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Element of lust game discussion thread
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Element of lust will be an rpg game about berry punch trying to survive in the new apocalyptic world. some previews, screenshots and other stuff will be occasionally dropped here.
pad b.wav

The opening scene features octavia putting a blanket on Berry Punch. Octavia says to Berry some reassuring words, that even the pieces of trash like her can be the next shot of tommorow.

Although completely drunk, Berry takes a moment to think of the meaning of those words, before dropping to sleep.

The next morning Berry wakes up in the same place she slept, only to find a weird orange pony on a tree. The orange pony is getting barked at by some dog called Winona and asks someone to help, claiming she'd slay it herself but she pulled her groin climbing the tree. Having nothing better to do, Berry beats the dog.

After a short fight, The orange pony climbs down and introduces herself to be Applejack, or AJ for short. Both share a small talk after each Berry and AJ decide to team up since they both are running from something.

And thus a story of lust starts off.
Whats the direction you are taking this? Where will these characters be going
I still havent figured it out. Never did I with justice but... as you can see, things have worked out eventually. Sometimes the imagery and the overall mood push the story forward (While working with justice for examlpe, I didn't intend for hat to be cursed. Initially I thought of it as an acessory that helps to learn a fireball skill or something.)

Okay, so here is a wordy ugly draft:

Later Applejack tells Berry Punch about changelings and what they are. They are basically perverts who want nothing more in life but to get close to a living thing and fuck it. Changelings have an urge to fuck anything that moves, breathes or looks alive. To do it, they take shape of something harmless to get victim's trust. Can be a family member, a closest friend or a nice looking rock. And when the right moment comes, they fuck their prey. There are no moral grounds or restraints with those guys. Changeling's main purpose in life is to fuck things. They don't even do this to survive. They do it because they want to. Their queen, Chrysalis, is too tired of having sex with ten thousand fuckers that one day she decides to conquer the land for them full of things to fuck. She develops a plan to take Equestria and, when the great opportunity reveals itself, raises six changelings all by herself calling them the prophets of the hive. Their function is to replace six ponies to get closer to Celestia by befriending her socially awkward student Twilight Sparkle. But in the middle of it something goes wrong. Equestria falls within a day by some unknown curse that has quickly spreaded all across the continent. The curse does nothing to changelings though, leaving them free to lurk and fuck things without fearing for concequences. It's rather sad, considering that changelings were just in time to kidnap and replace Celestia at that point. The only strange thing they've noticed was that by moving the sun with mirrowed Celestia's magic their eyes glow green.

Unlike justice, element of lust is focused on an alcoholic who's pretty much a messed up idiot with a need for a drink. You will collect beer bottles, feel em up to make explosives, drink them to get drunk and deal extra damage. Your companion, applejack, is pretty much useless at the start but becomes stronger as time goes on. Since applejack is a prophet of the hive, he can take form of mane six characters and use their skills - Pinkie, Twilight, rarity... you get the idea.

Ponies hate changelings to death for their actions since they fuck everything, starting from an animal and ending with a newborn child. Those incidents often end with victim's imminent death since changelings rip their holes so hard it literally tears them apart. At some point of the game you will have to choose between your friends and a "reformed" applejack. This choice leads you to either kill a changeling pretending to be applejack or be abandoned by everyone but him.

The only goal ponies have is to confront the queen and force her to free Princess Celestia, who will help to defeat the evil and break the curse that turns ponies into monsters. In the end of the game you will be met with a choice. A rather interesting one. I'll leave you here for a while. It's been enough information for today.

I am not sure it's a good world building still. Sounds retarded.
It's pretty funny, considering the continuation of a rather dark edgy game is so retarded as ponies are running around in panic and try not to be fucked by perverted insects. And the fact you play as an alcoholic that swears a lot only doubles the whole idiocy. I want the seriousness to be hidden in little moments that are very easy to miss.
Interesting, sounds like a good skeleton plot. How do the Trix Mutants fit into this?
They continue to cause havok and destruction, of course. This will keep happening behind the curtain. Like its something so out of the mood, it's completely unrelated and should be labeled "unimportant". If a monster bites a pony its only a matter of time before she or he becomes it, as if the momentum of will to harm is passed from one body to another, looping the cycle. By the time Berry will confront Chrysalis, there will be close to no survivors.

