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Is anyone here into this series/familiar with the card game?
I played it solo as a kid, never had a face-to-face duel in my life. I quit around the 5Ds era so my old deck's completely outdated.
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User to play it as a kid with just a few friends when the GX show was just airing, but stopped after I left high school. Sorta picked it back up recently since a friend of mine plays and learnt what synchros are. I used to run a machine deck as a kid with a focus on the one or two cyber dragons I had, but now I use an aromage deck I managed to build for the cheap while on lockdown
Nice! I used to use a Dragon deck that used Dragon's Mirror and Future Fusion to get five-headed dragon on the field as quickly as possible.
I wish the game didn't revolve so much about pre-built archetypes these days. Seems like how good your deck is depends on whether Konami puts out good cards you're allowed to use on your best cards or not.
We'll never see a creative deck build that combines Ojama, Cloudian, and BES in some unique innovative way defeat someone using a top-tier archetype that can special summon half his deck on turn two for an OTK.
>never had a face-to-face duel in my life
I'm sorry that your life was wasted. I spent 17 years of my life dueling both for fun and at a high-end competitive level.
The Yugioh Card Maker forums are full of homosexuals but the tool is good for making custom cards. https://www.cardmaker.net/card-makers/yugioh/

Anyone want to try making their own cards?
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Dude are you me? I used to run a deck themed around Chimeratech Overdragon and that was from one of the few packs I ever actually bought as a kid. Left it for ages except maybe one other time with a friend when I came across Duel Links in lockdown and started getting back into the game and learning all the different summons. Thought about getting a Madolche deck at first since I loved the design and way they worked but they were so expensive so I went with my other favourite of Aromage. I only play against my friend and his Blue Eyes deck which obviously wipes me but we both keep it to around xyz synchro level since fuck whatever the fuck Pendulums are

Would love to play it more with people but people play it with the goal of wiping people out in one or two turns

Also pic related is my tin I keep my cards in
>people play it with the goal of wiping people out in one or two turns
I'm sick of this! The most boring thing you can do in a game is win or lose because then it's over. How many duels in the TV show are over in one turn or less? To make a good story out of the duel things can't be over the second one guy says "This card means you can do nothing this turn, and this card means I win this turn, GG go next".

There needs to be a dynamic push and pull element so the game feels more like two duellists trying to outwit and outplay each other and less like two meta decks waiting to see who unleashes unstoppable unquestionable armageddon first. Maybe a resource management mechanic inherent to all decks could limit the power creep and OTK potential?
Based Overdragon Appreciator.
You have Overloaded Fusion, right?
Did you ever use Future Fusion to fuse an absurd amount of cards into Chimeratech Overdragon? That's what I used to do.
Yes I have and used Overload Fusion back in highschool which I was lucky to trade for. I only ever used to have my initial cards that I found in a bin and used them to trade for my deck builds. Only a few had water damage from rain but it had nothing else in it so no grime on them and usable.

Wish I had that, would of been a great alternative to Overload too just in case

Yeah games where players are pushed to the wire are great. Especially if you are both using decks set to one theme.

Best game I had a while back with my Aromage was when I first got them out playing against a Blue Eyes deck and I was able to at least outheal the damage he was doing to me enough to keep going. Then he decides he's had enough of not just insta killing me and wipes my field and his while also summoning Five Headed Dragon and knocking me down to 1000lp while he had around 4000lp. So with nothing else on the hand or field to stop what was going to happen I had to believe in the heart of the cards and draw on my turn. The card I drew? Call of the Rose, which let me take control of his Five Headed Dragon and use his own field wiping move he made in frustration against him and win the duel. He wasn't mad either, he was happy and said that was the sort of thing you would of seen in the show

Oh also pics not related but I got them out while thinking of this thread. I really want to try make a Spellcaster deck that uses the Fortune Fairy cards but may have to mix it with a Dark Magician/ Magician Girl deck for it to be more then just 6 cards (8 if you include one of each of their related spell cards)
There was a Yugioh ripoff card game about elemental animal pokemon ripoffs and it was named something stupid like Elemals or Elementimals and I can't find it because of its stupid uncatchy unmemorable name. It wasn't the Creatures Of Aether game by Dan Fornace, that was something else.

It had a stack of cards to the side like an extra deck and you attached elemental animals from that stack to the cards you played to activate their effects. So Pot Of Greed costs 2 of your elemental animal resources when activated to balance out the strength of drawing two cards. I forget if running out of elemental animals did anything. It had a kickstarter and no way to play the game without physically buying the cards.

Can anyone here remember the name of that game?