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ONE D&D: First 5.5e/6e Unearthed Arcana Playtests Announced
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Big news for 5e players


>New iteration in 2024 will be called ONE D&D and you can playtest it now
>Dungeon Master’s Guide revamp aimed at new DMs
>physical/digital bundles
>3D virtual tabletop, customizable minis
>five additional 2023 book titles announced

The Character Origins PDF is here, in case it doesn't embed into the OP right:

Any thoughts on the material so far?
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>One DnD
At least one person got paid to think that that was a good name
Ah, blanket furry furry race for convenience
>Mixing any race
It was inevitable, and Im the last who should/will criticize
It seems like a mix of 3.5 and 5.0, especially with all the starting bonuses; I wonder how the rules will apply to monsters in comparison, or even towns people. I'm getting the feeling it's breakable, and I mean Punpun status
Oh shit, what they're doing with DnD beyond is fucking brilliant. What the asian chick said is bullshit, and its her bad for not seeing herself as the hero, self-insert or no. I see what theyre doing with the anyrace thing, and while it makes sense in a way, I still think it's a bad idea that will more readiky allow lgbtbbq agenda people to infiltrate the emerging dnd fandom
>like a mix of 3.5 and 5.0, all the starting bonuses
I see a strong resemblance to PF2e, considering the backgrounds that have features equivalent to Skill feats. Also with the spell lists in replacement for class spells.
An improvement, imo. The lvl 1 feats look good and not-broken, and getting ASIs from backgrounds instead of race has been something they've been meaning to implement for a while now. All of the backgrounds being published in their latest books have feats too, and it looks like they're just going to codify certain feats being accessible at lvl 1.
> I wonder how the rules will apply to monsters in comparison, or even towns people.
5e doesn't have PCs and monsters use the same rules, and I doubt they'd start now considering they just decided that only PCs can crit now. NPCs and monsters don't use backgrounds either.
They said that everything in this update would be backwards-compatible for 5e, so I think monsters and NPCs will stay untouched.
>Punpun status
Umm, how? I don't see any infinite loops of power increase, but I haven't gone over it in detail.
They did ask in particular if anything in the game destabilized power level during playtest though, so they might nerf things if people complain.
>At least one person got paid to think that that was a good name
Yeah, it's like Xbox One.
>Mixing any race
I noticed that half-orc wasn't reprinted; only Orcs. I guess half-orcs would have to be made that way.
Make a little sense, within moderation. In AD&D 2e, Orcs could hybridize with any creatures, except for elves. They even made statblocks for orc-goblins, orc-ogres, orc-kobolds, etc before half-orc was once again listed as a core race in 3e.
Also, bring back the old orc illustrations. I like them better.
I like how they're finally giving mechanical means to gain inspiration, and not purely DM favoritism. It's a great feature for Humans, and they're getting them in addition to their bonus lvl 1 feat.
All of the core races were due for a buff. It took them this long to give halflings stealth profficiency and to realize the the elf/dwarf weapon profficiencies were redundant with the class features of the characters who would actually use them. The Orc's Adrenaline Rush feature looks nice, and balanced.

