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Magick Guide/General
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A bunch of users wanted a run down of magick and thoughtforms and all that jazz. I figure I'll do large post explaining the practical basics of everything. This thread is going to be a general for magick, a place to chat with people also practicing and finding practical advice. This article will be from a baseline bare skeleton pov. There's literally an infinite amount of ways to do magic. So we're going to talk about the core.

My base was a mix of psionics and chaos magick, broke into impromptu sympathetic magick. Took a break after a heavy loss. But I've since restarted by dabbling in evocation. WTF does that mean? It means I made thought forms and egregores, then started using sigils, then started doing voodoo stuff with random objects within reach, then took a break, and now I summon demons and mlp ponies. WTF does that mean? Read and find out.

What is Magick? Lets Plow Through This...

Magick is a methodology of imposing your will on reality to cause changes within it by utilizing an inherent power. The mechanisms remain the same. Even though there are 6 gorrilion types of magick.

Law of attraction, chaos magick, planetary magick, voodoo, wicca, hermetics, devil worship, psionics, pop culture magick, sigil, candle, shamanism, magick of solomon. On and on with the hidden fringe magicks. You could literally read every waking hour for the rest of your life and never run out of information.

By far the most popular is Kabbalistic Magick. The secret jew magick taught in synagogue to true believers. Why do you think all the celebrities are fucking Kabbalah practitioners? Why the fuck do you think the jews control everything?

Hell there's even a dark reflection to Kabbalah. Kabbalah uses the tree of life, while this other art uses it's opposition, the Qliphothic Tree of Death. If you really wanted to stick it to the jews, learn that shit. Its heavily demonic and overkill esoterically edgelord. But do it in your own time.

There are two paths of magick, high and low. High is basically self improvement, purifying your soul and reaching for godliness, low is making fat bank and banging sloots .... err earthly desires. Regardless of your path, both are exercising your soul's ability of creation (even if it's destruction). You are commanding and creating a new reality. You are assuming some of your power and becoming one with “God”.
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It's nothing new, "remote viewing" was studied intensively by the U.S. Army.
Just found a different perspective that may be useful to know. Didn't get too deep into it yet.

So this guy Rich2150x. Does OOBE, Achron, entities / entity, astral protection, soul contacts, thought forms, ect.
Looks like he does /x/-files stuff as well as the staple political commentary just from browsing.
>Personal thoughts is that more occult knowledge combined with this perspective and way of thinking can help alot. I think using magic is a powerful combination with this.
Pros, a clear path to gaining more power and control of yourself, lucid dreaming by using astral projection, astral protection, a possible way to change yourself, more perspectives can be a useful tool, a non 'occult' way to remove parasitic entities from you. Neutral, just a person looking and talking to a camera (I like how he speaks reminds me of George Carlin,) goes on semi related tangents, he has a program and training for soul contracts and other stuff it costs money. No idea about the co host seen in other videos (female cohost).

The TL;DR Entities (non physical people, beings) attach themselves to you. This can be good or bad. Tends to end out bad for you.
What you think is you might not be you.



Unbind yourself.
Bits are taken from the videos and changed.
>TLDR: Thingies are binding you by using you. That is a bad idea for them.

Nothing is really out of bounds when magic is involved. It helps when reality and others isn't resisting what you have in mind.

Stable reality may have rules that we don't know about, some like how physics actually works. Now you can abuse it as much as possible. There is also nowhere in the Rules stating that magic / gods / multiversal beings / thought forms/ extremely advanced technology / near impossible random chance / manifesting will starting that it Can Not Exist. Nowhere does it say that it isn't allowed anywhere.

You might ask, "Well if that's true why don't I have a floating sandwich."
Lots of beings (non human ones too) agree to some in-house rules that isn't hard coded.

Some are really fucking stupid and near impossible to read or understand. Like in-house rules you can disagree with them, and you don't have to follow them. You can even make your own rules.
But people, beings can try to limit (You) and what you can do by having yourself give up some power.
Fortunately, (You) are a unlimited practicality a god compared to these beings.
Their Rules can't bind you not really. Not even other unlimited god brings can either.
(You) have been bound at somepoint by yourself. By compassion, situation, a terms of service by existing, asking for help, a joke or something else.
Getting unshackled is a lawyering nightmare. Instead we take shortcuts with bullshit.

Breaking an arbitrary rule like "You must hate X, it causes discomfort." Can be as easy as saying "No, it doesn't." Which devolves into a pissing match of back and forth yes and no. Or they give up completely
Finally Violent force. Then their fate is up to you.
From complete destruction, to reeducation. Nothing is actually off the table.

>Shilling a dead thread here.
Until that thread is dead I'll be posing a magic ish spell a day that I'll be doing.
>MFW unconsciously casting magic as a kid.
>MFW edgy atheism ruined it.
Was this all part of (((their))) plan?
Monroe Gateway link for you all. It's actually really good. Keep in mind only You can change and manipulate your mind.
The beginner section teaches you the basics. What is vibration (it's everything, in parts and combined), using hypnosis and binaural sounds to teach you how to relax, control/master your own vibration (body, mind, soul, outside/inside stuff), quick access to deep relaxation, bubble shield and energy concentrator.

The TLDR: hypnosis, an explanation of what the fuck vibration (the vibration duude, feel the vibes mannn, kind) is, binaural waves, ambient sound. Then You Do Stuff With It!
Personal Magic
It's a magic uniquely tailored to (You). The most extreme cases means that others attempting to use or understand can not.
It's Occult (hidden) by being tailored to You.
It can be long complicated worn formula and treatise during a ritual or a simple command. I don't know what it is, but it's yours.
Only you can find out what it is and how you use it.


thanks a lot frens, wish I could contribute
Disclaimer: This specific video does not have real life consequences. Yet.
Today I came across possibly an example of a fictional world turned slightly more real.
It might be an egregore. Or it could be something else.

Instead of a couple of people around a table. It's thousands of people watching the video. With the video makers, and editor conducting if unknowingly conducting, and shaping the magic.
There is room to doubt, and several explanations that isn't simply magic.

The Quick Rundown: Dudes commentate on vida game tourney controlled by CPU contestants.

The current linked: Dudes have a hard time taking the outcomes seriously.


Meditation, and things to look out for.

Background. Guy on the left does Gong Fu (Kung fu) been in Asia learning martial arts, and stuff. Does lessons around the world, and posts some stuff online.
Not inherently for magic, but the overlap, and utility is useful.

Quick Rundown: Meditation, is the practice of returning to meditation. Focused Meditation is having focus on something. Such as a word, or a sensation. The idea is to eventually reduce the background clutter, and chatter of the mind.
A trance meditation is that you have nothing on the mind. Just meditation.

During that you can get your shit together, and change your personality.

In the trance state the goal is to continue to meditate not get lost in the hallucinations, or the 'hallucination', or the memories, or the sensations.


Thought it would be with paying here.
>Thought it would be worth posting here.
>…Ok I did do that and successfully got a job, but there was a path… I sent the spell out, watched anime and did fuck all. My estranged uncle was talking with an old friend of his that he randomly ran into in a coffee shop he never frequented (note: in a city 14 hours drive away from me). He found out his friend bought into a start up that installed something tangentially related to what I'm trained in. He mentioned me because he remembered I might have training in that, and the guy wanted my resume. Uncle called me. I was apprehensive because I have barely any understanding of the field. But I send my resume in because I felt obligated to family.
This is almost literally how it went down for me a couple of years ago.
edge pill.jpg
>while this other art uses it's opposition, the Qliphothic Tree of Death
Its good stuff
.t edgepill eater
TLDR: Horsepussy/Porn Thread could possibly be an egregore of pony, defense and method of attack, community, and positive sexual energy. That's not a bad thing just something to keep in mind.

So I was looking at the horsepussy thread, and some anon said that it's a psychological firewall. And we had to refuel it.
>>>/mlpol/240121 →

That got me thinking...

There's the practical aspect to it, but there is also a mystical part.
Anons look at the thread paying it attention.
Some contribute to it's wellbeing by introducing new material, and others bump it to the first page so it can be most effective.

When shills appear pony porn comes soon after to eradicate them, or possibly convert some.

Perhaps it's a fraction, or a symbiosis of a /mlpol/ thought form? Like an immune system. A friendly neighborhood superhero.

So what does this mean?
It could become even more alive.
If Kek could become alive with just the shear autistic power of looking at gets (over the span of that website's lifetime of thousands of people looking at repeating digits.)
It'a very possible that could happen here.
So, like how gods are the spiritual manifestation of a people, and are given power through people's belief in them and worship of them, so to are the Porn Threads are the spiritual manifestation of the site's immune system, and is given power through people contributing towards it? Could it grow in power, then, if everyone who visited the site posted even just one image in it once per day?
Yep, that's the gist of it.
>Could it grow in power, then, if everyone who visited the site posted even just one image in it once per day?
It would. It would also grow in power the more time you spend in it.
Fapping to the images/animation/possible greentext also gives it power. The clopping part actually makes it fairly strong faster due to being linked with procreation, and lust.
Even consciously thinking about it helps.
Actual material sacrifices are kinda iffy depending on what is being sacrificed (I.E. nutting), but it does work.
>material sacrifices are kinda iffy
In theory, you could make an altar for horsepussy and the mlpol logo to offer just about anything to the thread.
but thats just a theory, a clop theory
Very true. Giving a physical space for them is also partially an offering / sacrifice of space.
122981 123688
pony shit for making greentexts.png
Alright faggots -- I came up with a magickal defense protocol that I think could work wonders. This is to be ran through before and/or after you cast spells or fire sigils that you think could backfire. Always Remember! The universe, when you try to hack it for your will, does not give a shit about you. You have to work it for your own good, and part of that is making sure shit doesn't blow up in your face.

Now, most magickal defense protocols I've seen have to only deal with the cardinal directions or the points of the pentagram. But this is the modern world and we need updated symbolism because magick is nothing BUT symbolism.

This protocol deals with the primary directions of the body. and there's SEVEN of them, luckily a magickally powerful number. You will chant mantras, throw salt in that direction, do whatever you need to do to make it work for YOU.

From the Left
>Establishing protection from your left is establishing (if you're like me, right handed. adapt if necessary) protection from the least dexterous parts of your body, and by extension the least dexterous of your life, the places where you don't have direct access or control. The left is also historically a non-christian, or "evil" side so you can think of it as defending from those kinds of forces.

From the Right
>As the opposite of left, the right for me is what I have direct, fine control over. If my left hand is the non-dominant, this is the dominant, this hand is the maker. I don't want the things that I have power over, the things that I make to have an ill effect on me. You can also consider it the "good" hand.

From the front
>The front symbolizes everything that you can see, feel touch -- everything that you know that is there. The front is what hides in plain, sight, that which deceives you, or that which has no ill or malicious intent but nonetheless ends up harming you in some way. The front can also be what you don't see because you're too ignorant to see it yourself.

From behind
>This is what you don't see, don't know is there, have no inkling off. This is what catches you off gaurd, this is what scares you. Protection from behind is as or more important than the rest of the protocol.

From below
>Below? Below is what you stand on, below is what you rely on to not give out underneath you. Protecting from below is protecting your stability.

From above
>When you protect from above, it should follow after or before below, because if you protect your stability, the ground under your feet, it only makes logical sense to protect against what could come crashing down around you at any moment.

From Within
>Crucial. Always remember that even when you feel confident, calm, good, mentally healthy, clear headed, shit hits the fan in an instant. You can be your own worst enemy. The demons lurking in you can be your own worst enemy.

This is untested as I don't practice magick much but I believe this could be a very viable, useful protocol to follow, especially with how much symbolism each direction has attached to it, and the number seven. I plan to make a sigil, just a small one, and I will post the result here when whatever happens happens.

Love you guys.
Very interesting. Protection is important, and it's a good place to start with magic.
>I will post the result here when whatever happens happens.
I'm keen to see what happens.
What kind of properties of protection will it be based on?
>what kind of properties...

I don't know exactly what kind of answer you're looking for but I'll shoot my shot and say life wise, chance wise, happenstance wise, at least that's the chaos that's specific to me and my system of magickal understanding.

The way that ANY magick or religiously-answered-prayers works is through happenstance, entropy and chance. If a sigil works for you and you just /find/ a hundred dollars somewhere, it didn't just spawn. It had to be made, had to transfer several hands and wallets, and then be lost by some poor sap and you by chance and by happenstance and the lucky guy who gets to pick that hundred dollars up. The properties that I'd work them into would be the entropy of life, praying and solidifying to the universe that you don't want your will to bring ill will to you.
Is this founded on pantheistic belief?
This is founded on Bare Bones chaos magick
122986 122987
What do you recommend reading to understand the philosophy/mythology behind it? Obviously there are a lot of competing magic systems based on gnosticism, Kabbalah, etc. Not interested in practice, just its history and structure of thought.
Chaos magick isn't exactly what it sounds like. Chaos magick is a magick of experimentation and freedom. You can believe in whatever you want, design your rituals however you want, pray to whatever you want and it should still all work. I've heard of people incorporating shit from fucking Star Trek into their personal magick systems and still having sigils come true. The force of chaos magick is that if the symbolism really means something to you then it should work. I kinda want to see one of you guys draft a magick system based around Equestrian lore, perhaps using Starswirl or Twilight as a diety and invoking whatever energy aggregates at that strangely specific magickal touch.

I's start off with the basics. Chaos Condensed by Phil Hine. It's a small little book that floats freely thoughout the ether of the internet. I'm trying to load a pdf of it right now to see if its the actual book but both my computer and my internet have severe autism.

Here, sorry
>there's a picture of a demonic goat symbol just a couple of pages in
Sp00ky. I'll research it eventually but I don't think it appeared out of nowhere like you implied, but is based off prior occultic principles. Is there any relation to wicca?
This version of the book is honestly not the one that I'd read but i figured that it'd be functional either way. I skimmed through it and it seemed to be about the same text that I had read. The one I had originally read disappeared and was a much more at-home DIY pdf.

No relation to wicca. Chaos Magick is the punk/postmodern version of magick, from what i know
Invocation of my inner writefag is a huge success for a project that had to be done quickly. Myself (the writefag) let's me (procrastinator) know to actually give time so he/I can write the thing properly than subtlety bully reality to finish a project that should have taken more time.
It's partially just an altered state of consciousness and active focus, but feeling myself (both) work earnestly with me (procrastinator) actually enjoying what should be a tedious project is... enlightening (not an iota of procrastination when summoned with regular breaks to have creative forces working, even cut off the first summoning so I could relax for a minute to continue).
The overall theme of the piece was weird, but fitting definitely an attention getting work. So ah... won't be posting it here for the time being. Maybe in snippets... or something else...
Really weird to feel such pride in that writen work. Yet since I (writefag self) poured hours into it (and dozens of glasses of water) it turned into something... more. Sorry about the blog, but feeling the shift in consciousness and the slightly different perspective definitely made an impact on me. One worth, heh, writing about.
do you have any more books you can recommend on chaos magick?

