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Post here every time you finish an anime/manga
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As this board can be rather slow and the standard 'post here when you come' format hasn't helped recently, I figured I'd start a content/recommendation thread.
So, here are the rules:
Whenever you finish reading a manga or watching an anime movie, season, or short series, post here and give it a short review. (Post spoilers for major or minor plot events in spoilers, obviously.) If you feel someone else's review is shit, tell them why so they can improve. I'll start.
Name: Made In Abyss
The Good: the worldbuilding is phenomenal, and the environments are gorgeous. The titular abyss or Netherworld that the story takes place in has varied and versatile landscapes, and each and every one of them is memorable. The creature design is serviceable, a few are uninspired but for the most part they feel at place in a hellscape.
The Bad: there are a few plot inconsistencies and conveniences. Near the end, one of the characters who is portrayed as an experienced researcher seemingly wastes all but two of his test subjects, and then allows the remaining two to escape easily. Reg's arm length seems to fluctuate depending on what the writers need. One minute he's expressing difficulty rescuing the other main character because he lacks the length, the next he's lowering himself down what are presumably hundreds of meters to descend in the abyss safely. The two hollows don't have that well of a defined dynamic, so when you see one of them turned into cat yogurt you don't feel the same emotional investment. The one sentient hollow also sort of stole the show for me, I found her motivations were far more interesting than 'I gotta find my mom.' or 'I am a robot, I will protect you from danger because plot.'
The Ugly: I didn't really like the humor. 99% of it is just some character making a remark about dicks, pussies, balls or butts. Maybe I'd find it a bit less unbearable if they weren't all around 12 (or appear to be around 12). It's just disgusting, felt like the writers were child groomers.
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Finished "That time I reincarnated as a Slime" today

A better name for that would be "That time I became a boringly overpowered protagonist in a boringly sunshine-and-rainbows world tailor-made to make me successful for as little effort as possible".
Good goblins/demons/orcs? Orcs willing to be used as a labour force? Forest spirits loving the town? Dwarves and humans willingly trading with a monster city and respecting its existence instead of trying to control/destroy/inconvenience it?
If it's so goddamn easy to make a multiracial fantasy paradise in this world, why has nobody done it before the hero? Odd moments of "THIS WOMAN FROM WW2 JAPAN'S LIFE WAS SUFFERING AND FIRE AND SHE HAD THE FIRE DEMON FROM FINAL FANTASY SHOVED INTO HER NARUTO-STYLE ALSO SHE MET KIDS DYING FROM MAGIC AIDS AND HER DYING WISH WAS TO SAVE THEM AND ALSO DIE IN HER SLIME-MAN LOVER" darkness stick out as absurdly jarring in a show that's normally kiddy shit where everything's played for laughs or about to be played for laughs.
I liked the joke in episode one where the hero, while dying, tells his friends "Dump my computer in the bathtub!". Haha nice "delete my internet history" joke.
But aside from a few jokes that land, most jokes don't land. And the way the hero can eat any foe to learn any trick and has a bunch of unfair advantages stacked on top of that is stupid. Was it not enough that the hero becomes a shapeshifting all-consuming super-Ditto? He's already OP and ablee to grow from there so did he really need an AI in his head that can tell him shit he doesn't know AND control his body for him during fights AND MORE? Did he have to instantly gain the power of a storm dragon so he can be OP enough to effortlessly eat all his problems and grow from eating ifrit and his girlfriend and a giant orc and a shitload of other things? The feeling of slow power progression got fucked by the hero's OPness from day one. And his little monster town... Sometimes it got bigger and better because of smart things the hero did/said, and sometimes it got bigger/better because of sheer luck.
