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Post here every time you finish an anime/manga
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As this board can be rather slow and the standard 'post here when you come' format hasn't helped recently, I figured I'd start a content/recommendation thread.
So, here are the rules:
Whenever you finish reading a manga or watching an anime movie, season, or short series, post here and give it a short review. (Post spoilers for major or minor plot events in spoilers, obviously.) If you feel someone else's review is shit, tell them why so they can improve. I'll start.
Name: Made In Abyss
The Good: the worldbuilding is phenomenal, and the environments are gorgeous. The titular abyss or Netherworld that the story takes place in has varied and versatile landscapes, and each and every one of them is memorable. The creature design is serviceable, a few are uninspired but for the most part they feel at place in a hellscape.
The Bad: there are a few plot inconsistencies and conveniences. Near the end, one of the characters who is portrayed as an experienced researcher seemingly wastes all but two of his test subjects, and then allows the remaining two to escape easily. Reg's arm length seems to fluctuate depending on what the writers need. One minute he's expressing difficulty rescuing the other main character because he lacks the length, the next he's lowering himself down what are presumably hundreds of meters to descend in the abyss safely. The two hollows don't have that well of a defined dynamic, so when you see one of them turned into cat yogurt you don't feel the same emotional investment. The one sentient hollow also sort of stole the show for me, I found her motivations were far more interesting than 'I gotta find my mom.' or 'I am a robot, I will protect you from danger because plot.'
The Ugly: I didn't really like the humor. 99% of it is just some character making a remark about dicks, pussies, balls or butts. Maybe I'd find it a bit less unbearable if they weren't all around 12 (or appear to be around 12). It's just disgusting, felt like the writers were child groomers.
Intresting thoughts.
>The Ugly: I didn't really like the humor. 99% of it is just some character making a remark about dicks, pussies, balls or butts. Maybe I'd find it a bit less unbearable if they weren't all around 12 (or appear to be around 12). It's just disgusting, felt like the writers were child groomers.

This in particular because i remeber some faggot e-celeb comparing this favourably to Eromanga sensei. And his reasoing was that eromanga sensei's nudity was more sexual in nature than made in the abyss. You who have seen this, do you think so to or do you disagree?
I haven't seen Eromanga sensei, I mainly choose which anime to watch next based off of recommendation and most of what I've heard about it (from reasonable anime viewers, not weebs) has been very negative.
Following up now that I've seen the first two movies. I still have yet to dig into the manga, but I have it downloaded. For those of you who are unaware, the first two Made In Abyss movies rehash the plot of the first season of episodes. For the most part, all of the animation is reused (with the exception of a few short intros, and a small teaser for Dawn of the Deep Soul that was added to the end of the second movie. I would link it, but it doesn't appear to be on youtube or is titled in Japanese if it is.) I have the same grievances about the pedophilic writing, as not a single one of the 'jokes' was cut out for runtime. That being said, the shorter runtime really did help in some areas. With Wandering Twilight being a movie with an expected ~2 hour runtime, the relationship between Nanachi and Mitty felt less rushed as a considerable portion of the runtime was devoted to it. I also noticed just how utterly useless Riko is throughout the series during the movies, she essentially only exists because she is needed to drive the plot forward. Her character isn't terrible (if a bit obnoxious at times and her being a borderline sadist), but with Reg's near imperviousness to damage, extending arms and god cannons she was already a far cry from being the party's greatest asset. She seemed to have a lot of general knowledge about the abyss, at least until Nanachi appears and reveals herself to not only be an encyclopedia of abyssal knowledge, but to be an adept surgeon. Nevertheless, every character still treats Riko like she's the bees fucking knees when Made In Abyss's entire premise is a glorified escort mission for an above-average chef with mommy issues.
Eromanga sensei is a good series, highly recommended

Rising of the Shield Hero is good.
Has defendy boi, he is gud defendy. Works to improve, but he has alot of potential unexplored (the anime covers what it can).
Technically unknown semi loli shanker, uses her powers of accepting abuse to continue foward.
Fluffy feather furry wagoneer is the third section of the budding love triangle that protecc only wants to go home till he realizes they are all friends.
Just about everyone has varying degrees of uselessness. Except the weapons, and armor dealer he does a good job consistently.