Did I mention that all life forms, excluding changelings, are affected by the curse, inclusing animals and plants? The only difference is how much time it takes. Afterall, Snips only tripped on that hat and got away with slightly growing in size while Snails became a one ugly mess of a stallion.
So these mutant critters will still be a present threat but kept maybe not common enough to wear down the scare factor
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Exactly. Kinda like in Lisa they briefly appear as strong bosses. Some of them are even cute and funny. I can add something like this oc below. I think this will be pretty funny and off putting.
Cute and off putting needs to have an enviroment factor to make it all the more scary
Yeah. Like leafs on trees starting to fall, Grass getting all weird etc... It should get closer to a feeling that the more steps you take to your final destination the more you understand how much change has taken place. Life is a journey. You walk in as one person but walk out as completely another. Though I can't use the same "turned into a monster" ending. It needs to be something different.

A lot of bricks were left unturned, I admit. I still havent explained why trixie was hated so much that she was driven to buy that damn alicorn amulet, aka the element of justice. I also want for Berry to depict being stuck in a position where there are countless choices to consider but they leave to the same outcome. Maybe it is possible for Berry Punch to quit drinking and something like that. There is also a hidden depth that can be explored in a relationship between minuette and berry punch, as well as some parallels drawn. I can sense my mind rushing again deep into this world of opportunities.

As always, I will keep updating with my findings and ideas.
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heavy beat e.wav
Anyway, here's some battle music I've made two weeks ago. I still struggle to seal its purpose since its, despite being energetic, is too attention grabbing. It's a flaw of mine that each time I do shit I try to make a next banger or something.

I guess I better just draw things first. Music ideas will follow suit.
I'm really happy about that announcement, Element of Justice is complete so please do get on this new project. Make it as long as you feel it ought to be while being cohesive, don't bite off more than you can chew. Though, as LISA had lots of possible companions I hope you incorporate a few different companions, such as maybe Molly Cutter. Also if drugs are canonically in the game maybe they could be a mechanic.

Kek, I like that story. So that's why Big Mac's eyes looked weird, at first I thought he had been hypnotized or something. I don't know why his impostor is just as strong as Big Mac, though.
Also, the story isn't post-apocalyptic like LISA so much as it is apocalyptic, and I'd say the setting is darker.
>magical curse comes out of nowhere
>spreads like magical contact radiation, even vegetation is turning monstrous and spreads from Ponyville like Day of the Triffids
>seemingly random ponies turn into abominations, consuming ponykind in an incoherent rage and some of those who manage to get away become like them
>only creatures that can survive in this hell are your mortal enemies who have come to replace you
>your only hope of salvaging anything is your goddess who has been captured like a living Valerian (dunno what happened to Luna or Cadance)
>guess I'll die

Reminds me of "Burnts" from OFF. If you've played that game (and I recommend it, it's free and really short) you'll know what I mean.
I like this inspiration from LISA, but I'm wondering what other dark games you've played. Pathologic is from Russia, do you have that?

I was a retard and didn't realize you made all the music yourself, I thought you got help and was wondering why there weren't credits. Really impressive in retrospect, "Snails" is my favorite song by far but maybe that's because I'm a sucker for the ukelele(?) riffs toward the end that contrast beautifully. I'll upload the Element of Justice OST as a playlist on Youtube soon™.
This latest music sounds exactly like something you'd hear in Need for Madness, a low-poly 3D racing/crashing game by RadicalPlay. That game was part of my childhood and I think it's still around and can be played for free.
>Element of Justice is complete so please do get on this new project.
I agree. There's no use polising something to death. It's time to move on to my next project.

>I hope you incorporate a few different companions, such as maybe Molly Cutter.
Molly Cutter is good for a random enemy that comes out of nowhere and cuts you with a knife. I am not sure if she can be a companion, though if there will be a moment like in lisa when your party members confront you and say their piece, it would be interesting to see what she says.