Fight scenes are a bore when the hero's best answer for every problem is "eat it like you're Kirby lmao" or "one-shot it effortlessly with your OP magic". Impressing people, talking to people, getting them to do exactly as he wants, it's all too easy. And it always works out perfectly for him, which is dull.
In the last few episodes some kids come out of nowhere, the kids from the animated opening. Turns out they're dying of magic AIDS because they were summoned by cunty wizards who didn't give them an Ifrit of their own. So they were abandoned by the nations that summoned them and dumped in a random town's school. The hero immediately befriends and cures them all of their terminal magic AIDS by lucking out and getting a way into fairyland, going there, effortlessly getting the local fairy queen to do whatever he wants, and getting all the sufficiently strong spirits he wants (or making them himself from lesser spirits, without any protest from those lesser spirits or the fairy queen) and shoving them into the kids. AIDS cured, moving on...
The final episode was spent setting up some edgy demon guy called "Kuro" (Did you know? That means black!) and trying to get me hyped for whatever screentime he'll get in season 2.
What a fucking snoozefest. 3/10 boring isekai shlock, not recommended.
Finished "Smile Down The Runway".
Usually fun but really melodramatic. It's about a short chick who wants to be a supermodel and a guy who wants to be a fashion designer. The guy is poor and far more interesting than the short chick. Also there is a tall babe supermodel who wants to be a fashion designer. And a prick who wants to escape his famous grandma's shadow even if it means career-voring the poor fashion designer guy.
It's annoying how everyone has a boner for impressing rich famous people and eventually going to The Hyper Fancy Paris Show with the approval of the fancy rich people while the thought of selling clothes people will like and buy or modelling for different markets like "clothes for short people" rarely comes up. The effect of social media on the industry only comes up at the start when some random social media chick with about 3 million followers takes a picture of Shorty in her blue dress and Shorty panics and says "Millia Rage made this" when it was actually her poor friend, causing shitloads of people to want this dress from her dads company Millia Rage. So shortys dad apologizes to poorguy and offers to buy his dress. Much later poorguys mom is in the hospital and Prick offers to pay his medical bills if he gives up and works for him. The bitch in charge of the supermodel who wants to be a fashion designer says she'll pay his medical bills if he tells supermodel chick to quit and be a model in his fashion show. Poorguy quits all his jobs and gets many part time jobs. Then after some sadness the author remembers about the time rich dad offered to buy his dress for 2 million Yen and says yes. Money problems over. Hooray for emotionally manipulative writing.
The finale does that a lot.
Like when one of poorguys sisters runs to the bathroom to listen to a song established in flashback as a nostalgic song from her childhood and then it's played during his fashion show.
Also that stage in the fashion show where everyone made a dress and then judges roasted it and people could go to room A to move on with the contest or room B to change it and everyone who wussed out to room B failed... They ripped off Naruto's Chunin Exams for that. Ibiki's Tenth Question all over again. Didn't expect to see that get ripped off in a show like this.
Anyway the show was fun and clearly knew a lot about cloth and fashion and clothes. The finale's fashion show was neat too. I'm not really into fashion but this show was fun and I learned some crap about cloth.
Finished Omamori Himari manga