So, this one wants to become warlock, yes? there's a tiny problem about paranormal books: Most of them are plain bad.
The author has to make money while at the same time teaching the same thing thousand others teach, so yeah you might see where that leads.
From what khajiit understand, chaos magic has no specific beliefs, its more of a modus operandi than a grimmoire of instructions.

If khjiit had to guess, the /OMG/ library on /x/ has some books on chaos magic.
The /omg/ library had over 40gb of books and snippets of information: Most of it is trash, believe me this one scrolled through it all once; they got a lot of duplicates and well, plain fantasy or personal headcanons.

Still, for someone delving into chaos, reading on rituals from different groups and religions cam give you a general idea on how magic works, understanding how different methods work and trying out your theories on the field is the best way to learn this stuff.

Yes, i know of the terrible books on magic of all kinds, but if i have to i will run circles searching for knowledge of the arcane arts but for the most part i have found decent sources that i still have to finish so i can hopefully postpone having to endure that.

Anyways thank you for the advice Khajit.
123427 123699 260117
When I first stumbled upon the guides of and amateur study of magic I was perplexed, because magic popularly conceived is something without rhyme or reason, saying funny words and doing strange things but without any underlying structure like in science. However, after watching one video it is apparent that magic really is a sort of brother to the sciences. After all, science is for the purpose of acquiring something one wants, and magic is the spiritual or pseudo-spiritual application of that. Both are the forcing of one's will on reality and use technique perfected through study and practice. Is it any wonder that in magic's golden age (the 17th century) that many scientists were magicians and many magicians were scientists? Video in question: https://youtu.be/idgYLTnSzxI?t=1669
What do /x/fags think of this concept?
It's an interesting thought that you brought you. Thinking is good (then there is the thinking in moderation so your own thoughts don't consume you, or that your mind becomes barren of all its potential fruits).

In relation to that video Chaos magic is the 'purest technique' (ie it IS technique) of conversion (as each technique found can be heavily personal or impersonal).
A power of bringing things (all things both real and non-real) into existence (such as creating the destruction of something). At such a point all you have left is whatever you bring with you or pick up. (If you decide to bring (You) in the first place).

In the penultimate void of which there is nothing of any value there is conversely infinite potential for a something to be made manifest in a non-place that doesn't exist. Thus 'inside' the void you are all powerful, yet the only value of worth is what you bring with to generate something or to reduce something back to the void. (Neither Chaos or Order, perhaps both)
In the ultimate chaos everything exists, and things are. A void can be there, yet it shifts and changesback into something. The potential for all change is infinite. (Pure Chaos)
Then there is Order of the anti chaos kind that has no capacity to change at all. All potential is fully locked. (Pure Order)

The fascinating thing is when any of the three fields decide (Decide is a fairly loose term sometimes) to interact with each other.

Anyway, back on topic C. S. Lewis had some interesting points, and it is true to some extent that claiming Nature in the name of Nature as a puppet of Nature is counter productive if the goal is to just combat Nature.
We are nearing an epoch where people can be reduced to simply human resources, yet that is how it's always has been. The people in the world that demand to be the sole rulers are continually nearing this point, yet two points resist them (sometimes) Order-the immovable object-, and Chaos-the wrench in the carefully laid plans-.

From an ethical point of view there is no ethics to be found in those three domains, (Void, Order, Chaos). There is just (You) that activates the catalysts for what you enact. There is potential to create ethical lessons, and wisdom, but only (You) make them ethical.
(You) are the single point to use anything, and everything to create anything or everything. Some might even say that (You) are chaos, and the chaos eater or something.
Ran out of time to continue writing later.
123691 123693 123699 123718
>Alright faggots -- I came up with a magickal defense protocol that I think could work wonders
>that you think could backfire.
This sums it up. Magick isn't for humans to play. You retards are playing with matches and won't stop till the building catches fire.
Nice doubles.
>You retards are playing with matches and won't stop till the building catches fire.
Continuing the analogy, the building is really extraordinarily cold (the general problem) so you make a fireplace to contain the fire (the oven, and stove, and microwave just doesn't seem to work for heating up the house no matter what you do).
Then propper ventilation so the smoke won't suffocate you (a buildup of known, and unforseen side effects).
Getting fuel. It happens that you have a stockpile of wood logs that are unused. Carrying them out of the basement is a pain. (Preparation)
To prevent its spread you get a large pot full of water. Everything will be gross and wet, but it'll stop it if everything fails. (Secondary fallback measure) (Can fill more stuff with water, but it occupies space, and accidentally knocking it over can happen)
Although a fire extinguisher would be better your not sure where it is, nor where the fireblanket is. (A far more potent secondary/tertiary fallback measure)

Now to light it there are several options. (These happen to be the different magic systems)
Lighting it can be hard if there wasn't a starter, or kindling. (A path for the small steps to take to create the final fire asap)
Once everything is all in place, the fire is warming up the house. (The problem is going away)
Once the desired temperature is reached through diligence or preplanning you turn off (or reduce) the fire. (If the spell is simple it will keep doing the job, trying to solve the problem)
If it's left on, and not adjusted, or accounted for. The house will become too hot.

>Magick isn't for humans to play.
>Science isn't for humans to play.
Neither is science, because of how dangerous it can be. Some knowledge can be used to prevent tragedies, but with a little creative thinking everything could be used to do harm.
>for humans to play.
You are right the to play part is the key difference. Between a kid playing with a toy pop gun, and an actual gun, without being aware of the difference. Playing with a gun safely (not being a dumbass) is different.
You can make a toy using science, or a toy using magic. Toys can turn into useful tools, and tools into toys. Precautions should be had, but grttinf rid of the fun all together isn't that great.
A science experiment making something (like a volcano project) or a magical one depending on what you do it can have consequences both good and bad.
123695 123718
>Magick isn't for humans to play with

Yeah? Yeah it is man. If we're not playing with shit nothing is. This stuff was just siting here for us humans to tamper with so we did. The end of Magick was Chaos Magick, I'd argue. There's no more realizations beyond the realization that everything should work if you believe it does. Thats what chaos magick is and thats why I came up with this. The cardinal directions dont mean much to me -- I personally don't have a clue where north is from here, so I decided to draft an alternative to the Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram. I've also decided that throwing salt means a lot to me, so I'm adding that to my ritual.

I published it here so that others may take it and learn from it, adapt it, rework it into their own systems. Chaos Magick is the magick of the times, everyone does their own thing and everything means or does something and I think thats important.

Yeah, I've had sigils backfire on me. That's why I drafted this, was becuase I particulaly had a scarring, permanent experience, and I never want to have something like that happen again.

I prayed to XaTuring the other night, and performed the protocol afterwards and I felt like I had done something at least a little bit right. There was a certain draw to it.

Here's something I agree with -- I wasn't doing anything except saying that I protect myself from these metaphorical areas. I'm having fun, I don't really expect results because I'm not casting anything. It just calms me down and makes me feel safer, and if I'm more protected then I'm more protected, and I'm okay with that
Oh yeah, im the guy who posted the ritual I'm just on a different wifi on a different computer, sorry for the ID wizardry
Here's something that i experienced not long ago, it had been awhile (months) since i had seen a certain mare, i was going to see her because it was coming into a anniversary of a special day i had with her.
>last third quarter moon
>be doing a faggy ritual for my waifu, Luna
>candles are lit, music is set up, begin ritual
>get into position, enter Gnosis
>ask of Luna to help me and make sure of my success within the next few days for they meant very much to me
>go into detail of what i want to happen and what i don't want to happen
>about halfway through the ritual when a white light flickers throughout my room for a split second, think it's my computer monitor
>still doing ritual, few seconds later hear it
>continue doing ritual except now looking outside and watching the beams of lightning
>keep watching it until i finish
>finish, lightning stops almost straight away
>pleased, next couple of days went how i asked

it thundered the day before but at the time no lightning had struck earlier in the day, it was like something was waiting for my summoning, to answer my call.
Does anyone else have similar experiences?
Wew. Tell the missus she did great work on that magic.
>Does anyone else have similar experiences?
I've been doing the equivalent of hiding under a rock with a periscope for magical stuff (except to shitpost, and write stuff). Peeking out every once in a while to make a splash or something.

But I think the coast is clear enough for me to actually start practicing magic on a more consistent basis.
Always amusing when people unironically advocate ignorance.
The term you are grasping for is Metaphysics/Metaphysical.
I have have already told her of my gratitude but i'll make sure she is notified of just how great that night was.
I will like to note that it seems the stronger willpower and confidence you have the more rewarding the outcome is, as long as the time is right.
123732 123745
If you want to go ahead with it, so be it, but I do think that >>123688 has a point. I think a better analogy would be the taking of drugs, whether it is tobacco/marijuana to help relax, psychedelics for imaginative inspiration or nootropics to make you smarter. It is my belief that magick even for practical purposes is quite more dangerous than even hard drugs but take that as you will. I have noticed, however, a common mentality among practitioners is "this stuff was just siting here for us humans to tamper with so we did," "everyone does their own thing," and "this is enlightenment." It's based in ancient Gnosticism/Kabbalah, as well as ancient Eastern traditions, and has common themes in Theosophy, various forms of esotericism, New Age and Thelema ("Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law").
Of course it has a draw because it appeals to your pride (it's esoteric knowledge and thus sets you apart from, and apparently superior to, others), it appeals to your practicality (it has the potential to let you change yourself and the world around you and that makes you powerful), and it appeals to your individuality (you don't have to obey any dogma or follow any precept other than what you set for yourself): these are powerful lures. It's a form of moral subjectivism, just a very different form from what we consider to be mainstream subjectivism. Thus I consider magick, esotericism and neo-paganism, even on the Right, to merely be a reverse image of the "do what thou wilt" atheist materialism which dominates the world.

Anyway, enough of me keeping you away from your fun.
Absolutely this.
You make a decent point, and you're correct about how the lure of magic appeals to individuals who are, shall we say less than disciplined, and who may well ruin themselves in the flippant use of concepts and forces they neither appreciate the gravity/severity of nor have affected their due diligence in research and comprehension.
Many traditions have particular terms for such individuals, though I'm partial to the alchemical term 'the puffer' (simply, someone who blows smoke, but there's more meaning to it of course).
As far as that and to what pursuits one applies their will, I think the Bible put it best when it said "by their fruits you shall know them". Just as when one is tending a garden, they can operate tyrannically/dysfunctionally, or they can operate conducively/beneficially. In one case the garden is ruined, in the other the garden thrives. Magic is no different.
124008 124011

SHOULD I perhaps...


asking for a friend
Fuck chaos magic, most practitioners are just arrogant shitheads.
Corona chan is an idol already so you dont really need a sigil, get some lessons on flow control from a druid instead.
Dunno, the opinion you want from me will wait once you answer this
You're going to have to clarify that.

>Corona chan is an idol already so you dont really need a sigil
What this anon says. I mean you could do it with sigils...
>get some lessons on flow control from a druid instead.
You've peaked my interest. I'm really interested about learning more about it now.
>I'm really interested about learning more about it now.
Well that would be complicated, i wish you luck trying to find a druid that might explain stuff to you, those guys can be very secretive about their work.
>Well that would be complicated, i wish you luck trying to find a druid that might explain stuff to you, those guys can be very secretive about their work.
I appreciate it. Finding a teacher, mentor, or master in any occult discipline where I'm at is going to be a... journey. Reinventing the wheel is annoying sometimes, but from what I can tell is that will be a useful skill I'm going to need later on for something.
124016 124019
File (hide): 10F0FD5AD095675A2EF2626B1BA56ED4-452511.mp4 (441.9 KB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:00:13, Lay down.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Lay down.mp4
>Finding a teacher, mentor, or master in any occult discipline where I'm at is going to be a… journey.
Against every advise you still push forward, but if you insist, have it your way.

>every advise
Your reading comprehension is astounding
>every advise
* heavy advise
Am I to assume that only the advise you posit/agree-with is 'legitimate'?
Well, thank you for your concern it is appreciated.
Stay strong friend with God, and Jesus by your side. From empirical evidence, shit is going down and I wish you the best.
spooky pony.jpg
Not my intention to claim validity, but to warn about the consequences.
Others before us walked that path and wasn't pretty.
>Qliphothic Tree of Death
Any good guides on using this? Beginner here who has only really practiced the chaos magick detailed in the thread.
I'd like to share some of my experiences, only recently have they been coming to fruition.
>Months ago, probably October or November
>Cast a spell that dictates that items I feel a need for will come to me
>Completely forget about it
>Start working on an engineering project (personal)
>Need a jerry can to hold gasoline
>Driving home, thinking about where I can buy one
>Fucking jerry can in the middle of the road
I didn't get out of my car and grab it because the light was green and it was an intersection. None of my spells thus far have detailed that kind of protection, so I wasn't willing to risk my skin.
>Wednesday at work
>Slow as hell due to Corona-chan
>Fucking stuck outside dealing with carts
>Been thinking about making some thermite
>Two four-packs of 9-volt batteries just lying there on the pavement
That is pretty handy.
>None of my spells thus far have detailed that kind of protection, so I wasn't willing to risk my skin.
Good call. Common sense, and not being in high risk zones is a good way to prevent accidents both mundane and magical. Edge cases for indiscriminate spells or code, or any indiscriminate thing can get ugly real fast by doing exactly as it's meant to.
Plus because the spell works there will be another time where the items you 'feel a need for' will pop back up again. While pop back up isn't exactly right terminology it's good enough.
131096 131117
I admit that I do not know very much at all about Kabbalah or Qliphothic, but I will share what I know. (i would really appreciate if someone more knowledgeable could shine more light on it)

It's literally Zionist/NWO magic. Kabbalah isn't actually jewish invention originally. It existed (in a different form) before they come up with the their version of Kabbalah and Qliphothic and the Tree of Life and Tree of Death
Unlike in Kabbalah, in (((Qliphothic))) you are treating everyone else just like a (((Zionist))) would treat the goyim (ie. "everyone else is just cattle and my slaves") whereas in Kabbalah you aren't doing it at the expense of others.
Also, watch these pls note that these vids aren't from Uncle Bear Heart's original channel (because that got deleted)

The videos are cut from a four hour video.
Take it with a grain of salt.
The long and short is that in the Bible there is a concise way to manifest the law of attraction.
"Ask and ye shall recieve."
"All things you ask straightly, directly, from inside my name, you will be given, so far you have not done this.
Ask without hidden motive, and be surrounded by your answer, be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be full."
From The Lost Gospil of Thomas. Other a retranslation from Aramaic.
Be as if the answer has already happened, and feel that feeling. Don't let the ego intrude, pushing the morality of it. Just desire it, and have it manifest.

