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Newfag Welcome/Help Thread
Welcome to the Mongolian political horsewhispering forum, also known as /mlpol/. This thread is dedicated to helping out newfags coming to the site with integrating into the local culture. If you have a question about something, or need spoonfed on something, don't be afraid to ask me or any other Anon willing to help.

Here's a few things to start.

1.- Read the policy page first: https://mlpol.net/policy.html

2.- When in doubt, lurk moar.

3.- Praise American, Praise Football.

4.- MODS = GODS.

5.- Anonfilly did nothing wrong.

6.- No one knows what /1ntr/ is for, not even /1ntr/.

7.- Check the catalog.

8.- Go away, Zald.

9.- Don't start shit.

11.- This is nice board.

And finally...

12.- The right to bare ponies SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.
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Coronavirus Thread #8 - Awakening Edition
The old thread >>303385 hit the bump limit.
Post Corona-Chan stuff here.
R: 23 / F: 13 / P: 1
Canadian politic thread
Since we are getting a bit of attention recently we might as well get a thread to compile all the leaf info to one place.
Post anything related to leaf land here.
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/mino/ Thread 1 "The Party Begins"
This is /mino/ “Mlpol International News Organization”. The mission of this thread is to help spread the truth and increase the flow of international news to people around the world. Due to language and geographical barriers news of the current events and innerworkings of other nations almost never reach the international stage and what few times they do the news stories are jewed up and no longer news but propaganda. This thread and later threads are meant to combat that by having the local news of nations translate to English and summarized by members of our community, so we can have quality non jewed news and spread the truth of what is really going on in the world! This is meant to be a thread to fight back against the strangle hold the Jew has on information and for the truth to travel across the world and flow to anons like you and me! /mino/ will be a slower thread here on the board and only post when there is news there are a handful of anons from a handful of nations that will be working on this project to ensure there is a steady stream of news. Feel free to have discussions on the different news posted here in the thread.
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RANDOM NEWS - Thread #5
The old thread >>281344 hit the bump limit.
Post random news here.
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Looks like the purge of different thoughts have started.

>ACEBOOK has removed the #WalkAway Campaign and has BANNED ME and EVERY MEMBER of my team!!!
>Over half a million people in #WalkAway with hundreds of thousands of testimonial videos and stories is GONE. Facebook has banned everything related to #WalkAway.

>Ron CodeMonkeyZ Twitter Account Suspended

>JUST IN - Twitter has suspended the accounts of former National Security Advisor @GenFlynn and lawyer Sidney Powell.
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Webm/gif thread
We haven't had one of these in a while so I figured I'd make one. I'll start with a bunch of stuff I got from /pone/ and other places. Feel free to post pol, ponies, or whatever.
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Glim Glam Steams Up Edgequestrian Style Hams, Part IV
For anyone who stumbles across this thread and is wondering what it is, this is a literary review thread for pony fanfiction. We take an MLP fic, read through it, and shit all over it discuss its literary merits.

We are currently reading Fallout: Equestria by kkat.

Thread number four. We are nearing the end of the tunnel, thank God.

Previous thread: >>304714

Currently on Chapter 38: Peace in Our Time

Continuing from previous post.


Page bweak. Littlepoop falls unconscious, has a flashback, and drones on about how shitty she thinks her life is for literally eleven paragraphs. Nothing else happens.

Page break. Littlepoop wakes up in a filthy, unfamiliar bed in some abandoned cottage somewhere. I'm sure kkat is writing from personal experience here. She whines for several more paragraphs about how miserable she is, even claiming to have PTSD from losing a rib, even though she stated earlier that it had been healed with magic and she will sustain no permanent injury other than a scar.

>The heart-rending blow of watching Applejack step out of that elevator… and realizing that Applesnack had intended to propose to her that very night, and she was anticipating it… oh Goddesses.
This is another continuity error along the lines of what I pointed out in the previous chapter. By her own admission, she did not view the orb whose events she is referencing here until after Canterlot, and unless she's been losing herself in orbs during battles again, she would not have had time to view it between their escape from Canterlot and the present. She should not have witnessed these events yet.

LP can hear her friends talking in the next room. Apparently they found some new armor for SteelHooves from somewhere, or found some armor they could use to repair his existing armor, or something along those lines, because they are discussing rehabilitation for him. He can't move properly at present, but should be fine in a bit. Also, Xenith is there, so presumably they are back at Glyphtown or whatever that place was called.

Anyway, SteelHooves gives a schmaltzy speech about how Applejack learned to love zebras, and so he figures he could learn to love them too. You may or may not remember that SteelHooves doesn't like zebras, or doesn't trust them, or something. At least I think that was a thing with him. Anyway, the significance seems to be that he's over it now, and he and Xenith can be friends I guess. Nothing else happens.

Page break. Littlepoop is still sick or injured or something, so is Velvet, and SteelHooves presumably hasn't learned to walk again yet, so it seems they will need to rest for a couple of days. Xenith comes in and rubs ointment into Littlepoop's horribly painful bum-wounds, and tells her that she is not allowed to get out of bed until she is rested enough to stand on her own and keep down solid food.

For some reason, LP is in a huge hurry to resume her mission all of a sudden. It's been about twelve chapters since Red Eye first gave her the task of killing the Goddess, and told her that there was a bomb in Tenpony Tower that would explode if she didn't do his evil bidding incidentally, how is that situation coming along, anyway? bomb still tick, tick, ticking away?. Since that time, LP has done nothing but goof around and go on side missions, stopping to help every random pony she bumps into, no matter how trivial and mundane their problem is. She's still done absolutely fuck-all in terms of progress on this mission, though to her credit she did finally complete the mission the Goddess tasked her with, when she agreed to do a mission for her instead of killing her, which was the original mission.

So, what's the big hurry all of a sudden? Why not rest, take a few days off, heal your injuries, which for some reason you can't just shrug off by downing a potion this time around? You were willing to spend several days goofing around in Tenpony immediately after Red Eye gave you this assignment, so what exactly is the issue?

Anyway, they talk about Xenith's daughter for a bit. Seems like she's being basically written out of the story so that Xenith can rejoin the party. Since she wasn't much of a character in the first place, I don't think anyone is really going to miss her that much. After this, Littlepoop proceeds to mumble to herself about the usual nonsense until eventually the scene ends.

She embarks on one of her annoying little self-doubt episodes, bemoaning that she is about to lead her friends on a mission but she doesn't even know what the plan is since she erased her own memory. Then, she remembers that she is Mary Sue, the Chosen One, and nothing bad could ever possibly happen to her.

>I’ve told everypony their parts, and just their parts.
>Every pony...
>…because the Goddess couldn’t read zebra minds.
>A smile broke across my muzzle. Ooooh, I was a clever pony!
Has it been established that the Goddess can't read zebra minds? This is actually a serious question; I really can't keep track of even half of the ridiculous rules that have been introduced into this story thus far, but kkat is generally more less consistent when it comes to these kinds of details. Anyway, it looks like LP's plan is going to revolve around Xenith somehow.