What a fucking disappointment. It was pretty solid throughout most of the story, with great humor and a decent story. It certainly had it's flaws, but most flaws could be overlooked. But then, the last nine pages. The last nine pages of a manga that was over 1500 pages long. THE AUTHOR RUINED HIS ENTIRE STORY IN NINE PAGES. This story could contend for the "Most Damage Done to a Story in the Shortest Amount of Time" award, along with the very endings of Guerren Laggan and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Honestly, I think this was by far worse, because it RUINED ALL OF THE BUILDUP. At least in Guerren Laggan the story was pretty much over already. I just can't get over how much of a retard the author and editor must have been to ruin this perfectly decent story that could have easily become a classic with it's likeable characters and lewd humor. Instead, they turned a running joke into the ending and disappointment the readers.

7/10 before the ending, 2/10 after.
Finished Konosuba and its movie.
Funniest shit I've ever seen. Megumin is adorable and Darkness is weirdly adorable.
Finished Hellsing.
I expected a third rate DMC knockoff but it was fun. Normally OP protags are boring but Alucard is fun. Seras is cute too.
I also saw Into The Spiderverse, it's a movie but it was probably animated in north korea like the rest of them. It's cliche shit and another motherfucking origin story for the same fuucking character yet again and if it wasn't for how wacky it looks nobody would give it a second glance. The black spiderman replacement is lame just like the black Batman replacement. Handing him The Shocker and Invisible Girl's powers won't make him cool. Comic book AUs are like fanmade Undertale AUs but even less creative. What really separates "Undertale but mafia" from "Spiderman but noir"? What separates "Undertale but Sans is Papyrus and Papyrus is Sans" from "Spiderman but Gwen Stacy is Spiderman and Peter Parker is The Lizard"? "What if The Flash was a Cheetah and what if Batman was a Green Lantern?" Sucks. Eat my fucking ass Sony/Marvel/whoever else makes these things.
>Devil May Cry rip off
Hellsing Ultimate or just Hellsing?
Just Hellsing
I finished Justice League Dark: Apokolips War with some comicfag friends.
I know it's not anime but fuck this movie and fuck DC
Superman and pals fight Darkn'essFuckr666 or whatever his world of warcraft username is, he's evil because he loves darkness and killing and he's stronger than Superman, and the heroes die horribly because Constantine The Magic Drunk pussied out. He pussied out because he knew he'd be necessary to undo this reality once the universe is permanently fucked. The whole universe goes to shit and everyone is sad and emo except for "Harley Quinn's Suicide Squad" which is basically Deadpool Girl and some generic baddies including a Groot knockoff who says "I am King Shark" instead of "I am Groot". Batman got in the Magical Cunt Chair to put him in charge of Ritard Repulsa's evil forces while Lex Luthor became cuck president of earth. Raven from Teen Titans unleashes her inner demon daddy to kick Darkness Dementia Raven Way's ass and eventually the heroes successfully blow up a thing the baddie disappears in. Man it sure is a good thing Trigon willingly seemingly died to kill Darkness McDarkness. Then the authors decide they don't want to explore this world any further. So the boring cartoon villain stole earth's magma, dooming it. Barry Wally or whatever his name is, The Flash decides to run so fast it turns back time so he can redo reality even though a while back there was a film called Flashpoint where Flash was told Time Travel is wrong because it makes everything dark and edgy and wrong for no reason.

Nothing makes the superheroes of one comic book company seem more irrelevant to the grand scheme of things than trying to tie their wildly different stories together by saying they'd all be absolutely fucked if Zippy The Wonder Squirrel wasn't around to also be in the Mega Super Hero Team.
Fuck Capeshit. Caring about heroes seems pointless because the industry can only spin its wheels or add gimmicks or suck itself off or spiral down. Usually all at once.
Specifically fuck this movie because it's fundamentally not a story. Constantine didn't choose to pussy out. A deus ex machina forced him to pussy out so he could help play a tiny role in momentarily saving a doomed planet that would end up throwing its hands up and relying on time travel to reboot the franchise to decanonize this movie. Everything about this film is artificial shock value or marketing crap. Forgot to say that last time.