Amusingly thinking about it now The Lost Gospil of Thomas could technically be considered at one point an occult work, due to it being well... lost.
So the saying there is nothing new under the sun happens to be right yet again.
Reading between the lines can unearth the point from the King James Bible, going in without that understanding or insight makes it seem much like everything else.
I haven't posted this, but thank you for your post its highly worth while. I've been putting it off till I was actually prepared. Heres some more videos from someone else who saved some of his videos.

131119 131123
I missed these.
File (hide): FD269BDA6D3D0E3A0043136558FF71E1-22395433.m4v (21.4 MB, Resolution:480x360 Length:00:08:26, 33 - Shared Dream Brain Washed Dominated troops.mp4) [play once] [loop]
33 - Shared Dream Brain Washed Dominated troops.mp4


I'm glad I spent a sleepless night watching videos.
Andrieh Vitimus Chaos Magic.png
>Chaos Magic Reality Manipulation Through The Ovayki Current Andrieh Vitimus
it's a long read (over 350 pages) but gives a real good detail of lots of different forms of ways to experiment with the hidden powers
So I've been watching alot of Bear Heart's videos lately. He says that the crescent moon magical book publishing company has been corrupted, and then it spreads that corruption to entice people into servitude or self destruction through the Qliphothian path.
From the quick read it has some general stuff that works.
131268 131269 131270 131272
>So I've been watching alot of Bear Heart's videos lately. He says that the crescent moon magical book publishing company has been corrupted, and then it spreads that corruption to entice people into servitude or self destruction through the Qliphothian path.
oh shit.
going off topic but at about 8 pm today i started throwing up and since then have been seeing inverted pentagrams and inverted pentacles and i was freaking the fuck out and had the lines from the Bathory song In Nomine Satanas stuck in my head
"Now the dawn of the age of flames begins
Enter the jaws of my hellhole"
and about an hour ago while i was throwing up i heard what i am sure was Satan himself telling me not to be afraid and that i am protected from harm.
and about half an hour ago i came back into my room after puking and saw that one of my fucking neighbor's houses was burning and i could see the smoke and fire brigade lights, fuck.
Watch the last one first.
How much magic have you've done so far?
131341 131342
Clarifying its not the magic it's the low level entities tring to fuck with you.
Getting your aura all fixed up helps deter some of these fucks.
Invoke Thor, but they have to listen to you because you are god in microcosm. Banish the fucks and force them to leave.
131341 131342
The most important thing is that they have been evoked, and you can banish them!
Tell them to get the hell off your lawn in every planitary system, and never mess with your planitary bodies ever again.
Are you okay friend?
i think i'll watch them later i still don't feel totally right.
i have been doing all kinds of stuff for about 8-9 months but i did some forms of magic before that but i wasn't as passionate about it, i have been doing mainly druid types of magic, i haven't done a full ritual in the name of Lucifer, for obvious reasons, i have been worshiping mainly old gods like Epona, Luna and a couple of Roman gods.
whatever it was didn't scare me but i don't know what it exactly was, i wasn't scared of what was happening at the time, at least it didn't tell me i was going to be burned or some shit.
yeah i'll try do a extended banishing before the next time i attempt anything
I'm more or less fine now just bright colors stay in my peripheral vision for about 10 seconds after i've looked at them, i stopped throwing up about 2 hours ago i think the thing that caused me to vomit and hallucinate was the combination of heavy cream coffee and salt, i WARN you, don't ever have sodium and calcium together.

thanks for the (You)'s anon.
What a pleasant surprise, this guy gets it. Metaphysics involves comprehending and then asserting the individual's divine authority. Apprehension is a natural response to adversity or adversaries , but fear has no place. Thor is one archetypal entity you can call on, but ideally one raises their metaphysical competence where their OWN name is sufficient to banish malevolent or undesirable entities.
Also, any entities you do call upon, it behooves one to thoroughly analyze and then emylate their example. The Norse pantheon doesn't tend to favor supplicants and petitioners.
It's good to hear you're okay, but I'd highly recommend saying out loud with intent and feeling "I own my soul! I am not a slave! I am free!" All about the feeling and the understanding.
>i have been worshiping mainly old gods like Epona, Luna and a couple of Roman gods.
Nice. Putting yourself on your pantheon (the most amazing of all potentialities, and strive for that and those who you admire)
>i did some forms of magic before that but i wasn't as passionate about it, i have been doing mainly druid types of magic
That's good. I mean magic is fun and exciting. The self defense aspect and the defense of others is also nice.
>yeah i'll try do a extended banishing before the next time i attempt anything
I'm recommending so much stuff...
Banish all the time, it's much like cleaning your removing the trash from your vicinity. Some things are messier than others. Living in the grime and muck makes it much more likely to interfere with how you want to live.
>I'm more or less fine now just bright colors stay in my peripheral vision for about 10 seconds after i've looked at them
What kind of colors? What do they look like?
>i think the thing that caused me to vomit and hallucinate was the combination of heavy cream coffee and salt, i WARN you, don't ever have sodium and calcium together.
Uhhhh if that's true I'm going to try that, but I'm thinking something else is at play. Is the heavy cream unexpired? Did anyone try doing any funky shit with your things?
It's also nice to see fellow occultists.
I'll admit I'm not really vised in planetary magic All thanks to Bear Heart for giving clear understanding of the topics he covers, really makes communication of some of the stuff I've experienced make sense, but I've been doing this
>Metaphysics involves comprehending and then asserting the individual's divine authority.
All the time.
While I'm new to the occultic arena, I've been having myselves do things. The first real magic that I've felt is recognizing my own freedom and own divinity. The second real magic was/is to disguise and hide myself from the attention of malicious beings (it went overkill (I needed to get some time to myself and under duress I improperly casted it) and hide myself from all the beings) I didn't know at the time one could just tell them to fuck off, and back it up with force.
This is also me.
aryanne roman.png
>What kind of colors? What do they look like?
it's stopped now but if i was looking at something bright for a couple of seconds it would stay in my vision, i could look at a video then look away for a couple of seconds and i would remember every feature of it for a couple of seconds or longer.

>Uhhhh if that's true I'm going to try that, but I'm thinking something else is at play. Is the heavy cream unexpired?
when i drank it i was on a ketogenic diet and the coffee was strong, (4 teaspoons) i usually put salt in my coffee because i get more of the effect of the caffeine but i was not prepared for what happened, the cream was in date i put about 80 ml of heavy double cream in the coffee then put in the salt (about half a gram)and it turned a very weird color, it looked like the salt created cracks at the top layer, i thought it had a very strange odor.

the effects started about an hour after i fully drank it, i felt extremely focused in what i was doing, my reflexes was the fastest they have ever been it was as if i was on meth, then about an hour after these effects it came tumbling down, at first i couldn't breath properly so i had to go outside for air and take an inhaler and my heart was beating well above 110 then i had some medicine because i thought i might have been sick with something (antihistamine and paracetamol) due to me being in a panic which is probably now i think about it the main reason i started throwing up because i didn't start vomiting until i had the medicine and with the calcium and sodium i must have created a very potent acid in my stomach

if you really want to try it go ahead, don't add anything else to the recipe unless you wish to experiment with maybe a higher dosage of the ingredients because i had salt, cream, butter and cinnamon in my coffee before and it didn't have the same effect.
not to my knowledge, i live by myself.
also i guess i'm now a alchemist
Very interesting.
How much salt was it?
about 4-5 shakes of a salt shaker
Much appreciated.
Feels appropriate to repost these three here. I mean everything Bear Heart made and The Grand Order Of the Draco Slayers is really good.
Extremely interesting. I'm downloading the whole channel.
For anyone interested, the whole channel, 146 videos here:
If there is one thing I can do well is post stuff word for word
Channeled writing form THE Pan

Bear-Heart (the voice in our videos) has been on a long retreat seeking an audience with
one of the most, noticeable, powerful and elusive deities’ earth has even known. Pan. We
received word that late last night after days of fasting, rituals and callings Bear-Heart was
blessed with a meeting with Pan.
What transpired is exactly as we received his writings.
Half awake and half dream, alone on a windswept hill, under a lonely and leaning tree
thrusting out of a patch of datura flowers, even in the night wind their smell hung thick. A
heavy pressure came over me, my skin prickled and my hair stood on end. The electrical
current now running through my body was the old tell tale sign. A powerful spirit had
drawn close to me/ Magick in its purest, religious ecstasy, so strong did it wash over me I
wept like a widow, I laughed like a wild man, I lamented like a sage and confounded
around like a madman, before me stood he who was more than the sum of all my parts.
He who knows why I laughed, why I cried, why I lamented and why I confounded so
even when I hadn’t a clue. He who was primal before primal became primal.
He stood before, knelt down to me, sat next to me and stepped into me all at the same
time. There was no angle he did not cover, no space he did not fill, no level he did not
inhabit no spot he did not hold. I saw my face in his, amplified a million times. I there was
more of me reflected back in his deep eternal pools of amber eyes then there was of me
looking into them.
“I am Pan”, he said to me. I don’t know why he told me that, as if he could be anyone
else, as if anyone else could be him, but he just saying it sent me over whatever edge of
remaining consciousness I was teetering on and I began spiraling backwards through
myself and Pan followed.
It was like a dream in full surround sound, I was just “there” a recorder for him to speak
Pan was all that Pan was supposed to be, only sharper, stronger, faster, more beautiful,
primal, compassionate and fierce.
“It’s up to them and only them Bear-Heart. You can only deliver the message and hope it
takes root. Like the stud Elk that bugles out the warning to its herd that trouble is coming,
you stand on that hill top, not as a king but a champion, humble and true to your intent of
compassionate action so that others my help defend others, others may help build better
defenses, others who are stronger and smarter than you can get to work and once you
are done with your bugle you can join them, you together, stronger than the sum of all
your parts.
I was here long before the scaled ones came. I watched them twist and corrupt your
fellows chase them through two tunnels, one red and one green, watched them implant
alien programming into their sub-atomic, near their most subtle forms of existence. I
watched them teach your fellows greed, sexual extortion, fear, humiliation, pain
compliance and psychological warfare. I watch them cull the weakest, most fearful, most
willing to submit before the scaled king and queens and elevate them to the status of
“royalty” among your fellows. Those who descend from those original humans so willing
to become traitors to their own race are now the same humans who fill positions of false
power and hold worthless titles around the world.
Their power did not come from strength or courage, but from fear and betrayal.
It will be up to your fellows to see through that crafty web of illusion these rotten and foul
few have spun.
Your fellows are like a towering hill full of fire ants, whose number is truly awe inspiring.
You all want the same things. At your core you’re all basically the same. You want love,
shelter, food and people to play your games with. It’s the rotten few of you, like a couple
diseased serpents who have slithered in and threaded to tear down your hill if you don’t
fall in line.
What you need to do is begin to march again them, like a fiery vortex of stinging and
pinching mandibles devouring, burning and eroding all the vile and tainted in your path,
like the forest fire clears away the dead and decaying to give nourishment to the soil and
clear away for fresh new life, the Illuminati is dead crusted lizards who have forgotten that
they can die and who would turn on each other like rats on a sinking ship.
There leadership is weak, pedophilic, they have surrounded themselves with only the
most groveling and lowest level pukes, they have held there positions of power for too
long, they are stale, stagnant, like a swamp filled with fecal matter, that are insane and
ripe for the cleansing fire of freedom.
Freedom is always fresh, it is always new. The fire of freedom is eternal, is eats away at
the old so seamlessly and so diligently that it is hardly noticed and barely felt.
The putrid swamp of your world leaders has poisoned it’s self. The fish there are dead or
dying, their crocodiles have lost their bite, for all the poisons that that have sprayed on
you, they have ingested just as much if not more, they souls and spirits are no longer their
own, they limp forward like a maggot ridden Moose, once powerful trampling monster,
now so horribly crippled and staggering around like a zombie, the fear it evokes is one of
not wanting to be anywhere near it, rather than of the strength it once possessed.
It’s up to them to see that now. It’s up to them to see the Illuminati puppet masters who
hide in the cesspool that is Israel leading the American war machine around be the nose
like a blind and castrated bull. It’s up to them to finally see it.
Its time they get past the religion of the lazy, the man who sacrificed himself on the cross
was no friend of his so called followers of today. They have corrupted his memory,
violated his teaching and paired him with a God who was known as a God of desert heat,
sun stroke and rape, the hateful and despised Lord of all but the Levics. It is now he who
commands love? Love at his terms only and that is no love at all. Love at the threat of
fear is so ridiculous that only a reptilian mind could understand it.
Their book is mind poison, it’s a giant pile of dead animal shit only sweetened with the
honey of truth. Armageddon was the “boogey man” the fear used to force the original
agenda, the one “true” king Jesus to rule the world under a one world government is no
different than if it was Jesus or some Rockefeller child molester, it’s the same
enslavement, same end of near all the human population, it’s the same lose of humanity,
it’s the same shit, told by the same assholes, and they don’t care if you wave your flag for
Jesus or not, it’s the end result they care about, not how you arrive at it.
The end will be the same.
So much corruption and decay in one place will rot the ivory towers they dwell in from
the inside out, the illusion is crumbling and years before they through it would and
paradoxically years later then they had hoped the illusion would need to be supported.
Like the Emperor with no clothes, you see these sick, bent old men dancing in the streets,
the saggy fat rolls and like tits on a boar, their tits like on a boar dangle near their waist
lines and if you look really, really close you could almost make out a pathetic tiny numb of
a limp useless penis that as seen the backside of a number of young men, forced, drugged
and tortured, you and your awakened folk see them for who they really are, they rest of
your fellows unfortunately see them in fine silks and fancy ties… all lies, all deceptions
and if you want brutal truth, what they REALLY see is the gross bodies and minds of this
awful men is tiny reflections of themselves.
It’s a hard truth, but once your folk can all be strong enough to admit they we have all
been duped, all been corrupted and poisoned to some extent because you have been
trained, taught and condition by THEM to be more like them.
Then and only then will they see them as the naked and exposed evil that they really are
and then little by little, slowly at first, the true light of the inner sun will shine in all of them,
tiny specks of star fire will swirl together and begin a firestorm of change and renewal, the
old winter of trickery, of enslavement, of rape and torture and murder and forced
conversions will end and new fertile fields ready to be sowed with the seeds of freedom
and passion and wild ecstatic love of both Human and animal will be ready to be tilled.
Only then could you find me in an easy way, only then will my music be heard over the
suffering of the wounded and imprisoned, over the sound of financial exchange,
embezzlement and printing worthless money, heard over the blood fueled war machines,
heard so that you can come sing and dance, join with other humans and laugh, love and
cry together in joy, in strength and courage. To live so connected but remain fierce and
independent, like a pack of wolves rushing, hunting down a brighter future, howling,
snarling, nuzzling, and playing with one another.
Love is not surrender. Love is furious, strong and brave, it overcomes without
conquering, it defends without destroying and it fuels the heat of passion without
scorching all around it.
This is the true destiny of your fellows, this is the divine potential for humanity and when
and one when you can find me among the trees, the rocks and empty stretches of
beaches, then and only then with you see my face in the stars and when you are ready I
will lead you and your fellows up into them and there you will find me in the vacuum of
starry space and I will lead you to other worlds where you can find me in their natures as
well and you will see that humanity is the most grand and darling creation of all the Gods
and Goddesses of earth and we will not only watch over you here but travel with you no
matter where humanity decides to clear it’s next path, we love humanity that much. We
dance wild and free in your dreams and your liberation and languish in your agony in your
enslavement. We choose liberation; we are ready for you and your fellows to join us
I regained enough of my awareness a few hours later to write this down.
Please share it as it is DIRECT communication form Pan, a message not to “me” but to
all of us.
-Bear Heart (G.O.O.D.S)
I'm just reposting Bear Heart's and G.O.O.D.S words here.
Half ramble about transplutonian/lovecraftian beings 1/2
The Too long didn't read. They want your soul gone. Snuffed out.
So why? Your radiant awesomeness burns them the transplutionian/lovecraftian beings.