Page break. It looks like someone else might have pointed out the continuity error with the memory orbs to kkat, because this scene starts with an angry rant from Calamity about LP viewing a box of memory orbs while he was off getting the Fart Cruiser. If I'm interpreting it correctly, the idea is that LP watched all six of the orbs while she was in the warehouse, sometime between Calamity's exit and the basement explosion.

This one is a draw, as far as I'm concerned. +1 to kkat for recognizing and correcting a continuity error, -1 for doing it in an idiotic, clumsy and illogical way.
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Anonfilly Thread - Howdy Edition
>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>292891
R: 34 / F: 37 / P: 1
Poner Prompt Pompf: Darkhorse Town
"The caves beneath Canterlot, once home to greedy unicorns who wanted to claim the gems that could be found inside. And now, your prison."-- Queen Chrysalis.


Underneath the capitol of Equestria and deep beneath the polished, marble floor of the Canterlot castle, there exists a network of interconnected tunnels similar to an anthill. To ponies who live their lives in those underground spaces, it's just home. To the ponies trotting over the well-swept streets above, it’s called Darkhorse town or Dark town. The guards don't patrol there unless they are suicidal. The nightmares guild control the streets and their minons are the ones keeping “order” and the streets “safe” from the do-gooders of the royal guard. They run the largest black market in Equestria but also enables other illegal organizations in Dark town, for a modest. Lately, however, and elite force of daymares and wonderbolts lead by Shining Armour has managed to occupy early parts of Dark town.

Daymares are unicorns who participated in a ritual to boost their magical powers. You can distinguish them by the gem lodged in their horns.


Why not try your hand at growing some greens? I got the perfect fertilizer, meaning it’s shit: this premise. The idea is that you take something you like from this premise, or it’s themes, and omit anything you don’t. Then you make a green from that in whatever length you prefer.
R: 467 / F: 357 / P: 2
The Garbage Can - Thread #4 - Equestrian Coin Edition
The old thread >>243820 hit the bump limit.
Same as before: ITT post anything off-topic that doesn't need its own thread.
R: 266 / F: 203 / P: 2
Syria General - /sg/ Road Trip To Damascus Edition

>Interviews with Assad
[YouTube] حوار مع قناة روسيا 24 و وكالة روسيا سيفودنيا
[YouTube] ASSAD EXCLUSIVE: US will attack foes & friends to protect its hegemony, Syria just a latest victim
[YouTube] حوار الرئيس الأسد مع السورية و الإخبارية (مترجم)

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

Shit that happened in roughly the last month
>Taliban seize two towns near Shajoy in NE Zabul, take Arzu and another hamlet south of Ghazni, close on Gardez and took over FOB Zurmate in Paktia, and are approaching Puli Khumri from the north in Baghlan
>Taliban besiege Sozma Qala DHQ in Sar-e Pol, Qarabagh DHQ in Ghazni, and Islam Qala in Herat after capturing Ghoriyan & Kohsan Districts in Herat
>Clashes between ANA and Taliban reported on Day Mirdad-Bihsud border in Wardak
>ANA pushes Taliban away from the western Arghandab bank to the immediate NW of Kandahar City
>Houthi forces are pushing reinforcements from the Nati & Al-Bayda fronts and the southern Marib axis (Jabal Murad front)
>Hadi's forces in the Murad axis have sent reinforcements to the fighting axes west of the city of Marib
>Leaders from the Third Brigade Asifah went to Sana'a, announcing their defection from the National Army
>Per the Coalition Operations Room in Riyadh, Oshkosh armored vehicles will be withdrawn from the fronts and Hadi forces camps in Marib
>NDF in Qamishli assassinate pro-SDF arab sheikh after he attended tribal meeting trying to reach ceasefire in Qamishli city, no SAA involved
>Russia brokers a peace deal between Azerbaijan and Armenia with Karabakh ceding almost half its land to Azerbaijan but keeping Lachin corridor.
>Taliban escalates attacks on Afghan gov't positions in several provinces, fires rockets at a joint ANDSF-USA base in Khost
>Myanmar: Military junta takes control, sparking massive protests across the country that are met with lethal force in a rapidly escalating situation
>Mozambique: ISIS takes over Palma in Cabo Delgado province, sparking a gov't counteroffensive that succeeds in retaking the city with foreign assistance
>Ukraine withdraws from Minsk peace talks following a new round of escalation between Ukraine & Russia



Previous >>286157
R: 253 / F: 298 / P: 2
The Great Reset
The Great Reset.
Basically, the Great Reset isn’t so much a plan in itself as it is a description of many other plans that have already been put into action. It’s the thing that patriots have been describing all these months since the coronavirus conspiracy began: Elites and Jews want to strip you of all your rights, create a global government, end private property, make you live in a pod and eat bugs while surviving on “UBI” credits that are awarded to a computer chip in your hand. The world government wants to be a public-private partnership between the UN and multinational corporations. These corporations will become feudal powers and they’ll basically own portions of the population that live in their pods, eat their bug rations and take their sleeping pills.
The “Great Reset” is just explaining all that like it’s going to be great.
It is important, because they are literally saying they’re going to end private property. The Jews literally plan to destroy Christianity and Western Civilization, and enslave you. The New World Order is here.
R: 231 / F: 273 / P: 2
my wife rarity is so cute
R: 610 / F: 407 / P: 2
Drawfag Thread 3
Don't mind me, last thread hit bump limit so I figured I'd keep it open for future /mlpol/ content contribution.
Previous thread:
R: 16 / F: 12 / P: 2
TaZe (ponsky) and the commie club
Hey uh, can you tell me why your former discord admin TheTaZe trooned out and is now involved with people that label themselves commie extremists while openly trying to find ways to kill altboorus and fimfiction and rewrite fandom history? He's already been involved with trying to DMCA twibooru in the past few days and now he's trying to become a discord moderator unironically.
R: 6 / F: 8 / P: 2
will he make ponies real if he wins 2024?
R: 399 / F: 434 / P: 2
Jewish crime dump, use this however you want, consider this continuing the Jewish containment thread.

