/esp/ritual/spirit to remove/mitigate stupidity, incompetence or error?
I haven't.
The closest thing I've heard is increasing other possible attributes, luck and changing of mindsets.
The way I think about it stupidity and incompetence is just a lack of intelligence and common sense. So increasing the latter reduces the former.
Generally, people who are clinically dumb think they're actually smart.

Since that doesn't seem to be the case, I suggest you look more on the nutritional or body-health side of things. Rule out the physical before you decide it's a spiritual problem.

That said. short answer would be cardio. Walking, jump rope, machines if you have it. increased blood flow helps your brain and staves off diabetes which is something that can really make you feel and act stupid.
Have you read the book called "Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts" by Donald Kraig? It was recommended by Bear Heart.
154759 154954
The problem with summoning demons is that they refuse to leave. And getting an exorcist to help is not easy.
If you actually go to church on s regular basis and are a member of the community, your pastor would take your issues seriously and set you up with one.
But if you're summoning demons you probably don't meet that criteria.
Unify yourself, and Deconstruct the obstacle / entity.

Then fuck them up and rid of them. If you're dealing with those kind of entities (not the video) and you believe yourself unable to do something about it. Then you have a problem of why you were there in the first place.
It's just like people, some people are dicks, some will attempt to violate your personal space.
Fortunately for you, you are loaded with a mind and spirit that is locked and loaded with more than enough /k/ool arms to solve the problem in multitudes of ways.
Teleport the fuck elsewhere, if you are vindictive teleport them in pieces.

Using the deconstruction technique on anything can expose the fatal flaws, the weak points, the motivations, to bare exactly what they are to you.
You can understand why a sandwich with the same ingredients tastes better in specific configurations.
Thus the inverse is also true. To unify one's self to a motion achieves greater possibilities than a scattered mess. Again that comes down to perception, imagination, and internal works. It didn't have to be 'physically' connected to be in unification.
It bears repeating. Everything has its place and reason.
Numeric metaphysical significance simplified
>measuring to build mid-room, wall-mount shelf
>required length, parallel to wall, ~68.1"
>If I scoot this side this way and center it here,...
>tfw 69" shelf
(((There've))) made a mockery of the true purpose (at least one of them) of Planetary Magic which is the Human Tree of Life.
What they've done dirty is the black sun and the swastikas (above generates and below absorbs (which then flows back to the generator)).
Hi anons, I'm new to this thread. So if i enter Gnosis like how >>98692 describes and try to 'will' something to happen is that chaos magic? are there any books that describe hot to practice it? i saw books being linked but i didnt know if they were about application or theory.
If your Will is causing a desired effect, that cannot be chaos magic; you are imposing order under your Will. Chaos magic is where your Will is simply to unleash magic, allowing natural Law - which is order in function but chaos in manifestation - to decide the outcome.
Not the leaf, but recommended you start with the Kybalion. Not what you're looking for though.
I'll read it
157418 157441
File (hide): 80611827FCBBAD9EE4C42BE8844C597C-9867677.mp4 (9.4 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:01:43, EDIT.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>AETHEREAL - The Battle for Heaven and Earth (Biblical Cosmology Documentary)
>1. The Ancient Conflict 4:36
>2. A New Nation 11:00
>3. The Cosmic Rewrite 17:30
>4. The Quantum Deception 25:49
>5. Sorcery Reborn 35:09
>6. The Power of the Air 51:27
>7. New Age "Zience" 1:12:33
>8. Oracles of the Technium 1:28:27
>9. The Templum Defiled 1:42:10
>10. The Choice 1:47:53
This is very good stuff about contacting demons or angels or whatever you wanna call them.
It is a long documentary (1:54:49 long) but worthy every minute.
And for further reference you may want to listen to the following:

