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Is anyone here into this series/familiar with the card game?
I played it solo as a kid, never had a face-to-face duel in my life. I quit around the 5Ds era so my old deck's completely outdated.
User to play it as a kid with just a few friends when the GX show was just airing, but stopped after I left high school. Sorta picked it back up recently since a friend of mine plays and learnt what synchros are. I used to run a machine deck as a kid with a focus on the one or two cyber dragons I had, but now I use an aromage deck I managed to build for the cheap while on lockdown
Nice! I used to use a Dragon deck that used Dragon's Mirror and Future Fusion to get five-headed dragon on the field as quickly as possible.
I wish the game didn't revolve so much about pre-built archetypes these days. Seems like how good your deck is depends on whether Konami puts out good cards you're allowed to use on your best cards or not.
We'll never see a creative deck build that combines Ojama, Cloudian, and BES in some unique innovative way defeat someone using a top-tier archetype that can special summon half his deck on turn two for an OTK.