Israel Police Arrest 22 ultra-Orthodox Jews for Sex Crimes Against Minors and Women (https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-israeli-police-arrest-22-haredim-for-sex-crimes-1.5453864)

'There's a Hole in the System. Israel Became a Haven for Suspected Jewish Sex Offenders' (https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-there-s-a-hole-in-the-system-israel-became-a-haven-for-jewish-sex-offenders-1.7070290)

The Child-Rape Assembly Line (https://www.vice.com/en/article/qbe8bp/the-child-rape-assembly-line-0000141-v20n11)

Israeli Court Rules Convict Who Ran International Child Porn Ring ‘Safe’ To Practice As Pediatrician

Israeli Diplomat in Brazil Suspected of Child Pornography (https://www.jta.org/2000/07/06/archive/israeli-diplomat-in-brazil-suspected-of-child-pornography)

Convicted pedophile Brooklyn District Attorney goes home to Israel, no jail time, but devotes himself to Jewish charitable causes (https://www.nytimes.com/1983/10/21/nyregion/gold-gets-probation-in-fondling-of-child-agrees-to-treatment.html)

CNN report: IDF sexually abused Palestinian children (https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3952077,00.html)

Former B’nai B’rith head admits downloading 9 hours of child pornography for “education” (https://web.archive.org/web/20101102223119/https://www.cbc.ca/canada/montreal/story/2010/10/28/sentence-montreal-pornography.html?ref=rss)

Child sex abuse scandal rocks Orthodox Jewish community after 85 arrested (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2072839/Child-sex-abuse-scandal-rocks-Orthodox-Jewish-community-85-arrested.html#ixzz1gJ2K4vgW)

Orthodox Abuse Suspects Get Exemption: Brooklyn Prosecutors Deny Request for Identity of Sex Suspects (https://forward.com/news/155197/orthodox-abuse-suspects-get-exemption/)

Bronx Rabbi Who Took Boys Naked to Sauna Will Keep His Job (https://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/19/nyregion/bronx-rabbi-who-had-naked-sauna-chats-will-keep-his-job.html?smid=tw-share&_r=0)

Sex-Abuse Cover Ups: The Mesirah Mess (https://jewishweek.timesofisrael.com/sex-abuse-cover-ups-the-mesirah-mess/)

Alan Dershowitz defends his 1997 column claiming ‘statutory rape is an outdated concept’ (https://www.jta.org/2019/07/30/united-states/alan-dershowitz-defends-his-1997-column-claiming-statutory-rape-is-an-outdated-concept)

Yeshivah police target declares it OK to kill Jews who report abuse (https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/yeshivah-police-target-declares-it-ok-to-kill-jews-who-report-abuse-20150129-1312vo.html)

Jewish sex abuse victims pressured not to assist police, secret tapes and emails reveal (https://www.theage.com.au/national/jewish-sex-abuse-victims-pressured-not-to-assist-police-secret-tapes-and-emails-reveal-20150127-12zcfa.html)

Child Pornography Produced at a Judaic Youth Camp (https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/oakland/2015/08/13/west-bloomfield-child-pornography-investigation/31647999/)

Israeli Health Czar Methodically Aided ultra-Orthodox Sex Offenders, Investigation Reveals (https://www.haaretz.com/misc/article-print-page/.premium-israeli-health-czar-methodically-aided-ultra-orthodox-sex-offenders-report-says-1.7253060)

Israeli who headed Colombia child prostitution ring arrested in Portugal (https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20190524-israeli-who-headed-colombia-child-prostitution-ring-arrested-in-portugal/)
R: 179 / F: 82 / P: 2
OiE: Razorback Expedition Group
>OiE: REG is an offshoot game of Operators in Equestria.

>Currently recruiting is closed, as the story is ongoing, but you can apply for the main game here:

>If you're going to lurk, read over the main pastebin to get familiar with the story and characters:

>And look over the main game, as well:
R: 17 / F: 48 / P: 2
(((Shills))) (((5))): The Revenge of the Horsepussy
Porn but with poners.
R: 29 / F: 18 / P: 3
Make your own pony!
R: 110 / F: 62 / P: 3
Degenerate media discussion thread
There is a lot of degeneracy in media. Want to talk about it here?

In Batman Beyond season 2 episode 5 "Hidden Agenda" an evil white wannabe-valedictorian teenager who's secretly a member of the criminal gang Jokerz attacks the only person smarter than him, a literal pink-haired black computer genius girl. She's soooo smart she can program a computer to figure out who Batman is AND who the jokerz gang are. And naturally, she can kick the ass of men twice her size like all "stronk" female characters. The episode ends with her becoming the hero Terry's only friend who knows he is Batman.
R: 226 / F: 97 / P: 3
4chan Cup Spring Friendlies
There's a 4chan Friendlies tournament currently underway, /pol/ and /mlp/ are doing well.

>The 2021 4chan Spring Friendlies will be played through the dates of April 30th May 1-2, 7-9, 14-16, 21-23 and will be played on PES 21. The friendlies season is extended by a weekend due to the absence of the spring cup.

The link to the games is here if anyponer is interested in watching.

Giddy up!
R: 59 / F: 59 / P: 3
Tea Time Today @ 1:00 PST

As the banner at the top of the page says, we are doing another tea time today. In the past, these have usually been long-winded paranoid rants informative lectures from Atlas; however, since Atlas has gone to live on a nice farm in the country and none of the rest of us have anything terribly interesting to lecture you all about, we've decided to make this one an informal Q&A session where you can ask us all questions about the site, or about anything else that's on your mind. This is sort of a test-drive to see how things go; we are hoping to get these started up on a semi-regular basis again, and hopefully will have some slightly more interesting content for you next time.

Like the vast majority of our events, this one is poorly coordinated and will probably be a shitshow. However, if you are the kind of person who likes staring at train wrecks, feel free to join us at about 1:00 PST (roughly one hour from the timestamp of this post).

As in the past, we will be conducting the session via Discord. You can join the Discord server via the link below.


If you do not want to use Discord, you can listen in via a stream on JoshWhoTV which is currently being set up by our good friend Stix. Stix will post the details once he gets it figured out.
R: 685 / F: 369 / P: 3
Movie Night
/mlpol/ Movie Night

Yep, you read that right. There will be a movie stream tonight as we're all trapped in our homes, slowly going insane thanks to corona.
We'll be watching the MLP movie, and then after we can decide if we want to watch some show episodes or just repeat the movies while shitposts occur as has always happened historically.

We'll start the movie at 9:30 est/8:30 cst
Link is https://cytu.be/r/The_MLPOL_Drive-in

Please note that the concessions stand will be closed due to social distancing, we are sorry for any inconvenience the inability to purchase snacks or drinks may cause you.
R: 166 / F: 53 / P: 3
Writefag Circle
Welcome. This thread is for you Anons who wishes to improve your writing or just chill among Anons that do.
This is suppose to be a chill af thread. It's fine if it becomes a slider thread. I'll only make a new one of these if there is intrest.

>What is the need for this thread when we already have Glimglam's review thread and Anonfilly?
Compared to Glimglam's thread this thread is about what we Anons will or want to create. The only reviewing that might happened here is incidental, as in providing critic to some other work through comparison with the work at hand, and when one Anon tells another what his opinions of their work is.
This thread is first and foremost about producing stories.
This cannot be done in the Anonfilly thread since it is about Anonfilly first and foremost.