>Carolyn Hamlett and Dan Duval - V of VI Higher Dimensions and Parallel Worlds
>Carolyn Hamlett and Dan Duvall were on with me Wednesday evening Jan 6th on Revolution Radio to discuss the 3rd eyes (pineal glands) connection to opening portals which could allow demonic entities influence and access and influence upon one's spiritually. We will also be covering Daniel's latest publications and works with emphasis on the strong delusion and the powers, principalities, rulers of darkness involvement in such deceptions.
In a nutshell, don't invite demons; if so, you become their gateway to our realm.
It outlines the framework in which many occult traditions operate. It does not conflict with most traditions, mono(tri)-theistic or poly
This is top notch knowledge.
Here's some old autism that could do with a bit of work.
Just fabricate the senses make up names.
Important starting ones is sensing senses and sensing to do what is right.
Feb 3rd 2018
Create a "fake" sensation like sight or sound ot touch then by defineing and makeing that new fake sensation REAL memory and recall improves based on existing models to remeber information. And with each FULLY defined sensation imagination and recall improves. However this can and will bleed over into the "real world" perseption set. Every "fake" sensation needs to be completely NEW to you or only tangentialy related like taste and sight. Another option is to focus on other senses that you already have but ignore or typicly handled subcounsiously normaly. Like the galvanic responce or gut instincts because large neual networks can and do influnce you at least a bit. The new perception can influence you in unexpected or expected ways and like and perseption it can be tricked and fooled. Another option is synthsia to combine an existing perseption with the new sensation to make it develop and be dependent on that sence (taste the color blue in a C # with sloght reverbe). Like a placibo or being hypnotised you need to believe in it fully.

They can modify each other to enhance and/or clarify a specific perception/sense
-normal senses can and do assist in senseing these better
-Also, functions as a plugin to magic/spirtual systems and can function on its own.
-Modifyers include <, >, *, %, #, @, _,
< is inheret the thing on the right
> is inheret the thing on the left
* is a specific aspect
% is a range of aspects
# is a greater/condensed/potent version
@ is a combination of both left and right equaly
_ is an infinite loop that can end or not
Number of current added senses: [21]
[*new entry* estimated senses over 3^8^7^6^6^7^65^7^8^88^77^44^33^111^99^9.99999^6^4^3^10^2^2^222^1234567890^2 so far and this is alot]

/New Jan 13 2019 Start/
Invocation ritual of the senses/words/meta-meanings.
(More dynamic than just activating.)
0. Xzanthax Gouythrr Xzanthax Xzanthax (skip this step for quick activation of imagination)
1. Choose one.
2. Imagine the essence of it.
3. Do something with it in the imagination. (Imbue a thing with it or make it into a potion or anything else)
4. Apply it if applicible.

0. Gouythrr
Sense of senceing [like perceving the perception of touch]
All others require this root to Truely Know it and expand. Upgrades all senses. Direct access to all senses without needing to sense it. Also, can sense other's senses. [*new entry* increases post and pre sensation of sensation do to Xcu| other senses upgrade and Boost Gouythrr and interactions]

[Jegh is why in a pure terminology]

The first 1. Behj [ beh and jegh]
Quality of Language(everything) in ALL forms
[Beh is Betterment or becoming better]

2. Rehj [it is actualy two reh and jegh]
How and Why of Language(everything) is ALL forms
[Reh is how and relation(s)]

3. Varnnexx
Sensation of what it-self in every form

4. Tu-nour
Rightness/Correctness in all forms
[The right person at the right place at the right time doing the right thing][*addon* in the right way][not too hot not too cold just right]

5. Hu (sounds like who)
Awe in all forms (includes the sublime)
[The awe of talent, or emotion, or something so wrong or so right]

6. Xcu
Time and/or space all forms amd applications

7. Pezii
Import/invoke/call upon/inhereit/absorb/child(program term)/parent(program term)/pull/download/upload/foward/from/ to/learn/consume/react

[Gouh achiveing conquering mastering Doing]
8. Gouhkuw [Gouh and Kuw]
Mastering Actions/Control
Atainment of Actions/Choice
[Kuw actions control 'fate' choice freewill self-manipulation anti-manipulation]

9. Rux (rue)
Luck "Fate" Chance Probablity all of these and more

10. Dauwkz (duckz)
Chaos and also Order in all flavors and forms even past limits of the unknown and known.

11. G'myie (Me 'silent' g acts as Gouythrr)
Self in both as parts and as a gestalt.
[*new entry* myie is 'Self' that is Self defined, but with no context ever making it near meaningless without other things to combine with it. Needs Gouythrr to be self aware and to actualy be a sense that other senses can combine with. Other wise it is innert]

12. Barb
is the sense or senses 'Barb'

13. RuxBarb
Luck/fate ect is interwined with Barb

14. Foughlouw [foe low]
Is the sense or senses 'Foughlouw'

15. Dieghnaks [Die knacks]
Is the sense or senses 'Dieghnaks'

<Jan 6th 2019 update>

16. Cuu(the modifer or modifiers here)[(soft c like s)Cooo]
Modifers like < > * % # @ _ / ÷ × + = ^ & ! ?
This is the sense of the modification this specific system uses. The use of Cuu can denote the specific modification of the base modifier. Not related to Xcu.

