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Post in this thread every time you visit /a/
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Kyouto Animation burned down

at least 33 people dead, many of them Artists. Many more maimed.
5 works have been destroyed beyond recovered, all manuscripts were destroyed in the fire.

>11 minute video by Mr. Obvious.


Kyouto Animation, a famous and beloved japanese Anime studio responsible for works like K-On!, the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and contracts works for Ghibli, has been destroyed by a fire on Thursday, July 18th 2019.

41 year old male arsonists sets Studio ablaze because "they ruined his favourite anime". As of the writing of this post the suspect is alive, being held in a hospital for burn wounds.

this is about as close to murder of not only real people and invaluable amounts of work, but also genocide of anime girls as it gets. I dont know if Japan has a death penalty. but this would certainly warrant a case.
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Tenshi eating a corndog.
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Sad Panda Is dead.

>/h/ Sticky with 1000 replies

+ + + Sad Panda, One of the biggest Hentai Sites on the Internet with a 20 year history is shutting down+ + +
after a legislation change in the hosting country of the Netherlands.
No official statement has been made by the company or the server providers as of yet.

The head admin has given up and surrenders to the authorities, burning the whole place down due to the hosted loli & shota pictures.

Screencap assembly of one of the insiders. This whole shutdown would have gone on in silence would it not have been for people like him.
as of the writing of this post, most of the content is already gone and the site mostly shut down
This is a decisive blow against Western Hentai hosting and Reposting services and will in all likelihood lead to the shut down of other sites in the coming weeks. One of them possibly being N-Hentai, A Doujin reupload data base.

4chan*s Hentai board (among other communities) had undertaken last minute emergency measures to save as much content as humanly possibly. but given the short time window of 12 hours this had to take place in, it can be assumed that many portions of the double digits gigabytes of content have been lost forever to the aether. Decades worth of the lifes work of some of the most talented Hentai artists on the planet.

I have personally never used Sad Panda myself but considering how Influential and old this site was, this is a dark day for Porn on the Internet and the ever shrinking Freedom of Expression on the Internet.

The content creators of MLPOL wish Sad Pandas people a swift recovery and good fortune in finding a new home for their passion.
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Wch 2hu wud u fug?
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure General

Do you like Jojo /mlpol/? If you want to read up on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure check out this website: http://jojocoloredadventure.blogspot.com/2014/08/download-our-latest-releases.html You can download Jojo Part 1 to a good amount of Jojo Part 8.
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Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu (In Wilder, The Beast Doth Lament)


> Fantastic world-building

> Lot's of gore
> Cyborgs
> Murderous patting zoo people
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Binge-read the manga or wait for the upcomming Anime.
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Chess Anime

How fucking cool would it be to have a chess anime? No magic or anything, just some high school nerds kicking each other's asses at the best game that has ever existed.
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Rate My Tier List

The animes on the list are compared to eachother. Even the ones in the 1-tier have things I like and I know there are flaws in Death Note. Some are higher up for subjective reasons not just quality.
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Help Please

I'm more of a /lit/ fag than an anime kind of guy, but people have been recommending me animes left and right lately and I'd like to give some of them a shot in their best possible format. I'm a bit nervous about Piratebay because of the takeover there, and I'd like to know what sites you all use for your anime torrenting.
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China produces Karl Marx cartoon series to mark 200th anniversary of his birth

>A cartoon series about the life and times of Karl Marx is set to be shown on a Chinese video streaming website with the full backing of Beijing, according to the host company.
>The Leader, which recounts the story of the German philosopher and socialist revolutionary, will be broadcast by Bilibili.com “soon”, the company said on Tuesday.
>The production was commissioned by the central government’s Marxism office, in cooperation with authorities in Inner Mongolia; Weiming Culture Media, which is based in the region; and animation company Dongmantang, Bilibili said on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like service.

Looks like the Chinks are getting serious with their propaganda.
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They Are Doing a remake of it
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Hentai Haven is operating again.
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Japanese News - Yuka Takaoka - Snapchat Cosplayer Thot gone Yandere

Man stabbed by woman in Tokyo apartment

May 24 03:34 pm JST
TOKYO - Japan

"Police have arrested a 21-year-old woman on suspicion of attempted murder after she stabbed a male acquaintance in her apartment in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district on Thursday.