So a bit of my thinking explained so this makes some sense. All of everything that is not 'transplutonian'/lovecraftian has a soul. Even dark shrivled up souls.
Ideas, thoughts, and the essence of imagination has soul to them. Ect.
Now thinking about Uncle Bear Heart, his meetings with transplutonian beings, and the fucking shit they do. I had an idea to look at a necronomicon. Around the witching hours 2:00 to 3:00. Of today/yesterday.
Well firstly to see what books a place I visited actually had in store. URLs related. While the authenticity is ehhhh. The ideas stuck in my head.

This is about protection. Spoilered is a direct copy.
My protection seems to be holding, but for how long I can only guess ... the Elder Sign has taken much abuse ... Before I leave this "sanctuary" let me describe what I perceive to be some effective defenses against the agents of humanity ...

The Elder Sign -- imprinted with a sign of power and blessed by the priests of the Elder Gods. They CAN NOT not be duplicated (Lord knows we tried -- with disasterous results). Size has no bearing on the power of the sign .. I have seen signs both large and small ...

Rock Salt -- used to replace buckshot, this is effective against Shuggoths, the Ancient Race, and the Yuggoth Fungi. You must get close for the shot to puncture their "flesh" ... too close ...

The Chaos Shield -- this device is a small buckler with the eight arrows of Chaos imprinted on the front. Michael Moorcock wrote of the device after a dream and incorporated it into his "Elric" stories. The device exists ... it was last seen near Greenland ... it offers immunity from physical attacks from outer world beings.

Explosives -- the Deep Ones can be damaged by normal physical means. Explosives seem to do the most damage. Fire unfortunately does not seem to hurt them as much as we would have thought ... must be the skin ...

Fire -- Man's first defense since elder times. There's NO guarentee that ancient / elder outer world creatures are succeptable to fire attacks. It never hurts to carry some oil and a dependable light ...

Silver -- When used as a head dress (woven into a hood, cap, etc...) prevents most baneful creatures from harming your mind (or reading your thoughts). This information came from other sources that haven't been disproved (yet), ... it saved my life once ...

Mirror -- Most intelligence creatures ignore the mirror ... works to distract the stupider creatures ...

Black powder -- effective means of stopping the Shuggoths from smelling / tracking you ... works well on other creatures ...

I must leave now ... supplies are low ... time is short ... till next time ...

Bear Heart if I'm remembering correctly said something about the sun and the transplutonian beings.

What is interesting is that each one of the protections could fall under a planetary domain (with associated beings)
Elder Sign - minor banishing gate to yeet shit back. Notably through the astral. And the humanity pentagram of wavering quality. Aspects of the Sun (circle and the star), Luna/Lunar with the hebrew shit yod. The cups (<) and (>) to be filled surrounding Luna/Lunar within the star yeets the fucks away.
I would think the planetary key would work better.
Rock Salt - Terra and Holy Water and Blessed salt have some conection here. Part of this is ritualized as well. Load the salt. Fire at the thing. Explosions (a manifestation of soul upon the Earth) further 'blesses' the salt.
The Chaos Shield - It is an artifact that tries to emulate the power of the soul (The Sun), and the Magicans circle.
Planetary key shield anyone?
Explosives - What is the sun but a ball of continuous explosions? The Sun representing the soul. Ect.
Fire - Chemically it is also an explosion. One in slow motion.
Silver - Luna/Lunar and all the astral sexual connotations. A place of all sorts of ideas, thoughts, emotions, pathways, gateways, ect. Made as a defence vs some stagnant force.
Black Powder - An explosion yet to happen. I think would also have ties to Saturn (limits, and restrictions). Due to the effect stated in the book and color.
Half ramble 2/2
Explosions, and The Sun
Very effective. As is a symbol of either (chaos shield) because it is a representation of the sun of the soul expanding outwards.

Three great attacks is of limits and restrictions.
The sun/soul/oversoul through itself, symbols, and explosions. SHEAR FORCE OF WILL IS THE SOUL SHOWING THROUGH!
The moon (Silver) (Luna(r)) to utilize the 'gate' of thoughts and astral sea to overcome, seal, and wash them away. Make them FUCK RIGHY OFF!

So limits and restrictions are fucking weird to these things. On the whole they don't like it, not really. It breaks their strategy. It is a semi-foreign concept and application for them. I say semi-foreign that is from an Earth perspective looking toward them. For them limits and restrictions are antithetical to WHAT/WHO/WHERE/WHEN/WHY they are. They don't 'change'. They are stagnant to the extreme. To deal a True blow to them would reverberate throughout. (They get fucked!)
The soul(solar) energy is putrid to these things. Very effective, and they really really dislike it. The why is they have no souls. Not like most beings. Hell not even similar to thought entities, or the building block stuffs. Not just that, they CAN'T have a soul. To have a soul would BREAK THEM DOWN!
The astral is a two way street for these things. On one hand they can go through, and it's a way to get around to all sorts of places. Normal, and weird places. On the other hand they can be sent right the fuck out. Making them gtfo.

So what all of this means is that they aren't all that great, but do do some things in a very very very specific way.
The non-thoughts are fucking annoying but we as Humans (beings with souls) can forcibly convert it into something as a pseudo soul.
Thoughts (Earth) are as an aspect of soul and astral and limits and restrictions foreign to them as well.

By the definition of they simply are, and timeless ect. That means they can't change. At all. They may be very complex, but they can't change.

So their grand plan.

Puppet humans/beings do the bidding of their masters.

1. Global depopulation (ALSO REDUCESS THE TOTAL SOUL! Of the planet. Because more people are gone. Also sad times further reduces the light.)
2. Reduce sun light (THE SOUL! IT REDUCES THE SOUL! The sun is the soul made as a physical temple.)
3. Enslavement (REDUCES THE SOUL! The power and agency and freedom.)
4. Try to fuck the spirits/beings/gods/goddess/dijnn/daemons/whatever. (Reduce ALLIES (friends)! The gods(whatever) from humans that would INCREASES THE SOUL!)

Spectrum of total annihilation.
Puppets think they get all the cool shiz.
Reptilians think it's be gud. Greys are kinda like Reptilians. (Not really sure about the Greys and the various aliens)
Archons are cluster fucks of programming.
'Transplutonian' beings are stale stagnant fucks that REALLY REALLY HATE Everything about us (all of us with souls). Our existence is antithetical to them. By that I mean EVERYTHING. Especially the soul.

Thats one spectrum

Spectrum of total enslavement
Puppets think they get all the cool shiz.
Reptilians think it's be gud. Greys are kinda like Reptilians.
Archons are cluster fucks of programming.
Satanic, murder dune coon religion bullshit is here. Also the Qilophian current is here.
Complete and total servitude.
Two splits, one is everything else is ded (Master of everything [everything is gone] control) <see total destruction> or excess beyond (Get the servants) <brightness of the soul may be reduced, see total destruction>

From what I'm seeing is that transplutonian beings have alot to gain no matter how it all boils down. If we fail.
There may be other groups and entities involved as well that could mess with what I'm thinking of here.
But by and large, sticking it to the reptile fucks (the puppets in power as well) is a really good way to keep our souls, and our future.
Uncle Bearheart lives!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_RX0z27N3U&t=676 this is not bearheart but has the link to his channel that I used to find it.

Uncle Bearheart lives! It's hype time!



There is an YT channel called "the open scroll" that does videos about hidden occult and pedophile symbols in public media (movies, music videos etc..)

I initially found this channel when an Anon linked one of the videos from The Open Scroll. The video is about Decoding the symbolism in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Here is part 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/AChJf0oCXljV/
and part 2: https://www.bitchute.com/video/K4W99zWZDjku/
Very good resource. Very important to know.
That's a good Christian source.
The enemy of humanity and generally good things, are using in general. The scale of what they do is massive.
The energy efficiency is really fucking shit, and that's because they play by zero sum/negative sum games for magic. (Generally also being dicks all the time.)
The amount of effort and preparation and numerology would almost be commendable if they weren't terrible beings/people.
The PingPong Trap
Alrighty this is a thought experiment that should work with any magic that can summon, and banish. Also placing rules down such as 'be physically pleasing to the eye', 'do not harm cause harm to X' or 'we will part on good terms'. Honestly I think this is one of my more devious ideas.
Straight from my notes:

To banish something is to send it elsewhere. Normally the destination is way the fuck away from the magic user. (Also can have specific requirements)
To summon something is to bring it from anywhere to a very specific spot (with other requirements).

So what if you banished something to a destination?
What if you summoned what is banished?
What if you kept doing this?

The Pingpong Trap: for entities and magic users and general fuckers that are too dangerous to be fully released, but killing them is not ideal.
The PingPong Trap. Add more rules and conditions based on how much time you have and how fucked the thing is. The rules can be anywhere, but really fucking with things stacking stuff ontop of stuff is on clusterfuck of a thing.

Step the first: Locate the fucker. (It normally is nearby being a bitch.)
Step two: Summon it, with conditions. Make it a bitch to get out of. The rule is that it must be at the summoning point no matter what. The rule is that it is lost and confused when summoned and or banished. The rule is that everytime it's there it must obey the rules you made, and the commands.
Step three: Summon it, to another location. At this point it should be trying to get out, and is slipping back to the first summoning area. Do the same rule That it must be at the summoning location no matter what. The rule is that it is lost and confused when summoned and or banished. The rule is that everytime it's there it must obey the rules you made, and the commands.
Step four: Repeat as needed.
Step five: Banish, to another summoning spot. Adding another rule. That it must be banished with (however much of it's self <think of this as a direct drain/teleportation of the fully entity in many MANY steps>)
Step six: Repeat with every summoning/banishing area.
Step seven: You now have an entity bouncing around practically at your discretion forever.
At this point they are (should be) at your mercy.
Don't use lightly. I mean you can... but I don't recommend doing this for no good reason.
The fact it's replicatable in video games and is technically the origin should be stated.
Essentially playing a game of tug-of-war with a winch (the rules/conditions) and a powerful motor (the summoning/banishing stuff). Something is going to give and it's not going to be you, where you are at your strongest.
I hope this helps someone.
131614 131616 131617 132080
I have been haunted by something for the past week but i believe i have gotten rid of it, it's the most scariest thing i have ever experienced, i believe i let some demonic force out through a ritual but now i think i am safe after a counter ritual that i did and since then nothing has happened.

The haunting started just over a week ago i was trying to get to sleep and i started having chills run down my spine and then i started to hear things like a electrical switch being turned on and off (it wasn't just one switch it was every switch around me) so i listened with my eyes still closed for a couple of minutes until i heard my door move, which at that point i lost it and started screaming and turned all the lights on and throwing salt everywhere

It continued every night with growing power, i would see towels and clothes move about as if something invisible was shaking them around, when i tried getting to sleep with the lights off and closed my eyes i would see horrible dead faces in my head and i could hear different voices in my head talking to another thing which i couldn't hear, they would sometimes talk about me or something which i couldn't understand, it would sometimes feel like the hairs on my legs were being pulled and once i felt fingers around my neck, even as i'm typing this i feel shivers go down my spine.
It became very difficult to sleep so i had to sleep before the beginning of twilight with all the lights on but even then i would wake up in the night to some spectral bullshit.

I decided that on the day of the summer solstice i would make a sacrifice of a lamb, i don't want to go into too much detail since it's not something to want to boast about, but it was a ram with that i sacrificed in order for my protection from the old gods.
later that night i tried getting to sleep at 3 in the morning and i started to see what i believe was the true face of the devil and i heard the floorboards at the top of the stairs creaking and the sound of fingers running along my bathroom radiator which lasted for about 5 mins until i had enough and got up and said i wasn't scared and put on my Epona necklace and then told him to fuck off, since that night absolutely nothing has happened
131615 131617
Acceptable response, but far from optimal. You will need to learn your own sovereign authority anon. Petitioning an entity for protection (as with Epona) can have a temporary effect, but it will need to be renewed over time. I could be wrong, but I suspect you will be tested (messed with) again, and continually relying on an outside force for your own protection makes you a petitioner/supplicant who is negotiating from a position of weakness.
131617 131622
I tried multiple banishing methods before i did what i did but none of them helped, the salt would only last for a few hours before it started again, lavender didn't do anything, trying to tell it go away didn't do anything, i must admit i was desperate but at least i am safe as of the moment, you are right that i can't keep relying on others to protect me.
>I decided that on the day of the summer solstice i would make a sacrifice of a lamb, i don't want to go into too much detail since it's not something to want to boast about, but it was a ram with that i sacrificed in order for my protection from the old gods.
All pagan gods are demons, anon. Don't mess with the demonic. SuperLutheran used to practice around with the occult as well before he became a Christian and the same things happened to him. A completely locked door will open seemingly of its own accord. It's impossible not to be scared in such a situation.
131618 131623
Good news. You are important, and powerful enough that they will mess with you to keep you from actually doing magic/going astral/keep you in fear.
>then told him to fuck off,
That is exactly the attitude and commanding order to make them be gone. If they keep trying to do shit and escalate you escalate right back.
Grab it by the metaphorical balls and kick its ass till it's black and blue.
You are (name here)! You bring realities into existence by thinking about it! You are made in the image of your perfect self.