>I don't know why his impostor is just as strong as Big Mac.

Something's in the water. I thought a lot about this one and about how to make story logically consistent so I came up with a visual clue that you see a lot. First, Pinkie puts her hoof in a river, second, applejack puts apples in a bushl full of water for some reason. this pattern makes me wander that perhaps simple water gives those changeling some healing powers. Water is life and changelings consume it to heal.

Hey, I think I know the game off from somewhere. The protagonist's face looks like something I've seen before. I also remember the game called suits or something.

>I'm wondering what other dark games you've played.

Hm... Perhaps I should start with the exact opposite. I didn't play fnaf or slenderman. I rather prefer the nature of horror to come from experiencing an immersive shock in an easy unrushed way. My favourite horror game is called merry christmas alfred robbins:


fuck, I've spent an hour just remembering the title. This game is hard to find on its own. It's short and shilling.
Music themed mini boss enemy would fit perfectly
intro music.
Not bad, jazziness and relaxation to it. Reminds me Summer Love but much more active and funky
>jazziness and relaxation to it
I wanted to depict how hangover in the morning sounds like.
Well when you have a hangover, isnt that typically the eviroment youre in even though you feel like shit?

At home in the morning with a throbbing headache
Yeah. But considering Berry drinks daily, smooth happy melody helps to depict that it's her daily routine.
Familiarity, happiness in doing a routine
Will we have interesting sub paths and alternate endings? Like with Hopeful in Joyful and in your demo game Element of Justice?
I guess you can say that. there will be a great sense of variability with this one.
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more music
Good shit yo
Okay, I'm moving to work in the shadows so I'll be quiet for a long period of time. But feel free to ask things since I check this thread daily. I am also active on ponerpics, upvoting pics of horses with big butts.
How much variety will we be getting with party members? We looking at The Painful tier of variety and number or something like Hopeful with four solid members
Hopefully the painful variety. I am all in for the experimentation and variety. And considering I have a copy of lisa decrypted I will analyze how some aspects were implemented to approach the same results. All in all, the more playable ponies are there - the better.
Excellent to hear! However Im guessing with this many party members, some are gonna die?
If not all. But that's only "if". The development has only started.
Man youre getting me very excited for this
I composed those tracks a year ago and compiled them recently from my dead pc's hard drive. It won't spoil anything if I stick 'em here.
Shhh. A fuck up is sleeping.
total fuckup
LISA, OFF and Yume Nikki are the "holy trinity" of dark RPGmaker games. I haven't played Yume Nikki (really should, it's free) but it's about a girl who adventures through surreal dreams. Considering that dreamwalking is canon in MLP maybe something can be made of it, if not here then in some future project. OFF has some similar themes to Element of Justice which is quite interesting. Don't want to be distracting but these are short games and they are certainly what you'd be interested it.
File (hide): BD1651B3262D014B1FFA8BEF002EA9B1-1216562.webm (1.2 MB, Resolution:544x412 Length:00:01:26, berry.webm) [play once] [loop]
Okay, so I'm basically going full-house with this idea. aside from boosting your damage, berry's moonshine allows you to save. You've got nine shots but you always can buy more alcohol later (if you're a pussy). The full challenge will be compleating the game without saving, aka hard mode. also, Applejack joins you after you pass out your second time, not first. So for things to be easy you really gotta drink.
some animations are missing but you get the picture.
Okay, perhaps it's unoriginal to rip off lisa like that.
I saw playthrough of them on youtube. Thought they were pretty good.
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So in your canon, after enough time the mutants just... die?
No. They rather become weak blobs. according to a book located in school, mutation never ends unless they are either dead or unconscious.

It's still debris to me weither or not certain elements are played out the way they're supposed to. But eventually they will.
They may, of course, die from natural causes, such as starvation and dehydration.
Make a picture of one of these blob mutants
Sure, no prob.
That is utterly fucking horrifying and I approve
Are there any psychological changes to the mutants? Or do they purely just degenerate
I really like that opening. Makes Berry look like a total loser and has a bit of slapstick humor. If the game's an homage to LISA don't worry too much about reimagining its mechanics, as long as inspiration from other sources gets used too.