The 1st level feats are all nice. They fixed magic initiate to make it flexible with slots, and it looks like Eldritch Blast is going to be a class feature instead of a spell. They've nerfed lucky so that it no longer stacks with Advantage but instead applies advantage, but also made it so that they gain Luck points equal to profficiency bonus.
Healer now includes the Battle Medic feature, which is a good use of hit dice and another similarity to a popular PF2e feature: Battle Medicine. Good for both casters and non-casters.
Alert is good, especially with the initiative swap: a lot of good strategic potential, turning it into a feat for the whole party.
The crafter feat seems really good, although i hope it'll be coupled with a coherent crafyting system.
Savage Attacker is buffed to finally be worth taking, as nobody considered it to be worth a lvl 4 ASI.
Skilled is now repeatable. That's nice.
Tavern Brawler now lets you reroll 1's on damage for unarmed strikes, which makes it a feat that's actually decent for monks.
The Musician feat looks nice. I hope it interacts with the Bard class in some way.
I noticed that none of the lvl 1 feats are half ASI, which makes sense. They didn't include reprints of Great Weapon Master or Sharp Shooter, which makes me hope that they'll kill those feats entirely in favor of using an inherent power-attack mechanic that scales with profficiency and isn't limited to heavy weapons and ranged weapons.
On the d20 section:
>DM always calls if a d20 test is necessary
This should be a default rule from the get-go.
>DCs no lower than 5 and no higher than 30
Which is right, because if the DC was higher than "near impoosible" he shouldn't have let you roll.
>Skills and ability checks crit succeed within limitations of the check now
Again, if the DC was higher than the max you could have rolled, the DM shouuldn't have let you roll. This means that crit skills are a thing, but also means that DMs should tell you when somthing isn't possible.
>rolling a 20 now means that you get inspiration
Another ay inspiration is being integrated into the game. Reminds me of a gunslinger' grit.
>Only weapons and unarmed stikes get crit damage
Sad day for spell-attackers
>Only the base weapon dice are multipled, not extra dice
Get fucked Hexadins. Crit-fishing was always cancer.
They might need to rewrite the assassin subclass though.
>Nat 1s always fail, regardless of modfiers
Something that people forget wasn't a rule for saving throws and ability checks in 5e until now. Not a big difference, tbh.
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>I'm getting the feeling it's breakable, and I mean Punpun status
Would you mind elaborating? I'm not seeing anything broken here.
They nerfed crit-fishing's damage, and nerfed it further by making the Lucky feat not stack with it.
The new sample backgrounds give feats in place of those often-forgotten social quirks, but a lot of the recent Strixhaven/Giant/Ravenloft/Planar background features have far more mechanical power, including some pretty potent feats.
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Just a feeling I got reading the pdf., but that was before watching the video. Im less concerned about break-ability now, and am looking at class balance as likely a bigger concern
5e at it stands is a game about spellcasters, especially Wizard.
I wonder what they're going to do with those Arcane/Divine/Primal lists. It works well in PF2e (which also has the Occult list), but idk how it would translate to 5e which was built on class-specific spells.
I hope they rebalance the base features of the classes. Especially the spontaneous casters (Ranger, Warlock, Sorcerer, Bard) as well as Monk.
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Yes, Monk is of great curiosity. Cuz reasons
All of the martials need a buff. 5e is far too skewed towards casters.

What do you think they'll do with the monk?

All I know is that since it has to be backwards compatible, so they won't touch any of the non-PHB subclasses.
It's possible that they might liquidate the "vanilla" subclasses, like Open Handed, and just make them base features of the main class. I think the new unarmed combat rules are evidence of that, because they're redundant with the Open Hand Technique feature.
I think they might do something similar with the Lore Bard, the Assassin Rogue (Assassinate is useless now that sneak attack isn't multiplied by crits), the Berserker Barbarian, the Battlemaster Fighter, The Moon Druid, etc. All those classes are abilities spliced from what we're complete classes in the original 5e playtest.
>Humans can be two feet tall
What the actual fuck?
Make it more gay and over the top. Id like to see alot more in the way of martial/ki techniques, and less in the way of buffs and super saiyan modes
I don't think they'll ever do a sophisticated martial arts system. They gave up on that when they ended 4e.
The playtest Fighter was a glimpse into what could have been a sophisticated martial minisystem, but they gave up on that and made it into the Battlemaster instead because it was complicated and they wanted to keep this edition "simple". Now "Extra Attack" is the only thing that defines martials in 5e. If they actually do make a martial system, I'd be pleasantly surprised.
>buffs and super saiyan modes
If only those buffs were actually substantial.
The more recent subclasses have some decent utility, but they still suffer from the inadequacy the base monk has.
Monk is a class that gets cucked in various editions because the writers aren't sure what it's even supposed to do, so they just give it a handful of random abilities with no synergy.
The 1e Monk had weird progression in that it's basically a commoner until it gets past mid level and becomes a god of death.
The 2e monk wasn't originally an available class at all, but was later introduced as a priest kit, which was decent for what it was worth.
3e Monk suffered from the flattened leveling progression that screwed all martials. 3e monk is also the easiest-to-explain example of a class that suffered from lack of defined niche, receiving a handful of weird abilities but not having full base Attack bonus, so flurry of blows winds up being flurry of misses. Still, 3e monk has the benefit of being able to do explosive damage with the right build, and good prestige classes and feats can fix any mediocre base class.
The 4e monk is linear and balanced, and like all 4e classes, its niche is was pre-defined as a "Psionic Striker", it's above-average damage potential being in line with the other Striker classes. It also wasn't in the core rulebook though, so it suffered in popularity like the other more interesting mechanics in 4e.
5e monk returns to the "random grab bag of abilities" thing that 3e had going for it. It's abilities don't really match up, and it's damage per round is abysmal compared to the other martial classes. It's weapon restriction means that it can't benefit from GWM or SS too.
The 5e Monk shines from exploitative gimmicks, such as using up all of the PC's Ki to use Stunning Fist four times in one round, or doubling down on a specific subclass feature. The new subclasses are pretty good (Mercy, Dragon Monk, Astral Self, etc), but they have the same fallacy as warlock subclasses in that making the subclasses better doesn't make up for a mediocre base class.