>Why a thread like this? Cannot we just have threads pop up organically because an Anon chose to post a green?
Yes, you are right. And this thread is absolutely not against other threads that circle around a singular story made by an Anon.
What this thread really is, is a form of support group for anyone wanting to write but are struggling with something in their writing process, like myself.
I thought it would be a good idea to talk to other Anons who also have similar goals about our stories and are struggling in creating them. Maybe, you struggle on something I don't and maybe I struggle on something you don't and therefore we can provide advice to each other on how to overcome our problems? Maybe some mysterious wise Anonsage lurks and our discussion prompts him to tell us his method he gained from meditating on top of K2 for five years without chicken tendies.

As stated before this is relaxed thread. If you like the thread, you don't have to pressure yourself into posting something to bump it. If anyone would like a continuation of it, I'll post a new one if it hits the archive. It's also okay to get off topic sometimes as well. I understand that conversations can lead to tangents and that it can be a relief finding someone else to talk to about things with, especially if few shares the perspective. If things get out of hand, I, or someone else, will ask you to kindly take this discussion to another thread or more fitting board, even perhaps. As an actual sugguestion, not a hidden insult. You and another Anon might discover something really intresting to talk about so why not create a thread about it?
Memetexts are, of course, welcomed.
Also, you don't have to share your problems if you don't want to. If you feel like telling us about your story that's enough. Story ideas can be really intresting to listen to and it might help you in return. Again, only do that if you want to.

So that's about it for the thread's header. The rest that follows is about me.

Right now, I thought about making the most simplest story I could think off. It's a simple hero's journey story. I do this because of two reasons. First off, I wanna know that I can start a project and see it to the end. I have only succeeded in finishing short stories before, you see, so this time I wanna try something longer. I also wanna keep it simple so that I don't get overwhelmed during the process of writing it.
R: 45 / F: 23 / P: 3
MLP G5 is in trouble; Project Veritas tackles Hasbro and CRT
Sorry if I'm killing a thread by making this one, but I think it's important enough. Plus, I don't think we have a G5 thread anyways, so here goes. This got 404'd on /mlp/ immediately, the fucking mods over there are protecting G5 as much as they possibly can. Basically, Critical Race Theory is being taught in all areas of Hasbro now. We already know they plan to make the entire show centered around diversity, but now it's confirmed by a man from within Hasbro it's way worse. Considering this generation's already fucked up production history that we know from the leaked e-mails and what-not, and that we don't even know who the real showrunner or bible author is for this Gen, what else can we expect but bullshit spat out by the company with yes-people like G.M. Berrow helping with the scripts? What do you anons think?

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwN8NFRLpo8
Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20210719074356if_/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwN8NFRLpo8
R: 11 / F: 5 / P: 3
fuck the vaccine
this is a blank covid v*ccine template for you guys. What would be the best way to print this out to make it look real? What are the dimensions of a card? What's the fabric like?
R: 280 / F: 941 / P: 3
Post cute poners
no lewd, no non pones, no ugly pones or bad art

Take it as a challenge to this board's abilities that this thread is completely filled up by the cutest pictures of ponies
R: 0 / F: 1 / P: 3
Quick question...
Riddle me this citizens of PonyVille, why is the moon so goddamn white?
R: 65 / F: 17 / P: 4
Islamic Honkin thread #2
<-- Copying new stuff from 8/v/.

Previous thread: https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/260831

Here's the going theory:

> A new faction, Islamists, have taken over the Capitalist Meta-Infrastructure that Socially Engineered The West.

This is really important right now because:

Biden's Biggest Fundraisers are Tied to Islamic Terror

* Biden took payments from Iranian front NIAC and offered to send them $200 million with no strings attached
* Biden took payments from the American-Pakistani Political Action Committee which is described by the Pakistani government as a Pakistani front
* Biden took payments from the Muslim Brotherhood
* Biden took payments from the International Crisis Group (Soros works for Qatar)
* Biden took payments from Hady Amr, mentioned in two pictures in the last thread
* Biden took payments from Mohamed Soltan, son of Salah Soltan who called for the mass murder of Americans

Biden has appointed a terrorist supporter as deputy director of the Office of Legislative Affairs.
R: 82 / F: 80 / P: 4
Post and appreciate cute pony hooves.
R: 370 / F: 299 / P: 4
Cultural Marxism and derived Anti-White activity
This thread is meant to discuss and document cultural marxism and its derived anti-white activity.
R: 1 / F: 1 / P: 4
Aryanne and Veronika
ponytown thread
R: 709 / F: 192 / P: 4
/mlh/ - My Little Human Thread
R: 164 / F: 76 / P: 4
Since we're in the middle of a Crypto Bull Market yet again and I trust you fuckers more than the average /biz/raeli I think we should have a crypto thread.
Here are some useful links I've picked up on over the years.


Some lads at 4chins also have made a market analysis tool.
Although it only works on ERC tokens as I've so far seen.


So what are you fellas holding? Do you have any crypto?
I've got some linkies that have been treating me well and I scooped up some REEF from UNISWAP as of late. Seems the next BIG project will likely be an ETH killer due to all the GAS FEEs making the network neigh unusable as of late. Staking and lending pools seem to be all the rage as well this run.

So any gems you lads know of you'd be willing to shill to a fellow horsefucker?
R: 294 / F: 423 / P: 4
Post what books your reading /mlpol/.
Also don't think we've made a must book list so guess if your into that post which books you think are must reads for /mlpol/.

Personally I think everyone should read Evola's works currently working my way through them now. Really looking forward to reading his thoughts and criticisms on national socialism and fascism.
R: 0 / F: 1 / P: 4
It's common for people to long for sun when it's raining only to miss it on a hot sunny day. That is because when we are met with a condition that is hazardous to us, we tend to idealize another one that counteracts it. But in reality, there is a middle ground that is most preferable, not either of the two opposing sides. If you stay under sun for long, you will get burns and a sun stoke but under rain you'll freeze and get sick. Neither are good. My metaphor is shit but hang with me. We are certainly under a "jewish globalist raining season" right now but as much as we wish for a "jewish nationalist" sun to eventually shine through, it's not as ideal as you think it is. If roles were reversed and we had nationalists in control, there is no guarantee we'd live a less troublesome life. You can't stop the rain. But at least you can hide from it for a while instead of just going with the motions and get cold in the open.

I wish you will find your umbrela, anons, and have a wonderful day.
R: 151 / F: 137 / P: 4
The Fed Thread
This is a thread to talk about the politics of the Federal Reserve Bank and any other central banks under the banking cartel. End the Fed
R: 409 / F: 355 / P: 5
A glimpse on this modern threat.
R: 9 / F: 4 / P: 5
George Floyd
PinkiePie: Ugh, Just go away dash! You are being a stupid rainbow nigger always ruining my party! If you don't stop I'll knee you like that nigger george floyd! UGH THAT'S IT!!!!