17. Yhur [yur]

18. Xzanthax [don't bother as long as they know it's this]
It is xzanthax. No description could do it proper justice. Important before learning more than 30 or doing combinations of more than 100.

Wise write it here as 19.

19. Yuw-dwan [you or ewe d(w)on]

20. Nunah
All humility. Mainly True Humility. True Humbleness.

21. Nibegi
|I won't type it here.|

Here is examples of combinenations. ORDER MATTERS. Saying, Writing, Thinking, or Sensing can activate them if that is what you want or NEED (also works with stand alone parts like Beh).

-Gouythrr Hu Varnnexx senseing the sense of awe of what(in all forms)

-Jegh Reh Tu-nour Why the how/relations makes it correct

-Hu Beh the awe of betterment

-Reh Beh the relations/how of betterment

-Beh Reh the bettermemt of how/relations

-Tu-nour Hu The correctness of awe

-Beh Gouythrr betterment of senseing senses

-Gouythrr Gouythrr senseing the sense of sensing senses

-Gouythrr Gouythrr Gouythrr senseing the sense of senseing the sense of senseing senses

-Beh Varnnexx betterment of what (healing and upgradeing)

-Beh Beh bettering the betterment

-_Beh enternal betterment

-_#Beh enternaly more potent betterment

[email protected]#Beh Beh enternal betterment of more potent bettering of bettermemt

-_Tu-nour infinite rightness/correctness

-_Beh Varnnexx infinite betterment of what
Since I'm posting old autism.
Create your own inter over lapping zero point (multi)universe(s) that expands. Your area of influence.
A non-point that can make another ontop of itself and away. Those are you too. Going through and between and outside of anything everything and nothing and more to expand your reach.
First and formost I recommend making these things completely undectable.
It's a scary journey through those points 'seeing' all manner of extremely dangerous beings for the unprepared. But it's also the most freeing going beyond that and them too.
I'm going to drop this here. Images are broken, but it doesn't really matter.
158068 158077 158085
What if I told you it has evolved: Google "Remote influencing".
Listen to the man
How to Know Higher Worlds The Classic Guide to the Spiritual Journey by Rudolf Steiner (z-lib.org).pdf
This is a very short text that lays a good foundation for esoteric training. It is dangerous to go into the occult without such foundation. It will save you a lot of suffering over the years.


Part 1


Part 2

158085 160658
>Remote influencing
Glow niggers can influence your nervous system using the principles similar to acupuncture (this can be used to cause nausea and pain, for example. They can also use this to hypnotize you). They can also see everything around your location as if they were actually there. They can talk to you similar to a voice-to-skull device. They can give you suggestions and change your dreams.

Thanks for posting. This is relevant background info.
Imagine what a bunch of powertripping psychopaths will do with such capabilities.
>Imagine what a bunch of powertripping psychopaths will do with such capabilities.

>The Jewish Zeitgeist is an Egregore
>Elite Jews created the Jewish God as their "egregore." They think they are God. This is the essence of Satanism.
>According to Wikipedia, "egregore" is an occult concept representing a "thought form" or "collective group mind", an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. An egregore is born when a group of people concentrate with emotion on a single goal or objective. The emotional aspect is crucial; simply thinking about a goal does not have the same effect. The emotion and intent must be strong, focused and sustained.
>Does the "egregore" explain the mysterious affinity, coordination and energy manifested by Illuminati (Satanist) Jews and their goyim (Freemason) partners?
This. Theres no contest that the Jews as well as other groups (and in fairness, its not all the jews who are subject to the following, and the same goes for the other groups, but the base supports the head so #nogoodjews) have sequestered records of occult science, largely written into their 'holy' books. Having said, occult science was NEVER bto be used to divide humanity and subjugate the mass to the ben3fit of few, QUITE THE OPPOSITE. However, as can be illustrated in a variety of other seemingly unrelated thread topics, there is an observable percent ofANY population that is,... we'll summarize it as predatory/malevolent.
This is what gives rise to egregores such as Moloch who is ostensibly an entity of wisdom (the owl, also relating to Athena and others), who they sacrifice children and shit to.
>ritual sacrifice
There IS a time and place for it, but its not what has been largely purported.
Ritual sacrifice was reserved for the criminals, the dregs, and the genetically not viable. Look at the Spartans, casting off deformed babies and such. The same goes for livestock. This was at the core of the wicker man festival. Having said, it requires a society committed to eugenics and proper breeding, as opposed to a society (and individuals/groups specifocally) that stand to improve their situation by getting rid pf people.
>>158148 →
I put this in my thread, but it has equal application here
>Covid 19
... is a literal metaphysically scientific 'spell'.
First is the mass indoctrination, designed to instill fear in the populace. Fear has a visible effect on an individual's immune expression and response. Couple that with erroneous tests and a rebranding of classical seasonal illness (whether germ or terrain theory, the illness is apparent).
This induces society to INTERNALLY produce a placebo effect.
They have literally brainwashed the masses into subconsciously hand over their 'magical' potential to be directed back at themselves in a destructive manner.