The PF2e version is decent though, imo. They did away with the scaling unarmed damage and the random grab-bag of abilities from 6 different movies, and instead made it so that everything is selectable feat, so players can go for any combination of mundane martial arts or supernatural ki spells. It's the only class other than Champion to get Legendary in unarmored defense, and it's damage is in line with the other martial classes. Still, some of those martial arts stances can be restrictive in their movements and allowed attacks, so the PF2e monk requires a bit more planning to build well. They also no longer have a total monopoly on unarmed damage, which I guess means non-ascetic martial artists could just play Fighters or Barbarians.
I don't really think class balance is of any concern. 5e is already heavily skewed towards spellcasters, and aside from nerfing crit-fishing it doesn't seem like martials are being nerfed at all.
So, of I'm not mistaken, the new virtual tabletop that WotC is going to push with the new edition is going to be a software-as-service model?
Not fond of the Ardlings either, tbh.
>blanket furry race
Not even. It's a "celestial" furry race. Weird niche that nobody asked for.
It reads like a crappy homebrew race.
I say 'blanket' cuz it's a race that can technically have the head/features of any form of fauna as desired obviously to please the furries[/i], seemingly without exception. I blame Matt Mercer for this.
Guardials are a thing, and they're not really represented by Aasimars, but imo this races still looks pretty boring and generic.
I don't think furries will be necessarily satisfied, because people who play beastfolk don't necessarily want to have the angelic/celestial flavor that comes with Ardlings.

Still better lore than dragonborn.
Huh, somehow I overlooked that one as appealing to furries. I like Guardinals, ngl, but you're not wrong.
You're also not wrong about furries not being satisfied, but I assert that thats a condition of inviting furries.
>furries: not even once
Imo, if they want to make a catch-all beastfolk race they should just do it, and not beat around the bush.
Beastfolk for what they're worth still have a niche in fantasy games, with or without furries.
I'm sure they observed the backlash when they made the orcs 'not black' and further, when people abandoned DnD for PF; I'm sure it was a business decision to not make the Ardlings a BLATANT furry race, while still making them a furry-inclusive race.
Idk what they were thinking.
Tbh, I don't really care if new races are shit, because I just won't play them. I just want the old races to be decently balanced.
Pun Pun is a literal meme. The whole trick revolves around exploiting the power of a single badly-worded monster.

Has anyone here playtested using these new rules yet?
I have. Crits giving inspiration is a decent mechanic.
>Crits giving inspiration is a decent mechanic.
Especially considering that most DMs forget Inspiration is a thing.
New Playtest doc came out. All these changes look good so far.
They released the "Expert" classes: Rogue, Ranger and Bard (also Artificer, but that wasn't shown here).
Also they reprinted several feats.
>Bards have Haste
Ranger looks a lot better with this update. It should have been a prepared caster from the start.
I'm fond of the changes to two weapon fighting too.
Bard getting Inspiration as a reaction is nice, but moving Font of Inspiration to lvl 7 is painful.
I'm okay with the Bard being prepared, but the way they're simply giving them access to the arcane list (minus several of the schools) means that Bards won't have access to a lot of their interesting spells spells that distinguish them from Wizards, including but not limited to: Heat Metal, Faerie Fire, Grow Plants, Heroism, Aid, Power Word Heal, Light, Tiny Hut, Raise Dead, Teleportation Circle, Magnificent Mansion, Heroes' Feast, Planar Binding, Create Food And Water, Awaken, Speak With Animals, Animal Friendship, Longstrider, Unseen Servant, Cloud Of Daggers, Locate Animals Or Plants, Silence (Seriously?), Zone Of Truth, Bestow Curse, Dispel Magic, Nondetection, Speak With Dead, Speak With Plants, Stinking Cloud, Glyph Of Warding, Feign Death, Dimension Door, Freedom Of Movement, Eyebite, Guards And Wards, Find The Path, Forcecage, Mordenkinen's Sword, Regenerate, Symbol, Teleport, Mind Blank, etc.

For the higher level spells it's not so bad, but for the 5 and lower ones Bards will have to wait until lvl 11 (when they get Magical Secrets) to even consider preparing them, which effectively locks a lot of those spells out of the first two tiers of play.
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The Spellcasters should come out at the beginning of next month.
Watch them buff Wizard again somehow.
Pic unrelated