RainbowDash: Oh no Pinkie I CAN'T BREATHE! MAMA! I Can't b-b-b-breathe *dies*
R: 10 / F: 50 / P: 5
Race Realism/HBD Thread
Post and discuss images, articles, and so on about racial genetic differences, differences in criminality, differences in cognitive ability, etc. here.
R: 45 / F: 18 / P: 5
4chan down?
Anyone else ?
R: 89 / F: 20 / P: 5
#OiE: The Dark Horse Cometh
>If you would like to join, make a sensible loadout here at:
>And if you want to bring in something special or anything not on the list, ask to shop it in.

>When you're done, read over the Operator's Handbook:
http://pastebin.com/B4PD8nAi [Embed]

>Or the Hoofbook if you wanna be a pony:
https://pastebin.com/SjEWsDfC [Embed]

>Then drop a post here.

>Overall Pastebin:

>Fortress Map:

>Bulletin Board:
https://pastebin.com/LnwZ7sdq [Embed]

>Previous Thread:
https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/res/207806 for when the current one reaches archive status
R: 28 / F: 10 / P: 5
Why havent you moved to the real Israel?
We have the lowest obesity rate of every red state. We have the highest white birthrate. beautiful blonde aryans everywhere. The climate is near perfect. The economy isnt total shit. Yes there are downsides like the mass import of spics and somolies but they are quite contained, there are still very white areas. It beats the PNW if you ask me, I wouldnt trade it for anything else.
R: 22 / F: 11 / P: 5
Vaccination passports
now that they are moving on making this real, are we pretty much hosed or is there a semi reliable way to get one without getting cucked by the fake vaccines?
R: 14 / F: 2 / P: 5
So if this guy is dead, and she's behind bars, who's running the operation now?
R: 703 / F: 2493 / P: 5
Horsepussy/Porn Thread Episode 4: A New Bread
To provide for the common defense, and to safeguard our home and way of life from the shills who would seek to destroy it, I hereby declare that horsepussy and pony porn must be on the first page, always!
R: 36 / F: 21 / P: 5
I told you so.
I called this like 2 years ago, made pics compiling the evidence, and hardly anyone believed me:

Longer thread archived from 8chan:

At least someone on /mlp/ remembered that old thread when the news broke last week, and even had a pic saved from it: https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/37046413/i-havent-had-anything-to-do-with-my-little-pony#p37048894

I didn't want it to be true, but it is. The ride truly never ends.
R: 28 / F: 17 / P: 6
Ponies the Continuation II Release
It's out!

There are a few errors in the project, but that is because I am using an editing software I'm not used to. Blender has several fatal errors that kept this thing from being completed sooner. I could rant all day about it, but I will hold off for another day. The quality also isn't exactly the best from the render, but I will be playing around with the software to see if I can't make it better and re-release the videos at a higher quality in the future.

As always, the project needs your creativity to continue. Send your clips to and see it in the next one!
R: 33 / F: 27 / P: 6
Happy 4th, motherfuckers!
R: 9 / F: 8 / P: 6
capitalism = communism
R: 2 / F: 1 / P: 6
Fucking with Canada
If you have a VPN set to Canada

>Fuck kikes
>Fuck Trudeau
>Fuck trannies
>Fuck jannies
>Holocoast never happened show me the bodies
>I wish the forefathers executed every single indigenous child they could find to ensure the subservience of the wagon burners forever.
R: 23 / F: 6 / P: 6
Pixelcanvas help
Shit's not going well over at Pixelcanvas, any help you can give would be great. Some antifaggot is multiproxy drifting, and >we're losing ground. They've also begun that whole bit where they try to cement the territory in red, so it's all landmines that take 5 minutes to change.
Also they've ruined the Aryanne banner, and they've ruined the /bant/ banner, and they've ruined a bunch of stuff. Help restoring would be appreciated as well.
Vandalism detection: https://mlp-pixelcanvas.herokuapp.com/
R: 175 / F: 21 / P: 6
Horse Porn Game
Game of horse porn, for your pleasure.

>newest version 003a28 w/ miniserver

>add crotchtits for poners
>add Octavia and Trixie
>add Floor Bored

>tutorials and information for adding new ponies
R: 12 / F: 6 / P: 6
Check this new tool I found

This tool allows you to convert 2d images to 3d and it's pretty fun to try out. The process is easy. You just import a photo and then trace it. It creates 2d shapes and inflates it. I encourage you to try this out yourself. The results are creepy but fun.

Let's inflate some ponies! Literally!
R: 242 / F: 75 / P: 6
Trial of Derek Chauvin
>Trial of Derek Chauvin

>Chauvin, 45, is charged with second- and third-degree murder as well as second-degree manslaughter in Floyd’s death. He has pleaded not guilty on all counts.

>Video recorded on a bystander’s cellphone and viewed millions of times across the world showed Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, crying out for help as Chauvin, who is white, and two other police officers pinned him to the ground.
R: 48 / F: 27 / P: 6
Android App
Just shilling my app again, I let the old thread die because I'm lazy. Full details can be found on the /qa/ thread including links to the source codes.


R: 20 / F: 3 / P: 6
Debating Liberals
Why do liberals demand "muh source" on every simple fact that takes 2 seconds to search on the web? Is there a word to describe this lack of critical thought? I think it goes beyond "appeal to authority".
R: 6 / F: 6 / P: 7
Audiobooks and Stuff
Here's my reading of the first chapter of Castle of Vapour.
Thread is for readings of /Pol/ and /Mlp/ books and fanfics. Actually, it is just an excuse for me to post this here reading but you can post stuff here as well if you feel like it.
R: 29 / F: 21 / P: 7
MLP Fanwork Preservation Thread
There's an incredible amount of fan-produced MLP content of all kinds. There are tons of repositories, hosting sites, boorus, and other places to get stuff.

Unfortunately, these sites sometimes get shut down when the person hosting the site loses interest or can't afford the hosting costs or upkeep time anymore.

Let's have this thread to try to promote and keep track of the various archival projects and siterip torrents we know about.
R: 4 / F: 2 / P: 7
>So we been breaking bucks for 3 generations.
>Mos' time the breaking sticks. The buck don't give you any kine uh problems.
>B b but sometimes, sometimes... well sometimes you get a PECULIAR buck.
>This one buck, well he was the peculiar type, he a uh well he would act up but he wouldnt hide it.
>It seem every week he was pretending to take a nap on apple pickin duty ( but with one eye open all koi like) or he'd take extra apple pie, or or or he'd sit his flank on the front porch and play with the fillies.
>Every week he'd do somethin' rascally IN PLain damn sight of Granny Smith.
>Granny would call out to the buck to get to the Breakin Barn. This Bucks eyes would light up and before you could whistle Stop the bats, he'd be in the barn.
>This Buck would run to that breaking barn like it was a cool stream on a hot August Day in Ponyville.
>Hellll it got sooo bad this buck would TELL You what kine mischief he was gone get his striped hiney into. He hadnt even DO nuthin yet...
>He would skip over to the barn after an call out "COME ON GRaaaNNY THIS BUCK AINT GUNNA BREAK HISSELF."
>Just down right peculiar...
R: 708 / F: 351 / P: 7
Glim Glam Shazams All Hams and Ram a Lam Dam Dams Fallout Equestria: Part III
We are officially on thread #3 and are not even halfway through the book yet. Just kill me now.