I havent attempted to break down the metaphysical significance of the term Covid (admitting, I havent researched EVERY tradition that ever was, and cant credibly say I would determine the correct cypher) but corona (as in, the sun?) is easy.
Tl;dr. By tricking the populace to fwar and expect covid, they have caused the masses to invoke the whole damn thing, all around the common cold/flu (which according to terrain theory is just a seasonal cleansing/recalibration)
Lets go deeper shall we?
Look at 19. In jewish numerology, the number 19 is both a prime number, and it means 1+9 = 10, which becomes 1+0=1.
So to the jews, the name of the virus is Covid One. Or more specifically, Covid Won.
Past tense declarations have greatly more significance than future or present tense.
Lets look aat the rituals involved!
- Washing/sanitizing hands religiously
- Wearing a mask religiously
- Social distancing
- Jab, jab, jabbity jab jab

Each of this rituals involve a repeated and 'absolutely necessary, your life could be in danger' mentality, from which the perception is instilled: If 'I' dont do this, my life is in danger
Which naturally leads toward the authoritarian mentality of: if YOU dont do this my life is in danger
Not to mention that mass-sanitation by the population produces anti-bacterial-resistent steains FAR more rapidly than the existing hospital/healthcare model.
Theres also a profit motive, but thats more for the thralls who are pushing the narrative and actively selling shit (the media mentality, jabs, sanitizer, masks, etc).

Covid 19 is a magic spell to sicken and stupify the population. The result? Money, power, mind control, and large (but not full)-scale Xenocide. Unless you prescribe to the idea that there are different species of humans evidenced by significant genetic traits (read: races), in which case its a mass-multi-race-genocide.
... because when the individual believes enough that "If I/you dont do these things, I will die", the mind/body says "Granted".

None of this is to diminish the heinous affects of the jab its self, which people are still dropping like flies from.

What was it Christians called when theyre brought up to heaven? The rapture? We're witnessing it in real time.

160449 161436
>>160442 →
>>160443 →
>>160444 →
>>160445 →
>>160446 →
So interesting thing I found from the second hand website.
First point, (((new age))) trap is dangerous.
Second point, through willful effort removing 'astral/magic.exe or "garbage" ' may be possible. Potentially a lifetime of effort.
Third point, being a pathetic bitch in the astral is a good way to get fucked up.
Fourth point, minor irritants can be dangerous.
Fifth point, refuse be suckered into bullshit.
Thought forms are in many places. (((Poisioned))) practices bring alien unhuman cucks (transplutonian) closer to you.

From the dude's experience (on what not to do, and then some tips on trying to salvage his communication relay to his 'sun') going in stealthy (and or with reliable knowledge) only then coming out when you can swim and fight.
One of the issues I saw was a wishy washy stance. Having your cake and eating it too is an art and effort of great length.