I'd recommend it.
The Legend of the Overfiend
It's COOMER the movie.
"I have an anti-boner after watching this." - not going to name names here
It's a wtf ride all the way down. So to be clear it has sexual, and graphic parts that make up most of the movie. The plot and the reasoning behind it needs some clarification.
Viewers have rated it a confusing out of COOMER
I- am rethinking some of my choices now.
The music is good I do recommend listening to the music on its own.
When you think it'd over, but there is still another half of movie left to go. It just keeps on going like that till the end. Then it forgets to stop.
Episode 1.jpg
Plastic nee-san is a collection of comedic shorts following the three members of the plastic model club.
With antics, pettiness, and douchbaggery they make their way through the days. It's not coherent, has degeneracy, and a homo for one short ([s[who has been taken in by the police) at least one of the 2 minute ish shorts will bring a smile.
If not you've only wasted 27 minutes, and now have more meme material.
This makes as much sense as the anime does plus its JoJo.
For anyone wanting to see the wtf fest for yourselves. Ponies afterwards are recommended.
>For anyone wanting to see the wtf fest for yourselves.
Tentacles again?
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Finished the first season of Goblin Slayer, Shield Hero, and Reincarnated as a Slime.
Holy shit, they're all shit.
Let me start with the worst, Slime stopped being funny after the first half of the first episode. I was hoping it would get better, but I lost any hope once the ogres got names. I feel betrayed by the reviewers.
Then there's the disappointment, Goblin Slayer. I was really fucking looking forward to this. People hyped up to hell and back as an anti-PC, no punches pulled masterpiece. It wasn't PC, but it wasn't a masterpiece. The anime lost steam as soon as the magic users proved to be impotent. And then there's the generic anime bullshit. Awkwardly inserted fanservice, unrealistic harem formation, fucking ice cream. The ending fight was also disappointing.
The least disappointing, but still kind of bad, Shield Hero. The biggest issue this anime had was unreasonable characters holding back the plot progression. How do these numbnuts not feel guilty for holding back the shield hero every step of the way? Why the fuck do they continue to give him shit after they are proven wrong and unreasonable? Why in the motherfucking fuck would the filolian queen kill all four heros, including the shield hero, instead of just the bad three? The characters just piss on their own logic sometimes.
Before anyone asks, yes, I finished the whole season for each. As much as it pained me. My next anime is Charlotte, I already set my expectations extra low.
Recommend spoilers, but it's also a few years old by now...
Shield boi
1. They are fucking nutjobs years of indoctrination built a mental fence after years of indoctrination, and being hyper focused. Logically all the fucks had to do is give him an assortment of weird shit to absorb into the shield.
There was a whole religion in human kingdom saying shield boi was the big bad evil guy. (They could have used the cool religious tool thingy to be helpful instead of being a cunt. They didn't ever show it being used to repel the monsters at all. They have everyone with loads of mana super charge the thing, and fuck up the monsters from afar.)
2. Filolian queen was lieing to make Filo (the wagon chick) fight with everything she has. Also some thing about how every hero has to be dead before they can get a refund. Is true, but isn't viable.
3. Human queen did more, but not enough. Sure there was magic tv to broad cast it all. OP magic user is a mini nuke unto herself. It's all so tiring.
4. Alot of potential not explored further. Maybe they will do so later, but...

Gobby killah kun isn't PC and that's all. It can have some redpills looking at it from certain angles.
Harem formation?
1. This is from my limited point of view D&D animeified. Magic users using their bs to make ice cream makes sense, they have a monopoly. The ice trade is important for keeping goods... good. Creativity makes the magic what it is, and most don't bother using it or training it that way.
2. Elf holds back Slayer man too much. Being an irrational cunt not wanting to use poision, and fire, and explosions.
3. I kinda half remember the fight. It's more of a 'Yeah Teamwork!' than a fight with world sharing stakes. Also shows the world is full of people that could take care of the problem quickly, but don't.