Police said they received a call at around 4 p.m. from a woman saying that she had stabbed a man in the stomach, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police rushed to the scene and found the man, who is in his 20s to 30s, collapsed and bleeding at the entrance to the apartment building. He was taken to a hospital where he is currently in critical condition.

The woman who lives in the 5th-floor apartment, Yuka Takaoka, was sitting at his side. Police said she admitted to stabbing the man and then calling them.

Takaoka, who occupation is unknown, was quoted by police as saying, “’My plan was to first kill him and then I thought about committing suicide.”"


According to the comment section of the news site, the man was stabbed into the abdomen and passed away in the hospital from blood loss. The motive for the murder is unknown, but it is suspected that there were relationship issues involved.


>News Bulletin


>Kiwifarms thread


>Twitter Post


>Youtube Video (Japanese)

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ITT: Post Waifus and Waifu tier grills because you can only have one and I have nothing better to do.
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Why does Maho have autism /a/?
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Katawa Shoujo anime when?
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Fanfiction Containment Thread - Or How I Learnt to Stop Sperging and Worship Trash

So here you post your fanfiction of chinese cartoons if you have any. The rules for posting are the following: 1) Avatar: The Last Airbender is an anime. 2) Panty and Stocking is a cartoon. 3) The tier-list for animes goes as follows: Eromanga-sensei>Mad Bull 34>Sword Art Online> Garcy's wings>>>>>>Death Note.
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I hereby declare this board to be the sovereign domain of our lord, John Elway.
Praise Football. Praise American.
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Naruto fights in a nutshell
R: 2 / I: 1

Cat Girl thread

Post cute cat girls
R: 2 / I: 1

Little Witch Academia Thread

We all know who best girl is…
R: 9 / I: 3
did anyone else want to FUCK misty as a kid?
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Got a treat for you all
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Japanese furry shit

Why is it so much more bearable than western furry shit?
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Princess Bowser Thread

/v/ is currently getting bombarded with this stuff. I have no idea if this is just a meme or a serious new character they are going to implement into a new Nintendo game. But it is what it is, and it gets a lot of new Art.

These are just some samples. This thing is going viral for the last ~3 days and Randy wont stop posting about it. Some people draw her with red hair, also the accessories and the name are pending. Enjoy.

> > > https://mega.nz/#F!EvBSlSYQ!QenPq_o2yVQnoq6zYQUEvA < < <
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Today is September 9th 9/9/2018 it is the day dedicated to the strongest! Post your favorite Cirnos.
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Would she make a good nazi?
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Favorite Anime

Aggretsuko is my favorite anime.
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Kemono Friends: A Friend-ly Thread

Okay since we started having /a/ on mlpol, I've kinda wanted to make a thread for this for a while and could definitely do with a thread with some actual discussion in here.

>So what is Kemono Friends?

It follows the adventures of Kaban and her new friend Serval as they explore and learn about all the different "Friends" (Animals turned into humanised versions of themselves) that live within Japari Park.

>Why should I watch it?

What makes this show great for me and a few others is despite the fact it's 3D animation is very basic, it's story is a breath of fresh air. While it may seem basic on the surface and come off as Dora the Explorer there is more hidden below the surface. It's world building is much more showing in a subtle way then telling the viewer straight up. Plus it's a wholesome show thats not like all the kike made shows made for kids these days.

To put it simply, the show is very much like the Japanese version of MLP

So have you watched the show? What do you think about it? Also who is the best Friend?
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Dead board.
Never trust 8/chan/, never trust 8/pone/.
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Does /mlp/ like anime?
I started my first anime "Naruto" and it's a blast!
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Island thread

What is this anime?
While it seems to be the most promising I can't put it into any category yet. Feels weird but I am intrigued.
also what weeb-shit are you looking forward to this season?
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anime that did things to you

What were animes that really affected you and changed what you think or who you are?