Someone hasn't played the first game
I'd say the answer lies somewhere in the middle. If you played the element of justice, it should come more obvious to you.
Like with LISA?
Let the discussion continue, yall.

I think twilight is a psychopath. Remember a birthday photo frame where spike is crapped out? (pic related) It's sad she forgot to invite her number one assistant and all. Also, in "lesson zero" she tries very hard to come up with a friendship problem as if it's something to be made a revelation of. And while at it, she endargers the whole town of ponyville just to impress her mentor. you can say she was feared for Celestia's punishment but nah... I think it's not interesting to see things that way. Considering all this, twilight looks like she's an overly obsessed individual. Her priorities are circling around information gathering through the sole basis of conducting an experiment. Aside from categorising knowledge, any observation she makes is immediately labeled and put in her library. Twilight is more than a book worm. she is a perfectionist who puts knowledge before everything else. Not to be powerful but just because she has no real friends. Speaking of which, she didn't bother to check on her previous friends until season 5. I think that speaks volumes about her personality. And although I hate later seasons, I can sure use some of their lore to justify my own.

Okay, so where am I going with all this, you ask?
Hm... We'll cross and burn that bridge once we get there.

Initially there were more than six magical elements but Celestia thought they are culprits of evil and threw them away, keeping only the six nice looking ones and labeling them the elements of harmony. The rest were scattered all across the land, holding power beyond one can ever imagine. Power of justice, lust, greed, power. All of those elements have eventually found their ways in possession of various ponies and therefore sealed their fates. Once and for all. Element of justice was the most destructive of them all. Since it gives power to those in search of revenge, it's an unstoppable ever expanding force, spreading in all directions, creating a wave of morbid creatures who turn violent in response to violence.

Element of justice was a simple game. I knew how it starts and how it ends. Element of lust will follow a relatively same path. Weird but to me its easy to come up with the some ends first and then find ways to connect them.

And lastly, I think it's improbable for octavia to endure Vinyl for so long without giving some sort of explanation in later titles, some key aspect that gives an idea of why octavia just lived with her burden of a roommate. Okay, picture this. You share a room with Vinyl. Vinyl is a drug addict who keeps selling your stuff and getting high with all the money she gets. It's only logical for you to kick her butt out after it happened twice or thrice. So it makes no sense for Octavia to keep ignoring the issue, petting vinyl's back each time and saying that it's okay she messed up and got high her 25th time. There must be something going on there I'm not seeing.

Okay. What if... Octavia once heard some of vinyl's music and fell madly in love with it. The dark techno beats combined with smooth elegant brass keys. The bass clinging like heavy metal rushing through her ears has made her an addict in her own sense. Those ugly notes, yet so captivating and precise. It's gotten to the point when Octavia only wanted to hear more so she was locking herself in a room and sinking in Vinyl's bass all by herself, whispering her name and smiling ever so lightly, something that she does rarely in her life.

Okay. So octavia keeps up with Vinyl's bullshit because she secretly loves her dubstep. That's retarded enough to be brilliant.

Also Minuette runs a pawn shop.
I really like this headcanon, and I'll talk about it more when I come up with something. Thanks for the update, and please focus on getting irl things in order. I'm concerned.
There will be 7 deadly sins and 4 ponies of apocalypse. Each pony starts the chain reaction that leads to world imploding. While the first element is already enough to doom the entire pony population, other incidents can also boost the process. The fifth installement will feature the resolution in which four victims of circumstances wake up without any memory of what they did, only to slowly realize the mistakes of their ways. This time however they are not stranded to fail. Together they have a glimpse of hope that will shine its way through.