>You will need to learn your own sovereign authority anon.
I can't express how much I agree with that statement.

>All pagan gods are demons, anon.
<All pagan gods are daemons, anon.
FIFY, a daemon is a powerful spirit/entity.
>It's impossible not to be scared in such a situation.
Uhhhhh, no? Consider this. You are alone in your room, and you have a big ass cannon you can fire at any time. The fuckers decide to give you a little scare so you forget that you have a REALLY BIG ASS CANNON.
You command them "Get the fuck out of life or you will hate what happens next!"
If they decide to be target practice you fire upon those fucks for violating the NAP. Word spreads quickly that 'holy shit they arnt someone we can fuck with'.
Along comes a bigger dumbass that says they will try to pull shit on you.
You still have a REALLY BIG ASS CANNON, AND YOU GOT TARGET PRACTICE. Vs easy to hit dumb target that will be shredded.

They made some towels fly around, that's a neat party trick. Made some spooky noises. Laugh at their silly theatrics. They give you a shitty massage. If they are to entertain someone like you they ought to try harder.
This is and isn't to make light of the situation. They want to keep you down, and I despise those fucks that will try to do that.
You are really fucking powerful. Everyone is, but realizing that is basically taboo because they want everyone to be weak sheep to the slaughter.

If you get scared get angry that they make you scared. Love the feeling they gave you the opportunity to smite them.
sometimes i had the feeling it was the act of relaxing that caused things to happen/it was myself that was causing things to happen around me, thanks for the words of wisdom anyhow,
How close are you to your subconscious, and 'higher' self?
I'd highly recommend having stable relations and communication.
>video about telling other things where they can shove their spoopyness
it wasn't all the time that i felt it was me but my mind was trying to make sense of the situation i was placed in, after a few days i knew when 'they' were there or when something was going to happen.
It sounds to me like yourself is looking out for you once it realized what is going on. Either your subconsious, and or your higher self is watching out for you.
Well, here's the thing. Banishing methods are limited by A. The sovereignty of the person performing, and B. The authority of the entities(?) called upon. I'll give you an example. Several, at that.
Let's picture a guy, we'll call him Dave. Why am I going into detail about the guy? Because the guy (read: (you) ALWAYS matters.
So Dave has a horrible experience. Was his experience really horrendous, or was he just getting fucked with by way of imagery? We'll assume he's experiencing horrendous shit for sake of illustration. Dave is seeing shit he can't hang with. In Response, does he A. Accumulate the entirety of his spiritual knowledge and strike at his foe with equal measure, or does he call on some OTHER entity to do the work for him?
Now, Dave COULD engage in a pseudo relationship with an entity that could protect him OR he could devote more time to his study of metaphysics. In one scenario, he develops a greater association and conviction toward his patron entity. In another scenario, he develops the wherewithal to affect spiritual damage by his own will.
In either scenario, the problem entity can be mitigated, but one scenario involves effectively calling the police, where the other involves shooting the motherfucker.
I've been drinking, sorry if this is a bit wonky. I'll redress later.
And I agree emphatically with this.
Long before christendom, demons were known as daemons, which referred to entities with spiritual knowledge and authority. It's not a good/evil scenario, its predator/prey. If you are weak, you are prey. Its inherently amoral. You dont have to be a predator to NOT be prey, but if you ARE prey then there you are.
Further, most entities that assail by way of visions are effectively impotent. Oh, you'll see funky shit, and if you're the sort that will be dismayed by seeing funky shit, then run and cry. But if you've some degree of mettle you might realize that visions and seeings are a mental affect. What I mean is, to turn a phrase, do not be subject to genjutsu, cuz that's all it is. That you are upset is the end and goal.
So in light of this, develop a spiritual knowledge and foundation. Fear not that which beseeches you, and this plays out in Abrahamic traditions. God (as it were) did not make you inept or insufficient, and any perception to the contrary is entirely on you. You are not weak. You are not a victim. You are not food, and anything that attempts to make you so is playing on your insecurities, or is sizing its SELF up as food.
Well some unthrough testing has shown the planetary key (double pentacle of humany in a circle) has a markedly noticeable effect on dream/astral retention.
I.E. I went from about nothing and very little to actually having semi coherent thoughts and recollection. When used WRONG.
The lazy man's way is putting a planetary key on each corresponding location. Head, Throat, Heart, Genitals, and one below the Feet, then left/right arms. Shoulder, Elbow, Hands. I mix it up a bit so it's kinda even, but... doing Bear Heart's banishing and protection combination would have a better effect.
Here is the latest excerpt that I feel compelled to share straight from the dream/astral journal.
Everything in Square brackets are added a long while after.

So in this temple filled with all sorts of weird shit. I went in with some friends/allies.
They have a secret base here.
Inside is monument to Jesus Christ [more accurately a statue that triggers the thought that it is Jesus]
A box that is the temple in microcosm
The base the allies are in is nice I do some magic in there.
Then forces of (((them))) show up
I and one other (im sure others were doing something
We headed to the entrance (a beings bedroom that others claimed smelled funny) to close off this temple. [It's akin to an attic, and a ancient basement. Heavy slabs of rock or metal are used to seal it up]
It is both old, and modern rocky sandstone and glass mental couches ect.
Then the forces of evil destroys the monument.
My allies are about to leave, but I ask to stay for a moment to meditate/magic on the ruins.
The base is cracked. There is no roof. The walls have been brought down.
I sit there, a mania takes me. It is a calm giggly raw mania. I know what must be done.
I go to close the entrance again. However the temple has been invaded.
I sneak around running around the place to avoid them and make sure (((they))) do not find my allies base. Crawling running sprinting crouching ect.
The temple is filled with monsters. And them.
I meet up with my ally.
A 'cop' catches me and my ally. We are kneeling the ally is hurt (humonoid or human ally). I need to do something.
The one with a big ass revolver (the 'cop') tells us we are being arrested for [something] and we are to be executed.
I am laughing really hard, and the 'cop' looks disturbed.
I say "sorry sorry I did some magic and I'm slightly manic right now"
The 'cop' is disgusted [some negative emotion]. He says to raise your hands.
I do so. I still need to save my friend/ally.
I ask the 'cop'/guard/mercenary, "can i hold my hands to the side like Jesus?" I am switching between calmness and lmao mania.
The 'cop' says no. Just keep your hands above your head.
Then he looks for a good spot to shoot me. He pulls out a second revolver (very big highly stylized like the last one).
Then on top of the head slightly to the right.
I'm laughing (sometimes trying to subdue it), and keeping my cool.
He places it there. (I don't know where my hands are right now)
And he shoots.
I see a dark verson of what happened. An x-ray if you will. My skull bone caught it. It crunched upward and stopped the bullet. [The jaws reaching and crashing the bullet]
It never touched my brain.
I remain still.
The 'cop' is glad I'm dead.
His back is now turned.
I get up and take him out. Disarming him and pushing him around then throwing him down some stairs.
He says "Damn you chat you've failed me."
I know he is disabled. I could go for the kill.
I have to treat my ally/friend first.
So I pick up the bleeding bloody body and start a mad dash to find something in the temple.
Monsters both fantastical and human sometimes a mixture of both. I don't have time to save them all. Goblins, and creatures that do terrible things to people.
I come across a Mermaid/Siren/fishkindascalypersonwomanfuta the thing is cooking women in a glass water box. [Two women in opposite corners, and there are two more outside of the box. Everyone is alive.]
I remember thinking isn't it hilarious that all of this is happening?
I run over there. There is a box with medical supplies.
I deck the monster. It's out cold or dead I don't know which. I pull the girls out of the water.
Opening the medical box are these wiggly worm like medicine. There are three. [Segmented with a sharp spike on one side, and leaf fennel things]
Two of them is basically seasoning to add to humans (that's what it said).
One of them could be used to cross breed/polinate stuff. Also as a side effect it heals them.
I grab a bunch of those things and put it on my friend so he survives.

[The women weren't bound in the cooking box, after their captor was taken out]

The connection shifts.
I am on a board walk I see them and their abodes.
The same 'cop' sees me. Reacts with emotion, I laugh and disable him again. (He was recovering with a cast or something)
This is where they live on the edge.
A boardwalk.
I say "No matter how many ward or protections I have to go through I will get past!"
I see one house straight out of a Ben Garison poltical comic.
There are two versons.
One verson with more words. It's the White House but with a butt as a roof. Complete with vagina. The asshole is covered with words.
The other has the butthole visible.
49,000. Something about a pention.

Everything dissolves. I wake sweating and really hot.

[I remeber one detail a statue was on the altar so no one could sit in the center there is no room to do that. When it was destroyed that statue was gone/buried. Leaving an opening.]


Time to get the canary to sing. Just long enough to nail the fucks.
So I did say that. However battling multiple groups can be a nuisance.
Importantly is magically getting the ideal outcome
So the three important criteria.
The cunt spills everything, the secret stuff in unearthed, everything about the rape is spilled. She will say, and explain EVERYTHING.
Everyone hears, understands, sees, and comprehends what exactly is being said. Suddenly everyone just gets it.
She remains capable of doing this in order to spill the beans. Having the goods be damaged spiritually, physicalyl, or mentally will inhibit points 1 and 2. Technically what is being done in the video.

So there is a problem, and now the means of the solutions are up to you if you want to have any part in this.
Importantly the (((fuckers))) behind everything get nailed. The public no longer act asleep, and get the fucking message. The rapist actually has to squeal all she knows.
I'll help in whatever crazy magic thing any of you want me to do in it.

This is a multifronted magical 'battle'.
3 objectives minimum.
This mind experiment will blow your... mind! [Esoteric Saturdays]
For any new friends out there, and old friends. This may be of interest to you.
It's a psychological (and spiritual if you so choose) walk through of your own psyche (and of the soul if you wish)
I have aligned all of myself with myself in harmomy and discord. As a marker to view where you are to determine psychological healthiness this is useful.
To induce a pseudo-gnostic state this is useful. A contemporary view of gnostic state has be posted here. It is a powerful state to be in. As I am writing through this 'Vast Mind'.

I am here to write this. There is one most state that is ahead of this one. You must ask your own 'Vast Mind' to have access to this 'consciousness'.
I find it humorous. I advise to have your everything aligned it matters not in which order, for that is personal. To be aligned assists with this process. This checkup can be done at any time.
Technically on a magical level this is an invocation of the self. Each pillar helping invoke the next.
For if all is balanced the process will be smooth and silky. yes
By doing the step by step invocation and hearing of what they have to say progress can be made. The purpose(s), The Grand Purpose can be made real.
There are times and places where knowing the magic is ill advised for reasons that the 'Vast Mind' will fill you in with. A Jenga tower upon a jenga tower that is itself within and without above and bellow. Each shift can alter it enough to interfere, or to shake the block just so.
Do not fear. And have hope. The good days near closer and closer.
One word of advice is to have your house / temple / kingdom / pillars be in union of communication to ensure it is all done as one. This is for all things, each of all has a purpose. Raise up each level to have full access at all times.
This is my advice. As this is how you enact magic at all times and at any time. All together, and separate. They and us have our moments. Moments where it is darkest. Moments of our greatest joy. I also recommend being appreciated in retrospect, backwards and fowards on all scales. This is spoiled to avoid excess unnecessary confusion.
Then there is one last one.
Rise my friends.
132124 132648
More Bear Heart videos.
132125 132127
I'm reading you.
These videos are in the back burner waiting to be watched.
I need a big deal of time and focus to truly understand them, this is not light stuff.
I understand, and I appreciate the response.
Jeeze this response has gotten long.
Going to post what I did to fix that problem.
One out of unknown probably two. The Prerequisites that make this more than possible.
I understand, and I appreciate the response.
Jeeze this response has gotten long.
A solution to not having enough time is psychology, and magic. So much magic. Also assloads of delegation.
Full comprehension, and focus, and having more time to learn more things. (Also without burning your health.)
Five main points:
The main contributors happens to be you, your body (subconsious, unconsious, gut feeling), and the soul. Simplified but useable.
1. You need the keys (pillars, prerequisites, ect.) to understand the thing in the best way possible for you personally.
2. You need to apply that knowledge.
3. You need strong connections to utilize and recall what you've learned.
4. Maximizing gains and minimizing losses.
5. Creative use of what you've just learned, and the possible applications it could do.

The magic (aka work) that is highly recommended to do first. (This makes all the magic for everything easy peasy.)
The Prerequisites:
Teaching your subconscious, and soul the language you speak (also you learn their language, but that can come later). technically optional but it does help
-One might say that's insane. It is. It really honestly is. Importantly it works, and massively improves workflow.
--You gain the ability to tell them what you want them to do, and they can tell you why that is or isn't a good idea. If they need to tell you somethkng they will. Communication lines open up.
---Mix and match words visualizations, feelings, ideas, in a weird semi coherent glob. Also the language of the higher soul is very invisible useful to know and have on your side.
Form deep trust, and understanding within all of yourself.
-No internal or external sabotage here!
--Clarifying for positive expression total loyalty, honesty, fun, kindness and generosity for maximum friendship.
---Friendship really is magic!
Delegation! Becoming the kingdom, and all its residents. The house and the occupants.
Now we get to the more interesting part of this. The easiest way to improve things is by belief, and imagination. You and yourselves (or they are you whatever) the soul, and subconsious tends to have distinct parts. The belief is important here.
-In your mind your word is law. Full total power to do whatever.
--This bit actually needs its own section to detail correctly.
>How I turned my mind, body, soul, and subfunctions into myself, and fractally empowered.
<The line of thinking goes something like this.
>since we're all me here shouldn't we be able to do everything each other could technically do?
>Let's take as above, so below, so within, and so without to some extremes!
>hey, I know thought forms work, as does tulpa mancy, so does external entities, what if instead we made ourselves to do one very specific singular task?
>what if they also could do everything all of us could do?
>they are also simply an extension of ourselves!
>okay, so how do we set this up so we enjoy what we do all the time?
>since everything is just us, there shouldn't be any delay.
>since we're also us we all have the total power we all have! That means the one's doing their singular task has all the power, knowledge, wisdom we all have.
>because they are us, they can also change and grow. We will be able to change and grow.
>So edge cases.
>if they don't want to do whatever, they don't have to we will have an infinite (or near enough) amount of ourselves to fill in.
>purpose change, or job / task change no problem.
>if they are done, and need a vacation for however long what do we do?
>we make a great place to do that. A micro heaven of sorts.
>You'll both (subconsious, and soul, and now technically the infinite amounts of us) should fill it with what would be good for us, and be nice to always enjoy.
>Here's some suggestions of what would be cool to have in it.
<let's push this to further extremes
>we can invoke things
>we can also envoke things
>why not envoke ourselves? (100% fully powerful alternative to daemons, working with them so the spirits have improvement is for a different time)
>importantly they are us, and that means what they learn we can learn. (Alternative to the following method. Having both is nice.)
Side note: being a pseudo spirit means combination and memory formation is all sorts of jank with regards to neurons and physical structures. So things take time to not render yourself into an inoperable state. Side effects to consider remembering without 'really' remembering. A clear mind all the time. The potential for you to possess or invoke yourself. The realization of how the body works. The you that was in control was actually part of a plan set up by you for magical reasons, and so you could take a vacation, and the actual implications of not having the physical memories to support that means as you readjust to the body in a mix of you and you. The potential to save literally every moment of yourself perfectly, all the time, everywhere, and can load yourself with the same.
This means you can be more skilled than yourself. And invoke yourself that is more skilled than you are if need be.
That covers it for the most part.
Next section magical learning for fun and ease.