Only way out is continual self actualization. Which amusingly myths, legends, religious, heros, heroines, and 'throughtforms' have ready made frameworks that need only little tweaking to adjust for learning and growing.
>First point, (((new age))) trap is dangerous
>Second point, through willful effort removing 'astral/magic.exe or "garbage" ' may be possible. Potentially a lifetime of effort
Also agreed. It is as impossible to stay mentally and spiritually clean as it is physically, and 3-fold cleanliness IS next to Godliness
>Third point, being a pathetic bitch in the astral is a good way to get fucked up.
Reiterating, being a pathetic bitch in the astral is a good way to get fucked up.
>Fourth point, minor irritants can be dangerous.
Agreed. Establish clear boundaries of permissibility and enforce/maintain them with diligence.
>Fifth point, refuse be suckered into bullshit.
Agreed, practice Contrary Thinking and assess everything with more skepticism and less credulity, always.
>Thought forms are in many places. (((Poisioned))) practices bring alien unhuman cucks (transplutonian) closer to you.
Without having perused the cited material, your conclusions are cohesively agreeable, lending credit to it. Thank you.
Well credit is due he posted his failures and successes and continually updates. Being... aware of yourself is the only thing he really had besides talking to psych teams just to say totally fine.
But the after action report based on my choices and research 'ie here and Bear Heart' and his is a inverse failure of what could have been.
Good news he 'documents' a fuck ton of stuff. Bad news it's...
Just a lot of words, the organization is keyed around life events which is fine... it's better recollection than I have. The saving point is that the website is hyperlinked all over the place.
To save you time on the methods he uses the quick version is bodily autonomy as a conduit for your 'deeper aspects' to emerge. The only communication is weaker or strongering.
First kinda reliable test is arm/wrest lever. Hold it very close to you tap/push on wrist/arm if limp wristed is weak, if chad like it's strong.
The other straight foward is feeling corner of you mouth smile or frown just a little bit.
Bunny ears is ear based perception.
There's quite a few others, but the influence can have great sway in bursts, so it's recommended to do a couple and make sure the physical lines up with mental interpretations.
He tore apart his muscle while hiking and could have been lame or dead. Instead he sat down still for twenty minutes before doing anything.
>Bragging section
There's alot of coulda woulda shoulda I'd have... chosen to do/not do in his stead.
It's kind of by 'luck' and whim I'm a well prepared as I am. Being deadened to much of the experience, paranoia, 'accidentally' doing the more or less right thing before going through it, readjuating myself to be fully aligned and communicative and having the goal of continual self actualization before hand. And genetic fortune. Although at the time it was more or less edgy power fantasy stuff.
Already accidentally cycled through three IDs.
His justification for discarding the magic metaphysical stuff as a whole is operant conditioning for himself to be free. Despite the claims it's fleeting, which it is, the non-material mental/spiritual cyber viruses he got were pretty gnarly.
160640 161436
Can someone help me identify this sigil? I found it in a child daycare in a game.
So fucked up my sleep to see if it was anything and I was hoping you'd post more relevant details as well. But right now I don't have the energy to dig deeper. It shows up everywhere one for one.
Obviously it had to have an origin from somewhere.
>it's a paid photoshop preset
I didn't dig any further, but it's free to download and the licence is about four bucks each so a total of 20 or mabey 40 for everything kinda sorta neat.
I'm sure the origin lies elsewhere but I can't do this right now.
As in 2010 old.

Someone bought the license(s). And this person sold to big name people, AT&T, EA, MATTEL, HBO.
Not to say anything about the various people on pintrest, anime, game whatever.
It's a photoshop brush set.

Key word Arcane Circle and you see a statisically significant amount of duplicates that each idiot calls their own original masterpiece because they used a preset. Granted the real origin might be something else, but that's why it's there.
It's cheap, and it's easy and it looks cool.
Please use reverse image search.
Why the hell would you have an exactly 640x480 image from a daycare, with no other details.
>remote influencing
The reason why it is important topic is that imagine what ZOGbots with zero morals will do with such capabilities. Also, there is a book called "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain" that is important to study. Look for other books as well. Check who has been involved in those projects (and related projects) and read their books. Program codenames include GONDOLA WISH, STARGATE, GRILL FLAME, CENTER LANE, PROJECT CF, SUN STREAK, SCANATE among others. You can find relevant docs at blackvault or archive.org Russell Targ's The Reality of ESP and David Morehouse's Psychic Warrior are good places to start. You can find other interesting books written by Joseph McMoneagle, David Morehouse, Dean Radin, etc.

The info has already gotten out in the books that have been already released, and that's why CIAnigger's won't recruit anyone with normal morals to these programs anymore.
Think and Grow Rich has three things.

Desire: a burning hot, white bright desire (grow this if need be)
Which leads to.
Faith or Belief: do you believe in that desire?
Is it enough faith in that to take action? (Do you think it's true?) (Have this be solid as solid as truth, ie totally)
Which then leads to
Action: Do you Do it or Do you Don't? (So it is done)
If you do Do it it leads to Desire and the cycle grows.

As creator beings you can start anywhere on the cycle to get all of them, then feed and nurture into a bountiful tree.

Let's say you have little faith per se. First step is actions to find it. Since you thought about taking action and did something like consider it, that means it is at least a little important (desire). Which means by truthful evidence you're on the right track (belief and knowing, anticipating, expecting even by facts, logic and emotional truth is still faith and belief) which in turn leads to actions. Maybe you'll spool off into a different category of action desire belief.