Also I finished Darker Than Black. That's a damn good show. Renumerations seem like a silly concept though. I get that you want to give the superpowers a cost and make the superhuman assholes seem bizarre and inhuman but giving them weird OCD Moments is weird. One motherfucker dog-ears every page in a book in order and carries at least ten in a bag. Another breaks his own damn fingers and another arranges tiny rocks evenly.
It reminds me of some writing expert saying he once told kids to imagine limits for magic. One kid said "what if using magic summons dogs to bite your feet" and the wizards would have to stand on tall platforms where the dogs can't get them. Or something like that.
What if when authors give all the magic or superpowered people in their setting some huge limit or weakness and then let the hero bypass that limit or weakness completely it's a sign that you've chosen a really silly weakness or limit?
It worked in Avatar because Aang's status as the exception to the one or 0 elements per person rule was an integral part of the lore.
but if Ash's Pikachu was randomly special and therefore didn't take damage from Fire type attacks it would be silly and arbitrary. And if a Jojo's could summon any stand he defeated in battle it would be turbo OP.
Watched a movie-length cut of Dragon Ball Super's Tournament Of Power arc with the score changed with the lads. It was neat. I liked the parts where something besides big power lebel numbers was used to win a fight.
I finally read Sidonia Kishi.
Tsumugi is best girl.
Just finished the Saga of Tanya the Evil. Fucking PUMPED for the movie. Great series, awesome animation, avant guarde themes (intro and outro), strategy, fortitude, irony throughout; highly recommended. Imo short series' tend to be superior to lengthy ones, and this is no exception. Gonna rewatch ij German for full Nazi-esque effect later. Seriously, its great.
Watched the most recent episode of Re:Zero this week. Excited for the season 2 finale Wednesday.
I binged the first season a couple months ago, but forgot to post about it.
I watched Re:Creators
All those made-up anime characters fighting each other was an interesting premise. The villain having a metaphorical and literal "dead author" that lets fans add new powers to her was interesting, too. The heroes having to beat a foe with infinite power and deciding to make her author a character she can talk to and fuck off with was interesting.
But holy shit, the stuff with humans and anime-making was dull. Simple concepts that could be summed up in 1-4 lines took multiple minutes to explain, and even watching those scenes at 2x speed was slow. It felt like I was reading a godawful fanfiction that didn't trust the audience's ability to understand concepts like crossovers.
And if you're eventually going to break your own rules with the reality-warping liar girl, why dedicate so much time to over-explaining incredibly simple rules? "What would your characters and creators think of each other" is an interesting question but the creators on their own are not interesting people. And the visual novel chick and his obligatory pervert creator... what was the point of that?
And the subtitling job was dogshit, whenever something important was written in Moon Runes the subtitler forgot to add english subs for it. I still have no fucking clue what Liar Girl wrote on that book she showed to the manga artist guy she killed with a ghost dog because I don't speak foreignese.
I liked the cool fights and the rare exploration of what a character might say to/think of its creator but this show probably would have turned out better if it lasted for half the time, trimming the fat from non-essential talking scenes and pouring any budget this saves into its fights.
Just finished Assassination Classroom. It was way more deep than I would have expected. The finale hit me harder than most series' do, and for that, it's in my all-time top 5.
It's a ridiculous series, that doesnt even take its self seriously. And yet, the final roll call. God damn these onions.
Also, Code Geass was trash. Jesus christ. The animation/art style was garbage, and the "whoa, so strategic plot" felt hackneyed. Would not recommend.
I loved Code Geass as a teen but it's peak pseud
Lelouch is not smart. He is just allowed to be right when he pulls bullshit. Landslides go in his favor when he triggers them. Deus ex machinas and diablous ex machinas push the story forward. Lelouch doesn't rig the odds in his favor. He gambles everything on ballsy moves or fucks himself with retarded rookie mistakes or wins because his side has the better people.
giant robots are inferior to tanks in all areas. If you need a taller tank you don't want a taller tank you want a chopper or vtol jet to handle that.
if you have a Contrivium energy source that makes mechs on roller skates hit sixty miles an hour it can make normal tanks go even faster.
Deus Sex bullshit does not a thrilling story with twists and turns make.
Halfway through the story a reset button is hit artificially for no reason. Did a studio exec demand that? It makes me wonder how much better the story would have been without that. Where it could go if a timeskip wasn't wasted on a reset button.
This is a hypocritical show that revels in excess only possible in this setting thanks to Britannia's hyper-elitism. Life sucks for poor people but things are unrealistically great for the rich and middle class to make it seem like there's no reason they couldn't share it with the poor. The hero hates his dad's cartoon darwinism because it rejects the worth of plot devices like Nunally and the nice feelings they can invoke in important people and what they can do if the author decides to undisable them. But this made Britannia a globe-conquering force only a mix of plot armour and unbeatable magic bullshit can beat. This is a setting where some people are just better than others whether they are handed magic power or money or political power or not. You won't see Shirley pulling spinkicks like Spinzaku, the original Spinjutsu master. "only people prepared to be killed should kill" sounds deep but means very little. People who got into this show because they wanted something genuinely smart will be disappointed once they notice all the dumb bullshit.

spoiler: Lelouch is betrayed by his friends for no reason and people who did far worse than him get forgiven. His final plan is to die by Suzaku's hand and fake an evil turn to "take all the world's hatred with him" but this would simply make people keep thinking all Britannians are evil while psychologically fucking with a friend he knows is an unstable wreck.

This show isn't as bad as BBC's Sherlock when it comes to pseudointellectual style over substance but it's up there.
Just finished Evangelion for the first time. Pretty good.
Weird ending though...
Okay, I watched the ending movie.
Even weirder ending...
I watched Digimon Tamers, it's pretty good.
File (hide): 4CAF8499B9D13EAB7753FC73E9BDAA8E-39867098.mp4 (38.0 MB, Resolution:1920x1080 Length:00:03:08, George Carlin Remix Compilation.mp4) [play once] [loop]
George Carlin Remix Compilation.mp4
Dai Mahou Touge is something else.