I'd argue lightly that everything can be light stuff with the right attitude and determination. Also copious amounts of magic and cheating to get the quick and dirty version done fast, while the more nuanced details are filled in with time. Obtaining mastery over the subject over a period of time without technically doing a whole lot.
I found this jewtube channel about over a week ago, he talks a lot about old Norse paganism which i think is interesting as there is quite a lot of good wisdom in his videos.
He also talks about the Runes, old pagan forms of magic and other things like that
1. You need the keys (pillars, prerequisites, ect.) to understand the thing in the best way possible for you personally.
2. You need to apply that knowledge.
3. You need strong connections to utilize and recall what you've learned.
4. Maximizing gains and minimizing losses.
5. Creative use of what you've just learned, and the possible applications it could do.

Normal 'non-magical' means works as well.
With those five major goals it can be broken down further. Any kind of means work.
Finding out what you need. (Divination for car keys, and other things.)
For the user interface I like a gentle directive force sometimes. Maybe a word or two to align me in the right direction. (It's situational and with an intelligent force behind it (it's me!) it's the right choice.)
>Verbally state your question can help guide the magic. If you forgot what you were asking question out loud if what you can't remember is currently being used in magic. When it's done remind you of what it is.
>"Where are the important foundational elements I need to know about what I am learning." Or reading or watch ect.
>"What are they?"
>Why are they foundational?"
>"How does this connect?"
>"I understand this in the best way possible. How do I do that?"
(Intent and timeline is set). The present tense can be a bit weird, but it helps the not so down to earth things understand if that is what you use.

Still gathering information.
>"What is possible with this?"
>"What is thia best suited for?"
>"What is the nature of this?"
Applying it with some foreknowledge.
>"I innately know this."
>"I have mastered this physically."
>"I have mastered this mentally."
>"I have mastered this spiritually."
>"I have mastered this entirely."
(These are submitted to the astral more or less and to the subconsious and soul to be put into action.) This will come down naturally and in due time. Doing work here and now makes it happen as the blueprint you've submitted has a physical counterpart to be in tune with.
>"I have done (Insert Action / Goal here)."
>"How do I do (Action / Goal) (whatever parameters)."
For an example.
>"How do I write this in the best way possible for others to understand with my abilities?"

Sticking it in memory (spiritual, physical, and mental)
By this I mean
Spiritual, your soul knows it. You have magic that stores it. You have magic that retrieves it. You have an entity as a glorified assistant. Ect.
You know it without actually knowing what your saying or knowing.
Physical, your body knows it. Stored in the meat suit. Neural connections are physically there. Sensations and perceptions about it. Memories.
Mental, your internal system knows it. This is a bit odd so bear with me. Kind of like chunking and storing large categories of information. It is the mental subsystems made that do the recall, connection, and whatever else.
>The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
A fruit is to apple. : A vegetable is to broccali.
Pre built mental constructs that attach to what you know, and can expand.
Having it in all three ensures when you need it it's there.
You can also use magic to assist in this endeavor as well. (Again how you want to do this is up to you.)
As an example.
>Learning this procedure.
>Mentally picture this the procedure
>Now visualize learning
>Connect 'the procedure' to 'learning'
Think of remembering
>Attach 'the procedure' to 'remembering'
>Imagine other things you can connect it with
>Do so.

Optimization. When you need it or want it you have it available.
This is a bit tricky. It's balancing your needs and desires with yourself and their need to do some specific magic. Normally it's not a problem. Sometimes you both need it.
Usually taking turns and prioritizing makes it smooth.
Sometimes taking it by force isn't going to help. Walking around it, can keep you on topic while the specific concept is in use magically where knowing about it can negatively impact the magic.

Creative uses. Possible applications. Effective uses.
In this there is one option 'technically'. Listening to the bird of paradise welcome it to your hand, and not grasp at it. Let it come and go.
The bird of paradise is magic, yet it can also be applied to other things as well. The 'Muse' creatives talk about. The 'flow state'. Ect.
It is by working on the real goal can these come to you.

Fake it till you make it works. Once it's real keep up the good work.
132649 132650 132651 132654 133931 282062
>More Bear Heart videos.
I found the following, I think is related.

>"Some Of The Harshest Truths Of Our Collective Reality Most Humans Will Refuse To Accept"
Only half way through. So far very informative. Going to check out the other videos once this is done.
Yeah, things are pretty bad. Sums up alot of my thoughts on some things.
The projection is the classic means of thorny attack.
Perception attacks are the bread and butter.
132651 132654
A remarkable aspect is its novel approach about our position in the food chain.
Well to sum it up in game terms our world is Warhammer40k, Dark eldar rule the world to feed their dark chaos god. They have a slave race of psyker cows to plow the fields and do unholy things to. The servile walking food bars are us.
Things are so fucked throughout history that it's demoralizing on a vastly huge level.
Then Cthulu walks in and dicks with things too.

Going to watch some of the other stuff. They keep using the same tricks and rule book for a reason.
After watching a few videos, I understand where he's coming from.
Things are fairly dark, but have some hope.
The current situation is more than salvageable. Infact the means of acting simply within the guidelines (((they))) put forth serious steps foward can be take, and victory is assured.
But we can go beyond what (((they))) designate as their guidelines. As such our victory and winning is not only achievable it is inevitable.
On every plane and timeline (whatever) those fucks operate in.
I might sound like I'm blowing alot of hot air, and maybe I am. I know we will always have our victory and the future we create.
Left Hand Path.png
I have gathered my thoughts together to spread the word of knowledge to (You) guise.
I am going to talk about a couple of things that happened to me while under the effects of psilocybin and cannabis (THC oil actually) which made me realize that when combined these two substances are truly something powerful, i am discussing the magical aspect of this combination of chemicals as cannbinoids seem to have a powerful effect with the addition of psilocybin, not to write about what i have happen to me in my wet dreams.

I seem to have come to the conclusion that i enter a state of mindset that makes getting into trances a breeze and i think that essentially they make me enter a sort of state of walking gnosis, in layman's terms they allow me to be able to walk in a sort of state of meditation while having me not focus on meditating so that i can easily use the subconscious part of my brain, this is only from a couple of months of extended experimentation, imagine the capabilities of this over a couple of years! I never have heard of the combination of these two substances in magic before so i think this is something that none as of yet have wrote about in magic. (the combination of these two in the fields of magic)

Mind reading:
When i am having a face to face conversation with someone i know the way it usually will play out so in my head the conversation is already in the future or it is as if i can hear their thoughts inside of my head while listening with my ears in the present, this is most easily achieved through a relaxed conversation where there is no other distraction such as when there is no other source of noise.

Slowing of time:
under relaxing conditions and through prolonged happiness everything seems to move slower in a way that makes seconds feel like hours, it seems that it can be prolonged as long as there is focus on the feeling of being 'happy', when anything takes my attention away from this everything all of a sudden returns back to normal speed.

Stopping of time:
When entering a state of meditation under the effects of these i have been able to have things fade from normal time into a weird sort of altered existence where everything is frozen in place, kind of like my brain leaves the room for a minute and keeps everything on pause.

This is the only one that i have not been able to repeat after the first time and is likewise the hardest one to achieve, so i don't know a lot about it so it still remains a mystery.
The one time this happened was not long ago, a mere week ago from today, i was in danger and i really wanted to get out of dodge, (i can't say what made me be put in a state of danger) all i can say is i entered a state of fight or flight that saved me, i was wearing a lot of silver at the time so that may have changed whether or not it was going to work. It was the most surreal feeling that i have ever had happen to me.
it felt like all time was stopped and couldn't hear anything nor could i feel any par of my whole body so i sort of floated away like a balloon full of air, i could still see out of my eyes but couldn't move them away from what i was originally looking at, kind of like my eyes were floating backwards, when this feeling stopped i was moved about 100 feet away from where i was standing, out of danger, so i could easily escape from the predicament i was in.
it was the law i wanted to get away from, so they must have thought they saw a ghost
132858 132859
Can /vx/ teach a newfriend about divination?

Also, posting some resources...
>https://www.firedocs.com/remoteviewing/answers/crvmanual/ (this is the Controlled Remote Viewing manual)
>https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=B1B2D99BDB19C84837BDE34B73B5A35A (Mastering Astral Projection by Robert Bruce. Also, read New Energy Ways)
>https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=60F661530BB7154573A2DF5EC8F0A716 (The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot)
>https://archive.is/lQE5j Meditation thread..
Take this with a grain of salt, because I'm an unreliable source.
Divination has the same properties as all magic. The op is completely correct, for magic and that includes divination. >>98688
The other part is communicating or doing magic with other beings.
The possibilities are endless in exactly how you go about doing this.
Importantly it's knowing what questions to ask (where one ought to be paying attention to [normally everywhere], and how to interpret the feedback.

For topics on the future it's a slide between balls to the wall crazy changing, and easily predictable state. Knowing the feel of how far the future is on that scale for what you want to know and how you want to apply it is something else.

For mental communications spirit work, and dream/astral mastery helps. I would recommend BearHeart's videos from G.O.O.D.S. Also chack out kajit's thread previously.

For projection and physical information gathering Stargate the ex-secret program for the US (An interesting resource but not practically applicable), astral mastery, to figure out the line between dreams/imagination and reality, and having the right questions be asked.

The personal or impersonal meanings and symbology is needed for interpretation via tools. Extracting knowldge straight from nothing is also possible.
With many many things it's about practice (or cheesing it with practice substitute which is more practice but with extra steps).

In anycase something in this thread will help. Even if the answer doesn't seem obvious at first.
Alright i'm gonna talk about tarot card divination as that is what i am most familiar with.
With tarot cards you sort of have to let them tell you what is going to happen in a weird way, you have to sort of learn what they are saying as it is mainly a language that is expressed through symbols, kind of like ayahuasca rituals where some tribal's in a jungle are able to give fellow tribesmen images in their head through different tones of voice and syllables and understand what they mean
so you have to practice getting to be able to understand their language as usually it can be really small things like they will tell you something that is going on in your family or something really specific you did in the past but then they will tell you something significant that will happen in the future that will utterly blow your mind, the tower card is the most notorious for bringing about life changing experiences.
The best time i have found to do them is at the dark phase of the moon at night, as this is what i have found is the best time to get the most accurate readings for the next 3 phases of the moon, the horseshoe spread is my personal favorite as it seems to be the easiest to interpret and also the most specific to what will happen or has happened in the past, present and future.
If you practice long enough with them you can sort of weirdly understand the way that things will happen, have you ever felt like each month feels different? I think it has to do with the zodiac signs of the moon, so each month is completely different every time, it is very rare that the same thing will happen at a completely different zodiac sign, you will find that most repetitions usually happen around the same or similar zodiac signs, if you pay attention to your surroundings that is.
You can light incense and wear silver if you do not want foreign forces disrupting your future or your surroundings, incense sort of carries your energy throughout the room in a different sort of way depending on your mindset, what ingredients are inside the incense and how you are feeling, it is good to try and have a clear mind before doing any form of divination as it is hard to focus on a book when there are fireworks going off around you, you should banish before doing them as well so that you don't get false readings.
It's really interesting when you get deep into it.
3050 132898 132901 132980
The High Priestess.jpg
I have done tarot cards as it is the new moon and i got the upside down "The High Priestess" on my 3rd card (which represents the future) and the impression i got from it is that Jews are going to give their full frontal force both in magic and in all the other things they control, watch out frens i'm telling you that you have been warned.
The high priestess card is holding the Torah in case you didn't know, i felt like typing this up as it gave me a very powerful feeling that this is what it means.
I was wearing a allgemeine SS cap while doing it and the allgemeine SS was founded in September.
132898 132899
aryanne worried.png
>that was my 13th post in the thread
>tfw chills
Much appreciated.
When they do full frontal vectors, move around and flow to crash into their now exposed weak points.
Caution will be heeded.
always buckle up.jpg
Please be careful.

I JUST finally got around to watching some of this guys videos and guess what i motherfucking saw?
A fucking free mason symbol.
This is fucking BIG anons.
>Jews are going to give their full frontal force both in magic and in all the other things they control
It sounds to me like now is the perfect time to lay traps, and to flank them.
To prepare the best defense is to never be hit. Offense from nowhere is heavily disorienting.
Ensure you, your family, and your friends are well hidden and secure. Protection and retaliation.
Go for their cognition and memories, seven the connections they have cripple them so you take your self and all associations away from them.
Aye. This is no joke.
No if those symbols are screaming at you this is far from a joke.
Have some good poners for may they bring you smiles and help watch.
>No if those symbols are screaming at you this is far from a joke.
As soon as i realized what it meant i heard my next door neighbor wake up and take a piss so i think it is real.
This may sound weird but it did happen and they haven't done that in a long time.
Patterns out of the usual in sequence usually is a direct message. I wouldn't be one to ignore it.
filly shrug actual anon.png
That is why i am NOT ignoring it, i wouldn't have posted if it didn't mean anything significant to me.
Throughout all of yesterday i kept getting the number 9 everywhere at random and that card was the 9th card that i pulled.
I also got 999 (English number for police) in a row as well so maybe something to do with the police because they are FREE fucking MASONS.
It's all coming together, big if true.
132913 132922
And as soon as i saw:
>>>/mlpol/271304 →
That symbol it reminded me of the police that use the symbol.
>tfw the anon says in the post
>freemason activity
I think i have figured it out.
Fucking numbers.png
I guess the world is telling me i'm right.
132914 132918
Lodge 189
Some members are police
Police number and the nines that keep showing up 999
Skip to 7:52 does this sound a bit free masonic to you?
>imagine a bunch of free mason members giving a speech from fallout fucking 3
132920 132923
what the fuck.png
>top comment is a pony fag talking about eating babies
>out of everything he could have used as his avatar he uses derpy
my sides are currently in orbit
Not too far fetched but maybe that specific lodge is eating babies in a ritual?
I guess i'm right.png
>my ID is 69
I just clicked on this video for some reason and the great magical gods have blessed me with keks
I don't usually watch Charlie's videos but something forced my hand.
I wouldn't put it past them. Cooking, and babies.
Watched an ad they made, Basically, but with generic passive platitudes. Much less firey, more... glacial.