Let's say you have no desire. You know desire is needed, so you look into it a bit more. Acting on the knowledge the desire grows to find that desire. Which means the belif grows because the desire grew, which means when more actions take place there will be more desire.

Let's say you have no action. You want to do something. You know doing stuff is vital. Even considering that is an action, a very small one. The desire grows to want the action more.
I'm looking for an old book about kek.

R. Kirk Packwood wrote a second edition for his Memetic Magic but the internet is almost scrubbed of all references to it. The only remaining one is https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34945984-memetic-magic-2 and a few notes in 4chan threads.

Do you know where could I read a copy? (First volume is easy: https://b-ok.cc/book/5296430/146c93 I'm looking for the second one)

>Included are sections on occult memetics, modern meme magic, popular memetic warfare theory and practice, Higher Order Societal Knowledge, and a sure to be controversial chapter on the summoning of Kek. The volume includes -both- Memetic Magic 2 and the out of print Memetic Magic 1 in the same volume!

>As evidenced by the Great Meme War of ~2015-2016 fought between the 4chan /pol/ alliance of Donald Trump supporters and Hillary Clinton’s CTR (Correct the Record), 'The Era of the Meme' and memetic warfare have descended upon humanity in a form stranger than anyone could have imagined. As the technological infrastructure supporting modern meme transmission rapidly grows, memes and memetic warfare will increasingly determine not only popular opinion, but the literal form and direction of future societies. S/he who controls the meme, controls the masses. S/he who controls the masses, ultimately controls the world.
161175 161436
Taking a page from Christian pre-prayer I did magic to prepare myself to correctly do magic in such the way that is good.

Anyway I think I have something that converets every force magical into something positive with contextual clues. As in hostile shit gets turned into something GOOD for (You).

1. Look at magical north (your starting point).
2. Look at magical east. (Your right)
3. Look at magical south.
4. Look at magical west.
5. Face magical north.
6. Draw a line left to right (sword, wand, tool, or hand far as you can reach comfortably)
7. Turn east.
8. Draw a line left to right (same way)
9. Turn south.
10. Draw a line left to right.
11. Turn west.
12 Draw a line left to right.
13. Face North.
14. From where you started your line and a little bit closer draw a V shape pointed towards you. (You are making an open triangle) (ALSO have space between you and the closest point about half an armlength)
15. Face East.
16. Draw the V shape left to right.
17. Face South.
18. Draw the V shape left to right.
19. Face West.
20. Draw the V shape left to right.
21. Face North.
22. From the Bottom of the V point and start the circle (you will be turning till you complete it connecting all tips of the Vs.)
23. Finish at North.
24. Just stand in the center (as you should be, this is a moment of... self reflection as we as in you just made every important symbol required for anything ever)
25. You're done.


Just looking. Spend a second looking, maybe say North, East, South, West.

Drawing the lines. Limes Don't touch. Make sure there is gaps. As in space between the lines.
I □□□ I
I □□□ I
I □□□ I

The V as in cups, are not to scale. They should be as wide as the lines. Very close to the lines if possible. Drawn in the same direction. Keep in mind the gaps.
I □ V □ I
I > □ < I
I □ ^ □ I

Circle drawing. The Bottom of the Cups SHOULD touch the Circle.
I □ V □ I
I > ○ < I
I □ ^ □ I

This is you just being.
I □ V □ I
I > ● < I
I □ ^ □ I

Now you're done.
Theory after the fact.
-First there is only you. (You)
-You define direction, space, and time and Rotation. You are.
-The Wands (Lines) is Creative Output that you have done. Because North East South West is different, so is the lines. Despite being drawn the same.
-The Cups can Hold the Wands and provide auxiliary support IN THE SAME INTENTION. That's why they are drawn in the same direction.
-The Circle is continuous and also describes the 'outer' parts. The Cups barely touching a point on the circle is related to the mystery of why the feminine is close to the sun/creative force. Anyway.
-The BEING is You AGAIN. It Started with you, and it is Completed By and With You.

The whole structure captures and releases and outputs energies. The diagonal gaps means other forces get stuck between the circle and the Cup (on the outside, so it's pouring 'Over and Out' toawrd the touching horizon point). The inside of the cups and gestate GOODNESS with the WANDS Intent but is also able to be Free.
transmutation symbols.png
the (((new age))) trap is basically a bunch of hippies who find out about spirituality and magick and go way too far in the opposite direction that most dogmatic churchcucks do (church, not christ.).