No worries. I am fine now. All exams are deat with, but I'm unable to make content until I take care of this semester.
144186 144187
My headcanon:
Twiloght Sparkle's family trees are the result of Princess Celestia manipulating events behind the scenes and pairing the strongest and smartest Unicorns with the biggest hearts in Canterlot for over a thousand years. Shining Armour and the Crystal Empire were down payments promised to Cadence for the parts she played in helping Celestia's chosen couples get together and have the correct number of foals in time for Princess Luna's release.
ah, the pairing of the fittest, I see.
>pony eugenics
Sorry, yall. Nothing to spoil yet regarding element of lust (I will only lit the fireworks when it's show time). So I will show something from the future update.

I've been wondering why Trixie has no teeth. And so I came up with giving trixie a new move that explains it. Man, it sure takes time to write something subtle.
Speaking of the hero of the occasion, I've changed Berry's attutude a little so her slurs can land on your ears better. Before she was talking about urine and her pussy and this is just painful to listen to.

I've changed it so now her lines are more rich in context while still having that character-defining edge to it. In this picture Berry confuses Octy for a salesmare because Octy is wearing a bow. Berry now also makes eye contact, that helps to visually end the conversation. Otherwise you don't know when the dialog is over after she finishes talking.
I've removed all mentions about drugs too. So in order to conteract my loss I came up with an idea to hint at Vinyl's addiction via item description. As you know, eye shrinking is related to pupil constriction, which is on itself a sign of substance abuse (mostly heroin). This is much better than playing a cutscene in which Vinyl says she stole money to get high. I like this choice of words better not only because it's subtle but because it stiches things together so nicely. Vinyl wore glasses long before she met Octavia. And this way you know her motive.

You don't know it yet but Minuette has played her part in this story. She is a greedy owner of the pawn shop who seeks for personal gain behind her cheerful facade. She is the one Vinyl has sold Octy's violin to, resulting in Octavia loosing her job and becoming a cheap cellist for hire. And in the end the whole trilogy is about those three ponies. Those three broken souls.
Have you ever felt calm in moments when it's anything but calm? As if you are almost aware of the severity of the situation you are in but you simply don't want to accept that, given that it's just so much easier to not see it. When the sun brights warm you don't notice that the world turns cold and static. The immoral becomes moral. And the anormal becomes the new normal.
Beautiful music, Lava. The distortion reminds me of the Caretaker's work. And yes, I have gone through such moments before. You know that your life might turn in a much worse direction but it's much easier to simply not think of it.
Like Dingaling and widdly to diddly, Me and Rasta'S are working together on the game to deliver real banger OST's.

Thanks, man.
File (hide): 92983E383FBD55CAA3083BB603FFE141-2895823.webm (2.8 MB, Resolution:544x412 Length:00:01:39, wip.webm) [play once] [loop]

carrot top.png
So basically each time you find Carrot Top near her carrot stand, her line of dialog will be: "I swear. If I ever find you're stiking them up your ass I-" Then it cuts off and you proceed with buying carrots.
149660 149663
party members.png
Party members and shit. Again, nothing is final.
Looks great! And that it will be lots of fun!
We done some OST's me and my bro
Bottoms up.mp3
Deserted island.mp3
Every hour is a happy hour.mp3
Mark of the beast.mp3
Pump the gas up my horse arse.mp3

The jorney ends.mp3

Insomnia at 4 am is when you are at your most potential.
I like how it's looking so far. A little unsettling even.
I see both AJ and Berry casually avoids eye contact with it. Probably safest to not confront.
Milky Way will be in the game. And just like Rando in lisa, her name will be Lord Silly Nipples.
Finally got around to playing the first game, Element of Justice. Exceptional game anon. I can't wait to see what you do next.
153212 153213
red star in the sky.wav
The masses stand up to be the owners
Thanks, I'll try my best not to dissapoint
>red star in the sky.wav
That sounds Chinese style. As a listener of century old Chinese opera... I know the tones.
It's clearly inspired by "Red Sun in the Sky," which has become something of a theme song for communist China: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjNpRbNdR7E
There are other influences I'm not familiar with, plus a suitable amount of distortion. Well done.
I knew it.
The tones are so shallow, so monochromatic, that creep the soul. All asian music is like that, I believe has to do with their genetics.
red star master.wav
Mastering takes a lot of time to perfect and render. Results are much better though.
153231 153233
Progress so far:

Noone is aware what exactly has taken place yesterday. All the destruction of ponyville is blamed on a recent changeling invasion.