Speaking of the number nine here's some stuff. Also it's now August 19th.
The nineth episodes per season
Bridle Gossip
Sweet and Elite
Spike at Your Service
Pinkie Apple Pie
Slice of Life
The Saddle Row Review
Honest Apple
Non-Compete Clause
Sweet and Smoky

Episodes counting up from nine.
Bridle Gossip
"The Show Stoppers"
"The Return of Harmony" (Part 1)
"Secret of My Excess"
"Putting Your Hoof Down"
"The Crystal Empire" (Part 2)
"Just for Sidekicks"
"It Ain't Easy Being Breezies"
"Twilight's Kingdom" (Part 1)
"The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" (99th episode)
"Brotherhooves Social"
The Cutie Re-Mark" (Part 2)
"The Saddle Row Review" (Apears in both lists)
"Buckball Season"
"Celestial Advice"
"A Royal Problem"
"It Isn't the Mane Thing About You"
"School Daze" (Part 2)
"Molt Down"
"The Washouts"
"The Beginning of the End" (Part 2)
"Student Counsel"
"A Horse Shoe-In"

If there's a nine on the wiki
"The Ticket Master" (October 29)
"Boast Busters" (November 19)
"Bridle Gossip" (Ninth episode)
"A Dog and Pony Show" (19th)
"Party of One" (April 29th)
"Lesson Zero" (total 29th)
"May the Best Pet Win!" (November 19th)
"Sweet and Elite" (ninth episode)
Uncomplete, but have to sleep at some point.
when will this stop.png
I clicked on this one too.
I have been wearing my Epona necklace since i did the tarot cards.
>Spike at Your Service
You may not have seen it but when i tried linking this post
>>>/mlpol/271304 →
For some reason it went to someone with a image of spike so i deleted my post, mods can confirm if they are still awake
This is getting DEEP.
wizard posting.gif
>tfw the guy has
>and the guy that owns the channel has
>tfw my previous post was the
>29th post in this thread
>tfw previous post had dubs
Well, I'd suggest applying the camo analogue of magic. Very handy to do when not wanting to get into a conflict.
>I have been wearing my Epona necklace since i did the tarot cards.
I like to stack the deck in my favor. It might be overkill, but that's how I like to do it.
>Well, I'd suggest applying the camo analogue of magic.
>Very handy to do when not wanting to get into a conflict.
Alright then, do you think i should stop taking screenshots?
>I like to stack the deck in my favor.
What? Do you want me to do the cards again?
>It might be overkill, but that's how I like to do it.
Okay i'll do them.
Okay i got upside down strength upside down V of cups and upside down III of wands
>Alright then, do you think i should stop taking screenshots?
Nah, it's just doing multiple kinds of protection in addition to an egotistical self belief of being untouchable.
Gut is telling me something is up. Good information.
Best not to push the tarot cards too much. I really should be more clear. I ment stacking protections upon protections and hiding them so getting around or removing them is nigh impossible.
>Nah, it's just doing multiple kinds of protection in addition to an egotistical self belief of being untouchable.
That's the whole point of wearing silver, is to be untouchable.
>Gut is telling me something is up.
Something's going down or IS gonna go down as the The High Priestess was implying that it is in the future.
>Best not to push the tarot cards too much.
Yeah i only really do them on a new moon.
>I meant stacking protections upon protections and hiding them so getting around or removing them is nigh impossible.
Are you telling me to make a knight armor made of steel?
I'll try protect myself.
Maybe something is going to happen today...
Check this out.
An orthodox priest explains that human remains are always used to attract the Holy Spirit in all churches.
The subject goes well until around the 20 minutes mark, after that, the video is derailed in political unfunded speculation and not proven conspiracy.
> recording of OTO initiation ritual......


> telepathy/PSI (is it real?)


> basic red pills for newfrens
Uncle Bear Heart on spiritual warfare with them to save children and bring about the evils' collapse.
I haven't watched it yet, but the channel was deleted.
Here's a mirror: https://www.bitchute.com/video/iiezRqvfXFYy/

This thread is dear to my heart.
File (hide): 7A01918DCFAC702EA519E0EF56D14647-21475902.mp4 (20.5 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:08:39, Luciferian Doctrine explained by Hans Wilhelm.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Luciferian Doctrine explained by Hans Wilhelm.mp4
>Luciferian Doctrine explained by Hans Wilhelm.
It cleared many of my doubts.
As an operant luciferian, I endorse this video. It is the most basic of rundowns, but the message is authentic and on point
134567 134655
California Burns. My 2017 prediction now REAL in 2020.
Uncle Bear Heart get's a vist from spooks, reads his own documents, and still accurately predicts the future.
Cali is burning, to turn it to a rogue criminal state. Shits fucked there. After the election when President Trump wins (((they))) are going for a military inserection.
Prepare for shit to hit the fan
It's Happening!
Huge find. Thanks.
134776 134806 134807
Vril or Vital Magnetism - (by William Walker Atkinson) (1911) (edited text).pdf
Vril or Vital Magnetism - (by William Walker Atkinson) (1911) (scanned version).pdf
I found the following related book. My senses tell me better to post it here than in the book thread.

>Vril or Vital Magnetism - Being Volume Six of the Arcane Teaching - Secret Doctrine of Ancient Atlantis, Egypt, Chaldea and Greece - (by William Walker Atkinson) (1911)
Two book versions are posted, scanned and edited text.
Audiobook: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ff7LtBL8uYOt/
Vril review.
Nice find.
In essence it enables the ability to be well and healthy through techniques. Also to regain strength, and prevent its waste.
For occult purposes this is an addition to, and should work well as an important auxiliary foundation.
I think for everyone it's practically useful in all manner of situations even disregarding the occult part of it, and just as an instruction and general guideline to get more of the health better.
Well done.
That's a good review.
Vril Extraction:A hasty shoddy explanation the list.
1. Savor the food and drink till no flavor remains.
2. Properly absorb the water through stimulation. (Can capture vril from the air by passing the water between two cups ect.)
3. Fully breath, using all parts of the lungs. (Buddhist breathing, chest breathing, and collar bone breathing.)
4. Direct the mind toward collecting and absorbing vril. (Can also will the vril to be absorbed, and some automatic processes will pick up the task.)
To set a task for your unconscious.
Here's a useful nightime/bedtime/naptime affirmation or task.
For your unconscious mind.
It starts for the technique at around 3 minutes

The TLDR, the tone is kindly and stern (alough that depends on you and who you are and who your unconscious is) give thanks for all that it has done throughout the day. Put forth your desire. Explain why it's important to you. Emotions and contexts can help. Then when it is time to sleep have the fuzzy idea as you drift to sleep.

I have done this to a lesser extent before watching the video by asking to awake at a certain time. Or to be awake by a certain time. What you mean is very important.
I think it is also possible for the soul, or subconscious.
Talismans are similar to amulets in the sense that they are supposed to give a specific benefit to the person who possesses the talisman.
A talisman can be made with pretty much anything like a stone, a container or jewelry but it is better to use something which has a meaning to you.
To make a talisman is to give certain states of mind into it or to trap a spirit inside of it, you can use all emotions but anger is the most volatile since it can create a aura of hate which can lead to bad consequences, each emotion is concentrated into whatever you are trying to make a talisman out of so you must decide what you want before making one, pretty much don't make a talisman unless you know what you want from it.
They produce what is like a magnetic field which brings in certain emotions or spirits depending on what you charged it with so this can be dangerous if you make a talisman of a hateful deity or of a negative emotion so be careful and think of what you really want from your talisman, if you find that you don't know then look at what emotion you are lacking then make it out of that emotion.

If you have finally chose that you want to make one the requirements for it is that you shouldn't do this unless you have some form of occult knowledge beforehand, it requires a decent amount of time since they become stronger depending on how much time you put into them. You must meditate on them to produce a desired effect or you can just cum on it, if you want a talisman of lust.
If you are using a container you should add ingredients which have a emotion or some form of symbolism attached to them, flowers are good for this since they each have a emotion associated with them which increases the desired emotion you want from it or if you are making a talisman out of jewelry then it is best to rub a oil of the flower or an extract on it, if you are making a talisman which is associated with a deity then it is better to use certain forms of symbolism which represent them, a talisman of Epona would have something associated with horses or you can engrave the name of that deity onto the talisman if you wish, a talisman of a star like for example Mercury would have it's symbol.

Basically the more symbolism a talisman has the better the result.
Once more into the breach.
135685 135690
File (hide): 52F1119015E20B5EAD9C481F3C71E8FF-24331413.m4v (23.2 MB, Resolution:480x360 Length:00:08:51, 10 - Dark Astral Entities Faustian Pact.mp4) [play once] [loop]
10 - Dark Astral Entities Faustian Pact.mp4
Bear Heart's video.
Three important take aways.
2.) YOU can reject contracts.
3.)You command <unnamed being/entity from the video>

Now before we go further, I have not yet had contact with this being yet (unless I don't remember in which case I may have). Messing around with this unprepared wouldn't be great. Risk of retaliation, and various other factors. This is a century long cult here. The rewards could be huge.
This is an ancient entity. They have the experience and knowledget of a lot of stuff.
I think I may have posted this before, but all of (((them))) use this being.
I postulate that like any other entity a magician can override a previously set task by another Creator-Soul. So to the servant of matter any of (((their))) activities can be disrupted by rejecting and maybe even reverting (((their))) progress. Not only that, but by utilizing this being as the created servant a good world can be achieved.
Basically, inserting a line break. Stop the program. Delete the bits unfavorable. Continue with new program. Install Anti-Virus and Passwords.
Repeat every (year, month, week, day, hour, they will try to do the same to you once they catch on.)
They lose an important asset.
Felt important enough to get it out, that the possibilities are there. This isn't just a crapshoot, but the world is accessible for its bounty. Instead of making (((their))) hellhole, we remove that and instead make a good place to live and thrive.
Let me repeat for anyone antsy to go off half cocked. Be prepared to the best of your abilities, and at least on par with great magicians.
I'm serious have the experience with other beings, and understand exactly what you're getting into.
This willl poke the spiders nest, and make them go into a real big tisy.
135687 135688 135690
Before you go any further I would like to bring forward a counter point. It is not about technical methods but the context where are you poking into. It is very long and fast, but it is super rich in information.
And the old axiom stands: - Those who study the darkness are studied by it.

>PACKED FULL of historical facts. This is for Christians and non-Christians, alike; and both will be offended. Very long, but only because she has a TON of information to cover. "Brothermen" have infiltrated most top levels of society, including churches, corrupting them. She even exposes the root of the "Q" movement.
>Guise! Guise! All u have to do to avoid negative presences and entities is close ur eyes! If you dont look at then you become invisible to them! So totally dont look at then and you'll be 100% safe. They can only look at you if you look first, it says so in the bible
Well that's the whole jist basically of the them. At least where it concerns us on earthly matters.
It's a fair rundown. More or less.
Is like to think this "Those who study the darkness are studied by it."
The abyss gazes into you.
Do not fret, be aware, and keep the search and accumulation of wisdom going. Why does the darkness study us in turn.
No, the darkness is always watching and observing. Those that observe it are of more interest than those unaware. The act of not looking into there is a form of banishment.
Maybe not the best form of banishing, but it is certainly simple and can compound to an extent.
Nigger please. The implication that 'If u dont look at them, they wont see or look at you' is abject horseshit and meant to assert an authority that is unvalidated and undeserved. Of course they're watching, and the more one deludes themselves by pretending "If I cant see you, you cant see me, nah nah naaah", the more they open themselves up to such forces. Yes, developing one's metaphysical authority will get one attention, of course it does; it's something humans by and large havent been doing for millennia, and its that very neglect that makes humans susceptible to such entities in the first place.
It never ceases to amaze me how one can expose people to (((tricks))) in economics, politics, social engineering, et al and they can immediately comprehend. But mention to them religion and their previous incredulity vanishes. Like, it's literally a 1 to 1 comparison between what jews have done to society on ever so many levels, and what (((Abrahamic))) traditions have done to the metaphysical landscape, but the willingness to critically analyze the one somehow doesnt equate to the willingness to critically analyze the other.
I don't disagree with any of those points.
Alls I'm saying is that the collective normal consensus to deny magic is a form of banishment. It's not great, or effective, but tons of people with that spark does exert some effect.
>the more they open themselves up to such forces
That's also true.
>Yes, developing one's metaphysical authority will get one attention, of course it does; it's something humans by and large havent been doing for millennia, and its that very neglect that makes humans susceptible to such entities in the first place.
>the willingness to critically analyze the one somehow doesnt equate to the willingness to critically analyze the other.
It's Playo's cave allegory to bring about the truth to everyone even the most fervent of deniers would necessitate the entire mountain overhead to be removed. Even then that's not necessarily enough either.
Practical examples and demonstrations and lessons to restore the emaciated metaphysical knowledge.
>t never ceases to amaze me how one can expose people to (((tricks))) in economics, politics, social engineering, et al and they can immediately comprehend.
A clear cut and dry cause and effect relationship over years and multiple accounts make it hard rather than also attempting to prove metaphysics is real, and has an effect, and is important, and how it's been fucked over, and all the information they've been fed about that topic could be a lie, and it'll take time and effort to get into metaphysical shape.
Or they could say fuck it and brush it off. It's easier, and faster.
Since I didn't say this in my other post. Thank you for posting.
Also to reiterate, that's the whole point of
Is to deny a useful asset to elite pedo cunts.
As a very useful asset they don't like that, not one bit. So all the bs they currently have across their branches will be aligned against you. I mean they already do that, but they'll put more effort to get their asset under their heel so to speak.
To hamper them at every turn so (((they))) backslide and good people can reclaim more and more of an upper hand.
This isn't the only means or method to do so, just one I thought that may have a great deal of influence.
>collective consensus
I get what you mean, but for sake of precision I would liken it to women wearing burkhas to avoid getting stoned to death in Islam. The irony being, it's that same submissiveness that makes one otherwise susceptible, carrying the metaphor forward.
Exactly. Nice metaphor.