A lot of the books you can find out there are either interlaced with hidden information that you need to read three-times-over to actually digest, or it's just someone-else's knowledge just blindly-copypasted without any context or whatever to use it.

That sigil in the upper-right corner looks like the eye of horus- or a tracing of it. The other two are unfamiliar to me. It's probably there to look magical for no reason.s

As far as I understand, faith and belief are similar to the hindu concepts of jnana and vidya.

Vidya = I read this, I know what this is. (learned knowledge)
Jnana = I GET this, I understand it. (visceral knowledge)

The difference between faith and belief is that one is visceral, the other is active.

Belief = I choose to think that [magick/deity/process] is true.
Faith = I viscerally -know- that [magick/deity/process] is true.

This is actually pretty cool anon. I just had trouble figuring out how to draw the sigil, so I did some shit in Paint to help illustrate this better on what the end result looks like.

The first one is what I thought it would look like based on your instructions.
the second is what it -actually- would look like based on your instructions, the extra circle is just me.
the third and fourth are other interpretations of this protective "square"
The drawing were more for guidance for the kinetic ritual, however those are very nice drawings. Much like the banishing ritual where the 'drawing' surface is physical and mental/spiritual. The steps I made is from a top down perspective with the practitioner in the center. I haven't considered properly sigil-izing it.
>pic related (top has visible points to look at, middle is the actual, other ones have the planetary key embeded inside / outside)
The false triangle has a gap, I should have made my words more clear.
Thanks for the post friend.
There are a few different preparations I highly recomend. I am sure I listed them somewhere.
First, being on the Correct Path. The Best way for you.
Second, knowing the Correct Path. So Heart and Mind are connected as cooperation ensures.
After this it's what you know is best for you and yours in the situation.
Dodging, Evading, having the hostile stuffs be elsewhere from your presence and intent and care and every included minutia. It's a fundamental nature that you are always on your terms as Goodness/Truth is flowing in and with you. One could say this is just part the First again, I say extra as such in such a way is the improvement/side-along coexistence.
That encompasses more than everything. Hostile gazes are only able to view what you allow them to view. Same with actions.
Conversely you are able to 'dodge' unto the Correct paths, to leap into prospects and opportunities and fortunes.
I recommend contemplating Goodness/Truth. Free, frolicking and merry in friendship. By the very nature even the smallest tinyest of presence is extraordinarily effective and robust.
I recommend a means in which the absorption of hostile enemy resources are transferred to you and yours. This ensures A) The slaying of 'Dragons' (Problems) and B) The Reward and 'gold' one obtains from such encounters alongside other vital parts. Such as thriving from the experience.
One more I suggest is enacting friensship. Share and spread the gifts and hard won boons.

I must recommend and urge the vital consideration of points The First, and The Second due to the more than exponential effects they have.
It could be considered an increase in luck and fortune, yet supercedes those as well.
The Dodging can also count as an indirect increase in luck and fortune.
It sets up the foundation for the foundation that is tailored to you.
book cover.png
Repost from >>>/mlpol/343514 →

Unholy Spirits - Occultism and New Age Humanism - (by Gary North) (1986)
>Everywhere you turn these days, talk of crystals, channeling, astral projection, mediums, psychic phenomena, pyramid power, and reincarnation abounds. The New Age rage is upon us.
>Should this give us cause for alarm? Are New Age enthusiast a serious threat to Western civilization and orthodox Christianity? Or are they little more than "kooks laughingly to be dismissed? Is all the attention they've garnered in recent months simply a passing fad?
>According to this in-depth analysis by renowned historian and author Dr. Gary North, the New Age movement is indeed a serious threat and its adherents are no laughing matter.
>By tracing the historical and theological roots of modern occultic practices, Dr. North paints a frightening portrait of just exactly what we are up against. It's not a pretty sight.
>Fortunately though, Unholy Spirits is not simply another "doom and gloom" forecast. He offers parents, teachers, pastors, and other committed Christians practical steps of action to nullify and ultimately eliminate the effects of the New Age infiltration into our homes, our schools, our communities, and our nation.
Footage from a KGB lecture that drills down into the Esoteric Nature of Reality (translated to Eng.)_EDIT.mp4
I found this video which I think is gold. It is about how magic works IRL, which levers to switch and the expected results.
Then it is possible to see the huge impact TV a Hollywood have on the unaware normie.
Teaser clip attached, it was taken at 57:21 mark. If I'm not mistaken, I believe it talks about egregores.

