Policy Page

Rules for Users

The rules of Polestria were laid out by our forefathers in the long,long ago, in the before time. They are simple:

All posts and content are the responsibility of the poster, mlpol.net does not take responsibility for anything posted here

Staff Rules

We the staff of mlpol do not ever want to become anything like those of certain other websites, therefore the following rules were laid out by the site owner, Atlas

  1. No staff member shall use the information he obtains in his position on staff for personal gain, lulz, or to harass/humiliate a user or other staff members
  2. Staff will maintain a level of transparency with the community
  3. Staff will take all community suggestions into account
  4. Staff will never bow to foreign influence


This is just some information that is often requested by users worried about what the site is and who runs it