Two factions will scatter the remains of scorched earth. One ruled by Rainbow Dash and another one by Applejack, (which you, in a way, help to build from a ground-up, or not, depending on your choices). Applejack believes that changelings are perverse ill abominations of nature and should stick to their own kind without luring anyone into their clutches. Rainbow Dash, on the other hand, calls for their acceptance and demands their full integration in pony society. On top of that, she believes that love is love and being proud of what you are is the only path to peaceful coexistence.

You are given choice to support either of two sides or not be involved at all.

The equality village, led by Starlight Glimmer, was and is a rehabilitational center for those seeking to put a stop to their alcoholism and drug abuse. For a relatively small fee (just 5000 bits,
donation from family is allowed), you are granted full membership status. The program demands your full cooperation though. Any less of that will be treated as sacrilege and the punishment will follow suit. Also, for an additional 2500 bits bonus you can volunteer to be "marked". An equality sign will replace your cutimark, that will detonate once and only once it detects alcohol in your blood vessels. Still, it is strongly recommended that you go through all of
our avaliable techniques before jumping to this one. Feel free to check out our kite launching rooms, our hypnotherapy consultant, Starlight Glimmer, and most importantly, try to enjoy the simple gifts of life.

The masses thank the star of hope
they give their freedom to the star
And then stand up to be the owners.
Berry Punch has a limitless arcenal of Moonshine at her disposal. However, the more you drink - the less you progress. You don't level up in fights if you are drunk, but you may learn new skills while drunk as time goes on. Getting drunk is a metaphor for feeling "safe", saving yourself the trouble to fear for your death. Usually you are stressed that you could die at any moment, especially now that the whole world is ending. But when you are drunk you simply stop caring about all that. The real challenge would be to stop drinking altogether and listen to the advise of a kind gray stranger. The real challenge would be sharing Octy's fate of not being able to save throughout an entire game.

Starlight Glimmer will join Berry as a party member if such thing ever occurs.
I have many questions, but I'm afraid I will spoil the story if I ask. Looking forward to seeing more.
Drawing sprites while listening to David Bowie. At times like this I feel content.
MP stands for magical Points. Unlike other games, the world of Equestria obeys the single rule -friendship is magic. You don't regain your MP by relying on resting or items. You regain Magical points by spending time with your party members and putting your trust in them. Talking to them and earning your place in their hearts. Friendhip converts to magic, which by itself is converted to MP.

TP stands for Technical points and does not require anything but your anger to get the fighting through.
File (hide): FF21745B495812017D57602799B4CFF3-2754259.webm (2.6 MB, Resolution:320x240 Length:00:01:10, bandicam 2021-11-07 16-41-49-395.webm) [play once] [loop]
bandicam 2021-11-07 16-41-49-395.webm

Talking to your party members revives MP. If you are drunk, Berry will instead insult your party members so make sure she is sober.
Has anyone of you archived older copies of Element of Justice? I'm feeling nostalgic for the shipping thing.
File (hide): 93E03301569F4463FC921D837BFE778C-2708620.webm (2.6 MB, Resolution:544x412 Length:00:00:44, change of attitude.webm) [play once] [loop]
change of attitude.webm
If it goes amiss - let 'em sink in your piss.
File (hide): FCC6DA5D49956B121A96C127DE87B1BF-182347.webm (178.1 KB, Resolution:256x204 Length:00:00:08, jump.webm) [play once] [loop]
There will be some of my oc's in the game. One of which is a pony named Double Down. As her name suggests, she is a gambler. She is often found near a casino cashing in her last savings just to get back in the game.

Double down is happy that the word is ending because noone will come after her poker debts anymore. She can finally be at peace.
Hey Slav dev, have you checked out this LISA Movement Script? Looks like it massively simplifies making platform since you no longer need to put events everywhere, you just tag tiles.