Reincarnated as a (wet gooey mess) Slime
I haven't watched the anime. I did read the manga, and the web novel. And it's been a while.
Slime (insert gender here, but is actually based on the body so is asexual) goes around being a big damn hero all the time. Any problem Slime has it. If not they get the people/thing to get it done.
For a normal KILL THE MONSTERS it isn't this one. It's basicly a slice of life with power leveling and skill aqusition.

So what exactly made the animes not be as good as it could have been?
Like I said, Slime anime wasn't funny, Goblin Slayer was lackluster and falls into generic tropes, and Shield Hero just has really shitty characters who never learn and are constantly holding the story back.
I just finished binging Parasyte: The Maxim which is currently streaming on Netflix in the US, and maybe a few other places so if you want to check it out it's rather convenient. Otherwise well... yo ho ho.
The Good: The creature design is overall solid, somewhat reminded me of Carpenter's "The Thing". The creatures aren't anything like the thing though, they are far more restricted. Still, I think the people working on it knew what they were doing as flamethrowers were brought up a few times but never really used, and felt more like an homage/running joke than anything. The fight scenes were for the most part pretty serviceable to great in most instances. At times they could get a bit dull because almost every single scene is parasite blades clashing against parasite blades, but Migi and Shinichi always come up with some strategy that keeps the battlefields changing constantly. The characters (the main characters, that is. I'll get into my gripes with the side characters later.) are great. Shinichi and Migi have a nice dynamic and play well off of each other despite the fact that the values they uphold are very different. Ryouko starts out as a sort of antagonist, but almost completely redeems herself by the end and the main villain's complete lust for destruction and death is explained in a fairly believable manner.
The bad: On the wikipedia article for Parasyte, it's mentioned that the only reason the show is set in a high school is because the manga author thought of a gag where Migi imitated Shinichi's penis and he thought that it would work best in a high school. It shows. Our MC will leave high school at will with no repurcussions, his parents don't seem to care about it, none of his friends seem to care other than worrying about his absences, and the high school setting is just painfully underutilized. There are a few fight scenes that take place there, but whenever the story decides Shinichi needs to be anywhere but his high school it's put on hold.
The ugly: The art is pretty good, nothing exceptional and nothing horrible. I suppose my only gripe would be how they try to make Migi look 'cute' more often than not, when almost every other parasite looks wonderfully ghoulish when revealing the full extent of its form.
Rating: 7/10, would recommend if you don't mind philosophical waxing.
I finally watched Kill La Kill last week.
It was pretty good.
I read about a dozen chapters of the slime manga years ago, and it was trash. The MC is a total Mary Sue, and not in a cool way.
Just finished (ish, it's on hiatus cuz the rona) Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars for plebs). It has successfully usurped the position of all time favorite anime from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I didnt even think it was possible
Just finished rewatching that one in preparation for seeing the movie. Still perfect.
Going to watch that one next. Food wars sounds good especially if it surpasses Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Anime Review: Gantz. The episodic anime. It's on jewtube.
Score How many licks does it take/999: Doggo is the main character. The surprise twist about how doggo failed to be enough of a hedonist to overcome the odds of being roped into a death game. Oh, and there were some people too.
An interesting premise that had alot of potential to explore.
Unfortunately the anime is about people and the ways they do jack shit. It's not terrible, but skipping through parts is fine. If you have an anime you want to see watch that before this.
A new anime Gelfnir has the same issues, and rough overarching background story.

Viewing the story as a cautionary tale about what not to do, and what to do helps.
Spoilers ahead.
When people need to talk they act or do nothing, and when people need to act they talk or watch in horror or do nothing at all.
Person was about to be raped. They say "Yo rape is bad dude." "Okay, but I'm gonna rape anyway." Polite wrist holding later and they continue to be dumbasses till the very end.

The Good news. The main character stops simping, and gets laid instead of falling into the dreaded love triangle.
The anime ending of "Everything we've been through is shit. How about we use the option that undos all the bad shit so actual character development can happen". The potential for character development after the ending lies solely in fanfics.
Not sure what the movie is about.

Why are there aliens and their kids wandering Earth. Who knows? Why do we gots to kill them? Cause I said so, plus death beam from anywhere to back it up. (Wiki page made sense, and reading the manga would have been better.)