Previous thread: >>294032
Continuing from last post: >>304593
Currently on Chapter 21: The Heart of Twilight Sparkle:

Page break. The last microscene in the chapter appears to be a transcript of the recording that Littlepoop found floating around in the clouds (this is never actually stated, but it makes the most sense). Several lines of dialog follow each other, with no clear indicator as to who is speaking, how many characters are speaking, or whether or not we are meant to interpret these disjointed lines as a conversation. Eventually the author clarifies that Gilda (presumably the griffon, though we have not yet encountered this character in FoE) and Rainbow Dash are carrying a sleeping Spike away shortly after the bombs went off.

No wait, scratch that. Apparently most of the conversation is Dash talking to herself, or maybe narrating this sound recording for posterity or something, while carrying Spike. She mentions that a mercenary has been hired to kill her. It turns out that the mercenary is Gilda. Before the transmission ends, presumably with RD's death, she asks that Gilda join her in singing the song they used to sing from way back, about Junior Speedsters or whatever. The recording abruptly cuts off. Nothing else happens, and no context is provided for any of this. End of chapter.

Chapter 22: The Earth Pony Way

Today's Fortune Cookie:

>“I pray for the safety of all good ponies who come to Fillydelphia, even slaves. But we can’t expect the Goddess to do all the work.”
I assume the meaning of this is that the slaves, and probably not the Goddess, will be doing most, if not all, of the work. As to what work is being done, and who is speaking this line, and in what original context, we are still in the dark. I have little faith that we will be any less in the dark by the time we reach the end of the chapter.

Apparently, they actually are going to Fillydelphia this time. I was more or less expecting them to get diverted onto another side quest. Also, I've completely forgotten why they even wanted to go to Fillydelphia in the first place; I think it had something to do with busting up another slaver camp.

Anyway, most of the journey from Junction R7 to Fillydelphia has been skipped, and they are now close enough to get a glimpse of the city on the horizon and to receive its radio broadcasts. The author makes no attempt to clarify whether they are walking or if they took the airship, or how much time has elapsed between the end of the last chapter and the present. However, that is pretty much par for the course. Meanwhile, Littlepoop focuses her attention on listening to Red Eye's radio broadcasts.

Page break. The microscene opens with some italicized text that is presumably meant to be one of Red Eye's broadcasts. I'll go ahead and dump the whole thing:

>“…we have Uncle and Aunt Fruitcup, a peaceful and loving couple, married for nearly a decade now, living in their quaint little house with their tiny garden on the outskirts of Roamer. No children, two dogs and a sunflower that Aunt Fruitcup has named Celestia.

>“What kind of monster, I have been asked, would root up Aunt and Uncle Fruitcup, tear them away from their peaceful, pointless lives, and set them to work hauling carts heavy with scrap metal?

>“A monster, indeed. But one with his eyes open and cast upon our future. The future of Equestria. Two hundred years ago, we lost our great nation, but we will have it again! And what would the Fruitcups and their little homestead be in two hundred years? Nothing, meaningless, not even hoofnotes in the annals of history. But… what will have meaning two hundred years from now? This factory!

>“And it is from this factory, and the others like it, that Equestria will be rebuilt. It is from the work that Uncle and Aunt Fruitcup do now that a new national infrastructure will be created and a new golden age will be born -- the golden age of Unity! Equestria will rise like a phoenix from her own ashes! But not without our help, and not without our labor.

>“This is what is important. This will make a difference. This will last!”

So far, Red Eye seems like a pretty shitty propagandist. Usually, the idea is to gloss over whatever horrible thing your regime is doing or else just not mention it, and focus instead on hyping up your accomplishments; either that or just flat out make stuff up. For instance, I'm assuming Chairman Mao's addresses to the nation didn't dwell much on crippling food shortages or struggle sessions. Here, we have Red Eye flat out referring to himself as a monster, and bragging about taking a couple of yokels off their land and forcing them to work in some factory he built. It's...a rather unorthodox approach to being a maniacal dictator, to say the least.

Also, I'm a little skeptical about "Uncle and Aunt Fruitcup." Apparently, before being conscripted to do God knows what, they lived in a "quaint little house with their tiny garden" with two dogs and a sunflower. Is there an apocalypse or isn't there? How would a garden work if the soil is irradiated and there's no sunlight? Wouldn't raiders have raped and disemboweled them by now? There is little consistency in how the author approaches this setting.

Anyway, after all of this silliness, the author finally sets the scene. The group is flying in their magic school bus: Velvet is curled up with her balefire phoenix (which doesn't burn her for some reason), Calamity is pulling the bus, and SteelHooves is looking out the window. Calamity announces that the bus is beginning to run out of magic or electricity or whatever it runs on, and they need to find a place to land so he can swap out the batteries. Apparently, the concern is that there may be "hellhounds" about.
R: 25 / F: 12 / P: 7

I hate niggers nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger.

Thank you that is all.
R: 20 / F: 5 / P: 7
Why did so many people fall for qanon?
And who is behind qanon?
R: 25 / F: 6 / P: 7
2011 fandom
remove animefags
remove furfags
remove tranny sjw
revive the 2011 early fedora brony fandom
R: 11 / F: 26 / P: 7
Nazi propaganda maker
Anywho I decided to make Cool Nazi Facts sheets and I was told to make my own thread because the stuff was pretty Good so anyways here’s my stuff
R: 40 / F: 29 / P: 7
White Pill Me - In What Sense Haven't We Already Lost
I've been hopeless about any kind happening for a long time, and I'm pretty sure if Americans were EVER going to stand up against their government, it would have been before it was too late. I've been hearing the "soon" and "they're getting desperate" rhetoric for over four years now, yet nothing has happened despite the left coming to a complete totalitarian control of the nation.

The left stole the election and then bragged about it in public news. They're in full control of the courts and proven completely impervious to laws and punishments. They're indoctrinating the future leaders of the country into utter paranoia of any kind of wrongthink among themselves and others, and they've blocked all opposition from being heard in mass media, social media, or even an increasing number of private internet sites.

I remember when someone said that left's increasingly bold actions were a sign of desperation and a sign that the victory of the good guys was approaching. Well now that majority of people can't read, or even DARE to read non-leftist news, how is this not their complete victory? If this is the death throes of a dying regime, what WOULD their victory look like?