Best news is the the finale Sports Event ends with hors. Lots of hors.
Akame ga kill was a good show.
The way it constantly killed off main characters pissed me off.
Eventually I came to expect it.
The anime deviates from the manga a lot after a certain point. You should read the manga.
The manga has much better endings that aren't rushed, and it kills off the characters in much more dignified ways.
League Of Legends Arcane was surprisingly good.

I'm glad it featured my old mains Heimerdinger and Jayce from back when I actually played LoL. Gave up before reaching lv20 tho. I played Veigar and Ahri too but I'm glad they didn't shoehorn them in and 200 other one-note characters. They had a story in mind and used these particular characters to tell it because they were necessary to the plot. Although they probably could have shoved in an inconsequential KDA cameo on some stage in the rich people's part of the city, a small piece of fanservice like that wouldn't hurt.

The excessively woke shit was annoying (Jayce being saved by and fucking a "forward-thinking" nigger, the story being full of fucking niggers, the nigger's mom being a brutal warlord nigger and slutty exhibitionist into younger white men, Jayce's crippled dying friend's healing device looking suspiciously like a tranny's chest binder for symbolism that made the injections and magical ball-touching feel weird, another fucking interracial fetish nigger dying for trying to stop his transformation, a little girl scaring a bigger guy with a knife into fucking off, the show blaming slums on "the rich not giving a shit" and drug makers and crime bosses instead of government policies and cultures and drug takers and those who are happy to work for crime bosses, a boxer girl kicking the ass of multiple adults just because she has metal gloves on and they felt like approaching politely one at a time) but the show was good overall. Excellent visuals.

Maybe people are being desensitized by the extremely woke shit over time and that's why they don't complain about slightly woke shit any more? Nobody minded when Wonder Woman depicted WW2 being won overnight by a bulletproof woman while all the men just watched. But they complained when Captain Marvel was even woker.

I think turning the generic "teehee i luv violence and chaos and anarchy and explosions rawr XD" girl Jinx into a tragic character was genius. I never thought I'd find myself giving a shit about this character but goddamn this is a well written show. If I was ten years younger and a far freer man I bet I'd be writing fanfiction right now. Probably dogshit fixfics where everyone is happy and therefore there is no story unless a new one gets shoved in like the chase for a new McGuffin.

Still fuck League of Legends. It's a shit game designed badly, if you have a bad teammate or two in a team deathmatch you don't need extra penalties like EXP and Gold penalties and increasing death timers to punish you further. Paladins is designed better.