Pump the sphere for information it can talk, it's just a mssive asshole.

The potential for hot selfcest with the chick could have been a plot point. Because the same person knows wtf is going on and could have made her other self's life better. It'd a tall order, but it's possible. Drive they can't explain jack shit just say "Magic, ain't gotta explain shit."

Morals learned: Always kill a traitor before an enemy. Mysterious forces that don't explain shit tend to be malicious, or apathetic. DON'T BE A DICK, IT SAVES LIVES AND EFFORT. The dog was probably trained in Canada with its oral skills. Talking is cheap, anything you get with it is at a bargain. But when the talk fails force is required. When force is required talking is detrimental. Learning and knowledge is nearly priceless. Doing nothing has a cost. Rape is bad, unless it's hot enough for tv and ratings. Don't be like the dumbasses, practice good trigger discipline and shooting range standards.
I think that's a wrap.

Oh Gelfnir the review. The anime.
Is aliens again! Except some chick wears a boy like a suit... interesting premise the characters are kinda more realistic in expectations and goals compared to Gantz.
Down side, no doggo- hold on.
The suit boy is an accidental furry.
Prepare your GMOs telescopes and magic is on the menu tonight.
When an interesting plotline arises it ends.

They need to have meaningful conversations, and not be dumb about it.
Watch it for the idea, or read the plotline and synopsis.
Tanya movie is pretty good, if you haven't seen it yet I'd say to go watch it.
Spoilers spoil
Deca Dence. It's actually not bad. The epilogue takes some stretching, but it's a reasonable continuation.
Basicly make a big ass punchy tank fill it with people, slap a 'it's a game' on it and you have the basic premise. It succeeds in a character and plot thread.
You know what the fuck their doing is mostly useless to an extent, but the sequence and extension of the logical and emotional consequences mean that it's satisfying. Well edited or should I say constructed.
Remember Gelfnir? So what if robot cyborg cartoony dudes wear human-ish suits. Remeber the GMO creatures its got that too.
It has semi-zero-g action it's well put together.
If you have time it's a neat anime.

Souma something something uhhh (looks at the above post)
Shokugeki no Soma Food Wars is a culinary exploration if chefs occupied tropes where the possibly of losing is actually possible because it'a just cooking. Always looking foward to the next episode.
There is no fillers, just hearty episodes.
Also features striping and fan service. Mostly about food and characters. Also characters and themes, and ideas that embody people.
Good stuff.

Misfit of a demonlord academy or something.
So what if you took Silverstar Apple, a self insert, Big Bad Evil Guy, and a generic anime protagonist gave them a backstory as THE Bad Guy who just woke up after 2,000 years of being dead.
In a world that is at best filled retarded fucks.
Yes, every scene is about The Demon Lord being right all the time and never failing. The how is... well... doesn't really matter. It's part of the show.
It's all spectacle, and the world has surprising twists and details.
Only using 10% of my total power applies here.
The dude gives zero fucks, because he knows he's always right and is most powerfullest.
Smug look, you give me a choice between killing you or your sister. I'll just make you both happy. Proceeds to go fuck with the laws of reality and skull fucks the god of time because 'ehh just another monday'.
It's not over yet, but it may be getting close.
If you like to watch desu ax machina personified this is for you. Very... liberal with half breeds, but it's also fantasy and almost everyone has some form of brain damage. Neat place, but if feels so arbitrary of except its because of the actual big bad evil guy for the big bad evil demon lord.
No big themes besides "Can we fix it? Yes we can!" In this case it's complete and utter destruction, because why not.
It doesn't look half bad.
Actually Deca Demce might not be over... technically...
Food wars is still goi stronng over four seasons.

The last one everything you need to know is in the name.
The Misfit of Demon King Academy: History's Strongest Demon King Reincarnates and Goes to School with His Descendants
>Food Wars
Last ep dropped today. Besides, season 5 is shit. The author (who's work had credibility and depth because he consulted with a professional chef for seasons 1-4) decided he didn't need consultation for the final season, and its shit. It ties up (ish) the romance/drama, but is horribly cliche, over the top, and bad.
>Tl;dr The creator jumped the shark