Also can you give advice on how you made your sprites and such? I'm trying to fuck around with RPGM too but I'm extremely bad at art and it's a major hurdle for doing any sort of project.
File (hide): F8FE03058E1A60BD33F49B254C25F4BA-5656312.webm (5.4 MB, Resolution:800x450 Length:00:01:53, medium.webm) [play once] [loop]
>>have you checked out this LISA Movement Script?

No. I know that LISA jumping mechanic is flawed but at the same time it's simple. I know it can be tiresome to apply a script to every single event when you jump up and down, let alone checks for sprite changes. But it works fairly fine and doesnt mess up game's performance.

Speaking of, there are a lot of codependensies in how scripts access game data. I already done a lot of additional plugin insertions to make up for sprites changing after applying a state to an actor, hence berry's sprite changes when she gets drunk. I cannot allow changing things further. It could result in a disaster and extreme framerate drops. Besides, the style of my games have zero instances of vertical jumping. But now that I have added it, I'll simply stick to what works.

>>Also can you give advice on how you made your sprites and such?I'm trying to fuck around with RPGM too but I'm extremely bad at art and it's a major hurdle for doing any sort of project.

Just decompile LISA the painful and start fucking with it, dude. You think I'm some kind of guru who's done a fuck ton of research and learned ruby down to the teeth? Not. My first crappy project was replacing terry hints from LISA with vinyl the fucking scratch. I'm still convinced this is some of the cringiest shit anyone has ever done but alongside it helped me to master the engine of rpg maker vx ace.

I drew all game sprites in photoshop CS6. You can use whatever suits you best. Not paint because it has some transparancy issues.

in case you want to play this crap
Is this ready to play?
Use your imagination
LISA mod with vinyl scratch is not finished. Element of lust is in its early development. There is a lot of autism to insert in it, it takes time.
Just in case itch decides to ban russian propaganda.

Hoping for the best and that it won't happen. The banning and deplatforming of Russians are ridiculous.
Guess I'm on pony.tube now. https://pony.tube/videos/watch/721b6444-56c4-4dde-9b98-7bdb16789570
It plays only 5 seconds and begins to buffer. I'll try later.
164621 164622 164625 164626 164627
You've probably heard me mentioning a guy RastaS a while ago. He gave me critique on what works and what doesn't about EoJ and I'm forever thankful for that. He also drew EoJ fanart an even created some banger OSTs for the sequel. Well, the reason I'm bringing this up is because he died. Likely from drug overdose (ironic, considering the theme of the first game). His death soured my mood greatly. Shit, guy was a real artist. Such a shame he ended up like this.

I don't feel good about continuing the project for now. It's haunting to use stuff someone you know is dead has created. I still hope that my friends are just pulling a sick prank on me instead of telling the truth. Let's hope for the best.
I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better in time. I also hope that you do continue the project in the future. As hard as it might be, your friend wouldn’t want you to give up on it, especially if he made fan art of it. He would want you to make the best sequel you can and follow through on those critiques and encouraging words he gave you. You don’t need to pressure yourself to pick it back up immediately or anything, but complete abandonment would be sad to see. Give yourself some time.
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So sorry to hear. And hoping for the best.
My deepest condolences.
Here's hoping friend.
Be well poner.
This. Its comprehensible to feel discouraged, but anon did his work; do not forestall his last contributions.
Great news, I'm continuing the project! I can feel those sweet creative juices flowin', like them old days, lads!

Muse is like diarrea. If you feel empty, just consume more content until you feel like you've devoured enough of it to start producing again.

Plus I moved past my friend's passing. It's a pass pass. Real tipsy like.
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Hooray! More cringey pony shenanigans in five years or so! Don't die out on me while I'm at it, kay? Do what you do best, horsefuckers. Horsefuck.
Great news. Glad to hear the muse of inspiration is singing again.
Sing? No, I say if fucking yells at me with an audacity of ten lesbians on fire.
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Like, your first interaction in game is pressing Z to puke. After examining berry's own barf on the grass you'll find this gem of a message: "Behold, your first interaction. The next ones won't get any better. So let it be a reminder that this barf is what anything you do onwards will amount to"