I hope that LoL fighting game turns out good, but I'll see if it is before I buy. Preordering is for niggers.
Also "Bidoof's Big Stand" ripped off Dizzy's Instant Kill.
Is Teemo in it? and How QT is Jinx?
I finished Beastars.
It's a great show but goddamn that part with Tem's killer was stupid.
Gun Lois decides "why take a break from the mafia or sell it to them as going undercover to throw off suspicion when I can just quit for life?" and nearly dies as a result.
Lion guy commits a strangely roundabout suicide method just so the gang would hopefully want Lois alive.
Lois The Gun Deer makes it to a fight Legosheep had no reason to play a part in.
All so that Legoshi can feel forced to eat Lois's foot.
It would have been so easy to make Riz kidnap the faggot sheep to force this confrontation to happen, so the heroes can try to escape once their reason to be here is over. Lois could get his leg stuck and order Legoshi to bite it off. Then Riz catches up, violence happens, and Legoshi feels forced to eat the leg that would only go to waste anyway before the bear can.
Legoshi goes on a goddamn vore offenders registry for this that forbids him from marryng herbivores. Or "an erbivore" as this show calls them.
If the author wanted to make the meat training harder for Legoshi just make it harder without any of this convoluted idiot plot bullshit. Perhaps the lions could force Legosi to eat meat. Or he could do it as a distraction.
Goddamn it why did Lois just fucking forget he had a gun?
Did he not want Legosi to know he has one?
He didn't seem to mind jamming a gun in that other guy's face.
If the heroes needed a reason to fight Riz, couldn't "we must get evidence and bait him into confessing on camera only cleverly" work? Let him smash one camera and act scared while your smartphone records audio and another hidden camera records shit.
And the manga said this day was lied about...
"I know lmao lets blame Riz for the devouring of Lois's leg and then put Legosheep on the same registry for no apparent reason and hope nobody connects the dots".
This story loves its melodrama.
loves to amplify everything to absurd levels.
But magical moth ninjutsu... What's next, rope ninjutsu and the transformation jutsu? (I read ahead in the manga. This story gets messy sometimes and I'm not talking about the gore. And fuck Melon for being so boring. This genetic mistake makes the anti-racemixing culture look right and makes Legosi's goal in life look like it might end in another Melon.)
Beastars History is a funny meme. Tell people the basics and make the complex truth something only the top five students can know about... Maybe if the west had that policy, niggers wouldn't know what slavery is and couldn't legally be told about it in any way.
Also the voice actress for Juno was so good, when Legosi asked to see her teeth I actually felt myself blush at her reaction. I normally have no physical reactions to media, barely even smiling. But that whole scene was gold. Especially when Legosi just left, blueballing Juno. I want to open Juno's mouth wide.
I love the worldbuilding idea of animals getting an "animal room" where they can relax in their preferred segregated environment without any racemixing going on.
Imagine that for a modern college.
The China room is full of pollution and smog, maybe a factory town. The Nigger room is full of mudhuts and witch doctor troll science a European plague doctor would have laughed at. The India place has spicy unsanitary street cooking and rape and shit in the streets. The white room has wheat fields and hot bitches and friendly whites to converse with. The eskimo room has ice and igloos. And so on.
1570 1572
Is that the furry anime?
The furry anime with the white rabbit and grey wolf.
not to be confused with Brand New Animal or Aggretsuko.
the latter is strange.
much of the humor comes from how women don't belong in the workplace and Retsuko's life is being squandered at an office job. But the show never has the balls to outright say "fuck wageslave life, make your own career".
There's this joke where the gorilla and secretary bird are walking "like cool people" and then have to take breaks because acting like men is tiring.
I lost my shit laughing. But are they actually going anywhere with Retsuko's romance? Do they hope stringing people along for long enough and giving her enough bad relationships with men will make enough people root for her to fuck women?
You sound surprised
1591 1798
I finished Parasyte last week.
Good show.
You know he did some weird sexual stuff with that hand.
I mean, the Parasytes were confirmed to have no sex drive.
It's been about five years since I saw it, but didn't the sexy one fuck that one retard out of curiosity and make a baby?
Don't forget that Shinichi or whatever is Japanese and they possess a potent autism. Like bronies.[/s}
I finished Cowboy Bebop. What a unique masterpiece. Tragic ending.
I haven't finished Castlevania but I feel like giving up on it and not making a new thread about it. 2 episodes in and I feel like it's spent more time being about bashing Christ than it has spent showing me men fighting magic bullshit, because it has.
For episode critique, we never see the Speakers help anybody in episode 2 so their claims that they help are pure tell-dont-show.
Would have helped the propaganda if the church showed up in a dying man's house to declare a dying man dead and finish him off, only to enounter a dying man being saved by a Speaker and want them both dead. The scene could try to paint christian prayer as inferior to vaguely foreign herbal witch voodoo or christian western civilization's medicine anachronistically before its time.
Aggretsuko fucking sucks, I've finished the show.
Can't wait for Mob Psycho season 3.
Currently watching Fist of the North Star.
I just finished Cyberpunk Edgerunners.
It was pretty great. Might make a thread on /cyb/ tomorrow if anyone gives a shit.
I'm not an anime fag but the last one I watched was Ergo Proxy. It has a lot of episodes and the story is engaging.
Still need to watch it, but don't think I could take it serious, having to think about Midori everytime I see his hand.
File (hide): 94101E396807AEB355CC2B8A607680A8-626227.mp4 (611.5 KB, Resolution:640x360 Length:00:00:14, Akko_goes_Yay.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Finally finished Little Witch Academia today. It was pretty great.
Finally finished Aposimz. Great manga. Would recommend.
I was really touched to see how the full manga circled back to the one-shot prologue.
I finally watched all of Spy X Family
Good show
Based. I think there's technically one more episode in this season though, it comes out this week in Japan. Also I think they're planning to make more but I'm not sure when the next batch will be arriving
I finally finished all 8 episodes of Delicious Dungeon.
Good anime. Might pick up the manga, but I think I'd rather wait and watch the anime at a steady pace.