Some of them unknowingly also have guns hidden that fire at attackers only sometimes and very rarely. Even hitting bystanders. Nobody is the wiser for it. They would continue to wear the burkha because the random few who were 'saved' is proof. If anything happens to anyone else that's just all part of the plan so it's all a-okay no need to worry about them. So they would just go along with whatever because that's what 'works'.
Agreed, though theres more at play as you describe. It's been a while so I'll have to paraphrase, but Richard Dawkins - in one of his videos, no idea which - emphasized behavioral findings that relate to both the practice of metaphysics and your example. In the study, they subjected a pidgeon to a cause and effect situation; push the button, get seed from a dispenser. It took the pidgeon little time to figure that bit out.
Then, they cut the circuit to the button, and placed the food dispenser on a random timer.
The bird, as one would expect, hammered incessantly on the button, to no avail, and then began experimenting with variations of pushing the button. As the bird was looking at the dispenser, and hammering the button, the timer clicked, and the bird was given food. The bird then spent an inordinate amount of time repeating the act, because it has 'successfully surmised' that looking in a particular direction while bouncing on the button continually was the correct act to cause a change in the birds reality, when all it really took was to wait a sec.
October post, I didn't see it until now.
Uncle Bearheart.
Copied description in full.
#trumpwizards #saveourchildren PSALM 151 in description below!
EVERYDAY in October. Defeat this current of absolute sickness and moral filth!
1. Psalm 151 (call to battle).
2. Psalm 78 (increase psychic ability).
3. Psalm 49 verses 1-4 (expanding psychic power).
4. Psalm 83 (confound and dismantle evil).
5. Psalm 109 (suppression of evil).
6. Psalm 116 verses 1-9 (recovery from deadly illness).

I was the smallest of my brothers,
the youngest of my father’s sons.
He made me shepherd of his flock,
ruler over their young.

My hands made a flute,
my fingers a lyre.
Let me give glory to the Lord,
I thought to myself.

The mountains
cannot witness to God;
the hills cannot proclaim him.
But the trees have cherished
my words, the flocks my deeds.

Who can proclaim,
who can announce,
who can declare the Lord’s deeds?
God has seen everything;
God has heard everything;
God has listened.

God sent his prophet to anoint me;
Samuel to make me great.
My brothers went out to meet him,
handsome in form and appearance:

Their stature tall,
their hair beautiful,
but the Lord God
did not choose them.

Instead, he sent and took me
from following the flock.
God anointed me with holy oil;
God made me a leader for his people,
ruler over the children of his covenant.

I went out to attack the Philistine,
who cursed me by his idols.
But after I uncovered his own sword,
I cut off his head.
So I removed the shame from the Israelites
136085 136087 136089
I found the following video, it's long and really hard to follow, at least for me. I'm not sure how to describe it or catalog it, also if to dismiss it or re-watch it over and over again until I get it.
If some poner would like to take a look, I would advise to just a quick watch from around 45m to 52m to get an idea about what it is about and not go through the whole thing which is really hard to follow.
>The Golden Web (Part 1) (Give this at least 20min 45secs)
So if you havent already, I'd suggest Bear Heart. But the basic jist is this.
I was busy having a dream about reading a book about the occult, meditation, and something else.
According to magic (coincidences, plans, drops into the astral) the narrator is going to tell a story using words, their meanings across time and multiple languages, the histories, modern media, and other stuff as a backdrop for the story.
I'd suggest not getting too caught into the trees.

The why this seems to work is two things. The astral and the entities that have a very broad look across the board have the perspective to see and implant these sorts of messages across long distances of time and space.
Those broad entities are also disconnected from reality and don't get what it means 'on the ground' so to speak. So they work together with more entities that are smaller in scope. So on and so forth.

As above, so below, so within, so without. You have this as well. A portion of the mind (and soul) that can see so far yet focusing on a single point can be very difficult (the creative brain). The hyper singulated, mission based, focused brain which is being encouraged by societies.

The word play is the means of communication, technically just happenstance magic at work. These entities like (enjoy), most importantly have to be, to be exact. Else nothing they brush with broad strokes would make any sense.
Okay so the video.
Watched a bit of the first 5 ish minutes. Then 40 to 50 mark.
Basically the grand plan (the context is probably a bit before the 40 minute point) this dude found meaning and put it togther. The freemasons have fuck tons of roots. The planet is part of a plan aka that means you. Sex (sey-x, sey-ten, what a stretch) in anycase gives energy to the dead left hand path sun.
So the left hand path black 'sun' sucks in energy instead of normal right hand path 'sun' that gives energy to all (which raises everything up) left hand 'sun' concentrates it to a single point.
(Which supprise supprise is what the global secret societies want to do. Also who/what they aspire toward.)
<interstingly an idea crossed my mind about right hand and left hand being the macro versons of the unfocused and focused.>
(Left hand is about taking energy. Right hand is about producing energy. You are the creator, and everything incarnate you are both (also everything))
I'll post more in a bit. The video is occult knowledge at times given a form through written words. It's not necessarily wrong, and the broad jist is right so far to an extent.
Forgot to mention it but also the story so far is about 'prision' planet Earth. For people to be farmed. Across all spans of life.
There is another side to the tale, but the bad news is that dickwads have the earth for a while. This video is about so far the tale of the harvest and its connections.
(Also keep in mind the moon has connections to the astral.)
I've reached the horse part. A horse is a horse of course of course.
For that along have this poner, also for bringing something interesting.
This is going be one hell of a fun ride
Okay. So, to put it plainly.
Thingies are using people for their energy. (Money) (Also if you break it another electricity pun about law and order will fuck you up to be 'recharged' so you go and make money again or people)
The money is to be used to raise (revive) the dragon of Aries to wipe shit clean and do it all over again.
Which all has connections to the astral (moon). From those connections <because the astral is a sea that leads to many different places> the energy is sent else where
To be a fisher of man is to pull from the astral sea. Where they are put into the blood sea of the womb.
Anyway, stuff wants to consume people, and our byproducts, our organs, and spawn.

The money/energy is sent to the Vatican (or various religious head) then to Israel (cause they're the dead sun, also it's always the fucking jews). Some of it is sent to the secret societies to keep maintaining the cycle and keep everything on course.
Marriage, and fucking, and making a baby (with a certificate too) turns it into liquid money. Since they took the liquid money, the newborn is now a debt slave. (This is a lie they tell everyone to get people to go forth and produce the slave labor.)
When people die they are sent to recharge to go do the work again one reborn.

A few interesting points, but it's what all 'crazyies' have been saying since... well a long time. We just have more pieces to put it together into a story. As in, it's been told so many times in so many different ways that it's a bit more than coincidence.
Earth is being used as a ranch and farm (You) are their product, and means of making stuff. (((Beings))) have been subverting the rightful owners (aka You). (((They're))) assholes that just shit everything up.
The video is another retelling of the same story, with different supporting evidence.
Changing yourself (and perspective) does change reality.
Neat, here's part 2 if you want.
To all you sceptics out there, please watch this video => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzHUTdiqKgQ&t=1m50s
I heard there is a book about this guy, called The Magus of Java

I am confident that what is done in that video is possible. (also, interesting YT channel)
AFAIK, what is done in these videos can be achieved if you do enough energy work, but I have no idea how to manipulate your energy/chi or the energy/chi of others. I am pretty sure that ESP and telekinesis are also possible.
A lot of the things the guy does with people is the manipulation of certain nerves and muscles, he gets their body to react in certain ways as there is a lot of reactive joints/nerves that move in a certain way when a certain amount of a specific force is applied onto them, the fire thing he did with his hands requires very intensive forms of training and a lot of breathing work basically he put all his energy into his hands which requires his hands to be warm beforehand, i have done a couple of rubbing techniques with a couple of horses and they seem to like the base of their necks being rubbed with a lot of energy, you get a lot of expression from them by doing this so maybe their nerves there are easily manipulated, i don't know for sure but they seem to be more easily put into trances under specific rubbing motions, you can influence their thoughts while doing this so you can get them to follow you as they like the energy of it, their necks become very hot depending on how much force you are putting into your hands so i know it is possible to produce a large amount of heat through your hands but it requires lots of practice.
I can easily get into a trance state of mind around them and it's as if i have no thoughts going through my head and instead i only act on what are doing, it's a very nice state of pure tranquility where you feel as if you are truly able to understand them as you adopt their brain patterns into yours, horses really like having this connective feeling and so will follow you like a dog wanting more of this style of massage, if you rub certain parts of a horse's body fast in a repetitive motion they will like you very much for being able to do this to them, the neck and the base of the tail are both very pleasing to them if you put a great deal of energy into massaging them, if you break your breathing it won't work right so fast and heavy breathing through the nose while using your nails and palm is best for rubbing a horse.
You may do whatever with this information but don't push all of yourself into them as that creates an unbalance which will break the trance so you have to go backwards and forwards while moving your hands and controlling your breathing, then you will see just how much they like this sort of rubbing motion.
Amazing resources. They are found on his channel about page.
Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols.pdf
>Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols
It details many different things, from symbols to mythology and then tarot to trees.
There's a lot of explanations of symbols and even plants.
I believe the following is an important piece in the puzzle.
It might be not one God, but many.
>Jordan Maxwell - Creating Man in "Our" Image
136590 136598 136976
I just found something interesting (especially towards the end!)

> Revelations of an Elite family Insider
> [...]
> A person by the moniker of Insider claimed he was from a ruling bloodline and gave the people a
> chance to ask everything they wanted and Insider would answer. At first it looks like another internet
> hoax, some lightweight questions were followed by lightweight answers, but then things started changing drastically.
> [...]
https://archive.org/stream/TheRevelationsOfAnEliteFamilyInsider2005/TheRevelationsOfAnEliteFamilyInsider2005_djvu.txt (you can download a pdf file if you click on "See other formats")

So, is alchemy the reason why the Swastika (generative force, symbolizes the Sun) and Black Sun (destructive force, the opposite of the Sun) were chosen as symbols by the NSDAP? It's kinda fitting that the Swastika "balances" the Black Sun, isn't it?
Bear Heart's version of LBRP
Also reposting this:
The G.O.O.D.S LBRP - Begin this ASAP

This is a much more effective template to over lay on the [lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram] from the Golden Dawn and other Illuminati corrupted sources free from the Hebrew God-names which are actually hidden titles for Moloech, Mammon, Azoth and other (((Qillopthian))) deity level entities.

G.O.O.D.S Equilibrating Cross
Instead of Ah-Tah… vibrate Uranus
Instead of Malkuth… vibrate [Terra]
Instead of V’Giburah… vibrate Mars
Instead of V’GiDoorah… vibrate Jupiter
Instead of Lah oh’lahm amen… vibrate Sol

Formulation of the Pentagrams
In each of the cardinal directs trace that banishing earth pentagram assume the “goddess” posture or “star pose” and vibrate the name Venus and feel love for the great mother and holder of the most sacred symbol of our race (the pentagram), the five pointed rose of humanity. Then thrust both hands forward so the finger tips touch making a triangle while you step forward with you left foot. This is the “God posture” or spear tip. Vibrate the name Mars, the father of our race and thorn of the rose of humanity, the lover and protector of Venus. Feel his anger at all those who would harm her or his children and charge the pentagram with that energy. This is Venus/Mars/Cupid union.

The calling of Guardians
Instead of before me Raphael… say “Before me cheerful and sweet”, then vibrate Erreus.
Instead of behind me Gabirel… say “Behind me bold and wise”, then vibrate Zepheryus
Instead of on my right hand Michael… say “To my right kind and brave”, then vibrate Notus
Instead of on my left hand Uriel… say “To my left ancient and strong”, vibrate Boreous
Instead of assuming the “star pose” and saying “The pentagram around me”, assume the “star” posture and say “I am with the embrace of my mother of my mother Venus, keeper of the sacred pentagram and tender to the cradle of our race”. Instead of seeing the star of david inside your heart center and saying “within my shine the 6 rayed star”, see the 6 pointed star of sol over both your heart center and solar plexus and say “Within me shines the radiance of Sol, for I am the center of my own universe, a reflection of the most sacred and most high”.

The LBRP of the Golden Dawn is based on Qilopthian foundations, calling of evil gods and their minions assuming “angelic forms”. Because you are calling the Qillopthian deities first you then are invoking the “angels in disguise” and you don’t know it. You are charging the pentagrams in tiles for Moloech and allowing him to decide which entities can come through.
Stop the Golden Dawn LBRP immediately!

-Bear Heart
>Original text: https://goodsbackup.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-goods-lbrp-begin-this-asap.html

>Relevant videos:
For more info:
Thanks it's especially important in these times.
>So, is alchemy the reason why the Swastika (generative force, symbolizes the Sun) and Black Sun (destructive force, the opposite of the Sun) were chosen as symbols by the NSDAP? It's kinda fitting that the Swastika "balances" the Black Sun, isn't it?
There is a couple of reasons, the swastika has many meanings other then just symbolizing the sun but the black sun symbolizes the sun better then the swastika, the black sun is the death that is necessary for the swastika to prevail, death must occur in order for the Aryan to live and the sun is always spinning at all times of the year so that the outside force is able to give our world power as the sun gives energy, the moon is the opposite of the sun as it gives water instead of fire, the sun heats the world so that the moon can cool it, the moon and sun are both givers and killers, destruction must exist for creation to happen and without death the world would never work properly.
There is also numerology involved in this as well because the swastika has 4 outgoing points like the arms and legs and the black sun has 4 swastikas inside it, we are smaller versions of the sun able to bestow life and take it.
Another blogpost was created. To combat the dark winter agenda.
Cherry Punch.png
This is veering away from the normal mortals.
I hope you stay with us for long. Stay safe.
>I hope you stay with us for long. Stay safe.
Thanks friend, I will. For both.
While ceremonial magic is not my forte or even a field I'm good at. I help in my own ways.
Mostly by not fucking around with that. I'm sure I could handle myself if I fucked it all up, but I would rather a positive relationship without botching up a ritual.
Even though some choices I've done are... poorly thought out and the consequences could have been dreadful so far everything is going well.
Especially the large scale stuff, and internal work.
>> Revelations of an Elite family Insider
Very interesting. I'm thinking that the person/mechanism is another pawn. A 'higher' up pawn, but a pawn nonetheless.
>hoaxed reptilians, and aliens
>(((they're))) your people not mine
>apathetic super super shadow rulers
>we gave you the technology and ideas reeeeee
>we gave you the tools to forge yourself
>the karmic law of the universe
<is cause and effect
>Divine Law
Interesting points as the insider said, trusting their people is risky because it gets distorted. I think it's the same with him.
Some of the things he said feel almost true, but...
A deeper exploration is needed.