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Elder Scrolls
ITT: what our Dragonborns/Heroes of Kvatch/Neverines have done

>Roleplay a cute, soft spoken, pacifist, healing bard Breton
>Yes I made this work, especially with all my followers
>have other characters I play, all of them fully fleshed out and have their own lives and relationships
>This is my only Dragonborn, the others aren't
>Can never find a suitable partner for my Dragonborn, the only one I ever wanted was revealed in 2013
>Eventually, after many possible men, just decide to fuck it and just have her be with the main guy in the Romance Mod
>Going through that whole shtick, enjoying myself, having fun, but still feeling hollow about not having the one I really wanted
>play the game, meet the Greybeards, stop main quest after that and just do side quests and mods
>travel all over Skyrim, meet all the suitors, see the events, whatever
>got to the point where the main guy had finally beaten all the other suitors and was on the verge of telling her he loves her
>took a break and went off to search for more mods
>see a mod that I couldn't believe I missed
>download it and launch again
>before Bishop can even call her, she runs off and is met with cultists and sets off for Solstheim
>Bishop can barely get a single word to her, she's running and researching and doing everything she can in Solstheim
>Go through the whole Dragonborn DLC and eventually get to the summit of Apocrypha
>healer bard, can't fight
>dodging and shouting bend will
>save Miraak
>return to Nirn, Bishop is freaking out, she isn't paying attention
>wait a couple days, then immediately run off to greet Miraak, who is tackle hugged by my Dragonborn
>Bishop can tell right now he just lost her, but he still persists
>Since Miraak is now in my party, get brilliant idea to woo him by going through the main quest with him
>do so
>do every mission with him, never let him leave my side
>oh yeah Bishop's here too
>Bishop attempted to try and pick up where we left off in the Romance Mod, but well, that ain't happening
>eventually, get to Season Unending
>Bishop wouldn't shut up so made him wait in the other room while Miraak in Dragon Aspect form stood right behind her, backing her up
>eventually call Odahviing and do that part of the main quest
>Bishop whines and says he won't get on that dragon with her
>That's fine, I'll just headcanon that Miraak climbed on with her without a second thought
>Skuldafn, Sovngarde, all with Miraak by my side, ready to fight and kill Alduin
>This is his battle, he deserves this, he is the one who should get to fight against Alduin, I'm just support
>slay Alduin
>oh my fuck, Alduin is supposed to only die to you, the player, no NPC can kill him
>But Miraak did
>had been wearing Amulet of Mara, less Restoration costs
>right there, in Sovngarde, surrounded by the Nord heroes, Alduin freshly slain, Miraak proposes
>this is everything I've ever wanted
>head to Nirn together
>decide to go off and bring my favorite NPCs with me to Riften for the wedding
>run into Bishop in Riverwood
>convince him to follow me again
>you're my best friend Bishop
>saying this to his face, while he was literally in the middle of getting an engagement ring for her
>get him to sit at the Ceremony
>made him watch me get married to Miraak
>forgot he was still following me after the wedding
>accidentally have him listen to the wedding night
>I'm a monster

My save file got corrupted, right when my Dragonborns were gonna have their first child. But either way, I can't wait to do this again. What about you guys?

Pic related, my Dragonborn
Sounds good
Wow. You really do know how to fully enjoy a good RPG.
I'm just gonna say it, I prefer Oblivion to Skyrim.