>Footage from a KGB lecture that drills down into the Esoteric Nature of Reality (translated to Eng.)
>April 9, 2001 - Footage from a KGB lecture that has been translated into English that drills down into the esoteric nature of reality, how consciousness has been manipulated through careful propaganda that uses certain frequencies and how the proponents of language correspond to our biological make-up.
>The worldview is important.
Recently I visited a small northeastern town in the U.S. and stopped by a historical house turned into an art museum. They had an unique exhibit featuring the work of a local feminist. Her whole schtick was that she left out food she made herself for wildlife and took videos of them with night-vision camera. This food included meats and desserts on platters, sometimes with the backdrop of a kitchen left in the elements.

What stood out to me was her paintings. She portrayed various animals in cross-section with whole, nude humans (usually women) in their stomachs like a vore picture. These people sat or reclined in settings like a grassy meadow within these stomachs. In one corner of the exhibit was a circular, pink tent with painted eyes all over it. Inside was a weird video of horses (a semi-transparent horse looking dead-on was transposed over it) with strange low noises. The placard said it was inspired by Mongolian folklore.

What I want to know is whether this actually incorporated any clear occultic aspects, because I got that sense. This town also had multiple white wooden pentagrams hung up outside multiple houses.
>What I want to know is whether this actually incorporated any clear occultic aspects, because I got that sense. This town also had multiple white wooden pentagrams hung up outside multiple houses.

It could be. I've heard of porn artists who admit that they lace their works with sigils to do whatever shit they want. Usually lust-collection.

Also, little tip for anyone else browsing this thrtead: Whenever doing manifestations, try to be mindful of any karma it will bring to you. Try your best to make your intent to be without karma for you, your friends and your family. Even if your wish or manifestation is a good thing, karma will punish good intentions as much as it does bad ones.

Too many people say "karma" when they should be saying "Justice". If more people knew what karma is, does, and acts like, they would consider it a paradoxical force of chaos and order rather than of just balance.
File (hide): 875E71282BFF1646D546EEF3B1102913-8056410.mp4 (7.7 MB, Resolution:640x480 Length:00:03:32, Kapparot.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>Also, little tip for anyone else browsing this thrtead: Whenever doing manifestations, try to be mindful of any karma it will bring to you.
The little jews have a little trick to deflect the karma: the Kapparot ritual. Of course that is meant to the lowly jews that every day have to deal with the non-jews laws. VIP jews don't have those limitations as they control the State and are indications that they are full engaged in children sacrifices and all kind of evils.

>Kapparot a jewish ritual that sacrifices chickens to satan to pass their sins onto the chicken.
>Jewish homage to satan. Literally....
>KAPPAROT, as most of us here know, is a ritual where a Jew swings a live chicken over his head to transfer his sins into the animal, which is then beheaded, or sacrificed to the Jew’s demon-god. Most of us see this as a silly yet cruel Semitic ritual, but I think it reveals something deep about the Jewish psyche.
>Most of us here are also aware that Jews are big on projecting their negative traits onto Aryans, “hate” in particular. Jews project their crimes, and then if they have the power, persecute the people they accused of doing what they themselves do. Hence the Jew crying out in pain as he strikes you. Jews, of course, have a long history of genocides behind them which they celebrate during their major holidays.
>It seems to me that all Jewish slaughters of host peoples follow the same exact principal as the Kapparot ritual. Jews transfer/project their sins onto whatever innocent host society they are infesting and then murder its people to absolve themselves in their own heads. I’ve come to call it the Kapparot Impulse.
>Look at America, a country that was only ever kind to Jews. Yet they came here in droves in the 1880s and hadn’t taken five steps off the boats before they were establishing Marxist and communist organizations to destroy the country which took them in.
>It was America’s innocence which drove Jews into such a hateful frenzy to destroy the people who welcomed them. The Jews came to America, accused America of anti-Semitism, and then murdered America in exactly the same way they can take a chicken and cruelly butcher it because the Jew believed it harbored his sins.
>The Jew is the serial killer of human history, going from victim to victim and slaughtering without compunction. The more innocent a people is, the more Jews delight in killing them. Another hallmark of the psychopathic nature of a serial killer. Needless to say, Jews are famous for lacking in empathy.
>Part of me believes that Jews subconsciously understand that they are evil, but since their nature prevents them from addressing that evil, they have no choice but to psychologically expel that evil onto others.
Grist for the mill.
Stipulations and specificity are essential to metaphysical action (excepting chaos magic)