Like I said, I feel extremely blackpilled at the moment. Please give me some good answers that don't consist of "when the time is right" or "justice will prevail", because it seems to me like it's far too late for that already.
R: 13 / F: 8 / P: 7
just a thing
R: 105 / F: 10 / P: 8
R: 5 / F: 2 / P: 8
Alright so this might be pointless but not as many people speak on this as they should:

Back in 1896 after the Hamidian massacres were Turkish forces slaughtered around 80,000-300,000 Armenians the father of Zionism (Theodor Herzl) helped spread pro-Ottoman and anti-Armenian propaganda in Europe due massive backlash the Ottomans were receiving for the massacres in hopes it would warm the Sultan (Abdul Hamid II) up for talks of a Jewish state in Israel, the Sultan himself stated that he wished to “harnish” Jewish power to undermine the sense of sympathy felt for the Armenians, this was all whilst Theodor Herzl attempted to calm down Armenian communities in Europe and pretended to ally with them, eventually though it was revealed in a provide conversation that he said: “Under no circumstances are the Armenians to learn that we want to use them in order to erect a Jewish state.”

The Young Turk revolution against the Ottoman empire was heavily supported by Donmeh and Freemasons, hell most of the early sympathizers for the Young Turks met in Masonic Lodges to discuss their plans on overthrowing the Sultan (Abdul Hamid II), the architect of the Armenian genocide (Talaat Pasha) was even at some of these early Young Turk meetings in Masonic Lodges.

A list of Young Turks that were Jews or gentiles that sympathized with Jews:
Talaat Pasha (Architect of the Armenian genocide and sympathizer with Zionism)
Mehmet Cavit Bey (Donmeh, Turkish Jew and Finance Minister)
Emmanuel Carasso (Sephardi Jew, Pioneer of Freemasonry in Turkey and Head of Propaganda)
Moiz Cohen (Turkish Jew and activist for the Young Turks)
Ze’ev Jabotinsky (Russian Jew and newspaper editor for pro-Young Turk newspaper ‘Jeune Turc’)
Alexander Parvus (Belarusian Jew, Bolshevik and newspaper editor for pro-Young Turk newspaper ‘Turk Yurdu’)

The Donme: Jewish Converts, Muslim Revolutionaries and Secular Turks
The History of Freemasonry in Turkey
The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians (https://archive.org/details/ChristopherJonBjerknesTheJewishGenocideOfArmenianChristians)
Talaat Pasha: Father of Modern Turkey, Architect of Genocide
“Down in Turkey, far away”: Human Rights, the Armenian Massacres, and Orientalism in Wilhelmine Germany
Theodor Herzl and the Armenian Question
R: 16 / F: 4 / P: 8
couple questions
Why is /mlp/ so shit?

Why is twimod such a massive fucking faggot?

>This board is literally proof pol and mlp can coexist and form a board 10x better than either of them separately
>need to ponypill the /mlp/ fags and bring them over
R: 1 / F: 1 / P: 8
Fake Vaccine Cards - Fuck the Government Edition
Post all resources for fake meme virus vaccine cards. I will never take it.
R: 48 / F: 14 / P: 8
Would femdom be degenerate for beings like poners?
Been thinking about how when societies aren't subverted by jews, they determine what's "degenerate" and what isn't based on what's helpful or harmful to the continuation, health, and improvement of the tribe/race/species.

Racemixing is degenerate because lesser offspring is the result. A poodle will never be a sled dog, and even if it fucks one, the resulting abomination will never be a sled dog.
Homosexuality is degenerate because it's a perversion of natural sexuality that cannot reproduce, though its behaviours are reproducible.
Drugs are degenerate if they harm the body severely. Man should not be dominated by vices and addictions.
It's degenerate for women to work because they should be making babies. It's degenerate for a man to be cuckolded, scolded, or otherwise controlled by something lesser like a woman. If she holds his balls in her purse, he is pathetic for not taking them back even though he isn't allowed to do anything to set her straight. That's how society views men controlled by women even though the state enables the emotionally, physically, and financially abusive tendencies of women. Men lack reproductive rights and divorce forms a more permanent and tangible bond between adults than marriage. Modern society is degenerate.

But for a species with entirely different bodies, would they think differently about what is degenerate and what is not? Obviously everyone would hate cuckery no matter what.
But if one of those made-up fantasy/sci-fi alien races where the females are larger and stronger than the males existed, would they evolve the same taboo against women working instead of breeding? How would they realistically treat males? And what of creatures that don't need muscles to be strong, such as magic Unicorns or psychic creatures?

The only stories I've ever seen explore this concept were degenerate fetish stories I dropped once their true nature became apparent, fetish stories that tried to spin the whole world falling under the rule of domineering sex-obsessed femtards as a good thing. The only discussions of this idea I've ever seen got drowned out by obnoxious "i want to be stepped on"posting.
So if any place is degeneracy-free enough for this conversation, it's here.

Your thoughts?
R: 2 / F: 2 / P: 8
Kamala Harris deserves an anime
I want to see an anime TV series about Kamala's childhood involving frequent cameos from her mom's mentor Howard giving her gifts from Japan as she dreams of attending Howard University, wouldn't it be cute?
R: 111 / F: 67 / P: 8
Indianapolis FedEx shooter was discovered to be a huge Applejack fan
The Indianapolis FedEx shooter was apparently In love with Applejack, in some facebook posts from his now deleted account.

From the shooter himself: "I hope that I can be with Applejack in the afterlife, my life has no meaning without her. If there's no afterlife and she isn't real then my life never mattered anyway."



R: 40 / F: 6 / P: 8
/mlpol/ makes a Musical?
Hey, Anons. I'm wondering if I could get some lyrical suggestions for a big parody I'm planning to work on sometime in the future.

If you'd like to see some credibility, I would like to show you my previous work, which you might recognize from this thread. >>>308949
The rules may change as this thread goes on, but as for how it goes, it would generally be like this:
1. Try to rework these songs to one of the following themes:
>Citing how ponies are better than other creatures (without naming any specific creatures, outside of maybe humans or 3DPD)
>Securing the existence of your people and a future for [insert your ethnicity here] children
>Securing the existence of equines and a future for Equestrian foals
>or anything tangentially (or just plain old /pol/) related
2.To make the songs feel not as dated, try not to reference anything from pop culture as much or stuff that’s not ingrained within MLP lore.
3.If the shitposty lyrics are good/funny, it gets to stay.
4. Once a section is colored green, no further edits are to be made to it
5. Anyone is free to contribute whatever they can to the project: edits, drawings (PNGs preferred), their singing voices too, if they prefer! Just make sure that the files submitted are easily accessible, relatively compressed, and of high quality.

I hope to hear from you guys in the document soon!
R: 100 / F: 13 / P: 8
did the Official Aryanne Discord get Shoahed?
someone post the invite link to the new one if so
R: 11 / F: 3 / P: 8
mlpol.net strike at /b/ / /pol/ /mlp/
mlpol siege 4chan

organize raid into /b/
R: 205 / F: 75 / P: 9
R: 4 / F: 2 / P: 9
Racial Dot Map Down
Uh bros... Does Joe Biden not want us knowing where the niggers and spics are at?