It sets the kind of mood that I, personally, am foresseing for this kind of a game. It's a meaningless waste of space that is somehow coherent in its absurdity to the point when you begin questioning your own sanity. I have come to a conclusion that a fighting game about ponies is not a normal game to make. In the process I've faced a lot of dead ends, walls, writer blocks. But as a result those corners have set the canvas I'm now drawing on. It's thanks to limiting myself I've come to know the exact leftover directions to lead from start to finish. For the first time I am seeing CLEARLY something and it's amazing.
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Fighting Is Magic was a genius move from a marketing perspective. Take fighting game cliches done to death, make the gameplay an accessible stripped-down slowed-down MVC2/3/Guilty Gear hybrid, and add characters with the biggest hungriest fanbase ever at the time to attract this fanbase. I believe real passion went into this. But it's marketing genius anyway.
Sonic Smackdown didn't set the world on fire and break new ground. Type Wild the fighting Pokemon fangame didn't make it to evo. FIM did, because it hooks people with the absurd premise of cartoon ponies fighting and keeps them pressing buttons with simple rewarding gameplay, a great tutorial, and a story mode that is also a tutorial. Most fighting games do a genuinely fucking abysmal job at keeping people playing and teaching them to play and making them care, a job so shit it would be unacceptable in 95% of other genres but is normal for fighting games. Some AAA release could come out with no training mode or a shit one that lacks frame data and hitboxes and consoomnigger NPCs would defend this. Niggers already defend the new KOF for being broken on launch.
Six playable characters and Chrysalis as the obligatory large final boss... If it kept quiet and then unexpectedly released or announced itself at Evo when complete it could have kept adding other characters like Trixie and the DJ Pony doing uhhh... whatever moveset they decide to put on these characters(mixup trap zoner and lockdown zoner?). Hasbro's C+D made it more famous but Lauren Faust getting involved was extremely lucky, now the new setting they're forced to create and repurpose this fighting game for will be loved by FIM fans and Faust fans. Probably. If it was finished sooner (or a playable demo was released sooner) when there were more bronies the hype would have been immesurable.
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Fighting is magic, along with Them fighting herds, all comes down to "fighting but ponies (or creatures)". It's a well made B+ experience for most of people who like a simple premise that can deliver. I am not here to deliver a premise. I want this to be bigger than just a bunch of ponies fighting. I want to embark on a closing chapter in our book. The one that you and I are on. I want to look deeply into my the soul, the heart and ask myself the most hard hitting questions in order to get the definitive answers of what drives the brony engine, what ignites the fire in millions of people. The legacy of my little pony feels unfinished, entangled in chaos. I want to find sense to that chaos and draw a fat line across it, confine it, tame it.

Designing fights for me has never been the main course of action. The mirth of excitement after each battle is just a bonus from knowing ones boundaries and setting the right priorities.
Thanks for that. Unrelated to the thread topic tho.
>fighting but ponies (or creatures)
This. FiM and TfH are NOT good games. Not bad, but definitely not GOOD.
You sound ambitious, I like it.
You have the potential to make something amazing.
>see new character trailer
>previous new character was boring Goat who could wallrun like Chipp
>woah it's Big Mac's replacement voiced by Azrael's VA
>wonder what this big guy for you will play like
>Oh cool Potemkin's 2S vacuums on hit and combos, these guys played +R. When does he PotBuster? ...there we go, nice wakeup grab."
>Potemkin. Only Potemkin, with seemingly no extra spice like Tager's magnetism.
Sure 10 secs of gameplay isn't enough time to judge the whole character, he may have unique sauce, but probably not. What would change about this game if everyone was a Mobian from Sonic The Hedgehog? Nothing besides a mild adjustment to hitboxes.
>all that bullshit
Youre still not talking about the game that this thread is based around.
You're talking about what you're on about, which has nothing to do witb OP's game.
You made(?) games before, have some respect. If youre not gonna talk about OP's game, then fuck off to your /ub/ thread
I'm looking foward to the pones.
Not the same kind of fights (or game type) in the first place.
>Filly and Elkie.exe