For me it is "School days" especially "Everybodies Makoto"

What about you?
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/mlpol/ Anime Night

Rozen Maiden has won anime night! Tuesday at 6pm PST we will watch 4 Episodes a night! I will be posting the rabbit link Tuesday before the show!
R: 1 / I: 1
what's the general consensus on this? I was always under the impression the main draw to the original series was the animation, and it seems incredibly flat in this one. Is it just me being gay or it the show shit?
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(((ITT Containment Operation#301)))

NepNep/Nepboo/Neppu containment thread.
All Neptunia postings are to be contained here.
Anyone feeding the Neppu fag will be shot.
The bad joke from the old days of CS soundboarding is not to leave or it will be shot.
This is your only warning.
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Yeah it's true
R: 7 / I: 2

I like corm

I like corm
R: 25 / I: 11

Ghibli General Thread

Since we finally have an /a/ board, might as well have a ghibli thread. Post Ghibli Music, pictures, and discuss all things Ghibli!
R: 1 / I: 1

Post Corndogs

Every man has needs, and this man needs corndogs.
R: 17 / I: 2
I'm starting a Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood stream to kick off /a/ if anyone would like to join.

I figure we'll start with episode 1 and go on for as long as we can.
Starts in 15 minutes.
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Mushishi and mature animes.

I need to see more mature anime that doesn't end with some kid blowing up entire cities in a fight with some bad guy. Not knociking that stuff, time and place for everything. Anyone know any anime that just tell good stories while being a little more level headed?

If you haven't seen mushishi I recommend
it because it's just chilled out ghost tales that are solved by a roaming sort of shamen. The music and artwork displayed is also beautiful.
R: 7 / I: 1

Rumiko Takahashi

Anyone else a fan of Rumiko Takahashi? Back in the early 2000s when Inuyasha was rabidly popular there was a lot of discussion of her, but you don't really hear as much about her these days. I get the impression a lot of younger fans aren't as familiar with her. She's known for doing extremely long-running stories that usually focus on romance and comedy, with the exception of Inuyasha and Mermaid Saga, which are somewhat darker works. In Japan she is regarded as one of the most significant manga authors in history.

Notable works include:
>Ranma 1/2
>Maison Ikkoku
>Urusei Yatsura
>Mermaid Saga

Currently running one is Rin-ne, which I am ridiculously far behind on.
R: 17 / I: 1

Try to lose to this anime character

So here is the rules use this shitty site and get a power and then justify how you would lose to the character in the image. Your opponent will be gohan. You get 5 separate superpowers using this site. Also no cheating so if you get 4 crappy superpowers and you get an OP power. You have to use all 5 powers during the fight and no copping out with I won't use this 1 OP ability.

R: 4 / I: 2
Can you discuss VNs on this board? Or are you supposed to discuss that on /vx/?
Pic not related.
R: 5 / I: 1

Sailor Moon Thread

Because why not..
R: 0 / I: 0
ITT: shows you know you're hyping too much but you don't feel bad about it.
R: 2 / I: 1

Goblin slayer

Honestly like it. What do you guys think about it. Watching some autist sperg about goblin's never gets old.
R: 33 / I: 157

Hellshock Thread

ヘッツァ (Hetza)

A thread dedicated to one of the most brilliant japanese Anime and Hentai Artists known to me, Hetza Hellshock. If you spend any time on a right leaning anime board, you have probably seen artwork from him. Hetza is Famous for his Dark coloring, military drawings, Pin UPs and gore.

This thread will include SFW and NSFW artwork from my personal Hellshock folder, who I made in 2016. I may or may not add additional works later on. Feel free to contribute if you possess picture of this artist yourself.

+++ LINKS +++

Main Gallery

Pixiv account (recommended Main art account)

Tumblr gallery:
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This better not turn into another "lets post shiny boobs and masturbate to them" board or I'll cry.
Daily reminder real patricians autistically pick apart anime and complain about it. Dont let the jap jews turn you into submissive gaijns
Also >>>>>>>>>>>>>anthro
R: 6 / I: 4
well its about damm time we get an anime board….
R: 5 / I: 1
based mods