R: 701 / F: 906 / P: 9
Coronavirus Thread #7 - Revengeful Freedom Edition
The old thread >>292877 hit the bump limit.
Post Corona-Chan stuff here.
R: 151 / F: 211 / P: 9
Violent crimes against Whites
It's becoming clearer by the day that Whites can't live any longer mixed with other races.
Post non-White on White crimes here.
R: 727 / F: 590 / P: 9
Jewish Containment Thread
It seems we're talking a lot about this topic anyways. What have Jews caused? Are they a problem and to what level? Do individuals harp on this problem more then it should be? If there is a problem what should the solution be?

R: 2 / F: 2 / P: 9
Chanzellor Neinsay
Chanzellor Neinsay
R: 6 / F: 5 / P: 9
MLPOL discord
Does anyone have the invite to the MLPOL discord?
R: 32 / F: 11 / P: 9
This is a monarchist board right? You still don't believe in the (((republic))) do you Anon?
R: 4 / F: 1 / P: 9
Benjamin Franklin wants us to impeach Chester A. Arthur
Chester is born of a foreigner (his father was a British citizen, not a United States citizen) so both his parents were not US citizens, thus he was not a natural-borne citizen and was unqualified to be president of the United States.

Trump really dropped the ball on not impeaching CAA, if Republicans take control of congress in 2022 this should be the very first thing they do.
R: 28 / F: 14 / P: 9
/pol/eague 6
Hello everyone, happy birthday

Its that time of year again, the next /pol/eague is apon us and its time for the roster suggestions
ITT: Post any suggestions you would like to see for new players that are board relevant

In more recent news:
>The previous manager Plus has retired so myself and Wand will be taking over
>the commissioner is being a lazy cunt as always

/pol/eague 6 starts on April 16
For those who wish to help out with the autisim that is PES please find my contact info at the bottom of this page:


R: 2 / F: 1 / P: 10
Lindsey Graham
R: 2 / F: 1 / P: 10
Mike Vogelfag
Can we have a thread about the jewish executive who ruined the show and the motherfucker who predicted him since 2015 and everyone ignored and made fun of him?


he took control of the show since season 2, but he never really revealed it or hinted at it until an unrelated interview after magical mystery cure finished airing 3 months later, he never really talked about it until he started tweeting about writing the movie and then confirmed it in an interview and once again until the leaks finally came to surface revealing he wasn't just lying and pretending like Jim Miller was, he really was the motherfucker editing all the scripts to give his flavor of shit to all the episodes you watched and even then people still love putting it under question even after all the leaks that it could had been the Hasbro Studios investors and not just him despite him stating "creative vision" and confirming he edits the scripts and he gives awful guidelines on how to write the characters as stupidly parody-oriented as possible.
The guy who predicted Vogelfag himself said that he originally blamed Jayson Thiessen and James Woottoon for all the trash writing until Vogel made his presence heard.
R: 18 / F: 7 / P: 10
>cops get shit on, spit at, worked 24hrs, and assaulted all summer
>don’t quit
>this other cop they don’t know got caught fucking up another dindu stop and is going to prison through mob justice
>A-all cops are gonna q-quit!
No, cops are not quitting in this market to throw away their families livelihood and put themselves into retail hell where niggers will be next to you for 8hrs straight. People are fucking morons who think somebody will self sacrifice everything because “muh justice”. Cops will keep taking home that sick bank and overtime babysitting with each of them saying “well that won’t happen to me”.
R: 2 / F: 1 / P: 10
Is 4chan R.I.P.
No real people,plus threads are up too long.
It's all propaganda groups working from a script.
R: 19 / F: 26 / P: 10
Opperation - paper tigger, sleeping faggot
If anyone hates commies and kikes its horse fuckers. And by golly if hating commies and kikes is wrong? Well then who wants to right? Faggots that's who! And I'll tell you who a major faggot is and thats john cena. So here is my masterplan

Harken unto me yon hither faggots. Prowrestling used to mean something. It was a force for good and didnt cuck to commie faggotry, but then something went horribly wrong. We lost it somehow. No, the whole world lost something when john cena cucked and took xi's shriveled bugman dick and put it in his mouth. Well the buck stops here commie faggots, ive got the internet and I'm not afraid to use it. Here is a link to john cena being a cuck in Chinese

https://youtu.be/XI2IkPNteO4 [Open] [Open] as a red blooded American shitposter I am outraged lol. What can be done? Perhaps chairman Mao can offer some advice? - https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/works/red-book/ch06.htm lol. The reactionary is a paper tiger, real strength is with the people, they are a sleeping dragon, to paraphrase one version of maos oft repeated piece of sage advice. I would like to get two birds with one stone. #1 we redeem the good name of prowrestling. #2 china asshole. #3 china asshole #4 prove that shitposting incendiary claims about a nations right to self determinism is based. #5 we can make "celebraty" famous types either prove they are based and liberty pilled , or that they suck xi's wang lol. There is nothing I love more than aggrivating chicoms online and irl. I'll need a few brave faggots to help me. The cause is just and time is short. If we do nothing we stand to lose everything as the rights of human being everywhere are imperiled by the kind of faggotry the ccp has in mind for us all. Fuck china, china asshole. Like I said I need a few brave faggots to help me carry the torch of liberty and piss off chicom bugmen.

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Its so crazy it might just work.
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Thread to post, share and discuss homemade devices not intended for actual production that may of may not ressemble a gun.

3D-printed shiet: upper and lower receivers, hybrid designs, guides & tutorials, etc.



https://www.deterrencedispensed.com/ (not updated anymore)

Royal Nonesuch archives





Useful Channels (miscellaneus)


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I went back to /pol/ and I can’t help but feel like every thread is all just shitpost. Or is it just me?
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Glowie here with an intel drop:

Combatants at location Latitude: -1.892085 | Longitude: 30.732383

Have been found with MLP dog tags and Swaßtickas on their guns and uniforms.

Also, there is a growing number of Liberian combatants on the other side of Africa where Swaßtikas are being used as the battle banner for the newest class of warlords, MOST RELEVENT TO THIS PARTICULAR WEBSITE: so too has the image of the swaßtika inside of a pink heart been graffitied all over Monrovia.

After extensive research, the only solid lead we have as to where and how this new trend in Africa started, is here, this site.

We cannot describe the worrisome consequences of such a provocative symbol being used in Africa, nor do we have any clue as to why the My Little Pony (particularly generation 3 and 3.5 characters) is being used as a war symbol in Africa.

If ANYONE AT ALL has any insight as to how or why this is happening, please fill out an anonymous report at the link below: https://www.cia.gov/report-information/
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Tactics and Strategy Thread
A thread for discussing tactics and strategy in relation to spreading our influence throughout the internet and the political sphere. Post your ideas and big screencaps!
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I hope you anons'll like this one. Some of you would probably remember Rustic Shine's parody more, but I think this one refines what he had into something that's much more "put-together".
Bonus points if you can get the video up to 1488 views.