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Faces in Aurora Borealis
Is there a reason we see faces in nature, or is there a reason nature shows us faces /vx/?
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Those faces in the borealis are the person(s)? That are in control of the simulation.
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The room is dark and dusty, the light is dim and an old man sits just in front of you, in a chair that by all means looks just as old as everything else around you two. In the old man's lap, a book sits tightly.
Whit a grin on his face the old man reaches his pocket in search for his glasses, he puts them on and opens his book.
"You see my son" the old man says "Those are the faces of old legends we forgot"
The pages make a pleasant sound as the old man turns them, looking for a specific one to tell his tale;
"Wanna hear an old man's story, boy?"
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Is there a story or not?
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Sorry i was playing
The old man lights up, obvious joy shows on his face
"Ah, so there is still hope for this old mans stories" The old man gives you a blank stare for a few seconds
"So, let me tell you then my child, take a seat and be tight, we are going for a ride here."
Cleaning his throat once the man now started to tell the tales of ancient times, from forgotten lands and distant places;
It was a long, long time ago, long before my grandfather and his grandfather where born;
There was a land where men lived as one with nature, a land where humans united against a greater foe, with god on their side and hard work as their weapon surviving wasn't hard, but painful.
No one was certain they would live to see the sun the next day as there was no guarantee there would even be a sun the day to come.
Every man and woman lived under the dark claws of every other predator on earth, but specially one race in particular, a race of vile creatures that evolved with the sole purpose of devouring humans, they called them, the reekers.
These vile creatures where composed of long humanoid bodies, with white, pale skin and black, void-like eyes.
They inhabited caverns and where attracted by fire, they had sharp teeth and sharp claws, their bodies always wet as their skin secreted a sticky fluid that burnt to the touch.
These beings where known to trick humans into their nests by imitating the screams of their victims, when a group got down the cavern to help, the creatures used to slaughter them without mercy.

It may seem like an easy problem to deal with at first, just ignore the caverns and everything would be all right. But it was not.
Just like humans, these creatures adapted and evolved, when we started ignoring the caverns, they started going out at night, when we started to get shelters, they started to kill us in our sleep, when we took turns to sleep-
The man abruptly pauses and stares blankly through you, almost as if he just recalled something.
"S-sorry, i don't remember what they did then...Lets continue" The man voice trembled as he spoke, for that, he cleaned his throat and regained composure before continuing.
These creatures where a problem, they killed us and feed on us, they took all we love and made us into feral animals, they stopped our growth as a species, almost as if mother nature herself had put them in here to challenge us, to give us something to struggle with so we could prove ourselves worth of existing..
We slowly learned to live with this species, we where the meek, they where the hunters but we knew of no other way to live. That is, until the day they vanished.
Angered by living under these conditions, humans gathered the best of their best hunters and formed a group, they where easily in the hundreds. from the youngest of the hunters to the wisest of the elders was on it, every one there had proven itself again and again on the wilderness.
This day was the day they ended this, the plan was tribal but simple, the group was to get inside one of the caves and eliminate all the creatures that inhabited it, this way they might start a war against these beings and slowly gain control over all that was lost to them over the years.
The group waited till day came, when the sun was at the highest point they advanced into the shadows, just as the first ones made their way in, screams could already be heard, torches lighted up the way and a big group gathered outside of the cave watching as these brave men advanced into the unknown.
Nothing was heard from said cave until three days lather, one night when a small group of these hunters came out.
From the hundreds of men, only about forty came out, pale, skinny and covered in both blood and feces. they took a few steps out of the cave before finally collapsing on the ground.
To their luck, a group of watchers was designed to keep track of whatever came out from that cave so they took care of the brave men, taking them to the tribe so they could heal.
It took them three weeks to be able to speak again, but only one week to be able to fully walk and eat normally.
It was a weird phenomenon but no one questioned too much, they where the survivors, they where the heroes, and after they emerged from that cave it would seem as if no more creatures showed up, so everyone was more than happy with the end result of this matter.
On the other hand, what came out of the hunters mouth at first was pure madness, incomprehensible statements and impossible arguments like as if they didn't know how to communicate.
This kept up for some months until they learned how to speak propriety again, when the day finally came, the men spoke of how they fought the creatures until there was none left, they explained how they where too tired to come back so they just sat there with what little light was left awaiting for death until the last torch went out.
Instead darkness, light started to show, that was when the men realized they where actually on the door of the cavern and made their way out of it with their last strength, to then be saved by the watchers.

The old man takes a deep breath and a short pause.
"Now the story gets boring, it just tells how everyone was confused and came out with speculations about what happened" The man closes the book
"You may be wondering what does this story has to do with the faces on the sky, for this, i have to tell you something that is not written on the book, something that was passed from generation to generation.." The old man just stares with dread
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"Remember i told you god was on our side?
"He was literally by our side. If we looked at the sky at night we could see his face watching us, his massive power manifested in the sky over us like beautiful lights of all colors dancing on the skies.
"On the other hand, the caves these creatures inhabited had no light whatsoever, we could tell if a place was infested by this creatures just by looking at the sky, as our god's power would not get near these creatures nests.
"The day these hunters came out, for the first time, the lights abandoned us.
"God has abandoned us."

I was going to actually write a story about how nord heroes got their faces there but i ended up writting this, i hope is good!
Mystic and dramatic.
Good shit anon, you should make a creepystory thread dude, id lurk it all day.
Ah I could do use some practice..
I don't know if I could write a story every day but I'm sure I could write 5 every week.
Hopefully it's good enough for the wait!


Still waiting for the that thread anon.
So, I was just reading Pistis Sophia, and found the following interesting:

>Andrew answered and said: "An arrogant, overweening man, when he cometh out of the body, what will happen to him?"
Jesus said: "If the time of such an one is completed through the sphere, the receivers of Ariēl come after him and lead out his soul [out of the body] and spend three days travelling round in the world [with it] and instructing it concerning the creatures of the world.
"Thereafter they lead it down into the Amente before Ariēl; and he taketh vengeance on it with his chastisements twenty months.
"Thereafter they lead it into the chaos before Yaldabaōth and his forty-and-nine demons; and he and his demons, one by one, take vengeance on it another twenty months.
"Thereafter they carry it on to the way of the midst; and every one of the rulers of the way of the midst taketh vengeance on it another twenty months.
"And thereafter they lead it unto the Virgin of Light, that she may judge it. And when the sphere turneth itself, she handeth it over to her receivers, that they may cast it into the æons of the sphere. And the servitors of the sphere lead it into a water which is below the sphere; and it becometh a seething fire and eateth into it until it purifieth it.
"And Yaluham, the receiver of Sabaōth, the Adamas, cometh and bringeth the cup with the water of forgetfulness and handeth it to the soul; and it drinketh and forgetteth all things and all the regions to which it had gone. And they cast it up into a lame and deformed body, so that all despise it persistently.
"This is the chastisement of the arrogant and overweening man."
The homies know why